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  1. Mexico. That, and developing countries.
  2. Terrorist attack on Westgate Mall, Nairobi, Kenya.
  3. A Charter of Values? That, and religious expression.
  4. When are we going to use this?
  5. Body Image. Body Modification
  6. Revealed: Qatar's World Cup 'slaves' (The Guardian)
  7. Government shutdown begins as neither side agree to a spending compromise
  8. The harm of introversion
  9. Complete Segregation
  10. After Motorcyclist Is Struck, Driver Is Pulled From S.U.V. and Beaten, the Police Say
  11. Should non-human DNA be introduced in humans?
  12. The rise of artificial intelligence.
  13. ‘I’m a monster’
  14. Unemployment
  15. Equality vs Justice
  16. What Apple did to Google.
  17. Individuality and society
  18. Public Figures Nominate Putin for 2014 Nobel Peace Prize
  19. Rumspringa
  20. Anti-Intellectualism
  21. Help Built on Lies
  22. Inner City America
  23. Blood sport
  24. Nobel Prize
  25. Attacking Words
  26. Decay of our Education System (or the lack thereof)
  27. Which is the best kind of democracy?
  28. "Save The Boobies!"
  29. Police brutality -
  30. Using information gained for unethical experiments.
  31. Credit Checks For Employment
  32. PETA Strikes again...
  33. Sexism against males - why does no one acknowledge this?
  34. Will science eventually explain everything?
  35. Atrocities of the past
  36. Eating Healthy
  37. Wolves
  38. Krokodil - the world's most deadly drug?
  39. Koch Brothers.
  40. Brave New Worlds (fully sexual society)
  41. That first one...
  42. 1,000 exoplanets found; 12 could support life
  43. Drinking Age - 18 or 21?
  44. Suing Gun Makers
  45. Perfect Society
  46. The United Nations
  47. Sex education
  48. Not-love songs
  49. Captive Cetateans
  50. Sheltering Children
  51. 3 New species found in Australian rainforest
  52. Forum Talk
  53. Boy with toy gun killed by police
  54. How to fix healthcare in USA without Obamacare
  55. anyone got a youtube channel
  56. Transportation of the future
  57. Hallowed
  58. [Developing] Shooting at LAX Airport
  59. Spectrum Disorder (formerly Asperger's Syndrome)
  60. Constitutions (2nd Amendment/Gun control debate)
  61. Capital Punishment
  62. Is It Worth Voting? / Russell Brand on Revolution
  63. Nuclear power
  64. Gray whale dies bringing us a message
  65. Your Opinion...
  66. Possible second Typhoon headed for the Phillipines
  67. Germany offers third gender option on birth certificates.
  68. Can you have more than one Native Language?
  69. The true love stuff is a lie.
  70. Panhandling
  71. Legitimacy of the Media
  72. Female Gential Mutilation (FGM)
  73. Walmart - enslavement or good capitalism?
  74. The Law vs Public Opinion
  75. Politics without party affiliation?
  76. The Education System
  77. Changing Demographics
  78. Paper Plates, too lazy to do dishes?
  79. Raising the minimum wage?
  80. Catholic hospital's religious rules led to negligent care in miscarriage
  81. Pro Choice Opinions?
  82. Can you ever really know someone?
  83. I'd always support my country, whether it was right or wrong.
  84. Blaming the victim
  85. Rest in peace, Nelson Mandela
  86. Delta school board member faces backlash about transgender comments
  87. Black and Blue.
  88. Fast Food Robot Builds the Perfect Burger
  89. Major tech companies unite to call for new limits on surveillance
  90. Trans-Pacific Partnership. That and rising corporate power.
  91. Who can say the N-Word?
  92. iPad "Bouncy Seat" for Babies
  93. Is power good or bad?
  94. Disney's new DAS Card Vs. the old GAC
  95. Indian SC criminalizes homosexuality
  96. Pope Francis Takes Aim At Ideologically Obsessed Christians
  97. Uruguay becomes first nation to legalise marijuana trade
  98. Video of girl beating up another girl goes viral
  99. Teenage drunk driver claims "affluenza"
  100. Is the Universe a hologram?
  101. Gambling
  102. Big Ol' Christmas Discussion
  103. Cell phones and children.
  104. Lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks!
  105. China's First Lunar Landing
  106. Support strengthens for Iran nuclear deal
  107. Yellowstone Magma Much Bigger Than Thought
  108. Harold Camping, doomsday minister, has died.
  109. Chinese doctors attach hand to man's ankle
  110. Seven Signs that America is Coming Back: Recovery
  111. Why create one when you can use the existing supply
  112. Still $2 a day in Bangladesh
  113. Position on cannabis
  114. A judge legalizes gay marriage in Utah of all places
  115. A discussion on net neutrality.
  116. its good for the soul.
