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August 12th, 2007, 3:54 PM
The Mystics and the Gems (Take Two)

Long ago in ancient times, humans and pokemon lived in peace. There were no need for pokeballs since pokemon would do things on the request of the humans if asked nicely and in return the humans would treat the pokemon to their needs. As for the Legendary Pokemon, they were treated like gods and if the humans ever needed anything, they were welcome to seek help from the Legendary Pokemon. There was no need for the Legendary Pokemon to hide.

This peace continued for many years and the Legendary Pokemon were proud of this. They saw this peace as something grand and were happy. Still some Legendaries wanted to make sure that this peace continues and came up with the idea to spread their knowledge of peace and power to other pokemon so they can make sure that this peace continues. There were some disagreements, especially between Ho-oh and Lugia but in the end a decision was made. The Legendary Pokemon Mew, Ho-oh, Lugia, Latios, Latias, Cresselia, and Darkrai agreed to this idea and each decided to seek one pokemon and to train them as their disciple. The seven pokemon that were selected were taught by one of the seven Legendaries in the ways of the Legendary pokemon and to unlock the power that would give them Legendary-like power which allows the pokemon to access the abilities of their Legendary teachers and attacks. These seven pokemon that were picked to be the disciples of Mew, Ho-oh, Lugia, Latios, Latias, Cresselia, and Darkrai were called the Mystics.

Still the idea of the seven Legendaries didn’t stay a secret and the humans found out about what the seven Legendaries were doing by teaching regular pokemon the ways of the Legendary Pokemon. They were fearful of what this could mean since they saw no need to expand the knowledge of the Legendary Pokemon. The humans feared that if regular pokemon were exposed to this kind of knowledge then they may not be able to handle the power and thus go on an unstoppable rampage. Others fear that the Legendary Pokemon was secretly plotting to take over the humans with legendary-like pokemon armies. Either way the humans were scared and decided to find a means to defend themselves. They created five stones with the awesome powers to control five elements: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Time. Also each stone had the ability control a certain types of pokemon. The person that is in possession of one of these stones has the power to control both the elements and pokemon. These five stones were called the Gems.

Just like the news of the Mystics, the news of the creation of the Gems spread rapidly among the pokemon and a distrust between pokemon and humans began to form. All the seven Legendaries that agreed to have disciples, the Mystics, and the rest of the Legendaries came together and discuss the situation about the Gems and the new found distrust between Pokemon and humans. In the end it was decided that the Legendaries should go into hiding and that the seven Mystics should disappear. With the fire that caused the creation of the Burnt Tower thus began to era where humans had to capture pokemon and where the Legendary Pokemon had to go into hiding to discreet locations. As for the Mystics, they were never seen or heard of again only to fade into nothingness in the memories of both humans and pokemon.

As of for the Gems, The humans saw the wrong in them and knew that they had to keep them from the hands of others. A select group of humans took the Gems to a far off region that would soon to be called Hoenn and entrusted them to people who would defend them from anybody that would seek them out. Still this is a very well kept secret and only very few know about the Gems.

Today in present day, the times are peaceful as they can be and the Gems and the Mystics are nonexistent in the minds of people. Team Magma and Team Aqua had recently fallen into disorganization with their former leaders in prison but there seem to be something stirring beneath both groups while a new organization trying to rise in secret. With little organization Team Aqua and Team Magma have been active doing random attacks on people but there seems to be no clear purpose while this third secret organization doing nothing in pubic.

Meanwhile a few young trainers are roaming around Hoenn with their own purpose but unknowing to them they are carrying a pokemon that seem to be different from other pokemon. Neither the trainer nor pokemon know about the secret that makes them different from the other pokemon so they are living their adventures normally. Neither, pokemon and the trainer know that the pokemon is a descendent of the seven disciples of the Legendary Pokemon.

What awaits these trainers with their ancient descendent pokemon on their journey and what trouble will these criminal organizations do? You will take the role of one of the trainers that have no idea that one of their pokemon is a Mystic Pokemon. While Team Aqua and Magma are performing random attacks on people harassing them looking for something while the third secret group haven’t revealed themselves. A force will bring the trainers with the Mystic Pokemon together and unravel the scheme that the third group has.

1) All PC RP section rules apply here. Four lines minimum per post and no bunnying other characters.
2) No superhumans. That mean no psychics and other weird characters. I want a realistic as possible RP.

You don’t have to start off the RP with a Mystic pokemon if you want to. I will provide the opportunity where you will acquire a Mystic Pokemon as an egg.

List of Legendary Pokemon that took disciples in ancient times
Mew- Raichuchika
Ho-oh (taken for plot purposes)
Lugia (Taken for plot purposes)
Latios- Orange
Latias- Drapion_Dawg
Darkrai- AJ

Sign up
Name: (The name of your character)
Age: (The age of your character)
Gender: (The sex of your character)
Description: (What your character looks like)
Personality: (What your character acts and feels like)
History: (A small history of your character’s life. Maybe include how you met your pokemon that would find out is a Mystic if you are starting the RP with a Mystic.)
Pokemon: (You can have a few pokemon. Four the most. No Legendaries)
Pokemon who would be your Mystic Pokemon: (If starting with one)
Legendary Pokemon that your Mystic Pokemon ancestor was learn from: (Pick one from the list. Note: First come first serve. If the Legendary Pokemon that you want is taken then pick another or hope that the person who picked that Legendary is declined.)
RPG Sample: (Required. Give a sample that is up to four good size sentances since that is the rules to RP here. If less then you will be decine. More you type the better your chances of being accepted. Please use caps or I may just decine you. It just looks a bit neat. If I have RP with you before just do this still for others can see how you RP. I accept RP post from other RPs you have partcipated for this too. Just give me the link or tell me where it is from.)
Other: (Anything else you want to add)

We start when I feel ready to start and I hope there are people here that are interested in this RP.

August 13th, 2007, 1:26 PM
Ok I'll join I guess....

Name: Abby M.
Age: 14 (and a half!)
Gender: Female
Description: Abby has pretty blue eyes, wavy brown hair, and somewhat tan skin. She tends to wear a black tank top with blue jeans and black flip-flips. Her makeup is black eye-liner, gray eye shadow, and pink lip gloss. She is about 5'6" and weighs about 110 lbs.
Personality: Abby sometimes acts like a total clown and isn't afriad to be herself. However, this is rare. She normally is afraid of what other people think of her. She is extremely weight conscious and sometimes acts very emo.
History: Abby lived in Sinnoh originally with her pet Eevee, Rose. She started her Pokemon journey at age 12. Rose later evolved into Leafeon. Then she traveled from region to region and caught and raised a few other Pokemon until she finally settled in Hoenn.
Species- Raichu
Nickname- RJ
Gender- M
Nature- Lonely

Pokemon- Luxray
Nickname- Bella
Gender- F
Nature- Sassy

Pokemon- Leafeon
Nickname- Rose
Gender- F
Nature- Timid

Pokemon- Charizard
Nickname- Pyro
Gender- M
Nature- Brave

Pokemon who would be your Mystic Pokemon: Leafeon (Rose)
Legendary Pokemon that your Mystic Pokemon ancestor was learn from: Mew
RPG Sample: Abby decided to settle in Mauville City shortly. Surely enough as soon as she walked outside, a Team Rocket member was waiting for her. "Your Pokemon are mine, kid!" He shouted. "Not if I can help it! Go! Rose!" Abby shouted, sending out her Leafeon. "Oh so you want to fight?" Abby told Rose to use solar beam, and that Rocket went flying. "That was the most powerful solar beam I've even seen. It's amazing how powerful you are and how quickly you learn moves Rose. I barely even train you! Abby said happily. "Leafeon!" Rose said. Both Abby and Rosewas unaware that the only reason that Rose was so strong is because she was a mystic Pokemon.
Other: None

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
August 13th, 2007, 2:11 PM
Name: AJ Valentine
Age: 17
Gender: male
Description: AJ is average height and weight, he is Hispanic male which means his skin tone is dark, a tannish kind of tone. He has Silky Black hair. His hair is in a short ponytail, about six or seven inches. His eyes are strange, one is blue and one is crimson. AJ has a medium type face, Not to tense, yet not to 'Cute' it's the whole pretty boy thing, with a great sense of 'I can kick your ass! And it's plastered on my face!' AJ wears a cross pendant right around his neck, it is a shining silver that just seems to kick out at you. AJ's main attire consists of a tight black undershirt made out of generic material, nothing real special. He wears a somewhat small dark crimson red combat vest with flames on the topper sleeves, on the back of the vest it reads in bold white letters ' Made In Heaven' and over that he wears a large white trench coat that has a cross on the back that is black and also the title, 'Fallen Angel'. He wears tight black pants, a nice leather texture. He also wears black combat boots, they have an iron sole in each shoe for more efficient walking. He has black fingerless gloves, they aren't fuzzy, just real padded. He is muscular, but not in the way that muscles are bulging everywhere and it looks like your kind of on steroids... AJ has a gold stud in his left ear ( Not Gay!) About 5'7, 145 lbs

Personality: Apparently by veiw, AJ is a badass. AJ plays the 'Good Cop, Every survivor counts. Doesn't matter what happens to me' card. He also tries to make sure that no one has to get hurt in a bad situation and this will also go for the bad guy, he has tried to keep this trait ever since learning that a long line of murderers and crooks were his descendants, he will try to make everything right and make up for his descendants sins. He is an overall nice guy but does get fed up pretty easily by annoying people, he has a very great level of sarcasm and has the greatest comebacks for when he is insulted, which would seem out of character for a guy like him. He has a pretty decent sense of justice, and not to mention the fact that he loves adventure.AJ isn't someone you really want to anger, but to anger him you have to actually try since it takes alot to actually anger him. Considering getting fed up and actually getting angered are totally different. He is serious and strict in battle but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments, this makes him a good companion. Even when your on his nerves he will try to help you out, but as said before he is not good to be around when angry. And that is pretty much AJ, the 'good cop who wants everyone to be safe'.

History: AJ has long been traveling, he started out in Blackthorn and went from there. In the ice caverns is where he found a togepi egg, which hatched into a togepi and became his first pokemon. From there AJ captured two young eevee's in Kanto, and in sinnoh found an aboandoned Riolu, he then traveled toward hohen. But before his traveling he was an elusive rouge for Team Skyrider and is still considered a skyrider executive.



Pokemon who would be your Mystic Pokemon: Riolu
Legendary Pokemon that your Mystic Pokemon ancestor was learn from: Darkrai

RPG Sample: AJ Was about to start on his way into Pallet when the group was suddenly surrounded by not only cultist but by a few soldiers, AJ looked around the forest they were surrounded in, There were at least a hundred surrounding the group, only five or six of them had guns though. A Solider dressed in a flak jacket and bullet proof padded clothes stepped up, He was wearing a gas mask and was holding an AK-74 which he aimed at AJ.

