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  1. [Gen V] High Gambit [Peaked #9]
  2. [Gen V] Is my OU team good? What should I change?
  3. [Gen V] Rate My OU Team Plzz
  4. [Gen V] (BW RMT) First and my best Sand team. OH YEAH.
  5. [Gen V] Rate my team
  6. [Gen V] Rate my team
  7. [Gen V] Team Help Please (this is the current team i use against my friend, not for randoms)
  8. [Gen IV] I need a bit help here..
  9. [Gen V] Improved team please rate
  10. [Gen V] Sun Team: Please rate
  11. [Gen V] [RMT] POURING STALL unfinished :P
  12. [Gen V] Team building help (OU... kinda...)
  13. [Gen V] Rain Dance Team Help
  14. [Gen V] Rate my Uber team
  15. [Gen V] Houses Of The Holy (Ubers)
  16. [Gen V] Defensive assistance, please help?
  17. [Gen V] Rate my pokemon showdown team
  18. [Gen V] Rate my OU team
  19. [Gen V] UU Team
  20. [Gen V] Help me make a better Wifi team
  21. [Gen V] Mono Fighting OU! An RMT
  22. [Gen V] RMT: So Stall Me Maybe <3
  23. [Gen V] NU RMT; I Wanna Go
  24. [Gen V] UU Team Help.
  25. CTH Guidelines
  26. Competitive Team Questions (and Incomplete Team Help)
  27. [Gen V] Sweep/annoy team
  28. [Gen V] Six Paths of Pain (Dragon Team Support)
  29. [Gen V] Rate and make suggestions on my wifi team!
  30. [Gen V] Hail team help
  31. [Gen V] Song of Perseus
  32. [Gen V] Random Team wins Local Tournament
  33. [Gen IV] this is my pokemon platinum wifi team
  34. [Gen V] Uber team rate & help
  35. [Gen V] Need help building team synergy
  36. [Gen V] OU My first Team
  37. [Gen V] I like Eelektross [NU RMT]
  38. [Gen V] [RMT] Rain Dancing is fun!
  39. [Gen V] Wi-Fi Team Help?
  40. [Gen V] [RU Trick Room] Team help
  41. [Gen V] RMT for Random Match Up
  42. [Gen V] [RMT] The Artist Appears
  43. [Gen V] First UU Team, rate please
  44. Evs and Ivs
  45. [Gen V] My Team
  46. [Gen V] My second shot at RainDance Teams [UU&RU]
  47. Pkmn asleep
  48. [Gen V] Black Team
  49. [Gen V] I'm posting this NU're not gonna stop me! [NU RMT]
  50. [Gen V] my ghost team. help?
  51. [Gen V] Wi-Fi Tripple battle team
  52. [Gen V] Rain Team
  53. [Gen V] Team 'We're not gonna take weather' (peaked #46)
  54. [Gen V] Sun Team [No Legendaries]
  55. [Gen V] A shocking team
  56. [Gen IV] -Displeased Groan from reader- Yet Another Rate My Team Thread
  57. [Gen V] I made a 5th gen sand team. RMT?
  58. [Gen V] UU team help.
  59. [Gen V] An OU team awaiting your help!
  60. [Gen V] help my uu sun team
  61. [Gen V] RMT OU Team
  62. [Gen V] B2 team help
  63. [Gen V] First OU team
  64. [Gen V] BW2 Sand Team
  65. [Gen V] Weather? Screw the weather! (Gen V Anti-Weather team RU)
  66. [Gen V] First competetive team!
  67. [Gen V] Perfect Coverage OU Team.
  68. [Gen V] Team needs a defense.
  69. [Gen V] OU Team help and critique
  70. [Gen V] My Awesome OU Team!
