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  1. D/P/Pt: What do you want to see in pkmn p/d???
  2. D/P/Pt: Pokemon Pearl/Diamond Wishlist
  3. D/P/Pt: new prof.
  4. D/P/Pt: Official Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Discussion Thread
  5. D/P/Pt: What animals
  6. D/P/Pt: City names
  7. D/P/Pt: Evolutions/ Pre-evolutions
  8. D/P/Pt: A New Set of Pokemon
  9. D/P/Pt: D/P Hero's story
  10. D/P/Pt: New Moves
  11. D/P/Pt: New Dragon attack for Diamond/Pearl announced
  12. D/P/Pt: Are you planning ahead already for D/P?
  13. D/P/Pt: New Abilities
  14. D/P/Pt: Diamond & Pearl Release Information!!
  15. D/P/Pt: pokemon DP SCREENSHOTS (revealed)
  16. D/P/Pt: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Heros
  17. D/P/Pt: 4th Generation Release Dates and Speculation Thread
  18. D/P/Pt: New Diamond & Pearl Info featuring Manaphy
  19. D/P/Pt: pokemon P/D 2d battles system
  20. D/P/Pt: ~*!*~Boy or girl~*!*~
  21. D/P/Pt: Type chart
  22. D/P/Pt: ~*!*~gym Types~*!*~
  23. D/P/Pt: New Pokegear?
  24. D/P/Pt: Suggestion/Idea: Weather & Seasons on Diamond/Pearl
  25. D/P/Pt: Suggestions/Ideas: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Starter Pokemon
  26. D/P/Pt: Diamond or Pearl???
  27. D/P/Pt: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Page on Official Japanese Site
  28. D/P/Pt: Morning/day/night mechanic
  29. D/P/Pt: About Lucario....
  30. D/P/Pt: Suggestions/Ideas: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl WiFi Uses
  31. D/P/Pt: A Possible Starter?
  32. D/P/Pt: clear pokemon diamond and pearl screenshots
  33. D/P/Pt: Diamond has already been made completely once before, as a fake poke-game.
  34. D/P/Pt: Connectability with old RPG Packs - Article from Pokemon.co.jp
  35. D/P/Pt: G/S/C Rival?
  36. D/P/Pt: Is This A New Pokemon
  37. D/P/Pt: creative graphics in D/P wishlist
  38. D/P/Pt: Nintendo you cheap *****s. Look what they've done!
  39. D/P/Pt: Begining mini quest ideas!
  40. D/P/Pt: The starters?
  41. D/P/Pt: TM's
  42. D/P/Pt: When do you think we'll see more new pokemon?
  43. D/P/Pt: Pokebuilder: Version: May
  44. D/P/Pt: Types of Trainers.
  45. D/P/Pt: Two screens
  46. D/P/Pt: offical rumors topic.
  47. D/P/Pt: joining factions a possibility?
  48. D/P/Pt: the DS cartridge could make this game 4 times longer!
  49. D/P/Pt: Screencaps N Pics Of Diamond N Pearl
  50. D/P/Pt: Release date please!
  51. D/P/Pt: ~*!*~new Names Reveled~*!*~
  52. D/P/Pt: Found some Screens. :)
  53. D/P/Pt: Ability Tutors..
  54. D/P/Pt: Eevee evo's names
  55. D/P/Pt: what are they gonna be like?
  56. D/P/Pt: Possibility for the trainer to level up as well?
  57. D/P/Pt: possible use of the thumbpad?!
  58. D/P/Pt: New Details about Diamond And Pearl in 16th of June
  59. D/P/Pt: unique pokemon
  60. D/P/Pt: Going to need an item to make Snorlax make a munchlax egg?
  61. D/P/Pt: Battle Frontier to happen?
  62. D/P/Pt: Colored Eggs
  63. D/P/Pt: Could p/d possibly be set in... Johtto? (sp?)
  64. D/P/Pt: should there be more than 1 colour of pokemon like shiny / dark
  65. D/P/Pt: Kind Of Disapointed....
  66. D/P/Pt: Intros
  67. D/P/Pt: What will you name your person in D/P?
  68. D/P/Pt: Type combos
  69. D/P/Pt: Any of the new pokemon so far on your team?
  70. D/P/Pt: Best Starter Loop
  71. D/P/Pt: Time Capsule Thing?
  72. D/P/Pt: Pokemon D/P Voice Chat function
  73. D/P/Pt: There should by Dark and Light Pokemon like on the cards
  74. D/P/Pt: about when do these games come out?
  75. D/P/Pt: Should Lapras have a Pre-evolution?
  76. D/P/Pt: Pokemon Diamond for Gameboy on Ebay?
  77. D/P/Pt: The Americanization of D/P
