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August 25th, 2007, 1:17 AM
Sorry: Entries are Closed for the Timebeing.

The region of Akili' full with almost 500 different pokemon is the place to be for anyone who wants a holiday. Not anymore. Two things are bringing Akili to terror. Natural disasters and Team Terror. Team Terror are all about destruction, its music to their ears, they love seeing things explode an crumble and they use pokemon as little fighting toys. They want to see the world in ruins and to start there making things go all wrong in Akili'. The Population was originally 60,000,000 but now has dropped to only 30,000,000! Some bright young children have had their dreams taken away of becoming a pokemon trainer by moving to other places with not as much Pokemon. Akili' is an unstable Island, its travels three miles across the sea slowly everyday. It dosnt sound much but its had parts of its island crushed off it while smashing into other things and islands. Slowly it edges towards Hoenn. The people of Akili' only have two months left to evacuate.

In a cove somewhere a legendary sea pokemon lurks, people think that if this is captured it could save Akili. Every strong trainer has tried, Gary, Wallace, Juan, Ash and many more to name fell down out of pokemon unabled to catch it. The legendary is getting more stressed, if someone dosnt capture it to then it could turn against the island and make more havoc! Something must be done! Ten children live in Snowturf City a snowy place pounded by avalanches. In that city nine of the boys have collected their pokemon and left, one is late as always......

A young boy by the name of Connor was running across the snow filled street and burst through the doors of Proffesor Beam's Lab. Proffesor Beam was young Prof who know lots about pokemon and he was a trustworthy man.

"You saved one for me right?"
"All gone." Connor shouted loudly in sorrow and that would be a mistake he wished he hadn't made. Despite no Pokemon the Prof handed him a Dex and Pokeballs. Connor stuffed them in his bag. Then it happended. The giant shout had caused an avalanche and a sea of tumbling snow pouned into the city crushing houses as it went. Connor was out of the door and running but the Proffesor was too late and was drowned in the thick snow.

Connor then fell over a branch and came tumbling of a cliff. A pokeball fell out of his bag opened and captured something. Connor didnt know what it was as he was unconsious flat in the snow.


So you are one of the nine children who are making there way towards Coldship City, where one of the Gyms are. Some of you may come across my character Connor and save him from the snow. You may make friends or be enemies right up to the Pokemon League. You all have less than two months and only one can get into the cave of the legendary, the pokemon champ.

Now for the starters we have no new pokemon.
We do have.....

Charmander- Mini Fire Dragon (Not Taken)
Squirtle- Water Turtle (Taken)
Bulbasaur- Plant Pokemon (Not Taken)
Cyndaquil- Fire Mole? (Taken)
Totodile Mini Water Croc (Taken)
Chikorita- Anothet Plant Pokemon (Taken)
Mudkip- Water Type (Not sure how to explain and Not Taken)
Treeko- Grass Frog Type- (Taken)
Torchik- Fire Chick Type- (Not Taken)
Turtwig- Grass Turtle Type (Not Taken)
Piplup- Water Penguin Type (Not Taken)
Chimchar- Fire Monkey Type (Taken)

Now for my character I have accidentally caught somehtHing else not above. Lucky me XD.

Please read the rules and follow them. The moderators are good people.

Finnaly you can sign up. This is my characters aswell.

Name: Connor
Age: 11 (10-12 only)
Personality: Gets along with people like himself which are sly people who are smart, but if someone does him a favor then he'll be good with them too.
Likes: Pokemon, chocolate, girls.
Dislikes: Fruit, Vegetables or anything Healthy.
History (Optional)
Other (Optional)
Starter: Mysterious Pokemon Accidentally caught.

Now I all hope you join! I spent alot of time so please,please join!

August 27th, 2007, 12:55 PM
Name: Abby
Age: 12
Personality: Abby is nice sometimes, and other times, she's acts like the devil's child. She can act emo, sometimes. Others she's as happy as can be. Don't make her mad. You'll regret it.
Likes: cute guys, the color black, night time
Dislikes: anything that gets on her nerves
History: Abby had a horrible past. Her family was never really that nice to her.
Other: N/A
Starter: Chikorita

Ok, I guess I'll join.

August 27th, 2007, 12:59 PM
Not much as joining, but I'd like to help out.
Mudkip is the Mud Fish Pokemon.

