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October 6th, 2003, 2:54 AM
ah! I took the border off! anyway here's a little next gen fic...
Pokemon 2nd Generation

The year is 2008, and our cast of trainers all have a really bright future, Harrison is now the Indigo Champion and has now opened a unofficial gym in Littleroot Town. Brock is a successful Breeder and is now married with Suzy, another Breeder and resides in Pewter Citys newly opened Breeding Center. Richie is in charge of the Viridian City gym and is the worlds first multi type gym, May won all the contests and is opening a center to help out trainers who are trying to win contests, she is married with Brendan Birch, residing in Littleroot Town as well, Gary Oak is now the leading Professor in the Kanto Region after his grandfathers death and of course, our couple that has been together for 11 years are now married, Ash Ketchum and Misty Ketchum, living peacefully in Pallet Town, with their little baby boy crying in the hands of that yellow Pikachu. The Narrator started.

10 years later

Cmon Dad, I better not be late, Its the last day of school and then Im off to explore the world of Pokemon! Kain Ketchum, He had the hair of his dad but the eyes of his mum, his skin color was his mum. Sleepily, Ash tossed his car keys to Misty, as Misty lead Kain to their hovering car, a Mclaren F-1, even though it was out in 1993, buying one of these cars is like buying love now, they had it upgraded to make it hover.

So, hows your relationship with Sara? Eh? Misty asked annoyingly, looking at the mirror to check on her son.

I dont like her! Kain shouted, blushing. Misty chuckled; this was the same situation she used to have with Ash. Kain looked out of the window, and saw a golden light flying through the sky; it looked a bit like a phoenix.
Within minutes, Kain was in the academy. Today was graduation day, Misty watched from a pod like chair.

Now, may all students proceed to the Pokemon Training, Breeding, or Contest Stat raising section depending on what they want to be. The PA called out.

Kain walked towards the Pokemon Training section. And saw Sara next to him.

Hi Sara you look very pretty today Kain said, blushing.

Really? Thanks, hey I think youve got some skin allergy. Sara rubbed some skin allergy cream on Kains cheek.
Whoa, I must be dreaming Kain thought, this was the best feeling of his life; a girl that he likes is actually caring for him.

Okay, thats done, Sara replied with a smile. By the way, its Yunas birthday tomorrow, want to come shopping with me in Celadon City?

Uh sure Kain replied. He walked towards the Pokemon training center in the academy and thought about his future, he would marry Sara and then they would have a son and- Kain bumped into a wall, and rubbed his head.

Good Morning class! The teacher yelled out.

Good Morning Miss! all the students went to a desk, Kain was sitting next to Sara today.

Lucky me Kain thought. Then the lesson went on, now it was battle time. Kain loved this bit.

Go Pichu! Kain yelled. The pre-evolution of Pikachu appeared, zapping across the 5-meter wide/long stadium.

Thunder Shock! Kain yelled. The Pichu zapped its enemy that was a Magby, knocking it down. Kain battled against the other students; soon it was the final battle in the mini competition. Kain was fighting Sara

Dont play easy on me just because Im a girl! Sara yelled. She sent out her Azurill, the pre-evolution of Marill. Pichu jumped from the trainer perch and the stadium started to move. They were now in an official stadium. The floor was made of marble and it was painted to have a Pokeball print on the stadium.

One on One Battle, no Time Limit, starts NOW! The teacher shouted. Pichu quickly knocked Azurill off balance, Azurill took quick actions and swung its tail back tripping Pichu over.

I guess Ill have to use some elemental Attacks! Kite shouted. Pichu! Use Thunder Shock! Pichu dash across the stadium, finding a good angle.

Water Gun it before it has the chance to! Azurill fired a beam of water at its yellow opponent, the Pichu was soaked, and was about to charge a Thunder Shock.

Stop! Kain yelled. But it was too late, Pichu had already started, and had shocked himself because water and electricity dont mix, Pichu fell on the ground weakened.

And the winner is, Sara! The teacher yelled out. All the girls in the crowd cheered her on, Kain walked down silently; tears began to form in his eyes, as they fell onto his black t-shirt with KAIN printed in yellow letters. Sara walked over, and caught Kains attention.

