View Full Version : The Tragic Tale of Mindy the Overeater

Richard Lynch
September 1st, 2007, 9:20 PM
One of my biggest poetic influences is by far Lewis Carrol, the author of "Alice in Wonderland" and the sequel, "Through the Looking Glass". And while I mostly write satire and comedy, I occasionally sit back and write a whimsical nonsense/fantasy poem. This is one of the darker ones I've written. I don't remember when or where I wrote it, or when the idea bubbled to the surface. I literally do not know how this poem got onto my computer, but the style it's written with is no doubt mine. And besides the first poem I ever wrote (another whimsical fantasy called "Bob the Fly"), this is my favorite.

Anyways, this poem is a dark tale about a little girl named Mindy, who loved candy and would eat it non-stop. And the unlikely events that would then follow. It's called...

The Tragic Tale of Mindy the Overeater

Now Mindy was a little girl
Who always loved to eat
She'd gulp down almost anything
If it just tasted sweet

She went on eating, day and night
Without a thought to stop
Her parents worried that one day
Their girl was sure to pop

One fine day fate rang at her door,
She felt a little sick
She couldn't understand at all,
Her buttons would not click!

She was too big for all her cloths
But this was not most strange –
She became what she always ate:
To candy she did change!

Now she was scared because she knew
That sometime very soon
The Gingercove would pick the scent
And eat her up by noon

And just as little Mindy guessed,
She heard the grinding jaws
The Gingercove was coming now
Scratching with giant claws!

Little Mindy tried to escape
But she just could not run
For, everything she had eaten
Had made her weigh a ton

The Gingercove loomed over her
Staring with two bright eyes
At first it didn't move at all
Just watched its tasty prize

The Gingercove snatched Mindy up
And swept her off her feet
It swallowed her in just one gulp;
She tasted very sweet!

Back to the woods, the creature went
Its meal it did enjoy
It went to sleep and waited for
Another girl or boy.