  117. Driver License vs Right to Travel
  118. The Federal Reserve Fraud
  119. Legacy
  120. Public Transportation
  121. Why are people irrational?
  122. Can you have too many friends?
  123. Member of the Year 2013: Discussions & Debates - Results!
  124. Single Issue Voters
  125. The Friendzone.
  126. A Chance to Open Up Russia?
  127. Physical Education
  128. Women Losing Access to Abortion as Opponents Gain Ground in State Legislatures
  129. Duck Dynasty guy encourages men to marry 15 or 16-year-old girls.
  130. Paradox
  131. A True Martyr.
  132. Illuminati on my mind, soul & my body
  133. OMG Snow! OMG Mountains!
  134. Ahhhh.... Teen Love.
  135. PETA's 'All for one and one for all' policy.
  136. "The following day, no one died."
  137. The Purge, the idea.
  138. Jargon Words
  139. What are the biggest problems facing the world today?
  140. "Officers acquitted in death of Kelly Thomas"
  141. Hey, Dude! Check out my new tat!
  142. North Korea threatens with 'unimaginable holocaust'
  143. If we could live in our dreams ...
  144. This thread is certified 100% organic.
  145. Will The End of Days be upon us anytime soon?
  146. Does the internet narrow us or make us more open-minded?
  147. What does it mean to be a man today?
  148. Predatorial Advertising
  149. Columbia Mall Shooting
  150. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team SOS Center
  151. Humanity the dominant race?
  152. Our Generation is Stupid?
  153. Ethics involving Science
  154. "All men are created equal"
  155. Evolution vs. Creation
  156. Can't we all just get along?
  157. Gay Sex Is a Crime and Will Stay a Crime, Says India’s Top Judges
  158. pokemon debates
  159. Reactions on the Internet.
  160. "Gold Farming" and exchanging virtual goods for real money.
  161. Software Patenting Debate(s)
  162. AI vs Humans
  163. Edward Snowden: Hero or Traitor?
  164. Status quo of North Korea
  165. I don't believe that for a second.
  166. Give it a little time, and I'll get mine.
  167. Send him to the iron maiden!
  168. "Why are we here?" the philosopher said.
  169. debate this! why do we have money?
  170. If only I tried…
  171. But, HOW do you know? Really!
  172. I like so-and-so, but I respect such-and-such.
  173. U.S. Citizen repeatedly detained in customs because of his name
  174. Marriage.
  175. Overpopulation: Is it an immediate threat?
  176. Secular Case Against Gay Marriage
  177. Defining Strategy
  178. "Alternative" Parenting
  179. Help ?
  180. Euthanasia
  181. Studies show too much xxxx can cause cancer
  182. What should be the purpose of the Government?
  183. Long Distance Relationships.. Do they work ?
  184. Sochi Killing Stray Dogs for the Olympics?
  185. When Is One Too Old to Live at Home?
  186. Mr. President, Are Things Really Getting Better for America?
  187. Police Arrests Firefighter for Protecting Crash Victims
  188. Profanity
  189. Danish zoo kills giraffe to prevent inbreeding
  190. Monogamy
  191. Joining the army
  192. Leisure Time
  193. "Those who experience bullying bring it on themselves."
  194. No One Cares!
  195. Florida vs. Dunn
  196. Self-Paced Learning
  197. Free Education.
  198. Pa. Craigslist killing suspect claims she murdered at least 22 others
  199. Dysfunctional Families
  200. Coming Out
  201. An objective morality
  202. College education for prison inmates?
  203. "whoever built the pyramids had knowledge of electrical power"
  204. Ukraine Protests
  205. Ever wonder how weird things can get?
  206. How much you agree with this song?
  207. The value of labels VS stigma
  208. Is your country becoming a fascist country?
  209. Hairballs in humans?
  210. Religious Freedom Bills
  211. Special needs boy gets stuck in classroom chair
  213. What constitutes art?
  214. Ender's Game - Did the boycotts work?
  215. Genesis Re-interpreted
  216. An Average 'Barbie'
  217. Supreme Court Staying Out of Breast-Cancer Bracelet Dispute
  218. Lack of public response over homophobic attack on teen
  219. Genderqueer: the third sex? and bullying because of it.
  220. Shutting down of Nintendo Servers
  221. Crime Rates of Minorities/Impoverished,
  222. College Campaigns Against Offensive Language Such As 'Derp,' 'Wuss,' and 'you guys'
  223. The death of the infamous Fred Phelps Sr.
  224. Feminism
  225. The saga of missing Flight MH370
  226. Gravitational Waves detected for the first time; Cosmic Inflation theory validated
  227. 'Gay messaging' claims heat up over Frozen
  228. Sexist Jokes
  229. Boo: Fair or not?
  230. Ukraine
  231. Venice wants to break away from Italy
  232. What happens after you die?
  233. 2014 Oso Mudslide
  234. Connecticut Becomes First State to Pass $10.10 Minimum Wage Bill
  235. Can crypto-currencies save the economy?
  236. Award for raising taxes?
  237. What does a "Perfect World" mean to you?
  238. Help... How to die... right now.
  239. Subsidizing Immorality
  240. Your 14 year old sibling wants to have sex.
  241. That's so gay.
  242. Favorite Pokemon
  243. "Be a man"
  244. Censorship
  245. why do many people think minority = non white???
  246. Should elderly drivers be retested?
  247. Coming out as an Otherkin
  248. Your Electronics, Are They Sustainable?
  249. Public Shaming
  250. Ideal School