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August 23rd, 2007, 3:43 PM
Saraf laid on her hands and knees, as the whips tore into her back, forming bleeding red patterns in her skin. She cried out in agony with each lashing, each one ripping harder and harder as her punisher got more and more infuriated. Still though, naked, and bleeding, and in more pain than most could remain conscious through, she held strong, and she said nothing of what he demanded.
The man grabbed her by the chin, and twisted her head around to look at him. Her face was dirty and coated in sweat, both dry and fresh.
He spoke slowly and with disgust, "Where is the Diamond of the Mind?"
She had been asked this question many times throughout this horrible night, and had responded in the same way, silence. She was asked where the jewel could be found after each set of ten lashings. She had lost count somewhere in the sixties, when she began loosing consciousness momentarily, and then regained it with the next lash. Her back was at that point basically an open wound. She had been asked many times since this as well, and still had remained silent.
This time she responded differently, she looked up at him and did a most peculiar thing, she began to laugh. The startled the man, and he let go of her chin. She then spit into his left eye. He wiped his eye, and his face grew as red as blood. He began shaking, and then threw the whip at the wall.
"Have her killed!" He screamed, and briskly made his way out of the room.

The man we glanced at a moment ago is Overlord Lanar. He has ruled the land for around 300 years, no one can be sure how long he has held power, because he has banned the keeping of time. Time is known now only as morning and night, there is no sundials, there is no calendar. There is nothing that you can tell time by. You can be sure someone out there knows how long he has held power, someone who, along with the three or four generations behind them, has been keeping secret records of can be sure there is someone, it's just that, that someone would never tell.
Overlord Lanar as we've seen is not a nice fellow. He kills entire families, sometimes entire villages for defiance. It is rumored that he once wiped out an entire nation with his army of demons.
And that's another thing. Something that had yet to be mentioned, yet, as all things are, will eventually come out in the wash. the Overlord holds 11 of the 12 Stones of Power. He is only missing one, and that is the Diamond of the Mind. He had tortured and killed 11 of the Guardians to gain their Stone. No one knows the true power of the Stones, except of course the Guardians them self.
Little is actually known about the Stones, except their names. Overlord Lanar was the only person in the world that knew who all 12 of the Guardians are, and it took it many years to seek each of them out. After the first Guardian was captured and killed, and his Stone taken, the remaining 11 in essence made themselves vanish. They went into hiding, hoping to keep the other stones safe. 300 years though, is plenty of time to find 11 people, and find them he did.
Now that all 12 of the Guardians have been killed though, something that Overlord Lanar could never have predicted happened. Something so very strange, and unexpected, that it could shift the power of the world.

A man ran into Lanar's chambers, sweating, and obviously in a downright panic. "Overlord Lanar mi' Lord, they're disappearing."
Overlord Lanar was lounging and being fed fruit as this man barged in.
"What?!? What are disappearing? Veeshis state your business!" He had gone into a panic, not knowing what was going on, and not being entirely in control of an obviously horrible situation.
"The Stones sir, all 11 of them, one by one, they are disappearing mi' Lord."
Lanar stopped dead in his tracks, and his heart skipped many beats. He didn't move for a few seconds and then snapped out of his stone-like temporary coma.
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY ARE DISAPPEARING?!?" He screamed at the top of his lungs. If Veeshis had ever heard a scream like this in his life, it may not have surprised him so, but it did. It knocked his almost off his feat.
He began to stutter, "We d-d-don't kn-n-now sir-r. They'r-r-re j-j-just fa-ading away-y."
Overlord Lanar began at full sprint to run out of his chambers. It was almost sort of comical, knowing how out-of-character he seemed at that moment. He ran like a schoolboy that had just learned that someone stole his carton of Ice Cream.
The Overlord ran until he reached the lab. Or so we would have called it now. It was a testing chamber at the time. He had the best minds of the world in that room, trying to learn more about the stones, and possibly unlock previously hidden powers. They had been working under him ever since he got the first stone, the Bloodstone of Death, and had yet to find anything, but Lanar insisted that they keep working. And when the first batch died of old age, he simply hired more.
That is another small detail that has not been brought up yet, but as you may have figured, Overlord Lanar is immortal, and remains young forever. He has not aged a day ever since he received the first Stone. It had been decided that it must be the Stone that kept him forever young.
When he reached the room, sweat dripping down his cheeks, he was only in time to see the 11th stone disappear. It was actually quite a sight. The pearly white of the stone suddenly because translucent, and then it began to tremble, and looked as though it was becoming nothing but a hologram, although Overlord Lanar knew nothing of holograms. Nothing of the such even existed in this reality. It then hovered for a moment, and then there was a quick flash of very white light, and it suddenly vanished.
Overlord Lanar did something he hadn't done in years, he dropped to his knees and began to cry.

