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The Land of Legends


Every country's worst nightmare.

Even in the days before weapons of mass destruction and chemical warfare, many died as a result of this most terrible word's effects on humanity. War not only destroys human lives, it also rips apart the land, destroys valuable resources, causes countries to fall or rise. In war, kings and pawns are won and lost. In ancient times, the land now known as Johto was ravaged by a brutal war. The combat began as a result of one man's avarice, was fueled by a woman's pride, and was urged on and profited from by one being more ancient then the land itself. This is the story of that war, of its beginning and ending, the hopes and dreams it began and ended, the people who took part and those who ran away. It's the story of outcasts and heroes, of humans and Pokemon, of true love and undying hatred, chivalry and abominations. But most of all, it is the story of one girl, one boy, and one town....

1000 B.P.L. (Before Pokemon League)

Trouble had been brewing for years. It was only a matter of time before the nation was swept into chaos. The brutal, warlike king of Lliore, a Kingdom based where modern-day Goldenrod stands, has been capturing land for years, adding to his kingdom's already-bloated holdings. A greedy, vicious man he will stop at nothing to capture every other major country that stands in his path and set himself up as a ruler. His one problem: the kingdom of Fandavale stands as a last bastion of hope, or a final impediment, depending on your views of the situation. Fandavale, which is situated where Olivine now stands, was led at the time by a stunning beauty: Queen Minerva, a woman whose love for her country is sadly surpassed by her pride. The two nations have been at peace for over a century, but with King Gora sharpening his blades and eyeing Fandavale's holdings, a war was only a matter of time.

These portents did almost nothing to disturb the inhabitants of the Sacred Ground, a small plot of land between Fandavale and Lliore, and a place that both countries consider their rightful property. The area has been fought over for years, due to its unique position: It is the home to a pair of towers said to house a pair of powerful spirits who take the form of Pokemon as they fly throughout the land, and come to roost there every year. In addition to this, three beasts whose elemental powers are so great that they themselves are unable to control them often sprint through the village, leaving energy in their wake so great that it often causes a shift in the weather patterns. Because of this, it is often called the 'Land of Legends'. The inhabitants of this rural and idyllic area are outcasts from the two kingdoms, courtiers and peasants, guardsmen and flower girls. While they do hold the monks who assist in the caretaking of the towers of the legendary Pokemon, these people are largely governed by themselves. Thanks to their unique position on Sacred Ground, they refused to believe that the war might affect them. How wrong they were...

Days before King Gora completed his preparations for the long march towards Fandavale, the two spirit-Pokemon landed atop their towers to rest from their long journey. This was expected by the people who lived near the holy ground- hadn't these Pokemon done this every year since the day the people were born? But what happened next was completely unexpected. When the Pokemon left, a girl and a boy were discovered atop the towers. Upon their examination of the youths, the tower monks announced that they, like the Pokemon, were an incarnation of the two spirit's energy. Rejoicing in their good fortune to have two such people taken into their humble home, the inhabitants of the sacred ground took them in, and soon the two were absorbed into the community's life. All might have been well but for one small thing.

A letter was sent to King Gora from a spy in the village, who explained this latest development. Gora was a brutal tactician, but he was no fool. It would have taken a war-spawned mind like his own to realize the value of having one of these two on his side. Quietly, he sent word to his spy, ordering the man to begin tempting one of the two avatars of the legendary spirits, convincing them to join his side. The spy obeyed, and while at first the boy who represented the power of the spirit who flew over the sea, or Lugia, resisted admirably, his will eventually gave way when offered riches beyond his dreams. He and the spy immediately fled to Gora's kingdom before their treachery could be discovered. It was there that the avatar of Lugia planted the seeds of a plan in Gora's ear. He advised his new master not to take the longer march that cut around the Sacred Ground, but instead to march right through it and set up a base there- after all, wasn't it now approved by at least one spirit. The greedy king agreed, and preparations for the capture of Fandavale might have been easily completed had someone within Gora's circle of counselors not leaked information to Queen Minerva, who was outraged- after all, hadn't the sacred ground been in her kingdom's holdings for generations? She immediately dispatched a message through the Sacred Land to Gora, saying that she intended to march through the land as well, and if he set one foot in there, blood would be spilled. The messenger, who was a good soul at heart, left word with the populace of the Sacred Land that Minerva was going to come, and Gora would probably be marching soon as well. The populace was stricken with fear. They had no formal military, and since they were outcasts from the two kingdoms for the most part, their available weaponry was fairly rag-tag. They were no match for two countries wielding weapons and massive armies of both Pokemon and humans. Fortunately, two men took a stand. These two convinced the people that under the leadership of the second spirit's avatar, they might stand a chance if they attempted to quell the war now. As a result of these actions, a group of hand-picked inhabitants of the Sacred Land organized themselves into a group of freedom fighters and bodyguards of sorts, ready to do whatever it took to protect themselves and their homeland under the guidance of Ho-oh's avatar.

Your Role

You are a member of the hand-picked group defending Ho-oh's avatar. Your job: use whatever you have at your disposal to prevent the invading armies from destroying your home in a battle, or die trying. Will you be a hero, or will cowardice or greed tempt you from your path? (Hope not, 'cause then it'll be hard for our characters to interact.) You decide.

Background information on the two Kingdoms:

Lliore: A feudal country with a culture and weaponry similar to that of feudal Japan, it is led by the warlike Gora, the most avaricious king in thousands of years. Gora is by no means a diplomat, and he's disliked greatly in his own country, but his soldiers and courtiers are honor-bound to serve him. (And some are too scared of dying to defect.) His army is feared by all, as is his temper.

Fandavale: A country whose culture is more similar to a European monarchy, reflected in both their weapons and architecture, they are led by the beautiful Queen Minerva, a haughty woman whose love of her country mostly stems from personal vanity. They are not particularly warlike, but they do keep a sizable army.

Sacred Land's Inhabitants: People who have deserted either nation, for their own reasons. There's actually a pretty sizable number of them. They know they have little chance of ending the impending war, but they're determined to try before their home is ripped apart. They don't have a set leader, so everything is pretty much decided by the rulings of the masses. They act more like inhabitants of a small town then anything else.

Added Notes

Pokeballs haven't been invented yet, so Pokemon are essentially partners in battle to soldiers. Both Pokemon and humans at this time wear armor, and both species are essentially considered to have an equal say in battle plans (at least, in the Sacred Land.) Remember to describe Pokemon accordingly. In addition, since this takes place in Johto please provide justification for the ownership of a Pokemon from outside the land.

Full Given Name:
Title (If any):

Nickname (If Any):
Pokemon's Personality:

1. No ripping off anime pictures or using sprites for appearance. Picture used must still be accompanied by a written description and must be your own original art. (Sprites and avatars included.)

2. No ripping off Anime names. Those who do shall be eaten.

3. No questioning the rulings of ACC or Porygon-Z. Those who do shall be eaten.

4. Those who Role Play their Pokemon as mindless drones shall be forced to spend the rest of their life locked in a room, strapped to a chair with their eyes open, watching episodes of the dubbed version of Yu-Gi-Oh, with a gag over their mouth so that they are unable to make fun of it.

5. If you are inactive for over a week without giving prior notice, your character will be written out of the RP, most likely by killing them.

6. You know the rest. Follow the PC rules, no god moding, no power playing. One warning and then you're out. Nor I or ACC have little tolerance for the breaking of rules.

7. TWO Pokemon per person. No more than one person per Pokemon. As Alter Ego brilliantly said in his Neo Genesis, with four generations of Pokemon, two people don't need to have Salamences or Charizards. If you use a Pokemon who isn't native to Johto, please explain why your character has it. No Fossils or Artificial Pokemon allowed. This excludes Magnemite, who technically isn't artificial as he wasn't created by humans.

8. Your character will be fighting a war. But this is the medieval era of Johto, so modern weapons, e.g. guns, are not allowed. The following weapons are preferred: swords, lances, bows, axes, sling shots. Don't whine. I'm not bending this rule.

9. No one besides ACC will be playing a major character from either Lliore or Fandavale. Anyone who isn't from the Sacred Lands will be an NPC, unless permission is granted by ACC or I.

10. No rushed profiles. Take your time. Detail, detail, and more detail is what ACC and I are looking for.

Any questions. Feel free to PM ACC or I. Don't clutter this area with anything other than sign-ups until the RP itself begins.

Good day.

September 4th, 2007, 10:19 PM
Full Given Name: Nomah Meggistry

Nicknames: Nome

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Homeland: Gazzleton, City-State of southern Johto belonging to the kingdom of Fandavale.

Title (If any): Blacksmith

Appearance: Nome’s dark shag of a beard and dirtied, greasy hair is still not enough for him not to continue his profession. He has a crooked nose that had been bloodied and broken in a brutal outbreak when he was young, and has a slightly lazy eye. There are quite a few that have seen Nome’s death gaze at times that they would really want to avoid such an avid look; his green, boiling eyes can stare and kill any costumer of his. If there is treachery on the foot, he is the one to know of this. He can get any costumer to tell the truth, but the same sadly cannot go for a war, which is something he is about to catapult himself into.

He is always wearing his protective gloves; even when he is not working as a blacksmith. They have a sharp point at the end which he had used to break down many things, usually being doors. There is something that gives Nome a good feeling of fresh air in the morning when it comes to smashing doors apart with gloved fists. To accompany these gloves, he has the matching boots that are resistant to most things, made out of the finest water Pokémon hide.

His outfit is of the navy color, dark in a twisted swirl of blue and black, black being stains of his job. He is always wearing some safety wear incase the time comes when he must fight to prevent thieves from taking things that belong to him (though he would occasionally wonder why they would do such a thing; he has only worthless items). This safety wear includes a hard armor for his chest hidden under his outfit, and some more armor closer to the bottom half of himself. Of course, he can’t always be on the defensive side; there is a sword slot to his waist, which he has practiced for so long on handling. He, being a blacksmith, should know how to use the weapons he makes, after all.

