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  1. [Article] We’re liveblogging Pokémon Direct soon!
  2. Welcome to our new Pokémon Sun and Moon forum!
  3. [News] Pokémon Sun & Moon Officially Announced [Summary of news here!]
  4. All too brief or just right?
  5. Were you disappointed in no Z?
  6. Pokemon Sun and Moon Hopes and Speculations!
  7. What generation will this game be a part of?
  8. Too Much Noise...
  9. Obligatory Starter Speculation Thread
  10. Predictions of new features?
  11. Legendary Mascots Discussion & Speculation
  12. Gym Leaders/Elite Four Speculation
  13. Region speculation/what will the region be based on?
  14. New Moves/Abilities Speculation
  15. Evil Team Speculation
  16. Pokemon Sun and Moon are spinoff games
  17. What Megas do you want in Sun and Moon?
  18. Bigger emphasis on Mega Evolution?
  19. Primal Reversion vs. Mega Evolution
  20. The 7th generation is in Singapore ?!
  21. New Pokémon
  22. Regional Dex
  23. New sidequests?
  24. New gadget speculation
  25. Rival Discussion & Speculation
  26. The Sun or The Moon?
  27. New vehicles?
  28. New Evolution Methods?
  29. More Than One Region!?!
  30. Obligatory "logos are better" post
  31. Mistakes.
  32. Pokémon, now in Chinese language!
  33. Zygarde formes and Ash-Greninja?
  34. Volcanion and Magearna
  35. Bank Allows Transferring RBY VC Pokemon into Sun and Moon
  36. The Million Dollar Question (Bank)
  37. Cameos
  38. The New Bird
  39. Themes
  40. What would you want different compared to previous games?
  41. First Impressions & Excitement
  42. New type?
  43. Release Date speculation
  44. The BEST and MOST ACCURATE Prediction for Moon STORY! (Party 1)
  45. Lunatone & Solrock
  46. General Speculation Thread
  47. Preorders for Sun and Moon already open!
  48. Gen 6.5 or Gen 7?
  49. Sinnoh Refrences
  50. Version Exclusives
  51. Are you a boy or a girl?
  52. TMs/HMs wishlist
  53. Just some thoughts about Sun and Moon
  54. MMH's Complilation of Theories (HM Splash)
  55. Mega Lunatone & Solrock?
  56. New Battle Graphics?
  57. New Battle Format?
  58. What do you think this gen's bug will be?
  59. Facilitating our needs!
  60. My ridiculous theory
  61. Theory: Kalos Postgame
  63. Unwanted Features
  64. Game Difficulty
  65. Safari Zone
  66. The fate of Pokemon Amie and Super Training?
  67. Theory: Rainbow Theory
  68. Wonder Trade!
  69. The Professor
  70. The matter of Character Customization.
  71. Amiibo compatability
  72. How Many New Pokemon?
  73. Early game Rodent Speculation thread!
  74. Those Crystals in the Japanese Logo...
  75. New Pikaclone speculation
  76. New fossils speculation
  77. Gotta catch 'em all?
  78. Roadblocks
  79. Pokemon Sun and Moon: Tropical Region?
  80. Petitioning Game Freak for hard mode
  81. Pokemon Moon logo
  82. What next?
  83. What Sun and Moon could really be...
  84. DLC
  85. How Will These Games Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon?
  86. Pokemon Bank Question
  87. Graphics/Visuals
  88. Changes to Kalos
  89. Simplifying the games?
  90. What are you going to do to while away the hours until the games are released?
  91. New Battle Frontier !
  92. Will get a Sun and Moon demo?
  93. This Gen's Gardevoir
  94. The Strange Souvenir
  95. Magearna's Role
  96. Idea for a new mechanic
  97. Might be a bit early, but if this is Gen VII then...
  98. Sun and Moon Discussion
  99. An Evolution to the Past [Older Pokemon & Pre-/Evolutions]
  100. Pokemon GO integration
  101. Pokemon Sun & Moon Quick Questions & Answers
  102. Your spoiler cut-off?
  103. The Pokemon Sun and Moon Rumors Thread!
  104. More of the Same
  105. Your Reaction: IF there were no new megas in Sun and Moon
  106. What Will You Be Doing to Prepare for Sun and Moon?
  107. [News] Pokémon Sun and Moon info in next month's CoroCoro
  108. Pokemon Sun and Moon, Solar Eclipse, Tropical Island, and Indonesia
  109. Are these leaks real?
  110. New movement slots?
  111. Changes in type dynamics
  112. Moon-Weather Move?
  113. A New Universe
  114. Pokemon Fusion
  115. Changes to breeding
  116. The New Pseudo-Legend
  117. Exp share predictions
  118. [News] Pokénchi Reveals Nothing New about Pokémon Sun and Moon
  119. New Pokemon Cries?
  120. New idea for Sun & Moon to make every individual Pokemon you encounter even more unique?
  121. Something I Noticed About the Logo and a Certain Character
  122. The actual Storyline?
  123. Changes to old mons
  124. More Eeveelutions?
  125. I Want to Play a Game
  126. Zygrade (Perfect) Theory
  127. That mask in Nacrene Museum...
  128. Metal Evolutions
  129. New feature that affects the overworld and certain Pokémon?
  130. Let's talk: Magearna
  131. If I Had My Way...
  132. [Article] Video: Discussing next month's CoroCoro Pokémon Sun and Moon reveal
  133. Working the Rumour Mill
  134. "It all comes together..." But, how?