Now let me tell you what has happened. After the 12th Guardian was killed, something happened that hadn't ever happened in the history of the Stones. The Stones did not have Guardians. 11 of the Stones were currently controlled by a man who had no care to guard the Stones, or use their powers to help the people, as they were meant to do. This is what the ancients had envisioned. They did not consider that the Stones would fall into the wrong hands.
But back to the point, after there were no more Guardians, the Stones activated an ancient magic inside themselves, and passed themselves on to another generation of Guardians. The Stones will choose 12 people who will become the new Guardians of the stones.
If Overlord Lanar had managed to receive the 12th stone before Saraf was killed, none of this would happen. It was the 12th Stone that ruined his 300 years of work. It was the one that started the ancient magic.
Lanar had made a possibly fatal mistake, and had brought on another Age of Guardians.
Will these new Guardians simply hide in the way that the previous age had, or will they bring upon a war with Lanar?
This is up to you.

If you haven't figured it out yet, you will control one of the 12 new Guardians.
I will also need someone to control Overlord Lanar. This will have to be a skilled Roleplayer, as it won't be an easy task, and for a long time you won't be interacting with the other players, and it will be simply you plotting your plan of action more than anything.

Now before we can start I must tell you all 12 stones, and what their powers will do. The story goes that the Stone chooses the person, but you will choose your own stone, it just makes things more simple.

Two of the stones you already know about, but don't know the full extent of their power. You won't know the full extent of their power, because to some degree, you will make it up. The Stone is yours to discover. I will give you a brief idea of what it's powers may do, but you as a player will have to create the powers yourself. Of course have digression. The magic obviously can't be too powerful, or it doesn't make things fun for everyone.

Bloodstone of Death- Manipulates things related to death.

Diamond of the Mind- Allows the holder to have mind abilities.

Emerald of Earth- Manipulates earth and plants.

Sapphire of Air- Manipulates air.

Ruby of Heat- Manipulates heat.

Tourmaline of Illusion- Allows the holder to create illusions.

Spinel of Freeze- Manipulates ice and water.

Garnet of Darkness- Manipulates darkness.

Alexandrite of Light- Manipulates light.

Crysoberyl of Sound- Manipulates sound.

Opal of Metal- Manipulates metal.

Topaz of Energy- Manipulates energy.

Character’s Name:
Character’s Age:
Character's Stone:
Character’s Appearance:
Character’s Personality:
Character’s History:
RP Sample: [[Everyone will need to provide one, as I don't know the RPers here anymore.]]

August 23rd, 2007, 4:18 PM
Character’s Name: Chris Saywer
Character’s Age: 17
Character's Stone: Crysoberyl of sound
Character’s Appearance: http://public.tektek.org/img/av/m08/d23/18/32be20.png
Character’s Personality: Chris is pretty quiet and serious when something serious is happening. But at any other time he is cheerful and foolish. He is a guy that can get along with everybody pretty well.
Character’s History: Chris has dealed with harsh deaths before. His grandfather was on a journey into Stardust and a creature attacked him. Also his brother got in a fire at a camp-out in the woods.
RP Sample: (This will be an example of a Pokemon RP if thats ok) Chris ran from Mt. Coronet to the nearest Pokemon Center he could find, dodging all the wild pokemon that came in his way. A Zubat used supersonic on him and he did not know what to do. He just stood in the same place for safety. When his confusion stopped he ran as fast as he could out of Mt. Coronet. Fortunately there was a Officer Jenny waiting outside. She brought him and his pokemon to the nearest Pokemon Center.

I hope this is good enough!

August 23rd, 2007, 4:43 PM
Drapion_Dawg you are accepted, but the only thing that gets to me, is that you look like you don't describe things all that much, from what I can see at least.
I'm going to need some detail out of your posts if you're going to stick around.
Thanks, I hope to see some great role playing from you.

August 23rd, 2007, 4:47 PM
thx and u will

also i think it would be intersting if u joined my RP

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Please use capital letters and periods.
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And please do not advertise your own RP in someone else's RP Drapion_Dawg.

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August 24th, 2007, 9:40 AM
I would like to join, if I may. I'll be as active as possible. (School starts next week for me. Blegh. This sounds really fun, though.)