Surrounded on his neck and also hidden beneath his outfit is a family pendant; a crest which could and should only be passed down to the next in the Meggistry family line. It has several arrows that would switch to several different positions, working much like a compass. Only, this pendant would not tell of anything special, to Nome’s knowledge. To him, it is just something to pass to the next Meggistry member. Unfortunately, Nome is the last of the family line, and has yet to reach the point of a relationship to settle down into a family. This further pushes him into being in this battle; he has no one that would care enough for him, and he has no one to care for except for the people he will try to protect.

Personality/History: Nome was born in Gazzleton and into a world where he was at first, loved. He was the first child in his family, and for that, he was given many splendid wonders. It was however unfortunate for him when he had turned the age of five. His father had died by protecting his mother from nomads that were destroying the home he lived in. Nome and his mother managed to escape the barbaric peoples before they set the house on fire, but it was only a matter of time before they had caught up to his mother. He was told to escape by his mother. He had never disobeyed her before, but he did not want to move at that moment. He wanted to stand and protect, much like his father had.

But in the end, a nearby traveler had come to help the two. The traveler used his companions, being the Pokémon he owned, to battle against the nomads before they could get any further into their lands. But it was at the cost of Nome’s mother; they had gotten to her, and killed her. Nome had not seen this; he had been shielded by the traveler, and when it was all over, led back to town by that same traveler.

From then on, he was on his own and had to work for a living to make money. As heroic as the traveler had been, he did not take responsibility for Nome, and just left him in the streets. Nome started by doing work that Pokémon usually did for pay. For many families, it was what they considered cute. But, as he grew older, the cute factor of such a young person doing these jobs was decreasing, and soon, no one was paying him to do those jobs. He had to move on and try other things for a living. Yet, he could not get jobs anywhere. It was at the fifth day of no pay that he thought he was going to die, having no money for any food to eat the two days before. Then along came a large man, that led Nome down a new path.

His name was Henry, and he was a blacksmith. He allowed for Nome to be an assistant, even though Nome had told him he knew nothing about the job. As time passed, he began to get the hang of forging, and grew to like it. The pay was not so great at first, but it was enough to feed himself. This started when he was twelve, and the teachings ended when he was nineteen. One day when he was at the age of nineteen, a similar event that had happened to his parents began to unfold again on Henry.

Thieves. Three of them. They wanted everything that Henry had made; all of the finest made weapons and armor. Nome had never felt such a thrill in his life when he first put on those gloves, steaming hot as they were, and used a poker from the fire pit to attack the first and second thief. Then, using only his fists, he attacked the third. He had just saved Henry’s life. And his life flashed before him; the one he would have had had his parents been alive.

The year that followed, Nome left Henry to return to what was left of his old home. It was not long before he found it. Nothing had changed; it was still a wreck from the fire. Yet, there was something that was brought to Nome’s attention. Once he was in the middle of it all, he found something that glinted in the sunlight. It was a dirtied box. When he opened it, he found a pendant; the one he is always wearing as of today. There was a letter within the box that told of what the pendant was. It was just the family pendant. Honored to have been a part of that family, Nome kept it, and returned back to town.

He began his own blacksmith business. Of course, he needed guards. One thing he knew was that he did not want to be attacked by thieves or nomads again. But who could he get to protect him? That would be Pokémon. He optained two guards; one from the wild, and one for a high price vender. The Sneasel was from the wild, and would take care of the night shift. Nome had to travel a bit farther off from town in order to obtain the creature, and taming her was another story, but he was glad he had her.

The one from the vender; one day, Nome had been off to find food for his home, which was located at the same place as the blacksmith business. A vender had been passing in the streets on a carriage, holding many Pokémon for high prices. There was a Sandslash. It was perfect. The price however, was not, and he ended up broke. But, he now had two guards; one for the night, and one for the day. The Sandslash would stand by his side at all times, and at night, it would be the Sneasel instead.

All of this had changed him to be someone that you could not easily make friends with. Nome does not mind this; all he does in life now is business, and it doesn’t concern him of what others think. He will always have that bitter sense when he talks, but he does not always mean it.

Pokemon(Two-Three Please): Sneasel, Sandslash

Other: Nome does not regard Gazzleton as his one true placement; if anything, he admires those of the Sacred Land and wishes to join them eventually.


Each hit was done with a large layer of intensity. All the while, his faithful companion Slash watched the entrance to the shop, still as a statue. Occasionally, being at least twice a day, the Sandslash would travel to the back room to nudge Nome, and tell him that it was time that he be given some food. For a short time through many grunts of dispute, Nome would go through the hall that connected his house with his shop and enter the kitchen. There was a soft basket put aside where his now faithful Sneasel known as Claw rested during most of the day. She would wake up once he was in the kitchen, and would also demand her fill.

He made sure to give them enough, and once the serving was done, he’d go back to his shop. He would not work when his guards were eating. Instead, he’d take a practice sword, lock up the shop, and go to his own backyard, where there was a practice field set up. Nome had set the field up himself. There were many things to practice upon, from mannequins to trees that he would plant every month due to the fact that he would always end up having them be cut down in some way. He preformed different tactics during this time.

“Hah!” He gave a thrust with the sword; a mighty fine one at that. At speeds that matched his own Pokémon, he attacked the mannequins over and over again. It was a practice sword, so the mannequins never had to be replaced (unless he happened to hit too hard that it works as a real sword instead). When he was done practicing with the mannequins, he’d move onto a real sword, and carefully, and much more slowly, he’d work on slicing sacks of potatoes hanging from poles or trees.

Sometimes, his Pokémon would come out and practice with him. It was a daily routine, and Nome could not imagine a life other that this. The only other life he’d want would be a life in constant battle; a life with a reason to fight. He wanted to protect something in life; he wanted to be a savior of something far greater than himself, and the place he resided in.

When he was done, he returned to the house and cooled down. Taking off his shirt, he wiped himself clean with a sponge. When he was done, he returned the shirt to his body and left to the shop, where he re-opened. By now, Slash was there and ready to take guard. But the dark was coming, and Claw’s shift would soon start. Claw even entered the shop and waited for the sun to disappear.

An hour had passed, and Nome was still working delicately on an iron sword. By now, Slash had returned to the house and was sleeping. Claw was now taking care of the night shift as Nome continued. It took another few hours before he could finally say that he was done.

“I have finished,” he said, a slight grin on his face. “Come Claw; you must see this.”

Claw entered not a second later. She looked on the sword in wonder, nearing it. Slowly, she swiped a claw of hers gently against the blade. There was no crack. It was done.

“This is my finest creation,” said Nome. “This is perhaps the sharpest blade I have ever forged. And I will use it for the greater good.”

Swiftly, he swung it behind him. It cut a copper pole cleanly. There was a stifled clatter on the floor, but Nome held still. He knew that the blade he had was perfect. He knew that his blade was going to be part of his pride and joy.

He locked up the shop at all entrances and returned to his home, where he placed to blade safely away, where it would wait for a time when it would be needed. Nome left to his room while Claw rested near Slash, not the least bit tired.

Pokemon #1: Sandslash
Nickname (If Any): Slash
Pokemon's History: Slash had been captured by a traveling vender, who had traveled several seas for business. The vender collected many Pokémon from all the regions he visited, and would only stop to sell and collect. Johto was the third region Slash had been to with the vender, and was happy to leave when Nome had bought him. At first, he was reluctant to what Nome had wanted him to do, but eventually gave in, and loved the simple task he was asked of. He came to be very loyal to Nome, and would at all time, wish to be by his side, no matter where he goes and no matter what he chooses.
Personality: He is loyal to Nome, and after being with him for so long, he has learned to have almost the same personality as his master. Of course, he has his moments when he is alone with Claw. He can just avert away from what he shows Nome and become a bit mischevious as Claw is, but has a line that he does not wish to cross.

Pokémon #2: Sneasel
Nickname (If Any): Claw
Pokémon’s History: Claw was a night crawler and moved from place to place, never really having somewhere to call home. She had never been caught and never wished to be. It was very much a surprise to her when she found herself trapped by a human’s device of netting; she wanted most just to get out of there and slash the crap out of the person who had done this. But, Nome was very strict with how he worked with his Pokémon. It took much longer for Nome to tame her than it did for Slash, but like Slash, she came to like what has gone with her life.
Personality: Her personality towards her master would be that of the same as Slash, with the same compassion, but on any others that befall her, she will toy with them for a bit before leading them to their doom. That would make her have a sort of evil line still compressed within her. She is also one of the most mischievous of the two Pokémon that Nome owns.

Cosmic Tyrant
September 4th, 2007, 10:36 PM
(Sorry, I tend to be more straight-forward with my entries. I edited them to my limits, so just tell me, am I in or out?)

Full Given Name: Geese Thomas Aldridge

Nicknames: N/A

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Homeland: Sacred Lands

Title: Blacksmith (Acceptable?)

Appearance: Geese always looks like he's gotten out os a car accident, Standing at 6'4 and weighing in at 240 lbs. His body size is healthy. He keeps his bright orange hair slicked back with a lot of gel-like substance. His eyes gleam a brilliant blue. His jawbone is much thicker than your average person, and his chin stick out pretty far, too. His skin complection is fairly peach, and his body tone is muscular, the most part being his arms. He has a scar that enguls his right eye, limiting his vision, but not to terribly. He has a goatee which he likes to style with insane designs. His skin contains no blemishes or boils, but cuts and bruises are a different matter. He looks like he has a bad case of the chicken pox or something. His apparel mainly consists of average clothes, nothing too fancy. He is normally seen with a blue tanktop that is faded, yet somehow seems to go with his eyes. He also wears black pants that are torn on the leg bottoms. His shoes are made from the hide of a bull, but were charred black so they would go with the rest of his outfit. He wears black gloves, which are made of some sort of fabric, a blue headband, and a rather crude pearcing tool lodged in his left ear in the design of a miniature hammer. His armor is all of his design. Smithing at random, he kept his favorites to himself. His armor includes a set of steel platebodywear and a helmet to match. But these works had spikes on various parts of the limbs, those being the elbows, shoulders, and kneepads. On the helmet he put spikes on the top lining down to the back, and on on each side where the ears should be. He also went past the trials of swords and lances and made a pair of hand attatchable weapon, called Claws. He thought it was the perfect set of armor for a battle loving guy like him: Menacing and intimidating.

