View Full Version : Two Haikus

Richard Lynch
September 1st, 2007, 9:29 PM
What you have to know before you read on is that I hate haikus. I hate them with a passion. I loath them in the poetry world. It all happened on FictionPress, where I noticed lame 3-liners getting more hits, praise and attention then my long, well thought out poetry (I least I think they're well thought out). That's when I said to myself, "Well, if a haiku from some nincompoop can generate this much fame, what can it do in my hands?" and the dry humor in the following haikus is far from what you'd see in the usuals.

The first one is what I wrote after the above experience. It's basically a haiku mocking haikus. It's called:

"Leaves Fall"

A tiny leaf falls
Down below the willow tree
Hits the ground... who cares?

The next haiku I wrote out of contempt for depressed poetry; emo poetry, or "angst poetry" as I call it. And this is my favorite haiku I've ever written:


New pack of razors
Strug’ling with the cellophane
It's always something!