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August 19th, 2007, 2:00 AM
The olden story; It will be passed on through the years, ever since it started on the planet Cybertron thousands of years ago; The story of the peace loving Autobots, and the power hungry Decepticons. The war waged on for the All Spark- It was not known where it came from, but only that it had the power to create worlds, and fill them with life. That is how the Cybertronian race began. During the war; The All Spark was lost to the far reaches of space. Just before all hope seemed lost, message of a new planet containing the All Spark was discovered. This planet was Earth. But the Autobots and Decepticons were already to late..

Thousands of years later, on planet Earth, in the year 2007, in the Middle East Qatar, an operations base was attacked by the Decepticon Blackout, to steal data about the All Spark's location, preferred to as The Cube, was being stolen, but it was quickly intercepted by cutting the data lines. Already, all the Decepticons were already on Earth in disguise; Starscream, Barricade, Devastator, and Bonecrusher. Megatron was already on Earth as well, but kept in cryogenic stasis by a Government group called Sector 7.

Megatron was first discovered by Captain Archibold Withwicki, in the 1800's, while exploring the Arctic Circle. Upon discovering Megatron, Captain Archibold Withwicki accidentally activated his navigational unit. The code to the cubes location on Earth were imprinted on his glasses, which his great Grandson, Samuel James Withwicki, was offering up on eBay, not knowing what they held. When Sam got to go buy his first car- which turned out to be Autobot Bumblebee, who was currently the only Autobot on earth, helped advance into the final battle. Once Sam had learned about the existence of the Transformers, Autobots Jazz, Ratchet, Ironhide, and Optimus Prime arrived on Earth; Explaining about the war; How the All Spark must be found. If Megatron were to find the All Spark before the Autobots, he would use its power to Transform Earths machine, to build a new army, to take over the universe.

Sector 7 caught Bumblebee; after chasing the Autobots. Everything began falling into place; Small hacker Decepticon Frenzy programmed a Cryogenic Failure on Megatron's chamber, where he was hidden in Sector 7, as Starscream attacked the power. Finally, Megatron was freed. Luckily, so was Bumblebee, who was taken to the All Spark, which was also located in Sector 7, which was snuck out into Mission City. Bumblebee was taken out early, when Starscream arrived in the City, and fired at the Autobots, and along with a small Army squad. Bumblebee still lived, but was still taken out of the battle. But luckily, not as early as Decepticon Bonecrusher, who was killed by Optimus Prime on the free way; Which delayed Optimus for the Mission City battle. Once Megatron arrived in the city, all hell broke loose. Bumblebee was on a tow truck; Helped kill Devastator, who was a real challenge for the army squad. However, in place for Devastator's death, Autobot Jazz was ripped in two my Megatron.

Finally, Optimus Prime arrived in the City, and the fight of a Galaxy began- Optimus Prime vs Megatron. However, Optimus Prime was getting badly beaten. He was temporarily knocked out, so Sam had to go to a tall white building, to get the cube into Military hands. Starscream took care of Ironhide and Ratchet, leaving Sam to Megatron. Once at the top of the building, Megatron knocked Sam off, when he refused to give up the All Spark. By now, Prime had regained consciousness. Prime positioned himself in between two building to catch Sam, after knocked down by Megatron. Prime started sliding down the building to get to the ground, but Megatron jumped down. Once all on the ground, damaged, Prime remarked, 'You risked your life to protect the cube..'. Sam replied with the heroic line, No sacrifice, no victory.. Prime remarked that if he cannot defeat Megatron, Sam must push the cube in his chest. While Megatron and Prime had their final battle, Blackout was advancing towards their area, ready to attack Prime, but he was destroyed by the Army squad. Finally the ride started turning, as Megatron was attacked, severely damaging him. Now the final moments of the battle were happening.