  78. D/P/Pt: Rumor: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl to release in September?
  79. D/P/Pt: New Scans of Diamond and Pearl!!
  80. D/P/Pt: 4th gen you'd like to see
  81. D/P/Pt: Why will the Manafi egg only hatch in Shinou?
  82. D/P/Pt: Will Pojo do this again?
  83. D/P/Pt: Theory of Shino's Location
  84. D/P/Pt: The new Heroes
  85. D/P/Pt: Buizeru's Official name.
  86. D/P/Pt: New PokeCenter Pictures
  87. D/P/Pt: Diamond/Pearl Update
  88. D/P/Pt: Over the mountains!!!
  89. D/P/Pt: What combination of Types,do you want to see?
  90. D/P/Pt: Starter Pokemon
  91. D/P/Pt: Gender differences
  92. D/P/Pt: The third installment?
  93. D/P/Pt: Evolution Method Suggestion
  94. D/P/Pt: Your Opinons on Pokemon for the DS
  95. D/P/Pt: Generations
  96. D/P/Pt: DP Heroes
  97. D/P/Pt: Do you want all the regions?
  98. D/P/Pt: Trading Compatibility
  99. D/P/Pt: Critical Hits? Change it!
  100. D/P/Pt: News: Coro Coro announces contents of July's issue
  101. D/P/Pt: Pokedex Entries
  102. D/P/Pt: How long will you be up playing?
  103. D/P/Pt: The New First/Second Bug Pokemon
  104. D/P/Pt: D/P Pokemon Update
  105. D/P/Pt: Five new Pokemon Revealed
  106. D/P/Pt: D/P theory
  107. D/P/Pt: New Deoxys Form !!!
  108. D/P/Pt: The It's-Impossible-But-I-Wish-They'd-Do-It-Anyway Thread
  109. D/P/Pt: Getting bored of W/F/G?
  110. D/P/Pt: do you think the Trainers and gym leaders could be tougher???
  111. D/P/Pt: Porygon 3?
  112. D/P/Pt: Legendaries!!!
  113. D/P/Pt: New D/P video!!
  114. D/P/Pt: D/P Box Art
  115. D/P/Pt: Video of the overworld shown!!!! OMG!!!!!
  116. D/P/Pt: what gender will you choose?
  117. D/P/Pt: Online Battling?
  118. D/P/Pt: D/P Could Be Seasonal.
  119. D/P/Pt: My theory would be awesome but i doubt it's gonna happen!
  120. D/P/Pt: Anyone else think lucaro isn't a legandary
  121. D/P/Pt: New Screens With New Pokemons!!!!
  122. D/P/Pt: Diamond or Pearl?
  123. D/P/Pt: New Pokemon Revealed!
  124. D/P/Pt: Pokemon who shouldnt return...
  125. D/P/Pt: D/P New Videos, Screens, and Pokemon
  126. D/P/Pt: I Got A Question FOr D/P
  127. D/P/Pt: Game-Breaking News!
  128. D/P/Pt: Wii in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
  129. D/P/Pt: What are your feelings on the new attack system
  130. D/P/Pt: Diamond/Pearl
  131. D/P/Pt: Roselia's Evolution revealed
  132. D/P/Pt: When does enough become enough?
  133. D/P/Pt: D/P's 3 Legendaries?
  134. D/P/Pt: New Pokemon Sprites!
  135. D/P/Pt: More Eevee Evolutions?
  136. D/P/Pt: How about this: Pokemon going over Lvl 100?
  137. D/P/Pt: Oldies in D/P
  138. D/P/Pt: 4th stage evolutions
  139. D/P/Pt: The nidoran issue
  140. D/P/Pt: New Screens with Dorapion stats
  141. D/P/Pt: next dragon pokemon
  142. D/P/Pt: Two save files?
  143. D/P/Pt: Diaruga or Parukia
  144. D/P/Pt: Should this game be in 3D
  145. D/P/Pt: Pokemon that NEED to evolve in D/S
  146. D/P/Pt: Exactly how many pokemon be in the pokedex?
  147. D/P/Pt: Apparently the shadows of the starters?
  148. D/P/Pt: Do u think Manafi is going to evolve?
  149. D/P/Pt: News: New Pokemon Starters Names revealed
  150. D/P/Pt: Wouldn't it be cool to be able to hold back your pokemon from growing a level?
  151. D/P/Pt: Pokemon/Japan Connection
  152. D/P/Pt: Translation Group
  153. D/P/Pt: What starter is yours?
  154. D/P/Pt: pokemon sprites or pearl and diamond.. enjoy.
  155. D/P/Pt: Some Pics
  156. D/P/Pt: In 3D or 2D
  157. D/P/Pt: 3 New Scans
  158. D/P/Pt: D/P Starters!
  159. D/P/Pt: Two sets of startes?
  160. D/P/Pt: does anyone know when d/p is...
  161. D/P/Pt: Nanakamado's lab is NOT in your hometown?
  162. D/P/Pt: Who bets that there will be...
  163. D/P/Pt: DP starters?
  164. D/P/Pt: Grass legendary bird?
