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  1. [Wi-Fi] PC WiFi Tournament
  2. Tournaments & Events Rules and References [PO Battle Server Info, Ban List, etc.]
  3. The Noob Clan
  4. Quick Battle / BF Partner Request / IV Battle Thread [looking for a battle? go here!]
  5. [Battle Simulator] PC Tour Series: Standard [ended, winner is Vrai!]
  6. [Wi-Fi] Weekly 4th Gen Battles (2)
  7. [Battle Simulator] PC Tour Series: UnderUsed [ended, winner is Karpman!]
  9. [Battle Simulator] Shadow League
  10. [Wi-Fi] Train and Go Tournament
  11. [Battle Simulator] [Forum War] Team Dimensional vs The PokéCommunity
  12. [Wi-Fi] White/Black Tournament for Newbies
  13. [Wi-Fi] Generational Tornament
  14. [Wi-Fi] White/Black Tournament
  15. [Battle Simulator] 4th of July Pokemon Online Tournament
  16. [Idea] PokeCommunity League
  18. [Wi-Fi] Rotation Battle League
  19. [Battle Simulator] Team Trials - Signups
  20. [Wi-Fi] standard ou battle
  21. [Battle Simulator] Survival Tournament [Approved by Wolflare]
  22. [Wi-Fi] Global Online 5th Gen Hoenn League
  23. [Battle Simulator] I need some help
  24. [Battle Simulator] Official PokéCommunity Tournament #1
  25. [Wi-Fi] Anyone wanna Battle?
  26. [Wi-Fi] Reign of Light league
  27. [Wi-Fi] Just A Regular Tournament [Aurafire Approved]]
  28. [Battle Simulator] Competitive Pokemon RPG
  29. [Wi-Fi] Black and White: Pre-5 Tourney
  30. [Wi-Fi] Pokemon League tournament. Aurafire approved!
  31. [Wi-Fi] Battle Greenmoon1996
  32. [Wi-Fi] Kino33's Wi-Fi tournament
  33. [Battle Simulator] Enter dragonguy456
  34. [Wi-Fi] Battle ShadowExcadrill
  35. [Wi-Fi] Battle Snorelacks!
  36. [Wi-Fi] 5th generation battle
  37. [Wi-Fi] battle redragon94
  38. [Wi-Fi] You choose who you want to fight
  39. Battle anyone?
  40. [Wi-Fi] pink's event
  41. [Battle Simulator] Weaklings Tournament
  42. [Wi-Fi] A New Beginning ~ A HGSS Tournament
  43. [Battle Simulator] In the Mirror [Sign Ups]
  44. [Wi-Fi] PC WiFi Tournament
  45. [Wi-Fi] Battle anyone?
  46. [Wi-Fi] Battle me! Legendary 6 on 6 battle!
  47. [Battle Simulator] Primary Battlers League
  48. [Wi-Fi] LC VS FW
  49. [Wi-Fi] Battle a Notice Trainer
  50. [Wi-Fi] New Tournament! (Wolflare approved)
  51. [Wi-Fi] Mystery Egg Battle Challenge
  52. [Wi-Fi] HG/SS Battle!
  53. [Wi-Fi] Battle me!
  54. OFFLINE TOURNAMENT: Apex 2012!
  55. Battlers in D.C. area
  56. [Wi-Fi] pokemon black:battle
  57. [Wi-Fi] PBR Battlers wanted
  58. [Wi-Fi] b/w tournament battle 1
  59. [Wi-Fi] 4th gen battle? HG/SS
  60. [Wi-Fi] Viridian City [Unofficial Cup]
  61. [Wi-Fi] Generation IV Wi-fi Battle Tournament
  62. Community Night
  63. [Wi-Fi] New Year's Battles!
  64. [Wi-Fi] Challenge me and get a price
  65. [Wi-Fi] Pokemon B/W Cup 1
  66. Tournaments & Events Rules
  67. Battle between generations
  68. Quick Battle Thread
  69. The Walrein Clan (we're out of room for now so join another clan...frown)
  70. [Battle Simulator] team EON
  71. Sacred Wings Clan
  72. Clan Index and War Scheduling
  73. The Walrein Clan
  74. [Wi-Fi] Gen V: The Frontier Tournament!
  75. [Battle Simulator] Stormbringers Clan
  76. [Wi-Fi] Battle request
  77. [Wi-Fi] The Second Unova League
  78. [Wi-Fi] Come test your battle spirit. (Original challenges)
  79. [Wi-Fi] Come battle me and be in video
  80. [Battle Simulator] [IDEA] The Hunger Games: Pokemon Edition
  81. [Battle Simulator] The Kaiza League
  82. [Battle Simulator] The Sinnovan League
  83. [Wi-Fi] Smurfs Tournament
  84. [Battle Simulator] The Challenge Cup Tournament
  85. [Battle Simulator] Forgotten Dawn [Clan]
  86. [Wi-Fi] Monotype Tournament
  87. [Battle Simulator] Forever Alone ;~; (a DW 1v1 Tournament)
  88. [Battle Simulator] ~Just the Classics~ Club Tournament
  90. [Wi-Fi] Poke-Battlers
  91. [Wi-Fi] Wolves of Dawn
  92. The PokéCommunity Ladder
  93. [Wi-Fi] Anyone need a gym leader?
