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  1. What Water Starter In Your Opinion Is The Cutest?
  2. Pokémon General Poll #20 - Most Forgettable Pokémon?
  3. what pokemon would like to be and why
  4. Pokémon General Poll #24 - Favorite Type
  5. cutest Eevee evolution
  6. Let the journey begin
  7. Pokemon sizes that surprise you
  8. Pokémon General Poll #28 - Favorite Grass Pokémon
  9. what Pokémon would be your personal advisor/role model/advice giver
  10. what type would you choose to be hit by?
  11. What's YOUR Moveset?
  12. Which Pokemon partner would you want in real life?
  13. what Pokémon would you want to be over protective of you...
  14. Pokémon General Poll #29 - Favorite Electric Pokémon
  15. What pokémon would live where you live?
  16. Translate a Pokemon's name into a new typing!
  17. Most memorable city?
  18. Pokémon General Poll #30 - Favorite Psychic Pokémon
  19. Rotom forms
  20. Pokémon Merchandise that you own
  21. How Would You Run Your Gym?
  22. Pokémon General Poll #31 - Favorite Pokémon Trainer
  23. would you ask for a Pokémon for Christmas?
  24. Would you give a body part for Pokemon to be real? If yes, then what part?
  25. Pokémon Voting Polls Rules
  26. What's your favorite Pokémon [of Each Type]?
  27. What's your least favorite Pokémon [of Each Type]?
  28. favoite pokemon
  29. if you were to join a club of all Pokémon (which Pokémon)?
  30. How the heck did you turn into that?
  31. what would it be like if a human got caught in a PokéBall???
  32. would the fire department use Water Type Pokémon?
  33. Scariest Pokemon
  34. What Pokemon would you like to use in a Contest?
  35. What type do you consider yourself?
  36. roam or Pokéballs
  37. Pokemon's Edgeiest Moments
  38. what water Pokémon would you use to quench your thirst? (water starter edition)
  39. I'm afraid I'd have to ground you. TO YOUR ROOM MISTER!
  40. anybody get any Pokémon related items for Christmas?
  41. Top 15 Pokemon?
  42. Favorite Type of Pokemon?
  43. Which berry would you most like to eat?
  44. Best Eevee Evolution as a pet?
  45. 1-3 generation legendary vote
  46. what legendary would you want to most hang out with?
  47. wanted a snow day, what Ice type would you use to make it happen?
  48. if the Mods were Legendary Pokémon...
  49. Fire Type Pokémon as transportation
  50. Anyone has has had this happened to you?
  51. who else thinks pokemon should have more eevee's like i do? ^O^
  52. nidoqueen is hurt by burn!
  53. If Bowser was a Pokemon......
  54. I got all 44 badges!
  55. More Eeveelutions?
  56. Riolu vs Spheal
  57. Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan
  58. A Roselia by any other name
  59. it's a baby corsola!
  60. your freezer broke, what Ice Type Pokémon would you use to keep food frozen?
  61. What if you were a pokemon trainer?
  62. What if you were a pokemon?
  63. What are the classiest Pokemon?
  64. Does anyone else get made fun of for playing Pokemon?
  65. Disappointment In Starter Evolution?
  66. Favourite Shiny Pokemon
  67. Favourite first-bug?
  68. Favorite Dragon type of Gen III?
  69. Pokemon the Park
  70. Female Trainer Pokemon Tournament
  71. What does your trainer look like?
  72. Hottest Pokemon Girl
  73. Ask your parents their favorite Pokemon!
  74. Which move in Pokemon would hurt the most in real life?
  75. If you could teach yourself any Pokemon move what would it be?
  76. If you could bring 1 character for pokemon into your life, who would it be?
  77. Best/worst Generation?
  78. what Pokémon would you like to slow dance with??
