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  1. Issue With Links and Pictures
  2. Suggestion: Why the heck...
  3. Issue: Text Formatting Issue
  4. Coding help!
  5. Newbie!!! Please help!!!
  6. Austin version!
  7. Issue: Miscellaneous issues
  8. Issue: Welcome back, (blank)
  9. Suggestion: Bootstrap + PC = <3 (Please view on Let's Fly Together!)
  10. Suggestion: Topic Starter/OP Tag affixed to posts in threads?
  11. Suggestion: just a few little fixer uppers
  12. Question: CSS Tutoring?
  13. Question: create a private room
  14. Is there a VOIP for Pokecommunity?
  15. Suggestion: Notifications when you subscribe
  16. How can i edit the messages of NPC's in any version of pokemon?
  17. Official Feedback Request: PC’s Style Survey
  18. Suggestion: Different colour themes?
  19. Question: Where to Post about Gameshark Cheatcodes
  20. Suggestion: Traditional Gaming Forum
  21. Question: I don't understand how to add HTML/CSS?
  22. Suggestion: [mention] BBCode.
  23. Question: E-mail Change?
  24. Issue: Let's Fly Together Theme
  25. Threads redirecting to off-site pages
  26. Issue: The drop down buttons aren't working for Y-Axis
  27. Issue: Big texts and signature issues?
  28. Style Selector Images
  29. Issue: Yggdrasil & Garchompin' are Broken
  30. Suggestion: Privatize unapproved Roleplays/Challenges/Fan Clubs
  31. Question: Pokecommunity "Claims"?
  32. Issue: I hit the mark forums read button and then....
  33. Yay, I think I did it!
  34. How do you add color to your font?
  35. Issue: Web Font Issues With My Profile
  36. Linking to a specific part of a thread via the chain link icon is not working anymore
  37. Issue: Still having issues with Member Encyclopedia
  38. Old Account Unaccessable
  39. Can't Access Original Account
  40. Suggestion: Dislike Button and Notification on Tab
  41. Question: This keeps happening....
  42. Question: How can I view archived sections that no longer exist?
  43. Username change, and how do I support?
  44. Issue: Quotes!
  45. Improving blogs?
  46. Issue: Can't Edit VMs
  47. Starting a new Pokemon group on Facebook, where to advertise?
  48. Suggestion: Allow users to lock their own threads
  49. Please allow us to hide these gaudy headers
  50. Help on what cards are worth
  51. "Random signing out?"
  52. Feedback: Intelligent redesign of the forum headers
  53. Suggestion: Web 3.0 Multiquoting
  54. Resolved: Dear God fix the elongated message boxes...
  55. Issue: Subscriptions not notifying me
  56. Suggestion: BBCode Tables
  57. Issue: When i click "see others how like" it brings me too top of the page
  58. Suggestion: Can we just remove the "minimum characters per post" limit?
  59. pokemon hacks?