August 27th, 2007, 5:17 PM
Name: Megan
Age: 12
Personality: Tough and assertive, Megan definitely has a drive to succeed. She can be a bit of a show-off, but behind her exterior, she honestly does have the skill to back up her words. Her temper can be quick to snap, but she is quick to forgive as well. Her memory is patchy at best, and she occasionally forgets details of her past.
Likes: Winning, Pokemon, Travelling
Dislikes: Dresses, Losing, Primeape
History: Megan comes from a long line of pokemon masters. She grew up in Goldenrod city, and was raised by her grandparents, as her parents were killed in front of her by a group of rabid primeape, and she barely made it out alive herself. She moved to Akili after the incident and has lived there since.
Other: None.
Starter: Bulbasaur

August 27th, 2007, 5:46 PM
Personality: Doesn't respect anyone better than himself.Loves Fire Types. He thinks pokemon training is a responsibilty beyond any other. Trains when he needs to, Trains when he doesn't. He's also friendly
Likes: Pokemon, Fire Types, Training, .
Dislikes: People who are better than him, Water Types, Lazy people.
History: Has a Family of Grass and Fire Gym leaders. Originally from Viridian.
Other:Father has been gone for 4 years

August 28th, 2007, 7:27 AM
Hey all three are excepted. Thanks for the help also. Well if we dont get any more in two days then I think we can start if that's alright with you guys. Thanks for joining everyone.

August 28th, 2007, 7:37 AM
Can I change my starter to Totodile instead of Bulbasaur?

August 28th, 2007, 7:52 AM
Name: Alex

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Personality: Being a naturally outgoing person, Alex is an extremely friendly person. She loves to meet new people and make new friends.

However, if one of her friends or Pokemon is in danger, Alex's happy-go-lucky stature can quickly change to one of anger and violence, mainly out of her protectiveness for the ones she loves and cares about.

She believes training is serious, and loves to battle, but always makes sure there's time to kick back, relax and have some fun as well. Winning battles and getting into the Pokemon League is important to her, but she doesn't obsess over it like would be expected. (No offense to anyone else)

Description: (Click!) (http://public.tektek.org/img/av/m08/d28/11/781167.png) -The bag, in the RP, will probably be strapped around her waist, much like May's was in Hoenn.

Likes: Battling, being outdoors, technology

Dislikes: People who mistreat their Pokemon, evil, losing (although she doesn't show it)

History: --

Other: --

Starter Pokemon: Torchic

Hope I can get accepted! =)

August 28th, 2007, 9:17 AM
Yay! Another one joins. Sure I edited my post to put Bublbasaur back to not taken and put Totodile up as Taken.

Now I hope all of you are ready because I am!

Everything had been black to Conor at first but now as he woke up all he could see was white. It was falling into his mouth, it could only be snow. He spat some out and picked himself out of it carefully. It was a hot morning and he looked at his surroindings.

He saw his bag half buried in the snow and he saw a pokeball there too. He was so angry he threw it into the sky with force. To his utter shock and suprise it burst open and a pokemon landed there staring at him.

The first thing Conor did was flick open his pokedex and it gave him an answer.

"Snover, a ice type pokemon. Sometimes can be weak at first but If trained well will serve as a strong pokemon for any trainer. Whenever in battle it brews up some hail."

August 28th, 2007, 10:16 AM
Wait, am I accepted? Or no? I got a description pic up; just click on the link. (At least, I think it's up there... ^^)

August 28th, 2007, 11:59 AM
(OOC: Yes your accepted but please pm me about something like that, I dont want tons of off topics on the RP)

"Hey there buddy" said Conor brushing the snow of his legs. The snover walked up to him, seemed to examine him and then put a hand out as to shake.

Conor laughed at his friendly attitude and took the spiky hand and shook it.

"Im your new trainer, how do you feel?" Snover shrugged like he wasnt sure.

"Do you think we'll make a good team?" Snover looked up to the sky like he was thinking and then nodded his head.

"Then let's go the nearest down where all the other trainers are, Lemontip Town and spread the news!" Snover nodded happily and walked in sync with Conor through the heavy snow.

Trainer Sonjo
August 28th, 2007, 12:34 PM
(~Posting Bio~
Name:Sonjo Mosaki
Hometown: Oldale
Hair: Dark Blue. Mid length.
Clothing:A black headband (with Pokeball emblem) is worn on Sonjo's head at all times. He also wears a red short sleeve shirt with a dark blue jacket worn over (no sleeves, simular to Ashes). Wears one grip glove and the hand is wripped in wrist tape. Zip-off jeans and a red back pack included.
Identifying Marks: Sonjo often switches his Headband for his night-cap; with eyes, teeth around the front rim, and a furry ball at the tip.
Musculature:That of a typical 15 year-old boy.
Personality: He's very intelligent for his age, and shows manners everywhere he goes. Sonjo also has a kind and caring attitude frequently. He hates scum like worng doers, Team Rocket, and the like. His favorite pokemon is his Combusken and Riolu.
Skills:Sonjo is fairly adapt at Training and battling. Though, there still is room for improvment. He's a zealous martial artist, along with his father. He's taugh several fighting styles to his Pokemon.
Past:Sonjo despises older brother, Zeikku. His father was once the gym leader for te PetalBurg, but retired. He's travelled the regions, and caught many different Pokemon. Competed in the leagues, but is yet to prove sucessfull. Sonjo's met several people along the way, and has made several different rivals.