  135. New Attack !
  136. [News] Trademarks hint at identity of Pokémon Sun and Moon Mascots
  137. Potentially Starters "Leaked"?!
  138. Possible New Battle Mode?
  139. Sun & Moon not launching globally (?)
  140. Legends of the Past
  141. Trainers
  142. The Return of Pokemon Riding?
  143. Our Favorite Old Characters
  144. Mega-Evolution without Mega Stones!!
  145. HP affecting natures
  146. [News] Pokémon Sun & Moon news coming on May 10th
  147. Time Travel
  148. I'm hoping we get a more non-linear region.
  149. [News] Masuda: Tomorrow's Pokémon Sun/Moon News Launching on YouTube
  150. [News] Starter Pokémon, Legendaries, Region, Release Date for Sun and Moon Revealed!
  151. A More Fully 3D World!
  152. [News] Sun and Moon region revealed: The Alola Region
  153. Sun or Moon?
  154. Professor Kukui and Hala (?)
  155. Which starter will you choose?
  156. [Article] The Sun and Moon Starters: A Closer Look into our New Pokémon
  157. What do you guys think about the EU delay?
  158. seasons return
  159. Sun and Moon Starter Type Speculation
  160. Possible Starter Evolutions
  161. Why are we not referring to this as the 7th generation?
  162. When do starter evo's leak?
  163. Portable PC?
  164. 3rd legendary speculation
  165. How would you compare your excitement for Sun/Moon to X/Y's release?
  166. Alola's relations to Kalos
  167. How much do you think they'll focus on new Pokemon?
  168. The Overworld
  169. Alola Region?
  170. Pokémon Sun & Moon or X &Y
  171. First Impressions of the New Region?
  172. The Kid's Origin in Sun And Moon (JP Trailer)
  173. Vehicles
  174. What're Ya Doing to Get Ready?
  175. The Alola Champion
  176. Why the hate on Popplio?
  177. Comic hype
  178. Gym Leaders Hope, Speculation & Discussion
  179. New mode of transport? Is it time they scrapped the bike?
  180. New evolution methods?
  181. How will you do your first Sun/Moon playthrough?
  182. New Moves Hopes
  183. Story Expansions for Post-Game?
  184. Are you still hyped?
  185. What Pokemon from past generations would you like to see in S/M?
  186. The Starting Town
  187. [Article] Let's discuss Pokémon Sun and Moon's new Pokémon
  188. City Themes you'd like to see in Alola?
  189. The Size of Alola
  190. Personal Villa?
  191. Non-Mascot Legendaries
  192. SPOILERS: Starter Evo Types Leaked?
  193. Theme speculation foe S/M
  194. Generation 1 Pokèmon
  195. Skitty's face appears to have the moon logo
  196. Why was Pokemon Z skipped?
  197. GameFreak Wants Sun & Moon To Be The Definitive Pokemon Experience
  198. [News] Pokémon Sun and Moon Information on June 2nd
  199. Popplio is a BAMF and all, but...
  200. Preordering Pokemon Moon/Sun
  201. Sun Legend or Moon Legend?
  202. [News] Did Amazon just out Alola as a set of islands?
  203. Let's Discuss: Pokémon Sun and Moon's New Region
  204. New Megas in Sun & Moon
  205. Battle frontier or Battle Maison
  206. Evil Team Speculations
  207. Make Your Own Gym!
  208. All fire starters stand on 2 legs
  209. [Article] Sun and Moon Typing Speculation
  210. Nickname censorship
  211. Should the Eeveelution Line be continued in SM?
  212. Gym creation.
  213. Do you think Friend Safaris will return?
  214. Do you think there will be a Third Legendary?
  215. New status effects and more
  216. Forced tutorials
  217. Amour Shipping
  218. Dual-type moves
  219. Grass/Ground rowlet final evolution rumors: A possibility for a "prehistoric" starter ?
  220. Problems?
  221. Pokémon Luaus in SM?
  222. Pikachu Name Change in Hong Kong caused several fans to protest
  223. [News] Legendary Pokémon, Rival and Rotom unveiled
  224. Meet new Pokemon with QR codes
  225. [News] Check out this new Sun/Moon footage
  226. Lillie discussion
  227. Gemstones in Japanese Logos Appear on the New Protagonists
  228. Pokemon Sun & Moon will be shown by Treehouse at E3
  229. Many pokedexes?
  230. Version exclusives
  231. Story speculation
  232. What traditions are you planning to break in S/M?
  233. The Ethical Implications Of RotomDex
  234. Is it me or is Alola a bit small?
  235. The role of Gym Leaders
  236. Would you like to see a Mega Pikachu?
  237. Japanese Trailer's Gameplay/Screenshots
  238. [Article] Meet Sun/Moon's new characters
  239. THE CLOUDS - Ho-Oh and Lugia in Sun and Moon?
  240. Solgaleo's (and Lunala's) Typing
  241. Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters Evolutions Leaked?
  242. "Mega Bracelet" in SM
  243. "Real" Online-Multiplayer Capabilites?
  244. The Elite Four
  245. Will we see a dark type gym?
  246. Future News dates
  247. [Article] What are Solgaleo and Lunala based on?
  248. Third Version/Sequels?
  249. Golf Minigame?
  250. Corocoro before E3?