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August 15th, 2007, 5:24 PM
Ever tired of seeing the same Pokemon over and over? Or do you think there's some things that are missing in the Pokemon world? Well come here, and you can see all of those dreams from your beautiful imagination spark out of your head and onto the computer screen. Basically, this is a place where you can make all of the Pokemon that you ever dreamed about.

For those that want to make Fakemon and show them to the world, come here. It's a contest that's going to last for some time, to see who can make the best Fakemon on the forums. There are some guidelines that you will have to follow, so listen up carefully. Also, there are many categories from which you can enter your Pokemon in. Have fun, and use your creativity and win this random, first-post contest!

Guidelines (some from POKEMOLOGY):

1. Try to come up with an entirely new pokémon. We're not interested in clones or other variations of existing pokémon (i.e. Pikachub, Mewfour, or anything else along those lines,) and we're certainly not interested in combinations of existing pokémon, like Bulbachu or Psyfetch'd.

2. The one exception to the rule against variations above is evolved forms, or pre-evolved forms. However, there are limits here too. First, the evolution must make sense. For example, there is no excuse for evolving a Psychic-type into a Fire/Ice-type. Also, pre-evolved forms are generally smaller and weaker, and evolved forms are likely to be stronger, or at least bigger.

3. Keep your fan-made pokémon's power to a sane level. It really isn't as clever as you might think to make a pokémon that can defeat anything it comes across. A large part of the point of Pokémon is that everything has strengths and weaknesses. It takes a lot more creativity to come up with a balanced, fair pokémon, one you might find in any grassy spot, than to make one capable of cracking the globe in two.

4. Do not give us anything vulgar. Pe**saur or C**pdos may seem funny the first few times, but it gets old fast. Let me italicize and bold it, just to show you how important this is: Nothing vulgar. Anything unworthy of a PG rating will be deleted without a second glance.

5. You must have at least one of each in the outline below. It does not have to be in the same order as the way that I posted it, though. If your Pokemon does not need the specific area, simply put N/A across it. If you need to make up attacks for your Fakemon, then there is also a requirement for the attacks. As I said before, all you have to do is have at least that.

6. Have fun! Seriously, though. If you don't have fun, then something bad will happen.


List of things you must have at LEAST but not limited to:
Ability 1:
Ability 2:
Gender Ratio:
Evolution Chain:
Hold Item:
Pal Park:
PokéDex Data [DIAMOND]:
PokéDex Data [PEARL]:
Level Up:
Egg Moves:
Egg Steps:
Effort Points:
Catch Rate:
Egg Groups:
Base Stats: HP | Attack | Defense | SPATK | SPDEF | SPD | TOTAL

For created moves...
Attack Name:
Power Points:
Base Power:
Speed Priority:
Battle Effect:
Contest Type:
Contest Effect:



Name: Dancey
Ability 1: Quick Feet
Ability 2: Tangled Feet
Gender Ratio: 50% Male | 50% Female
Classification: | Type: | Height: '" | Weight: lbs
Evolution Chain: N/A
Hold Item: N/A | EXP: Slow | Happiness: 70 | Color: Pink/Green | Pal Park: Field
PokéDex Data: This Pokemon dances at speeds that are incredible, never tiring out with its speedy feet dancing behind it.
PokéDex Data: When Dancey becomes tired, it starts making movements that would be impossible for any other creature to do.
Location: Zuki Pokemon Contest Hall | Availability: Super
Level Up:
-- Double Team
-- Magical Leaf
-- Rain Dance
-- Thunder
06 Charm
10 Rapid Spin
12 Teleport
17 Hypnosis
22 Lucky Chant
25 Fling
31 Calm Mind
36 Mega Kick
39 Imprison
45 Toxic
50 Attract
53 Swords Dance
59 Petal Dance
64 Dragon Dance
Egg Moves: Disable/Will-O-Wisp/Mean Look/Memento/Destiny Bond/Grudge/Shadow Sneak/Confuse Ray/
Egg Steps: 5,120 | Effort Points: +2 Special Attack | Catch Rate: 120
Egg Groups: Indeterminate
Stats: 80 HP | 80 Attack | 50 Defense | 105 SPATK | 100 SPDEF | 130 SPD | 545 TOTAL


Award Categories (You must nominate your Pokemon for ONE). Best...

