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  1. News: California State University to Offer Segregated Housing to Black Students
  2. Do you have faith in the future?
  3. How could you be a better person?
  4. Debate: Physical force in parenting
  5. Dealing with toxic people
  6. Blissfully depressed.
  7. News: Gallup: Trust in American media reaches (another) all-time low
  8. News: 29 people injured in explosion in NYC
  9. News: Tulsa, Oklahoma
  10. Event: Create Your Own Government!
  11. News: New Generation of Conservatives on the Rise
  12. If I had a dollar for every gender...
  13. News: Ex Egghead panellist CJ de Mooi arrested over Netherlands murder
  14. News: ITT Technical Institute shuts down, files Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  15. News: Great Wall of China Renovation Sparks Outrage
  16. News: South Carolina SS
  17. News: Expressway shootings in Illinois
  18. Mental Illnesses
  19. News: Creepy Clowns
  20. News: Palm Springs Officer Slaying
  21. What exactly is a "millennial"?
  22. Debate: Cultural Appropriation
  23. News: Four die in amusement park accident
  24. News: Big Tobacco
  25. News: Soda Tax
  26. Do As I Say, Not What I Do
  27. Train travel in America: Is it worth investing in?
  28. News: UK Parliament to Vote on Brexit
  29. The Role of Celebrities in Promoting Awareness of Political Issues
  30. The Spectacle of Politics
  31. What will you remember the most about the Obama presidency?
  32. Debate: Is sexual orientation determined at birth?
  33. Debate: Should religious organisations remain tax-exempt?
  34. Political News 2016-2020
  35. 4-Year Survival Plan
  36. News: PrEP ruling: NHS can provide HIV prevention drug after it loses High Court case
  37. Event: Your Campaign: 20Whenever
  38. News: Oklahoma Airport Shooting
  39. News: New Zealand Quake
  40. News: El Tigre Trío, Muy Mal
  41. Changing someone's mind
  42. Civic Enthusiasm
  43. News: Fidel Castro dead at 90
  44. In the Name of Safety
  45. When you find out someone you know is a drug addict
  46. News: Election Recounts
  47. The UK investigatory powers act - Government snooping on a whole new level
  48. The Ethics of Spending
  49. Donald Trump's Administration Picks
  50. Event: Change my view: If I have nothing to hide, I have nothing to fear.
  51. Prepared for college
  52. News: TIME Magazine names Donald Trump "Person of the Year"
  53. Are online friendships "real" friendships?
  55. News: South Korea Impeaches President
  56. News: Activists Want to Repeal Missouri HIV Law
  57. [Life] How have you changed?
  58. Heaven & Hell
  59. News: Russian Ambassador to Turkey wounded in attack.
  60. When is a murder just a murder? [Terrorism discussion]
  61. Debate: Something being "the law" or "against the law" doesn't automatically make it right or wrong.
  62. Should the Swastika still be considered evil?
  63. News: California Decriminalizes Child Prostitutes
  64. News: 4 in custody after mentally disabled young man tied up, tortured on Facebook Live (Graphic Content)
  65. News: Paul Ryan: GOP will defund Planned Parenthood
  66. Hard or soft brexit?
  67. News: Repeal of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare)
  68. Shall we bump the Trump?
  69. News: US withdraws from the TPP
  70. Debate: US Politics Thread [Welcome to the era of "alternative facts"]
  71. US Immigration Reform
  72. Nationalism
  73. the death penalty
  74. Holocaust Remembrance
  75. Leaving dogs in cars
  76. News: Canadian mosque shooting, labeled as an act of terrorism
  77. How well do primary schools teach indigenous history?
  78. Should health tourism be allowed?
  79. Possibility of the USA leaving the UN
  80. News: UC Burkeley Riot
  81. The Middle
  82. Now that the uk has decided to leave the EU do you think other countries will follow suit?
  83. Israel and Palestine, what's the solution?
  84. education
  85. Debate: Should Valentine's Day be celebrated?
  86. Prison or rehabilitation?
  87. What is the purpose in life?
  88. "If you have nothing to hide..."