  71. [Gen V] New at this, some help would be great
  72. [Gen V] Drizzlerachi
  73. [Gen IV] Gen IV team
  74. [Gen V] wall breaking team
  75. [Gen V] First Competitive Fully EV Trained Team
  76. [Gen V] OU Monotype Electric + One Other
  77. [Gen V] Random match single battle
  78. [Gen V] Pokemon Hail Team (Support)
  79. [Gen V] How does this team look like? -Competitive obviously-
  80. [Gen V] Rate my Team
  81. [Gen V] OU Mono Poison Team Help
  82. [Gen V] OU Team
  83. [Gen V] need some help for random matchups
  84. [Gen V] The Japanese people on Random Wi-Fi are way too good *_*
  85. [Gen V] I need friends :,(
  86. [Gen V] Rate My Team
  87. [Gen V] I ate too much chipotle[Peaked #1]
  88. [Gen V] Planned Pokémon Team (Advice Needed)
  89. [Gen V] Confusion shuffle team help!(OU)
  90. [Gen V] help me
  91. [Gen V] Eeveelution Team Help
  92. [Gen V] First Hail Team!
  93. [Gen V] Competitive OU RMT
  94. [Gen V] Competitive NU Team
  95. [Gen V] First sandstorm/batton pass team
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  98. [Gen V] RMT SandStorm
  99. [Gen V] Competitve Pokemon Team[Please Rate]
  100. [Gen V] Rate Doubles/Triples Sun Team
  101. [Gen V] Help Battling my Friends
  102. [Gen V] My 5th Gen OU/Baton Pass team (RMT)
  103. [Gen V] NU Team Help (competitive) [FINISHED NOW]
  104. [Gen V] First RU team (rate/help plz)
  105. [Gen V] [RMT]First UU team
  106. [Gen V] My First WI-FI Team [Help]
  107. [Gen V] RU Team (need help completing)
  108. [Gen V] Rate my Team please
  109. [Gen V] OU Sand RMT: Advice needed
  110. [Gen V] OU Sandstorm with BW2
  111. [Gen V] First Shot at a Competitive Team Build, Please Rate
  112. [Gen V] Rate my Team please update
  113. [Gen V] rate my team
  114. [Gen V] Rate my W2 Winter Competition Team
  115. [Gen V] Rate my team?
  116. [Gen V] Monotype Water Team
  117. [Gen V] My Personal Best [OU] Team
  118. [Gen V] Monotype of the Day: Fighting!
  119. [Gen V] Rate my Sand Team please!
  120. [Gen V] Hail team rating.
  121. [Gen IV] Soul Silver Team
  122. [Gen V] Rate my Mono-Ice Team
  123. [Gen V] [OU]My team to stay [RMT]
  124. [Gen V] Water Type Team
  125. [Gen V] Potential Pokemon Online Rock Gym Leader Team
  126. [Gen V] Competitive Team Help
  127. [Gen V] Competitive team help for b/w2
  128. [Gen V] Upgraded team
  129. [Gen V] Criticize my team!!!
  130. [Gen V] Hail Team In Progress
  131. [Gen V] Critique my team
  132. [Gen IV] 4th gen competitive team
  133. [Gen IV] need to find the best special sweeper for my team :)
  134. [Gen V] Critique/Rate My Team
  135. [Gen V] 2013 International Challenge January Master Division Team Advice?
  136. [Gen V] VGC Try
  137. [Gen V] Dream Team
  138. [Gen V] My Top Pokemon Team
  139. [Gen V] Sandstormy?
  140. [Gen V] My first NU team
  141. [Gen V] The New Team
  142. [Gen V] GBU Team
  143. [Gen III] Pokemon Emerald Team Suggestions
  144. [Gen V] Rate Team (OU)
  145. [Gen V] My best OU team so far
  146. [Gen V] RU Team
  147. [Gen V] Competitive Team Help
  148. [Gen V] Help With My Team!
  149. [Gen V] And now for something completely different: Ubers
  150. [Gen V] Mostly Dragon non-legendary Team
  151. [Gen V] Rate my Team?
  152. [Gen V] Team advice
  153. [Gen V] RMT: Flying Monotype
  154. [Gen V] OU team
  155. [Gen V] My Fire Mono Team
  156. [Gen IV] DPP OU first team, all advice welcome!!!!
  157. [Gen V] OU RMT
  158. [Gen V] Rate My UU team?
  159. [Gen V] Ou team revisited
  160. [Gen V] Rate my first ever wifi team!!
  161. [Gen V] Help on my offensive andstorm team.
  162. [Gen V] OU RMT
  163. [Gen V] rate my ground type team
  164. [Gen V] RMT OU Hyper Offense BW2
  165. [Gen V] Excellent UU team
  166. [Gen V] Please rate my first competitive team!