Now for the actual Role-Play. If you wish to deny my entry, disregard my post. If not, then good. ^_^)

It was cold in Lemontip town. Sonjo's scarf blew in the wind, as Combusken tried to keep close to his master. He observed the snowy land, and the other trainers bustling about. The boy looked down on his firey companion. "It's nice have a little change of scenery, eh Combusken?" He happily agree with Sonjo. Hoping for something to happen Sonjo looked up into the sky with a corcerned facial expression. "I wounder what will happen this time?"

August 28th, 2007, 1:30 PM
Mickey had to hurry up. With his Cyndaquil following he rushed to the boy that went towards Limontip town. He wanted to test out his Cyndaquil. No matter how strong it was he will train it to it's limit. He grabed his other pokeball and released and brown bird pokemon. Starly flew ahead from Mickey's command to see if he saw the boy. Before he knew it he happended opon Limontip town. He found a pokemon center and rented a room. He changed his clothes into a black vest under it a white shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes. He combed his hair to look like jin. He went downstairs to meet the other trainers.

Cosmic Tyrant
August 28th, 2007, 1:30 PM
Name: Ralph Osman
Gender: Male
Personality: Ralph Is all about power. He likes showing his dominance everywere he goes. He makes a very good leader in the heat of distress, and surprizingly isn't that easy to make mad. But watch out when you do! He is unchivalrious, and vengeful to boot. If you cross him, he WILL get you back, No matter what. He also tends to lose patience quickly. But he isn't all bad. He shows a lot of people respect and is generally in a good mood.
Likes: Power, Rock Music, Working out, His fighting skills.
Dislikes: Weakness, Disrespect, doing nothing for long periods.
History: Ralph is average-ish for his age, standing at 5'4 and weighing in at 160 lbs. But his body tone is very muscular. He's been working out since 9, believe it or else, and a bit of his attitude has grown on that as well. Don't get me wrong, He's a great guy, but he sometimes get too agressive, sometimes for the better. When he was 8, he saw an ironman triathalon, and decided he wanted to do that, so here he is today.
Starter: Squirtle

August 28th, 2007, 1:34 PM
Please may I join, I preer not to do a list and do a very large description in my first post usually, otherwise I don't find it too proper as they know everything about tyour character before they've even met them, but if I have to do a list I will.
(P.S: Treeko Please)

August 28th, 2007, 1:37 PM
(OOC: Both are accepted but for Trainer Sonjo, you have a Combusken and everyone else has to pick a starterm if you could change it to Torchic, that would be good. EDIT: Briggsyby your going to need a list, its essential.))

"Come on Snover we're almost there, maybe we can get started on training, seet he pokemon of Lemontip and once we're ready we'll challenge the other Newbies to see if we've done our homework!" Snover nodded in agreement and jumped up happily. After all that talking they had reached Lemontip town.

"Snover, do you need any healing?" Snover shook his head and raised his arms trying to show pokemon muscles.

"Haha your a funny partner. Let's go train in that pacth, see those Starly, they are wild... er I think, just battle em!" Snover nodded and stepped forward, readying himself.

(OOCA: One more entry and then we're closed. That excludes if Briggsby makes an entry, so two more really.))

Trainer Sonjo
August 28th, 2007, 1:44 PM
(OCC: I'm sorry, but I require Combusken as Combusken. He's been Sonjo's pokemon ever since he became a trainer (And as written in his bio, Sonjo's formed a close bond with Combusken). I would just ask of you to please let me keep Combusken as he is. I don't need another starter.)

August 28th, 2007, 1:47 PM
Okay Sure:
Name: Mark O'Ralley
Age: 14
Personality: He's very smart, but he loves the colour green, he has a pretty high voice as even now it STILL hasn't broken, in fact it's quite annoying, and people usually find him annoying simply because of this annoying voice. He had been travelling with his father since he was nine, but they were separated in an avalanche, his mother had died long before, but he knew that they'd both return to their original home, thus he is going to collect his Treeko he sort of 'pre-ordered' to hunt after him, but then again he might just get sidetracked by the plot.
Likes: Pokemon, girls of course :P and he LOVES Gardevoir.
Dislikes: Anything that reminds him about his father, people who find him annoying just because of his voice, he's rather chilish and tempermental.
History: Lol look at personality
Other : Nothin really
Starter: Treeko
Attire: Almost always found wearing a green top and beige trousers, his favorite top is a green one with brown lines, which he is wearing at the momment, alsohe is always found with a large backpack on, completee with anything he needs to survive and of course his trusty laptop with wireless internet, as long as there's a connection anyway :P
He is also quite weak, but as mentions he's very intelligent.

How 'bout that ? :D

August 28th, 2007, 1:53 PM
Abby just woke up. As usual, she didn't wake up until noon. She went into her walk in closet, and got changed from her PJ's to a black, sleeveless shirt with the word "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Perfect" written in jewels, and jean short shorts.

