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  1. CSS Help & Resources
  2. Chit-Chat: Developers, developers, developers, developers
  3. Chit-Chat: turn it off and on again
  4. News: Google unveiled a new logo today
  5. News: Fancy a GTX 980 in your laptop?
  6. News: Need help with Nicovideo
  7. News: Twitter to introduce algorithmic timelines
  8. News: Apple refusing FBI's orders to unlock iPhone
  9. News: Raspberry Pi 3 Released - More pi goodness for the same price!
  10. News: Tay A.I. Quickly Shut Down By Microsoft After Brief Introduction
  11. News: HP's new laptop: as thin as an AAA-battery!
  12. News: NVIDIA unveils new Pascal series of graphics cards
  13. The Coder's Lounge
  14. News: Trend Micro calls for Windows users to uninstall QuickTime
  15. News: YouTube to add "Bumper Ads"
  16. News: NVIDIA unveils the GTX 1080 and 1070
  17. News: France: Children could sue parents for posting photos on social media
  18. Technology: Which websites are people least likely to find you on?
  19. Technology: Phone rooting and custom Roms.
  20. News: YouTube at it again: Fox abuses the Content ID system
  21. Rules: Science & Technology Rules
  22. Technology: TeamViewer apparently hacked, company denying allegations
  23. Chit-Chat: Splashes? Where we're going, we don't need splashes!
  24. Science & Technology - User Feedback Thread
  25. Science: Zika virus directly infects brain cells and evades immune system detection
  26. Science: King Tut's dagger blade confirmed made from a meteorite
  27. Science: --Space holes--
  28. Science: Can You Make Diamond?
  29. Science: Hearing range.
  30. Science: Dark Energy: A Gripe with Physics
  31. Science: Animals
  32. Science: Awesome chemical reactions
  33. Science: General Relativity is not absolute.
  34. Science: Global warming
  35. Science: seeking assitance from science side of pc
  36. Technology: What sites are people MOST likely to find you on?
  37. Science: What is "Life"?
  38. Science: APOD [Astronomy Picture of the Day]
  39. Science: Brain tells you to ..... [s]sleep[/s] take a nap
  40. Science: Your favorite planet!
  41. News: Element 113, 115, 117, and 118's name proposals is up for public review
  42. Event: I am a cancer research scientist - AMA!
  43. News: Facebook will delete a secret group of photos from your profile soon
  44. Science: [Alternate Resource] - Finding Water
  45. Technology: [Outdated Technologies] Game Cartridges
  46. News: [Technology] Android goes closed-source
  47. Technology: What's your cellphone case?
  48. Science: Element of the Week #1: Californium
  49. Science: Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO)
  50. News: Federal Appeals Court backs Net Neutrality ruling by the FCC
  51. News: LIGO detects second gravitational wave signal
  52. Science: NASA: Plans for electronic airplane
  53. Technology: Is there an Android app that can show my favorite apps by sliding the screen?
  54. Technology: The look at the new Zenfone by ASUS
  55. Science: What if there is no gravity?
  56. Technology: OnePlus 3 - The (yet again) new flagship killer?
  57. Science: Paleontology
  58. Technology: Your tabs and bookmarks
  59. Science: What Would happen if there was no Moon?
  60. Technology: Breaking free from Google's Android...is it worth it?
  61. Technology: The new unofficial desktop screenshot thread!
  62. Technology: Do you name your electronics?
  63. Technology: Pentium 4 5Ghz, more performance?
  64. Science: Second moon for Earth or not?
  65. Science: Element of the Week #2: Tellurium
  66. Technology: The AMD Radeon RX 480
  67. Technology: Reminder: Free Windows 10 Upgrade ends July 29th...
  68. Science: Science behind fireworks
  69. Technology: Favorite browser?
  70. Event: Why?
  71. Technology: Good Drive Cloning Software?
  72. Technology: Hummingbad virus infects Android users
  73. Technology: The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, answer to AMD's Radeon RX 480
  74. Technology: The rise and fall of the tablet
  75. Technology: Where do you keep your computer?
  76. Technology: WinForms or WPF for C# GUI?
  77. Science: Cutting open dead animals (for science)
  78. Technology: iPhone 7 discussion!
  79. Technology: Would you have smart lenses injected in your eye?
  80. Science: Oil deposits killed the dinosaurs?
  81. Science: How venoms kill
  82. Science: Can you enter a blackhole?
  83. Technology: BlackBerry is still kicking after all of these years
  84. News: Last VCRs to be produced this month
  85. Technology: What names for future Android versions after Nougat?
  86. Technology: Which phone worth to buy?
  87. Technology: Let's talk about Symbian OS
  88. Science: Study: Overactive immune system linked to Parkinson's Disease
  89. Science: New Antibiotic class discovered
  90. Technology: Last Day for Free Windows 10
  91. Technology: Antivirus
  92. News: Zika virus now contracting domestically in the US
  93. News: Bitfinex Security Breach: 119,756 BTC stolen
  94. Technology: [Malware Warning] Do Not Download/Install/Update software from Fosshub
  95. Technology: Customatic - Windows 10 Customizations
  96. Technology: Floppy Disks, Big and Small
  97. Technology: I never thought I'd ever do/say this...
  98. Technology: Smartwatches
  99. News: Chrome to phase out Flash by the end of the year
  100. Science: What's your pulse?
  101. News: The AMD Radeon RX 480 PCIe spec issues
  102. News: Disney just filed a patent for real lightsabers!
  103. Technology: Chrome OS / Chromebooks
  104. Technology: Happy 25th Birthday, World Wide Web!
  105. Technology: Your Computer Setup
  106. Science: Researchers from Harvard pinpoint enzymes that trigger cell demise in ALS
  107. Technology: Is Technology Advancing Too Fast?
  108. Technology: Tech Deals
  109. Science: How similar would alien life be to us at the molecular (DNA) level?
  110. Technology: Dial-ups
  111. Technology: Format wars
  112. News: Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 Recalled [Update 10/7/16 - No longer for sale, discontinued]