  167. [Gen V] Need help with my team
  168. [Gen V] Rate my UU team por favor :D
  169. [Gen V] Rate my UU team please!
  170. [Gen V] OU. My first Rain Team.
  171. [Gen V] Pokemon Double Battle Team
  172. [Gen V] Looking for help.
  173. [Gen V] Rate my Double Team
  174. [Gen V] Decent Wi-Fi Battle Team
  175. [Gen V] Rate my team
  176. [Gen V] Pokemon 2013 International Challenge Team
  177. [Gen V] Rain Team Help
  178. [Gen V] I'm new to competitive battling, which of these Pokemon would be great for a team?
  179. [Gen V] Competitive Team to play in Wi-Fi Battles/Tournaments
  180. [Gen V] Second Attempt at a UU team! Please rate!!
  181. [Gen V] My competitive OU team.. Is it good?
  182. [Gen V] I need some advice on my OU Team
  183. [Gen V] Screw the rain Imma play in the sandbox OU
  184. [Gen V] My Team
  185. [Gen V] ou team
  186. [Gen V] OU Grass team help!
  187. [Gen V] My team
  188. [Gen V] OU Dragonite Centered team
  189. [Gen V] Help in Hail Team
  190. [Gen V] Team Triforce
  191. [Gen V] Somewhat sand team.
  192. [Gen V] Need Suggestions for this team
  193. [Gen V] My First Team (Help Appreciated)
  194. [Gen V] Dodrio Based NU Team [Advice Wanted]
  195. [Gen V] OU Sunny Day Team; Help appreciated
  196. [Gen V] Lanu Rain
  197. [Gen V] OU team looking for advice!
  198. [Gen V] Zylas's ClumzyMon!
  199. [Gen V] Steel Monotype OU [advices]
  200. [Gen V] Do I Have To Make It Rain? [OU Rain Team, Help and Critiques Wanted]
  201. [OU] Balanced Team
  202. [Gen V] (RTM) Doubles Random Match up/Battle competition
  203. [Gen V] Sandstorm OU
  204. [Gen V] OU Trick Room
  205. [Gen V] Emergency Black2 Three Pokemon Team
  206. [Gen V] Damn I aint got no suncream ^_^ OU
  207. [Gen V] First ever pokemon team help
  208. [Gen V] I should replace Krookodile, but with what? Gliscor?
  209. [Gen V] Do I Have To Use NFEs? [LC Team, Help and Critiques wanted]
  210. [Gen V] Help With My Main Team.
  211. [Gen V] VGC team Help
  212. [Gen V] Make it Rain, Rain Dance Team NU
  213. [Gen III] Help with a Pokemon team
  214. [Gen V] Spring Friendly Team Noob! - Suggestions Welcome
  215. [Gen V] rate my team
  216. [Gen V] my OU team.
  217. [Gen V] My Trick Room Team
  218. [Gen V] First competitive team.
  219. [Gen V] Good LC Team! Please Rate, all advice appreciated.
  220. [Gen V] My OU team version 2.0
  221. [Gen I] My Gen 1 Team
  222. [Gen V] First Gen Pokemon - Fifth Gen Competition
  223. [Gen V] I'm working on a team... :-)
  224. [Gen V] My Wanna Be Team
  225. [Gen V] (RMT) Dual Screen Bulk
  226. [Gen V] RMT - NU Team
  227. [Gen V] Twin Dragons Rising [Peaked #4]
  228. [Gen V] UU Team (Getting back into it)
  229. [Gen V] Rate My Sun Team! [Ubers]
  230. [Gen V] (RMT) Stall Team
  231. [Gen IV] I Am Newb & I Need Help!
  232. [Gen V] Pokemon Showdown OU (Current)
  233. [Gen V] My New Team: Looking for Help!
  234. [Gen V] RMT Wifi Ubers
  235. [Gen V] Here comes the rain ~
  236. [Gen V] Snorlax? In my OU?
  237. [Gen V] Rate my team
  238. [Gen V] Rate my OU team
  239. Team building (doubles)
  240. [Gen V] My New Rain Team
  241. [Gen V] Gen V, baton pass, help needed
  242. [Gen V] depressed teams in your area
  243. [Gen V] My Team(Hoenn Ubers)
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