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August 25th, 2007, 7:34 AM
This is a song I wrote i combined the elements of rap and playwrighting, its based on a conversation i had with my best friends dad

April 6, 2007 in a dimly lit apartment Rahat and Yohan begin their conversation

y: You know I really appreciate you commin'
r: When I found out I dropped everythin and came runnin'
i figured your guitar has started its strummin'
and its just deaths tune that your lips start hummin'
y: How could you possibly understand
your so young and just barely a man
you haven't lost a son...
r: but I lost my best friend
I've been here before its like a ****ing trend
death has walked by me once again
takin my mind in circles and then...
y: listen i understand where your head is
its in the same spot that all of my dread is
you see this isn't a story your tellin
just part of my life I wish to be forgettin
r: but you can't you gotta just let it start settin'
move on but don't ever think about forgettin
y: you speak wise words for a boy your age
i can tell that you also share in my rage
and know how i feel locked up in this cage
and know theres so much greif in this blaze
r: i'm sorry that i really can't do much more
speakin to you is all i had come here for
y: my son is now gone i hope you understand
theres not much more you can tell this old man

Three months later...

i picked up the phone and what did i learn
that you couldn't handle your lifes sudden turn
and your wifes all alone while her insides just churn
thats when i realized that on that night
it was guilt and not grief that was cloudin up the light
couldn't cope with the fact that you never held your child
you were just hopin that feelin would be mild
you ran off twice before and now your gone for good
you ended the life of the coward that once stood
in that apartment and told me that i don't understand
but guess what i do you were never a man
you left your son twice and now you left your wife
with a knife in her heart thats filled with such strife
you know i've heard its scary to bring a gun to your head
but a true coward is the one who spilled out the red...