Name: Tallun Ryosett (Tal-un Rye-oh-set)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Stone: Emerald of Earth

Appearance: Tallun is thin moderately tall, being almost 6'. She has very tanned skin and dark red hair. It's always pulled back in a long ponytail that starts about level with her eyes. Tao also has bangs that cover her ears. She has bright yellow almond-shaped eyes, and thin eyebrows. Her teeth are a bit sharp, and her canines are longer than most people's. She wears a gray sleeveless top made from dense fibers. There are two dark pink diamond-shaped stripes on each side of the shirt, several inches above her waist and about three inches apart. Tallun also dons a pair of fingerless gloves that go all the way up to her elbows, and have a 'V' shaped-cut in them at the top. Her pants, made from the same material as her shirt, are held up by a leather belt with a silver buckle. The pants, like the shirt, have diamond-shaped stripes on the sides, but there are 6 on each leg, running up the sides at an equal distance apart. Around her neck is a durable string with the claw of a large lizard firmly attached to it. Starting at her left shoulder and going diagonally down is a leather strap that holds up a pack on her back that is for storing food, water, or other neccessities while traveling. All it holds as of now is a sharp rock that serves the purpose of a survival knife.

Personality: Tallun is a traveler. Not content in being in any one place for a long time, she keeps her body and mind fit so that she can survive in the wildernesses. She relies mostly on instincts, rather than taking the time to think things through, and because of this, she acts very awkwardly around other people. To add to this awkwardness, she has the bad habit of picking fights. Typically, she isn't the easiest person to befriend, but displays a strong loyalty to those who she likes.

History: Tallun's village was wiped out when she was 11, as many of the townsfolk were planning a rebellion. In a bittersweet act of fate, Tallun was out as usual, venturing aimlessly through the wooded area on the outskirts of the village. She was spared from the destruction, as no one in the village ever mentioned her existence. Noticing the faint screams, shouts, and smoke in the distance, she knew very well what had happened, and, this being one of the last times she used logic for quite some time, decided that it would do her no good to go back to her home in hopes that her friends and family were fine. Knowing that she would need money, she waited until the dead of night before she ran back to the remains of her home. Bracing herself for what she may unwantingly find, she began rummaging through the ashes near where a lockbox was kept. Luckily, she found it, and began running back to the wooded area. On her way 'out', she stepped on something, and heard a distinct crunch. Not looking down, she bolted back to the wooded area. Several years later, she is as she is now, and, while traveling, is seeking a way to take vengeance on what happened five years ago.

RP Sample: The two were walking along the port village Eeshi's coast on a sunny afternoon. Being in the domain of water, Tsukai's pendant, a Water Cyrun, gently glowed. Neji was beside her, in all his metallic glory.

"Well, this should be a good place to recruit," Tsukai said as she walked, her arms crossed behind her head. She was glancing around, and saw multiple posters on the small wooden buildings around her. They were warning signs, portraying a giant water beast, most likey a monster, attacking the port. "Slayers probably come here to do trade, along with ridding the town of the water monsters, right?"

"Probably," Neji replied, his voice sharp and metallic. He sounded irritated, as there were many heads turning to look at Tsukai's mechanical creation. "Although, you're not the type to go up and ask people if they are Slayers, are you?"

Tsukai put her arms back at her side and looked up. "...Well, not really, huh?" She stopped for a moment, her arms crossed, and head slightly tilted to the side. She then looked forward and snapped. "That's it!"

Neji looked as confused as a mech could and asked, "What's it?"

Before Tsukai answered him, she ran over to an empty dock and sat down at the edge, her feet hanging off of the dock. Neji slithered his way over to her, still confused. Tsukai turned to look at him, and announced her plan. "I can sense water monsters with my gem. You knew that, right? What we do is wait until a really fierce one forms, then all the Slayers in the town will come to fight it!"

Now informed, Neji liked her idea. "That's brilliant!"

"What did you expect from one of the best AI Engineers?" Tsukai said. "All we do now is wait."

Only 20 minutes had passed when Tsukai felt a presence form under the placid waves. She jumped up and commanded, "Neji, go!" He leaped from the dock, diving into the water. Unable to communicate with each other while Neji was underwater, Tsukai could only hope for the best. In a fighting stance, she peered at the once calm, now rolling water. She saw a silvery shine under the waves, and then Neji burst up from underneath the water onto the dock.

"What was down there?" Tsukai asked.

Neji laughed, metallic as it was, and pulled a small fanged purple fish off of his tail spike. Holding it between two claws, he said, "Not much. Just this Pyrran." The fish wiggled around.

Tsukai let out a sigh. "That's way too weak to call all the Slayers here... We might as well-" Before she could finish, a huge bulge formed in the water behind Neji. There was a look of panic on Tsukai's face.

Neji, throwing the Pyrran back into the water asked, "Tsukai, what's wrong?"

