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August 30th, 2007, 7:46 PM
Hello all. I am a Pokemon fanfiction writer, and I need your help.

Wait! No! Don't leave! I'm not asking for help writing it!

What I need are suggestions for names. There are two characters I need named: one is the son of Ash and Misty, the other the son of Gary and his wife, one of his former cheerleaders.

Brief character descriptions:

Ash and Misty's son (current codename "Junior") is spoiled. Really, he is. His father is a Kanto League Champion, his mother is a Gym Leader, and they both saved Pallet Town (and probably more) from Team Rocket and Mewtwo, making them national heroes. Can you blame him? He basically thinks he is it on a stick, and that he's really smooth with the ladies. Unfortunately, he's handsome and has famous parents, so he's more right than we wish he was. Ash is no help; you know the stereotype of the football coach father who thinks his son is better than everybody? Yeah, that's him. Misty tries to temper this, but often she gets caught up in the excitement. In Junior's mind, he is going to become the greatest trainer ever, and he will master Pokemon his father never did (the new Diamond and Pearl Pokemon, that is). Unfortunately, he's not nearly as good as he thinks he is, and his Pokemon give him trouble. He starts out whiny, cocky, and hot-tempered, but over the course of the story, he becomes a nicer guy. Really.

Gary's son (tentative name "Gerald") is his buddy and near opposite. (Ironic that Ash's son resembles a young Gary, no?) Gerald takes more after his grandfather, and has no interest in fighting, but rather studies Pokemon and takes care of them. He is a bit of a nerd; he's shy, retiring, and quiet, until you start talking to him about his favorite subject, Pokemon. He gets really good grades in school and gets picked on a little, but usually Ash's son sticks up for him, despite doing a lot of picking-on himself. He's also nervous around girls. Gary, who has mellowed somewhat with age, is a little exasperated with his son being so different from himself, but mostly takes it in stride.

OK, that wasn't so brief. Now that you've read it, give me suggestions! If it helps, I like the idea of Junior's name being something that is an object in real life, like the names Ash and Misty. (On a random note, has anybody noticed that their names are fire- and water-related, respectively? I find that interesting.)

August 31st, 2007, 12:51 PM
I couldn't think of any real life objects but For Junior I came up with Brenton, Kenneth, Joash, and Ignatius. All of them mean "fire" which regards to Junior's hot headed personality.

For Gerald I have Edgar, Frank, Oscar, Roger. All mean "Spear", as does "Gary". So Gary could have named him a name simalar to him in a hope that he would be like him.

*shrugs* thats all I have for ya.

September 1st, 2007, 10:09 AM
Brenton and Kenneth aren't bad... those sound like "popular jerk" names... hm.

As funny as I find my own idea, Gerald, I really like Edgar. Roger also strikes me for some reason.

Thanks! I'll keep those in mind.

Anybody else?

Lady Nicole
September 6th, 2007, 10:27 AM
How about:


Uh...any good?