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  1. Battle Server Support
  2. PC Battle Server Alts
  3. [Event] Grand Magic Games Tournament
  4. [Event] Back to the Future — A VGC'98 tournament
  5. [Event] The Tag-Team Randbat Tournament of DEATH
  6. [Event] Community Day XI
  7. [Event] Battle Nights
  8. Guidelines, Resources & Feedback
  9. Moveset Help & Other Questions
  10. In-Game Team Help
  11. Quick Battle Requests
  12. What's your MVP (Most Valued Player)?
  13. What's the best Pokemon type?
  14. Underrated Pokemon
  15. Most difficult Pokemon to fight in Random Battles?
  16. Creative/underrated movesets
  17. Battle Replays, Logs & Videos
  18. Hax! You haxed!!!
  19. Monotype teams without weather?
  20. [Event] The Monotype Tournament Mini
  21. [RMT] NU Team Help topped at #52 on PS
  22. If you could give Flareon a good moveset
  23. [RMT] Electric Monotype Team
  24. Thunder...bolt?
  25. [Event] Pokemon Regionals Tournaments already announced for the 2013-2014 season!
  26. [Event] Little Cup Randbat Tournament
  27. X&Y's impact on competitive battling.
  28. Favorite team styles
  29. Choice Items
  30. [Event] Community Day XI Participant List
  31. If you could make a Pokemon, what would it be?
  32. What are you using right now?
  33. [Event] The Battle Pyramid
  34. Favorite tier?
  35. Entry Hazards
  36. [RMT] Input on my Team
  37. [RMT] ab initio [RU]
  38. Help wanted: Piecing together a Sweeper team
  39. Are randbats a real tier in competitive battling?
  40. Unluckiest moment?
  41. DOUBLE Types?!
  42. [Event] The Road to VGC! (Part 1)
  43. [RMT] Rain team
  44. [RMT] Standard OU Team
  45. [RMT] My First PkMn Showdown Team
  46. Where to do gyms?
  47. [RMT] VCG doubles Trick Room
  48. [RMT] It's getting Scrafty up in here- Gen V OU
  49. [RMT] Haruki(An OU Sun Team)
  50. What Pokemon do you hope will receive a Mega Evolution?
  51. [RMT] Hyperoffensive OU(current) team
  52. [RMT] OU Rain Team (#1)
  53. [RMT] My first UU team
  54. [RMT] Rate my Team (All-Rounder)
  55. [RMT] RU team
  56. [RMT] Rate My Team?
  57. [RMT] Sushi's OU Team
  58. Worst Pokémon type?
  59. Status!
  60. Are dedicated leads now redundant?
  61. [Event] The Pokemon Journey Tournament
  62. Space Goats
  63. Rain, Hail, Sand, and Sun!
  64. Is My Battle Style wrong?
  65. [RMT] RU team ver. 2.0
  66. [RMT] First OU Team
  67. [RMT] Headstrong: A monotype Fighting Team
  68. [RMT] (OU) Dusknoir of Terror (peaked at 1924 ACRE)
  69. [RMT] RU team
  70. [RMT] Staying Power
  71. [RMT] Eelektross and Swords Dancing (peaked at 2462 ACRE)
  72. What are the Best Battles You've Had on Pokemon Showdown?
  73. Slaking.....A sleeping giant?
  74. [RMT] NU Team Help
  75. Leads in double battles
  76. [Group] Ultimate Pokecommunity League
  77. [Group] Pokemon Battle League
  78. PC Battle Server Chat Logs II
  79. [Event] The Road to VGC! (Part 2)
  80. [RMT] My OU Team! :D
  81. Tier Shift
  82. Tourney Ready?
  83. [RMT] NU Entry Hazard Team
  84. [RMT] Sandstorm VGC Team
  85. [RMT] Hyper-offensive OU team
  86. [Group] Keno League Needing Challenger
  87. How will super training effect casual play?
  88. [RMT] Breloom Team (OU)
  89. [RMT] First Shot at an RU Team
  90. [RMT] My First RU team
  91. [RMT] My first pokemon rate/hate wifi team
  92. Offensive and Defensive Cores and the other good stuff that you want on a team
  93. The use of Legendaries in competitive battling
  94. Counter that Pokémon
  95. [RMT] A little doubles combo
  96. [RMT] emerald, team strategy advice
  97. [RMT] [UU] Penguins, Turtles, and Rocks.