Hey, you were pretty good, why dont we travel together on a Pokemon Journey? Sara asked. Kain was surprised; he didnt feel like admitting defeat now, in fact, he was actually happy.

Sure! Kain replied. Sara smiled and pushed Kain towards the door.

Mum! Guess what? Kain shouted as he returned home with his dad.

What? Misty replied, chopping some carrots on the chopping board.

Sara asked me to see if I can join her on a Pokemon Journey! Kain shouted, sliding down the banister while talking.

So, you got into a little relationship with your girlfriend? Misty asked annoyingly.

Forget about it Kain sat down on the couch and yelled. TV On! and the blank screen came to life, showing a news reporter pointing to a new sighting of Ho-oh.

Strange I saw that bird before Kain said silently, next to his dad.

Ah! This is going to mark the beginning of your journey Kain, let you on a little secret. Ash closed onto Kains ear, and began to whisper a few sentences.
Kain put on his shoes and went out of the door; his dads Pikachu was following him, protecting him from any wild Pokemon.

Hmm dad saw a Ho-oh in the beginning of his journey, and this would be marking the beginning of his journey, was this some kind of thing passed down on the Ketchum family? Kain muttered quietly. He turned his head around to see Sara.

Hey Kain! Sara shouted. Kain began to walk to the bus station with Sara following behind. Azurill sat on her lap on the bus trip and Kain sat next to her with Pikachu and Pichu playing with Azurill. Then the bus stopped.

A Pokemon is blocking the way on the road, will all passengers please leave. The PA alarmed. Kain and Sara along with the Pokemon walked out of the bus, and saw a giant serpent-like Pokemon. Kain immediately realized it. It was his dads first actual trouble in being a Pokemon Trainer. He looked at a Poliwag nearby and threw a spare Pokeball he had with him at it. Since the Poliwag was not in a good condition, it went straight into its Pokeball.

Go Poliwag! Use Water Gun! Kain shouted, releasing a Pokeball from his hands as it stood in front of the gigantic Pokemon. It fired a crystal clear beam of water, pushing the Onix back a bit.

Oooooonnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiixxxxxxxxxxxxx! the Onix boomed, shaking the ground.

Kain, I dont think this is a good idea Sara suggested.

Keep on going! Rapid Fire Water Gun! Kain roared. The Poliwag fired several beams of water at the rock serpent, it didnt seem to help. Suddenly a blue light began to circle Poliwag. A grin started to form on Kains face. Finish it off! Water Gun! Kain shouted in the loudest voice he can speak out. The newly evolved Poliwhirl stood there, then the spiral on its belly began to spin. It started to spin faster and faster, soon it was just a whir, water began to shoot out from the middle, then it grew bigger and bigger, soon a streak of water as big as its belly came blasting out, and the Onix that was weakened fell down. Kain threw a pokeball at the Onix.

Here you go. Kain said in a gentle voice as he presented the pokeball to Sara.

Thank you Kain. Sara replied, she moved a little closer to Kain, and kissed Kain on the cheek. Kain began to grow bright red, then they began to walk towards the department. They were back with 3 bags of clothes, and another bag with Yunas present, it was a Jigglypuff doll, something that Yuna wanted ever since she saw the commercial selling it.

Kain got home and began to write in his diary. He smiled as he wrote the last event. He shut the book tight and closed the lights.

Thats pretty big in word, about 4 and a half pages long I am expecting replies so REPLY!

Kain - Pichu, Poliwhirl

Sara - Azurill, Onix

October 6th, 2003, 3:01 AM
a very interesting approach to the aftermath of the original pokemon series...my only complaint is: what happened to masato? oh and the grammer could be a might better (don't forget to use commas)...other than that good fan fic!

October 6th, 2003, 3:05 AM
XD I didn't expect a reply that quick... well thanks for your half compliment half critique it reall helps.

Masato... oh yes I forgot about him! *hits head* wait.. editting it now would mess it up.

I was expecting stuff like.

"Why did Kain give Onix to Sara! It's a strong pokemon!"

and I would answer.

"He exchanged it for a kiss..."