  79. Best Elite 4 Member
  80. Make your own Pokémon Leaugue
  81. The Ultimate Challenge of Nostalgia!
  82. Favorite Villainous Team
  83. If you could be a Gym-Leader/Elite-Four/Pokemon-League-Champion what would you be?
  84. Sexiest Female Gym Leader
  85. What's your favorite Type?
  86. Pokemon Favorite Character Bracket
  87. Pokemon Favorite Trainer Bracket- Flannery vs Paul
  88. Pokémon World or our world
  89. Least Favourite Starter Evolution Line
  90. Random matchup: Magmortar vs Chansey.
  91. What if....
  92. Random Matchup: Hitmonlee vs Roserade
  93. What eeveelution would you like to see next?
  94. Dual Types or Monotypes?
  95. Earliest memories of Pokémon
  96. Who would you rather have as a mayor? Magikarp or Kim Kardashian?
  97. So an Alakazam conquers the World....
  98. Favorite non-starter Fire, Water and Grass types
  99. like or dislike pokemon fusions ???
  100. if you were dragged into deep water by a rip current (Water Pokémon question)
  101. Which Pokemon would you like to see fight which Pokemon?
  103. Kyogre weather or Groudon Weather?
  104. You as a Pokemon
  105. Your dream team!
  106. WHY did you get addicted to POKeMON???
  107. Trios
  108. If Pokemon was real, who would your starter be out of all of them?
  109. I got class, yo!
  110. Who would probably win in these wild fights?
  111. If you could associate a Pokémon for each genre of music
  112. Go away, you overpowered piece of ****!
  113. If The Powerpuff Girls were Pokémon...
  114. what is your favorite pokemon joke?
  115. If you could assign contest attributes to Gen V moves
  116. which of the three legendary dogs would you most want as a pet
  117. If you were a Pokemon Trainer...
  118. What Pokemon Would U Want To Be In B/W?
  119. Where Would You Want to Live?
  120. what region (or city) would you call the area you live in irl???
  121. Creepy Black or Lost Silver?
  122. for the 4th of July, What Fire Type Pokémon would you want help setting off fireworks
  123. Which is your favourite evil organization uniform?
  124. Mewtwo or Arceus?
  125. What was your favorite Pokemon game for GBA?
  126. If I were a Pokemon...
  127. how do you think the name of Virizion is pronounced
  128. Out of all the Gym Leaders...
  129. Eeveelution Poll - Vote on your favourite Eeveelution!
  130. If ... was a trainer.
  131. Favorite Status Infliction
  132. Eeveelution Poll Finale and Eviction
  133. Your Favorite Legendary
  134. Darkrai or Cresselia?
  135. Top 2 pokemon from each gen.
  136. What Pokemon Would You Describe Yourself As?
  137. Favorite "Gimmick" Pokemon
  138. B&W 3, Gen 3 remakes, or Gen 6
  139. favorite gen
  140. Favorite Starter Bird
  141. Favorite Starter
  142. Favorite Normal Starter
  143. if your Pokémon gave birth, would it be like free kittens/puppies???
  144. do you enjoy Pokémon x Human relationships
  145. What pokemon religion are you
  146. What Pokemon do you hate the most?
  147. Your favorite legendary trio!
  148. How do YOU pronounce Arceus?
  149. what is your prized pokemon toy/card/etc..
  150. Legendary Bird Racing: what bird would you be the jockey of (ride)
  151. do you vote in your own Pokémon Polls???
  152. if you had to start a greenhouse business
  153. Favorite Gym Leader?
  154. Shaymin vs Heatran
  155. Favourite Region?
  156. Favorite "Fairy Legendary"
  157. Favorite Bug Starter?
  158. Rotom Form
  159. Dragonite, Tyranitar, or Salamence?
  160. Favourite Pseudo-legendary!
  161. What kind of Pokémon are you?
  162. Speedrun Suggestions
  163. Favourite Starters in each Generation
  164. Who is thew Most Likable Character in the Pokemon Universe
  165. If you were a Gym leader
  166. Which grass starter do you think has the best moveset?
  167. Who is your favorite champion ?
  168. Preferred mode of Transport
  169. favorite type combo
  170. If you were a trainer with a single type
  171. What design would you have for your gym?
  172. MissingNo. in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?
  173. Interesting Pokemon
  174. Heatran or Shaymin
  175. Favorite Non Legendary Pokemon?
  176. Which Two Pokemon Would You Have?
  177. which of the following services would you most want to have access to HM02???
