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  1. Discussion: How should one protest?
  2. News: California State University to Offer Segregated Housing to Black Students
  3. Discussion: Do you have faith in the future?
  4. Discussion: How could you be a better person?
  5. Debate: Physical force in parenting
  6. Discussion: Dealing with toxic people
  7. Discussion: Blissfully depressed.
  8. News: Gallup: Trust in American media reaches (another) all-time low
  9. News: 29 people injured in explosion in NYC
  10. News: Tulsa, Oklahoma
  11. Event: Create Your Own Government!
  12. News: New Generation of Conservatives on the Rise
  13. Discussion: If I had a dollar for every gender...
  14. News: Ex Egghead panellist CJ de Mooi arrested over Netherlands murder
  15. News: ITT Technical Institute shuts down, files Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  16. News: Great Wall of China Renovation Sparks Outrage
  17. News: South Carolina SS
  18. News: Expressway shootings in Illinois
  19. Discussion: Are gay people hypersexualized?
  20. Discussion: Mental Illnesses
  21. News: Creepy Clowns
  22. News: Palm Springs Officer Slaying
  23. Discussion: What exactly is a "millennial"?
  24. Debate: Cultural Appropriation
  25. News: Four die in amusement park accident
  26. News: Big Tobacco
  27. News: Soda Tax
  28. Discussion: Do As I Say, Not What I Do
  29. Discussion: Train travel in America: Is it worth investing in?
  30. News: UK Parliament to Vote on Brexit
  31. Discussion: The Role of Celebrities in Promoting Awareness of Political Issues
  32. Discussion: The Spectacle of Politics
  33. Discussion: What will you remember the most about the Obama presidency?
  34. Debate: Is sexual orientation determined at birth?
  35. Debate: Should religious organisations remain tax-exempt?
  36. Discussion: Political News 2016-2020
  37. Discussion: 4-Year Survival Plan
  38. News: PrEP ruling: NHS can provide HIV prevention drug after it loses High Court case
  39. Event: Your Campaign: 20Whenever
  40. News: Oklahoma Airport Shooting
  41. News: New Zealand Quake
  42. News: El Tigre Trío, Muy Mal
  43. Discussion: Changing someone's mind
  44. Discussion: Civic Enthusiasm
  45. News: Fidel Castro dead at 90
  46. Discussion: In the Name of Safety
  47. Discussion: When you find out someone you know is a drug addict
  48. News: Election Recounts
  49. The UK investigatory powers act - Government snooping on a whole new level
  50. Discussion: The Ethics of Spending
  51. Discussion: Donald Trump's Administration Picks
  52. Event: Change my view: If I have nothing to hide, I have nothing to fear.
  53. Discussion: Prepared for college
  54. News: TIME Magazine names Donald Trump "Person of the Year"
  55. Discussion: Are online friendships "real" friendships?
  56. Discussion: MOAR TRUMP
  57. News: South Korea Impeaches President
  58. News: Activists Want to Repeal Missouri HIV Law
  59. How have you changed?
  60. Debate: Does consciousness exist?
  61. Heaven & Hell
  62. News: Russian Ambassador to Turkey wounded in attack.
  63. Discussion: When is a murder just a murder? [Terrorism discussion]
  64. Debate: Something being "the law" or "against the law" doesn't automatically make it right or wrong.
  65. Should the Swastika still be considered evil?
  66. News: California Decriminalizes Child Prostitutes
  67. News: 4 in custody after mentally disabled young man tied up, tortured on Facebook Live (Graphic Content)
  68. News: Paul Ryan: GOP will defund Planned Parenthood
  69. Hard or soft brexit?
  70. News: Repeal of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare)
  71. Shall we bump the Trump?
  72. News: US withdraws from the TPP
  73. Debate: US Politics Thread [Welcome to the era of "alternative facts"]
  74. US Immigration Reform
  75. Discussion: Nationalism
  76. Discussion: the death penalty
  77. Holocaust Remembrance
  78. Discussion: Leaving dogs in cars
  79. News: Canadian mosque shooting, labeled as an act of terrorism
  80. Discussion: How well do primary schools teach indigenous history?
  81. Should health tourism be allowed?
  82. Discussion: Possibility of the USA leaving the UN
  83. News: UC Burkeley Riot
  84. Discussion: The Middle
  85. Now that the uk has decided to leave the EU do you think other countries will follow suit?
  86. Discussion: Israel and Palestine, what's the solution?
  87. Discussion: education
  88. Should Valentine's Day be celebrated?
  89. Prison or rehabilitation?
  90. Discussion: What is the purpose in life?
  91. Discussion: "If you have nothing to hide..."
