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  1. CSS Help & Resources
  2. Converting Formats
  3. Chit-Chat: Developers, developers, developers, developers
  5. Chit-Chat: turn it off and on again
  6. News: Google unveiled a new logo today
  7. /r/reddit
  8. News: Fancy a GTX 980 in your laptop?
  9. News: Need help with Nicovideo
  10. News: Twitter to introduce algorithmic timelines
  11. News: Apple refusing FBI's orders to unlock iPhone
  12. News: Raspberry Pi 3 Released - More pi goodness for the same price!
  13. News: Tay A.I. Quickly Shut Down By Microsoft After Brief Introduction
  14. News: HP's new laptop: as thin as an AAA-battery!
  15. News: NVIDIA unveils new Pascal series of graphics cards
  16. The Coder's Lounge
  17. News: Trend Micro calls for Windows users to uninstall QuickTime
  18. News: YouTube to add "Bumper Ads"
  19. News: NVIDIA unveils the GTX 1080 and 1070
  20. News: France: Children could sue parents for posting photos on social media
  21. Phone rooting and custom Roms.
  22. News: YouTube at it again: Fox abuses the Content ID system
  23. Rules: Internet & Technology Rules
  24. TeamViewer apparently hacked, company denying allegations
  25. Chit-Chat: Daily Chit-Chat: What even is this?
  26. S&T Feedback Thread
  27. Zika virus directly infects brain cells and evades immune system detection
  28. King Tut's dagger blade confirmed made from a meteorite
  29. --Space holes--
  30. Can You Make Diamond?
  31. Hearing range.
  32. Dark Energy: A Gripe with Physics
  33. Animals
  34. Awesome chemical reactions
  35. General Relativity is not absolute.
  36. Global warming
  37. seeking assitance from science side of pc
  38. What sites are people MOST likely to find you on?
  39. What is "Life"?
  40. APOD [Astronomy Picture of the Day]
  41. Brain tells you to ..... [s]sleep[/s] take a nap
  42. Your favorite planet!
  43. News: Element 113, 115, 117, and 118's name proposals is up for public review
  44. Event: I am a cancer research scientist - AMA!
  45. News: Facebook will delete a secret group of photos from your profile soon
  46. [Alternate Resource] - Finding Water
  47. [Outdated Technologies] Game Cartridges
  48. News: [Technology] Android goes closed-source
  49. What's your cellphone case?
  50. Element of the Week #1: Californium
  51. Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO)
  52. News: LIGO detects second gravitational wave signal
  53. NASA: Plans for electronic airplane
  54. Is there an Android app that can show my favorite apps by sliding the screen?
  55. The look at the new Zenfone by ASUS
  56. What if there is no gravity?
  57. OnePlus 3 - The (yet again) new flagship killer?
  58. Paleontology
  59. Your tabs and bookmarks
  60. What Would happen if there was no Moon?
  61. The new unofficial desktop screenshot thread!
  62. Do you name your electronics?
  63. Pentium 4 5Ghz, more performance?
  64. Second moon for Earth or not?
  65. Element of the Week #2: Tellurium
  66. The AMD Radeon RX 480
  67. Reminder: Free Windows 10 Upgrade ends July 29th...
  68. Science behind fireworks
  69. Favorite browser?
  70. Event: Why?
  71. Good Drive Cloning Software?
  72. Hummingbad virus infects Android users
  73. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, answer to AMD's Radeon RX 480