"Go! Roxy!" Abby said, letting out her Chikorita. (Abby nicknames her Pokemon, and that's what she nicknamed her Chikorita) "Chiko..." Roxy said, lacking energy. "C'mon, Roxy! What's the matter? Are you tired?" Roxy nodded.

"Ok then. Roxy, return!" Roxy avoided going in her Pokeball. "I see, today's one of those days when you don't want to go in your Pokeball, but I'm guessing you don't have the energy to do much in the way of walking..." Roxy nodded once more. Ok then, get on my shoulder... we'll go for a walk." She slipped on her black flip-flops and started out the door.

Cosmic Tyrant
August 28th, 2007, 2:00 PM
Ralph was walking along with his newly obtained Squirtle. He wanted Squirtle to have the upmost trust in him, so that way Squirtle would become stronger. He diddn't particually care if Squirtle decided to evolve or not, but strength was a must. "Alright, Squirtle" Ralph said to his new partner. "If you're going to be my Pokemon, you're going to have to battle. And frequently!" Squirtle smiled and made a pounding motion with his fist and let out a loud cry. "That's the ticket!" Ralph said as he spotted a wild Sentret. "Now look there" Said Ralph. " There's a wild pokemon. Now what do we do?" Squirtle grabbed a nearby twig and broke it. "I have a good feeling about our relationship." Ralph said as he patted his Squirtle. "Now Let's go!' He said as the two appoached the Sentret. "Squirle, use tackle!" Ralph commanded. Squirtle went into it's shell and tackled the Sentret. Sentret then used a tackle of it's own. "Use tackle again, Squirtle!" Said Ralph as Squirtle repeated it's previous action. Sentret then fanted and retreated back in the wild. "Good job, Squirtle!" Ralph said as he used a potion on his friend. "Keep this up, and you'll be strong in no time!" He said as the went down a path...

August 28th, 2007, 2:43 PM
Mickey Walked out of the Pokemon center with Cyndiquil right behind him. He saw a trainer attacking starly. From a closer expection it was the same boy who was with the Snover.

"Are you ready to battle?" Mickey asked his starter pokemon.

"Cyndaquilllllll!" Cyndaquil yelled with flames spouting out of its back. Mickey walked towards to trainer. His first real pokemon battle. Cyndaquil's test of strength. He steeled himself for the battle.

August 28th, 2007, 11:19 PM
(OOC: Accepted. No more entries:))

"Hey Snover you took out five at once, I bet your high levels know, say w-who said that?" Snover whipped round and pointed his little arm at a Cyndaquil.

"Battle eh, Im only new but I'll try my best thats for sure, Snover be careful that's a fire type, you might have some trouble!"

August 29th, 2007, 2:04 AM
Name: Brendan
Age: 12
Personality:A nice guy to be with but once it comes to Pokemon Battling he gets Competitive
Likes: Pokemon, Food.
Dislikes: Easy Trainers who thinks they're the best.
History : He was a little boy who Saved a chimchar from falling off a cliff since then they've been best friends
Other : he looks like this http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z264/slamaboi/adgsrgrrfgvfdgasfgdf.jpg
Starter: Chimchar.

August 29th, 2007, 4:45 AM
"So Torchic, you up for some training today?" Alex looked down at her small Fire type, walking (or waddling xD) along beside her as they made their way to Lemontip Town.

"Tor!" it responded, a hint of eagerness in its voice.

Alex laughed slightly before returning her gaze to what was ahead of them. By now, what looked like the outlines of buildings and houses could be seen, drawing closer with each step.

"Alright," Alex knelt down and picked up Torchic. "If we run, we can get there faster!"

Torchic let out what sounded like a positive reply, and Alex began running down the path toward Lemontip Town, eager to meet some new people and catch some new Pokemon.

August 29th, 2007, 5:05 AM
I'm not in to join or anything I've a few things were a miss. For instance some of the role player's characters are at the age of 14, 15, and 16 when it should be ages (10-12) not that there's anything wrong about that and one of starters has been taken. And some RPers lack the description. I'm not grading you on performance or anything I just noticed a few things were a miss.