October 8th, 2003, 3:32 AM
Back in Pallet Town

Here Yuna! Sara shoved the Jigglypuff doll into the hands of Yuna.

Wow! Thank you Sara! Yuna embraced her friend. Kain was in the living room eating a chocolate chip cookie whilst Sara spent a couple of minutes upstairs with Yuna. After a few minutes, Sara was walking to the lab with Kain.

Its getting late, I think wed better head home Sara suggested.

Yea, would you mind me coming for a sleepover tonight? Kain asked.

If my mum lets me, sure. Sara replied.

Kain began to move closer to Sara, his hand approaching her hand. Just when he thought he was going to hold her hand for the rest of the trip, she scratched her head with the hand. Kain went for another go, this time succeeding.

Well, while you ask your mum I can go pack my stuff! Kain said, he quickly ran off to his house and packed some spare clothes.

So Sara, let your friend come if you wish. Saras mum replied.

Its BOY-friend. Sara replied. She giggled.

Would you like me to prepare a double bed for you? Her mum asked.

Yea sure Sara giggled. She switched to the TV, and began to scroll through the channels until it was the Cartoon Channel where she watched the Pichu Bros.

Then the doorbell rang.
Sara rushed to the door and opened it up; Kain was there with a small grey backpack.

Um, were short of beds so if you sleep youll have to sleep on a double bed with Sara. Saras mum said, washing the dishes. Have a seat.

Sara took Kain to the room they were sleeping in; Kain dropped his backpack down on the floor and changed into his pajamas. They went outside to watch the TV and laughed at the Pichu Bros fooling around.

Impatiently, Sara switched to another channel, then they began to get sleepy, and Kain crossed his fingers for Sara leaning on his shoulder. Amazingly, Sara had started to get sleepy and she DID lie on Kains shoulder.

Whoa this is perfect! I get a double bed with Sara and now she sleeps on my shoulder! Kain thought, he began to glow bright red. Soon he began to sleep too.

Kids nowadays Saras mum said, she turned the tap on and washed her hands.

Next Morning, Kain woke up and found Sara sleeping next to him.

Got to go now, bye! Kain whispered, he stopped for while, thinking if he should kiss Sara, he leaned over to her cheek and kissed her.

Kain went back home, pulled a new red t-shirt over him and a pair of black shorts that reached his knees; he proceeded to the lab to pick a Pokemon.

Hello there Kain! Gary shouted. Kain walked in, looking at the cybernetic room around him. Posters of Pokemon were hung around, each with a little explanation.

Hey, I caught these Pokemon recently in Hoenn, Id like to give one to you. Gary said. He took a Pokeball off a silver desk and handed it Kain. Its called a Bagon.

Cool! Kain said, letting it free.

Bagon! Ba! it yelled. Kain bent down to pat his head.

Heres your Pokedex and a couple of spare Pokeballs. Gary took a red device and a few Pokeballs off his drawer. Kain took a glimpse and saw it was crowded with Pokeballs and Pokedexes.

Hey Kain! Sara shouted, she opened the door and rushed in to the lab. She went to see the new Professor and took a Pokeball and Pokedex from him.

Lets see what Ive got! Sara said, she dropped her Pokeball, and out came a Horsea!

Quick! In the Pokeball! Kain cried out. Sara took immediate actions and withdrew Horsea.

Wish you luck on your journey guys! Gary shouted as the couple went through the door.

Hey guys! Yuna shouted. She had blonde hair tied up in a ponytail and dressed like a 5 year old with a pink t-shirt and blue jeans.

Hey Yuna! Sara shouted, waving her hand. Yuna ran towards her best friend, and showed her six Pokeballs.

Wow! Youve got 6 Pokeballs with Pokemon already? Sara asked.

Yea, LOSER! Yuna commented.

Hey no one says that to my girlfriend! Kain shouted. Then he covered his mouth, he was really embarrassed.

OK 3 on 3 match Yuna replied with a grin.

Go Kain! I hope this will get you to beat HER up! Sara tossed the Pokeball containing Onix to Kain. Kain grinned.

Go ONIX! Kain yelled. He threw a Pokeball towards the ground, a red beam shot out and it formed a rock serpent.