  74. Where do you keep your computer?
  75. WinForms or WPF for C# GUI?
  76. Cutting open dead animals (for science)
  77. Oil deposits killed the dinosaurs?
  78. How venoms kill
  79. Can you enter a blackhole?
  80. What names for future Android versions after Nougat?
  81. Which phone worth to buy?
  82. Let's talk about Symbian OS
  83. Study: Overactive immune system linked to Parkinson's Disease
  84. New Antibiotic class discovered
  85. Last Day for Free Windows 10
  86. Antivirus
  87. News: Zika virus now contracting domestically in the US
  88. News: Bitfinex Security Breach: 119,756 BTC stolen
  89. [Malware Warning] Do Not Download/Install/Update software from Fosshub
  90. Customatic - Windows 10 Customizations
  91. Floppy Disks, Big and Small
  92. I never thought I'd ever do/say this...
  93. News: Chrome to phase out Flash by the end of the year
  94. What's your pulse?
  95. News: The AMD Radeon RX 480 PCIe spec issues
  96. Chrome OS / Chromebooks
  97. Happy 25th Birthday, World Wide Web!
  98. Your Computer Setup
  99. Researchers from Harvard pinpoint enzymes that trigger cell demise in ALS
  100. Is Technology Advancing Too Fast?
  101. Tech Deals
  102. How similar would alien life be to us at the molecular (DNA) level?
  103. Dial-ups
  104. Format wars
  105. News: Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 Recalled [Update 10/7/16 - No longer for sale, discontinued]
  106. Turing's new phone: more impressive than any flagship to date
  107. {°'_'°} Do you believe there is alien life? {°'_'°}
  108. PSA: The iPhone 7 isn't the first phone to exclude a headphone jack
  109. Do you own a tablet?
  110. Which iPhone 7 colour do you like best?
  111. News: Nasa shows stunning landscape images of Mars
  112. ^ | v Mirage Mirage Mirage v | ^ ( i need water please : )
  113. News: Adblock Plus...now sells ads!?
  114. iOS 10
  115. What would you like to learn more about?
  116. Are we using Technology for more harm than good today?
  117. Science Experiment
  118. Help: Sprites Blurry in Chrome on Surface
  119. Post your Speedtest!
  120. [Weekly] Believe It or Not -+---> Featuring - Bigfoot
  121. North Korea accidentally opens their internet to The Internet.
  122. Jerking awake right after you sleep ( ~ __ ~ )
  123. Linux on Lenovo laptops? Better check if the laptop's RAIDing!
  124. The Record Player: Expert Viral Marketer
  125. Help: Guides for Coding Beginner
  126. Pollution Alert !! @[email protected]
  127. iPhone 7 users tricked into breaking their gadget by drilling a hole into it to get a "headphone jack"
  128. News: NASA captures images of echos of black hole eating stars xD
  129. NVIDIA: Volta-based cards to come in 2018 with impressive specs
  130. News: End of an era: BlackBerry ceases phone production
  131. [Weekly] Believe it or Not --> Animals strange behavior saving lives
  132. Scientific Fact of the day ~
  133. ~Oh My God that's UFO ° _ °
  134. Favourite Science Field?
  135. Featured: Breast Cancer Awareness Month [2016]
  136. Is water really a requirement for life in other planets?
  137. Which invention has benefited mankind the most?
  138. Are We Never Safe From Technology?
  139. Wired vs. Wireless Internet Connectivity
  140. > _ > Damn! Brain Freeze ~
  141. News: Nasa develops Electroactive Bandage
  142. News: End of the world 2016
  143. NDS Phone Emulator Is Faster And More Accurate Than NDS PC Emulator
  144. Worst product(s) you've had?
  145. Help: VPN illegal?
  146. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti revealed
  147. "Mouse eggs made from skin cells in a dish" - Nature
  148. M-theory ( The theory of everything )
  149. Your thoughts on Red Planet aka Mars ~
  151. Scientists discover way to turn CO2 into ethanol
  152. Planet Nine
  153. Wind Turbines Vs. Birds
  154. News: This past Friday's DDoS attack...
  155. (-_-) Who is your favourite scientist? (-_-)..?