August 29th, 2007, 5:22 AM
The plane flew past the town, a blowing wind flowing through the village, and a ladder was thrown out landing gently on the snow a boy climbed out, and a voice came from the inside.
"If you find your Dad, tell him this settles my debt" As the boy gently touched down on the snow and gave the plance a thumbs up sign, the plane flew off.
"Here, finally." Mark said trodging through the snow towards the nearby lab.
"Ah Mark, I've got the pokemon, your father was quite the trainer."
"Oh, yeah but profesor, he didn't train the pokemon, he just taught mmy Treeko to be more agile ready for when we returned so I could get it, it's just very agile, imagine when it evolves."
"Well, you're a late starter, but this treeko already knows you. Good luck. Many people have been wondering hwen you and your Dad would return, he's quite the famous one, is it true that he was once part of the elite four?"
"'Fraid not, just a rumour."
"Oh, well with that Gardevoir....anyway, Treeky! Treeky!" After this odd call a Treeko plodged out of the room, it's eyes widened when he saw Mark, and ran to jump into his arms.
"Good to see yo uagain Thiefy."
"Listen, Mark, tell your father thanks for ast year, I hope you find him, and, are you sure you don't want a pokeball, no?
Well, Good luck!" Said the professor, turning and walking up the stairs.
"And you..." Muttered Mark, putting Treeko down as they ran out the door.
Just as they trottered back into the harsh weather, Mark saw a flashand stopped with Thiefy jumping into his arms. A Cyndaquil was going up against a...Mark didn't know what it was, maybe it was a Sinnoh pokemon, after all by strange coincidences Mark had never seen any sinnoh pokemon, and he lost his pokedex on his way back in the plane. (this is to save trouble as I haven't got Pearl/Diamond YET)
He hadn't seen a good ol' pokemon battle in a while, thus he stayed to watch, wrapping his clothes around him and Thiefy as it got colder.

Cosmic Tyrant
August 29th, 2007, 6:03 AM
(OOC: Thanks for the tip arceus, I edited my guy)

Ralph and Squirtle were still on the pathway that they set off on not too long ago. The two spent their time battling other pokemon. Squirtle was indeed getting stronger, as Ralph had intended. "Alright Squirtle" He said as he looked at his pokemon which seemed to be hurt. "what say we lay off the battling and try to find a center for you, I'm all out of potions." Squirtle let out a happy cheer, and with that, the two made their way down the path once more. About a half hour later, Ralph and Squirtle came across a city "Here we go!" Said Ralph as he and Squirtle walked into the city. "I wonder what this place is?" He asked himself. An older man overheard the question and replied, "Y'all in Lemontip town!" He replied. "Oh" Said Ralph, who was a little startled. "Thank you!" He said to the man. "No prob!" He said as the man walked off. "Well Squirtle, let's find that center!" Ralph said as the two went to look for the pokemon center.

August 29th, 2007, 8:29 AM
(OOC: Brendan is accepted but maybe if you improved your description it would seem a little better. That is defiantly our last entry. Also Arceus yes I know a starter has been taken. PM me about these things instead of posting it here! Also you have only posted twice and its annoying just to come on here and post things which can be pmed to people.))

"Ok Snover lets start this battle, uum now... er what move should I use..... I know Wood Hammer!"

It was a move that only strong Snover's could use sometimes only it's evolved form. But perhaps it could peform once that was not as possible.

Snover seemed confused but ran forward crashing into the Cyndaquil then logs bashing into it. It cut off some of Snovers HP aswell.

The attack didnt seem to strong.
"Oh well er good try!"

HP: 75/100
Status: Slightly shaky.

August 29th, 2007, 9:30 AM
After what seemed like forever, Alex and Torchic finally arrived in Lemontip Town.

Slowing down to walk, Alex looked around, skimming the buildings for the Pokemon Center. Off to the side, a couple of trainers were battling; one using what looked like a Snover and the other using a Cyndaquil.

Alex was itching to get involved in a battle herself, but first thing first. She needed to find the Pokemon Center. With all of the other begginning trainers coming here as well, the rental rooms in the Center would all be filled in no time; she had to get one before there weren't any left.

Torchic, still residing in its trainer's arms, looked over at the battle being held not too far off. It squirmed a bit, more than likely wanting to get involved as well.

Alex looked down at the Fire Chick Pokemon and laughed slightly. "I know, Torchic. But we've gotta find the Pokemon Center first, `kay?"

"Tor," Torchic looked up at its trainer and smiled before looking back at the battle. Alex gave a soft chuckle before picking up her pace once more. That Center had to be around here somewhere...

Trainer Sonjo
August 29th, 2007, 11:31 AM
((I find that Sonjo can be 15, since he's been a trainer for quite awhile now.))

Sonjo and his Combusken looked at the Snover batttle with the wild Cindiquil yeigh yards away. The boy raised a brow, seeing as he was at a Type-disadvantage. Thus, him and his fire-bird friend lost interest. He shrugged off his own confusion, and headed to see the sights.

It wasn't long before they spotted a Trainer with her Torchic just woundering about as if they were lost. Sonjo decided to approach.

"Hi there. Are you looking for something?" he asked.

August 29th, 2007, 12:12 PM
"Cyndaquil dodge his attacks until the time is right to use ember." Mickey yelled.

"Quil." Cyndaquil said nodding. Snover kept attacking but thanks to Cyndaquil's speed it evaded all of it's attacks. Cyndaquil was kind of hurt from the attack but it overcame it's damage and fires little embers and the Snover.

"Quillll." Snover's shaking status left it to dodge most of the ember attack.

