View Full Version : I wish I had a Wii

little pidgey
August 13th, 2007, 4:22 PM
Pretend I had a Wii so I could play the game. Pretend I was a Fire Truck and you were an ambulance. But then I wet you and then you DIED! Pretend I brought you back to life... And then we played MOM and DAD. And then i lived at Uncle Tony's house. And then we got married in Canada because we were gay... And then we got a divorce because you got cookie crumbs on the bed. Pretend... And then i got married to a car because i liked to drive it.

August 13th, 2007, 4:30 PM
Pretend this thread wasn't pointless.


August 13th, 2007, 4:39 PM
You know, that would make a nice poem ^_^ And Wii's aren't that cool ya know. For the first hour yeah, but it gets kinda boring after a while :( I can't wait for some decent games to come out for it.

August 13th, 2007, 5:15 PM
O_e; 'the hell? I'm somewhat of a poet and even I find this strange.

August 13th, 2007, 5:17 PM
I find this somewhat just wrong please don't put pointless things up.

August 13th, 2007, 5:40 PM
If you're really desperate for a Wii can you please save money and go buy one.Please don't make pointless threads about it.

August 13th, 2007, 5:55 PM

This thread is made of fail and AIDs.