Award Categories 2. Most...

* Do not choose one from Category 1 AND Category 2.
* Should choose one from Category 1 OR Category 2.


Judges - The Chatot Pirate

* If you want to become a judge, PM me.

August 15th, 2007, 7:51 PM
Appearance: A black and white pterodactyl with a jewel on its skull cap
Ability 1: Mineral Guard
The rocks on it become sharp on contact, leaving the foe with 10% of the damage dealt.
Ability 2: Levitate
Invurnerable to Ground-type attacks, not affecting it.
Gender Ratio: Female 100%
Classification: Monochromic Bird Pokemon
Type: Rock/Flying
Height: 4’3”
Weight: 120.0 lbs.
Evolution Chain: None
Hold Item: Crimson Stone
EXP Growth: Fast
Happiness: 190
Color: White
Pal Park: None
PokéDex Data [DIAMOND]: MONOCHRYTIA has been said to be the 6th Legendary Bird, due to it being a rare find through its Wing Fossil.
PokéDex Data [PEARL]: MONOCHRYTIA are usually found at the peaks of day and night, with the sacred prized crimson jewel glowing on it each time
Location: NONE—found through Wing Fossil
Egg Moves:
Wing Attack
Egg Steps: 6,574 steps
Effort Points: 2 SpD, 1 Atk
Catch Rate: 50
Egg Groups: Flying
Base Stats: 100 | 108 | 102 | 103 | 109 | 114 | 635

Lv1: Peck
Lv5: Growl
Lv7: Rollout
Lv10: Aerial Ace
Lv15: Rock Polish
Lv20: Rock Throw
Lv25: Air Slash
Lv30: AncientPower
Lv30: Roost
Lv36: Tailwind
Lv42: Agility
Lv48: Extremespeed
Lv54: Brave Bird
Lv60: Rock Wrecker

August 16th, 2007, 5:51 AM
Name: Poisero
Appearance: a black ball with spikes on it and smoke around it. It only has two red ayes.
Ability 1: Ability 2: Levitate
Invurnerable to Ground-type attacks, not affecting it.
Ability 2: Air lock
All weather effects are negated while the POKéMON is on the field.
Gender Ratio: Male 100%
Classification: Poison Ghost pokemon.
Type: Poison/Dark
Height: 2’5”
Weight: 107.2 lbs
Evolution Chain: None
Hold Item: Nugget- 30%
EXP: Medium slow
Happiness: 170
Color: Black
Pal Park: None
PokéDex Data [DIAMOND]: This pokemon only lives in dark caves and hardly anyone see it.
PokéDex Data [PEARL]: The pokemon breathes out poisoness smoke and if any one breaths in the smoke they will be sick.
Location: Wayward cave.
Egg Moves: Shadow punch, Leer, Poison sting and Poison Powder.
Egg Steps: 6,178 steps
Effort Points: 2Def,1SPD
Catch Rate: 25%
Egg Groups: Poison
Base Stats: HP-90 Attack-120 Defense-80 SPATK-80 SPDEF-100 SPD- 100 TOTAL 570

Lv1: Tackle
Lv3: Defence curl
Lv7: Poison sting
Lv11: Knock off
Lv15: Poison powder
Lv21: Night shade
Lv27: Leer
Lv30: Bite
Lv34: Crunch
Lv39: Sludge
Lv42: Howl
Lv48: Extremespeed
Lv54: Sludge bomb
Lv59: Shadow end

August 17th, 2007, 3:48 PM
Gargomence - Found at level 80.
Rarity: Legendary
Looks like a large red gargoyle
Ability: Levitate
Gender ratio: neutral
Class: Gargoyle
Type: ground / fire
Evolution Chain: None
Exp: slow
Happiness: 70
Color: dark reddish/brownish color Shiny: purpleish/bluish color
Hold Item: KO Tag - prevents damage from 1H KO's - 20%
Medicine - when a Pokemon in your party is holding this, the chances of you finding a wild Pokemon w/ the Pokerus increase 10% - 5%
Pal Park: none
Pokedex Diamond: Rarely seen by humans, this beast is said to control the powers of the Earth.
Pokemon Pearl: According to legend, this Pokemon created the Earth and has been worshipped for thousands of years.
Location: n/a
Egg moves: N/A
Egg steps: N/A
Effort Points: 1ATK, 2SpATK
Base Stats: 120 | 100 | 90 | 120 | 100 | 80 | 610