  113. Technology: Turing's new phone: more impressive than any flagship to date
  114. Science: {°'_'°} Do you believe there is alien life? {°'_'°}
  115. Technology: PSA: The iPhone 7 isn't the first phone to exclude a headphone jack
  116. Technology: Do you own a tablet?
  117. Technology: Which iPhone 7 colour do you like best?
  118. News: Nasa shows stunning landscape images of Mars
  119. Science: ^ | v Mirage Mirage Mirage v | ^ ( i need water please : )
  120. News: Adblock Plus...now sells ads!?
  121. Technology: iOS 10
  122. Technology: What would you like to learn more about?
  123. Technology: Are we using Technology for more harm than good today?
  124. Science: Science Experiment
  125. Help: Sprites Blurry in Chrome on Surface
  126. Technology: Post your Speedtest!
  127. Science: [Weekly] Believe It or Not -+---> Featuring - Bigfoot
  128. Technology: North Korea accidentally opens their internet to The Internet.
  129. Science: Jerking awake right after you sleep ( ~ __ ~ )
  130. Technology: Linux on Lenovo laptops? Better check if the laptop's RAIDing!
  131. Technology: The Record Player: Expert Viral Marketer
  132. Help: Guides for Coding Beginner
  133. Science: Pollution Alert !! @[email protected]
  134. Technology: iPhone 7 users tricked into breaking their gadget by drilling a hole into it to get a "headphone jack"
  135. News: NASA captures images of echos of black hole eating stars xD
  136. Technology: NVIDIA: Volta-based cards to come in 2018 with impressive specs
  137. News: End of an era: BlackBerry ceases phone production
  138. Science: [Weekly] Believe it or Not --> Animals strange behavior saving lives
  139. Science: Scientific Fact of the day ~
  140. Science: ~Oh My God that's UFO ° _ °
  141. Science: Favourite Science Field?
  142. Featured: Breast Cancer Awareness Month [2016]
  143. Science: Is water really a requirement for life in other planets?
  144. Science: Which invention has benefited mankind the most?
  145. Technology: Are We Never Safe From Technology?
  146. Technology: Google Pixel
  147. Technology: Wired vs. Wireless Internet Connectivity
  148. Science: > _ > Damn! Brain Freeze ~
  149. News: Nasa develops Electroactive Bandage
  150. News: End of the world 2016
  151. Technology: NDS Phone Emulator Is Faster And More Accurate Than NDS PC Emulator
  152. Technology: Worst product(s) you've had?
  153. Help: VPN illegal?
  154. Technology: The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti revealed
  155. Science: "Mouse eggs made from skin cells in a dish" - Nature
  156. Science: M-theory ( The theory of everything )
  157. Science: Your thoughts on Red Planet aka Mars ~
  158. Technology: Bookmarks
  159. Science: Scientists discover way to turn CO2 into ethanol
  160. Science: Planet Nine
  161. Technology: Wind Turbines Vs. Birds
  162. News: This past Friday's DDoS attack...
  163. Science: (-_-) Who is your favourite scientist? (-_-)..?
  164. News: Vine is shutting down
  165. Technology: Preserving social media... for the future!
  166. Technology: Home Theater PCs
  167. Technology: VPN's are important
  168. Technology: SSD vs SSHD?
  169. Science: Your Thoughts on Dark Matter
  170. Science: Astronomy Picture of the Day (revived!)
  171. Technology: Adobe's "photoshop for audio"
  172. Science: Hoaxes in Science world...
  173. Technology: Let's Discuss About Pokemon Domains!
  174. News: Snapchat Spectacles
  175. Science: Supermoon 2016: The closest the moon has been since 1948!
  176. Technology: Blackberry giving it one more shot by releasing one more keyboard smartphone
  177. Science: Anyone Travels much here ~~ Motion sickness
  178. News: Surprise! Samsung Galaxy S7 reported to have exploded
  179. Technology: RetroTech: Technology from forever ago!
  180. Technology: Building a desktop!