Personality/History Geese wasn't born in too much controversy. His family lived a pretty happy life, though keep in mind happy is what one makes it. When Geese was one, his mother passed away, and though this upset Geese's father, Geese himself was too young to know what happened, and eventually lost all recolition of her. No photo or nothing. Geese showed an intrest for fighting at an early age, so his father decided to teach him everything he knew about fighting: Punches, Kicks, Grapples, Counters, the whole shabang. Geese showed progress at a quicker-than-average rate, and as a result, has a knack for showing off. That, coupled with his overall arrogance and somewhat lust for violence has made him more of a brawler than a warrior on the battlefield. ow Geese always had a sense of justice, but the heat of battling normally blocked it out. His policy is to break skulls first, ask questions later. Never a quiet settler, Geese prefered to settle his disagreements with his fists rather than his words. This led to a lot of problems with most of the people of the Sacred Lands. So much that a few of his peers grew tired of his rowdy hot-blodded additude, and decided to put an end to it. They came with daggers, one even had a sword. however there was one flaw: They were unfamiliar with the weaponry they had at hand. Geese easily took care of them, though one did end up leaving a gash on his right eye. His father was concerned, but only with the eye. He was actually quite pleased with his son's amazing combat prowess. But there was another issue at hand: Geese needed a job. He absolutly dreaded the thought of being a sculptor, and Pottey wasn't exactly his forte, either. Geese needed a job that was exicting, payed good, an overall honest man's job. There was only one result that fit the bill: Blacksmith! Geese was happy to try the field. He showed great intrest, and in seemingly no time (really about three years) Geese pretty much had it down pat. His job as a Blacksmith did some good to Geese's personality. It taught him patience, reasoning, and kindness, all from his customers of course. However, The sudden transaction of Personalitys gave him a few quirks. He still has that sense of justice, and it even shines through his agressiveness. However he gets angry easily. He also can restrain himself for various periods of time: All taits that Geese has never posessed before. Some claim that Geese has grown slightly insane due to the rapid changes, and they may be right. But these changes grew to be useful. Geese has been selected to guard a special person, called the "Avatar". Geese gladly accepted this offer, and set off for the fight of his life.

Other: on some occasions, Geese will have sudden recolisions of his mother, though he mainly just shruggs them off.

RP Sample: (I know it's been used before, but it's my only long one)

"I have a sugg.."

Was all Nick could let out when Galactus and his three admins showed up in the middle of Sunnyshore. Galactus then shouted in a megaphone

"Attention, Citizens of Sunnyshore!" He said with his usual insane voice "I have an important announcement to make. I promise this will change your life forever!" Just then a reporter and three cameramen went over to get a good shot of Galactus. The cameramen set up their equippment, and the reporter began to speak into the microphone. "Hello, this is Gabby, and we have a situation in Sunnyshore." The reporter announced. "There is a madman on a bridge and he is ranting about something. let's watch."

Galactus then Shouted "You may remember a team by the name of Galactic five years ago! They were nothing! This is were true evil lays! Right then hundreds of grunts, drssed all in black and dark grey, appeared behind the admins and Galactus. "We of team Universe shall rule all!" The grunts do some kind of cheer. "Just what do you plan to do, exactly?" asked the mayor of Sunnyshore. "Simple" Said galactus, with an insane grin. I plan to engulf the entire planet in lava! Gasps can be heard all around.

"This is getting good" said Gabby from a distance "and creepy..."

"You're out of your gord!" Replied the mayor. "How do you possibly plan to do that?" "Excellent question!" said Galactus. "You may have heard of a place not far from here by the name of Stark mountain, correct?" the mayor cringed "Yes?" he said with an impatient tone "Go on!" "I have a few associates feilding out the place for a few hours" Galactus stated "That will allow me to wake up Heatran! The fabled creature said to dwell in the mountain's walls!" The mayor cried "You're sick! You actually think you can get away with this, Psyco?"
alactus glared at the mayor. "First off, my name is Galactus! Second, who is stupid enough to mess with us, right guys?" the admins and grunts do that same cheer. "So you see" says Galactus "I'm not worried. Heatran will awaken, thus allowing me to capture it. Once I do, Heatran will make this planet what I want it to be: A complete wasteland. Nobody or nothing will live unless I say so!" Galactus bellowed.

Just then, a man with red and yellow hair went over to Galactus. "What is it, Buck?" Galactus asked "You were supposed to stake out the mountian!" "Relax" Stated Buck "I just came to tell you that our evaccuation plan was a sucess."
Excellent!" Said Galactus with glee. "People, In approxamently four hours, the planet that you now know will be gone forever! Farewell" Galactus then left, with his admins, grunts and Buck. "And that's the news" said Gabby, trying to sound happy, but failing horribly. "Wow" Said Nick "That was disturbing..."

Pokemon: Lairon

Nickname: Steel

Pokemon's Personality: Steel tends to get angry quickly, like his trainer. But Unlike it's trainer, Steel doesn't have a whole lot to be angry about. It's a mood issue Steel has had for as long as Geese has had him. It is unable to stop once it starts to go on a rampage on its own. The only way to stop Steel is if Geese is nearby. Somehow he is able to calm down Steel just by being around him and talking to him. Obviously if Geese isn't around, Steel will raise heck till the cows come home. But when Steel isn' on one of it's rampages, he is known as a easy going, active Lairon. Steel loves to run, if you can call it that. Steel never sits in one place for too long. And it gets along perfectly with anyone that Geese has been able to trust and get along with. As far as bond's go Geese and Steel's is tough to break.

History: Not much is known about Steel. It came from the houen region, and apparently the trainer wanted ot off of his hands forever. He offered it for $100. Naturally Geese jumped on the offer. When he found out of Steel's condition at first, he thought he made a big mistake, but he grew to love his now trusted partner.

(If possible, can Geese fight with claws? If not, no biggie...)

Alter Ego
September 5th, 2007, 12:55 AM
I hope this profile is satisfactory. I can also elaborate on my character's past from the pre-Silence era, but I'd like to keep my character's past as much in mystery as possible. Still, it's your call. :3

Full Given Name: Keli Santelen (She never uses it, though)

Nicknames: Silence

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Homeland: Original unknown, but she seems to regard the Sacred Land as her true homeland now.

Title (If any): Healer, Demon, Witch (See personality/history)

Appearance: Silence is one of those girls who look like a strong breeze could blow them over. Her body is thin and frail-looking, owing partly to her very minimal eating habits and partly to the slightly skittish manner in which she carries herself, which seems to further diminish her already petite frame. Looking past the somewhat overdone skinniness, Silence's body, with its thin, delicate fingers and elegant curves speaks of beauty that used to be - or, possibly, has yet to be. Her skin, however, is pale in color and somewhat worn and weatherbeaten; a sign of her chosen lifestyle and further distorting her appearance, Silence's left eye seems to be missing altogether, the spot - and almost half of her heart-shaped face with it - covered by a set of bandages which she never removes except to change them (something which she always does alone). The right one, however, is of a clear, sky blue color. Her hair pitch black, reaching roughly to the height of her shoulders. The hair is usually neatly combed, falling down straight save for a light curve upwards at the end, the strands at the front carefully arranged so that the bandaged part of her face is concealed well below the fringe.

When it comes to clothing, Silence is plain to say the least, usually wearing a simple, gray - or sometimes black - dress, the hem of which reaches down to her ankles, and a pair of nondescript shoes made out of equally colored, durable cloth. She also wears a length of rope around her waist, along which a number of pouches containing various herbs and medical equipment like needles and scalpels are placed and when traveling for longer distances she also puts on a pale brown, hooded traveling cloak which both protects her from the worst of the weather and obscures her features. Silence is also usually found carrying a walking stick fashioned out of a sturdy branch and it's basically the only weapon she agrees to use, although its primary purpose is definitely serving as a walking aid in rough terrain.

Personality/History: An enigma even among the inhabitants of the sacred land, Silence's reluctance to speak of herself and her past has made information concerning her so scarce that even her true name remains a mystery. Silence's first arrival in the sacred land was ominous to say the least, the then twelve-year old girl staggering in through a fierce autumn storm, wounded and all but done for, and - to further add to the ominous nature of the scene - accompanied by an Absol; a legendary bringer of ill fortune. Still, the people of the sacred land were not so cold-hearted as to leave a young girl to die, and so she was given shelter and nursed back to health.

Much to the dismay of the villagers, Silence refused to speak at first, merely curling up next to her Absol - the only one whom she agreed to speak to - and trying to stay as unnoticeable as possible. Pitying the frightened child, an elderly couple agreed to adopt her, and when the girl continuously refused to give a name - or even speak beyond the whispers to her Absol, for that matter - eventually dubbed her Silence', a name which she has held to this day. Although she retained her silence for almost two years, the girl was an obedient and helpful child, always performing the tasks she was given without a single word of complaint.