Level: Attack - Description (if made up)
--: Scratch
7: Sand Attack
15: Wing Attack
28: Slash
36: Earthquake
42: Stone Edge
55: Flamethrower
62: Aerial Ace
70: Swords Dance
80: Giga Quake - Inbattle - Ground - 150 dam. - 5 PP - 90% Acc - Everyone on field is affected - User uses a very powerful earthquake-like move. Contest - Tough - +3 points - startles Pogies that have appealed -2.
87: Fire Blast
95: Fissure

August 17th, 2007, 4:00 PM
looks like a huger blastoise with a huger shell
ababilty water absorb
gender alaways male
type or class water/dark
evo c hain blastiose at level 70
exp fast
happiness 190
clor blue
hld item wonder gaurd
diamond its shell is so big that it can knock a 50 storie bullding in 5 seconds
pearl never use its shell on surfing its so fast that it will knonk u cold

location route 7000
egg group squritle+ditto
egg stpes 70000
effort points 2000 atk 2000 def
1 hydro break
10 shell shmash
20 water blast
30 dark beam
40 hydro cut
50 speed smash
60 dark tackle
70 aqua smash
83 shell throw
99 hydro beam
99 dark beam
99 speed beam

August 17th, 2007, 5:06 PM
Name: Leviathor
Appearance: A giant scaly sea monster, body shape similar to a squid's
Ability 1: Swift Swim
Ability 2: Rock Head
Gender Ratio: 12.5% Female, 87.5% Male
Classification: Longevity Pokemon
Type: Water/Rock
Height: 7'4"
Weight: 215 lb
Evolution Chain: Relicanth - knows AncientPower - Leviathor
Hold Item: DeepSeaScale
EXP: Slow
Happiness: 70
Color: Brown
Pal Park: Ocean
PokéDex Data [DIAMOND]: A mythical Pokemon, only a few sailors claim to have seen one. Then Loch Ness Monster is one of them.
PokéDex Data [PEARL]: Most Relicanths didn't evolve, but some did, in order to defend themselves from fishermen. It is a mythical species.
Location: none (evolve only)
Egg Moves: Amnesia, Aqua Tail, Magnitude, Mud Slap, Skull Bash, Snore, Water Sport
Egg Steps: 10,240
Effort Points: 2 HP, 2 Defense
Catch Rate: 25
Egg Groups: Water 1, Water 2
Base Stats: HP-120 | Attack-110 | Defense-150 | SPATK-65 | SPDEF-85 | SPD-75 | TOTAL-605

Start - Harden, Tackle, Muddy Water, Stealth Rock, Octazooka
10 - Water Gun
16 - Rock Tomb
22 - Yawn
29 - Take Down
34 - Rock Throw
36 - Water Pulse
43 - AncientPower
47 - Rest
54 - Rock Blast
60 - Double Edge
66 - Hydro Pump
75 - Rock Wrecker
84 - Water Spout

Eos Aduro
August 17th, 2007, 5:32 PM
Name: Wadmik
Appearance: See for yourself - http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o24/caen_rai/SteelDark.jpg
Ability One: Tangled Feet
Ability Two: Aftermath
Gender Ratio: 50-50
Classification: Waddle Pokemon
Type: Steel-Dark
Height: 2"03
Weight: 130 lb
Evolution Chain: Wadmik > Trade with Metal Coat > Wodcrun (Image here, not putting information) http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o24/caen_rai/SteelDarkEvo.jpg
Hold Item- 5% chance of holding Metal Coat
EXP: Medium: Slow
Happiness: 110
Color: Grey
Pal Park: Mountain
Pokedex Information Diamond: This Pokemon walks continuosly in the wild, only after capture does it stop.
Pokedex Information Pearl: Wadmik's are often known to walk into buildings, and keep moving there legs.
Location: Mount Coronet Top
Egg Moves:Faint Attack
Faint Tears
Magnet Rise
Egg Steps: 7240
Effort points: 2 Defense
Catch Rate: 120
Egg Groups: Mineral
Base Stats: HP- 105
Attack: 70
Defense: 110
Special Attack: 50
Special Defense: 100

Level 5 - Tackle
Level 5 - Defense Curl
Level 8 - Headbutt
Level 13 - Knock off
Level 17 - Beat Up
Level 24 - Iron Head
Level 29 - Iron Defense
Level 35- Zen Headbutt
Level 42 - Mgnitude

I would like to nominate Wadmik for Best Steel Type, please. And Near DP National DEX Completer, it has to be original, you cant make Aerodactyl's big brother.