Oh I am so scared Yuna replied sarcastically. Go Nidorina!

Whats she doing with a Nidorina? Sara said, shocked.

Dont worry, Ill help you beat her up! Earthquake! Kain shouted. Onix began to slam itself down on the ground a few times, Nidorina flipped over, weakened.

Oh yea! Go Oddish! Yuna threw a Pokeball and out came an Oddish, surprisingly; it was bigger and looked stronger than the rest of the Oddish.

WRAP! Kain yelled. He knew that this move wont do much damage, but its his only way to survive such a tough looking Oddish.

Absorb before it gets the chance to! Yuna commanded.

Onix closed up onto Oddish, wrapping itself around the little Pokemon, it started to tighten the grip, and soon Oddish was wrapped up.

Finish it with Tackle after that! Kain exclaimed. After a couple of seconds, Oddish fell weak, trying to move. Onix charged forward and knocked it out.

Grrrr! Yuna replied angrily. Say Good Bye! Saras Boyfriend! Go Marshstomp! Water Gun!

Marshstomp fired a blast of water hurling into the giant serpent, knocking it out.

Ha! Yuna teased.

Go Poliwhirl! Kain threw a Pokeball hurling at the ground. Then a navy blue Pokemon appeared. Double Slap!

Poliwhirl jumped across the grassy land and slapped Marshstomp repeatedly.

WATER Yuna began.

Water Kain started.

GUN! They both shouted.

Both Pokemon blasted gallons of water at each other, hoping that one of them will get weak. Marshstomp started to get pushed back a bit. A grin appeared on Kains face.

Marshstomp was knocked back, and Poliwhirl stood exhausted.

Great Job Poliwhirl! Kain bent down to hug his Pokemon, throwing the Pokeball with Onix at Sara.

I guess wed better be on the road! Sara suggested.

Yea why not? Kain asked. They began to head North, towards Viridian City, Pikachu began to run back to the Ketchum household as the 2 kids walked towards there next destination.

You know, maybe we can try renting a room in the Pokemon Center! Kain replied excitedly.

Yea, Dad always did that! Sara said. They went to the Pokemon Center and dropped their Pokeballs on a tray.

Ill be back in a minute with your Pokemon as good as new! the Nurse replied. Oh by the way, my name is Joy, Nurse Joy

Kain went to the cafeteria to get some hot soup, he settled on a table with Sara as they began to drink the soup.

Here are your Pokemon. Nurse Joy said, handing a box of Pokeballs to the kids, they were in boxes stacked one on top another, seeing as they had to be given out to many trainers.

After their nice hot soup, they decided to go west to catch some Pokemon.

Not a very good start eh? Sara asked.

Yea, not the best, but still better than nothing. Kain replied.

Look! Those are Nidoran! Sara exclaimed, she pointed to 2 Pokemon, one purple and one sky blue in color.

Lets catchem! Kain suggested.

The Nidorans looked at each other, hoping they wont get caught.

Dont catch them! Theyre happy with the way they are! Sara whispered. Suddenly, the Nidoran walked forward towards the couple.

Nido Nido! The Nidoran Male yelled. It knocked the Pokeball of Kains hand and pressed the button to get in. The same happened with the Nidoran Female.

Woo hoo! We caught Pokemon! They did a victory dance, but they realized that it was not a very good place to do one. Two shadows stood in front of Kain and Sara.

To protect the world from some stupid nation.

To unite all people to a team formation

To steal your ugly oven glove

And throw it up to the stars above!

Ok, thats a pretty good poem, Kain and Sara commented, walking away from the shadows, and proceeding towards the Pokemart.

Stop right there! The first shadow yelled a Pokeball was released from his hand, and now a Magmar stood in front of the male shadow. A Jynx stood in front of the female shadow.

Flame Thrower! The male shouted.

Ice Beam! The female commanded.

A red and white streak of energy launched off from the Pokemons mouth, hurling into the group, lucky for them, the ice hit them first, and the fire then burned the ice.

Youll have to think with logic mates. Too bad you cant figure out logic but youre good at poetry. Kain teased. Bagon stood in front of him, waiting for a command. Use your Rage attack!

