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  1. Missingno
  2. What is The Worst thing of Red/Blue (revied topic)
  3. why do you play r/b/y?
  4. Get Mew!!!
  5. Forgot...
  6. S.S.Anne truck
  7. I need a pokemon red map screenshot!
  8. I caught a PokGod!
  9. How to catch mew (im serious! i tried this and it worked!)
  10. Need Help with Red, Blue, & Yellow?
  11. I know how to catch mew!! I've tried it. It works!!
  12. looking for help
  13. Official glitch discussion thread.
  14. Catching Mew
  15. how to get Mew... without cheats!!!!!
  16. Catch Any Pokemon In R/b Without Gameshark!
  17. The Mysteriouse St.Anne Suply Truck!!~
  18. Question about the Mew Glitch
  19. missingNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.!!!!!!!
  20. Pokemon Red GBC-ROM
  21. My Blue Team so far...XD
  22. St. Anne truck and Mew
  23. mew cheat question
  24. total no. of ledgandaries
  25. Mew Glitch Website
  26. Funny pics I took in yellow version!
  27. What's the stupidest thing you've ever done in Red/Blue/Yellow?
  28. catch MEW in red, blue and yellow without game shark
  29. question about R/B...
  30. i don know how to catch mew!
  31. Pokemon Red - Viridian City help
  32. Where to level up before The Elite in Pokemon Red
  33. which pokemon do u tink have the best stats in r/b/y...?
  34. Master Ball - Pokemon Red
  35. Zapdos - Pokemon Red
  36. Mew capture code- real or not?
  37. mew
  38. Catch mew on Red/Blue/Yellow
  39. Myuu!!!
  40. Mew Glitch Question
  41. PoKeGoDs.....
  42. Favorite R/B/Y Pokemon?
  43. How do you get Pikablu in Red or Blue?
  44. Trading in Red Version
  45. Mew in yellow
  46. What is the truck for in R/B/Y???
  47. The Truck on Blue/Red
  48. So, how do you get Mew?
  49. How do you get Mew part 2
  50. effort values in red/blue version??
  51. Mew Glitch
  52. Best Selection (Pokemon Red and Blue).
  53. Help! My game just got all mixed up!
  54. What's the truck for?
  55. Lance in R/B/Y
  56. Mew Trick Rendered me a Gary
  57. Pokemon Yellow Trading Centre
  58. Second Mew glitch ive found....
  59. Mew
  60. Pokemon Red and Emerald
  61. Why are there so many glitches in Red & Blue?
  62. Battle Prof. Oak in Pokemon Red/Blue
  63. Who is the best starting Pokemon in Blue version??
  64. Anyone Ever gotten all pokemon lvl 100? (R/B/Y)
  65. Mew Cheat (Red/Bue)
  66. yellow version Chansey
  67. Pokemon Blue Help
  68. Get mew without Nintendo Promotion/Gameshark!
  69. what is your strongest pokemon in blue red or yellow version.
  70. Whos your favorite (R/B/Y)
  71. an odd thing happend
  72. My Blastoise Misses Me
  73. Saving Pokemon Blue
  74. RBY - RSE Changes
  75. Ever completed R\B\Y? (conditions in post)
  76. Hall of fame room (red)
  77. Mew Advice
  78. Mew glitch
  79. Mew Question.
  80. Did that truck have any purpose at all???
  81. Need Help with R/B... Final 6
  82. ????
  83. What was the worst trick you fell for?
  84. Need Help!
  85. Dumbest/Weirdest Thing You Did In R/B/Y
  86. JOHTO region in BLUE.That can't be TRUE.
  87. the truck my theory
  88. 2 Qs
  89. Where did MissingNO. get its awful reputation?
  90. Most Horrible Battle Animation in R/B/G
  91. in red blue and yellow
  92. Which R/B/G/Y Starter?
  93. pokemon blue version help!
  94. Strategic Battling in 1st Gen Games.
  95. pokemon green!!
  96. Pokemon Red Trumpers
  97. pocket monsters green!
  98. What did you do to get all the starters in blue and red?
  99. Pokemon Yellow: Bulbasaur help??
  100. Rare candies? pokemon (red and blue)
  101. What was your favorite blue team?!
  102. Pokemon Blue. Quick question
  103. R/B Monotype Challenge 2008
  104. Connecting a GBA with Emerald to a GBC with Yellow
  106. Pokemon Yellow: Tips for the first Gym?
  107. A Mew
  108. ahhh... pokemon blue
  109. another mono challenge r/b
  110. R/B monotype challenge
  111. No missingno. in italian Red?
  112. Good team for pokemon yellow?
  113. pokemon yellow :)