August 19th, 2007, 11:39 AM
Don't forget, if you want to be a judge, PM me.

Judging goes in a ?/100 scale.

August 19th, 2007, 12:42 PM
Chicklet (kinda like the chewing gum)
Rarity: uncommon
Appearence: A phoenix-like creature.
Ability: Flame body
Gender ratio: 50% male - 50% female
Class: phoenix
Type: fire / flying
Evolution chain: lv. 32 -> Tarkon lv. 50 -> Dragonmence ( both which will be listed later)
Exp: fast
Happiness: 80%
Color: Red body w/ orange/yellow wings (it's a phoenix for cryingout loud) Shiny: Silver body w/ green/blue colored wings.
Hold Item: Oran berry - 20% Sitrus Berry - 10%
Pal park: ??? Need to access Pal Park first
Dex Diamond: Ancient cultures hold this bird very highly. Festivals made to honor it have been held by numerous ancient culutres.
Dex Pearl: Often found on mountains and caves, these birds were once mistaken for the legendary Pokemon MOLTRES.
Location: n/a
Egg moves: Sand Attack, Dril Peck, Fire Blitz, Earthquake
Egg Steps: 5,468
Effort Points: 2 ATK, 1 DEF
Base Stats: 100 | 68 | 70 | 55 | 52 | 65 | 410

Level - Attack - Description (if made up)
--: Peck
--: Growl
5: Ember
8: Tail Whip
15: Wing Attack
17: Smokescreen
24: Flamethrower
35: Fire Spin
39: Dragon Dance
43: Sky Attack
46: Wil-O-Wisp
55: Brave Bird
62: Fire Blast

This is gonna be like one of those Dragon evolutions that appeared in previous generations. (Garchomp, Salamence, Flygon, Dragonite)

August 19th, 2007, 1:15 PM
Name: Floraine
Appearance: A cute nymph. Her hair is adorned with unknown species of flora and roots made of steel. A dress which flows down to the ground is actually petals.
Ability 1: Marvel Scale Ability 2: Natural Cure
Gender Ratio: Female: 100%
Classification: Humanshape
Type: Grass/Steel
Height: 4 feet 4 inches
Weight: 60 pounds
Evolution Chain: None
Hold Item: Miracle Seed
EXP: Fast
Happiness: 70
Color: Mainly silver
Pal Park: Forest
PokéDex Data [DIAMOND]: A rare forest Pokemon who is usually mistaken for a crying child.
PokéDex Data [PEARL]: As deforestation takes its toll, their numbers have dwindled in recent decades.
Location: Safari Zone (3%)
Level Up: None
Egg Moves: None
Egg Steps: 10,240
Effort Points: Special Attack +3, Speed +1
Catch Rate: 24
Egg Groups: Plant and Humanshape
Base Stats: 95 | 60 | 80 | 125 | 80 | 100 | 540

Award Categories:Grass

Award Categories 2. Most...

--: Leech Seed
--: Absorb
08: Bullet Punch
12: Sleep Powder
16: Stun Spore
20: Metal Claw
23: Giga Drain
27: Fake Tears
31: Petal Dance
37: Iron Defense
42: Rest
48: Giga Drain
57: Leaf Storm
68: Cosmic Power
77: Doom Desire

August 19th, 2007, 1:19 PM
Name: Manwrey
Appearance: A giant ray. It has poisonous spikes on its' back and a poisonous barbed tail. It has two wings the let it glide in the air and help it swim in the deep oceanous caverns. it has a very wide body, but is flexable.
Ability 1: Swift Swim
Ability 2: Water Absorb
Gender Ratio: 50% Male | 50% Female
Classification: Manta Ray Pokèmon
Type: Water/Poison/Flying
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 687.2
Evolution Chain: Mantyke-[Remoraid on Team] -Mantine-[Look Below for evolution methods] -Manwrey
EXP: 1,250,000 Points (Slow)
Base Happiness: 70
Color: Blue
Pal Park: Ocean
PokéDex Data [DIAMOND] : Since it's giant size most people think it is a killer, but it turns out to be very friendly.
PokéDex Data [PEARL]: Each Manwrey travel sepretly at all times. They each have tons of Water Pokèmon take cover from predators on their underbelly.
Location: none (Evolve from Mantine)
Effort Points: (from battling it) 4 Sp. Defence Points
Egg Groups: Water 1
Base Stats: HP | Attack | Defense | SPATK | SPDEF | SPD | TOTAL

