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  1. In-Game Team Help Rules
  2. A Whole New World: Introduction to Competitive Battling
  3. My New Black Team
  4. The Latest Rage! (HGSS)
  5. team for beating my friend's blue version
  6. B/W Multi-Weather team
  7. Rate my First Team
  8. What should my team be
  9. Please RMT
  10. Giratina themed team (Pkmn White)
  11. Please suggest a Pokemon Black team for me
  12. New Team for White
  13. Dragon Team
  14. [white] the last pokemon of a pre-elite four team
  15. Pokemon Crystal Help!!!
  16. Rate my Pokemon Black team?
  17. HG Team help
  18. Help with my new White team
  19. Heartgold's Plans! My Plans
  20. Pokémon LeafGreen Squirtle-Only Run- Help with Green?
  21. Pokemon White Team
  22. FireRed Team
  23. Rate my white team
  24. Pokemon Black: Super Double Subway (Sandstorm Team)
  25. My Pokemon Black and White main team!
  26. Subway/Wi-Fi Team
  27. white team
  28. SoulSilver Re-Run
  29. Platinum Help
  31. Lineup advice.
  32. HELP: White version Battle Subway/Wi-Fi team
  33. Destructive,Fast team
  34. Pokemon Stat Themes [ Please have a look ]
  35. Sapphire help?
  36. Pokemon Soul Silver Team
  37. Having Trouble With Whitney.
  38. Any advice???
  39. 4th Gen: Johto Secondary league (custom gym leaders and elite 4)
  40. Houndoom Gold Solo run vs Red
  41. Offensive Snorlax for the Battle Subway help?
  42. Third team member for Battle Subway
  43. White: All Old-Gen Team
  44. I need help with good movesets.
  45. Pokemon white Burgh Help?
  46. My bro's Black Team.
  47. How's my team?
  48. Is this team good?
  49. Rate me please!
  50. Ghetsis Help
  51. Emerald team help.
  52. Raticate Solo Run moveset.
  53. P3ndu1ums Team (HG)
  54. In-Game Pokemon White Team?
  55. Ruby Team:
  56. Battle Subway Doubles Team
  57. Toxic Team
  58. Suggestions for White
  59. Battle Subway Singles team help
  60. a little bit of help on team pls.
  61. HG Normal Run: Advice please
  62. 6th pokemon for my team?
  63. Is this a good team in my White?
  64. Team for the Favourites Challenge
  65. Team help, starter snivy.
  66. Pokemon Black Team Help: Sea Lions, Plant-Lady Hybrids and More!
  67. Watchog for One-in-Each Challenge
  68. Pokémon White, team help.
  69. Random Pokemon Challenge help
  70. Sunny Day Team Help :)
  71. What do you think of what-will-be-my-team?
  73. Pokemon White in-game team
  74. Where to go, where to go...
  75. Is my BW team good?
  76. My Black Team: Is it Any Good?
  77. Will this team work?
  78. Pokemon F/R team help?
  79. good Firered team?
  80. Black InGame Team
  81. The Worst Team for R/S/E
  82. How many weaknesses does my Team Have?
  84. Help anyone
  85. Rate my Platinum team
  86. New to forums, heartgold team help
  87. Is my team good,if not help me remodify
  88. 6th pokemon in the team
  89. Help me with my platinum team please
  90. Rate my team
  91. Rate my Soul Silver Team
  92. What's missing?
  93. My first Pokemon Black Team
  94. My team
  95. I don't know which flying type to use!
  96. Pokemon White: Rate my Team
  97. Feedback on my Battle Subway team? [Darmanitan/Lilligant/Umbreon]
  98. Flying Mono-type Team
  99. Fire Red Team Suggestions
  100. Rate my team
  101. rate my HG/SS teams?
  102. Rate my HG dream team!
  103. Rate My Team!
  104. Platinum Team
  105. Help me out with my Pokemon Black Team
  106. A very, very old member returns asking y'all to rate his Battle Subway Team Garden!!
  107. A friend in need
  108. Rate my Sapphire team
  109. Good Black And White Team
  110. My Dialga themed team (PkM Black)
  111. My team in progress | Pokemon ruby.
  112. ev training.
  113. My New Pokemon White Team
  114. My diamond team sucks
  115. Rate dis' Team........pwease? *throws puppy eyes*
  116. In-game Soul Silver Battle Tower team help?
  117. Help with Champion Lance in Pokemon HeartGold
  118. New HeartGold Team
  119. Need help deciding on a team.
  120. My Battle Tower Team (SoulSilver)
  121. a goog team?