" You are under arrest in the name of Overlord Dillon, You have the right to remain silent, if you resist you will be eliminated." The solider barked at the group.

AJ smiled and started to speak calmly, " Isn't that's whats going to happen anyway?" He asked the Solider, Little did the solider know what AJ was planning.

" What happens to you is none of my concern, Now Cooperate." He said moving forward, AJ Sprung into action and got behind the Solider holding him from behind. Another solider with a Shotgun shot the solider that AJ was restraining by accident on reflex. AJ ducked down as the body went limp and grabbed the AK-74, Barry just looked at AJ knowingly as the other team members seemed a little shocked, Barry grabbed for his Grenade Launcher and sent a powerful shot into the crowd, killing some random Cultist.

AJ started to fire the AK-74 at the solider who had killed the other solider and shot the guy dead, AJ Grabbed for his SPAS 12 and aimed at a cultist that was charging him. Without a second thought he pulled the trigger, A loud boom was heard as the cultist fell back.

AJ now tried to locate another solider, He located one with an AJ-74. AJ started to charge the solider, but was distracted by the large number of Cultist swarming him, AJ was pissed.

AJ reached for a Incendiary Grenade and pulled the pin, " Fire in the hole!" And he threw the red grenade into the crowd in front of him, AJ dived back to avoid the flames, AJ winced as the rifle he was holding jabbed into his chest.

The Crowd went up in hot flames, one by one the Cultist started to drop in the fire. AJ smiled weakly as he looked around, he saw Lamont just standing there as the madness went on, he saw that his team was battling with the Cultist.

AJ located the Third Solider again and aimed for the soldiers abdomen but misfired and blew the guys right leg off. The guy collapsed and AJ Ran toward him, He was moaning on the ground, AJ decided to be merciful and Pulled the trigger of the SPAS, aimed at the guys head. And the solider never woke again.

AJ took the spair ammunition of the AK-74 and tried to locate the next Solider, Target locked. AJ smiled as he aimed the light weight AK-74 at the solider.

A searing pain enveloped AJ in his right leg, a bullet had just skimmed his leg and blood was starting to stain his pants. AJ winced and anger started to flow through him, AJ turned around quickly and without aiming started to fire at the solider that had hit him. The solider was hit with the remainder of AJ's clip, 24 bullets into the guy and he collapsed under the immense firepower unloaded onto him. AJ ejected the empty magazine away and put a new one in, AJ turned to the other solider and frowned. Pulling the trigger on the fourth solider, the guy simply fell to the ground in a puddle of crimson fluid.

AJ took the spair ammo from both soldier's and looked for the last two, He saw one about to shoot Rocky and AJ rushed into action but it was unnecessary as Rocky hit the solider between the eyes with his Walther P99, the guy dropped and Rocky picked up his AK-74.

That was Five soldier's down with one to go, AJ saw him a few feet away, with an AK-74, AJ aimed his weapon at the solider and fired. AJ destroyed the AK-74 that the soldier had been holding, AJ then put down his gun and pulled out his Katana, The solider smiled and pulled out a large knife.

AJ ran at the guy and they had a stalemate, AJ pulled back the slender blade and swung it down on the soldiers arm with the knife, it cut through the guys arm like butter and left him in shock, AJ decided to finish it, he raised the blade once again and took it to the guys neck. There was a dull plump and AJ left the corpse.

That had been the last solider and AJ was tired, He let the other's finish off the random Cultist.


August 13th, 2007, 3:49 PM
First of all, thanks for reading all that stuff.

raichuchika- Accpeted
Just make sure when you are to press enter whenever somebody else is talking or in between different actions and you be perfect for this RP. YOu know a bit more description in your post and stuff to ad more meat to them.

Fallen...Roses/AJ- Accepted
It really seems like you have improve a lot when I did the RP the first time around. Just don't be all into that Skyrider group. I perfer you don't get them involve but I trust that you won't let it take over completely.

My sign up will come up later...

August 13th, 2007, 3:59 PM
Sign up
Name: Harono Ketsuru
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Description: Harono has a lean muscular figure. He has a nice tan and is Caucasian. His hair is light brown with highlights in some areas. It’s long and hangs low over his eyes. His jaw is big and he has light stubble that makes him look more masculine. His eyes are dark brown and thin. His eyebrows are somewhat thin and at the perfect angles to give him the look of innocence. His ears a medium size and have a hanging lobe. Harono’s nose is fairly big but not noticeably larger. His chin is larger than most but not too long. He sometimes wears a skater hat that is dark blue and has an orange trim. He wears a light brown cloth jacket that says “Pain” on the back in bold white letters. He wears a black, tight-fitting tank top underneath it. Harono wears light brownish-grey khaki shorts with many pockets and is worn around the edges. Harono’s shoes are black Converse All Stars.
Personality: Harono is usually sad a lonely, but when he is with his friends his mood completely flips. He can be cheerful most the time, but when he gets in a bad mood, it’s best to avoid him because he can go off like a gun. His Mudkip gives him confidence when he needs it the most.
History: Harono lost his mother the instant he was born and because of this he never knew his mother and his mother never knew him. He has and older brother at the age of 20 and an older sister at the age of 17. His father abuses him and his sister, but they never tell anyone because he is all they got. Harono usually goes to bed hungry because his dad doesn’t feed him often. He and his sister decided to start a pokemon journey when Harono reached the age of 10 so they could travel together. His sister and he eventually went their separate ways, Harono to Hoenn, and his sister going to Sinnoh.
Pokemon: Mudkip does not stay in pokeball.
Pokemon who would be your Mystic Pokemon: Mudkip
Legendary Pokemon that your Mystic Pokemon ancestor was learning from: Cresselia
RPG Sample: Harono was walking along the path in Lillycove City, examining his surroundings. He saw many people walking around with Buizels and Floatzels. The citizens were in their own conversations ignoring eavesdroppers dressed in blue wearing bandanas. Harono took no notice of these happenings but decided to look around some more. He walked along the beach, looked out into the deep blue ocean - with his Mudkip's gleaming eyes staring back into his - and saw Waillords swimming around. (That's just a short bit, I'll get more into it when I actually know what to write about XD And don't worry about my character talking, I know how to write those. I write everything on word so it corrects most mistakes.)
Other: N/A

August 13th, 2007, 4:37 PM
Name: Ryan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Description: Ryan is a tall slender guy, standing at 6'1 with a slight muscular tone and average caucasian skin tone. He has shaggy brown hair and light green eyes. His outfit consist of a white t shirt, with an unbuttoned black long sleeved collared shirt over it, tan pants and white shoes.
Personality: Ryan is a generally a calm and relaxed guy, but inside he is hurting. He is trying to find meaning in his life, and feels like he's wasting his life alot of the time. He also has major trust issues, and really has to get to know somebody to open up. He is usually nice to people, but can be mean if ticked off, or if he doesn't trust someone. He also doesn't like it when people try to help him, he thinks he can do everything on his own.
History: Ryan was born in Goldenrod City.After he was born his father abandoned him and his mother, and when he was two months old his mother left him at an orphanage. As Ryan got older he did not want to be adopted by anybody, and eventually ran away from the Orphanage. He spent his later childhood working hard labor, for little money and a place to sleep. When he turned 15 he got fed up with this lifestlye, and decided to do something better with his life. So he got a pokemon liscense, and his starter pokemon, Totodile. It's been two years since then and he is now 17. He's traveled through Johto and Kanto, and is now traveling around Hoehn, making himself, and his pokemon stronger.
Pokemon: Totodile, Flaffy, Golbat. (if I can have a fourth, I plan on catching it.)
Pokemon who would be your Mystic Pokemon:I'd like to aquire a mystic Trapinch from an egg.
Legendary Pokemon that your Mystic Pokemon ancestor was learn from: Latios.
RPG Sample: (I'll re-do the whole thing :P)

Ryan was sitting be a lake resting his legs. It was hard traveling all the time, but he would be well trained when he started his league journeys in the future. Near Ryan were three pokemon, Totodile, Golbat and Flaffy. These were Ryans pokemon, and he liked to let them play together. Ryan stood up and let out a yawn.

"Alright guys, let's get going." Ryan said recalling his Pokemon. As he began walking on the path next to the lake, he noticed a small group of people watching two trainers battle. "What's going on?" Ryan asked a young man in the crowd.
"Some poor guys getting beaten by the town bully in a pokemon battle. This guy trains his pokemon, just so he can beat new and unexperienced trainers. He's horrible." The young man replied.
"Oh." Ryan said as he watched the "bullies" Viuplume defeat the younger trainers Pidgey.

"Ha!You're pathetic!" The bully said to the trainer, who was now running off with his Pidgey to the pokemon center. "Anybody else think they can beat me? I'm the best there is!"

"...I will." Ryan said stepping up.
"Oh and who are you?" Said the bully.
"I'm just a traveler. Ryan's my name.And you are?" Ryan responded.
"I'm Jack, but it doesn't matter, because after this I doubt you'll ever show your face again!" Jack said smugly.
Ryan smirked. "Let's just battle." Ryan said.

"Hah!Your funeral! Let's get 'em Viuplume!" Jack said, sending out his Viuplume to battle.
"Ah...a Viuplume...a poorly trained one at that. Alright, go Golbat." Ryan said tossing his pokeball on the ground, releasing Golbat.
"Viuplume! Use stunspore on that thing!" Jack demanded.
"Golbat, dodge and use wing attack." Ryan said to Golbat. Viuplume released a pollen from it's bloom, but Golbat flew up and sent down a wing attack, knocking out Viuplume.

"W-what...." Jack said confusedly.
"You're pathetic. Train your pokemon right and fight trainers your own skill level, instead of newer ones." Ryan said sternly. Jack looked down in shame.
"Viuplume return...." He said as he recalled his only pokemon. "You just got lucky.....ehhh I'm out of here." Said Jack as he began walking away, passing the trainer he beat earlier, refusing to look him in the eyes. The young trainer approached Ryan.
"You beat Jack?" He asked astonishedly.
"Yeah. I did." Ryan responded.
"Wow...I'm glad someone taught him a lesson..." The young trainer said.
"Yeah...well...bye." Ryan said as he began walking away.
"Wait...why are you leaving?" The trainer asked. "You can rest at my house tonight."
Ryan stopped. "Thanks, but no thanks." He said. "I really don't need anybodies help but my own." And with that, Ryan left and continued on his travels through Hoehn.

August 13th, 2007, 5:38 PM
Pipluper- Accpeted
Suber! Very good. Thanks for joining the RP. Nice and simple but not sloppy. Also I understand the short sample. All just wanted to see if you can string together a few words and muster out four lines on a post with good description.

orange- Pending
Personity I think you need a bit more on Description but it is ok. Still I would like a bit more in Personality. Still I would like more on history like what region he is in and how long he has been a trainer. Where he is from? If you want you can add where he has been and stuff like that. What was his first pokemon. Things like that. Also in the Sample I would like it to be a bit cleaner. It seems you are ok with spelling since I can read what you typed pretty well but I would like you to use the space bar because it seems like you forgot to use it in some places. Still I like that you are voluteering to recieve the Mystic Egg. If you are going to do that then it is ok for you to start with a fourth pokemon.