Bagon began to glow red as it tackled into Magmar, it bounced off.

Flamethrower! the male shadow commanded.

Magmar shot a huge streak of flame at Bagon. Bagon absorbed the energy into its coat of energy; it ran forward into Magmar, this time knocking it out.

Yay! Kain exclaimed doing a victory dance. Now to deal with YOU!

Kain pointed at the female shadow.

October 10th, 2003, 1:27 PM
I like your fan-fic Omega-Brendan, its new and fresh from other fan-fics I have read, not saying that other are bad or anything, keep going to don't give up on this, it has promise.

October 10th, 2003, 4:29 PM
thankies! next chapter is 33% done

October 21st, 2003, 6:34 PM
Um Ill deal with you later kid! The female shadow ran for her life, recallinher Jynx.

That was quick Kain replied.

Bagon Ba! Bagon tugged onto Kains knee length shorts.

Hes ill Sara said.

To the Pokemon Center! Kain picked him up and ran as fast he can to the Pokemon Center

Relax, your Bagon will be alright, youre pushing him to battle a bit to hard, and this is what caused it. Joy said, putting back a few medical records on a shelf. Kain wasnt very happy, and sat on a bench leaning next to the tiled walls.

Kain, its okay, Pokemon Trainers learn by mistakes. Sara said, trying to cheer him up.

But Bagon I had done this being a Pokemon Trainer is so tough Kain said. He unclipped his Pokeballs of his belt and he took his Pokedex and Trainer Card left them with Sara, then he walked out of the doors.

Kain! Sara shouted, picking up Kains belongings and rushed out of the door taking Bagon by on her arms. Bagon had recovered.

Ba Ba Gon! Bagon yelled.

Huh? Sara asked confused. Then, her Pokedexs translator activated.

I Have a Plan. It said in a robotic voice.

Ok, do it! GO Bagon! You can do it! Sara cheered. Bagon jumped off her arm and ran towards Pallet Town.
BAGON!!!!!!!! Bagon yelled with his largest voice as his voice echoed.
Salamence! a dragon like Pokemon replied all the way in Hoenn. It flapped its wings a few times, and soon he took off, gliding across the sea, as the water formed a slight U-shape while it glided.

Within minutes, the Salamence was above its son.

Bagon Ba! Bagon yelled from the ground. The Salamence swooped down and Bagon hopped on, Salamence flapped its wings, leafs fluttering around with the wind as he flapped.

Bagon and Salamence hovered above Kain.

Bagon? Kain asked, surprisingly.

Bagon Ba! Bagon indicated, pointing to Salamence.

But Bagon, after what Ive done to you! Kain refused, he began to turn, and then Salamence grabbed him and settled him on his back.

SALAMENCE! it roared. It jetted off into the air, Kain holding on tight.

Bagon! You forgive me? Kain asked.

Ba! It nodded its head, as they flew on the Salamence, hovering above the region of Kanto, after about 15 minutes, Kain was right next to the Pokemon Center with Bagon, Pichu and all the others were standing in front of the doors, welcoming him back to the group. Kain smiled.

Are you Kain Ketchum and are you Sara Willington? Nurse Joy asked.

Yea They both replied.

Professor Oak wants to find you. Nurse Joy went back into the Pokemon Center.

Inside the Pokemon Center

Hey Professor! Kain greeted.

Umm Kain, Sara you werent supposed to start with the Pokemon I gave you, you were supposed to use these Pokemon, but I didnt have any, so Ill give you them now.

OK Professor, but may I deposit some Pokemon first? Kain asked

Me too. Sara said, readying a Pokeball to put on the Pokeball teleporter. Id like to deposit my Onix.

And Id like to deposit my Nidoran. Kain put a Pokeball on the tray, as the Pokeballs disappeared in a flash of light.

Now, Kain, you idolize your father, Id like you to take care of his Charizards baby Charmander, Sara, I left my son with the choice of Squirtle seeing as I want him to be like me, youre left with Bulbasaur. 2 Pokeballs containing a Charmander and a Bulbasaur replaced the Pokeballs of Onix and a Nidoran Male. The trainers took their Pokeballs respectively.