  156. News: Vine is shutting down
  157. Preserving social media... for the future!
  158. Home Theater PCs
  159. VPN's are important
  160. SSD vs SSHD?
  161. Your Thoughts on Dark Matter
  162. Astronomy Picture of the Day (revived!)
  163. Adobe's "photoshop for audio"
  164. Hoaxes in Science world...
  165. Let's Discuss About Pokemon Domains!
  166. News: Snapchat Spectacles
  167. Supermoon 2016: The closest the moon has been since 1948!
  168. Anyone Travels much here ~~ Motion sickness
  169. News: Surprise! Samsung Galaxy S7 reported to have exploded
  170. RetroTech: Technology from forever ago!
  171. Building a desktop!
  172. Meteor sighting in Florida caught on camera!
  173. Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  174. Anonymity
  175. It's an earthquake! ~ Natural Disasters
  176. Space Exploration - Human vs Robot
  177. Event: Holiday Desktop Screenshots Contest!
  178. Where Apple leads, Samsung follows
  179. Help: Friend List Frozen on 3DS
  180. The Note 7's Final Nail In The Coffin
  181. Death is a disease
  182. Should animals be subjected to medical tests and experiments?
  183. Help: Nintendo Network ID help
  184. Electrodynamic Tether (Space junk cleaner)
  185. *guhgrrrr* I'm hungry - Why stomach grumbles....
  186. Using a mouse with your left hand
  187. Why can't monkeys speak!
  188. ~Science Fair~
  189. News: Nokia returns to smartphone territory soon!
  190. Do we use only 10% of our brain?
  191. Fat virus
  192. Anyone experienced this in sleep?~~ Sleep Talking / night terror
  193. Should we save our passwords?
  194. Is Astrology really a pseudoscience? ~~
  195. LPT: Secure your network/wireless printer
  196. Post your computer's specs!
  197. News: Yahoo! to become "Altaba" if bought out by Verizon
  198. Western Digital unveils new line of SSDs: The WD Black Series
  199. What is your Reaction time? c:
  200. You create a computer virus...
  201. Recycling can save the world?
  202. Windows Vista end of support
  203. How the advancement in technology helped in the evolution of video games?
  204. Verizon: Planned action against Note 7 holdouts
  205. Hottest Year on Record
  206. NASA keep space information hidden from the public ?
  207. Apple or Microsoft
  208. What Is Your Environmental Ethic? [quick survey]
  209. Help: Laptop having hardtime shutting down
  210. Help: Upgrading to win 7
  211. News: Shimmers: The newest way to steal card information
  212. Google Pixel?
  213. News: Net neutrality at risk again
  214. Invisibility - Is it possible?
  215. News: Mozilla kills off Firefox OS project
  216. Habitable Exoplanets
  217. a question about viruses
  218. Help: Code for creating a patch
  219. Robots vs humans
  220. Lunar eclipse, comet, and 'Snow Moon' in one incredible night
  221. News: Verizon to introduce unlimited data plan
  222. News: Nokia to reissue Nokia 3310
  223. News: Sony sent out Pikachu (smartphone) to GFXBench!
  224. News: And now AT&T is offering "unlimited" data!
  225. Is Torrenting legal or illegal?
  226. Help: Dangit old GameBoy cartridge...
  227. After curving light?
  228. Blood Groups - Why do we have blood types?
  229. Desktop Sharing Thread
  230. NASA discovers 7 Earth-like planets in one solar system
  231. News: AMD's new Ryzen CPUs (now you can get AMD's equivalent of i7-6900K for half price!)
  232. Removable or non-removable batteries?
  233. News: Windows 10 Creators Update could block non-Store programs
  234. News: The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, or: faster than even a Pascal Titan X?
  235. Can A.I. Take Better Care of the Environment Than Humans?
  236. Nintendo's ridicolous dead pixel policy
  237. "Thinking Out of Box"
  238. Glymphatic System Brain Detox Sleep
  239. Moons.
  240. News: Kaby Lake or Ryzen CPUs: no more updates for Windows 7/8
  241. VPNSecure offerring lifetime VPN for $39
  242. What web browser do you use?
  243. PC > feather > sword
  244. Shutdown or Sleep?
  245. Use of robots good or bad
  246. News: There are still Note7s around and Samsung's not having any of it
  247. News: Your browsing history can now legally be sold by ISPs
  248. Help: My PC is screwed. Please help.
  249. News: The Samsung Note7 rising from the ashes?
  250. Booting Linux