Level - Attack
-: Confuse Ray
-------: Bounce
----: Aqua Ring
--: Hydro Pump
52:Hydro Cannon
59:Gunk Shot
70:Sheer Cold

Most Powerful Water Type
Most Beautiful

Evolution Methods:

If you got it before level 52:
1. Level it to level 52 or more
2. Make the Sp. Defence above everything
3. Have it hold either:
Sea Incense (Raise Water Moves Power by 10%)
Sharp Beak (Raises Flying Moves Power by 10%)
Sky Plate (Raises Speed to Sp. Defences level)
Splash Plate (Raises Sp. Attack to Sp. Defences level)
Toxic Plate Blue Scarf (Raises to full Beauty)
4. Use Water Stone

Do step 2-4 if you caught a Mantine above or at level 52.

August 19th, 2007, 4:57 PM
Ability 1:Levitate
Ability 2:Chuckle(Has a chance of decreasing foes Sp. def evert time CHUKRIT's attacks miss)
Gender Ratio:Genderless
Classification:Chuckle Pokemon
Weight:2.5 LBs
Evolution Chain: Chukrit->(W/Chuckle rock, use Dusk stone)Ghoulrious->(Lv up 30+ w/Laughing stone)Laughost
Hold Item:Chuckle Rock 5%
EXP:10,000,000(very slow)
Pal Park:Rough field
PokéDex Data [DIAMOND]:Sometimes holds the CHUCKLE ROCK that makes it's chuckles more intimidating
PokéDex Data [PEARL]:They gang up over night chuckling all over Sinnoh giving fear of clowns to sleeping children.
Location:224(night)(very rare)(pokeradar)
Level Up:N/A
Egg Moves:N/A
Egg Steps:30,000
Effort Points:4 Hp
Catch Rate:10
Egg Groups:Cannot breed
Base Stats: 105 | 70 | 65| 120 | 87| 100 | 95

August 19th, 2007, 10:03 PM
Name: Angiken
Ability 1: Levitate
Ability 2: Psycho Excel
[Boosts Psychic moves by 1.8x when inflicted with a status problem]
Gender Ratio: 100% Female, 0% Male
Classification: Angel Pokemon
Type: Psychic/Dragon
Height: 2"03"
Weight: 17.2lbs
Evolution Chain: Angiken
Hold Item: Enigma Berry
EXP: 1,250,000 EXP (Slow)
Happiness: 150
Color: Purple
Pal Park: Mountain
PokéDex Data [DIAMOND]: "Many say that this pokemon is a relative of TOGEKISS"
PokéDex Data [PEARL]: "They spend 90% of their lives in the sky."
Location: ONLY ONE--- Sky Tower Chamber F8
Egg Moves:N/A
Egg Steps: N/A
Effort Points: 4 Atk
Catch Rate: 2.5
Egg Groups: N/A
Base Stats: 60 | 20 | 55 | 355 | 55 | 135 | 680

10 Extrasensory
15 Twister
20 Air Cutter
29 Zen Headbutt
30 Calm Mind
35 Hypnosis
39 Dragon Pulse
40 Air Slash
50 Psycho Cut
58 Aerial Ace
60 Aura Sphere
70 Luster Purge
99 Aeroblast