Also to others. You will be able to catch pokemon as we go on with the RP.

We need more girls in this RP. haha

My Sign Up
Name: Richard Pido
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Description: From the bottom up RIchard wears black combat boots under his blue jeans that have a patch over his back pocket. Richards wears a belt that holds his pokeballs and a chain is attach to his belt that keeps his wallet from being stolen with a blue dagger holder over the right back pocket. Richards wears a red under shirt under his unbutton white long sleeve shirt. He wears black gloves and his left glove has a metal plate. On his right shoulder has a blue bandanna tied around it. Richard has a long face with brown eyes. Richard has long blue hair that is tied into a ponytail. His hair reaches down a little past his shoulders.
Personality: Richard has a very cool personality and doesn't really like to rush things. He more lay back and tries not to do anything too fast. MOst of the time Richard likes to keep his cool persona but if there is something that annoys him then his temper may come out. Richard can be brave when the times comes and doesn't like to be seen or called a coward. He is on good terms with his pokemon except with his zangoose but they are still friends. Richard is the type of guy that can easily start a conversation with any person that he meets in a Pokemon Center.
History: Richard grew up around Fallarbor Town most of his life from a rich family that made their money off of farming. Still he never did like the rich life and always spent his time outdoors and away from his rich mother, father and sister. Eventually Richard joined a gang and hung out with them for most of his young teen years until an accident happen that involved taking the life of a young girl that looked up to him. After such a life shooking event Richard left the gang and his hometown of Fallarbor Town with little supplies and money. Only just taking a step out of the city he joined up with his first pokemon, a zangoose. After gaining the zangoose's respect from fighting a seviper together to save each other life. Richard never really caught the zangoose but they stay together and consider each other as partners no matter how many disagreements they have. Recently coming back from a victory in Lavaridge City they are moving from Petalburg City and up north to Rustboro City.
Pokemon: Zip (Zangoose), Baltoy, Honchkrow, Shock (electrike)
Pokemon who would be your Mystic Pokemon: Zip (Zangoose)
Legendary Pokemon that your Mystic Pokemon ancestor was learn from: Lugia
Other: Zip doesn't even have a pokeball to be returned too.

RPG Sample/Prestory:

In the darkness of the night a large flame ripped the night sky. There was a mixure of white and orange in the flames as it lighten the sky around a simple gym building. Inside the gym's battle field were two opponets, one of them was a girl with red hair wearing a black top and very baggy blue jeans with a torcoal on her side of the field. The other was a man wearing a brown jacket that was button up with his face covered in shadows. The jacket shined a little from the light provided by a charizard's flame tail. The man chuckle a little and said, "It seems like they made a good choice making you a Gem Holder. Still no matter."

The girl with the red hair was breathing heavily and just looked at her torcoal. It was taking a beating all right and that was considering that all the charizard was doing were fire base attacks. She then yelled, "I don't know how you knew about the Gems but I would not let you take mines! As gym leader of the Laveridge Gym I will keep my Gem away from your hands!"

The man looked at the young teen and said, "Brave words my dear girl. Very brave but still no matter. I will win and there is nothing you can do about it."

The girl with the red hair looked at Torcoal and said, "Use Stone Edge!"

The fire turle pokemon withdrew into his shell and began to spin around rapidly and flew into the air. It had a brown glow and was flying right for the charizard.

The man looked at his charizard and said, "Dragon Claw."

The charizard simply raised herclaw which was glowing green and hit the torcoal under the spinning shell making it fly upward into the sky. The charizard just stood there and didn't even bother to watch the torcoal hit the ground. The man who owned the charizard nodded and said, "Still like I said before. They made a wise choice in picking you as Gem Holder. The plan was brillent. Having several people to act as Gem Holder with none of them being the true Gem Holders with you being the true Gem Holder in the end. You surely sent my men on a wild goose chase and even force me out." he then stopped talking for a minute and said, "But the play ends here."

The girl with red hair looked at the man and said, "Use Heat Wave!"

The torcoal opened its mouth to shot out many orange waves of heat at the charizard. Then without any command the Charizard let out a roaring white flame from her mouth to shoot out a powerful Flamethrower.

The torcoal flew back and landed on it's back unable to battle. The force of the attack had sent the girl to her knees. She looked up and saw that the man in the brown jacket was walking towards her with his charizard following close behind. She then mutter out, "That isn't. It can't. It can't be a Mystic. Can it?"

"It is." said the person in brown. "Now my prize."

The girl looked at the man and tried to keep a brave face. She then yelled out, "NO! Never! I can't let you have it! I won't allow it!"

The man just laughed and said, "That isn't you to decide. It is the Gem's."

Soon a red glow began to emit from under the girl's shirt. There was ripping sound and soon a red, round, apple shaped crystal was floating in front of the man. He then smiled and said, "The Gem of Fire. It is mines." He then took the stone that was floating before him into his hand and place it inside his brown jacket. He then looked down at the girl that was kneeing before him and said, "It was nice to meet the new Lavaridge Gym Leader. Maybe we meet again once my plan is complete." He then got on to his charizard and together the flew into the night sky.

August 13th, 2007, 8:23 PM
Orange- Pending
Well I am a bit unsure about accepting you but if you can edit your sign up one more time and fix it up a bit where you have a space after each period then I accept you. I would perfer a bit more description in your post but that could be done in the RP.

Also it is ok with the change of Mystic Pokemon. Kind of strange to see a Wynaut using Dragon Breath.

Also my Sample is kind of like a Prestory to the RP. Maybe nice to read it.

August 13th, 2007, 9:59 PM
Name: Riiarei Setsuko

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Description: Riiarei has short, dark brown hair styled in a tomboyish fashion, but it isn't so short that she actually looks like a boy. Her eyes are deep blue and show the the inner fire raging in her soul. She's most often seen wearing a white t-shirt with a black dragon design embroidered on the right side along with a pair of black pants. To top it all off, she wears a black headband with a design that looks similar to the top half of a pokeball printed on the front.

Personality: Riiarei is very hot tempered. Anything she finds annoying or inconsiderate can set her off. But she rarely shows this side of her to people she's unfamiliar with. She manages to keep her cool around strangers. That is, unless they do something that really makes her mad. She's vary loyal to her friends and she has a protective nature about her. She can't stand watching others get hurt. Other than that, she's generally pretty quiet and normally keeps to herself unless she's around close friends.

History: Riiarei has been on her own almost as long as she can remember. Her mother died when she was only eight years old and she never knew her father. So for the past eight years, she's been traveling the world with her three close Pokemon companions. She's traveled throgh Kanto and the Orange Islands and is currently exploring Hoenn, where she's been for the past two years. She loves it there.

Pokemon: A male Umbreon named Eclipse, a male Luxio named Tazyr, and a female Vulpix named Soulfire.

Pokemon who would be your Mystic Pokemon: Umbreon

Legendary Pokemon that your Mystic Pokemon ancestor was learn from: If orange takes Latios and all the rest are already taken, I guess that leaves me Latias :P

RPG Sample: There he stood. Right before her eyes was the very man who made her life such hell. It was because of him that she had no parents. It was because of him she was stuck in a world where she did not belong. It was because of him that her two closest friends were gone and she'd never get to see them again.

She was filled with a sudden rage. Just the sight of him made her want to scream with frustration. When she got her hands on him, she'd make him pay for all the pain he'd caused her.

(hows that? I know it's pretty short and if it doesn't work, I can search for something longer, just let me know :) )

Other: None

August 14th, 2007, 9:49 AM
Give me a bit more on History and you will be perfect. You know. Tell me where Riiarei has been and stuff. Everything else seems excellent but I really appreciate if you tell me where your character has been which will make this perfect.

Also One Piece rocks. haha

Ok. So all we need is Orange to fix up his stuff then we can start this with a full cast. Expect this RP to set sail tonight.

August 14th, 2007, 10:32 AM
Give me a bit more on History and you will be perfect. You know. Tell me where Riiarei has been and stuff. Everything else seems excellent but I really appreciate if you tell me where your character has been which will make this perfect.

Also One Piece rocks. haha

Ok. So all we need is Orange to fix up his stuff then we can start this with a full cast. Expect this RP to set sail tonight.

Okay, I fixed it a bit. Tell me if that's alright.

And yes, One Piece does rock =D

August 14th, 2007, 3:35 PM
Orange- Accepted
Looks much better now. I hope you do use more detail in your post. Just don't over do it. haha

To Nariko- Good enough.

Go One Piece!

Also sign ups will be temportary closed. Depends if I feel like we need more cast.

Now it is time for the current to rise!


"That city was surely full on that Norman guy weren't they Zip?" said a young man with blue hair in a ponytail named Richard. He was walking next to his zangoose named Zip who wore a matching blue bandana on his right shoulder just like Richard. "Still you have to say that the guy was kind of tough. Still no problem for us."

Zip shurgged lazily and thought that the whole battle was just a joke. The zangoose just kept on walking next to his partner and countinued to walk deeper into the dark forest of Petalburg Woods. They were heading north towards Rustboro City where they were making plans to battle Roxanna for her badge.

"Still we are good for the battle right Zip. Nothing to worry about except for for where her gym is." smiled Richard. "No matter. We worry about that once we get to the city."

Zip just shurgged again and together the two walked deeper into the woods.

The wind rustle the high treetops of Petalburg woods. Little sunlight was able to make it though the treetops making the ground below look dark. Still a loud scream broke the slience of the woods. Richard and Zip around to look for the source of the scream. Richard could see anything but looked at Zip to see if he could detect where the sound came from by using his ears. "ANything?"

Zip nodded and began to run forwards on all fours. Richard ran after his friend until they were in a small clearing where they hid behind a large tree. Richard was able to see that a man dressed in the classic Magma grunt uniform was holding a small boy in his arms. There was a primeape and Camerupt on both sides of the Magma grunt. A Golbat was flying above the man.

"Let me go! I don't have anything!!!!" said the boy.

The Magma grunt looked angry and yelled, "Give it to me now or we are going have to get painful." The Primeape looked ready to attack.

Richard heard this and guess that these guys were some kind of thugs and knew that this must be some left over Magma grunt trying to act big for his team, or what is left of it.

"OK Primeape. Looks like we having some problems with this kid. How about you give him a Karate Chop to the face." said the man angry to the boy.

Richard guess this was the time to do something if this kid wanted to keep his face in one piece. He looked at Zip and said, "Use Airal Ace!"

Zip nodded and shot forward like a blur. The primeape was raising his gloved handed into the air that was glowing white when he was shot backward to the ground. "What was that?" asked the Magma grunt.