  178. Do You think Lucario should be Dark type?
  179. What is your favorite type and why?
  180. what Pokémon would you want to curl up in bed with
  181. large Pokémon or small Pokémon... your preference???
  182. Most under appreciated Pokemon?
  183. Favorite Shiny Pokémon [v2.0]
  184. what Pokémon would you most want to take care of you or comfort you when you are ill?
  185. Which Pokemon gives you the chills?
  186. If you could receive ANY Pokemon for Christmas..
  187. If you didn't have a heating pad, what fire type Pokemon would you use?
  188. What water type Pokemon would you invite into a pool with you?
  189. What legendary Pokemon would you most want to receive a hug from???
  190. cutest Unova Pokémon???
  191. cutest large legendary Pokémon???
  192. need something soft & cozy??? pick a Pokémon
  193. Do you think Lugia should be a Water Type???
  194. Which Shellos Forme did you like best?
  195. Fennekin, Kroakie, or Chespin... which is the cutest?
  196. Top 10 Pokemon you wish you could turn into
  197. Pokemon...STAHP!
  198. favorite pokemon from each region?
  199. Best flying gym Leader
  200. Condensed PokeDex!
  201. Which Generation is Your Favourite and Why?
  202. Dialga VS Palkia VS Giratina
  203. Do you ever print Pokémon pictures from your printer?
  204. Human characters or Pokémon themselves
  205. 10 different Pokémon 10 different uses
  206. Least Favourite Pseudo?
  207. If youy could convert any non house located in the Pokémon World into your home
  208. Best Eeveelution
  209. who's your favorite starter and most hated starter
  210. Pokemon All Regions
  211. Best out of three
  212. Random Matchup: Spinda vs Donphan
  213. What pokemon would be associated with Pokemon dubstep?
  214. We're stuck in this ISLAND again?!
  215. would you trade your current Eevee Evolution pet for a pet Sylveon?
  216. Who's the cutest and who would you choose?
  217. What is your signature Pokemon?
  218. Your first Pokémon.
  219. Favorite First Gen Pokemon (For my stats class)
  220. if a Pokémon were to prepare you a meal
  221. Top 5 and Bottom 5 starters?
  222. Zekrom, Reshriam, Kyrium which is your favorite and why?
  223. Cat Fight - Favorite Feline Species
  224. What do they seem most like?
  225. Favorite type Pokémon
  226. how do the even @#$%%$$ mate???
  227. The Best Fossil
  228. Favorite shiny Pokemon
  229. Home, sweet pokémon home!
  230. Strongest Pokemon For Each Type
  231. Favorite Bird Pokémon cry
  232. If you woke up as a pokémon
  233. Two legs or more legs?
  234. The Worst Pokémon all Region
  235. RIVALRY
  236. The Cutest Pokémon all Generation
  237. The Best non-legendary Pokémon
  238. What is your favorite Pokemon? Favorite type?
  239. Favorite WATER starter?
  240. What are the best, coolest Pokemon designs from each gen?
  241. Which Gym Leader do you look like?
  242. Stepping into the pokémon world
  243. Where would you live in the Pokemon world?
  244. What's your fav Pokémon medium?
  245. Which Pokemon Archetype/Category/Denomination is your favorite?
  246. If you had a Juicer (Pokémon Berry question)
  247. What Kind Of Gym Leader/E4/Champion Would You Be?
  248. Worst Eevee evolution?
  249. Pokemon things that really exist
  250. Music from Pokémon