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  1. [Idea] Pokémon e-reader Games
  2. [Idea] Pokemon Amplifier Attacks
  3. [Idea] [Help workshop] Quick storyline idea thread
  4. [Idea] Pokemon Colosseum Advance
  5. [Idea] Magnius' Pokemon GSC Remake Project
  6. [Idea] Pokemon Radiant Sun
  7. [Idea] pokemon hack ideas
  8. Pokemon Kanto Quest-New Name Please!
  9. [Idea] Hacking Dragon Warrior Monsters?
  11. [Idea] Pokemon Resort
  12. [Idea] Super "Pokemon" Bros.
  13. [Idea] Pokemon: Dragon Flame
  14. [Idea] Pokémon Colosseum:Advance
  15. [Idea] Pokemon 2000 The Power Of One (Adaptation of the second movie)
  16. [Idea] Pokemon Citrine (working title)
  18. [Idea] Pokemon Fiery Vengance
  19. [Idea] [Project] Digimon HackStarz
  20. [Idea] Pokemon: Ash's Quest
  21. [Idea] Pokémon Glitch Version
  22. [Idea] Legend of Dragons (Early Thread)
  23. [Idea] Pokemon: Misty Chronicles
  24. [Idea] Pokemon Eevee Saga (Name will change)
  25. [Idea] Pokémon Lunar and Fullmoon
  26. [Idea] Pokémon Topaz Gem
  27. [Idea] Pokémon Magma Version
  28. [Idea] Pokemon Fire Red spoof (may change name)
  29. [Idea] (Translation patch) Pokemon TCG2: Team Great Rocket Invades!
  30. [Idea] Pokemon Fusion
  31. [Idea] Pokémon: The Dragon Legacy
  32. [Idea] Pokémon Galaxy White
  33. [Idea] Pokemon Armageddon
  34. [Idea] Pokémon Neo Rainbow
  35. Pokemon: Cobalt Version[undecided]
  36. [Idea] Pokemon Stadium 1&2 port to NDS?
  37. [Idea] .:Pokémon Blaze Emotion::.
  38. [Idea] Pokémon Residents
  39. Pokemon - Rainfall Adventures
  40. FireRed hack:Pokemon sentra journeys
  41. [Idea] Pokemon Black Nexus
  42. [Idea] T-flare Rom Hack
  43. [Idea] Pokemon Team Magma/Team Aqua: The Forgotten Storys
  44. [Idea] Pokemon One Piece
  45. [Idea] Pokemon Scarlet Version Storyline and other things about it by TheNerdyPotato
  46. [Idea] Pokemon VirusUndead (Zombie Pokemon! M15+)
  47. [Idea] Pokemon Wish of Darkness
  48. [Idea] Pokemon Fire Bomb
  49. [Idea] Pokémon: Guardian of the Forest
  50. [Idea] New hack idea: Pokemon Chronicles of Time
  51. [Idea] POKéMON Verdé Revolution
  52. [Idea] Pokemon Azure
  53. [Idea] Pokemon Crystal Nite: Armageddon
  54. [Idea] Pokemon Helio Version (The Emort Region)
  55. [Idea] Pokemon: Moon-Glow!
  56. [Idea] Pokemon ShadowSky
  57. [Idea] Pokémon WaterBlue
  58. [Idea] Pokemon Dragon Legacy
  59. [Idea] Pokemon: Purple
  60. [Idea] Pokemon Ruby the Parody Official Thread
  61. [Idea] Pokemon Aqua Steel
  62. [Idea] Pokemon DragonBall Z Edition
  63. [Idea] Pokemon: GlobalEarth
  64. [Idea] Rise of Magikarp
  65. [Idea] Hack of Platinum: Perfect Platinum Beta
  66. [Idea] Pokémon Metallic Silver
  67. [Idea] Pokemon: Shadow Version
  68. [Idea] Pokemon Sinnoh Wish
  69. [Idea] Pokemon: Midnight Blue (working title)
  71. [Idea] Pokemon Scarlet Version
  72. [Idea] Pokemon: Academy
  73. [Idea] Pokemon Galactica
  74. [Idea] Pokemon Hero's Legacy
  75. [Idea] Pokemon: Invasion!