Megatron was knocked down before Sam, then remarking, Mine!! All Spark!!. Sam stood up after Prime remarked to put the cube into his chest, however Sam put the cube in Megatron's chest. The Decepticon stood up in defeat, as the raw power of the cube destroyed him. Finally, the battle was over. Starscream fled the battle, but other than that, the Decepticons were dead. Ironhide and Ratchet walked up to Prime, Ironhide holding Jazz, who got ripped by Megatron Earlier. Megatron held Jazz, as Bumblebee was driven up on the tow truck, Optimus Prime gave the following speech.
We lost a great comrade.. But gained new ones. Thank you, all of you. You honor us with your bravery. It was then decided, that the Autobots shall stay on Earth, hiding in plain sight, waiting, watching. Prime sent the message to all Autobots taking refuge among the stars, that he has witnessed the humans copasity for courage, telling that he is Optimus Prime. The Autobots are here, they are waiting..

However, by Decepticon forces in space, the message was intercepted, however still reaching Autobots in space. Starscream; The living Decepticon, has been slowly rebuilding the Decepticon attack force, planning to rule the world. The Decepticons Brawl, Soundwave, and Thrust, while the remaining Autobots are Jetfire, Blurr, and Vector Prime, all heading towards Earth. Luckily, however, Autobot drones are on Earth, unfortunately so are Decepticon drones.

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5. This is a PG-13 Roleplay, so sign up sheets with Roleplayers 12 or under will be denied. There will be violence in this roleplay.
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7. If you Roleplay as a Transformer, please be as descriptive as you can while transforming. No, "the autobot changed form into a vehicle" please.

Sign up sheet- Human race

Race: Human
Age: (13 and up please)
For or Against Decepticons:

Sign up sheet- Transformer

Race: Cybertronian race
Appearance: (Vehicle form)
Appearance: (Combat form)
Autobot or Decepticon:

My sign up sheet:
Name: Carnate
Race: Cybertronian
Personality: Sometimes, Carnage may tend to be a little too confident in battle, though the only battled he has ever had were during the Cybertronian wars, the fact that he was speedy, and powerful always gave him an advantage. He thinks he is better than most Autobots and Decepticons, seeing as he always gains an advantage in battle, but ones not to say that he is still loyal to his leaders, or noble enough to take an oncoming blast for a comrade. Other than that, when he is losing a battle, he tends to get more aggressive; not giving up the fight.

Appearance (Vehicle form): The color consists of a Dark blue. The hood has two silver lines running down the middle, with three lights on each side of the car, and a small slot on the bottom of the vehicle in the front, that also shows the silver stripes, which is where the blaster is, obviously around where the engine is. The wheels have spinners on the side, which are used as a weapon in combat mode. All the windows are tinted, so no one knows that no one is driving the vehicle when a person looks over. It is inly a two seater, and would match a Viper.

Appearance (Combat form): 18 feet tall, obviously the Dark blue paint of the car being the armor. The front two wheels are at the elbows, with the spinners extending upwards to his hands, and the blasters from vehicle form are shoulders are, which pop up as two Blasters in combat mode. The rear wheels are at the sides of his knees, however the spinners there going nothing. His torso area is obviously where the engine and front lights are. His face plates also have the silver line around what would be the cheek areas, and like any other Autobot, his eyes shine a light blue. The windows are located on his back area, as the doors to the car are also located behind his back.

History: After Megatron died, there were already Autobot and Decepticon droned on Earth. Carnate was of course one of them, but he scanned a Viper, from his old appearance consisting of a Sports car. He made himself faster, and stronger than before. But as for his Cybertron history before he went to Earth, he would often have to fight most of the time, never getting a break from battle. He use to be a rather nice Autobot, but all the fighting gave him his, "All that and a bag of chips" attitude. He also uses that attitude to cover up the pain he has from seeing his comrade die before him in Combat. His friend bot's name, was Skorb. A brave Autobot, always assisting Carnate in battle. The two were best friends, but then he was killed by Decepticon Starscream. Carnate holds a grudge against Starscream for this, and will swear to destroy him one day.

Side: Autobots.

ooc;- And sorry some of the sections might seem a little vague, but I am typing all this really late at night.

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