Richard then walked behind the tree with Zip who just walked back in front of Richard. Richard then said, "How about you leave that little kid alone. Three against one isn't that fair so maybe two against three will help a bit."

August 14th, 2007, 4:29 PM
Ryan was at his wits end. He's been through alot of forest during his travels, but none were as confusing as the Petalburg Woods. The dark setting was the problem. He could barely tell where he was going, and if he didn't find a way out soon he didn't know what would happen.

"This is just great...my third day in Hoehn, and I'm lost. Sigh." Ryan said as his stomach rumbled. "Oh fantastic....now I'm hungry. Alright, back to finding my way out."

Ryan began searching around some more, using his Totodile to cut down any bushes in his way, but it was hopeless. Ryan was completely lost, and he knew he was lost.

"This wouldn't be a problem, if I could only find a human to help me....no. I can find my own way out. I don't need others." Ryan said to himself. Suddenly Ryan heard noises in the distance, and what sounded like human voices.

Without hesitation, Ryan began walking in the direction of the voices, and soon enough he saw three people. A blue haired boy, another boy, and a man in an odd uniform, with others in the same uniform. There were also pokemon as well.

"What is going on?" He asked himself, edging closer to the people, but trying to stay out of sight, wanting to avoid unwanted attention, by the looks of the man in the uniform. That's when he noticed that they must be battling over something, because these uniformed men didn't look like average trainers.

"Heh...I'll just watch the battle, and then secretly follow the winner out of the woods." Ryan said satisfied to himself, keeping his attention on the strange men, while keeping himself hidden behind some bushes.

August 14th, 2007, 4:32 PM
Harono and Mudkip were walking around Lilycove City looking at its many sight-seeing worth areas. The two just recently moved into a small one bedroom, half bath apartment. They were happy with the price for the size.

“Would you like to go see the department store Mudkip? I hear they have a lot there that could help us in battles,” Harono told Mudkip.

“Mud, Mudkip!” Mudkip replied giving back a wide smile to him.

The two entered the store and asked the salesclerk where he would find some potions and such. The woman smiled and told him to check the second floor. Harono and Mudkip started walking up the stairs to reach the second floor. As they entered the room, they could see the glimmer of the lights on the clean white marble floor. Mudkip’s eyes glimmered in the bright surroundings.

Harono approached a woman wearing a nametag and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and smiled at him and asked what she could help him with.

“Do you sell potions on this floor? I’m going to need them when I go and face the gym leader in Fortree City,” Harono told her. She pointed to a counter where there was a man standing behind it.

Harono walked up to it and purchased what he came for. “Would you like to go see anything else, Mudkip?”

“Mudkip!” Mudkip announced meaning that it wanted to find a TM for Ice Beam.

They asked where they would find the TMs and went to the floor. It had a similar look to the first two floors, except had different items on display. Harono purchased the TM and taught it to Mudkip. It was the perfect move to use against Winnona’s flying type pokemon.

The duo left the store and went to the beach to see the sun set over the beautiful ocean. The water glimmered as the ocean turned a reddish-orange color. Over to the right, there were two young teenagers making out on a beach towel, and to the left, a man dressed in blue, wearing a blue bandana with a weird bone made symbol. The man was talking to a Sharpedo and it dove underwater. Harono took no notice to this, as he thought it was just a trainer.

August 14th, 2007, 6:47 PM
Riiarei gazed out at the long road ahead of her and let out an exasperated sigh. The Umbreon at her side looked up at her quizzically, as if to ask "What's the matter?"

The two of them were on their way to Fortree City for a battle with Winona, the local gym leader. It seemed to Riiarei that she had been on the road to Fortree for months when in reality, it had only been about a week and she was longing to sleep in a warm bed instead of the cold, hard ground.

"Looks like it's going to be a while still before we get to Fortree, Eclipse..." she murmured to her companion. "I wanted to get there before nightfall, but I can't tell if we're close and there hasn't been any signs... I should have asked the people at the Weather Institute while we were there, but it just sort of slipped my mind."

She waited for Eclipse to give her some sort of response, but he stayed silent. "You could at least act like you-- what's the matter?"

When she looked down at her companion, she found that he wasn't paying attention. Instead, his eyes were locked on a shadowy figure moving around in the darkness of the forest. Eclipse let out a low growl and the fur on his back bristled.

Riiarei stared at the figure for a moment before it disappeared behind a tree. "Just ignore it, Eclipse," she said. "Let's get going."

The Umbreon continued to stare into the forest for a moment while his trainer walked ahead. Then reluctantly, he followed her.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
August 14th, 2007, 10:58 PM
AJ walked along the sodden path with Espeon and Umbreon side by him, the path was supposed to be shapen as a maze, but was sorley too easy. AJ scoffed at the whole thing and turned his attention to a battle, a Lowlife Magma grunt with more then one ambushing pokemon battling a young boy and a late teen with a blue ponytail.

" Two against Three still isn't even, let me join the fight." AJ told the blue haired man, AJ then took a look at the Opponents pokemon, one was an enraged primeape, one was a firey Camerupt and the last one was an annoying Golbat.

AJ took pity on the pokemon, being with such a loser trainer. " So how 'bout' it? Go Umbreon!" AJ yelled to his loyal Umbreon.

" Or you could back out now..." AJ reasoned with the lowly grunt, for just a second flashing his Skyrider emblem to the grunt, hoping to rattle him.

August 15th, 2007, 6:31 AM
Magma grunt had no idea what the newcomer just flashed at him and just said, "Stay out of this you punk kids. This buisness is between me and this guy here." He then looked at his Camerupt and said, "Use Rock Slide on these guys."

Before the Camerupt was able to perform his attack Richard notice that another kid had joined this so called battle. He had a pretty boy look and some sort of small ponytail. Still no matter. That just meant less action for him and Zip. The zangoose was disappointed that it won't have to deal with threepokemon at the same time and Richard saw that. Richard then grinned and said, "Don't worry Zip. Maybe next time."

The Magma grunt then looked at his Primeape and said, "Go in there and use your Rock Slide too!"

Camerupt shot out large rocks from it's back to both the zangoose and umbreon. The Primeape then slammed it his into the ground making many rocks fly in the air and towards the same pair of pokemon. Richard saw that the attack was coming close and told Zip, "Use Double Team!"

At once many illusions of Zip took the field and a few of them were hit with the Rock Slide attack but the real Zip was still hidden among the fake illusion Zips.

Richard then notice that the kid was still in the arms of the Magma grunt and guessed that something had to be done about that. He looked at Zip and nodded his head towards the kid. The zangoose seemed to understood and Richard said, "Use Quick Attack!"

The illusion Zip then shot forward and instead of attacking a pokemon the real Zip hit the grunt making his stumble back a bit and releasing the person that he was holding. Zip then took the kid and was beginning to make his way back towards where Richard and the other person was.

Richard then yelled at the kid, "How about you use your pokemon now to join the battle? With you this battle would be three on three."

The kid that was being dragged by Zip looked at Richard and said, "But I don't even own a single pokemon."

Richard just looked at the kid and knew that he was more then ten years old so he was legal to carry a pokemon but still he doesn't even own one. Still Richard wasn't given much time to think about that because the Magma grunt had gotten up and said, "But I still have one left to battle myself. Golbat use Air Slash on that zangoose!"

The Golbat flew into the air and began to flap it's wings to make the air into a blade like current and it was going to make it way towards Zip. The zangoose was being slowed down by dragging the human and the only way for him to be able to escape would be by letting go and let the kid take the hit but Zip knew better not to do that. Still in a matter of seconds both of them were going to be hit.

August 15th, 2007, 7:48 AM
"I can't watch this anymore..." Samson thought to himself.
These people he had been watching seemed to be in trouble, and they were about to get attacked by a Golbat.

"Alright I don't need there help...but they might need mine...and the best way to fight that Golbat is with my own Golbat!" Samson said releasing Golbat, and making his entrance, giving the trainers a nod.

"Golbat, help them out! Knock that other Golbat right out of the sky!" And with that said, Golbat appeared behind the enemy Golbat almost instantly. "Use bite Golbat! Drag it to the ground!" Samson yelled.

Samson's Golbat bit into the other Golbat and dragged it down before it could attack the Zangoose and the kid.

"Good job Golbat, now show it your wing attack!" Samson said as Golbat flew up and flapped it's wings, sending cutting air currents down on the Golbat.

"Phew....that could have gotten ugly.." Samson thought to himself, staring at the other trainers.

August 15th, 2007, 8:27 AM
Harono was just reaching what looked like a long grassy route. "Just up here Mudkip, it may take about a day's travel to reach Fortree, but you never know what we might find."

They started up a dirt made path, and could see a pond up ahead and a lady with a bag full of something. Harono made his way towards her. She was wearing a pink dress and a white apron over it. Her hair was a beautiful glowing blonde that twinkled in the bright morning sun. "Would you like a berry sir?"

Harono looked behind him to see if anyone else was there, "Are you talking to me? Uh, yeah sure. Do you have a Sitrus berry? They're my favorite."

"Why, yes I do. How many do you want?" The young beautiful lady relplied.

"Enought to cook me a nice meal tonight." Harono replied shakily. He was nervous talking to such a beautiful girl. "She's hot!" Harono mumbled to his Mudkip.

"What was that?" Harono just shrugged like he didn't say anything. "Well if you want a nice meal, take this selection of berries. It'll make a nice meal."

Harono smiled and thanked the nice young woman. He and Mudkip set their eyes on a large patch of very high grass, and they decided they would try and get there by noon.

August 15th, 2007, 4:38 PM
Because Abby was afraid she'd be attacked by a criminal again, she decided to stay inside. Then her cell phone rang.

"Hello? Abby? How are you? This is Sarah." Sarah was Abby's friend whose parents happened to be rich to a whole new extreme. "Wanna go on a boat ride with me? It has a motor. We won't have to row it ourselves."

Abby hesitated, but then said, "Sarah, how will we do that? You don't have a motor boat, do you?"

"Yeah I do," Sarah started. "My parents bought it for me yesterday."

"Wow. Is there anything you don't have?" Abby questioned. Sarah didn't answer. She said she'd meet Abby at a nearby lake at 3:00 pm. It was 1:30 pm then. Though Abby was looking foward to it, would she be attacked by another criminal?

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
August 15th, 2007, 6:38 PM
AJ felt disapointed, he hadn't a chance to fight in the battle and it was already over, he sighed silently and looked over to the one with the Golbat who had dealt the final blow to the enemy's Golbat.

AJ then looked back toward the blue haired male with the Zangoose, He looks familar AJ thought to himself, No The man I crossed looked like this, but was in a gang, and I recall his name being Gin... Or was that his- AJ's thoughts were interupted by another thought.