  181. Science: Meteor sighting in Florida caught on camera!
  182. Technology: Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  183. Technology: Anonymity
  184. Science: It's an earthquake! ~ Natural Disasters
  185. Science: Space Exploration - Human vs Robot
  186. Event: Holiday Desktop Screenshots Contest!
  187. Technology: Where Apple leads, Samsung follows
  188. Help: Friend List Frozen on 3DS
  189. Technology: The Note 7's Final Nail In The Coffin
  190. Science: Death is a disease
  191. Science: Should animals be subjected to medical tests and experiments?
  192. Help: Nintendo Network ID help
  193. Technology: Electrodynamic Tether (Space junk cleaner)
  194. Science: *guhgrrrr* I'm hungry - Why stomach grumbles....
  195. Technology: Using a mouse with your left hand
  196. Science: Why can't monkeys speak!
  197. Science: ~Science Fair~
  198. Technology: Your thoughts on drones
  199. News: Nokia returns to smartphone territory soon!
  200. Science: Do we use only 10% of our brain?
  201. Science: Fat virus
  202. Science: Anyone experienced this in sleep?~~ Sleep Talking / night terror
  203. Technology: Should we save our passwords?
  204. Science: Is Astrology really a pseudoscience? ~~
  205. Technology: LPT: Secure your network/wireless printer
  206. Technology: Post your computer's specs!
  207. News: Yahoo! to become "Altaba" if bought out by Verizon
  208. Technology: Western Digital unveils new line of SSDs: The WD Black Series
  209. Science: What is your Reaction time? c:
  210. You create a computer virus...
  211. Recycling can save the world?
  212. Technology: Windows Vista end of support
  213. Technology: How the advancement in technology helped in the evolution of video games?
  214. Technology: Verizon: Planned action against Note 7 holdouts
  215. Science: Hottest Year on Record
  216. Science: NASA keep space information hidden from the public ?
  217. Apple or Microsoft
  218. Science: What Is Your Environmental Ethic? [quick survey]
  219. Help: Laptop having hardtime shutting down
  220. Help: Upgrading to win 7
  221. News: Shimmers: The newest way to steal card information
  222. Google Pixel?
  223. Technology: Google Maps to introduce a feature to predict parking difficulty
  224. Technology: Samsung Galaxy S8: What can we expect from Samsung's next flagship?
  225. News: Net neutrality at risk again
  226. Science: Invisibility - Is it possible?
  227. News: Mozilla kills off Firefox OS project
  228. Science: Habitable Exoplanets
  229. Technology: a question about viruses
  230. Help: Code for creating a patch
  231. Robots vs humans
  232. Technology: New Twitter update rolling out that hides abusive tweets in search and replies
  233. Technology: What can we expect from Apple's next iPhone?
  234. Science: Lunar eclipse, comet, and 'Snow Moon' in one incredible night
  235. News: Verizon to introduce unlimited data plan
  236. News: Nokia to reissue Nokia 3310
  237. News: Sony sent out Pikachu (smartphone) to GFXBench!
  238. News: And now AT&T is offering "unlimited" data!
  239. Is Torrenting legal or illegal?
  240. Help: Dangit old GameBoy cartridge...
  241. Science: After curving light?
  242. Science: Blood Groups - Why do we have blood types?
  243. Technology: Desktop Sharing Thread
  244. Science: NASA discovers 7 Earth-like planets in one solar system
  245. News: AMD's new Ryzen CPUs (now you can get AMD's equivalent of i7-6900K for half price!)
  246. Technology: Self-driving cars
  247. Removable or non-removable batteries?
  248. News: Windows 10 Creators Update could block non-Store programs
  249. News: The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, or: faster than even a Pascal Titan X?
  250. Technology: Can A.I. Take Better Care of the Environment Than Humans?