  76. [Idea] Pokemon: Satoshi's Quest - A Special Crossover
  77. [Idea] [FireRed Hack] Pokemon Ranger: Future and past
  78. [Idea] Pokemon Naturee
  79. [Idea] Pokemon - Dawn Lavender
  80. [Idea] Pokemon Stone X
  81. [Idea] Pokemon Snowy Dragon
  82. [Idea] Pokemon ShiningStar Version
  83. [Idea] Reign Of Fire (Reborn) [Sorry For The Wait]
  84. [Idea] Pokemon Special Version
  85. [Idea] Pokémon: Manaphy's Legend
  86. [Idea] Pokemon Diamond Crystals
  87. [Idea] Pokemon Elements (fire red hack)
  88. [Idea] Pokémon: Eevee Chronicles
  89. [Idea] Pokemon Plasma Blue
  90. [Idea] Pokemon Earth Verison
  91. [Idea] Pokemon Gotta Catch Em' All
  92. [Idea] Pokemon Rainbow Gem Version
  93. Pokémon Opal and Onyx - help wanted
  94. [Idea] Pokemon: Legend of the Warrior of the Far Cry
  95. [Idea] Pokemon Dark Horizon
  96. Pokémon - City Realms
  97. [Idea] Ruby Hack: Pokemon Blaise Journeys
  98. [Idea] Pokemon Emerald: Gundam Wing!
  99. [Idea] Pokemon Version
  100. [Idea] Poke WoW
  101. [Idea] pokemon dark castle
  102. [Idea] Pokemon Sunstar
  103. [Idea] Pokemon -X- Legends
  104. [Idea] Pokemon: Beatles edition
  105. [Idea] Pokemon: Camp
  106. [Idea] Emerald Hack: Pokémon Magma Version
  107. [Idea] Ruby Hack: Wally's Legacy
  108. [Idea] Pokemon: The Natural World
  109. [Idea] this rom is only to be played on a gameboy
  110. [Idea] Pokemon: SpiritCrystal
  111. [Idea] Pokemon: Return of the Elements
  112. [Idea] Pokemon Nightmares
  113. [Idea] I don't have a name yet.
  114. [Idea] Pokemon Spark Yellow
  115. [Idea] Pokemon Citrine version!
  116. [Idea] Pokemon Palladium (idea for a hack)
  117. [Idea] POKEMON FURY
  118. [Idea] Pokemon Black Aura (Pokemon Fire Red Hack)
  119. [Idea] Pokemon Alternative Red
  120. [Idea] Pokemon Ruby Redone (Working Title)
  121. [Idea] Pokemon Moon-Glow!
  122. [Idea] POKEMON:The power of one
  123. [Idea] Pokemon: Dragice Diamond
  124. [Idea] Pokémon Suecra
  125. [Idea] Pokemon:GreenEmerald
  126. [Idea] Pokemon: An Ordinary Adventure
  127. [Idea] Pokemon manga(special/adventures) hack in Japanese
  128. [Idea] Pokémon Moonlight Version!
  129. [Idea] Pokemon Island
  130. [Idea] Pokemon ?
  131. [Idea] Pokemon Fossil
  132. [Idea] Pokemon: RustedCopper
  133. [Idea] Pokemon: Time Shard
  134. [Idea] Pokemon Crystal Shards FTW
  135. [Idea] Pokemon Brendan's Adventure
  136. [Idea] Request for pokedex editor
  137. [Idea] Pokémon Primal Version
  138. [Idea] Killing stuff!
  139. [Idea] Pokemon Aquajade/Darkjade
  140. [Idea] Pokemon - Vendetta
  141. [Idea] AquaDan's Fortnightly Pokemon Hack Contest
  142. [Idea] Pokemon Liquid Crystal Monotype [Bug] Playthrough
  143. [Idea] Pokemon Scizor Red Version
  144. [Idea] Pokemon- Reign Of Shadows( Or something like that)
  145. [Idea] Pokemon: The Ocean Secrets!
  146. [Idea] idea for a pokemon hack pokemon aqua
  147. [Idea] Retry
  148. [Idea] The 65535 pokemon
  149. [Idea] Pokemon Aqua
  151. [Idea] Pokemon: Fiery Meteor version... it LIVES!!!
  152. [Idea] Pokemon Gentian
  153. [Idea] Pokemon Star - Help Needed!
  154. [Idea] Pokemon Blazing Empire
  155. [Idea] Pokémon Sevii Adventures
  156. [Idea] Pokemon Denp Verson
  157. [Idea] Books
  158. [Idea] Pokemon... With a bit of Kingdom Hearts?!
  159. [Idea] Pokémon Golden Badge
  160. [Idea] Pokemon HotEmber
  161. [Idea] Unamed hack
  162. [Idea] Pokemon 'Legend of the chosen'
  163. [Idea] D/P remake
  164. [Idea] Pokemon: The Darkened Islands
  165. [Idea] Pokemon Yellow Vortex
  166. [Idea] Digimon:Destiny of Destruction.