Award Categories
1. Psychic
2. Smart

August 20th, 2007, 5:37 AM
Rarity: Very rare
Appearence: a strange lizard/dragon-like creature w/ medium-sized wings
Gender Ratio: 50% male / 50% female
Class: Strange
Type: Fire/Dragon
Evolution chain: Chicklet lv. 32 -> Tarkon lv. 50 -> Dragonmence
Exp: medium
Happines: 70%
Color: Dark blue body w/ off-white belly and yellow wings Shny: Gold body w/ green belly and grey wings
Hold item: Oran berry - 20%, Sitrus Berry - 10%, Lava Cookie - 5%, Charcoal - 3%
Pal Park: ???
Dex Diamond: Scientists have claimed that Tarkon was once a bird-like creature like Chicklet, but it mutated to adapt to its surroundings.
Dex Pearl: This Pokemon was once shunned from society for being "too hideous." They are shy and hide in caves and tunnels.
Egg moves: none
Egg steps: none
Effort Points: +2 SpATK, +1 SpDEF
Base Stats: 120 | 85 | 77 | 80 | 75 | 70 | 507

Lv - Attack --Description (if made up)
--- Evolves from Chicklet at Lv. 32---
32: Dragon Claw
37: Fire Spin
40: Dragon Dance
45: Dragonbreath
52: Will-O-Wisp
57: Leer
60: Overheat
64: Hyper Beam
69: Fire Blast
75: Secret Legend - Inbattle - Dragon - 130 dam. - 5 PP, Acc: 70%, hits only targeted opponent, user fires a large band that surrounds and hurts the opponent.

August 20th, 2007, 2:12 PM
Just cause of my birth flower.

Ability 1:Chlorophyll
Ability 2:Fire Plant(Water, fire, and grass enemies are somewhat weakend in exchange for Sp. Def.)
Gender Ratio:60% female, 40% male.
Classification:The Helianthus Pokemon
Height:15' 11"
Weight:75.5 LBS
Evolution Chain:Sunkern ->(sun stone) Sunflora->(complex Evolution process explained below) Heliansol
Hold Item:none
Pal Park:Rough Fields
PokéDex Data [DIAMOND]:After going through complex use and mixture of radiation, a SUNFLORA can succesfully evolve into HELIANTSOL
PokéDex Data [PEARL]:This Pokemon Absorbs so much sunlight, it has become one with the sun and has linked with fire.They are extremely rare.
Location: (evolve Sunflora)
Level Up:N/A
Egg Moves:N/A
Egg Steps:N/A
Effort Points:4 SP. def
Catch Rate: 20
Egg Groups:Fire, Plant
Base Stats: 250 | 148 | 184 | 230 | 140 | 100 | 110

The Complex Evolution of Heliansol:
In order for Sunflora to evolve into Heliansol, it requires complex steps:

Give Dusk stone and level up, ATK will fall
Give Moon stone and level up, Sp.Def will fall and SP. ATK will rise
Give Dawn Stone and Level up,all stats will be originated
Give Sun stone and Level up, Stats up will go normal
USE fire stone While holding Helianthus Incense and Sunflora will Evolve.

Helianthus Incense: A Sweet sunflower scented Incense that Promotes Resistance against Fire attacks.

I also want to put Heliansol in the Grass category contest.

Eos Aduro
August 20th, 2007, 2:49 PM
Ok everyone, Ive just been made a judge. So Im going to rate everyones Pokemon out of 100 and give advice.

DP National Dex Near Completer, 25/100. Sorry dude, but there were some things I didnt like about this one. It was WAy to similar to Aerodactyl. IF it was an evolution id of been cool, but since not... The moves were good, but all the base stats being over 100 threw me over the edge. Could get best Rock Type!

Willbey, 85/100, this one amused me. I liked it, but remember that if its 100% Male, there culd be on Egg Moves, because egg is always what the female you used to breed was. The fact that thre is no Poison Egg Group, and that its type is Poison-Dark, but its the Poison Ghost Pokemon. Other than those, its really cool! And I bet this gets Best Poison Type!

Spam (The First Pokemon) 90/100 Only two things here bugged me, that the gargoyle isnt a rock-type, and that it can hold an item. Legendaries dont hold items. Otherwise, its a good Legendary. Its moves could use a little toning down. Could get Coolest or Best Fire Type!

Snowy22 10/100 You must of had fun with this guy, but there are some larger flaws. One, its a Fourth Evolution, the type and class arent the same thing, all of your moves do not exist, and you didnt describe any, and the EP and everything are all kind of screwy. It could get Coolest Pokemon Contest though!

PyramidKingBrandon 95/100, I couldnt find any flaws, you did an awesome job here. I love the way you kind of based it off of a Leviathan/Kraken. The only reason its not 100 is that a fish into an octapus is already used by Remoraid. And that The Loch Ness Monster is in our World not the pokemon one. This is seriously going for Best Water Type/Toughest Pokemon!