  98. [RMT] My NU Team
  99. [Group] B2/W2 Battle League
  100. [RMT] Relicanth's Revenge (NU Team)
  101. [RMT] Steeling Yo Swag
  102. [Event] Community Day XY
  103. [Group] Ideas for battling: Skill points/Bounty hunter clans
  104. [RMT] VGC Double Team
  105. [RMT] Breloom Team (OU)
  106. [RMT] Electric Mouse Team (NU)
  107. [RMT] Help with my competitive team members?
  108. [Group] Black and White Gen 5 fanclub Battle Talk
  109. The current metagame stinks...
  110. [RMT] OU Team i threw together
  111. [RMT] Rainecho's Sandstorm Team
  112. Generation 1 team rant
  113. [RMT] Mirages of the Frozen Wasteland (Balanced Hackmons, #1, #2, #3 AND #6 on the ladder - my 10th Anniversary RMT)
  114. [RMT] Haven't played since Red/Blue, need help building a team for competitive play in X
  115. (Project) Looking for avid breeders and competitive players for X and Y
  116. [RMT] Constructive criticism for my pokemon team
  117. [Event] PSS Championship hosted by ME!
  118. [RMT] I'm new to competitive battling.
  119. Mega Evolution Discussion
  120. [RMT] Help making team
  121. [Event] Community Day XY Participant List
  122. 70 accuracy 110 Base power moves
  123. [RMT] My first 6th Gen Team.
  124. [RMT] OU Team For X & Y
  125. X/Y Weather Nerf
  126. Building the right team?
  127. [RMT] X and Y competitive team?
  128. [Group] Heroes Of The.4 The Generation - Battle Arena
  129. my first real battle ^__^
  130. [RMT] "Bulky Offensive"
  131. [RMT] XY Rain Team
  132. New Uber Predictions?
  133. [Event] Tournament Series
  134. [RMT] Need some Help making a competitive pokemon team.
  135. [RMT] Back into the Pokemon scene and would like help!
  136. Competitive Breeding
  137. [RMT] Gen 6 OU Team
  138. Will Megas be your core?
  139. [RMT] Suggestions for my XY poketeam
  140. [RMT] Obligatory Bird Pokemon Team
  141. [RMT] Getting back into Pokemon... Team help?
  142. [RMT] Beginning Team - need help
  143. [Event] The Official Pokecommunity Pokemon XY: Kicking things off, Showdown Tournament!
  144. [RMT] Pokemon X/Y OU Team
  145. [RMT] Looking to round off my team, opinions needed
  146. [RMT] Looking for help with my Pokemon Competitive team!
  147. [RMT] OU Team
  148. [RMT] First competetive team
  149. [RMT] 6th Pokemon for my lineup?
  150. [RMT] Prototype build
  151. Underrated Pokemon and strategies
  152. [RMT] First Gen 6 team
  153. [RMT] First ever Build/Prototype.
  154. Which Fairy-types will end up as the most used?
  155. [RMT] WiFi Team - Cut a member for MegaAggron
  156. NU predictions for X&Y
  157. Usage and tier predictions in generation six
  158. [RMT] gen VI team idea
  159. Major XY OU threats
  160. [RMT] Team Pointers
  161. [RMT] Team Built Around Mega Gardevoir
  162. [RMT] [6th] First OU Team
  163. Best natures for these pokemon?
  164. [RMT] Rate my FIRST X/Y compeatative team
  165. [RMT] Planned Wifi Team
  166. How do you deal with stat boosting?
  167. Sticky web
  168. What new Pokemon will be OU?
  169. Are there any pokes of this gen worth it?
  170. [RMT] Rate my sister's X/Y team (around Mega Gardevoir and Sylveon)
  171. [RMT] Rate my Zoroark based X/Y team
  172. [RMT] Help build team?