Bagon! Charmanders Pokeball dropped from the tray as Bagon freed him.

Char! Charmander yawned. It was about the same size as Bagon, only a little taller.

Pichu Pi! Pichu happily played with the Pokemon, Poliwhirl was invited too.

I guess Ill do that with my Pokemon Sara said, letting them free. The Pokemon began leading the way to the forest, crossing their fingers for some bird Pokemon.

Pidgey!!!!!! A Pidgey yelled desperately as a Fearow closed up onto it.

Look! Go getem Charmander! Pichu jump onto Charmanders head! Kain commanded. Pichu leaped onto Charmanders head, as they proceeded towards the Fearow. Charmander launched an Ember attack whilst Pichu launched a Thunder Shock. Fearow was fried dropping down.

Pidgey began to land, thanking Pichu and Charmander.

Go Pokeball! Kain yelled, freeing a Pokeball from his clutch, it hit Pidgey, sucked it in, and it wobbled, after wobbling for 5 seconds, the button glowed red for a while and then it returned to normal.
I caught a Pidgey!!!! Kain yelled. Nearly the whole city can hear him, He let Pidgey out, as it flapped it wings following the Pokemon in the lead.

Watch out guys! Kain said. They were in Viridian Forest, Bulbasaur would cut any branches in the way if necessary with its Vine Whip attack, and Charmander would do the same except with its scratch attack. They soon reached a sign. It said:


You see that? I think well need to train up our Pokemon for a while first. Sara suggested. A few Caterpie and Weedle were wandering around. The Pokemon each took a Pokemon to fight with, fainting the caterpillar Pokemon.

I think weve been training long enough I really want to kick some butts. Kain said, leading his party of Pokemon as they entered the Danger Zone.

A few Beedrill buzzed around, and one slightly bigger one aimed for Kain.

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Kain yelled at the top of his lungs, Charmander, Pidgey, Poliwhirl, Pichu and Bagon jumped up to attack the bee, but the Beedrill fended them off.

CHAR!!! Charmander yelled, it blasted a spiral of fire at Beedrill, but Beedrill dodged it.

Beedrill! It buzzed, it turned its stinger towards Charmander, a blasted a flurry of needles at him, Charmander tried to defend himself by crossing his arms in front of him.

Razor Leaf! Sara ordered. Bulbasaur ran to the side and blasted a flurry of leaves from its bulb. It hit the Beedrill, knocking it out, but a few more come out for backup.

I see with my little eyes, something that begins with t Kain started. And the T stands for Trouble! Recall all your Pokemon, were going to have to take it the dangerous way.

Okay Sara replied, unsure of what will happen next, but obediently, she withdrew her Pokemon into their respective Pokeballs.

Hold on tight! Kain said, putting his hand around Saras waist, they dashed under the flock of Beedrill, but the peace wasnt for long, a Scyther guarded the doors of the exit, growling at Kain.

Like Im scared of you! Kain roared, thrusting the Pokeball that contained Charmander at the ground.

Char! Charmander roared, mimicking its owner as it growled at the mantis-like Pokemon.

Scyther! Scyther charged forward, and then just before it had the chance to do anything, a blast of ice knocked his scythe off. Scytha! It yelled in pain.

Team Rocket is everything you fear!

Hand those Pokemon over, or a gun will draw near!

So prepare to battle

Or well beat you double



Hey cool, you actually got the poem finished! So what do you want? Sara asked in a loud voice.

Simple, this Scyther is the legendary protector of the forest, even one little hair of him is more expensive than that little house youve got in Pallet Town. Haze, the female shadow said.

Cant you see that its color is different? Heat asked.

Kain examined the Scyther, it was different in color.

So this is a shiny Pokemon Just like my dads Noctowl Kain said, surprised.

Weve got to save it! Sara snapped, the duo rushed towards the Scyther, but Team Rocket made it there first.

Ha! Youre mine Scyther! Heat said, his Magmar blasted a huge fire at the mantis, leaving it fried. Heat smirked.

Go Rocket Ball! Heat thrust a Pokeball at Scyther, but this Pokeball was different, it was the same size, but instead of a red top, it had a black top, it also had a red R on the front.

