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  1. [Archive] Pokemon Essentials: Starter Kit for RPG Maker XP
  2. Keep OW camera static
  3. Pokemon Essentials Movies
  4. [Archive] The Pokémon Essentials Wiki
  5. Animation Editor
  6. Animations?
  7. Problem With the Visual Editior
  8. Help me with pokemon starter kit!
  9. doublebattle stats
  10. Pokemon Essentials (Rival Help)
  11. Anyone know a decent tutorial site
  12. Multiple Battle back on RMXP Map help.
  13. RMXP - Event Saving Problem
  14. Need help with demos!
  15. [Release] Pokémon Essentials, version 4 - 24th December 2011
  16. Help With RMXP Battle scripting
  17. Mystery Gift?
  18. [Discussion] Following Pokémon in essentials: Yay or Nay?
  19. [Discussion] Redesigning the example maps
  20. Replacing Back Sprites with Front Sprites in Battle
  21. [Discussion] Single/Multiple save games and displayed info
  22. [Discussion] Mystery Gift on Title
  23. Pokemon Essentials Online?
  24. Perspective View help
  25. With Online scripts
  26. Changing Screen Size and Resolution
  27. Variable for party of file path
  28. Foreground/backgroud postition in attack editor?
  29. Help With Changing Pokedex Info Placement
  30. Help with vs sequence script
  31. Pokemon Compiler
  32. Getting Backgrounds to show up...
  33. [Discussion] How Pokémon data is defined
  34. Changing Font in Pokedex
  35. D/P Font in Essentials
  36. Compressing Game Data of Essentials Games
  37. Regarding the Editor
  38. Animated Title Screen?
  39. [Discussion] Additions to the Editor
  40. Pictures on the message box
  41. [Discussion] Secret Bases
  42. Error: Uninitialized constant Window_PokemonOption
  43. Your suggestions for Essentials
  44. Chaging the x posistion of battlers?
  45. Report bugs and errors in unmodified Essentials version 17.2
  46. Title screen problem
  47. How To Make FullScreen
  48. Stopping the pokemon and HP box from moving up and down?
  49. Text Boxes Question
  50. Underwater Map Transfer?
  51. Animated pictures in Essentials
  52. Generation 4 TM List
  53. default font
  54. PBHasSpecies script question
  55. [Discussion] Pokemon/Item Trade In Essentials
  56. Enemy HP Gauge Positioning Help
  57. Help
  58. Battle system GUI modification help required
  59. Battle Scene Positioning Help
  60. Max Pokémon
  61. Overworld Shadows
  62. Instant Text Display
  63. [Release] Pokémon Essentials, version 5 - 28th January 2012
  64. Costume System Help
  65. May i make 1 simple(ish) request, here?
  66. [Discussion] GUI redesigns
  67. RPG Maker XP Help!
  68. Disabling PokeGear features
  69. A "true" MissingNo. in Essentials?
  70. Script Help
  71. Possible features for my game
  72. Helpful Things
  73. Eventing Help
  74. Things are missing in Pokemon Essentials
  75. Changing lighting tones (day and night)
  76. Erasing Text Shadow
  77. Cave Encounters
  78. How does compatibility work?
  79. How to zoom into pokemon
  80. [Discussion] Minor qualms with Pokémon Essentials
  81. Problem With Pokemon essentials
  82. The editor does not work?
  83. http functions in Essentials
  84. Button Input
  85. Pokemon Happiness
  86. Nil?
  87. GIF Support
  88. [Question] Script that checks Pokemon Level and number in Party?
  89. Change IV of selected pokemon
  90. Error Log help
  91. A few things about Pokemon Essentials
  92. Problem with Moves on Battle
  93. Rival Battle help
  94. Scripts?
  95. Quick Question on Calling a Script in Game
  96. Reselect the first pokémon move in double battles
  97. How to remove Pokémon from the party without deleting it
  98. Animated Title Screen
  99. Day and Night not working.
  100. I broke the Pokémon capture system
  101. How to remove a shadow pokémon from an enemy trainer if captured by the player?
  102. Dual Screen Tip Help
  103. Battle different form
  104. PokemonMenu Error
  105. Server Set-up
  106. My pokemon do not obtain experience and the Editor.exe is not updated
  107. Updating Essentials from a previous version
  108. A few questions about the max level
  109. Name Input Window
  110. How to set-up mysql support in essentials
  111. Data Box Speed
  112. How can I add the capability for multiple saves?
  113. help menu hg / ss
  114. 2 Things...