With Silence's strange behavior, it didn't take long for rumors to spread. Surely nothing good could ever come of this child, the village gossips concluded. All this kindness she had received and she still refused to speak a word to anyone but that beast of ill fortune accompanying her, and not once had she cracked a smile. Perhaps she was a demon from the distant lands beyond the sea? A fledgling witch? A child of misery itself? Surely great misfortune would befall them all if she remained. Soon, Silence began getting strange looks from the other townspeople. It didn't matter if it was a case of a Miltank getting sick, an untimely storm, or an overlong winter; somehow the blame always seemed to find its way back to Silence. The girl never spoke a word in her own defense, which, in the villagers' eyes, all but confirmed her guilt.

Distressed, Silence's foster-parents pleaded with the child to break her long-held silence and tell them that she was innocent, but as usual the plea was met with nothing but a sorrowful look from the one, clear blue eye. Just as this downward spiral was entering its second year, however, something remarkable happened. In the early spring, a Miltank on the farm of Silence's parents who had been ailing for a long time suddenly took a drastic turn for the worse. By chance, a wandering healer was visiting the village at the time and agreed to nurse the poor creature back to health. This endeavor, it turned out, took a full week, and Silence followed as much of the procedure as her chores would allow, aiding the healer in what few ways she could. The real miracle occurred after the chore was done, however, as just when the healer prepared to leave, a new voice suddenly pierced the silence; a quiet one, barely audible due to lack of use. Silence had been so impressed by the healer's skills that she finally broke her long silence to request a position as his apprentice. Awed by this new turn of events, Silence's foster-parents quickly scrambled together a fair amount of coins as payment for the girl's tutelage, and after a few teary-eyed goodbyes she left the town for a life on the road.

Since then, Silence has traveled the lands with her newfound master and soon turned out to have a natural talent for the job. When word reached her about the crisis threatening the sacred land, however, Silence curtly informed her master that it was time for her to go, determined to help out the country she had once lived in, despite the fact that many still think of her as a demon of sorts.

Although she has grown slightly more extrovert from her younger days, Silence still lives up quite well to her namesake. She tries to avoid speaking as far as possible, and when she does speak her words are always quiet and thought out. Silence remains rather skittish to this day; she hates crowds, not to mention being the center of their attention, and has trouble talking to people and anyone approaching from her blind side is pretty much bound to elicit a panic attack. She does get along very well with most pokémon, however, and although her manner tends to make her come off as a coward, she is actually very strong-willed and determined, guided by a powerful intuitive sense of right and wrong which compels her to try to help a fellow being in need, even if that someone doesn't like her. She also has a strong aversion to violence - regardless of how deserved it may be - and prefers to incapacitate opponents without causing any serious harm. Animal cruelty is something she won't stand for in any shape or form, however, and should someone commit such acts in her presence they will be subjected to one of Silence's very rare fits of anger. Also, while her social skills are deplorable, Silence is actually very sensitive to the emotions of others, often understanding what's going on far better than most assume. Her own emotions are harder to discern, however, as regardless of whether she's happy or not she always seems to have a slightly melancholy look to her, even if she's smiling.

Pokemon(Two-Three Please):

Absol (Female)
Nickname (If Any): Eclaire
Pokemon's Personality/History: A well-built and majestic beast, Eclaire carries herself with a proud posture that stands in stark contrast to her trainer's. Having arrived in civilization at the same time as Silence, Eclaire's past remains just as shrouded in mystery as her trainer's and she is not any more outspoken about it. When asked why she has traveled over to a land so far from the native residence of her kind, Eclaire merely gives a roguish grin and remarks that it seemed like a fun thing to do at the time.

Regardless of all the unanswered questions, it is clear that the two share a strong bond and in reality Eclaire seems to be more of a mother figure than a comrade in battle to Silence. The feeling seems to be mutual, as Eclaire is fiercely protective of her trainer and has been known to refer to her as her 'pup' from time to time. Whenever Silence feels insecure or feels a need to confide something, Eclaire is the one she turns to, often clinging to the Absol in a rather childish manner.

Something of an odd bird by nature, Eclaire herself sees no use for names (although she tolerates Silence's use of them out of sympathy) and often makes her statements either very general or cryptic, usually both. To Eclaire, speech itself seems to be some kind of complex riddle game and she enjoys it immensely, often at the expense of a frustrated interaction partner. When it comes to answering questions, Eclaire can be even more vexing; if she deems a question or remark stupid she simply doesn't acknowledge it in any way and even the ones she does answer usually only get another riddle or question in response. Despite these juvenile traits, Eclaire is dead serious in battle, however, and should someone attempt to harm her 'pack', as she calls it, that someone would soon find out just how dangerous a provoked Absol can be.

Ariados (Male)
Nickname (If Any): Silk
Pokemon's Personality/History: A smooth and persuasive talker if ever there was one, Silk is the kind of person who doesn't like to get his hands - or forelegs, if you like - dirty doing something that he could conceivably make someone else do in his place. Stuck up and self-important, Silk tends to look down at everyone around him, often speaking in a condescending manner unless he believes that he has something to gain from the individual in question. Why the haughty spider chose to join up with Silence is anyone's guess, though odds are that he considered the light indignity of being bothered for silk a fair trade for being fed, carried around and cared for.

A coward by nature, Silk can usually be found clinging to his trainer's back, either asleep or trying to talk his way into - or out of - something and when battle is on the horizon he's usually the first to opt for running away and hiding. In spite of this, and his dislike for Silence's good samaritan ways, Silk refuses to be separated from his trainer; although whether this is out of a need for comfort, just plain cowardice, or genuine affection is anyone's guess. Regardless, the Ariados has proven his value to Silence many times over, serving both as an inexhaustible storehouse of thread and a highly alert sentry to warn the group away from anything that even vaguely resembles danger.

Other: Well, as mentioned Silence is quite the skilled healer, and although her skills are primarily focused on pokémon she will treat humans to the best of her ability too. Also, I was wondering that since Eclaire basically raised Silence, would it be conceivable that they would be able to have conversations? If you think that's too far-fetched, fine, but I thought I'd ask. :3

RP Sample (REQUIRED): Awwright, this one is from CARD GAMES. It's sort of completely irrelevant to this RP setting-wise but I just want to get this posted since I'm in a bit of a hurry. This will be replaced by a sample featuring my character later on. :3

Tacey rolled her eyes as the peculiar Rurian-wannabes sprung their ambush, "This is ridiculous..." she remarked, "Haven't any of you even considered just asking for a duel? Sheez." she stamped her foot irritably, beckoning the suits to her side again, "And for goodness' sake, watch where you throw those!" the girl added in this...'Yuri's' direction, "You could have cut someone's ear off with that!"

"Honestly...", she harumphed for herself as she watched Achan get involved in a children's card game too, "I'm surrounded by card game nutters with corny nicknames.".

Oh, she recalled having heard of this 'one-turn', but for all her pomp and balderdash she had little to come with but a watered-down Ben Kai strategy. Anyone who really knew their card games also knew to delay springing the attack until they had enough firepower to wipe out the opponent in one turn so the behemoth-sized warrior wouldn't be usurped or just plain wiped out, just like...she gave a 'told-you-so' kind of sigh as Achan sprung his Skull Lair trap, just like that. How typical for Americans to only do their work halfway and then get upset when it backfired on them. What she saw next, however, was quite unexpected; granted, the boy's plays had been passable thus far, but this was nothing short of a complete reversal, wiping out his opponent's Field presence while at the same time replenishing his own hand. Tacey blinked, that...that, she had to admit, was not bad at all, and the same - she had to grudgingly admit - went for his grand finish.

'Well, well Achan...' the girl mused as the uppity street punk announced his finishing attack, 'Maybe you're worth some consideration after all. Too bad you tipped your hand like that...' So that was his core strategy; first drop down a large number of those strange monsters, courtesy of that handy road spell of his, to provoke the opponent into committing to their field in order to dispose of them then wipe out the stragglers with Skull Lair and finish the opponent with a full-scale return rush backed by the Fellowship card to essentially nullify the opponent's backfield. Not bad, not bad at all...but of course, Tacey wasn't half as reckless as that has-been Achan had taken on; her deck was all about restricting the opponent's moves, and there were plenty of links in that chain to break. Still...the girl rubbed her temples, she still had those Limit Break cards to account for. Based on a silly computer game they may have been, but they were clearly wild cards of the highest order and could really turn the game around. She'd have to assess and prepare for all of their possibilities if she really wanted to ensure a crushing defeat for Achan.

"You really have no sense of tact."

Tacey giggled at the remark and Achan's second slap for the day. "You tell him, sister." she chimed in, unable to fully mask her glee as the girl stalked off in a huff before turning back to Achan, "Now do you see why I suggested that you learn some manners? If you keep acting like such a bore there's bound to be more where that came from. Now then..." she turned to address the group as a whole, "If you two 'noble knights'..." every syllable of the two words was oozing with sarcasm,"...have filled your 'damsel rescue' quotas for the day, might I suggest that we leave this unsanitary little alley and get back to the task at hand?


Though they might not have known it, the little group's latest exploit had not gone unnoticed. Standing on the roof of one of the buildings overlooking the little alleyway, two figures had been overseeing the procedure.

"So that's the one you're interested in, huh Akei-sama?!" chirped a clear, innocent girl's voice from the one on the right. Its owner was a girl who seemed to be about Tacey's age donning a tent-like orange hoodie that almost reached down to her knees, covering about half of the dark blue trousers beneath, a finger beneath one of the almost comically long sleeves pointing at Achan while the other hand tugged at her partner's sleeve. Her right eye, a peculiarly bright yellow in color, was wide with innocent wonder while the left was obscured somewhere beneath the fringe of her otherwise short, dark purple hair that had been combed over it, her mouth spread into a wide grin.

Her partner, a considerably taller male who seemed closer to Michel age-wise, merely gave a non-committal grunt in response, instinctively shifting a few strands of his light blue hair away from his left, dark blue - nearly black - eye and over to the black eyepatch that covered his right, remaining completely stationary while a passing breeze tugged at his snuggly fitting, dark purple tennis shirt and the equally well-fitting light blue trousers beneath it, his hands casually stuffed into his back pockets.