AJ turned to Richard, " So, who are you?" He asked him, an eyebrow raised. No, this man looks way too calm and such and the other man had darker hair and shorter hair.

Turning to the other man, " Same to you, why are you here?"

August 15th, 2007, 6:54 PM
Ryan returned his Golbat and crossed his arms.
"I'm Ryan...I've been traveling, and during my...walk...through these woods, I heard this battle, and decided to check it out. That's all."
Ryan clicked dirt off the back of his shoes and put his hands in his pockets.
"So uh...who exactly was I helping you guys fight?" Ryan asked nodding towards the uniformed men.
"They don't look like normal trainers at all."

August 15th, 2007, 8:38 PM

I just got a PM from ~*Nariko*~ saying that she won't be able to RP in our RP due to RL things. So Sign Ups are now open again for her spot. ANybody who you know could be intrested in this RP are welcome to join for the last Mystic spot.


Soon another Golbat appeared and forced the Magma grunt's Golbat to redirect it's Air Slash to hit a tree branch. It was soon dragged to the ground by the other Golbat and was struggling to get back up.

Richard looked over at the other kid and said, "Thanks a lot kid. That helped a lot." He then saw that Zip had decided to throw the kid and made him land at Richard's feet. He kind just morn a little and Richard picked him up.

The pretty boy just looked disappointed and asked for Richard's name. The kid with the golbat had returned his pokemon and said he was named Ryan. Richard thought that it was best to tell his name, "My name is Richard and the zangoose over there is my partner Zip. As of why we are battling I have no idea. I guess because this kid here," RIchard nodded the person Zip just rescue, "Was attacked by this Magma idiot here."

"Who are you guys calling an idiot!" yelled the Magma grunt. His golbat was in the air now. The Magma grunt then said, "If you haven't notice we still have a battle here!!!" He then looked at his pokemon and said, "Primeape use Maga Punch. Camerupt use Flamethower and Golbat use Wing Attack!"

Richard then looked at Ryan and the other kid and said, "How about we just pick one of these pretty pokemon here and finish it off. Then we talk."

For once Zip nodded and agree with Richard. Richard saw this and said, "I think we take the Primeape. Zip show how fast you are by using your Arial Ace!"

The Primeape's fist was glowing white and was going to hit the closest pokemon to him which was the umbreon. At once Zip shot forward and disappeared for a minute before reappearing making the Primeape fall back. It seemed to have taken a lot of damage since he is weak against flying base attacks.

The Camerupt shot it Flamethower attack towards Richard and the kid while the Golbat was aiming it's attack close towards the Flamethower hoping to hit Richard.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
August 15th, 2007, 9:03 PM
AJ nodded toward both of them, Zip seemed to fasinate him though, the Zangoose looked very powerful. AJ then saw that there was indeed still a battle going on, " Great, time to fight!" AJ directed Espeon to the scene, " Espeon, use psychic on the Golbat!" AJ commanded as the Espeon used a powerful psychic attack.

The attack hit the golbat but didn't seem to hurt it that much, considering the type match up wasn't all that great, but it did stop Golbat from attacking, which was good enough.

The Flamethrower is about to hit Richard and Zip... " Oh Right..."

AJ knew there wasn't much he could do to help them, " Umbreon, Use Shadow ball to rival the flamethrower, now!" AJ hoped that this would work, other wise Richard would get hit with a shadow ball and a flamethrower.

And that, would not be good.

August 15th, 2007, 9:22 PM
Ryan smirked, and released Totodile from it's Pokeball. He noticed AJ was gonna stop the flamethrower with his Espeon, so he'd make sure the Camerupt wouldn't use another one.
"Alright Totodile, aim a water gun directly at that Camerupt!"
And with that said, Totodile jumped up, opened it's mouth and shot a powerful blast of water out of it's mouth, slamming the Camerupt directly against a tree...but the Camerupt wasn't down for the count now, it now had it's sights set on Totodile, and began charging at it full speed.

"If that thing hits....ok Totodile! Use Bubblebeam right in that Camerupt's face!" Ryan commanded.

Totodile opened it's mouth and shout many powerful and fast bubbles directly at Camerupt, knocking it out cold.

"Good job Totodile...but this battle isn't over yet..."

August 16th, 2007, 9:34 AM
THe action was happening so fast. The other kid had his espeon use a Psychic attack making the Golbat freeze in shock. THen the pokemon just fell to the ground. IT looked like the a bat pokemon couldn't handle an attack from a psychic pokemon. Then the Flamethower that was about to hit Richard and the other kid was able to defect the flames away from RIchard and soon Ryan's Totodile came and brough the camerupt down. Then after a fury of bubbles from the totodile's Bubblebeam brought the camerupt to the door of defeat.

Richard looked around and guess that he and Zip were the only ones left to battle. Zip didn't like that and Richard knew that. He then said, "No worry Zip. We are the best and like they say, the best is always last."

Zip scoled at Richard and just prepare himself for battle.

The Magma grunt looked at his two fallen pokemon and said, "Useless pokemon. REturn." He then looked at his remaining pokemon, primeape, and said, "Finish off the zangoose. We need to make sure that kid comes with us no matter what. Use Focus Punch!"

The primeape closed his eyes to prepare to focus itself. Then it shot at Zip with a blue fist. There was still time for Zip to attack back.

Richard knew that if the attack hit Zip then it would knock him out so he needed to make sure that Zip's next attack would knock out the primeape with on blow and it had to touch the primeape. Richard then said, "Use Arial Ace!"

The primeape was coming close to attack Zip but the zangoose jumped into the air and then came down hitting the Primeape making him lose his focus and stopped the attack. Richard saw that the primeape was frozen because of the attack and Richard said, "Finish it with Crush Claw!"

The zangoose's claw then began to glow orange and slammed the primeape forcing it into it's trainer's arms. The Magma grunt looked at the trio that defeated him and returned his pokemon. He then said, "You don't know what you just did. I swear I just swear." He then began to run deep into the woods away from Richard and the other three people with him.

"Good job Zip." said Richard to his zangoose. Zip just shurgged acting that what he did was nothing. Richard then looked at the pretty boy and the kid that was close by him. "So what your two names?"

The kid looked at Richard and said, "Well my name is Cole."


A girl in a blue schoolgirl uniform was in front of her computer. Many childern were seated in their seats working in workbooks. A nosepass was watching over the group making sure that they don't do anything bad or cheat. The girl at the computer was reading an email that read:

To: All Hoenn Gym Leaders

If you see any trainers that have defeated you in the next few days that you feel are powerful enough to do a risky task then please reconmend them to head for Rustboro City. The recent defeat of Flannery of Lavaridge has risen a situation and measures are in needed to be taken.

The girl nodded and said, "I hope Cole is ok."

August 16th, 2007, 9:41 AM

Danny ... corner

RickRageous!: I appreciate that you have an intrest in RPing and I can see you have some skill in RPing but if you are intrested in RPing in this RP then then could you please fill out the RP sign up sheet in the first post so I can make my decision to allow you to RP in this RP.

Also my I note that this RP isn't rated R. It is more of a PG the most kind of RP.

August 16th, 2007, 9:48 AM
Ryan returned Totodile and folded his arms.
"Well...that was interesting...gotta say, you guys aren't half bad at battling."
He adjusted his shirt and brushed some dirt off of it.

"Now I have some questions for you." Ryan said pointing at this kid 'Cole.'
"Who was that guy in the uniform, and why were they after you kid?"

All kinds of thoughts were going through Ryan's head at what they could have done to this kid, and he wanted to know why.

August 16th, 2007, 10:09 AM
Harono and Mudkip reached the destination by mid-day. Over the top of the grass, they could see an oddish jumping up and down at a banana tree. “Maybe we could see if that oddish knows how much farther we have until the end of this route.” Harono told Mudkip.

The two entered the brush, side-by-side. They could hear a faint sound of crying. Each step they took, the sound became clearer and louder. Harono ripped the grass from its roots and got a clear view of what was an oddish nest being attacked by a Tropius. “That must be what they were attacking. Mudkip use Ice Beam on that Tropius!”

A small frosty white ball appeared above Mudkip’s tongue. The ball became spiked in the front and shot out of Mudkip’s mouth with power beyond belief. It seemed to be stronger than most Ice Beams Harono has seen. It hit Tropius square in the head and knocked a banana off its head. The oddish gathered around it and divided it into pieces.

Harono discovered that they just wanted the banana from its head. Harono healed the Tropius and let it fly away.

After another day’s travel, they reached Fortree and rested in the inn.

August 16th, 2007, 11:38 AM
"Half bad?" said RIchard finding the comment a bit annoying. Still what Richard was feeling was nothing compare to Zip who was angry that a word refering to him and bad was used in the same sentance. Zip was going to hit the guy in the back of his head when Richard grabbed him by the fur on the back of his neck. He then said to just his zangoose, "Cool it a bit. No need to cut his head off. Just let."

Zip just scoulded at both trainers and shurrged.

Richard then heard the kid's questions and said, "You must have not been here for that long then have you? That was a member of Team Magma. They are a crimminal oraganzationg that have been founded here in Hoenn. Recently they been dead active until now." Richard then smiled a bit and said, "You must not be very smart if you didn't check the travel guide before coming to Hoenn." Zip let out a small snicker.

Cole then nodded and said, "Yeah. That guy was from Team Magma. I have no idea why he just attack me though. I was just walking around in these woods when he just attacked me."

Richard shrugged and said, "Yeah. They been doing that a lot lately. Wish I knew why though."

August 16th, 2007, 12:05 PM
"What kind of travel guide talks about criminal organizations?" Ryan snapped back.
"Well...anyway, I'm pretty impressed with that Zangoose you got. He looks like he was raised very well. And yeah, I've only been in Hoehn for three days. I just finished traveling through Kanto, and before that Johto."

Ryan stretched a little and looked back at Richard.
"Team Magma eh? Well, if they're all like that guy, they couldn't be to much trouble." Ryan said as he leaned back against a tree with his eyes closed, deep in thought.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
August 16th, 2007, 1:27 PM
" There is also Team Auqa, who specializes in Water and is pretty much the rival to Team Magma, And then there is Team Skyrider who is after Rayquaza and is more powerful then both of those teams. I've also heard of other groups, one with an R..." AJ stated.

AJ turned to Cole, " Well Cole, why do Team Magma want you? You steal something, or do something to them.. or... what?"

AJ felt a rumble in his pocket, he pulled out his Pokegear and saw that he had a new message, there was an exclamation mark inside of a yellow triangle Spinning. " From... '?'" AJ saw that it was from an unknown person, He read the message and paled.

What was this all about, was there more to this then a simple prank from a friend?

AJ put his pokegear away and turned back to Cole.

August 16th, 2007, 4:46 PM
Richard smiled and said, "Well from what I heard is that their are many different levels to these oraganzations so maybe that was just some sort of idiot member." He then smiled while Zip was smiling crafty from the comment he just recieved. Still Richard bary heard anything about about this Skyrider group but guess that wasa bit beyond the point. This AJ kid was did brought up a good point. Why was this kid being harass by a Team Magma grunt.