Mine - Have to ignore

Spam- The Phoenix Lines 79/100, I like them both, but a few things bothered me. One was the use of the word Phoenix. Thats more of a our world myth. (Or is it a myth). I love the idea, the first one could go for Beauty, and then second, well hes not exactly good except maybe for best fire type. Another is the use of Mence again in a dragon line. Salamence already used, the re-using of mence isnt good.

Punishment 55/100, All the info was good, its the fact that this is like a human. A Pokemon cant exactly be something with our features and shape, people would find it horrible to capture. I like how its a stell type though. It could get Best Steel type.

SigmaCrobat 65/100 I like the idea that its an evolution of Mantine, but a couple of things. The fact that it evovles at level 52, that could already happen, and it would need an alternative measure of evolution. The fact that its no longer water-flying bugged me, but in truth it needs 3 types. It could get Most Beautiful/Most Powerfull Water Type.

AdvancedK9V 35/100, Some of it just wasn;t belivable, like the 10000000 EXP, and its rarity. the fact its a white face on a black smear didnt help. The 5 HP EP's is just impossible, the most is 3. Still, could get Smartest. Your second one- 50/100, The Exp, the base stats, and the overly complew evolutin brought you down. its still a god Pokemon, and a good idea.

Shaymin 60/100, Ok, mostly the 4 Attack EV;s, the 335 Base Special Attack, the 2.5 catch rate, and the fact that not all angels are female ticked me off. But still a pretty good job. I like the type, and I think this is probably good for best Psychic.

Thats all of them! Im going to list all the Nominations, and because some people didnt say or picked 2, Ill list which ones I think are better.

Best Rock Type-Monochrytia
Best Poison Type-Poisero
Best Water Type-Leviathor/Manwrey
Best Steel Type-Wadmik
Best Grass Type-Floraine, Heliansol
Best Psychic Type-Anigken
Most Beautiful-Chicklet
Best Fire Type-Tarkon

August 22nd, 2007, 3:49 PM
Third Counterpart for Plusle and Minun:

Name: Asterul
Appearance: Looks Like a Plusle or Minun But is Yellow and Has Astriks instead of Minuses or Pluses
Ability 1: Astris (made up, described below)
Gender Ratio: Male: 50% Female: 50%
Classification: Cheering Pokemon
Type: Electric
Height: 1'04"
Weight: 9.3 lbs.
How to get: (explained below)
EXP: 1,000,000 Medium Fast
Base Happiness: 70
Color: Yellow
PokéDex Data [DIAMOND]: It cheers on friends. To help it shoots electrical fireworks.
PokéDex Data [PEARL]: It cheers on friends. To help it shoots electrical fireworks.
Level Up:
3-Thunder Wave
7-Quick Attack
10-Helping Hand
31-Fake Tears
42-Baton Pass
48-Skull Bash
51-Nasty Plot
Effort Points: 1 Speed Point(s)
Egg Groups: Fairy
Base Stats: 60 | 50 | 40 | 75 | 85 | 95 | 405

Ability: When Battling with Plus or Minus Special Attack is Multiplied by 1.5

How to get
1. Get Plusle and Minun in your party, bothe level 25 or more. Put Minun first and Plusle second.
2. Have Plusle hold The Light Ball and Minun hold the Zap Plate
3. Have an extra Pokeball and an extra slot on your team.
4. Use the Thunderstone on Plusle and then raise Minun 1 level.

