View Full Version : Entei out there ??

September 3rd, 2007, 8:50 AM
Anyone has an Entei? il trade a lv 100 Raikou -.- ( and no its not hacked i trained him ) thts basicly the only legendarie i have to offer besides lv 100 Rayquaza -.- so anyone has one?

HELLO??????? why you view this thread and dont awnser it ???

September 3rd, 2007, 3:07 PM
umm i got one. do you have a shiny...?

umm i got one... do you have any shiny?

September 3rd, 2007, 3:19 PM
I have a lv 43 Distant land Entei, i'm not interested in shinies, but do you have any Johto Starters?