  94. [Wi-Fi] Double Battle Championship
  95. [Wi-Fi] The BIG tourny
  96. [Battle Simulator] War of the Weather
  97. [Wi-Fi] Pkm's Black and White League
  98. [Wi-Fi] Rebellious Dragon Clan
  99. [Wi-Fi] Little Cup Challenge
  100. [Battle Simulator] Names are Fundamentally Meaningless (clan)
  101. [Wi-Fi] Black and white DS tournament! Sign-ups:
  102. Community Day
  103. [Wi-Fi] Pokemon BW Champion Battles!!!
  104. [Wi-Fi] 4TH Gen Champion Battle [Credit to Migrating Mews]
  105. The PokéCommunity Tournament
  106. [Wi-Fi] Blazing Victorys League.
  107. [Wi-Fi] Cyru's Gym League!
  108. [Wi-Fi] The generation Clan
  109. [Wi-Fi] {This Is Sparta!} Houndoomed’s Black and White League
  110. [Wi-Fi] The generation league
  111. [Wi-Fi] (B/W) The Challengers League
  112. [Wi-Fi] Pokemon Black and White Uber League
  113. [Battle Simulator] DP OU Tour
  114. [Wi-Fi] Regis Bellum - Of War
  115. [Battle Simulator] [Revamped] Primary Battlers League
  116. [Wi-Fi] The Zombie League (Gen 4 and 5 League)
  117. [Wi-Fi] Frontier Challenge!
  118. [Wi-Fi] The Arcanian Clan
  119. [Wi-Fi] The Eevee League
  120. [Wi-Fi] Seviperian Clan
  121. [Wi-Fi] The Charizard League (4th gen)
  122. [Wi-Fi] (5th) The PokeCommunity League
  123. [Wi-Fi] League of Legends (Gen 4)
  124. [Wi-Fi] Random Pokemon League (5th)
  125. [Wi-Fi] Monotype Challenge
  126. E&G Guidelines
  127. [Wi-Fi] Cyrus's Pokemon League!
  128. [Wi-Fi] Pika Cup
  129. Community Day 6 Tournament Scheduling
  130. Community Day 6 Participants List
  131. [Wi-Fi] The Unique League (BW2 OU)
  132. [Battle Simulator] NU Tournament (The winner is RandomTrainerWhoCould!)
  133. [Battle Simulator] Destroyer's Epic NU Tourney!
  134. [Wi-Fi] Plasma League (BW2 OU)
  135. MightyHeracross' Pokemon Tournament
  136. The PC League: Season 1 (BW NU) [old]
  137. [Wi-Fi] Legends Among Us
  138. [Battle Simulator] Randbats Tournament (The winner is Forever!)
  139. [Battle Simulator] Battle to the Death
  140. [Wi-Fi] The Colors Tournament, for all your off-beat battling needs!
  141. Community Day 8 Participants List
  142. [Wi-Fi] Little Cup is Little
  143. [Battle Simulator] The "PC Cup" [Fun Good OU Tournament]
  144. [Battle Simulator] Monotype Tournament (The winner is RandomTrainerWhoCould!)
  145. [Wi-Fi] [PBR] Pokémon Battle Revolution Tournament
  146. [Wi-Fi] Eevee Tourney
  147. The PC League: Season 1 [BW NU]
  148. [Wi-Fi] the ticket tourney!
  149. Community Day 9
  150. [Battle Simulator] The Fortune Cup
  151. [Battle Simulator] The 48 Hour Tourney: Win as much as possible!
  152. [Battle Simulator] Evolution Cup!
  153. [Battle Simulator] Love is in the air ~ Valentines Day Tourney (sign up now!)
  154. [Battle Simulator] The Double Random Tourney
  155. [Battle Simulator] The Battle of the Generations
  156. [Battle Simulator] The Randbats Tournament! V2.0
  157. [Battle Simulator] Regional Master!
  158. [Battle Simulator] The Indigo Plateau
  159. [Battle Simulator] ♣ A tribute to supporters and mods ~ Monocolor blue tourney ♣
  160. [Battle Simulator] Region Journeys!
  161. [Battle Simulator] PC Tournament Series: RU / NU / PU
  162. [Battle Simulator] Weekly Server Tournaments (Singles Randbats up next!)
  163. [Wi-Fi] battle for the gyms! mono type tournament! (winners get to be gym leaders)
  164. [Wi-Fi] ▶ Chikorita Tournament ◀
  165. [Battle Simulator] The Fortune Cup V2
  166. Community Day 9 Participant List
  167. Community Day 10
  168. [Battle Simulator] The Random League
  169. [Battle Simulator] PokeCommunity UU Tournament
  170. [Wi-Fi] Spring Seasonal Extravaganza!
  171. [Wi-Fi] The Rough Tourament
  172. [Battle Simulator] Randomness Championship!
  173. [Battle Simulator] The Monotype Tournament V2
  174. [Wi-Fi] Pokemon Cup
  175. [Battle Simulator] Iron Chef tournament
  176. [Battle Simulator] The Fortune Cup! V3
  177. [Battle Simulator] PokeCommunity UU Mafia
  178. Community Day 10 Participant List
  179. [Wi-Fi] Unova Double Trouble (Won by 90210)
  180. [Battle Simulator] The Monotheme League
  181. [Battle Simulator] The Random Battle 1-vs-1 Marathon Event