Nominated for:
Best Electric


Name: Atariuln
Appearance: a skinny, sleek Pokemon. It has wings that are 7’11” long (longer than its body) that look exactly like clouds. It is light blue and has fierce face, yet calm eyes. It is so fast that you can barely see it soar through the sky. It’s tail is just as long as it’s wing span and has ridges on it’s tail.
Ability 1: Natural Cure
Ability 2: Great Strength (made up, explained below)
Ability 3: Levitate
Gender Ratio: 50%/50%
Classification: Jet Plane Pokemon
Type: Dragon/Flying
Height: 7’3”
Weight: 308.3
Evolution Chain: Swablu –Level 35-Altaria-Awakening Stone @ lvl. 48- Atariuln
EXP: 600,000 Erratic
Happiness: 70
Color: Blue
Pal Park: Tall Grass
PokéDex Data [DIAMOND]: People who see it flying mistake it as an undiscovered legendary Pokemon.
PokéDex Data [PEARL]: It sleeps in the sky by wrapping its cotton-like wings around it and a substance in it’s wings let it float. As it does that people mistake it as a giant cloud
Location: Evolve Altaria
Level Up:
-Natural Gift
-Dragon Dance
56-Dragon Pulse
64-Perish Song
73-Sky Attack
Effort Points: 3 Sp. Defence Points
Egg Groups: Flying/Dragon
Base Stats: 92 | 86| 98 | 75 | 123 | 90| 564

Great Strength- Doubles Strengths Power and when holding iron ball it still has the levitate ability.

Nominated for:
Best Dragon or Flying

August 23rd, 2007, 1:35 PM
Ok, here's an attack:

Attack Name: Psych Release
Type: Psychic
Category: Special
Power Points: 5
Base Power: 250
Accuracy: 100
Speed Priority: Always first
Target: Opponent's two Pokémon
Contact: (I don't know what this means)
Battle Effect: Reduces user's HP to 1 to cause horrible damage on the foe. Always strikes first.
Contest Type: Smart
Points: (I don't know what this means)
Contest Effect: A high-appealing move, but can't appeal anymore.
Appeal: 8 hearts
Jam: None

What do you think?

August 23rd, 2007, 2:05 PM
Name: Leoness
Appearance: A female lion that has ice around it.
Ability 1: Pressure
Ability 2: flare - if against a water type, attack is increased by 2 stages.
Gender Ratio: 100% female
Classification: Ice Lion
Type: Ice/Psychic
Height: 170 lbs
Weight: 5'6
Evolution Chain: none
Hold Item: none
EXP: normal
Happiness: 20
Color: light blue / shiny is purple
Pal Park: field
PokéDex Data [DIAMOND]: A lion incased in icicles, is said to create sudden snowstorms
PokéDex Data [PEARL]: This lion is said to use it's psychic abilities to move the hail that it creates.
Location: Snowpoint Shrine (new location northeast of snowpoint)
Availability: first is already there, second is 1/300 chance.
Level Up: Met at level 60
Egg Moves: N/A
Egg Steps: N/A
Effort Points: 4 sp. atk
Catch Rate: 10
Egg Groups: N/A
Base Stats: 100 | 30 | 70 | 180 | 80 | 130 | 590

Move Set:
--Ice Beam
--Future Sight
62 psychic
67 blizzard
72 calm mind
75 psyc up (sp.?)
80 shadow ball
84 Sheer cold

Move tutor moves:
Ice Fang
Ice Shard

August 27th, 2007, 3:59 PM
Name: Miraki
Appearance: Purple and rat-like. Looks quite a bit like Guana from Kappa Mikey, without the jewel in the stomach. (not that a watch that show)
Ability 1: Quick Feet
Ability 2: Intimadate
Gender Ratio: 50% male, 50% female
Classification: Rat Pokemon
Type: Normal
Height: 3' 07'
Weight: 34 lbs
Evolution Chain: does not evolve
Hold Item: Oran Berry
EXP: Fast
Happiness: 65
Color: Purple, shinies are platenum
Pal Park: Forest
PokéDex Data [DIAMOND]: It is said to have a blood rivalry with Pikachu. It is said that this rivalry started over 50 years ago.
PokéDex Data [PEARL]: They travel in groups of 5 or 6. They will attack any Pikachu that they see while traveling.
Location: Safari Zone
Availability: Very Rare
Level Up: met at level 23- 25
Egg Moves: Crunch, Mach Punch
Egg Steps: 2,500
Effort Points: +1 Attack, +1 Special Attack
Catch Rate: 30
Egg Groups: Ground
Base Stats: HP 80| Attack 120| Defense 90| SPATK 100| SPDEF 75| SPD 110| TOTAL 575

Basic- Scratch
Basic- Leer
Level 6- Lick
Level 10- Quick Attack
Level 18- Bite
Level 23- Fury Swipes
Level 30- Scary Face
Level 37- Slash
Level 46- Agility
Level 52- Take Down

Nominated for- Best/ Coolest Normal Type