A grey beam of light shot at Scyther instead of the familiar red one, Scythers eyes glowed red for a second before it went inside its new home.

NO! Kain yelled, he leaped forward, trying to grab the Pokeball that contained Scyther from the villains, but it was useless.

Good Bye! Heat and Hazel took out a Rocket Ball that contained a majestic blue bird.

Cuuuu! it cried, it lifted off into the air with Heat and Hazel on it.

Hey did I just see an Articuno? Sara asked.

I think so but lets bother with getting that Scyther Kain suggested.

No, why dont we go to Pewter City? Sara asked.

No! Get that Scyther! Kain roared.

Look, our Pokemon are pretty weak now, we should get some rest

Oh yea, I forgot Kain said stubbornly as they headed towards the Pewter City Pokemon Center.

Welcome to the Pokemon Center, my name is Joy, can I do anything?

Huh? I didnt see you go here just now! Kain said.

The one you met in Viridian City was my cousin! Joy said, taking the Pokeballs of the trainers as she settled them on a tray.

Wow, so are all the nurses throughout the Pokemon World called Joy? Kain asked.

October 21st, 2003, 6:35 PM
Part 2 because of the limit.

Yea, good thinking, heres a photo of the stuff. Joy showed them a photo with over 20 Joys, the only way to tell them apart was to look at the crosses color then Kain noticed a different one.

Whos that? Kain pointed to a Joy with slightly darker colored skin.

Oh thats the a Joy in the Orange Islands. Joy explained.

Orange Islands? Kain asked.

Ill tell you next morning, get some rest now. Joy said, dropping a key on the counter for the room Kain and Sara were going to share.

Well, good night anyway Sara. Kain said.

Good Night Kain! Sara walked over to Kain, and kissed him on the cheek.

I dont know where that came from Kain commented.

Kain Sara glared at Kain, but then she giggled.

Haha! Well anyway, Im going to beat the Gym Leader tomorrow! Kain said with confidence.

I am too! Sara said, She switched her torch off for navigation and put it on a little desk next to her bed.

Remember in camp? They used to say good night, sleep tight, dont let the Kain began.

Sara began to turn around and she was asleep. Kain tiptoed over and bent down towards Sara.

I know what youre doing! Sara said, delivering a smack across Kains face.

Ow! Kain said, he quickly jumped into his bed and pulled his blanket up to his chin, within minutes, he was asleep.

October 24th, 2003, 10:07 PM
Woah, long Chapters Omega! Good job though, I like the way you give really good details.

October 27th, 2003, 5:01 AM

I'm still a reader of your fic!

November 17th, 2003, 11:40 PM
Sorry it takes so long for a chapter, I've got school and stuff.

November 17th, 2003, 11:41 PM
[Introduction of Dream Mode, it is in ~]
Next Morning

Im ready to go to Pewter City Gym and Im going to kick butt! Kain said with confidence in his sleep.

~ GO! Kain roared. Bagon jumped out of its Pokball and leaped across the stadium, its opponent is a trained Crobat.

You want that lil thing to beat ME? Jiroo teased.

Ill show you! Kain shouted. Bagon and Kains anger connected. DRAGON BREATH!!!!!!!!!

The noise echoed around the whole gym. Bagon stood weakly, looking at its fried opponent.

Good Job Bagon! Kain withdrew Bagon.

Go Onix! Jiroo said. A huge serpent appeared, as it closed up onto Kain, opening its mouth, as it swallowed Kain.

NO!!!! Kain screamed ~

NO!!!! Kain woke up from his nightmare, huffing and puffing like the wolf in 3 little pigs.

What is it Kain? Sara said, panicking.

Its ok I just had a nightmare Kain pushed his head down onto his blanket.

Lets go get a warm glass of milk and some breakfast, shall we? Sara asked.

Ok Kain was still terrified, as he walked slowly across the many corridors.

At the cafeteria

Cmon, get something to eat! Sara said, as she settled a plate of bagels on the table and took some jam.

Ok Kain walked slowly as he got a hash brown and a little portion of baked beans.

Are you sure thats enough? Sara tossed a bagel over to Kains half filled plate.