  167. [Idea] Pokemon: Forever Version
  168. [Idea] Pokemon Violet: The Broken Time(may change name)
  169. [Idea] I have an idea for someone. ANYONE :)
  170. [Idea] Pokemon Disaster
  171. [Idea] Pokemon Godzilla Version
  172. [Idea] Pokemon: Creepin On Ah Come Up
  173. [Idea] Pokemon elemental curse
  174. [Idea] Pokemon Fusion Stone.
  175. [Idea] Difficulties with Emerald ROM
  176. [Idea] Pokemon Sizzle
  177. [Idea] Pokemon : The Legend Of Regi !
  178. [Idea] Pokemon: Legendary Adventures: Mewtwo Strikes Back
  179. [Idea] 3 Pokemanz Ideas: Weather Birds, Kanga/Cubone, Towns
  180. [Idea] Pokemon Lavaflow and Waterfall versions (Screenshots available!)
  181. [Idea] Pokemon: A Lonely Paradise
  182. [Idea] Pokemon Icicle
  183. [Idea] Pokemon D0070
  184. [Idea] Pokemon ???
  185. [Idea] Pokemon Faith
  186. [Idea] Fire Red PLUS!
  187. [Idea] Pokemon:The Secrets Of The Daycare
  188. [Idea] Pokemon The First Movie
  189. [Idea] pokemon origins:kanto vol .1
  190. [Idea] Suggestions for my Fire Red Hack
  191. [Idea] Pokemon Revisited
  192. [Idea] Pokémon XD: Surge of Darkness (name could possibly change)
  193. [Idea] pokemon: when worlds collide vol.1
  194. [Idea] pokemon dojino:the hypercron
  195. [Idea] Pokemon Island Mystery: Torn Shadows
  196. [Idea] Pokemon Fantasy VII?!
  197. [Idea] Pokemon PasadoCelestial and FuturoInfernal
  198. [Idea] pokemon type island
  199. [Idea] Pokemon Anti-Or:Good or Bad?
  200. [Idea] Pokemon Guardian
  201. [Idea] Specific Question for patching
  202. [Idea] Pokemon: Rising Lava- Good idea or bad?
  203. [Idea] Idea: Pokemon 'Fossil' Version
  204. [Idea] Pokemon Drowning Sea
  205. [Idea] The Key to Make a Popular Hack
  206. [Idea] Pokemon Drowning Sea (Re)
  207. [Idea] FireRed hack ideas
  208. [Idea] Pokémon: To Beat The Best
  209. [Idea] Pokemon Dust
  210. [Idea] Pokemon Lithium [Hack of Fire Red]
  211. [Idea] Pokemon Luminescensce
  212. [Idea] Pokemon ?????
  213. [Idea] Pokémon Freedom [Fire Red hack]
  214. [Idea] Pokemon Parallax (Other Names In Thread)
  216. [Idea] Pokemon Halite [ need a story?]
  217. [Idea] Wanna make a game.
  218. [Idea] Need A Team Of Hackers
  219. [Idea] Pokemon : Rare Hunters
  220. [Idea] Pokemon TigerEye
  221. [Idea] Pokemon Mercury
  222. [Idea] Pokemon - Master of Nuggets
  223. [Idea] Pokemon Neo: Genesis
  224. [Idea] The Best Pokemon Game
  225. [Idea] Pokémon Stadium Advance
  226. [Idea] Pokemon Platinum Emulation help
  227. [Idea] Pokemon Gba gym leader castle
  228. [Idea] Pokémon Darkrai's DarkForces with permission.
  229. [Idea] POKEMON STORM
  230. [Idea] Pokemon:Unlimited Version
  231. [Idea] Pokemon Legends: Shadow of the Pokegods
  232. [Idea] Breeder version
  233. [Idea] Pokemon: Ruby Aura
  234. [Idea] Pokemon EndlessBlue Vesion
  235. [Idea] Pokemon Rune (need some help)
  236. [Idea] Shadow of the Pokegods - Storyline/'Gym' help needed
  237. [Idea] Pokemon Rune (RuneScape, with story completed, anyone interested in helping?)
  238. [Idea] Pokemon: The Darkstorm Legend
  239. [Idea] Pokemon S.C.I.
  240. [Idea] Pokemon: Ninja Crisis
  241. [Idea] Pokemon: Pikachu's Adventure
  242. [Idea] Pokemon Sun & Moon
  243. [Idea] Pokemon Story: The Crimson River
  244. [Idea] Pokemon Eclipse
  245. [Idea] Pokemon Shard
  246. [Idea] Pokemon Dimension
  247. [Idea] cool idea for a hack name dunno
  248. [Idea] POKéMON Ninja Version
  249. [Idea] Pokémon Veritas
  250. [Idea] Pokemon Fuison and Dimension