"You're not saying anything but I know I'm right!" the girl trilled, giving her all-too-dignified companion a playful poke in the side, "Akei-sama can't keep any secrets from me-e!"

The male gave a lightly irritated sigh, "Haruko..." he began in a deep, calm male voice, "...how many times have I asked you not to drag in your internet-Japanese? You don't even know what 'Akei-sama' means."

The girl giggled at this, "Silly Akei-sama!" she chirped, patting the male on the arm, "You know I call things by what they look like, and you look just like an Akei-sama so it's a perfect name!" she clapped her hands decisively, signaling an end to the argument, "Now stop worrying about silly things and let's go duel that boy and the others, okay Kei-kei-chan?"

The newly dubbed 'Kei-kei-chan' raised an eyebrow, "Dare I ask where that name came from?"

"It's a nickname, silly!" Haruko replied, her grin as wide as ever, "Really, Kei-kei-chan, it's not like you to be so slow! Now let's go-o-o already!" she grasped the male's arm and made a big show of pulling him along.

"No." her partner replied flatly, "Not yet."

"But Kei-kei-chaaaan!" the girl protested, pouting, "I want to duel that girl!" she pointed at Tacey, "She's so cuuuute! Like someone's cat who's been run through the washing machine, like, ten times! It's no fair if you get to have all the fun!"

The so-called 'Kei-kei-chan' shook his head, "I'm not dueling yet either..." he replied, "They show potential, but I want to see if they can live up to it first. We'll observe for now and make our move when the time is ripe."

Haruko gave him an incredulous look, "And then do I get to duel her?"

"Yes." the male replied, "Then you can duel to your heart's content."

The girl still remained a bit suspicious, extending her right hand towards him, "Pinky swear?"

Her older complement sighed in forfeit, reaching out his hand and grasping Haruko's offered pinky with his own, "Pinky swear." he replied monotonously.

The sweater-clad female's face lit up like a Christmas tree, a squeal of delight escaping her lips as she jumped on the spot a few times out of pure hyperness, "Kei-kei-chan! You're the bestest ever!"

"Sooo...Kei-kei-chan..." Haruko continued a short while after the duo had set off, skipping cheerfully on the teen's side, "Could the goth boy really have that miracle-draw-thingie?"

"There's no such thing." he replied harshly, "Not in the way those fools think of it, anyway. The miracle draw isn't a talent; it's a state of mind. Theoretically speaking, anyone can have it."

The girl's eyes widened in wonder, "Really? So do you have it, then? Huh, Kei-kei-chan?"

"I don't need it." the male deadpanned, "I always have the cards I need, not because I'm lucky enough to draw them but because I know what to play and what to conserve."

"Kei-kei-chan, you're so smart!" Haruko trilled, "I bet none of those could beat you even if they had that miracle-draw-thingie!"

The blue-haired teen gave no response, merely grinning ever so slightly. He had far more important things to think about than some old rumors. These contestants...three of them played cards that were supposedly unique, and at least two of them seemed able to handle the cards as well. Maybe...his grin widened marginally, maybe he had finally found worthy opponents.

"Kei-kei-chan!" Haruko suddenly exclaimed, a concerned little frown on her face, "You're looking really weird!"

Annoyed, the boy turned to face his partner, a scowl of irritation at being interrupted in such a way replacing the grin on his face. At this sight, the girl's concerned expression turned cheerful and carefree again, "That's better!" she chirped, "Now Kei-kei-chan is back to normal again!"

September 5th, 2007, 9:25 AM
Well, I don't think ACC will object to me making a few decisions on who to accept and to to deny. If he objects, there might be changes, so watch for that:

Random_Fan: I really like the sound of character. As I was reading it, I was wondering how we was going to associate himself with the Sacred Land. But you tricked me by putting it in the Other section. Good job: *Accepted*

KingCosmic: Eh.. it's decent. But it's not quite what I'm looking for. If you can improve the rest of your profile with a little more detail and a little more on your Pokemon, this may change: *Pending*

Alter Ego: Wow, that is one of the most beautiful sign-ups I have ever seen. You don't have to elaborate on her past. I'd prefer if you revealed it over time. Can't find anything to pick on you for so: *Accepted*

Full Given Name: Ambrose Cornica

Nicknames: Amby, Avatar, The One Born of Ho-Oh

Age: Unknown

Gender: She appears to be female, but in actuality, Ambrose has no Gender

Homeland: Protector of the Sacred Grounds and those who call it home

Title: None, but some in the Sacred Grounds incorrectly call her Master

Appearance: At her recent birth, Ambrose was basking in golden energy. But as she grew assimilated to life in human form, this aura disappeared and she grew to resemble a human more than a God. She is frail in appearance, weighing only one hundred and three pounds and topping the charts at 5'1". Her hair is a luscious, blond color, and it shimmers at the same intensity as the sun. Her eyes are an unusual orange color, fierce and powerful in appearance. Her skin is pale and porcelain in color however, which happens to bring out the intensity of the color of her eyes and hair. Ambrose's lips are gentle pink and are so thin, they barely appear on her face. Her outfit is simple and modest. She wears a white, silk dress whose hem runs down to her knees. Golden bangles adorn her wrists and ankles. Loop earrings made of the same gold as her bangles hang from her small, petite ears.

The most unusual part of her appearance is what appears to be a tattoo on the back of her neck. It is in actually a birth mark, a symbol of her noble birth and brilliant strength. The most prominent part of the birth mark is the large sphere that sits in the center of it. Eight, wavy lines emanate from it, making the shape of a symbolic sun. When in the full pangs of anger or sorrow, this mark burns with intense heat and light. During this state, Ambrose's powers are at their greatest strength. Ambrose prefers to hide this birthmark at all times and often wears a silk scarf around her neck. This is most strange to see during the summer, when most would be bothered by the great heat.

Personality/History: Long ago, the Gods of the Sun and the Moon blessed the lands between Lliore and Fandavale with two towers, where they would make their roost. Eventually, humans grew to prominence in this land, eventually growing into the Kingdoms of Lliore and Fandavale. However, in ancient times, their was an unspoken agreement that the land surrounding the two towers would remain out of either kingdom's hands, and was to be home to the only the downtrodden, outcasts, and exiles. But in recent times, the current monarchs of these two Kingdoms had a great rivalry between them. However, this did not stop the two birds from making their roost. During the time of Ho-Oh and Lugia's roost, great festivals were held in their honor throughout the Sacred Lands. However, when they went to present the gifts to the birds, they instead found a young girl and boy in their place. There was no signs of the birds, except for a single feather laying on their foreheads. The girl was the first to speak and she introduced herself as Ambrose, the avatar of Ho-Oh.

From that point on, the people of the Sacred Grounds worshiped both Ambrose and the Avatar of Lugia. Immediately, Amby was friendly and kind to all, a sharp contrast from boy. She enjoyed talking to the townspeople and helping them with their problems. She acted less like an avatar of a legendary Pokemon but more like a kindly traveler. All she asked to live in was a simple hut with a bed and a trunk to keep her feather in. Over time, the people of the Sacred Lands saw Ambrose as a leader, an elder to come to for advice and strength. However, what happened next brought out a side of Ambrose that no one had seen yet.

One day, the Avatar of Lugia disappeared. Without a word to anyone, he simply vanished. Some speculated he had returned to the tower, but upon inspection, none found him. From his birth, he was strange, keeping to himself from the rest of the townspeople. Then it was rumored that he had been spotted in Lliore at the King's court, serving as one of his advisors. Ambrose, upon hearing this, grew into a great rage, and for the first time, her magnificent powers appeared. Her whole body began to emanate an intense red aura and anything nearby was set aflame. Many attempted to calm her down but none could get close enough to truly do anything. Then, after a few minutes, her display of strength suddenly stopped. Ambrose fell to the ground unconscious. Several hours later, Ambrose awoke and could not remember what happened after she heard her "brother" had defected to Lliore. The people explained to her what happened and it was she was said to have apologized for three straight three days. But from then on, all took care to not anger Amby, to prevent further burning of their settlement.

One day, an Ursaring and a Honchkrow appeared, and from then on, they never left her side. Amby explained they were there to protect her, as war was fast approaching. The villagers looked to her in horror. They had yet to hear of any war, so they asked for an explanation. She told them that both Lliore and Fandavale were planning to use the Sacred Grounds as a battlefield, with Lugia's Avatar leading Lliore's charge. It was time for them to prepare, and she promised them she wouldn't let any harm be done to them...

Pokemon: Ursaring (Female)
Nickname: Honey
Pokemon's Personality/History: Only recently did Honey join Amby's ranks. She wears armor shoulder pads, a chestplate, and grieves on her shins. Though these slow her movements slightly, they offer extra protection from physical attacks and help to put more weight behind her attacks

Before being called to Ambrose's side, she lived in Ilex forest with her two Teddiursa cubs. However, she was beckoned by three mysterious spirits to leave her cubs here and to go to Ho-Oh's side. They would protect her babies while she was fulfilling her duty. Honey obliged and traveled to the Sacred Grounds. Upon seeing both Honey and Kiwi, as Amby came to call her two companions, she knew why they were there. Due to who Ambrose truly is, Honey is already incredibly loyal. Honey is kindhearted and protective, often forbidding anyone to enter Ambrose's hut. She loves to eat and often takes whatever food the picky Kiwi won't touch. Her capabilities in battle are impeccable and she is all but willing to take on both human and Pokemon. As long as Ambrose is safe, Honey feels her duties are fulfilled.

At night, when Kiwi is on duty, Honey sleeps in the hut next to Ambrose, using her master for heat. She misses her two cubs incredibly and can't wait to see them again.

