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  1. Necrozma Armour
  2. Featured: New Alola forms
  3. The Names
  4. Thoughts?
  5. [News] Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Revealed
  6. Alola Pokedex expansion wishlist
  7. Featured: What are you hoping for?
  8. Sequels or Remakes?
  9. Alola... the new Unova?
  10. Let's talk Z-Moves
  11. Character Cameos
  12. Assuming these games also have a Switch port....
  13. The Protagonists
  14. Trainer customization expansion wishlist
  15. The Shelf
  16. Mimikyu's new 'Z-Move' Idea
  17. Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon?
  18. Who are you gonna pick as your starter?
  19. Zygarde's Role in U-SM?
  20. [Article] Necrozma’s role in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
  21. Are you going to be transferring your SM teams over or start fresh?
  22. Mythical and Guardian Deity Speculation
  23. Ultra Beasts
  24. Prism Solgaleo or Prism Lunala?
  25. National Dex
  26. Team Skull
  27. Mina in US/UM.
  28. The Big Thread Of Postgame Wishes
  29. Mega Evolution
  30. New Poke rides?
  31. About: possibly upcoming USUM trailers
  32. Some random interesting stuff
  33. Aether Foundation
  34. Disappointed? (about non-Switch)
  35. Featured: What are you not hoping for?
  36. SOS Battles
  37. Team?
  38. Character discussion !
  39. Leak and rumor discussion.
  40. Featured: I want to explore Ultra Space
  41. Move Tutor speculation and wishlist
  42. Villainous Team Speculation?
  43. Trials or Gyms?
  44. New Rivals!!
  45. Are you salty? Why?
  46. Messing up again, Game Freak?
  47. The Alternate World
  48. Order Ultra Sun and Ultra MOON now! (advert)
  49. The Remake Pattern has Formed
  50. Pokemon League Speculation
  51. New locations?
  52. Event Legendaries
  53. Version Exclusives
  54. Festival Plaza
  55. Challenge Mode?
  56. Sustaining the hype
  57. Some more of those random interesting stuff; including connections with the previous games, gyms, etc.
  58. Sidequests
  59. The Rotom Dex
  60. What next?
  61. Magearna & Marshadow
  62. Island Scan
  63. Worries and Concerns...
  64. Forme Changes
  65. Are Pokémon fusions introduced?
  66. Post funny USUM images here!
  67. Are we going to get new mega evolutions discussion
  68. To buy or not to buy?
  69. Lillie & Kanto in USUM
  70. USUM's Plot Predictions (s/o to B2W2?)
  71. Pokémon World Tournament
  72. Forum Info: Check for existing threads before making a topic! Make your thread title relevant!
  73. Anyone want amiibo support?
  74. Multi-Regional?
  75. Gameplay length
  76. Alola's Legacy
  77. Has anyone adjusted their expectations since it was announced that there is 100% a Switch game coming soon?
  78. US/UM's features
  79. [Article] Let’s discuss Pokémon US/UM: Theories and Speculation
  80. Special Demo Version
  81. How do you think Solgaleo/Lunala will achieve their "Necromza" forms?
  82. A Champion?
  83. The Battle Tree
  84. Where's yah boy Guzma?
  85. Version Differences
  86. The time frame
  87. Type: Null
  88. Exeggutor Island?
  89. Preorders
  90. Solgaleo/Lunala-Necromza's Typing
  91. July predictions!
  92. Lusamine
  93. Making the Battle Tree like the World Tournament?
  94. Gladion
  95. Kukui's role in US/UM
  96. Following Pokemon
  97. Difficulty
  98. The Tapus
  99. The Logos
  100. Pokemon US/UM steelbook coming to US, Canada, Europe
  101. Spoilers!
  102. USUM: Releasing Information Strangely
  103. Are these games even necessary?
  104. Favorite Sun and Moon Pokemon?
  105. [News] Pokémon Ultra Sun And Moon Guidebook Available For Preorder Now, Hints At New Islands
  106. What would surprise you the most?
  107. Why is Grimley in Alola and other trainers who could appear in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
  108. "I only want one thing."
  109. Help me choose my Ultra Moon team
  110. August predictions
  111. Alternate personalities
  112. Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Pre-Release 30 Day Challenge #1!
  113. [Article] Corocoro leaks reveal new Lycanroc form and more USUM news!
  114. [Article] Pokénchi reveals new Lycanroc form for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
  115. Favourite Lycanroc form
  116. Solgaleo Lunala Necrozma Ultra Solgaleo or Ultra Lunala?
  117. Leaks?!
  118. [Article] CoroCoro Reveals More Lycanroc Dusk Information
  119. [News] CoroCoro Provides Extra Details for Rockruff Distribution
  120. Revamp stats and maybe moves would help pokemon?
  121. [News] Check this video of Lycanroc’s Dusk Form in action!
  122. Postgame legendaries
  123. USUM last pokémon game for 3DS?
  124. Link trade between SM and USUM
  125. New building in Hau'oli City?
  126. Our ACTUAL FIRST trailer for USUM!
  127. [News] Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer released, website updated
  128. New Z-Moves confirmed!
  129. The new Alola region!
  130. [Article] New Exclusive Z-Move for Kommo-o Revealed!