  114. Pokemon Red questions
  115. Anybody still significantly playing Red/Blue/Yellow ?
  116. Pokemon red save file
  117. Pokemon Blue/Red: Missingno / insanley powerful pokemon trick
  118. MonoSPECIES Challenge (Red, Blue AND Yellow)
  119. pokemon red help
  120. Mew?!
  121. Battle Professor Oak in Pokémon Yellow Gameshark Code
  122. MonoType Challenge for R/B/Y
  123. OKay so If I made like a video walkthrough of pokemon yellow on youtube.....
  124. blue/red trading
  125. Link's R/B/Y Monotype Challenge
  126. Pkmn red funny glitches
  127. Change Username In Blue?
  128. Pokemon Green
  129. How to get Mew in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow Versions
  130. Who's stronger? Mew or Mewtwo?
  131. R/B/Y when to hold back evolution?
  132. Is it possible to put my own sprites onto my Blue, Red, or any other game?
  133. The R/B instruction booklet got a lot of type matchups wrong.
  134. Help needed for Catching Articuno (Yellow)
  135. Cinnabar Mansion
  136. Finding Mew in RBY
  137. Need help in Pokemon Blue
  138. The Mysterious Grass
  139. Mew lives under the Truck
  140. Warning!
  141. do you play old games like red or blue
  142. Highest Level Pokemon In R/B?
  143. So the Truck....
  144. Red/Blue Monotype Challenge!
  145. Yellow Remake?please?
  146. Pokemon Yellow
  147. Pokemon Red pokedex completable without trades?
  148. R/B/Y Unevolved Pokemon Challenge
  149. Can you actually buy a Bicycle in R/B/Y?
  150. Guides for R/B/Y
  151. My Yellow Not Working
  152. What's our pokemon team in yellow
  153. What's your pokemon team in yellow
  154. How old were you when you first played R/B/Y
  155. Let's Play Pokemon Blue
  156. Yellow Jynx
  157. Catching Mew
  158. Everytime i play through RBY
  159. Pokemon Blue Ditto Solo Run
  160. Pokegods?
  161. Pokemon Red in full color?
  162. Pokemon Yellow Sound Glitch
  163. ~*!*~HAVE YOU EVER?~*!*~
  164. I'm not kidding1'M exists in Red!
  165. Most Epic Music in RBY?
  166. Mew/missingno glitch problem
  167. Ultimate first gen challenge!
  168. Was there a way to obtain Mew legitimately on R/B?
  169. PrismoStar's R/B/Y Challenge! (Can YOU beat it?)
  170. The R/B/Y Trio Challenge
  171. The New R/B Monotype Challenge
  172. 11 Year Anniversery of Red and Blue
  173. Memories of Blue and Red
  174. First minutes playing Pokemon red/blue?
  175. RBY - I think that's what you call it!
  176. Annoying Pokécentre On Yellow :P
  177. Missingno. and Pokegod storys!
  178. Mew Glitch - Risk once traded?
  179. Were there already Swarm pokemon in gen.1....
  180. Pokemon Yellow Glitch?
  182. Mew Glitch in Pokemon Yellow
  183. Did you have a tough time finishing the RBY games?
  184. What was your most OMGWTF moment in B/R/Y
  185. Brand New Awesome Red/Blue Monotype Challenge
  186. Mew after all trainers?
  187. Pokemon Red Walkthrough
  188. Red Blue and Yellow
  189. R/B/Y Fully Evolved Solo Run
  190. Mew Glitch Variation
  191. R/B/Y Basic Challenge
  192. Monotype Challenge-- Red/Blue
  193. Pokegod storys
  194. Lavender Town Music Conspiracy
  195. Completed Red/Blue? You're a POKEMON KILLER
  196. Gary Oak was the nice guy all along.....
  197. Surprises in RBY
  198. Yellow, Question.
  199. Pokemon R/B/Y Solo Run Challenge
  201. I've just realised that all people who have completed R/B/Y are thieves
  202. pokemon yellow emulator zune
  203. EV training in R/B/Y? can it be done?
  204. Need information on Mews obtained from Nintendo Events.
  205. So I got my hands on an authentic pokemon green...
  206. does anyone have a red/blue game save?
  207. What's your Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow Team?
  208. Dialogue Oddities
  209. Missingno. and Pokegods Stories
  210. Has anyone noticed
  211. Replaying Pokemon Red
  212. Red/Blue Town Map glitch?
  213. Pokemon Yellow "Starters"
  214. Were Yellow version remake?
  215. how many days did you take you? R/B/Y
  216. Gary Oak: The Truth
  217. Overpowered Slash? R/B/Y
  218. What do you think is the ultimate Gen1 team?
  219. Just got Red off ebay........
  220. Can someone explain how the Mew glitch works?
  221. Did Blue's/Gary's Raticate Die
  222. Japanese Blue Version Wild Pokemon
  223. how did you beat the E4? (R/G/B/Y)
  224. Pocket Monsters Red/Green
  225. Help, buying red or blue.
  226. something I realized in R/G/B/Y/LG/FR
  227. Best Pokemon To Get In Yellow?
  228. Cubone/marowak legend
  229. did mother marowak ever scare you as much as it scared me
  230. Good places to grind in RBY?
  231. What part annoyed you the most in R/B/Y?
  232. Anyone else have a Green version cart?
  233. Worst rby sprites
  234. remember that truck? or the keys? in r/b/y
  235. Anyone still play R/B/Y?
  236. Any advice for a Blue n00b?
  237. Why does Lance's Dragonite know the move Barrier in R/B/Y?
  238. Battling Prof. Oak in Pokémon Blue
  239. What is the purpose of the Truck located S.S Anne?
  240. Let's Play: Pokemon Yellow
  241. Pokemon Yellow GameBoy Intro error
  242. The Pokémon R/B/Y Glitch Thread
  243. How was one supposed to catch Mew in Red/Blue?
  244. yellow special pikachu edition
  245. Best Original Pokemon(Red,Blue, and Show Season 1)
  246. Build a Team Help (RED)
  247. Does Any One Miss Pokemon Yellow
  248. Pokemon Blue Rocks!!!
  249. How many of you caught Mew legit?
  250. Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow...what've they become?