Pokemon: Honchkrow (Male)
Nickname: Kiwi
Pokemon's History/Personality: Along with Honey, Kiwi was recently called to Ambrose's side. In battle, Honchkrow wears a light armor on his wings and chest, mainly to protect himself from the attacks of bowmen.

Before being beckoned to Ambrose, Kiwi was a Murkrow boss near the wilds outside of the Icicle Caverns. Much like Honey, three mysterious spirits appeared before him and promised him that if he went to protect Ho-Oh, they would bless upon him the greatest of treasures. His species loved anything that was shiny, so he eagerly agreed, leaving his most loyal Murkrow in charge of the "mob." He flew an entire night to the Sacred Lands and managed to arrive at the same time as Honey. Ambrose smiled at the Pokemon and took them inside. At night, Kiwi keeps watch over Ambrose's tent, and with his free time, he scours the camp for anything shiny, tucking them away inside of Ambrose's tent. She would find Kiwi's treasures, often the possessions of other villagers, and would then return them to their rightful owners. During the day, Kiwi sleeps on an impromptu nest he built on top of Ambrose's chest. In battle, he is used mainly for scouting and reconnaissance, but is capable when engaged with others in combat.

Much like Honey missing her cubs, Kiwi misses the cronies he left behind. He cannot wait until his duties have been fulfilled and his crew will be the richest mob of Murkrows and Honchkrows in the entire area.

Other: After using her abilities, Ambrose cannot move for several minutes. Thus, she must be protected at all costs or she could be put in harm.

RP Sample: Don't need it. Mwhahahaha... *cough* Excuse me. That kind of slipped out.

September 5th, 2007, 12:05 PM
This is my first time creating such a detailed sign up sheet, I hope it's good enough to meet the requirements. X_X

Okay, if this edit doesn't work out then I need practice... big time. I really took two hours of my time just to edit his profile, I hope things work out.

Full Given Name: Kyle Moonsoul

Nicknames: Light

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Homeland: His origin homeland was Centruia, a now destroyed town. Due to him losing his memory of his past when he turned seventeen, he cannot recall on where he lived in the past. He claimed he was born in the Sacred Lands.

Title (If any): Free-lancing Mercenary

Appearance: As an honorable man he was, he attempted to show his greatest respect to everyone, even amongst his enemies by giving a particular look that would show his people their own souls his deep gratitude. He had long golden blonde hair that reflected the sunlight, making his hair the brightest of himself. He was light-skin, even though he was usually around where the sun shined the most. He wore shiny blue armor that reflected wondrously with the moon's light. In the inside of his armor, he wore a simple purple cloth made out of what the natives called "Moon Strings". This cloth also shined beautifully with the moon's light. He wore flexible blue boots that is also made of Moon String. He also had a little bag ported with him on the bottom proportion of his armor that held his small but important possessions.

Whenever he made a formal appearance, he stood in a simple common pose. When he was to fight an enemy, he changed into his battle pose which sometimes even brought fear amongst his enemies. One bad thing about Kyle is that he feared to frown or show a negative emotion toward the public.

Personality/History: He was originally born and used to lived in a lonely forbidden town, Centruia (now destroyed), a town where pokemon or humans go against there own kind commonly. He lived as an orphan, his parents died when criminals set their own house on fire when he was just born a day before. He was the only one that existed out of his whole family during the time. At his infant age, he was raised as a normal child in the orphanage. As a young noble child at the age of nine, he usually played the role as a "hero" among the young. He usually saved the day from most events, although he failed an amount of times and learned greatly from his mistakes. At the age of thirteen, he was awarded by a private group of famous natives the hero award for saving some lives that were in grave danger. He made some of the people of Centruia feel much safer than before. The most memorial thing he had ever done was helping a group of people who were learning about nature on the great nearby mountains from danger. These people were about to be ambushed by a group of murderous humans and their pokemon. He stopped the enemy group from ambushing as he had the courage to take on the group by himself and ended with many wounds, but won victoriously. He was a well-respected man, until the day he turned seventeen.

Just after the celebration of his own birthday, he decided to take a walk onto Mystic Path, a path where part of nature‘s nearby beauty lies. In a sudden during his stroll, he was captured by a group of humans and pokemon and surprisingly wasn't able to escape. He had all of his precious items in him stolen by the group and afterwards was beaten up vigorously. When we awaken from fainting from his injuries, he found himself inside the nearby Hospital, not remembering anything at all but his name and how to speak. No one really knew what exactly happen to him. Unfortunately later that day, the people who respected him very well found out about him and the event which caused them to believe that he wasn't much of a hero after all.

He learned how to fight from a known noble sword master. His name was Vike Hasgard, a thirty year old man who was very skilled with a sword. Vike taught Kyle swordplay by sword sparring everyday until Kyle mastered his own techniques. It took Kyle a year to fully master swordplay and gave his full respect to Vike. After time, Vike suddenly left the town of Centruia to save a certain person, but no one actually knew why, including Kyle. A day had passed and the town had been attacked by unknown forces. All was destroyed, the town of Centruia, the Mystic Path, and most of the people who lived on the town. Only a few luckily escaped the ordeal and one of those survivors was Kyle. Kyle had no where to lived and found the only area he could live upon, the Sacred Land. He lived in a house hidden from the public but was still located in the Sacred Lands. He preferred to stay away from the public as much as possible. Although he did not like appearing to the public as often, he still cared for the public people and their pokemon for their own well-being. To the people of the Sacred Lands, some thought him as an outcast amongst their town, and some still recall the times where rumors used to say he was a hero. By the most part, he was misunderstood by most people.

At his current age of twenty, he now worked as a "free-lancing mercenary", usually assigned himself on the hardest missions he was able to found. He even asked to halve his money reward, which brought countless other mercenaries to question themselves why he would do such a thing. His main purpose in life was to help the people who are in great need of help, no matter how fatal the job can get. This does not mean thought that he had to accept any mission/jobs that were available.

After time, Kyle found out himself from the rumors about the Sacred Land was to be attack by the forces of King Gora. He would not let this happen to the innocent people of the Sacred Land. Even after loosing his memory of his heroic past, a good heart still existed in him and vowed to himself to protect the people of the Sacred Land. He knew though that fighting alone wasn’t a wise option, so he searched for assistance nearby and planned to join a group that will go against the forces of King Gora in order to protect the Sacred Land and it’s people.

“I vow that the Sacred Lands will be not protected by just our weapons, but our shining bravery will bring them onto their inevitable defeat!”

His personality was that usually of a respectful honorable man. He usually gave a nice smile to the people he confronted with, secretly attempted to pass on the message of living life as best as possible. He was usually very calm and content and loved being alone most of the time. The only exception to this was being with his two pokemon, Quilava and Dragonair. He had no interest in love and only loved his pokemon as a family.

Pokemon(Two-Three Please):

Quilava (Male)
Nickname (If Any): None
After a day when he awaken, he found a stray Quilava stealing food from the local food market. He felt very sorry for Quilava and wanted to try and make the creature a better pokemon. He took a stop at the nearest market and bought plenty of food for Quilava to eat. Out of all the chances, he found Quilava inside a lonely cave, eating nothing but the remains of the stolen cooked chicken. He respectfully gave the meat products he bought to Quilava and silently left the cave. After two days, Kyle takes yet another stroll on the Mystic Path once again to enjoy looking upon the beautiful greens of nature the path had. All of the sudden, Quilava jumped in the scene and happily jumped on Kyle. Kyle for the first time gave a tear of happiness. Afterwards, Kyle officially made Quilava his first owned pokemon. Quilava played a helpful role during all of Kyle's missions when the situation became tougher than expected. He is basically known for being the sidekick of Kyle.

Quilava had a mischievous and childish personality, but at times in need he was as serious as he can be. He loves to eat all kinds of meat and loves them both cooked and raw.

Dragonair (Female)
Nickname (If Any): None
Pokemon's Personality/History: At the age of nineteen, Kyle met Dragonair when he was taking a walk with Quilava onto the beautiful oceans nearby the Sacred Land. In the middle of their calm walk, a sudden outbreak of Gyarados broke out, going after a small innocent young Dragonair. He apparently sprung into action and swam his way to save Dragonair, forgetting the risks he now held upon himself. He grabbed and covered his body over Dragonair to protect her and takes all the water blasts from the group of Gyarados'. He was so hurt that almost every part of his body broken out. All the sudden, Dragonair glew a visible aura around herself and the weather completely changed into a deadly storm. The group of Gyarados fled from the storm and shortly afterwards the storm stopped, along with Dragonair's aura. Dragonair felt a lot safer when Kyle came to try and save herself, so she decided to stay with Kyle. She was the official second pokemon Kyle owned.

She had a light attitude, being very nice to anyone she confronted with. She is though very sentimental when Quilava and Kyle had to risk their lives, usually during their missions. She happily ate any kind of food she received, no matter how bad the food she was given.

Other: Kyle may prefer to be alone, but he liked being around his pokemon and friends. There is also one more bad thing about Kyle and that is that he was really horrible at cooking food.

RP Sample (REQUIRED): Okay, here are two RP examples. One is on computer, and the other is on the Wii. Since I usually get online by using the Wii, I might as well give this out just to inform you.


Psy moves onto the cave, seeing nothing but blind darkness through his eyes. He called out to see if anyone was nearby, but no answer came out except his own echo.

"Dang... could they have really went in so deep? This is one dangerous cave and is not for the lights of newcomers! I have to save them before anything bad happens!" He put his hand out and a great flash is made. A green light sphere is made on the top of his head. This way, he is now able to see on what path we was walking along.

"I really hope I can find those guys... Maci, please be okay..." He starts to run his way deeper into the cave, not knowing exactly where we was going.

"Are you mad?! We'll die if we stay here any longer!" Priere shouts at Kaziki's face. Her body was filled with much great rage that she wasn't able to control her anger this time.