  131. [News] Exclusive footage of Alola's Photo Club in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
  132. Box art has been revealed
  133. Professor Kuiki Gives you your starter!
  134. The Great Big Trial Speculation Thread
  135. Hidden Ability Pachirisu
  136. What could be with the Pikachu caravan?
  137. September predictions
  138. Should I even bother with Ultra?
  139. Confirmed Future Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon News Dates
  140. [News] CoroCoro reveals identity of the legendary forms
  141. A theory about Necrozma and the Ultra Beasts!
  142. [News] New Z-Move for Lycanroc revealed
  143. [News] New Ultra Beasts revealed for Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon!
  144. USUM ride Pokemon predictions
  145. PKMN USUM Poster
  146. Music remixes
  147. Anyone actually have the full 802?
  148. Potential Number of PKMN in the Dex...
  149. Sun and Moon Needing an Update?
  150. [News] New trial, Mantine Surf, and more revealed in the latest trailer for Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon!
  151. New Totem Pokemon confirmed: Totem Marowak!
  152. [Article] Battle Royal, Festival Plaza and more to return to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!
  153. Did they just reveal the ACTUAL names of the player characters?
  154. Ash hat Pikachu code question
  155. October predictions
  156. [News] Latest trailer for Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon shows off mysterious team and more visuals!
  157. Flying in ultra space
  158. New trailer — UB: Adhesive revealed, names, and more!
  159. Ultra Recon Squad
  160. Ultra Megalopolis
  161. Legendary dump?
  162. Dusk form lycanroc
  163. [News] CoroCoro reveals Necrozma Z-moves and Rotom Dex features
  164. So no new Alolan forms huh?
  165. Could these be the darkest Pokemon games yet?
  166. A wild trailer appears, featuring Z-moves for Solgaleo, Lunala and Necrozma!
  167. Necrozma's third form
  168. Singapore shops giving out Silver Silvally for preordering USUM.
  169. [News] Exclusive Mimikyu Z-Move Announced
  170. [News] English Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon Trailer and Famitsu interview
  171. Nintendo Life's USUM interview w/ Kazumasa iwao & Shigeru Ohmori
  172. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Confirmed to be the Final Main 3DS Games for Pokémon
  173. Who preordered Ultra Sun and/or Ultra Moon?
  174. [News] Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Version Exclusives revealed
  175. [News] Mantine Surfing minigame to grant points for Move tutor, items
  176. Another game, another transfer!
  177. What are you planning for your team?
  178. Team Rocket ... Are In Alola?
  179. About the download cards images.
  180. [News] New Screenshots Released and Big Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon News Coming
  181. Are Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon what Pokémon Sun and Moon were meant/going to be?
  182. Possible Moveset Changes in USUM
  183. [Article] Strange Evil trailer revealed
  184. [News] Rainbow Team Rocket in next Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon announcement
  185. [News] New trailers show legendary encounters via Ultra Wormholes, encounters with previous evil Team leaders
  186. Is The Battle Agency The New PWT?
  188. About the Totem Stickers...
  189. Protagonist likenesses
  190. [News] Over-lap guide shows potential new Pokémon for Alola
  191. [News] Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon leaks begin
  192. [News] First Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Global Mission Announced!
  193. [News] Exclusive interview with the creators of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon
  194. USUM Launch Event at Nintendo NY on 11/17-19
  195. [News] Mimikyu Z-Move revealed
  196. Going into the final week, what is your hype level like for Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon?
  197. [News] Necrozma Mysteries & Move Tutors in Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
  198. [News] Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon theme coming to the eShop!
  199. Transferring items
  200. Are You Too Hyped For Ultra Sun/Moon To Sleep Tonight?
  201. All the little things! (Minor spoilers)
  202. What is your current team?
  203. Guide: Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Island Scan
  204. Guide: The Best Pokémon for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
  205. Guide: Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Alola Dex: Locations and more!
  206. [Article] Don't forget to pick up your gift Rockruff
  207. [Article] PokéBank support for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon coming “late November”
  208. Earliest locations of evolution stones? (Possible minor spoilers)
  209. Alola Photo Club Thread!
  210. PokéCommunity Daily: USUM article ideas!
  211. How far are you into Alola?
  212. obtaining Master ball gift
  213. Team ideas-recommendations welcome
  214. Guide: Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Version Exclusives and Trades
  215. Totem Stickers.
  216. North America QR code for Ash-hat Pikachu.
  217. Possible bug? Inkay won't evolve
  218. Can you still rematch Ilima after beating Hala?
  219. Is USUM worth it?
  220. Technology has gone too far
  221. Guide: Mantine Surf Guide
  222. Should Jessie and James Return?
  223. should I evolve Litten?
  224. Old photograph?
  225. [SPOILERS] Wow, they really...
  226. Few questions
  227. [Article] Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Move Tutors
  228. Ultra Sun Gift
  229. UB + Legendary Shiny Hunts!
  230. A-am I stuck? What is this?
  231. Sound effects
  232. Pokemon Location Question
  233. A very strange glitch?
  234. (Mid-end USUM spoilers!) Share your experiences
  235. Now the hype has died down, what are your thoughts on USUM?
  236. [Article] PokéCommunity Daily’s Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Review
  237. Sneasel
  238. Haunted School Event
  239. Whats up with the hate of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon?
  240. How Long Do You Play Your Game In A Single Session?
  241. [News] Johto x Alola Online Competition Announced!
  242. [News] First Global Mission for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon fails
  243. How good are you at Ultra Space travel?
  244. Legal Pokémon for VGC 2018 USUM?
  245. Highlight of your playthrough so far
  246. Stat changes and Z-moves
  247. [News] Get a free Master Ball in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!
  248. The only couple things missing from pokemon...
  249. Some Thoughts/Theories on Ghetsis(Rainbow Rocket)
  250. What do you think of my USUM Team?