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  1. Technology: Nintendo's ridicolous dead pixel policy
  2. Science: "Thinking Out of Box"
  3. Science: Glymphatic System Brain Detox Sleep
  4. Science: Moons.
  5. News: Kaby Lake or Ryzen CPUs: no more updates for Windows 7/8
  6. Technology: VPNSecure offerring lifetime VPN for $39
  7. Technology: What web browser do you use?
  8. Technology: PC > feather > sword
  9. Technology: Shutdown or Sleep?
  10. Technology: Use of robots good or bad
  11. Technology: Mobile storage: How much is too much?
  12. News: There are still Note7s around and Samsung's not having any of it
  13. News: Your browsing history can now legally be sold by ISPs
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  16. Technology: Booting Linux
  17. News: Samsung introduces the S8 and S8+
  18. Help: Upgrading from Windows 95 to Windows 98
  19. Help: My PC is screwed. Again.
  20. Science: Aurora borealis!
  21. Technology: Android usurps Windows' position as most used Operating System
  22. Help: Upgrade options for or from Compaq Armada 1590DT
  23. News: Windows 10 Creator's Update now available
  24. Help: Upgrading edition of Windows 7 legitimately now anytime upgrade is gone
  25. News: Hacker responsible for setting off all 156 emergency sirens in Dallas
  26. Current Deals MegaThread!
  27. Science: Sign Languages
  28. Help: Uploading mp3 files to a site
  29. Help: 3DS Circle Pad feels 'rusty'
  30. News: Apple receives permit to test self-driving car
  31. Surface Book
  32. Science: 5 hour sleep is better than 8 hours!!!
  33. News: California Could Soon Have a State Dinosaur
  34. News: NASA's Super Pressure Ballon successfully launched
  35. Help: Antivirus for MacOS
  36. News: It's Official! FCC chairman Ajit Pai is destroying net neutrality
  37. Technology: My future world of technology
  38. Science: Lighting or Thunder....
  39. Help: HDD eating space on its own? (Solved!)
  40. News: The new windows 10 S locks you into microsoft edge and the bing search engine
  41. Help: Sharing a physical Nintendo 3DS game Cartridge
  42. Technology: Mozilla vs Chrome: Which One Is The Best
  43. Technology: What's your phone?
  44. News: iTunes is coming to the Windows Store
  45. News: Ransomware cyberattack on various NHS hospitals
  46. Technology: What was your first username on the internet?
  47. Technology: Social Media
  48. Science: Microscope, Telescope, Beaker, Ammeter.....
  49. Science: The Cold Spot: Potential Evidence of Parallel Universe?
  50. Science: VLF Bubble
  51. News: Theresa may planning to create government-controlled "new internet" for the UK
  52. Science: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
  53. Technology: How fast is your internet?