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Hiroshi Sotomura
September 6th, 2003, 3:04 PM
Pokmon: The Johto Encounters
By Masato-san (Eusine606)

Well I'm not gonna show everybody the exact plot of the story, but I am going the second story posted in the new PC.

Now to the story.


"My quest of finding experienced trainers begins..."

"Huh?" said Jason, a Pokmon trainer whose goal was to capture all 251 Pokmon of Johto.
"What's the matter?" said Arista, a female Pokmon trainer who travelled with Jason to catch many kinds of fire Pokmon, "Is something bugging you?" she said in concern.
"No, Arista..." Jason said, "I was probably hearing things."
Jason and Arista were close friends who travelled the world of Johto. Their current path was set to Ecruteak City.

"I heard something..." said Reena, a female Pokmon trainer who was also on an adventure with a friend.
"What's the matter?" said Kastin, a very close friend of Reena's, who the both were females, "What did you hear?"
"I heard someone say, 'My quest of finding experienced trainers begins...' and then I thought you heard it." said Reena.
"I heard nothing..." said Kastin, "I really think we should be going on our way to Olivine, to challenge Jasmine and get your next badge..."
"I'm just concerned." replied Reena, "Why would I get that voice coming through me? I'm not experienced..."

And finally, the mysterious voice had made it to Ash, a young Pokmon trainer who was travelling in Hoenn, whose goal was to reach the Hoenn League and become a Pokmon Master.
"What was that?"
"What was what?" said May, a girl trainer who went with Ash in Hoenn.
"I didn't hear anything..." said Brock, who used to be the gym leader of the Pewter City gym, currently travelling with Ash.
"Hey guys!" called a voice from the back of them, "Wait for me!"
Behind the group, a young boy, named Masato, was running towards them.
"Masato!" said Ash, "Did you hear what I heard?"
"What did you hear?" said Masato, "The only thing I heard was my PokNav beep."
Ash looked up at the sky, and said, "I could've sworn I heard something..."

"The time will come..."
"What?" said a frightened Kenta.
"Kenta! Don't scare me like that!" said Marina, who had been shook awake.
"Sorry but..."
"What are you talking about 'The Time will come'?" she said, interrupting him.
"But I said nothing!" replied a mad Kenta.
"Oh did you?" she replied in disbelief.

"There's that voice again..." said Ash.
"What voice?" asked May.
Immediately after they had asked questions, a ring of fire had formed around Ash, Masato, May and Brock.
"What's going on?" said Brock, stepping away from the fire.
"You will see... where you may be..."
The floor around them turned white. They had been teleported to a new place...

"Where are we?" asked Ash.
"I'll check!" replied Masato, pushing some buttons on his PokNav, "Oh no..." he said quietly, making Ash wonder, "We aren't in Hoenn anymore..."
"So where are we?" asked Ash again.
"According to this map of Johto..." replied Brock ("We're off course?" roared Ash.) "We are directly... here."
Brock pointed to a spot on the map saying 'Skyplane Mountain'.
"What's that?" asked Masato.
"I'd be wondering the same thing..." said a strange unfamiliar voice behind the group.
They looked behind them and saw Jason and Arista.
"Who are you guys?" asked Ash.
"My name is Arista," said Arista.
"And my name is Jason," said Jason.
"And we challenge you to battle!" they both said.
"What?!?" Ash groaned.

"Kenta!" said Marina as they climbed the mountain terrain, "Do you have any idea where we are?"
"According to my PokGear we are at 'Skyplane Mountain'." replied Kenta.
"Who are you?" said a voice behind them.
Behind them was a lady named Luna Carrson, a researcher who would usually study in Purity Canyon, a canyon in a remote area of Johto, who Ash met way back. With her was Kalin Kalex, a friend of Luna, who came up to Purity Canyon to study the pure water that existed there.

February 19th, 2005, 9:37 AM
This is a good fic. Continue, please.

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That's a great fan fic! You got me hooked right at the beginning.

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Great Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!