  92. PewdiePie vs Mainstream Media
  93. News: University of Washington Declares English Grammar As Racist
  94. News: White House blocks news organizations from press briefing
  95. Debate: America becoming more fascist?
  96. News: Thomas Perez becomes Chairman of DNC
  97. Discussion: Russia and America
  98. Discussion: Genetic discrimination
  99. Debate: Population Control
  100. Discussion: Freedom of Speech
  101. Discussion: International Obligations
  102. If you voted for Clinton, you have no right to complain about Trump.
  103. News: Westminster Terror Attack (London, UK)
  104. Discussion: Punishment
  105. Discussion: Where is the line of acceptable discrimination?
  106. Canadian government to announce marijuana legalization by July 1st, 2018
  107. Discussion: Does the world encourage or discourage good behavior?
  108. Debate: Is a disability an excuse?
  109. Bisexuality
  110. Discussion: Going to war with Syria?
  111. #prayforsweden #westandtogether
  112. News: U.S. drops MOAB on Afghanistan today
  113. Chechnyan LGBT Crisis
  114. News: May calls UK snap election
  115. News: First Protected DREAMer Gets Deported Back to Mexico
  116. Family, Race, Religion.
  117. Is Existence a Paradox?
  118. News: Benny Hinn Ministries raided by IRS and US Postal Inspectors
  119. Debate: What should replace religion?
  120. Discussion: Passion
  121. Debate: Do People With Disabilities Have the Right to Pursue a Teaching Career?
  122. Democracy does not make a government legitimate. Nothing does.
  123. Discussion: Government: Small or Big?
  124. University that is funded from public
  125. Snowflakes
  126. Debate: The Ultimate Truth.
  127. Should those on social assistance be subject to drug tests?
  128. Springtime for Hitler
  129. Discussion: Paris Climate Agreement Withdrawal
  130. Discussion: Generation Snowflake
  131. Discussion: Can a relationship survive if it involves differing religions?
  132. News: Bernie Sanders supporter fires on congressional members at GOP baseball practice
  133. Discussion: Foreign Aid?
  134. An answer to Generation Snowflake
  135. News: Grenfell Tower fire
  136. News: RNC Data Firm Leaks Voter Info
  137. Discussion: Republican Health Care Plan (Part II: The Senate Version)
  138. Discussion: Tobacco 21
  139. News: Trinity Lutheran v. Comer Supreme Court Decision
  140. Discussion: The Putin Interviews
  141. Discussion: Where do you get your news?
  142. Discussion: Types of intelligence
  143. News: Australian Woman Killed in Minneapolis Police Shooting
  144. Debate: Nature vs. Nurture
  145. Discussion: Medical things costing money?
  146. Debate: Should ambidexterity be taught in schools?
  147. News: Japan Calls For Denulcearized World On Hiroshima Anniversary
  148. Discussion: The North Korea Thread
  149. News: Google memo: employee fired for memo questioning corporate culture
  150. Youtuber talks bad about an Asian drink and pissess off an entire country
  151. Discussion: Imagination
  152. News: Charlottesville car attack
  153. Discussion: Why are there still Nazis around?
  154. Kid dies on school swimming trip - who's responsible?
  155. Discussion: The mess otherwise known as Australian politics
  156. ESPN reassigns commentator because of name
  157. Discussion: What are your thoughts on Libertarianism??
  158. Discussion: Believe my experience
  159. News: President Trump Ends DACA (6 Month Delay)
  160. Discussion: 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season
  161. Debate: Is Age Just a Number?
  162. Confessing Love
  163. Discussion: Ethics, Politics, and the Misunderstanding & Misrepresentation of Science
  164. News: Las Vegas, latest, most deadly mass shooting in US history
  165. Debate: The 2nd Amendment needs to go
  166. Discussion: Healthy Eating in Modern Society
  167. Custom Love
  168. News: Robert Mueller indicts George Papadopolous, others from Trump campaign
  169. News: Two trans people elected to government office in the U.S.
  170. Debate: State vs Nation
  171. Discussion: Gender Psychology: A Random Thought
  172. Discussion: Internet neutrally repeal
  173. News: Explosion in NYC Port Authority bus terminal
  174. Discussion: ANTIFA
  175. Discussion: Taxes
  176. Discussion: The New egg bill
  177. The Logan Paul / Suicide Forest debacle
  178. Discussion: What would you change about the education system?
  179. Do you think humanity's going to get anywhere?
  180. Discussion: Are PETA speciesists
  181. Debate: Does Islam have a place in our moderne world?
  182. Debate: Your body, your rules.
  183. News: United States Government Shuts Down Over Petty Squabbling