Cole shrugged and said, "I don't know. I mean I haven't done anything to offend Team Magma. I bary even seen a member til today. LIke I said. I was just walking around in the forest when the guy just attack me."

"He does have a point." said Richard. He then walked around a bit and said, "They have been going around attacking people in random. This kid here could be just one of the victums."

"Yeah." said Cole. He then stood with Richard and said, "Well still can I ask you guys a flavor? I need to get back to the Rustboro Gym but I am afraid to go back alone. Is it ok if I ask you guys to escort me there?"

Richard looked at Cole and knew that he was going to the same place as he was. Zip nodded and Richard said, "Well it looks like we are both heading towards the same place. I don't mind taking you there. I mean heck me and Zip here directions there so we can challenge the gym leader there so you be helping us out too."

August 16th, 2007, 4:56 PM
Ryan put his hands in his pocket and nodded.
"I have nothing better to do, so I might as well go with you guys to Rustboro city. I'm traveling anyway."
He played around in his pockets and made sure his Pokeballs were all there.
"Besides, for all we know there could be more of these Magma guys in the woods. So it's better for us all to stick together."

Ryan looked up at the sky.
"I can't even tell if it's day or night right now....so the sooner we get to Rustboro, the better."

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
August 16th, 2007, 5:10 PM
" Likley story... It doesn't seem like you would be targetted for any real good reason." AJ told Cole, " I'll come along, You guys might need some muscle." He said in mock seriousness. He wiped the sweat off his brow, it was hot out, for such a cool month, He slipped off his white trenchcoat, revealing his denim vest; Crimson in color with orange flames on it with the text "Made in heaven" on the back. AJ stuffed the white trenchcoat saying "Fallen Angel" in his bag.

" So, which way do we go? I rarely go this way, this is actually my second or so time; the first time I had alot of trouble going through it, dark out. So lead the way Richard."

AJ turned to Ryan, " I doubt that there are any more Magma members this way; I was suprised to see one.. I thought they were done, kaput. I guess not, atleast not entirley."

August 17th, 2007, 9:54 AM
So, Abby arrived at the river to go motor boating with Sarah.

"Let's let out all our Pokemon," Abby said. "They could probably use some fresh air." Sarah agreed that would be a good idea, So Abby let out all of her Pokemon."

"Go, Clefairy!" Sarah said, letting out her Clefairy. Everything was going fine until Cassidy and Butch appeared, trying to steal Abby's Pokemon.

August 17th, 2007, 3:46 PM

Raichuchika, could you give me a location on where you are please? You know so I know where you are according to the RP? That would be nice.

I would decline you but I perfer to give chances and also I have seen worst before. First of all, I need more for Personality. Then I don't accept pictures as description. I would like you to type something out so I know that you can describe things. History, I would perfer you didn't start out with a Legendary much less Manaphy since there is little chance you will ever find a pokemon like that if Pokemon was real. ALso I need more in history so we can know where what region you are from and where you have been. Also your History that you have is very confusing.

Please redo your sign up and I decide again.


"Yeah. That what I thought too." said Richard agreeing with AJ. He then looked up at the treetops and see if he could see if it was day or night. Most likey it was late afternoon since he and Zip enter the woods. Richard ignore the comment that AJ made about muscle while trying to keep Zip from ripping AJ's head.

Richard then looked around and wonder where the exit it was. He then saw a light and pointed to it. Richard then said, "That could be where we can get out." He then looked at Cole and said, "I guessing you are from Rustboro so you must have came out from where we want to go to. Is that it kid?"

Cole looked up and said, "Umm yeah. I think that is it."

Richard nodded and lead the way towards the exit holding on to Zip's arm to make sure that the zangoose doesn't do anything that would harm others like the two that was following Richard. Soon he was out of the woods to be welcome by a small pink flowershop that was closed for the day and a small lake with a bridge that helped people cross to the other side that lead to Rustboro City. The sun was now setting.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
August 17th, 2007, 5:19 PM
" We should get going, if we are to make it to Rustburo with light, we wouldn't want to be stumbling around in the pitch dark, where we could get jumped by more of those fashion disaster grunts who call themselves team Magma." AJ stated looking around him, where was the exit anyway, where was the path to Rustburo, where Roxanne was? where the Pokemon school was founded? AJ turned to Cole, Cole was real small, he looked about... nine, at the most, since he seemed so young.

" Cole, how old are you? Eight or nine.. or what?" AJ asked the kid, truley wondering what Team Magma could've done with a pipsqueak like him, it didn't make much sense.

" Lets go"

August 17th, 2007, 5:52 PM

A bit better. I would like a bit more on the Sample though. Description would be nice to have and stuff. I am assuming your character is from SInnoh so that means he is on his way to HOenn or is there already.

Still there is one major thing that you keep on doing that I didn't expect to explain. I am not sure if you read that massive first post but if you haven't then you need to. About the pokemon that is your Mystic Pokemon, it has to be non Legendary for one thing. Either you start the RP with a Mystic pokemon that is non-Legendary or you get one later on by egg or some sort of event I have planned. Still I hope you would have gotten the idea about the Mystics.

Fix and we see.


They were walking a bit in slience until AJ asked Cole his age. Richard looked at Cole and thought that he was a bit under his age. Cole was a bit on the short side but still seeing that he doesn't have a pokemon makes Richard question how old Cole is.

Cole looked at AJ and said, "Well I am fourteen. I just a bit short that is all."

Richard was a bit surprise to hear that this Cole kid was fourteen. He wouldn't have guess him being that old. "If you fourteen then you are legal enough to own pokemon. How come you don't have any pokemon?"

"Oh. Well." said Cole. "I just don't. I mean don't get me wrong. I am not scared of them. I just don't have one."

Richard was a bit surprise and soon they enter the city of Rustboro which the setting sun was making the streetlights come on.

August 17th, 2007, 6:11 PM
Name: Chris
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Description: Brown hair that goes down to his ears. He wears a green baseball cap with a hoody T-Shirt. he wears a white long sleeve shirt under it at times when it is very cold. He wears a simple pair of blue jeans and black converse. He has tan skin with blue eyes. He also wears a necklace that his granfather left for him in his will.
Personality: He is very serious. He knows not to fool around or disobey orders. He hasnt had alot of time to learn about what he could do for fun because of his History.
History: He has witnessed alot of harsh deaths when he was young. His mother and father got in a fight when he was 4 and his mother ended up dying. His father went to jail and he moved in with his aunt. His cousin who was 19 at the moment, was in a gang who used pokemon to rob banks and steal personal belongings. When he was out playing at the park one day he saw a fire across the street. His cousin made the fire with his Arcanine. He dided in that fire. Chris went crying into a forest and decided to run away and start on a journey. He caught alot of pokemon and found an Arceus while he was exploring Mt. Coronet and he found a little flute. His grandfather taught him a special song when he played the flute so Chris started to play it. Out of nowhere stairs to the sky grew from the ground. He climbed it and battled Arceus. He tryed to catch him but his fierce partner, Drapion, was not strong enough.
Pokemon: Frollass, Carnivine, Drapion, and Luxor
Pokemon who would be your Mystic Pokemon: Gallade (if thats acceptable)
Legendary Pokemon that your Mystic Pokemon ancestor was learn from: Latias (Pick one from the list. Note: First come first serve. If the Legendary Pokemon that you want is taken then pick another or hope that the person who picked that Legendary is declined.)
RPG Sample: Chris ran from Mt. Coronet to the nearest Pokemon Center he could find, dodging all the wild pokemon that came in his way. A Zubat used supersonic on him and he did not know what to do. He just stood in the same place for safety. When his confusion stopped he ran as fast as he could out of Mt. Coronet. Fortunately there was a Officer Jenny waiting outside. She brought him and his pokemon to the nearest Pokemon Center.
Other: Nothing

I hope this one is good enough! ;)

August 18th, 2007, 8:29 AM
Ryan was happy to finally get out of the petalburg woods.
"So this is Rustboro eh? Pretty nice place." Ryan said looking at the scenery.
"Well....we got the kid here and we didn't run into any Magma guys. You were right AJ." Ryan said looking at AJ.

"So...I'll be at the pokemon center. Later." Ryan said with a nod and turned away waving his hand, and began walking towards the pokemon center.

"Pretty good guys." Ryan thought to himself as he walked off.

August 18th, 2007, 5:13 PM

Drapion_Dawg- Accpeted
I guess that is good enough. Just don't expect Manaphy and Arceus to make an appearence in this RP.


Richard watched as Ryan left them for the pokemon center. He then looked at Zip and said, "Feeling a bit tired?"

Zip looked at Richard and just let out a small bark of a laugh. Richard smiled back and said, "I take that as a yes." RIchard knew Zip well enough to know when he needs to rest. Also Zip just battled against a fighting type pokemon and took some damage so the zangoose was due for a healing.

"Hey Cole. I guess we see you later then right?" said Richard. "You can handle the rest of the way right?"

Cole nodded and was going to walk away until Richard remember something. He had no idea where the Rustboro Gym was and Richard has a bad sense of direction sometimes. He then yelled at COle, "Hey COle! How about you come with us to heal. YOu know so you can show me where the gym is. I want to battle that leader today if you know what I mean or at least know where the gym is."

Cole nodded and said, "Oh. I guess that sounds ok. I mean it is getting dark and it isn't best to travel in a dark city." He then followed Richard to the Pokemon Center.

COle look

August 19th, 2007, 9:55 AM
Ryan walked up to the pokemon center and walked to the Nurse.
"Excuse me, my pokemob need to be healed." Ryan said holding his pokeballs.

"Sure thing! They'll be healed in no time." The Nurse said taking Ryan's pokeballs.

"Hmm...Team Magma huh....they're nothing like the Team Rocket of Kanto...heh....maybe something interesting will happen here in Hoehn." Ryan thought to himself as he relaxed against the wall.

"Sir? Your pokemon are all healed." The nurse said holding Ryan;s pokeballs. "Here you are." She said extending her arms.

"Thanks." Ryan said taking his pokemon back. He then went and sat down on a chair in the corner of the center.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
August 19th, 2007, 4:15 PM
AJ found that they had finnaly reached Rustburo, it was a beautiful place really, The Hohen trainer school originated in this city, Roxanne lived here and was the gym leader of the gym, she used a mixture of rock and steel. The town also had many other sites to explore, it was a generally great place. " AJ decided to follow Richard and Cole to the Pokecenter, his pokemon needed a good healing after the previous battling even before the Magma grunt he had been doing lots of battling, against anyone he could, even young trainers who were over confident.

" I would also like to battle Roxanne, thats why I came this way, to get some good experience against a professional battler of the Rock persuain." AJ told Cole walking along with the pair, AJ looked at Zip and raised an eyebrow, that zangoose gave him the vibe that he wasn't welcome, then again... AJ got that alot.