"I'm sorry okay?! I'm just blabbering out things that can possibly help us out on surviving from that huge monster thing! I'm scarred, okay?!" Kaziki says with a very serious face. Seeing her face instantly calms down Priere, now understanding why she was recklessly suggesting ideas.

Priere pats on Kaziki's back to try and calm her down. Kaziki felt a lot better knowing Priere cared for her and felt very sorry for making her enraged.

"Don't worry Kaziki, it's my fault for getting so angry. I always had that problem unfortunantly..." She gives out an embarrassed look.

Since both of the girls were injured by the ferocious monster from behind, they struggle their way deeper into the cave. They had no choice but to get deeper to avoid the monster. They hope that another exit from head on will be there for them. As they proceeded on, they heard nothing but utter eerie cave silence, bringing nothing but fear to Kaziki. Priere tried to keep Kaziki standing and brave by holding onto her.

Time has passed, an as they proceeded on deeper into the cave their injuries worsen.

“My legs… they hurt so bad Priere. I feel like I‘m going to faint any moment.” Kaziki was losing energy every step ahead she made. Priere’s injuries were worse than Kaziki’s, but the only thing that’s still letting her stand is her prodigious physical strength and stamina.

“Just a little more steps Kaziki, I have a feeling we‘re almost there.” She tried to lighten up her mood so she had enough confidence to continue on.

An echo of a loud roar was heard behind them, it brought them both trembling in fear. Adrenaline rushed around their bodies which gave them enough power to start running.

“I don‘t want to die!” Kaziki cried out, running like a child. She trips on a nearby rock, unable to anticipate it’s existence due to the lack of light inside the cave.

“Kaziki! Hold on, I‘m here for you!” She rushes her way where she heard the sound of someone tripping. She attempts to find her by putting her hand nearby the area where she heard the sound,. She felt smooth skin when she slide her skin on her, which is what Kaziki had as one of her outer features.

“I got you, just hold my hand!” Priere found Kaziki’s hand and grabs her up with all her might.

“Oww… That was a really painful-”

“There‘s no time for complaining, the monster found us!” They both run for their lives, still proceeding deeper into the cave. The monster’s roar became louder, roar after roar.


"I love going swimming!" Psy says with enorumous amount of energy. He runs and takes a jump to the pool, creating a huge splash of water, hitting some of the nearby swimmers in the face.

"Hey, watch where you're spashing you idiot!" Laharl says in anger, he was attempting to read off a news article off of his cell phone.

"Silly Laharl, we are suppose to be having a great time in the pool, not with cell phones. With understanding love and friendship, this time of relaxing and having fun will be..." Flonne gave out a smile full of happiness.

"Yeah whatever... love freak." He puts his cell phone on the table and takes a dip in the pool.

Psy kept on swimming around the pool, having a great time doing so. He attempted to try something different and swims under the pool, counting in his head to determine how long he can stay under water. Laharl saw what Psy did and as a competitive overlord he is, he attempts to try out the exact same thing as what Psy is currently doing. Psy turns his head and was able to see Laharl’s face.

“Showoff… you bring overlords as a dissapointment” Psy quietly said in his mind, giving an annoyed look towards Laharl.

Scarlet Weather
September 5th, 2007, 2:55 PM

Alter Ego is DENIED for stealing Ariados. (I wanted that one!) Well, not really of course, but I'm going to bend the rules and grab one for my character anyway, here, since it's important to his whole "History" thing.

Nessstar: Your grasp of the plot here is a bit off. First of all, "title" is essentially a field that only needs to be filled in by former noblemen, and also is for your work in the Sacred Land if you hold a specific position there. In addition, I'd like to stray away from giving our characters "magical powers", even if those powers aren't all that great. Alter Ego's character is fine since she isn't really a witch (as far as I know 0_o) and isn't one of those healers who just points and says "wound, fix yourself!!!!111!!!", he's basically a pre-med-school doctor. Your profile needs a bit more work, and your RP sample needs an update- Alter Ego's might not be from a Pokemon roleplay, but the description he uses is a perfect example. You need to update this sign-up. Until you do, you are officially ~PENDING~

Porygon-Z: Your sign up is trash. How dare you sign up for this roleplay?

Alright, so I jest. Tell it to the marines.

EDIT: Nessstar, please do me a favor and change that whole thing to the past tense, since present tense roleplaying and past tense roleplaying together in one RP completely skews the style. In addition, your edited profile now needs a few more tweaks. Your character is seriously bordering on "God-Moding", a practice that is clearly against the rules, and history could use a few more details, such as where your character grew up and what he does now, where he learned to fight and who taught him, and various paltry other things. My original verdict remains unchanged.

I'm not going to post my sign-up until the roleplay's beggining, so anyone who is pending then can officially consider themselves to be declined.

Cosmic Tyrant
September 5th, 2007, 4:56 PM
(Just a heads up in case you diddn't see, I edited my profile, ant I'm waiting for a reply!)

September 6th, 2007, 3:41 AM
Name: Strife Helios

Nicknames: None, everyone just calls him Strife.

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Homeland: Sacred Lands

Title: None

Appearance: Strife has a muscular build; his arms are rippling with muscles due to excessive weight lifting, other assorted forms of working out and partially because of good genetics. His lower torso has a rippling six pack; He is slim and slender and has barely any fat on him. His face however, is very child like compared to his body, he has a round shaped head, that is connected to his body by a muscular and thick neck.

His skin tone is fair and is quite lacking any tan. The inner parts of his eyes are somewhat catlike and are a vibrant yet calming shade of deep sea blue. He has a petite nose which is quite inconspicuous and an equally diminutive mouth, which correspondingly means he would have the small lips to match his mouth. His eyebrows are full, thick and masculine and are a dark, chestnut brown colour.

His hair is the same dark, chestnut brown colour as his eyebrows and it is easily described as a 7 pointed star. His hair is spiked into seven major spikes, each of these spikes is a lengthy 20 centimetres, two of the spikes are facing downwards, while another two are sideward and the remaining three are upward, the spikes that aren’t directly in the middle point slightly diagonally, which gives his hair the before mentioned 7 pointed star look. His hair is straight and exceedingly easy to manage.

Strife’s garments look rather like a traveler’s outfit, around his neck he wears a thin and small deep sea blue cloth scarf that matches his eyes and covers only the bottom of his neck, as it is designed not for warmth, but merely for aesthetic purposes. He wears a pale and aqua shade of blue loose-fitting T-shirt with a medium sleeve that goes up to his elbow and has an X-shaped zipper at the end of the sleeve on the left side and is sleeveless on the right side. This shirt extends all the way down to the middle of his pelvis. Across the chest, there is printed a giant black spade. Along the midriff are two blood red stripes.

On his left arm, there isn’t much except a pale blue wrist band with a small red diamond printed on to it. His right arm is much more decorated, on his shoulder he wears a furry shoulder pad that is a cream colour and a brown leather gauntlet, which on the edge of where it ends is slightly puffy and is a flamboyant and vivacious yellow. On the palm of the hand, there is a red heart shape that covers most of the palm area. The fingers are replaced by shimmering gold claws, so the gauntlet is actually designed for fighting and slashing.

He sports imperial baggy deep sea blue pants, (Imperial pants are puffy and permanently tucked and sewed into in to socks) which are the same matching shade of both his scarf and his eyes. There are two zippers across the kneecap area; they can be used as storage space, which serves as the pockets that the pants lack. His right sock has a black club (In cards) printed on the front of it. His sneakers are pure white on the top, a plain red at the bottom on the rims and on the heel is a blue luminous ball embedded into each shoe.

When he is in war, he wears a shirt of steel, silver coloured chain mail over his other clothes. He also stuffs his pants’ storage space with protective metal and wears silver steel armour pants over his regular pants.

Personality: Strife is a bit of a madcap, he is foolhardy and all of his decisions are big risk, big return choices. Despite these, he is surprisingly patient. He is confident in his skills, which often leads to doing dangerous things that are completely unnecessary to avoid something he doesn’t like. He dislikes being treated impolitely and is a man who commands respect. He often uses violence to do this and often gains a reputation for himself by taking down those who mess with him.

Despite this, he doesn’t try to act intimidating and is rather friendly and usually is quick to join a group rather than be alone. He values friendship; he doesn’t like the whole idea of social groups and doesn’t care about how others think of him. Strife isn’t a serious person and when the situation is casual, he is usually joking around and laughing. He has a well developed sense of humour and likes to laugh around with his friends.
He acts uninhibited and often overlooks how others would think of him. He also disregards trivial matters such as doing what everyone else does.

When it comes to combat, he enjoys getting stronger and more powerful physically and mentally. He shapes up his brain and dexterity through cards and his raw power through fighting and weight lifting.

Other (Weapon): Strife wields a completely steel scythe designed for fighting, it is beautifully crafted, with a razor-sharp edge, it has a point on the bottom for stabbing as a spear, so the weapon could be used as both. Where the blade comes, was connected to a hollow steel circle with steel X crafted in the shape of an X. At the other side of this, extended four petals, each petal has a different design, a heart, a diamond, a club and a spade. All the steel is a sleek and shiny shade of aqua blue, while the card suit designs were black. It is named “Blackjack.”

History: Strife was born into a family in the Sacred Lands, even though his father, Kipp, had migrated from Hoenn, Aetril (Modern day Rustboro,) a city that took pride in fighting skills. He had migrated after he was exiled from all of Hoenn, for refusing to serve the empire when commanded to. He had taken the next boat to Jhoto and met Strife’s mother, Sukia in the Ancient Lands, when they fell in love, married and Sukia gave birth to Strife.

Strife took an interest in fighting as he was growing up and in his spare time he often found himself training, this pleased his father, who was once a proud warrior

He had grown up training with his Pokemon along his side, his beloved Metalix the Skarmory and Saber the Gallade. They were all good friends outside of fighting too, as crazy as it may seem, they all played cards together, Metalix using his beak since he lacks hands.