  173. [RMT] My first competitive team
  174. [RMT] Two Many Sweepers
  175. Competitive download
  176. [RMT] my first team(X and Y)
  177. [RMT] In Soulsilver, how to complete this non-legendary party for PvE AND PvP?
  178. [RMT] Need Help With X/Y Teams
  179. [RMT] I need help with my first competitive team
  180. [RMT] Pokemon [X-Y] Competitive Team Help
  181. [RMT] 3 Man Team Advice?
  182. [RMT] First Competitive Team (X/Y)
  183. [RMT] Mono-Dark
  184. [Group] Pokecommunity Guilds/Tournaments/Events Idea
  185. [RMT] My 1st Team (X/Y)
  186. Inside The Mind of a Competitive Trainer
  187. [RMT] Trick Room Team
  188. [RMT] Dual Steel One Houndoom [XY Pre-Bank] [OU]
  189. [RMT] A competitive team?
  190. [RMT] Competitive Team 6th slot adivce
  191. [RMT] Competitive Team
  192. [RMT] X and Y team
  193. any nice tricks or op pokemon
  194. [RMT] First XY Team
  195. [Event] Massive Multi Confusion
  196. [RMT] Whats wrong with my team???
  197. [RMT] My first competitive team EVER
  198. [RMT] Feedback on my team, thanks!
  199. [RMT] Just starting, could use all suggestions
  200. Favorite Stallers
  201. [RMT] First attempt at team building
  202. IVs and Breeding For Competitive Play
  203. [RMT] Competitive team
  204. [RMT] Need major changes and help
  205. [RMT] Rate my team....
  206. [RMT] Advice for my team
  207. [RMT] Need opinions/feedback on my online team.
  208. Klefki's Tier
  209. [RMT] i need help with my team?
  210. [RMT] A Noob's Scrappy Team
  211. [RMT] Rate my cousin's team,THX
  212. [RMT] Advice on Team
  213. [RMT] My Dream Team (may not be so dreamy)
  214. [RMT] Rate my team?
  215. [RMT] Need advice on altering my Black2 WiFi team for X/Y
  216. [RMT] First gen 6 team!
  217. Aegislash...
  218. Assault Vest and Weakness Policy
  219. [RMT] special sweeper for my team?
  220. [RMT] Looking into competitive play please help :D
  221. [RMT] First X/Y Team Build ^^;;
  222. Has Gen 6 changed your play style?
  223. [RMT] First Gen VI Team!
  224. [RMT] Team Guidance?
  225. [RMT] My Team... How to improve?
  226. [RMT] Team Advice
  227. [RMT] PokeBank OU team
  228. [RMT] Feedback for my team?
  229. [Group] PokeCommunity's Competitive Battling Community
  230. [RMT] Pokemon Competitive team rating
  231. [RMT] Beginnings of sorts
  232. [RMT] First time team, your thoughts?
  233. [RMT] Team rating
  234. Hazards leads
  235. Find that pokemon! A website to find pokemon for your teams - super-poke(dex)
  236. [RMT] Rate my Team?
  237. [RMT] Looking for some help with team?
  239. [RMT] RMT Pokebank OU Prototype
  240. [Event] Alphabet Soup
  241. [RMT] Pokemon X Team: First Competitive Team
  242. [RMT] Made a team. Not sure if it'll work online...
  243. [RMT] Need competitive advice
  244. [Event] Community Day XIII
  245. [RMT] do i have a good competitive team for pokemon x & y
  246. Are you waiting for Pokebank?
  247. [RMT] Spell Cleave - Help please [Gen 6]
  248. [RMT] Sand Switch
  249. [Event] Gen 5 tournament
  250. [RMT] Rain Dance [Gen VI]