  89. News: PewdiePie vs Mainstream Media
  90. News: University of Washington Declares English Grammar As Racist
  91. News: White House blocks news organizations from press briefing
  92. Debate: America becoming more fascist?
  93. News: Thomas Perez becomes Chairman of DNC
  94. Russia and America
  95. Genetic discrimination
  96. Debate: Population Control
  97. Freedom of Speech
  98. International Obligations
  99. If you voted for Clinton, you have no right to complain about Trump.
  100. News: Westminster Terror Attack (London, UK)
  101. Punishment
  102. Where is the line of acceptable discrimination?
  103. Canadian government to announce marijuana legalization by July 1st, 2018
  104. Does the world encourage or discourage good behavior?
  105. Debate: Is a disability an excuse?
  106. Bisexuality
  107. Going to war with Syria?
  108. #prayforsweden #westandtogether
  109. News: U.S. drops MOAB on Afghanistan today
  110. Chechnyan LGBT Crisis
  111. News: May calls UK snap election
  112. News: First Protected DREAMer Gets Deported Back to Mexico
  113. Family, Race, Religion.
  114. Is Existence a Paradox?
  115. News: Benny Hinn Ministries raided by IRS and US Postal Inspectors
  116. Debate: What should replace religion?
  117. [Life] Passion
  118. Debate: Do People With Disabilities Have the Right to Pursue a Teaching Career?
  119. Democracy does not make a government legitimate. Nothing does.
  120. Government: Small or Big?
  121. University that is funded from public
  122. Snowflakes
  123. Should those on social assistance be subject to drug tests?
  124. Springtime for Hitler
  125. Paris Climate Agreement Withdrawal
  126. Generation Snowflake
  127. Can a relationship survive if it involves differing religions?
  128. News: Bernie Sanders supporter fires on congressional members at GOP baseball practice
  129. Foreign Aid?
  130. An answer to Generation Snowflake
  131. News: Grenfell Tower fire
  132. News: RNC Data Firm Leaks Voter Info
  133. Republican Health Care Plan (Part II: The Senate Version)
  134. Tobacco 21
  135. News: Trinity Lutheran v. Comer Supreme Court Decision
  136. The Putin Interviews
  137. News: Where do you get your news?
  138. Types of intelligence
  139. News: Australian Woman Killed in Minneapolis Police Shooting
  140. Debate: Nature vs. Nurture
  141. Medical things costing money?
  142. Debate: Should ambidexterity be taught in schools?
  143. News: Japan Calls For Denulcearized World On Hiroshima Anniversary
  144. The North Korea Thread
  145. News: Google memo: employee fired for memo questioning corporate culture
  146. News: Youtuber talks bad about an Asian drink and pissess off an entire country
  147. [Life] Imagination
  148. News: Charlottesville car attack
  149. Debate: Why are there still Nazis around?
  150. Kid dies on school swimming trip - who's responsible?
  151. [Life] The mess otherwise known as Australian politics
  152. ESPN reassigns commentator because of name
  153. Debate: What are your thoughts on Libertarianism??
  154. Believe my experience
  155. News: President Trump Ends DACA (6 Month Delay)
  156. 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season
  157. Debate: Is Age Just a Number?
  158. [Life] Confessing Love
  159. Ethics, Politics, and the Misunderstanding & Misrepresentation of Science
  160. News: Las Vegas, latest, most deadly mass shooting in US history
  161. Debate: The 2nd Amendment needs to go
  162. Healthy Eating in Modern Society
  163. Custom Love
  164. News: Robert Mueller indicts George Papadopolous, others from Trump campaign
  165. News: Two trans people elected to government office in the U.S.
  166. Debate: State vs Nation
  167. [Life] Gender Psychology: A Random Thought
  168. News: Internet neutrally repeal
  169. News: Explosion in NYC Port Authority bus terminal
  170. Debate: ANTIFA
  171. Debate: Taxes
  172. News: The New egg bill
  173. [Life] The Logan Paul / Suicide Forest debacle
  174. [Life] What would you change about the education system?
  175. [Life] Do you think humanity's going to get anywhere?
  176. Debate: Are PETA speciesists
  177. Debate: Does Islam have a place in our moderne world?
  178. Debate: Your body, your rules.
  179. [Life] what main advices do you have for PC?
  180. [Life] Gender Identity
  181. News: United States Government Shuts Down Over Petty Squabbling
  182. Debate: If you were a parent, would you allow your child to use gadgets in early age?
  183. [Life] I've got no social skills.
  184. Debate: Your opinion on feminism?
  185. News: Filibuster on Measure to Ban Abortion After 20 Weeks of Pregnancy
  186. Debate: "What 'government' does best" by Larken Rose
  187. [Life] Intermittent Fasting
  188. News: NM to Become First State to Require Students Apply to College
  189. News: USA Gymnastics/Michigan State University sex abuse scandal
  190. [Life] What is love? <3
  191. Debate: We've done this too many times now
  192. [Life] What do you want to be?
  193. Rules: Deep Discussion Rules & Guidelines
  194. [Life] Compromise
  195. Debate: The EU Federation
  196. Debate: Violence in Video Games
  197. [Life] It's Over
  198. [Life] Have you ever been bullied or harassed?
  199. IMPORTANT: Deep Discussion Feedback thread mk.II
  200. Debate: Improving Infrastructure In The United States
  201. [Life] Echo Chambers in America
  202. [Life] Goals... maybe
  203. [Life] Graffiti: For what purpose?
  204. News: Russia's ICBM testing
  205. Debate: Biggest Lie
  206. News: Santa Claus found dead in workshop [AFD joke]
  207. Human trafficking
  208. News: Strike on Syrian Chemical
  209. Are people dumbing down?
  210. News: Bill Cosby convicted of sexual assault
  211. News: Korean summit: "a new era"?
  212. [Life] Introversion
  213. Debate: Fix Your Country in Five Steps.
  214. Debate: Do you support a Military Draft?
  215. [Life] Political Spectrum & Parties
  216. Debate: Minority representation in media
  217. Illuminati Sacrifice in Denver Colorado?
  218. Polygamy
  219. New Jersey Senate Race
  220. News: Lots of big US Supreme Court news this week
  221. News: Controversial copyright bill fails in EU parliament