Still looking shocked, she point and forced out a "Behind you!"

Neji spun around and saw what was making Tsukai nervous. "MONSTER!" Neji shouted, causing the villagers to look and run in a mass panic, screaming much like Neji. Pleased with himself, he said, "If that's not going to alert the Slayers... Well, we probably wouldn't want people like that with us, would we?"

The monster causing all of this was a giant aqua-blue serpent.Starting at the lower jaw, its scales were light grey, with a black stripe dividing the two colors. It had thin glowing red eyes and four fangs as long as an arm and sharper than a knife. Starting right between the eyes was a black fin that seemed to stretch all the way to its tail, which was forked. At the end of each fork was a yellow globe of light. The great beast let out a deafening roar, revealing rows of razor sharp teeth and a bloodred forked tongue.

"Holy crap!" Tsukai exclaimed, staring at the towering monster. "If others don't show up, this could be bad!" She raised her right hand, fingers extended, and the air in front of it shimmered. The shimmers solidified, forming the Blade of the Moon. She gripped the hilt and assumed a battle stance.

August 24th, 2007, 1:12 PM
Seriously, tell me if it's not long enough, I like criticism XD

-Character’s Name: Kouya Satoi
-Character’s Age: 17
-Character's Stone: Alexandrite of Light
-Character’s Appearance: Kouya wears jeans so baggy, they need to be held up with a large belt. His shirt is a plain dark blue t-shirt. He wears a black sleeveless jacket over his shirt, are rarely ever removes it. His hair is about an inch long, light brown, and messy. He also has a small video camera hanging from his neck on a lanyard, which he pulls out to record things. The camera is about 3 inches long, and a half inch wide with a video screen that flips out. It's silver with black lettering.
-Character’s Personality: Kouya is a generally nice person. He says some things that are mean without knowing what he said was offensive. Kouya loves to pull out his camera at bad times, and record things he knows he shouldn't be. He can be perverted at times, but that's one of his smaller aspects. He's got a dry sense of humor, and is extremely sarcastic, even when he's not trying to be. He has a bad habit of taking things to the next level, and creating drama that had no need of being there.
-Character’s History: Kouya led a normal life up until he turned 10, and became infatuated with the news lady in his town. He then, decided he would be a news reporter, and got a little too exited about it. He bought an extremely expensive video camera that was small enough to carry around his neck everywhere he went. He didn't have any brothers or sisters growing up, so he's a little selfish, but he knows when it's time to stop.
-RP Sample:

Ayumi sighed, and adjusted the placement of her bow. The road to Eremes was longer than she had ever attempted to travel. She looked up at Ira, the Elf who was leading her the way there, and sighed even heavier. When she had asked for a patient elf to help her along the way, they gave her an elf that didn't care the distance she had to walk, she would get there one way or the other.

I meant patient in tolerating me long enough to get at least halfway there... Ayumi thought sadly. "Felling alright?" Ira asked, staring at her, with a smile. Ayumi automatically looked up, and saluted.

"Um, uh yessir!" She said louder than she had actually intended to. "How much longer until we get there um..."

"Do not worry, call me Ira. We have a good day before we reach our destination." She explained. "I'm sure you're fine with that seeing as how it's so important you get there soon." Ira adjusted her floor skirt, and walked on without waiting for my answer. Ayumi had to admit, she felt bad for lying to Ira about how urgent it was that she got there, but she had no choice. She was mostly going for a scenery change, and they wouldn't let her take Ira along with an excuse like that.

"Miss Ira, I'm fine, but do you think we could continue through the night?" Ira looked at Ayumi with a look that said "IRA". Ayumi quickly rephrased. "Ira, can we continue throught the night, please?"

Ira thought on the new idea of how to travel for a minute, and finally agreed. "Fine. But no complaining, we won't stop because you're tired." She turned, and continued on.

Heh... thanks... Ayumi thought, following close behind.

September 3rd, 2007, 1:50 PM
Wow, I've been extremely slow getting back to this.
So, so, so, very sorry.
School started for me, so that slowed things down, and I had my family reunion this weekend, and my grandmother only allows for us to use her dial-up connection to access Yahoo! Mail, or MSN Hotmail, and nothing else. XD.
But anyway.
мizuκi, thank you. =P.
Midnight_Dragon249, accepted, and I look forward to RPing with you, you seem like an excellent roleplayer. ^_^
Chikara, accepted for sure, and no, it's not too short, it's just right. =].

September 9th, 2007, 8:00 AM
too much or too little detail?

