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  1. In-Game Team Help Rules
  2. A Whole New World: Introduction to Competitive Battling
  3. [BW] My New Black Team
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  5. team for beating my friend's blue version
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  7. [BW] Rate my First Team
  8. [HGSS] What should my team be
  9. [BW] Please RMT
  10. [BW] Giratina themed team (Pkmn White)
  11. [BW] Please suggest a Pokemon Black team for me
  12. [BW] New Team for White
  13. [BW] Dragon Team
  14. [BW] [white] the last pokemon of a pre-elite four team
  15. [GSC] Pokemon Crystal Help!!!
  16. [BW] Rate my Pokemon Black team?
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  18. [BW] Help with my new White team
  19. [HGSS] Heartgold's Plans! My Plans
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  21. [BW] Pokemon White Team
  22. [RSE] FireRed Team
  23. [BW] Rate my white team
  24. [BW] Pokemon Black: Super Double Subway (Sandstorm Team)
  25. [BW] My Pokemon Black and White main team!
  26. [BW] Subway/Wi-Fi Team
  27. [BW] white team
  28. [HGSS] SoulSilver Re-Run
  29. [DPP] Platinum Help
  31. [HGSS] Lineup advice.
  32. [BW] HELP: White version Battle Subway/Wi-Fi team
  33. [HGSS] Destructive,Fast team
  34. [BW] Pokemon Stat Themes [ Please have a look ]
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  37. [HGSS] Having Trouble With Whitney.
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  39. [HGSS] 4th Gen: Johto Secondary league (custom gym leaders and elite 4)
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  42. [BW] Third team member for Battle Subway
  43. [BW] White: All Old-Gen Team
  44. [HGSS] I need help with good movesets.
  45. [BW] Pokemon white Burgh Help?
  46. [BW] My bro's Black Team.
  47. [BW] How's my team?
  48. [BW] Is this team good?
  49. [BW] Rate me please!
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  57. [BW] Toxic Team
  58. [BW] Suggestions for White
  59. [BW] Battle Subway Singles team help
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  74. [BW] Where to go, where to go...
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  76. [BW] My Black Team: Is it Any Good?
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  79. [FRLG] good Firered team?
  80. [BW] Black InGame Team
  81. [RSE] The Worst Team for R/S/E
  82. [GSC] How many weaknesses does my Team Have?
  84. [FRLG] Help anyone
  85. [DPP] Rate my Platinum team
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  87. [DPP] Is my team good,if not help me remodify
  88. [HGSS] 6th pokemon in the team
  89. [DPP] Help me with my platinum team please
  90. [BW] Rate my team
  91. [HGSS] Rate my Soul Silver Team
  92. [HGSS] What's missing?
  93. [BW] My first Pokemon Black Team
  94. [BW] My team
  95. [BW] I don't know which flying type to use!
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  97. [BW] Feedback on my Battle Subway team? [Darmanitan/Lilligant/Umbreon]
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  110. [BW] My Dialga themed team (PkM Black)
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  112. ev training.
  113. [BW] My New Pokemon White Team
  114. [DPP] My diamond team sucks
  115. [BW] Rate dis' Team........pwease? *throws puppy eyes*
  116. [HGSS] In-game Soul Silver Battle Tower team help?
  117. [HGSS] Help with Champion Lance in Pokemon HeartGold
  118. [HGSS] New HeartGold Team
  119. [RSE] Need help deciding on a team.
  120. [HGSS] My Battle Tower Team (SoulSilver)
  121. [BW] a goog team?
  122. [HGSS] Gettin Ready for the 8th Gym.
  123. [HGSS] Please rate my team.
  124. [RSE] Team Selection in Emerald
  125. [HGSS] HeartGold Team Plan
  126. [BW] Crustle moveset?
  127. [RSE] Please help me build a balanced Sapphire team
  128. Rate my team
  129. [DPP] Move Help For Favourites?
  130. [BW] Black and white battle subway
  131. EV training basics
  132. [DPP] Move Help :3
  133. [BW] What should my team be? (Considering all the pokemon I have)
  134. [BW] Rate my team please! (trick room)
  135. Rhyhorn
  136. Pokemon Shinygold
  137. [BW] Critique My Ghosts
  138. [BW] What would be a good 6th for my team?
  139. Talk about a big city.
  140. [BW] B/W Team Advice.