Thanks Kain said. He put the plate on the table and began to eat.

Hmm you dont seem to be in a good mood, why dont we visit the museum instead? Sara suggested.

Sure Kain replied, sinking his fork into his hash brown.
Whoa, theyve got a lot of fossils here! Sara said examining the fossils. I wonder if they sell them

Sara walked towards the customer service center and asked them.

Buyable fossils would be upstairs miss. The man replied.

Kain! We can buy fossils! Sara said, dragging Kain upstairs.

Theyd be pretty pricey Kain said, his mood had lightened up a bit.

What? Dont forget your son of the almighty Ash Ketchum! Sara exclaimed.

Yea, maybe we get discounts or something.

Soon, they reached the top of the stairs after many fleets of them.

Wed like to purchase some fossils. Sara said politely.

Ah sure! Ill give it to you for free, but under one condition the man suspiciously walked over to Sara. Youll have to be my wife

A grin appeared on his face as he grabbed Sara by her waist, trying to kiss her.

What do you think youre doing!? Kain growled. He was about to let out his Bagon then.

No Pokmon in the museum! The man said, pointing to a piece of paper with RULES printed on it.

You! Kain charged forward trying to knock Sara out of his grip.

Too bad youre not going anywhere today! the man roared.

Then the lights started to flicker, after flickering a few times the whole room was dark. Although you couldnt see it, 2 people had made their entrance into the room.

This is my chance to escape and report! Kain thought, he rushed towards the stairs without bumping into anything as he had already adjusted to the dimness, He made it to the door, but the door was locked.

Go Nidoran! Use tackle on the door until it opens! Kain commanded, releasing a Pokball to the ground.

Nido! Nidoran charge into the door repeatedly.

Keep going! You nearly got it! Kain cheered on his Nidoran.

Then the door broke, Nidoran had knocked it down.

Way to go! Kain said quietly, they rushed out of the city and to the Pokmon Center hoping to use the phone as soon as possible.

Ok, time to get Sara back! Kain said, punching in a few buttons. Soon the blank screen came to life, showing a woman in here mid 20s she had blue hair and wore a police uniform.

Officer Jenny here, how can I help you? Jenny said seriously.

Someones been kidnapped. Kain replied.

May I have her full name? She asked.
Sara Willington from Pallet Town Kain said, a little impatient.

Is it this person? she said, faxing a record with Saras information on it.

Kain took the piece of paper from the receiver, skimming it through.

Whoa, it even says who she likes who does she like? Kain Ketchum Thats me! Kain said. Yes.

I believe she was kidnapped in the museum. Am I correct? Jenny said.

Yes. Kain replied.

Ok, Ill send a team over to investigate, dont worry, your girlfriend will be back sage with you. Jenny winked at Kain, then the screen turned blank again.

Kain blushed a little.

Time to hit the gyms I suppose Kain looked down at his current party of Pokmon.

Pichu, Charmander, Bagon, Nidoran and Poliwhirl Ill be using Poliwhirl for this one. Kain said, picking up his backpack as he got a room. He dumped his bag and went outside with Poliwhirl and Charmander

Ill need to train you up! Poliwhirl Kain said.

Poli! Poliwhirl agreed.

Charmander, start a fire there with the dry leaves! Kain commanded.

Charmander set his tail on the dry leaves, soon a fire was starting.

Poliwhirl! Extinguish it! Kain roared.

Poliwhirl shot a huge blast of water from its belly, in a matter of seconds, the remain of the fire were some ashes.

Whoa! Amazing! Kain said. They went on and on, doing the same procedure every time.

Time to beat the gym I suppose! Kain exclaimed. Poliwhirl by his side with his other Pokmon safe in their Pokballs.

November 18th, 2003, 4:11 PM
nice storys! i can't wait for more chapters!

November 19th, 2003, 3:40 AM
I thought I was out of readers for a second

oni flygon
November 21st, 2003, 7:26 PM
hmmm... this is third person view right?

I advice you not to quote the narrator's part. Since then it would be like a fourth person view. Someone who is telling the story to someone who's telling the story. ^^

November 24th, 2003, 12:33 AM
oh well, I only used the narator part like once...