Character’s Name: Lance McDale

Character’s Age: 18

Character's Stone: Ruby of Heat

Character’s Appearance: Lance is just over 6'2, with a round, cheery face. He has long, brown shaggy hair that falls to his shoulders and his skin is neither tanned nor pale. He has very piercing green eyes and a crooked nose that has clearly been broken on severel occasions. A deep scar runs from his left ear down to the corner of his mouth. He wears a red satin-lined cloak over a greying open-necked shirt. His trousers are jet-black, with red zig-zag lines on the sides. He has large silver boots which are wearing a bit then. He carries a travelling bag with him at all times.

Character’s Personality: Lance is a thief. He once found work at some stables, but found that he couldn't stick with a job and began to pick-pocket people for money and food. He is very hyperactive, and likes to make light of a serious situation. He can become very reserved when people ask him about himself. However, he is very easy to get on with, and can make friends very quickly. He has a good sense of justice, and likes to help people of deserving need.

Character’s History: Lance was born to a travelling family who ventured across many lands, until one day when Lance was 5, his entire family were killed by a band of theives. He was taken in by the theives, and learned the art of stealing. When he was 16, he learned that the theives killed his family. Taking revenge, he murdered their leader and fled. He attempted to settle down in many towns and villages, but could never seem happy enough to stay. He tried many jobs, such as a kitchen boy and a stable-worker, but reverted back to theivery, as this is what he is best at.

RP Sample: The fog set around the outlook as the sun rose to bring a new Spring morning. It was the first day of the fifth month, and the season of Summer was just around the corner.
"I can't see a damn thing here, sir," grimaced Lieutenant Judoin, squinting through the telescope.
"That is because it is foggy this morning, Judoin," came the scathing reply from Judoin's commander, Youo D'Sain. "You should know that at the age of thirty-one."
"Enough complaining," cut in D'Sain. "Come and sit down with us and eat breakfast. We have a long day ahead of us."
Some of the other officers sniggered as Judoin reluctantly came and sat by the campfire. It had been three long, hard weeks for the Lieutenant. The Army of Zeralune had been chasing an army of Ice Goblins from the Frozen Mountain across the empire. The Ice Goblins were after the Emperor of Zeralune, and now they were one day away from the city walls. The situation was getting desperate, and here they were, sat around a campfire eating breakfast? It seemed like madness to Judoin. Nevertheless, he picked out a few sausages from the makeshift frying pan and bit into them.
"It will not be long now," began D'Sain, "before this little hunting trip will be over. If, in the worst case scenario, the goblins reach the city walls, they will be at a disadvantage. They will take some time to scale them, and we can strike from there. They will be backed up against our walls, and they will become walking prey."
"You forgetting that their leader is skilled in the art of black magic," piped up Judoin.
It was true. The Ice Goblin King, Kurberk, was known for his repoirture of black magic. He was not masterfully skilled in that art, but enough to pose a threat.
D'Sain stared at Judoin. "Silence! I will not be interrupted!" He paused, thinking. "It is indeed so that scum bucket Kurberk is known to use black magic. However, I am sure we will be able to slay him before too many lives are lost."
That was D'Sain. Always treating his soldiers like chess pieces, having no regard for their life. Always focused on pleasing the Emperor. Judoin was disgusted by his commander on occasions.
"We will assemble the troops and pack up here," continued D'Sain. "We must keep moving if we are to outrun the slime that crawl across our land."

September 28th, 2007, 5:23 AM
Character’s Name: Darx D. Inferno
Character’s Age: 18
Character's Stone: Garnet of Darkness
Character’s Appearance: Darx 6'5, with a semi-expressionless face. He has short, but slightly long in certain areas, black spiky hair that tends to fall on the left side of his face. His skin is slightly tanned but more pale. He has piercing blood red eyes that tell that he's been through alot. A long scar runs from his left ribcage up to the center of his right shoulder blade. He wears a white shirt under-neath a black leather jacket. His black pants are also leather with a sword harness and belt around his waist. He has black boots with a small dark red flame design along the sides. His jacket is made of strange material that can store objects, inside, endlessly.
Character’s Personality: He is withdrawn, and hasn't met anyone who could open him up. He's an expert thief, and leaves towns and cities without a trace. He is stubborn, and doesn't give up even if the odds are against him.
Character’s History: Darx was raised by his older sister as his father had grown too violent to live with. His sister taught him many things, but he taught himself how to steal in order to survive. On his 13th birthday a group of bandits came and took his sister away, leaving him behind with a broken arm. After that he set out to find the bandits and take back his sister. He found out that they weren't bandits but Overlord Lanar's soldiers, which made up Darx's mind and start his own vendetta against the Overlord.
RP Sample: -