  165. D/P/Pt: D/P commercial
  166. D/P/Pt: New Feature?
  167. D/P/Pt: what do you think of d/p?
  168. D/P/Pt: Is There Goin 2 Be More Unknown
  169. D/P/Pt: What Next Pokemon Should Get an Evo?
  170. D/P/Pt: Online battles
  171. D/P/Pt: Physical/Special Attacks
  172. D/P/Pt: Which D/P starter will you choose?
  173. D/P/Pt: 2 new pokemon and theremight be pre-evolved form of Lucario.
  174. D/P/Pt: Silhouette Unveiled!
  175. D/P/Pt: Which will be favored? D? Or P?
  176. D/P/Pt: Pokemon Garden
  177. D/P/Pt: Global Trading Station
  178. D/P/Pt: one of the hidden sillhouette pokemon!
  179. D/P/Pt: Grass starter evolution
  180. D/P/Pt: Question about canada release date
  181. D/P/Pt: Trading to D/P?
  182. D/P/Pt: New Elemental legendaries
  183. D/P/Pt: wow
  184. D/P/Pt: Neatles Evolutions?!?!
  185. D/P/Pt: I just thought of something...
  186. D/P/Pt: New pokemon or Fake i don't know
  187. D/P/Pt: pochama evo!!
  188. D/P/Pt: Could Mukkuru possibly be a pre-evo of Murkrow?
  189. D/P/Pt: :: The "Is it Fake or Real?" Discussion Thread ::
  190. D/P/Pt: Real pokemon
  191. D/P/Pt: Real New Pokemon
  192. D/P/Pt: What about the new pokemon we KNOW are real?
  193. D/P/Pt: Will they have new berries in D/P?
  194. D/P/Pt: Will Shinies in R/S/E/FR/LG retain their colors when transferred to new era?
  195. D/P/Pt: Quick question: Will pokemon move when you send them out?
  196. D/P/Pt: Quick question
  197. D/P/Pt: Japanese Version of Diamond or Pearl.
  198. D/P/Pt: pokemon diamond/perl sprites
  199. D/P/Pt: A bit of advice for everyone here [IMPORTANT]
  200. D/P/Pt: new pokemons
  201. D/P/Pt: 2 New Pokemon
  202. D/P/Pt: More new pokemon and other other stuff
  203. D/P/Pt: Diamond and Pearl Gym Leaders?
  204. D/P/Pt: Pokemon attacks revealed, Red Gyarados makes a return/ beginning plot.
  205. D/P/Pt: Breaking News: Lucario & Regarding To Final Numbers
  206. D/P/Pt: Is it true?
  207. D/P/Pt: Diamond & Pearl News
  208. D/P/Pt: Two New Pokemon Revealed
  210. D/P/Pt: YET MORE POKEMON UNVEILED - mainly evolutions
  211. D/P/Pt: Video of the introduction of pokemon pearl.
  212. D/P/Pt: So Many TM's & Pokes!
  213. D/P/Pt: More Evos and Pre-evos
  214. D/P/Pt: New Pokemon Sprites!!!
  215. D/P/Pt: <PPN Update> New D/P Videos
  216. D/P/Pt: D/P Released - IMPORTS ONLY
  217. D/P/Pt: Global Release Date - Post Here with Info or Ungrounded Speculation
  218. D/P/Pt: New Pokéballs...xD
  219. D/P/Pt: D/P rooms/emus.
  220. D/P/Pt: Compatibility Problem - Help Me!
  221. D/P/Pt: ~*!*~are You Going To~*!*~
  222. D/P/Pt: dp choices and diffrences betwwen them
  223. D/P/Pt: D/P starters
  224. D/P/Pt: Where to go after the first gym?
  225. D/P/Pt: What is the legendary trio in this game?
  226. D/P/Pt: what are your favorite new pokemon??
  227. D/P/Pt: DP Problem
  228. D/P/Pt: How To Order Diamond?!
  229. D/P/Pt: I've got an important question, regarding DS.
  230. D/P/Pt: Pokemon D/P FC's!
  231. D/P/Pt: Need help after the 7th gym and Galaxy HQ!!!
  232. D/P/Pt: Which Starter Will You Pick?
  233. D/P/Pt: I Cant Wait For Pearl!!!!!!!
  234. D/P/Pt: rom
  235. D/P/Pt: Want a Diamond and Pearl ROM or an emulator that plays them?
  236. D/P/Pt: I need the music
  237. D/P/Pt: That Poke-God
  239. D/P/Pt: Awesome D/P Information
  240. D/P/Pt: Rock smash
  241. D/P/Pt: Gts...
  242. D/P/Pt: A Diamond/Pearl Walkthrough
  243. D/P/Pt: Old Pokemon, New Sprites
  244. D/P/Pt: Trade to R/S/E/FR/LG?
  245. D/P/Pt: Sheimi/Shyem
  246. D/P/Pt: Questions about D/P (Maybe Spoiler?)
  247. D/P/Pt: Pokemon D/P simple questions
  248. D/P/Pt: What new pokemon are you looking forward to the most?
  249. D/P/Pt: Shinou Map
  250. D/P/Pt: If Aruseus...