  122. Gettin Ready for the 8th Gym.
  123. Please rate my team.
  124. Team Selection in Emerald
  125. HeartGold Team Plan
  126. Crustle moveset?
  127. Please help me build a balanced Sapphire team
  128. Rate my team
  129. Move Help For Favourites?
  130. Black and white battle subway
  131. EV training basics
  132. Move Help :3
  133. What should my team be? (Considering all the pokemon I have)
  134. Rate my team please! (trick room)
  135. Rhyhorn
  136. Pokemon Shinygold
  137. Critique My Ghosts
  138. What would be a good 6th for my team?
  139. Talk about a big city.
  140. B/W Team Advice.
  141. Good trapper lead in SS?
  142. Help with heartgold team.
  143. Lineup questions for Pokemon veterans.
  144. help with My New Team
  145. This team isn't set in stone.
  146. My legendary team!
  147. Please give me a suggestion (Pokemon Red)
  148. I cant beat Cynthia!
  149. Battle subway help
  150. Rate my emerald team
  151. Rate my (not completed) team
  152. My Undefeated Team
  153. Pokemon black team.
  154. My favourite team :)
  155. Any Suggestions?
  156. Any suggestions ?
  157. Rate my Team
  158. My first legit White In-game Team
  159. Black Team HALP
  160. Black team help, por favor
  161. Emerald team help
  162. What are some improvements I could make on this team?
  163. Battle Subway Team Help
  164. Hmm?
  165. Need Help with White team
  166. HG team; thoughts?
  167. My Subway team
  168. Dark/Ghost/Poison Team -Rate Me & I'll Love You <3
  169. rate my MEGA! crystal team
  170. Battle subway
  171. Good hearthome city/future team
  172. Subway
  173. Pokemon team rater gen. I,II,III,IV
  174. D/P RMT
  175. Needing help with my Black Team ^^
  176. New revised White Team
  177. More Black team help (For my Cousin.)
  178. My Future Pokemon Black In-Game Team
  179. Which Team Meshes Better?
  180. Rate My 3 Pokemon Team
  181. Rate my team please
  182. Solo Oshawott
  183. HG/SS Team Recommendation
  184. Elite four help
  185. Revamping my Team?
  186. My pokemon red team
  187. HG In-Game Team
  188. Rate and possibly help my Firered Team?
  189. Restarting Platinum, help with a team?
  190. BW Water Monotype Team (Please Rate :3)
  191. want suggestions for movesets- please :D
  192. Rate my Heartgold Team??
  193. Help with my Diamond Team
  194. Help with my Battle Subway Team
  195. Help with my White team?
  196. How is my team
  197. White in-game team help?
  198. Good Pokemon SIlver team?
  199. Is my yellow team ready for the elite four
  200. In-Game Team Rating Needed
  201. Emerald Version Help
  202. Let's go Marshtomp
  203. Pokemon black team help.
  204. Last Pokemon for my team?
  205. Which grass type is best?
  206. I need help setting a Water Type Team for Random Matchup
  207. rate my subway team
  208. All dragon team assistance
  209. Heartgold Team Help
  210. In-Game Team Help Rules
  211. Is my Rock/Ground/Steel type team Legal for Random Matchup?
  212. Rate P.M.R teams
  213. liquid crystal - pokemon
  214. Need a sixth member for my Black team
  215. Ice Themed Team Ideas
  216. Rate my Team
  217. 3rd gen UU rmt
  218. Double pokemon
  219. Rate my team?
  220. Rate my B/W team
  221. Rate my B/W Team! :3
  222. I. Am. Stuck.
  223. Rate my HG Team
  224. I need some help
  225. Team Rate/Help
  226. Need to complete my team!
  227. Need help!!!!!!
  228. Help in finding 6th Pokemon
  229. Pokemon platnium team
  230. Rate my HG team
  231. Pokemon D/P/Pt
  232. Heartgold Team **Critique Wanted**
  233. Please rate my team
  234. Where can I grind my Level 63 Tyranitar?
  235. Planned White Team~
  237. Overview HG
  238. Critique my HG Story Team
  239. Requesting Lineup Help
  240. Need help with my team!
  241. Help me decide what two Pokemon to finish my team with.
  242. Amigops!~ Another 5th gen, Gothitelle-esque team
  243. Rate / Improve my Team
  244. Need suggestions on some members of my Heartgold team...
  245. pokemon move sets
  246. Leaf Green, Gyarados or Vaporeon?
  247. Rain dance team help!
  248. Please Rate My Terrakion Whimsicott Team!!
  249. Battle Tower- 3x Pokemon
  250. Platinum Team