  60. Issue: Notification System Glitched Out [Again]
  61. Issue: Blog Quote Notification Missing
  62. Suggestion: JavaScript in signatures
  63. The only way you can tell if you viewed someone's profile is to view there profile
  64. Move subscriptions to notifications.
  65. Suggestion: Online icon or not at all
  66. All-Around Notification Issues
  67. Feedback: Need universal implementing of Web Fonts
  68. Suggestion: Last quoted posts in User CP
  69. Suggestion: Shorthand YouTube Tag
  70. Issue: Spoilers Breaking Signatures
  71. Feedback: Fluid-width / fixed-width
  72. Resolved: A totally different notification problem
  73. Question: about pokemon light platinum
  74. Suggestion: getting pre-patched pokemon roms
  75. Suggestion: Making the photo albums easier for uploading
  76. Issue: Colour-Flattered ORAS
  77. Signature help
  78. Suggestion: Make the bumping restriction in Challenges two weeks instead of a month
  79. Issue: Stuff isn't linking properly for some reason
  80. Why can't I use something as my signature? Is there a way to spend money to solve this?
  81. Vine videos as profile images/videos
  82. Suggestion: More contact handles? (Ex. Tumblr and Instagram)
  83. Suggestion: Possible rebranding of General Chat
  84. Issue: I can see swear words in usertitles >:I
  85. Issue: Too much spacing between paragraphs
  86. Issue: Can't disable smiles in my sig
  87. Issue: No Picture is showing on threads
  88. Issue: Slow loading.
  89. The breadcrumbs?
  90. Suggestion: A suggestion for the April Fools' day
  91. Question: Curious Question About Trade Shops
  92. Suggestion: Option for subscription notifications
  93. Question: Trading irl items?
  94. Question: Does the last.fm widget still work?
  95. Suggestion: Pokemon side games, Double posting.
  96. Issue: VM and PM Delay
  97. Suggestion: Add "Time Zone" in postbit.
  98. Issue: Usergroup markup not turning off
  99. Suggestion: USER subscriptions?
  100. Suggestion: Implementing Tapatalk
  101. Resolved: Admin User Group Is Broken.
  102. Resolved: Weird Red is being displayed on pages.
  103. Question: Adding BB code?
  104. Suggestion: Mystery Dungeon forum
  105. Question: Where should I post a specific thread ?
  106. Pokemon Fire red Nuzlock randomizer need feedback
  107. Suggestion: "Staff" for Plug DJ
  108. Issue: When I post it subscribes to that thread
  109. Suggestion: Plug DJ for everyone.
  110. Issue: PHP parse error in thread view
  111. Issue: This might be serious
  112. GUYS who the HELL did this!!!?1
  113. Feedback: Remind Me Not to Be On Here in 364 Days
  114. uhh
  115. Issue: Serveradtest
  116. Issue: My account is broken :(
  117. Question: Where to post...
  118. Question: Where do I post this?
  119. Suggestion: Always show the PC IRC
  120. How to post images?
  121. Add "user name" search field to quick search.
  122. Suggestion: Add "Posts today"
  123. Issue: PHP User Warning
  124. Issue: Ok I have no idea what happened here
  125. Question: The rationale with "excessive swearing"
  126. Supporter group userbars
  127. New user security option.
  128. Feedback: Updating the Donations Page
  129. Suggestion: Ability to delete a vote?
  130. Suggestion: Convertible Timestamps
  131. I need help AGAIN
  132. How do I delete a thread?
  133. Colour changes
  134. Suggestion: Privacy feature for people looking at user's posts
  135. Issue: [Ban Appeal] I got banned off the PokeCommunity Pokemon Showdown Server.
  136. Issue: Can't add new tags in edited blog entry?
  137. Suggestion: Read receipts
  138. Issue: Blog Quote Notification Not Working
  139. Hehe...I need one of those tuter people..
  140. how do i change my style
  141. Issue: VM's don't save changes.
  142. Issue: When a post of mine gets deleted, I get a notification saying I got quoted
  143. Suggestion: Pokemon Manga Section?
  144. Issue: Wheres my Blog gone?
  145. Add spoilers box
  146. Question: Can moderator be applied for?
  147. Suggestion: Android Push Notifications via Google Chrome v42
  148. Feedback: Makes no sense
  149. Issue: Full edit text box not working
  150. cant save game on windows phone
  151. Question: Where to Discuss this?
  152. Issue: missing profile video
  153. Username Changes - May 2015 [Read post #159!]
  154. Hyperlinks crash ISO safari Browser
  155. Can I have a thread deleted?
  156. Issue: Cant change signature
  157. Issue: Blog not saving quoted comments
  158. Suggestion: Birthday and Anniversary Notifications!
  159. What do you want to see from the Round Table forum?
  160. Pokemon OC characters?
  161. Question: Advance generation, Fourth and Fifth generation sub forums issue
  162. Question: What was the most recent change to the rules?
  163. Question: Pokemon Essentials
  164. pokemon essentials nred help please.
