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October 7th, 2003, 4:40 AM
I've written the first two chapters, now please continue, I'm already running out of ideas. Subject: Comedy
The strange cocoon is Jirachi, and the girl named Sasha is Jirachi too.

The Wish

Chapter 1:
A Bizzarre Encounter
My parents are sweet people who are very caretaking of Nature, they even give the Pokemon that are in our backyard food. We live in a town at the edge of Petalburg Woods, which our backyard faces.
Sometimes, my mother takes me to Rustboro. I am a Pokemon trainer 11 years old.
My name is Jerry. Once, my mother brought a strange, frozen looking cocoon. I asked,
"Where did you get that?"
My mother answered,
"Someone gave me it at the supermarket in Rustboro."
"Who was it?"
"Oh, just a friend of mine, he was searching for a Pokemon trainer."
"But mom, I am a Pokemon trainer!"
"Oh yeah, Jerry, do you suppose that could be a Pokemon?
Try out your Pokedex, I'm sure it knows."
"My dad is using it to study the wild Pokemon, mom!"
The cocoon rattled.
Mother went outside to look for my father. I tapped the cocoon.
I jumped when I heard a tapping noise coming from inside of it.
"Hey," I said.
"Hei," the cocoon said.

The suddenly loud voice made me fall backwards.
"Hehehehe, wellcolm, I am SoopurKokoon the graet, I shall lay my zilk across your cuntri! HAHAHAHA! OLRITE, wats your wish?"
"My only wish is to get you out of my house! Take that, you ignoramous."
"You think you can deefeet me-"
"Who are you anyway?"
"Don't bee an eediot! I told yoo woo I am!"
"Want a bigger one, frozen Silcoon?"
"Hi, Jerry, what are you doing to the cocoon?"
I was surprised to see my mother back.
"Err... Hi, mom."
"Yoo cannut deefeet mi!" MUFFLE
I muffled the cocoon.
"Hmm... That cocoon spoke,"
my mother said, "And I found daddy here."
"Hi, Jerry, cool Pokemon," my dad said.
"How do you know it's a Pokemon?" I asked.
"Check your Pokedex."
I opened my Pokedex, eager to know who "SuperCocoon the Great" really is.
My Pokedex said:
"This pokemon really cannot be detected."
Wow, I said.
Suddenly the cocoon jumped out of the window.


We all said that one after another. My father said,
"Honey, can you find more of that? It has rolled into the woods. I don't wanna search anymore today."
"Gee, dear, I don't think so, maybe next time we should hurry it over to Professer Birch," my mother said.
Chapter 2:
The Wish Granter
It was three days later. I was with my little sister, Antonia, and my mother, shopping in Rustboro.
Antonia desperately wanted junk food,
"Candy, mama, candy! Didn't you promise to get me candy?"
"Don't yell, you'll get candy later," said my mom, carrying a bunch of goodies.
Suddenly, Antonia spotted a stand with the words on it,
"Mama, can I make a wish to that lady for candy?" Antonia blabbered, reffering to the person at the counter.
"Okay, one wish, since it is free, Jerry, accompany her," my mommy said.
"YAY! CANDY!" Antonia blasted.
I followed Antonia, who stood up at the counter. The shopkeeper, noticing Antonia, said,
"Welcome to the great shop of Free Wishes! My name is Sasha, what is your wish?"
My face became blue when I remembered that encounter with the cocoon.
"I want a lot of candy!" Antonia screamed.
"Alright, your wish has been granted!" said Sasha, while a truck full of candy crashed into the building.
Antonia almost exploded as she gobbled up a lot of dirty candy.
"Do you want to get anything for free?" Sasha asked, she held up a television.
We were in need of a TV, so I said yes. Sasha gave me the TV, saying it was a gift.
There was a price tag on it, so I wondered why it was a gift.
When we got home, I tested the TV. The reception was great!