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  1. Issue: Only my and Skymin's posts...?
  2. I'm looking for a quality online education. Any thoughts?
  3. Suggestion: Just a thought
  4. Suggestion: PC Rules Quiz
  5. Suggestion: Blog Comments in Notifications?
  6. New pokemon game to iOs/Android?
  7. Issue: "Postbit Elements" bug.
  8. Suggestion: Friends...
  9. Suggestion: Elite four and Gym Leaders.
  10. Default time zone?
  11. Question: Question
  12. Suggestion: Pokemon of the day (or week) (or month)
  13. Moderators > Gym Leaders ...
  14. browser waiting for rma-api.gravity.com on PC?
  15. Question: Picture Album Dimensions
  16. Threads?
  17. Question: battle
  18. Where to post Blog ?
  19. Question: Pokemon walk troughs.
  20. Suggestion: Member's Active Area (MAA)
  21. Question: What about name-changes strains the databse?
  22. Issue: my signature pic enlarged itself
  23. Suggestion: make name changes ONLY available to PC supporters
  24. Question: Is there no longer a Wi-Fi battle section?
  25. Just happened again!!!!!!!!!! signate pic enlarged itself!!! AGAIN!!!!
  26. Youtube video's as profile pictures not working
  27. Feedback: I am sorry for all the yelling...
  28. Issue: Generation^2 Button Missing
  29. Question: how do I do this in my signature?
  30. Question: How do I Blog?
  31. Adding a Youtube video to my profile
  32. The Forum Groups: Are They Real?
  33. How do I disable smilies?
  34. Suggestion: New claim types
  35. Suggestion: Pokemon General Quick Questions thread
  36. Question: We have a mobile phone app now?
  37. Suggestion: mobile web version of the site (like, www.m.pokecommunity.com)
  38. Issue: You Tube video
  39. Issue: Unreal VM notification
  40. Feedback: The entirety of the PC Forums
  41. Question: A quick question
  42. Question: Pokemon Sienna Town Map?
  43. Issue: EXTREME slowness on PC!!!
  44. Question: Just wondering...
  45. Issue: Image link problems
  46. Request.
  47. Feedback: The Problem With OC
  48. Suggestion: Mark VMs and PMs 'Unread'.
  49. Suggestion: notification of reply while typing
  50. Feedback: A thank you I guess
  51. Issue: I cannot search usernames
  52. Suggestion: Search VMs
  53. Issue: Visitor message problem again
  54. digimon suggestion
  55. Issue: all forums marked 'read'
  56. Question: typo in poll question. how do I fix it?
  57. Issue: log in log out
  58. Question: OVP Requires Moderator Approval???
  59. Question: Third Foot Thread?
  60. Suggestion: New Rule?
  61. Question: Firefox problem
  62. Issue: poll voting problem (my vote disappears)
  63. Question: Pokemon Crystal
  64. Question: Where should I post about my Pokemon Youtube series?
  65. Question: Name Change History
  66. Question: Looking for a concept
  67. Issue: cannot accept friend requests
  68. Suggestion: Pokémon status thread
  69. Suggestion: $50 Supporter Tier
  70. Suggestion: Banned User Second Chance Program
  71. Suggestion: User-Editable Pre/Suffix(title).
  72. Suggestion: Calendar widget
  73. Any compliments please? I need feedback on my team.
  74. basics
  75. Question: Moderator? PC Supporter?
  76. It's come to my attention
  77. Suggestion: A way to make people actually read the Rules and/or FAQ
  78. Question: Profanity filter
  79. Suggestion: "Pairing" with members needs to be disallowed between staff
  80. Issue: Broken Postbit Display Elements in Route167+?
  81. Possible Account merge?
  82. I Can't beat Getesus!
  83. Issue: Automatic Log Out
  84. Issue: frequent 'Server Not Found' errors
  85. Question: Why my signature won't work?
  86. Begin, Again... Autumn Always?
  87. Issue: CloudFlare Notification
  88. this is starting to get ridiculous
  89. Question: User Page youtube vids
  90. Question: Why has my forum thread been moved and closed?
  91. Issue: My sig is acting funny...
  92. Question: How do you do the Image-Link thing?
  93. Changing my username
  94. Issue: Posts....
  95. Issue: Notifications
  96. Question: Who will now apply new fanclubs?
  97. Are there any proper section where i can open thread for my game ?
  98. Signature Rules & Check Thread
  99. duplicate thread
  100. Question: new people and profiles
  101. Suggestion: Quotes and Mentions
  102. Suggestion: Farewell to our latest ban?
  103. Question: Which is better Pokemon Heart Gold or Soul Silver?
  104. Style Feedback: Winter Friends forum style has several problems
  105. Question: How do you get the style to change automatically?
  106. Suggestion: Your better slogan!
  107. Question: A Question Regarding Alternate Accounts
  108. Issue: Signature isn't working
  109. Question: I HAVE A QUESTION!
  110. I have a serious problem
  111. Question: booted out with only 2 posts?
  112. Question: 4 - Part Hack?
  113. This site needs more non pokemon sub forums
  114. Blogs in the forum!
  115. Issue: Can't Change YouTube Videos!
  116. Issue: Posts and Spoilers
  117. Issue: my votes for member of the year keeps disappearing!!!
  118. Issue: With accessing my blog
  119. Feedback: Purpose of Member Fan Clubs
  120. Issue: cannot connect to PokeCommunity (unless I use a Proxy)
  121. Sprites?
  122. HELP - trying to re-find a specific pokémon game
  123. Issue: Email confirmation
  124. Suggestion: Thread of the year
  125. Question: Copied pictures won't paste...
  126. Style Feedback: Style Switcher