"One more time." Mickey commanded his starter pokemon

Status:Right leg hurt

August 29th, 2007, 12:17 PM
"Snover try your best to avoid those attacks, there going to hurt!"
"Snooooover!" it cried happily. Three embers whisked towards his feet he jumped around silly like he was trying not to get his feet nipped from mice. Eventually after two minutes of tireless dodging one hit him in the stomach for a critcal hit. It pushed him back in pain.

"Oh no, er Snover Ice Shard, a powerful one!"

Snover was weak but made the best attack it could.

Status. Burned Stomach.

August 29th, 2007, 12:35 PM
Ice shard. A fast and powerful ice attack. Cyndaquil tried to dodge it but was hit in it's right leg. Mickey knew he only had one choice. To finsh the battle.

"One last ember, but make it accurate!" Mickey yelled.

"QUILLLLL!" Cyndaquil release a powerful ember attack. It was as if Cyndaquil put it's heart into every last ember.

Status:Right leg frozen

End it anyway you want to.

August 29th, 2007, 1:14 PM
"No Snover dodge it, it's fairly slow!"

"Snoverrr!" Snover was very weak and well pretty much wealky dodged. The powerful ember skimmed his left arm and he fell onto the floor in pain.

Snover had the last ounce of energy left. He could see Snover was in a great deal of pain and so was Cyndaquil. They both looked unwilling to fight.

"Snover return." Snover went into his pokeball.

Conor stepped forward and put his hand out to the other boy.

"My names Conor that was a good battle, but lets call it a draw, they seem to be in too much pain.

Cosmic Tyrant
August 29th, 2007, 4:47 PM
Ralph and Squirtle were looking for the Pokemon Center when they stumbled onto the Pokemart. "Well, there's the Pokemart, now to find the center..." He said as the two walked a bit past the Pokemart. "There it is!" Ralph said as he pointed to a red roofed building. "Let's go!" He said to Squirtle as the two headed to the Center. Once at the Pokecenter, Ralph approached the Counter. "Hello!" Said a over-cheerful nurse Joy. "What can I help you with?" Ralph smiled and said "Yes please, My Squirtle friend needs healing." He said as his Squirtle hobbled onto the counter. "My, this Squirtle sure is enthusiastic!" She said as held Squirtle. "Yeah, he tends to get that way." Ralph said as he recalled the seemingly countless wild pokemon he and Squirtle encountered. When Squirtle was all healed up, Ralph thanked the nurse and left the center. "Now let's get some potions!" He said as the two walked toward the Pokemon Mart...

August 30th, 2007, 6:45 AM
"Hi there. Are you looking for something?" (quoted from Trainer Sonjo)

Alex turned to see a boy with a Combusken standing behind her. Torchic tilted its head a bit in interest at the sight of its evolved form.

"Um, yeah. Do you know where the Pokemon Center is?" Alex asked, glancing down at Torchic. The look on her small Fire Chick's face caused her to laugh.

August 30th, 2007, 11:58 AM
"Cyndaquil is pretty banged up." Mickey said honoring the draw. "The name's Mickey." The two walked to the pokemon center and healed their pokemon

"Cyndaquil is tough but it's ember is fairly weak." Mickey said to himself.

"Hey Conner you want to journey together." Mickey asked hoping to get a traveling partner.

August 30th, 2007, 12:34 PM
"I dont normally take partners, but your a fair battler, and you very worthy and I think it would be fun to travel together."

Conor handed over Snover's pokeball and rhe Nurse healed him back to health. Just to check he was still ok he realeased Snover. Snover was fully healed but was still a little tired.

"Oh yes, your from Snowturf Town arn't you? Well it's no more, an avalanche completley destroyed it, good thing no one was in town except me and the professor... who didnt make it."

Trainer Sonjo
August 30th, 2007, 1:14 PM
Sonjo glanced at the two Pokemon for a moment, to see that they were interacting with each other. Combusken wove to Alex's Torchic with a hardy grin.

"Oh, the Pokemon Center?" he repeated. "It's not too far from here. I was just about to go there myself." Sonjo shifted position, so that his back faced Alex. "Follow me."

August 30th, 2007, 2:02 PM
Mark smiled as the two trainers handed the Nurse their pokemon, he clapped his hands gently and walked towards them.
"Whoah, for two people starting that was a nice battle, I haven't seen a nice battle like that for a long time, well, I haven't seen a battle for a long time, not since my fa- well, not for a long time.
You're both great trainers, anyway my names Mark, Mark O'Ralley, and this here's Thiefy, possibly the most athletic Treeko you'll ever see, you're Connor right? And Mickey?" He asked, but ended up pointing to them the wrong way round, and Thiefy just slapped his forhead.
"Oh other way around isn't it, say, I heard you were travelling together, I was hoping I could join you? My dream is to become a great breeder, and also to train the worlds greatest Gardevoir, one that could talk to me using it's psychic powers for milse away, and even tleport to me or teleport me somewhere, but Thiefy's been a good friend for a long time, without battling but testing it's agileness and speed.