  141. [HGSS] Good trapper lead in SS?
  142. [HGSS] Help with heartgold team.
  143. [HGSS] Lineup questions for Pokemon veterans.
  144. [BW] help with My New Team
  145. [BW] This team isn't set in stone.
  146. [BW] My legendary team!
  147. [RBGY] Please give me a suggestion (Pokemon Red)
  148. [DPP] I cant beat Cynthia!
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  151. [HGSS] Rate my (not completed) team
  152. [BW] My Undefeated Team
  153. [BW] Pokemon black team.
  154. [GSC] My favourite team :)
  155. [BW] Any Suggestions?
  156. [BW] Any suggestions ?
  157. [DPP] Rate my Team
  158. [BW] My first legit White In-game Team
  159. [BW] Black Team HALP
  160. [BW] Black team help, por favor
  161. [RSE] Emerald team help
  162. [DPP] What are some improvements I could make on this team?
  163. [BW] Battle Subway Team Help
  164. [BW] Hmm?
  165. [BW] Need Help with White team
  166. [HGSS] HG team; thoughts?
  167. [BW] My Subway team
  168. [BW] Dark/Ghost/Poison Team -Rate Me & I'll Love You <3
  169. [GSC] rate my MEGA! crystal team
  170. [BW] Battle subway
  171. [DPP] Good hearthome city/future team
  172. [BW] Subway
  173. Pokemon team rater gen. I,II,III,IV
  174. [DPP] D/P RMT
  175. [BW] Needing help with my Black Team ^^
  176. [BW] New revised White Team
  177. [BW] More Black team help (For my Cousin.)
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  179. [BW] Which Team Meshes Better?
  180. [HGSS] Rate My 3 Pokemon Team
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  182. [BW] Solo Oshawott
  183. [HGSS] HG/SS Team Recommendation
  184. [HGSS] Elite four help
  185. [HGSS] Revamping my Team?
  186. [RBGY] My pokemon red team
  187. [HGSS] HG In-Game Team
  188. [FRLG] Rate and possibly help my Firered Team?
  189. [DPP] Restarting Platinum, help with a team?
  190. [BW] BW Water Monotype Team (Please Rate :3)
  191. [BW] want suggestions for movesets- please :D
  192. [HGSS] Rate my Heartgold Team??
  193. [DPP] Help with my Diamond Team
  194. [BW] Help with my Battle Subway Team
  195. [BW] Help with my White team?
  196. [DPP] How is my team
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  198. [GSC] Good Pokemon SIlver team?
  199. [RBGY] Is my yellow team ready for the elite four
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  201. [RSE] Emerald Version Help
  202. [BW] Let's go Marshtomp
  203. [BW] Pokemon black team help.
  204. [HGSS] Last Pokemon for my team?
  205. Which grass type is best?
  206. [BW] I need help setting a Water Type Team for Random Matchup
  207. [BW] rate my subway team
  208. [BW] All dragon team assistance
  209. [HGSS] Heartgold Team Help
  210. In-Game Team Help Rules
  211. [BW] Is my Rock/Ground/Steel type team Legal for Random Matchup?
  212. [RSE] Rate P.M.R teams
  213. liquid crystal - pokemon
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  215. [BW] Ice Themed Team Ideas
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  217. [FRLG] 3rd gen UU rmt
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  219. [HGSS] Rate my team?
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  221. [BW] Rate my B/W Team! :3
  222. [HGSS] I. Am. Stuck.
  223. [HGSS] Rate my HG Team
  224. [BW] I need some help
  225. [BW] Team Rate/Help
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  227. [BW] Need help!!!!!!
  228. [BW] Help in finding 6th Pokemon
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  231. [DPP] Pokemon D/P/Pt
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  234. Where can I grind my Level 63 Tyranitar?
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  237. [HGSS] Overview HG
  238. [HGSS] Critique my HG Story Team
  239. [BW] Requesting Lineup Help
  240. [FRLG] Need help with my team!
  241. [DPP] Help me decide what two Pokemon to finish my team with.
  242. [BW] Amigops!~ Another 5th gen, Gothitelle-esque team
  243. [BW] Rate / Improve my Team
  244. [HGSS] Need suggestions on some members of my Heartgold team...
  245. [FRLG] pokemon move sets
  246. [FRLG] Leaf Green, Gyarados or Vaporeon?
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  250. [DPP] Platinum Team