  127. Suggestion: Serious Discussion Section
  128. Issue: Cannot connect to PokeCommunity Chat
  129. Question: Request?
  130. Style Feedback: A Special Christmas + Context bar = broken?
  131. Question: Visitor Messages?
  132. Suggestion: Better slogan
  133. Suggestion: Images/Videos not allowed to be posted until 100 posts
  134. Question: How to make a signature table in BBCode?
  135. How do I add more than one banner to my signature?
  136. Question: How come Master Kwesi Nkromah isn't an admin?
  137. Question: become a moderator
  138. Suggestion: We should sticky a FAQ here...
  139. Question: A TABLE for my Signature??
  140. I was Recurring Supporter and i did not cancel subscription what happened to my title
  141. Question: translation required
  142. Question: How do you delete your profile?
  143. Question: Pokémon Anime - Episode Discussion
  144. Issue: logged out!
  145. Issue: style reverted back to default after logging in
  146. Issue: styles changer page is a 404 Not Found
  147. Who Moderates the Mods?
  148. Suggestion: Log Out All Sessions
  149. trading help
  150. Team needed
  151. What is
  152. Feedback: skin selection
  153. Suggestion: Congrats to our newest moderator...
  154. Question: Can't embedd Youtube videos
  155. Script?
  156. I hate scripting more now!
  157. Question: not sure what to do?!
  158. Question: Active members per week
  159. Question: Alt accounts
  160. Mark Forums Read
  161. Suggestion: Journal of PokéCommunity.
  162. Issue: Cannot access chat
  163. Question: How many page views does this forum having per day
  164. Issue: Letter color isn't working.
  165. Question: About the auto-formatting thingy
  166. Issue: I can't edit my MOTY post.
  167. Issue: There seems to be an issue with Tier Five supporters...
  168. im new and i have a quesion
  169. suggestions
  170. I need my supporter status from my old profile transferred to my new one.
  171. Question: Does anyone knows how to resize pokemon sprites from black and white, and heart gold?
  172. Issue: Staff Post Icons Not Showing
  173. PokéCommunity Member of the Year 2011 (Feedback & Suggestions)
  174. Question: Do game showcases in the Game Development forum have to be about pokemon?
  175. Suggestion: Very small VM suggestion
  176. Suggestion: Delete thread, add poll, and quotation notifications
  177. Question: about emulators
  178. Region of Members?
  179. How can i delete my account???
  180. Issue: redirected to a virus site from PC!!!
  181. Question: What happened to the quick battle thread?
  182. Question: Suggestions
  183. Question: vBulletin 4?
  184. Question: It might be nitpicking, but why can't we revive old threads?
  185. Suggestion: Auto-locking of dead threads
  186. Issue: Transparency Issues.
  187. Post Prefixes (Trade Corner specific)
  188. Question: MotY?
  189. Strange Pokemon Picture!
  190. Issue: Gateway errors.
  191. Difference Between Black and White Movie?
  192. More than one picture
  193. Game Development
  194. pokecomm apps
  195. Suggestion: User rating system
  196. Issue: An extremely irritating issue: Editors, drop down menus etc.
  197. Question: .ISP file extension on one of the roms
  198. Feedback: showgroups.php
  199. Question: Used to see postcounts?
  200. Feedback: Disabled sig link leads to old rules
  201. Feedback: The Stop Censorship banner...
  202. Question: Modular Skin
  203. Issue: Forum Leaders Page Wrong?
  204. Question: How do I make this?!
  205. If...
  206. Suggestion: Regarding signatures
  207. Question: Where to Post Battles
  208. Suggestion: Post descriptions
  209. Suggestion: Whos viewing what thread.
  210. Issue: New Directions Banner Missing
  211. Issue: Blackout Bar Remains On "Route 167" Style
  212. Suggestion: Add a guides section
  213. i don't feel welcome
  214. Suggestion: Auto-Preview forum skin before applying changes.
  215. Question: Can anyone make a poll thread?
  216. Tier 6 profile videos?
  217. Issue: pkmn ash gray
  218. Question: What do people use to make maps and game hacks of Pokemon?
  219. Question: Account Legality
  220. Question: pokemon black n white help
  221. Question: How to use DNS tool?
  222. Question: Which thread thingy do i post this?
  223. PLEASE HELP!!
  224. Issue: While customising the blog style...
  225. Issue: Inappropriate Ads on a Pokemon Site??
  226. Question: Moderators
  227. Question: Light Platinum Version i need a help!!
  228. 12
  229. Copied name?
  230. Style Feedback: Ledian's Knockout menu alignment/positioning
  231. Question: Using Season (DNS) tool for pokemon Fire Red
  232. Issue: Script Problems
  233. Question: Where can I get master image set/dev kit for vB?
  234. Question: Cloudflare
  235. Feedback: Deleting my account?
  236. Feedback: What to do in a new playthrough?
  237. plz help new member
  238. Issue: More cloud flare!
  239. My Pokemon YouTube Channel :)
  240. Suggestion: Attachment Window for 3DS
  241. Question: How does one make a box?
  242. Question: Give item on sight
  243. My text is turning blue and into Times New Roman
  244. Question: Not able to view locations, genders, mod bar, etc.
  245. Feedback: thank you
  246. Issue: website unavailable?
  247. Question: How do you change the name of a thread?
  248. So Ummmm
  249. Changing My Join Date
  250. How to actually put youtube video as profile picture?