But please may I help, I really wanna train that Gardevoir and become a great breeder or trainer, just like my da-...

Just like my Dad." He spoke the last sentence in a solemn low quiet voice.

Cosmic Tyrant
August 30th, 2007, 6:31 PM
Ralph and Squirtle went made their way to the pokemart. "I have to say, you look very nice!" Ralph said to his Squirtle. "And You're getting to be strong, too. Why soon, You'll ba a champ in no time!" He complimented in a sort of oppertunistic tone. Squirtle let out a big happy cry. Ralph laughed, which is something he doesn't do all that often. Then the two walked into the Pokemart. "Hello!" Said the clerk. "Can I help you with anything?" "Yes please, I'd like to buy some potions." Replied Ralph. "Five of them please." "Okay then" Said the clerk. "That'll be (Insert pokemon money symbol here) 1000. "Okay then" Said Ralph as he paid the ckerk. the two made their way out of the Mart. "Good thing we found that powder." Ralph said as he held a bag of red powder. "If we eve get in a money jam, we can alway's try to sell this, it looks valuable!" Ralph said as he and Squirtle walked over to the center once again. They made a left, and were now travling the opposite way of the Center. Not too long later, Ralph and Squirtle saw two trainers, and their pokemon. One had a Torchic, the other, a Combusken. "I wonder if they're related?" Ralph thought to himself. Ralph and Squirtle walked toward the two trainers. "Hey there" He said in a happy tone. "Are you two just starting out? I am."

August 30th, 2007, 11:00 PM
Conor tried not to pay much attention to this Mark. Was he trying to be friends with im or Mickey? Or was he just a bit crazy?

"I dont know about you Mark, But I...."

He thought Mark was super weird, he just started ranting on about his dreams and life. He wanted to test him.

"Ok Mark, forget about that, lets have a battle!"

August 31st, 2007, 6:19 AM
Without another word, Alex motioned for Torchic to follow before turning to follow the boy through the city.

"Hey there. Are you two just starting out? I am." (quoted from King Cosmic)

Alex turned to see another trainer standing to the side, a friendly smile on his face. A Squirtle stood at his side.

"Well, I am," she gave him a friendly smile as Torchic came up by her side, tilting its head in curiousity at the Squirtle.

August 31st, 2007, 12:16 PM
Mickey was glad he had a partner. Conor. He was about to battle this Mark guy. It would be good to check out Snover if they were ever to battle again. Mark seemed weak, but he knew better to judge someone before their pokemon met. On the dad issue. Mickey knew why his father left. And he respected him for it. This guy seemed as if he couldn't really get it out of his mouth. How did Mickey know? Mickey had the same problem four years ago. He barly could get the word dad out, but through his mohter's gracful teachings he overcame his depression. Now he follows Conor and Mark out to the battle.

August 31st, 2007, 12:31 PM
"Infact Mark, im not waiting for an answer, lets battle!"

Snover jumped happily and ran forward ready for battle slightly jolly.

"Once I beat him, we'll go train OK Mickey?"

Level 9
Status: Ready

August 31st, 2007, 1:35 PM
Warning 1

Paragraphs = Four Lines. Use paragraphs. Write paragraphs. They're good for your IQ.

"Infact Mark, im not waiting for an answer, lets battle!"

Snover jumped happily and ran forward ready for battle slightly jolly.

"Once I beat him, we'll go train OK Mickey?"

Level 9
Status: Ready

And just an extra note, the bolded part doesn't count apart of your post length.

Trainer Sonjo
August 31st, 2007, 2:19 PM
(I apologize. I forgot about that rule for a time. >_<)

Sonjo's head turned over to the opposing trainer that spoke to them. "Well, sort of. We just got here." he mentioned. The warming heat inside of the Pokemon Center releaxed the boy, and Combusken got pleasure from the extra warmth. It was also nice to see that many a trainer were all gathered in one place like this. "I take it you're also a trainer?"

September 1st, 2007, 6:47 AM
(My fault. Sorry)

Snover took a heavy step forward and readied itself into a fighting stance.

Snover and Conor had become great friends already. Snover had been levelling up and they were great battling partners. Connor was really hoping to make this battle his first win.

Then he could move on to the next town. Sourton City. Where the first gym is. Even better it didnt snow there and most days of the week were full of sunshine. They would also have to catch some new pokemon.

"Ok Snover, lets make this a win!"

Cosmic Tyrant
September 1st, 2007, 8:17 AM
"oh, yeah." Ralph replied to Sonjo on his question. "I've been traing this here Squirtle ever since I've obtained it, right Squirtle?" Asked Ralph looking toward his Squirtle, who at this point was busy staring back at Alex's Torchic. Squirtle stopped for a little bit to reply with a hearty cry, then went back to it's business. "although I've gotta say..." Ralph started while looking around Lemontip town. "I'm very unfamiliar with this region, even thought I've spent most of my life here. I guess it was just the lack of adventure back then, that and of course all of the training I did to myself." He said as he flexed his right arm. "But enough about that. You two mind if I travel with you?"