" So Richard, what other pokemon do you own? Great ones or new ones.. or what?" The spainyerd asked the teen with blue hair.

August 19th, 2007, 5:33 PM

Sign ups are opened again...Pipluper had to drop out because of school.


Right after Ryan had gotten his pokemon healed Richard got up. Right before he got up Richard notice that AJ was eyeing Zip. Richard was listening to AJ a little and heard that he wanted to battle the Gym Leader named Roxanna, which was news to RIchard since he had no idea of the name of the Rustboro Gym Leader, because he wanted to battle somebody who is a master of rock type pokemon.

Richard then notice that the Nurse Joy was now ready for Richard's pokemon. Richared handed the nurse his pokeballs and looked at Zip, "Come on ZIp. Time to get heal and no sniff about you don't need to because I know you do."

Zip shrugged and jumped over the counter and followed the Nurse Joy into the back room to be healed. He then heard that AJ had asked for rooster of his pokemon. Richard shrugged and said, "They are all great because they are mines. Also they are powerful too. Still if you must know then I tell you. I have a Honchkrow that I just evolved from a murkrow. Then there is my baltoy who is kind of new but still good. Shock is there too. He is my electrike and lastly there is Zip. Well you know him."

Soon the Nurse Joy came back and handed Richard his three pokeballs. Zip just jumped over the counter to join Richard and AJ.

August 20th, 2007, 11:24 AM
Ryan walked up with his arms crossed.
"Nice pokemon Richard. Those are mine over there eating." He said pointing towards his pokemon. "There's Golbat, Totodile, and my Flaffy."
He walked over towards the wall and leaned against it.
"I've had them for awhile now, but I'm thinking it's time to catch a new team member." He said folding his arms.
"So AJ....What pokemon do you have?"

August 20th, 2007, 3:48 PM
Ok, may I sign?

Name: Fraky

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Description: Fraky is a middle-sized boy, with black long hair, brown eyes, a short nose and a mysterious look in his face. He's a strong-willed boy of few words. Wears a green cloak, a black shirt and black boots all the time. Has a good strength on his arms, and he's very intelligent and smart, too.

Personality: Fraky always fights for good, but it's not for being a bit mysterious that he doesn't like a joke. He is always ready to help a friend when he needs. When facing a problem, he does everything to solve it calmly, but when facing an enemy, he acts aggressively, and loves all his Steel-Type Pokémon. He likes surfing, cycling and battling, but hates evil and cheese :)

History: Fraky was born in Oldale Town. He came from a poor family, so, when he was 8, he promised he would be a great trainer to earn money for his family. When he was a little kid, he was always playing with toys or playing with his friends. When he was 10, he received his first Pokémon, a Bronzor. Steel-types fascinated him all his life, so he was very happy. Then, he went to Rustboro, to start his adventure.

Pokemon: Bronzor, Magnemite, Budew, Shieldon

Pokemon who would be your Mystic Pokemon: Bronzor

Legendary Pokemon that your Mystic Pokemon ancestor was learn from: Cresselia

RPG Sample:

Fraky was on his way to Rustboro. Everything was calm, the sea was calm, the weather was good... But then a wild Budew appeared.
"A Budew?" - Fraky thinked.
He liked Steel-types, but there is a Pokémon that he admires that isn't a Steel-type: Roserade. So, he was going to catch this Budew.
"Ok, Budew, here I come. Go, Bronzor!" - yelled Fraky, sending his Bronzor.
Bronzor came out. - "Bronzor!"
Fraky told it: - "Bronzor, we're going to catch that Budew!"
"Bronzor! Bron!" - said Bronzor.
That Budew was ready to battle. Fraky said: - "Bronzor, use Confusion!"
"Bronzor!" - said Bronzor, using Confusion.
It was a super-effective move, because Budew is a Poison-type too. But Budew didn't give up and used Bullet Seed.
"Budew!" - it said, using Bullet Seed.
That Bullet Seed hit Bronzor with a great strength. Bronzor wasn't OHKO'd, but was severly damaged.
Fraky said: - "Bronzor, use Confusion again!"
"Bronzor" - it used Confusion again. This time, Budew became confused.
"Bud-Budew-dew" - said Budew, spinning like a drunk man.
"Go, POKEBALL!" - Fraky launched a Pokeball.
The Pokéball shaked for a bit, then stopped. He caught that Budew. Then, a trainer came out.
"Hey, it isn't fair, I was after that Budew!" - he said.
"Really? I'm sorry, but now this Budew is mine." - Fraky replied.
"I'm not challenging you because my Zigzagoon is fainted, but next time you're going down!"
That trainer went away. Fraky earned a rival. Then, he continued going on to Rustboro, to have a nap.

Other: Nothing

(This post was edited twice)
Is this good now?

August 21st, 2007, 6:50 AM
Chris fell asleep while Officer Jenny was taking him to a Pokemon Center. A little bit later Office Jenny woke him up and said, "Were Here." Chris walked inside and brought his Pokemon to Nurse Joy. While he was waiting he saw a few trainers and pokemon talking. He went over to talk to them.

"Hi my name is Chris." he said.

Right after he said that Nurse Joy called him and told him his pokemon were ready. He took them all out and he sat down. All his pokemon went over to talk with the other pokemon except Gallade who satyed with him while introducing himself.

" Hi again, this is my Gallade," Gallade smiled "So anyways what are your names?"

August 21st, 2007, 2:29 PM
Cassidy and Butch appeared. "Abby, this time, we're really going to steal your Pokemon!" Cassidy said, laughing. A cage was thrown over all of Abby's Pokemon, just a few inches away from Sarah's Clefairy.

"Pyro, use flamethrower!" Abby shouted. "Charr!!" Pyro cried, using his flamethrower, but it did nothing.

"Haha, it's no use!" Butch said, laughing. "Do something!" Abby told Sarah. "What do you expect ME to do. My Clefairy has barley been trained. It would be a joke if my Clefairy were to open a cage that your strong Charizard couldn't."

"Tell it to use metronome! Maybe it'll turn into something good!" Abby said. "Ok, Clefairy, use metronome!" Clefairy then wiggled its finger. Would the attack being unleashed do any good?

August 21st, 2007, 4:17 PM

MysticManyula- Pending
A little bit more in description. No mechanical arm. Lets keep this as realistic as we can here please. A bit more in personality. What his likes and dislikes. A bit more on how he acts and junk would be nice. I personality would like a bit more in History. A bit about what he did as a kid or something. Also your sample is a bit unacceptable. I need more description in your sample. It kind of leaning on script format and that isn't accepted on PC.

Also you need to pick a pokemon from the list that is in the first post. Palkia isn't on that list so pick one that is.


Ryan then said a few things about his own pokemon. Ryan didn't seem to have many pokemon besides his golbat that he used back in the battle. Richard agree with Ryan that he need a new pokemon. Richard too thought that he need another pokemon. Something tha could swim or use a water attack. Richard knew that one would be useful in the next gym battle since he knew this Roxanna girl uses rock base pokemon. Still a bit too late to work on that right now since he was already in the city and both Richard and Zip wanted to battle the gym leader soon like tonight.

Soon another kid with a Gallade walked up to them. Richard looked at the green pokemon and guess that it was an ok pokemon. He never battled against one and thought it be intresting to but there was no need to let Zip get all work up. He looked at the new kid and said, "The name is Richard. Whats yours?"

August 23rd, 2007, 7:06 AM
"Hey I'm Chris," he said. "Hey nice Zangoose. Hope to battle it in the future. This is Rai by the way, I had him since he was a little Ralts. Well anyways nice to meet you! So who are the rest of these guys?"

Rai started chatting with Zip while Chris talked o Richard.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
August 23rd, 2007, 9:36 PM
If Ur Still Signing people up:

Name: Alaina
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Description: Dressed Up Like A Shiny Eevee.
Personality: Very Brave And Serious.
History: A Very Brave Trainer,Serious At Times,But Usully Very happy.
Pokemon: Shiny Eevee,Shiny Eevee,Shiny Eevee,Shiny Eevee
Pokemon who would be your Mystic Pokemon: More Shiny Eevee's.
Legendary Pokemon that your Mystic Pokemon ancestor was learn from: Cressalia
RPG Sample: I Dont know.i dont know,i dont know.i dont know.

August 24th, 2007, 1:53 AM
Ok, I edited my sign-up post. Hope it is well now.

August 25th, 2007, 10:16 PM

Remember Drapion, four lines. Not my rule but PC RP rules.

Shiny Eevee-Pending
Is that sign up a joke? If so then it isn't funny. Edit to where it is serious or just leave it as is.

MysticManyula- Pending
I am sorry but Lugia has already been taken. So have Ho-oh. Only Cressila remains.


The Ralts looked like he was trying to talk to Zip. Still the zangoose just ignore the small pokemon and didn't felt like he should talk to somebody who was shorter then himself much less a new person.

Richard shurrgged and said, "Don't think it be an easy battle. Zip sure isn't somebody you want to battle because together we are unbeatable."

Cole then let out a cough and said, "We should leave now. I need to see Roxanna before it is too late."

August 26th, 2007, 2:52 AM
Ok, so be Cresselia. I'll edit the post.

August 26th, 2007, 7:25 AM
Ryan smirked and thought to himself.
"Richards overconfidence is healthy. I'm sure he'll do something great with his Pokemon one day." He thought.

"Hey Richard do you mind if I tag along to the gym with you? I wanna see a gym battle. It's been awhile." Ryan asked. "OK guy's back to the pokeball."
He said recalling his Pokemon. Then it hit him. Ryan decided he would go catch a new pokemon right now.

"Actually I'll see you there. I'm gonna go take care of something. Later guys." Ryan said re-releasing Golbat and jumping on it, flying off.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
August 26th, 2007, 12:47 PM
AJ noticed that Ryan asked him about his pokemon, but flew off before AJ had a chance to talk about the matter, then a new kid came up with a Gallade and said his name was Chris.

Cole said something about needed to go see Roxanne, " Thats a good idea, we should get going if Richards to battle Roxanne, it's getting pretty late in the day, and she might not be accepting many more challenges from trainers for the badge, so lets get going."

" Richard, I hope you have a pokemon good for this battle, something good against rock pokemon." AJ told Richard trying to remember what he had on his team.

Wonder if that Gallade kid, Chris is going to want to battle as well...

August 27th, 2007, 1:52 AM
Is it too late to join, I would wish to join not as a person who holds a mystic pokemon but as someone on the third team who is seraching for them if that's okay?
The problem is I usually don't dolist intro because it just gives away everything about your character right at the beginning, I'll do one if I have to but is it okay if I just sorta show it through my posts?

August 27th, 2007, 10:59 AM
Clefiary's metronome turned into a hyper beam, aimed at the lock of the cage. The cage fell open, Abby's 4 Pokemon spilling out.