  115. About editing the game scripts.
  116. How to change the battle bgm when certain conditions are met?
  117. Trainer VS Animation
  118. Storage help
  119. Adding picture to pause menu
  120. Problem getting a script to function like I want it to
  121. Adding trainer battles?
  122. 16x16 Tile Size Support
  123. Player's Pokémon Backsprite keeps moving up
  124. Verticle Health Bars?
  125. Touch Screen Problem
  126. How to make pokemon a specific gender on battle?
  127. Textbox Size and Position
  128. Region Map Crash
  129. Updating attack animations?
  130. I've got a few questions about double battles
  131. Character size
  132. Adding Mouse To Game
  133. How to Stage an Event Double Encounter + How to make Wild Pokemon AI "Smarter"
  134. How To Alter a Pokemon's Total HP
  135. Information, pokemon server
  136. Problem: Battles
  137. can someone help me make a pokemon sprite from this picture
  138. Autoscroll Camera Position
  139. Requirments for one to play?
  140. is there a way to make a avi vid work as the intro before the start screen?
  141. A Few Problems with Trading and Surfing
  142. Custom Stat Boosting Item bugs my Pokemon?
  143. Gender based events?
  144. How to make NPCs follow the player?
  145. Removing Abilities?
  146. Debug Item
  147. Town Map Help
  148. How to make wild pokémon of a particular species run accationally?
  149. Town Map Help
  150. Map Help
  151. Scripting: PokeBattle_MoveEffects
  152. How to send a Pokemon to the computer if there is no space in the team?
  153. Help Needed For Battle Messages
  154. Setting The Time To Day With Event?
  155. Balanced levels?
  156. Animated GIFs - Loop once
  157. Trainer Editor Error
  158. Tools question.
  159. Scripting fire help
  160. Problem with dual screen
  161. Trainer Battle help
  162. Adding more party pokemon
  163. Game crashes...
  164. Can't Leave Town
  165. Shadow Pokémon
  166. Pokemon out of a Pokeball
  167. Error 'stack level too deep'
  168. Species name limit
  169. RMXP Mapping Question?
  170. Weird House Bugs.
  171. Help with Animated Sprites during battle?
  172. Error....!!!!
  173. Transferring Data?
  174. PokéMarts
  175. Faster Text Speed?
  176. Animé Styled "Double Battles"
  177. [Discussion] Debugging options
  178. Need custom tilesets
  179. add more starting player characters
  180. changing the area of the hp and exp etc in battle?
  181. Resizing sprites and keeping quality?
  182. Custom Message System
  183. Partner Double Controlled Wild Battle
  184. How to heal Partner's pokémon?
  185. Black edge problem
  186. [Release] Pokémon Essentials, version 6 - 23rd April 2012
  187. Nests and Region Map
  188. Lab, Battle Message/Command, Black Screen
  189. Modifying Requirements for Pokemon truancy
  190. Battle Out Come For Single Pokémon
  191. Regional Pokedex
  192. Error when partnering up with Rival
  193. Adding Dream World Abilities to the Wild
  194. Badges into something else?
  195. regional number 0
  196. Heavy Snow in Pokemon Essentials
  197. Battle Sprite Error
  198. Making intros
  199. Not to go to the center Pokemon on having lost against a wild pokemon
  200. Battle Box Font?!
  201. Pokemon.txt help
  202. Showing a picture when speaking to a trainer
  203. Multiple Storage Systems
  204. Error when oppening new essentials
  205. Can't get RMXP, what can I do?
  206. Script add ons for Route 18/ Cycling Road
  207. how can i make it so i can have a .AVI video intro?
  208. Battle move annimations
  209. Beginning Questions
  210. Error with "map_interpreter"
  211. ABLE / NOT ABLE text in pbChoosePokemon
  212. RGSS
  213. Im haveing issues with the Trainers intro music overlapping the battle music.
  214. Pokedex won't show up on pause menu?
  215. Change Windowskin command not working?
  216. [INFO]My game with Essentials
  217. Average Level
  218. Is this Trainer Card Usable?
  219. Partner Trainer error
  220. overworld character sprites
  221. Getting more than 999 Maps
  222. Help trainer.txt
  223. how do you change the backround in Battles.
  224. New "Wild <Pokémon> Appeared" messages
  225. Player is on top of building
  226. [Release] Pokémon Essentials, version 7 - 15th May 2012
  227. trainer who follows you
  228. Im haveing issues with Compressing the Game.
  229. Programming question regarding Entei, raikou and suicune
  230. Dungions
  231. Rivals
  232. Explorer kit multiplayer help
  233. Essentials "To Do" list
  234. How I can do to show the enemy's Pokeballs before taking the next Pokemon?
  235. Shadow of a problem.
  236. Maps No Longer Linked
  237. Pokemon explorer kit for starter kit
  238. "Pokemon Essentials DS by venom12" error
  239. System of intereset
  240. Random Lag Problems...
  241. How to lower the BGM music during battle?
  242. Error Message for trainer battles.
  243. Trainer error
  244. Animated Pokemon in Older Essentials Versions
  245. [Discussion] A suggested change: Don't use the user's location
  246. Extending No Signposts line
  247. How would I add bgm to the main menu?
  248. Add a button to the main menu.
  249. I have really important questions.
  250. Map Connections Not Working.