  165. Issue: Ugh, another laggity?
  166. Suggestion: Reduce the amount of posts needed to make an AMA in the Member Encyclopedia
  167. helpppppp
  168. Suggestion: Anti spam measures
  169. Issue: Sending blank/empty PMs
  170. Question: Why are spoilers banned in signatures?
  171. Suggestion: Remove / shorten the time limit for sending PMs
  172. Issue: Site won't load
  173. Love you guys
  174. Get-Together XII Date Poll
  175. helppppp
  176. Question: Should I Sell This?
  177. Question: Who do you roleplay?
  178. Issue: PC Javascript errors
  179. Suggestion: Showdown Profile Field
  180. Issue: Can you guys help me out with posting?
  181. Question: saving from beta 3.1 to latest beta 3.3
  182. Suggestion: Separate Guides and Reviews from LP section
  183. Change Username
  184. Issue: Visitor Message error
  185. Suggestion: A shift from the traditional icon avatar
  186. Question: how to post on the shiny value forum
  187. Get-Together 12 Event Volunteering
  188. Question: new thread
  189. Issue: My avatar gif isn't working
  190. I have a question!
  191. Suggestion: Previewing user titles
  192. Site keeps logging out?
  193. crashing issues
  194. Issue: How the heck should I supertrain and EV train?
  195. Suggestion: Stretched background images (Donor)
  196. Question: Can i get android hacking software for android
  197. Feedback: Your thoughts on Pokemon Gaming Central?
  198. Spammer Alert
  199. Is there a button to put words inside of a "spoiler" thing?
  200. Suggestion: Soundcloud BBCode
  201. Suggestion: Bootstrap loading bars
  202. Suggestion: Inline code BBCode
  203. Question: Is Treehouse meant to be a mess?
  204. Looking for PSA 10 1st edition shining charizard
  205. Cant load my heart gold files from BOTH desmume and no$gba -HELP!!!!
  206. Delete account
  207. Official Feedback Request: Promises I'll make if I were a mod
  208. Question: Do people who go inactive ever get notified by e-mail or anything?
  209. Question: Hidden Age
  210. Suggestion for Usertitle Editing
  211. Issue: Styling error with the "status badges"
  212. Question: What is CSS?
  213. How to get ranks or tiers?
  214. Question: Pokemon Fire Red Hard Version
  215. Suggestion: Have edits reflected in last post time fetch
  216. Issue: Notifications, Messages, and Me Links Issue
  217. Issue: Get-Together Announcement Header
  218. Where do i put claims
  219. Question: Radio Night?
  220. Suggestion: post of the week
  221. Question: Should we make threads with IE <10 users in mind?
  222. Suggestion: Team Speak ! Come and Join
  223. If I don't get placed on the correct team then all hell will break loose
  224. Question: Abilty to change teams was removed before i got back to PC
  225. Issue: Notigication Problem
  226. Question: Inquiry involving the writing section
  227. Suggestion: Better member-forum integration
  228. Issue: MIA Right-Clicking
  229. Feedback: 'basic member' avatars
  230. Issue: The Link Button
  231. Feedback: Uh staff and guys... Is there something we can do about this?
  232. Style Feedback: Possible mistake on the Garchompin' theme? Dunno if intentional.
  233. Issue: Pokemon sprites appear floating or very low during battle
  234. Question: Is it normal for supporters to see ad links injected into the page?
  235. Suggestion: Forum overhaul
  236. Suggestion: The Underground to its own forum
  237. Question: If I share a computer with someone else...
  238. The World of PokéCommunity?
  239. Feedback: ThePokeCommunity DeviantArt Group
  240. What is a VM and how do I do it?
  241. Suggestion: Dual Thread Owners
  242. Issue: The censoring of "admin" in usertitles
  243. So, where would I post this thread?
  244. Question: How long does approval take?
  245. Style Feedback: Improving "let's fly together" style
  246. Suggestion: Pokémon Global Link Icon on Profile
  247. Issue: Idk if this has been addresses but...
  248. Question: CSS Question?
  249. Suggestion: new skype icon possibly maybe
  250. Issue: Edge Browser