"Uh-oh..." Abby said. The river they were boating in had some impressive rapids, to the point were her Pokemon may not survive if the fall in. Pyro came to the rescue, however. He caught her Pokemon, Bella on his back, and RJ and Rose in his arms.

"Charrrrr!" He said, putting down the stunned Pokemon. "Thanks Pyro," Abby started. "My Pokemon might have been history without you." "Char..." Pyro cried. Abby knew what he wanted to do.

"Ok Pyro, let's get revenge on Cassidy and Butch. Use flamethrower on their balloon!" The Charizard let out with his flamethrower, as Cassidy and Butch shouted, as usual, "Team Rocket is blasting off again!"

"Thanks Sarah... if it weren't for you, my Pokemon would have belonged to Neon Team Rocket." Abby said. "Don't thank me, thank Clefairy. I guess it was lady luck's choice of whether metronome would turn into a good move, but still." Cklefairy then cried, ""Fairy clefiary," As Sarah and Abby approached the end of the river.

August 27th, 2007, 11:05 AM

MysticManyula- Accepted
You are free to RP now. I perfer you settle yourself with the rest of us in Rustboro or just find your way to us. No matter. Your choice.

I would perfer you to do a sign up. I am not asking you to reveal a lot. Just your character's humble beginnings and junk like that. Also we may know where you character is from but that doesn't mean the characters know your character's history.

As of RPing as the third team I am not really sure. I would like to control that since I have plans for them and they are kind of the force that keeps this RP moving. It isn't really too late to join but the thing is I don't think I can let you join as a person on the third team.


Richard just watched as Ryan just ran out of the pokemon center. From what he could hear was that Ryan was going out to do something. Still it didn't matter for now. It just meant one less person that will come with them to the gym. Still what AJ soon said caught Richard's and Zip's intrest.

Richard let out a small laugh and said, "Well not really." ZIp looked a bit angry from the comment and Richard decided to say something before he was on Zip's bad side. "As in type advantage. Like I said before, the only pokemon I have beside Zip is a baltoy, Honchkrow and an electrike."

Cole was listening to Richard's pokemon team and said, "Well Roxanna use mostly rock type pokemon so it seems like you don't even have a chance to win against her. I hate to say it but looks like you have already lost this battle."

Zip looked at Cole and gave him a cold look. Richard just grabbed Zip's fur and said, "Well I guess that but you see I may not have type advange but Zip does have a secert weapon which will make those rock pokemon of Roxanna crack once they battle us."

Cole didn't look convince and just said, "I believe it when I see it."

Richard just shurgged and walked out of the Pokemon Center with Cole following them. Richard then yelled back at Cole and said, "Just show me where the gym is ok and then I show you what I mean."

Cole sighed and took the lead as he began to lead the group towards a school house.

August 27th, 2007, 12:45 PM
Golbat carried Ryan around until they reached a rocky area, with wild pokemon running around as they pleased.
"OK...I need a new pokemon..." Ryan said aloud to himself. "Thanks for the ride Golbat. Return." Ryan said recalling his pokemon.
Ryan looked at all the wild pokemon until one caught his eye. It was an Aron, and Ryan wanted it.
"An Aron.....ok! I'm gonna catch it, let's go Totodile!" Ryan said releasing his pokemon.

"Totodile!" Totodile said happily. The Aron noticed Totodile and prepared to attack. It put it's head down and ran towards Totodile with a headbutt. Ryan had to act quick.

"Totodile use bubblebeam!" Ryan said as Totodile shot a flurry of bubbles at the wild Aron. Aron was dazed by the bubbles and stopped. "Now Totodile! Hit Aron with Hydro pump!" Ryan called. Totodile jumped up and shot out a powerful stream of rapid water, sending Aron flying backward.

"...Hmm..." Ryan said eying the Aron, and soon the Aron jumped right back up. It looked pretty mad and ran right towards Totodile, ready to hit him with a powerful take down attack. It hit Totodile before Ryan could react.
"Totodile!" Ryan yelled running towards Totodile...and then it happened. A glowing light surrounded Totodile and got bigger and bigger. When the light cleared, it was obvious. Totodile had evolved into Crocanaw.

"To- I mean Croconaw! You evolved!" Ryan said happily. He had refrained from evolving his Totodile until he thought it was ready, and now was the time. He had raised it well, but it wasn't time to celebrate. The Aron was charging towards Croconaw.

"Act fast Croconaw, and give that Aron another hydro pump!" Ryan yelled and Croconaw shot out another powerful stream of water, this time knocking the Aron out cold. "Excelent Croconaw!" Ryan said tossing a pokeball at the Aron. It wiggled around a bit, then stopped. He had caught Aron, and Totodile evolved into Croconaw during the process. Ryan patted Croconaw on the head and returned it to his pokeball.
"Time to train my new Aron." Ryan said happily to himself.

August 27th, 2007, 1:57 PM
Fine, it seems a great roleplay so I'll still try and join.

Okay he'll be a person looking for the mystics and he gems just for his own reasons...how he found out about them?:

Name: Mark O' Ralley

Age: Was guessed to be either 22 or 24, but short.

Gender: Male

Description: (I'm not very good with measurements) He is a 22 or 24 year old believed, but very short, his normal attire is a green top and beige trousers, his only pair of shoes are some white trainers with black streaks on them. He has long hair, covering his forehead and going down to his neck, it also extends past his ear and he has sideburns, which he wants cut off sometime.

At the time htis roleplay shirts he is wearing a plain shortsleeved light green shirt with a white eight on the bottom left corner with long beige trousers, with five large pockets on, two on the side of his legs, two on his behind, and one below his right leg pocket.

He also wears glasses, but they always look a bit bent, all glasses do on him. There is also a large backpack on his back practically at all times.

Personality: He's deep down kind, but he's got a purpose, and he'll carry it through, so at this time he's sometimes stern and stressy, he has a massive sense of humour though and loves to make jokes, evne if their usually pretty bad. He doesn't mind it either if his size includes or impedes anything, he likes being short. Also he's pretty smart, not a genius, but intelligent. In fact, if you've never seem him, he seems to have the mind of a 15 year old.

History: Twenty years ago, yes that was it, around then, twenty, only 15 about only a child... he woke up in hospital, hearing shouts, ' He's regained consciousness" Most of them were, but he couldn't remember a thing, amnesia it was, yeah they called it amnesia, he couldn't remember a thing about his life before that. Well, not quite nothing, but that's what he said, he didn't want to sound like a madman. they had to guess his age, his register of 'life' had been deleted, like he didn't exist, or maybe it was just to avoid taxes, anyway thye had to guess his age.

They guessed that trauma had removed memory, possibly losing a beloved pokemon, through death, possibly, as many had amnesia from this.
He was told later about his two pokeballs, and twenty empty pokeballs, old pokeballs that hadn't been used in a long time, and one, that had a pokemon in before,which from that day he never used, and he still has it, this added to the evidence that it was a pokemon dying, and more evidence was to come.

The two pokemon were ampharos, his favorite pokemon and gardevoir, his second favorite, (the great thing about gardevoir was that she could use her physic abilities to talk to Mark from anwhere, and pinpoint him, and could even teleport to him using 'Teleport'. She knew what the trauma was because of, but she told Mark that he HAD to learn it by himself, for his own and many other's sake.).
He knew that his other pokemon would have been his other favorite, but he didn't know, he knew his first, his second, his fourth, his sixith, his fifth, he just couldn't think of what pokemon could be his third favorite.
And in all those twenty years he'd never caught antoher pokemon, he didn't need to, his pokemon were usually good enough, he hadn't won all the badges, but he hadn't even tried, he let gardevoir sort of roam free as she could teleport somewhere, or with great concentration and energy, usually leaving herself knocked out, could tleport others.

Anyway, what was the thing that he remembered, the mystics and the gems, he remembered faintly about gems with something to do with the elements, and mystic pokemon, he hoped that these things could unlock his memories, no matter how bad they were,.
In those twenty years he hasn't learnt much about these 'mystics' or 'gems' and still knows just about nothing abotu them.

Pokemon: Gardevoir, and Ampharos, gardevoir roams around freely, ampharos kept in pokeball, NEVER USED unless gardevoir fails, ampharos also seems to be in a luxury ball.

RPG Sample:
He pedalled, he pedalled, huffing and puffing, it had been a long journey, and his bag had just got heavier over the years, after all these years he had found barely any whispers of where to find mystics or gems, and all failed in the end.
"Planning to be here any time soon?" Came Gardevoir's serene 'voice',"It really is unnerving, most peopleh ere aren't too used to just seeing a gardevoir without a trainer or a pokeball, it's not like a pikachu or your ampharos, I'm big." Mark just smirked , "I sensed that"
Focusing his mind as he had ot do every time, he replied. "If you weren't so worn out from that battle you COULD have just teleported me."
"Yeah, but perhaps if you didn't favour ampharos so much he could have fought instead of me, besides, how are you going to fight Roxanne's particular types with only Ampharos."
She had got him there, but maybe he did favour Sparky too much, he wasn't officially nicknamed but he always called him Sparky.

Anyway he had realized his fault during all these years, anyone with a mystic or gem would have phenominal power, especially if giving a gem to their pokemon. Either way they could easily make it to the elite four, and probably battle them multiple times, or perhpas lurked in victory road, either way he could possibly, just possibly find them more likely there.

"Relax, I'm there" He said, rolling into rustboro outside Roxanne's gym, practically fainting on the ground.
"You know, maybe we hould save for that new imporved less-friction bike, the mach bike."
"NO! It costs millions, well a million pokedollars, even if you do get to swap between them whenever you want, just stick with your acro bike and be happy. Besides, the only way we get money is sselling stuff, helping people, prize money and when we bet that's we'll win battling trainers."

'I suppose' Mark muttered knowing that Gardevoir would already know this was his response.
So there they were, outside the rustboro gym, Mark worried.
"You sure 'bout this?"

NOTES: When speech is between "" Speech marks it means he is communicating to Gardevoir, '' commas mean actual speech.

August 30th, 2007, 10:59 AM

Just do some of the suggestions that I said in our PM and you be fine as a peach. Still you are good to go in the RP. Have fun.

IC to come later.

September 9th, 2007, 7:02 AM
((Just saying I have just got diamond now so I know about some sinnoh and I'm hoping for my character to catch a gallade sometime during the roleplay, and the ideas in the pms were great charizard.))

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 2nd, 2007, 12:11 PM
If You Are Still Taking Sign-ups,

Name: Solana

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Description: Dark Brown Hair,Tank Top With Eevee On It.Green Jeans,Shoes With Flames On Them

Personality: Brave,Very Kind And Helpful

History: Uknown



Legendary Pokemon that your Mystic Pokemon ancestor was learn from:

RPG Sample: Is It Really Needed????