Trainer Sonjo
September 3rd, 2007, 9:46 AM
Sonjo first looked down at Combusken to get his take on the proposel. He could see the fire in his eyes, as if to say 'Of course! This will be a great opprotuity to make new pals!' . Sonjo looked back up to Ralph and nodded. "Sure thing! It'll be nice to have a traveling companion with us." He looked over at Alex who seemed to be diverted by the two other pokemon at the time.

"My name's Sonjo. I'm from the Hoenn Region. You?"

September 3rd, 2007, 11:56 AM
Snover and Conor were getting tired. The mark kid was silent maybe taking his time. There was plenty of other new trainers for Snowturf Town he could challenge up who seemed ready. They wree just getting to know their opponents. Good strategy.

Or were they just being too friendly and milling about? Well Conor wouldn't be, he'd get to know his sort of opponents, then he'd know how to beat them, how they'd react. Silly of himself he hadnt before challenging Mickey. A silly thing to do aswell, it was his first battle and it should have been a good one.

Conor didnt want to dwell on things and focused on when Mark would reply. Would he even accept? He better....

September 3rd, 2007, 5:17 PM
Mickey and Cyndaquil were tired they had been sitting there for mintues.

"Connor I'm going to train." Mickey said walking away. "Meet me at the pokmeon center in two hours." Mickey found a spot to train. For 1 hour the went over a regiment.

"Cyndaquil run, now jump now shoot ember downward!" In a matter of minutes
Cyndaquil had learned a new teqniuqe.

September 4th, 2007, 1:41 AM
Conor took a slightly interested glanceo ver his shoulder and saw that Cyndaquil was stronger and far more agile. This meant trouble for him.

"Snover, before the battle do some warm ups, its better than nothing." Snover nodded firmly and bounced up and down, did starjumps and rolls and a few invisible punches.

September 4th, 2007, 11:04 AM
"My name's Sonjo. I'm from the Hoenn Region. You?"

OOC: This seems a tad stupid, but was Sonjo talking to Alex, Ralph or both there? ^^; When I get an answer, I'll edit this. :)


Alex, who had been watching the Pokemon for the past few minutes, looked up as Ralph finished his introduction with the question, "You two mind if I travel with you?" (somewhat quoted from King Cosmic)

After Sonjo had given his answer, she decided to give her own, since it was obviously being waited on.

"Sure, that'd be great," she gave a friendly smile as her opinion was voiced. "The more the merrier, I always say."

September 4th, 2007, 2:32 PM
Abby strolled down the path, and down the route. While traveling, she saw a pretty good looking boy.

"Hi, who are you?" He asked. The boy had a Sandshrew on his shoulder. "I'm A-a-abby..." Abby barely got out the words.

"I'm Derek, and this is Claws!" Claws was apparently the Sandshrew on his shoulder. "Do you wanna battle?"

"No thanks. My Chikorita is tired. By the way, I nicknamed her Roxy."

"Well, let them play together."

Roxy eagerly hopped off of Abby's shoulder, and Claws did the same. Roxy was blushing like crazy.

"Hey, is your Chikorita sick? I mean, look at its cheeks!"

Abby looked at Roxy. She smiled, not saying a word. She already knew that Roxy was blushing for a different reason.

Trainer Sonjo
September 4th, 2007, 3:41 PM
OOC: This seems a tad stupid, but was Sonjo talking to Alex, Ralph or both there? ^^; When I get an answer, I'll edit this. :)


Alex, who had been watching the Pokemon for the past few minutes, looked up as Ralph finished his introduction with the question, "You two mind if I travel with you?"

After Sonjo had given his answer, she decided to give her own, since it was obviously being waited on.

"Sure, that'd be great," she gave a friendly smile as her opinion was voiced. "The more the merrier, I always say."

(OCC: Sonjo, at the time, was just replying to Raplh. Though, you're free to introduce yourself next. ^_^)

Sonjo was reminded of the girl that he escorted to the Pokemon Center in the first place. He faced the Alex, and smiled. "Sure, I mean I don't mind." He didn't really know if Ralph would care, but judging from his personality thus far, he probally would agree with him. "What's your name, then? I never really caught it."

September 5th, 2007, 4:58 AM
"Alex," Alex answered, the same smile staying on her face. Torchic chirped happily, apparently introducing itself, though it wasn't really needed. Alex looked down at the small Fire type, just as social and outgoing as its trainer, if not more.

She had seen the Pokemon Center not too far away earlier; Sonjo had already guided her to it. It was a bit embarrassing to think of how easy it had been for him to lead her there when she herself would've probably been wandering around for possibly fifteen minutes or more looking for it.