When Strife had turned thirteen, Kipp had given him the Scythe blackjack, one that he had owned back when he lived in Hoenn. Strife had always been most proficient with the scythe, often when he was doing chores involving the scythe; he would spend plenty of time training with the scythe as if it were a weapon, until the stage of when his father gave him a real one.

Strife was very well known as one of the Sacred Land’s few warriors, but mainly because of his young age, yet awesome skill. Only a few days after his seventeenth birthday, he was chosen to be one of the defenders of Ho-oh’s avatar.

RP Sample: Skyru felt his greasy sweat dabbed all over his face, his usually collar-length flat and straight hair was frizzing slightly, it was clear that the humidity had taken its toll on him. He was hoping to find his brother, who had ventured into the labyrinth a few days before Skyru had. His brother Jayden had entered with a goal to defeat the legendary monster that was said to reside within the labyrinth’s core.

The labyrinth was an old and nameless structure, its walls were covered in a thin layer of gelatinous slime and the ground was covered in impure water all the way up to Skyru’s ankles, the liquid substance on the ground had traces of the wall slime in it. Worst of all, the labyrinth was intolerably humid. He had his lantern out in front of him so he could light up the pitch black place. The only sounds that could be heard were faint and eerie echoes that couldn’t be made out.

After hours of aimless wandering, he had taken out an apple from his backpack to eat, it was faintly slimy and was vaguely wet, but all of his food was, so he had consumed it without hesitation. He continued his desperate search; he had turned his lantern to a wall to find it was dabbed in dark red splotches; they smelt the harsh stench of flesh and it was clearly blood.

A bizarre tingling sensation had filled Skyru’s body from head to toe, the blood was fresh, from at least hours ago. The echoes could’ve been the noises of Jayden’s pain. His expression grim, with hot and angry tears forming in his eyes, Skyru ran forward. As he ran, the labyrinth had gradually been increasing in brightness, in the end there was no need for his lantern and he had arrived in a strange room which was presumably the core.

This room was like a dome and there was a ladder at the end that had led to the exit. The walls were illuminated by countless candles that were burning wraithlike blue flames, lighting up the room in a blue hue. On the floor, a green circle was painted with a star within in. It was clearly the mark of the beast. The room was lonely, so bare and chilling. The humidity had seemed to fade away from existence, to be replaced by a ethereal vibe that made Skyru’s hair stand on end.

Skyru felt goose bumps forming on his skin; a sinister and hideous laugh had filled the room.

“Ah, it’s time for my next meal already,” uttered a terrifying and macabre voice that had echoed in a spine-chilling manner.

The mark of the beast on the ground had seemed to illuminate and the rest of existence had seemed to fade away and all that remained was the mark of the beast and a psychedelic background. A three headed dragon like creature had seemed to form into existence from the colours, blood drooling from all of its sharp and ferocious mouth’s, Jayden’s blood.

All of Skyru’s fear had vanished, something wicked had opened inside him. Rage had fueled him on to fight. Nothing mattered to him at that moment, nothing but solely the death of the foul beast and the retribution of his brother.

“I swear to you, I will avenge my brother! You shall be slain!” Skyru had exclaimed with tears rolling down his sweaty cheeks and into his dirty hair.

He drew out his oversized broadsword with no intention but avenging his brother, the power that was running through his sore body was incredible! He firmly grasped his weapon and charged into battle intrepidly and with an iron fist and an unwavering resolve.

Pokemon: Skarmory (male)
Nickname: Metalix
Pokemon's Personality/ History:Metalix is an exceedingly loyal pokemon, which is an understatement. He has a great bond with Strife and is one of his best friends. He loves adventure and action a lot as well. He loves to fly with Strife on his back and has a great sense of friendship.

Kipp had caught Metalix for Strife when the Scythe-wielding boy was only 4, so they have been together for 11 years. Their bond over the years only grew stronger and stronger. Metalix was trained along with Strife as a child and they have been together for as long as they could remember. Metalix would even take a bullet for Strife, well, I’m speaking hypothetically of course, and considering there wasn’t yet any war or guns.

When Strife was “Chosen,” He set off riding on his best friend, Metalix with Ares following behind.

Pokemon: Gallade(male)
Nickname: Saber
Pokemon's Personality/ History: Saber is cool calm and collected, though a great fighter, he prefers the calm scene, but still loves training his fighting skills. He is also loyal and has been with Strife not much longer than Metalix. He was a little Ralts when he was traveling to the Sacred Lands with Kipp, he was mainly like a pet pokemon, until Strife was around 7 and took an interest in fighting and Saber was still a Kirlia at the time. Saber evolved into a Gallade when Strife came flying home on Metalix when he was 9 with a dawn stone.

When he touched it, Saber evolved into a Gallade. When Strife was “chosen” Saber set off with him.

September 6th, 2007, 8:43 AM
Full Given Name: Jebren Heizekel Brookmyre (‘High-zeek-elle’)

Nicknames: ‘Jeb’ to friends

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Homeland: Originally from Fandavale, but he has resided in the Sacred land for a long while

Title (If any):

Appearance: Jebren takes little care in his appearance, dresses practically and doesn’t exactly have the highest standards of personal hygiene. He stands at a modest 5’9 with physique which hints at being muscular. His tawny black hair falls in clumps into his stony gray, emotionless eyes. Due to an odd birth defect (caused due to Jebren’s extremely premature introduction into the world) his left eye has no pupil, staying completely gray. He cannot see out of this eye at all. He has an oddly flat nose, and slightly thin, stretched looking lips which conceal his delicate off-white teeth. The skin on the tips of his fingers is calloused and torn due to his rather disgusting habit of biting at it when nervous or bored, while his vaguely long fingernails have a liberal coating of dirt lodged underneath them. He has a healthy tanned skin tone on the body parts which are exposed; but the rest of his personage is a touch paler than should be. He has no facial hair, but just the smallest hint of stubble beginning to grow back down the sides of his cheeks. His sinewy arms and flat stomach are held aloft by a pair of legs which seem out of place on Jebren. The lower half of his body looks a lot stockier and round than the top portion: his legs are quite wide as well as looking shorter than they should be for someone of his height.

His attire most commonly consists of a thin vest worn under a loose-fitting brown top. This dark wood-brown shirt reaches knuckle length on his arms, and hangs to just below his waist. It also has a large hood (sown onto it by Jeb himself, so it is almost a full shade lighter) which when drawn neatly conceals Jeb’s eyes; giving him that mysterious look that he so loves. On the lower part of his body, Jebren wears a pair of plain black flannel trousers which are creased and stained heavily. If they were not already black, they would easily be the same murky brown as his shirt by now. The one out of place part of Jebren’s clothing is his footwear (or lack of in this case). He does not wear shoes of any kind; instead relying on his now leathery feet to carry him across any terrain. Strung to his back crudely is a large quiver along with a large menacing crossbow: something in which he takes endless pride. He spends quite a lot of his time maintaining it, adjusting its simple sights, tweaking the bowstring, or whittling out tiny imperfections in its birch-wood body. Jebren is a crack shot with his precious crossbow: he can sink a bolt into an airborne Spearow from 150 yards. The quiver is somewhat multi-purposed because as well as holding all the ammunition for his weapon, it serves as his backpack.

Personality/History: Jebren has done some things in his past he would rather not talk about; and some of these events account for his slight obsession with time. He is always afraid of it ‘running out’ so to speak; he feels that every second is precious and that every moment he spends on this earth is another for which he must justify when he reaches the next life. A young Jeb was told (at the tender and impressionable age of four) that he almost didn’t survive birth “because you decided you wanted onto this earth before you was ready m’boy” and that he should savor every minute of his life; as the gods had seen fit to let him live. This rather frank comment frightened the life out of the child, who vowed to live life to the fullest from that day forth. Such a resolution could only cause trouble, which it surely did. Thrown out of school after only a year and a half due to “rebellious and blaspheming conduct” a now eight year old Jebren was pressured into working. His family were working class and they lived in a close knit rural village to the west of Fandavale. Everyone knew everyone so it wasn’t really the kind of place you could get away with multiple counts of robbery and “un-savory conduct”: a fact which a now-teenage Jebren found out the hard way. No one could understand; he used to be such a nice child, but he now spent every waking moment up to no good. When questioned by first his parents, then the village doctor and finally the constable, the only answer he ever gave was that he did these things “for fun”. He was pronounced by a joint court of the constable and the vicar to be possessed by an evil spirit, and was immediately whisked away to be exorcised in a nearby township with a larger baptismal pool. Before they could do anything however, Jebren had escaped the clutches of the confounded vicar and run off into the streets. From the age of fifteen Jebren basically made his own way in the world. People respected him for his blunt honesty: he says what he thinks, and always believes what he says. If he doesn’t like you he will not hesitate in telling you, but he usually respects others feelings and opinions, never going outright to offend or belittle another. He doesn’t do small talk at all; he feels it is a waste of time, and that if you cannot think of anything meaningful to talk about, you shouldn’t just waffle on in order to appear friendly. Even from a young age, Jebren felt attached to Ho-Oh, and attributed his survival after birth to the mythical spirit. It is for this reason that he is willing to lay down his life to protect the now vulnerable deity. Despite his hedonistic youth, Jebren is now a well rounded individual. He doesn’t have the widest vocabulary, and he may not be the most socially aware, but at heart Jeb is a good and kind man.

Pokemon #1: Houndour (Female)
Nickname (If Any): Bene
Pokemon's Personality/History: Jebren acquired Bene through a farmer whom he worked for for a period. The man kept a pair of Houndoom as guard animals, one of each gender. Soon after Jeb began working or the man, it was discovered that the female was expecting a litter. The farmer had already decided the fate of the babies, and was sizing up a burlap sack into which he would seal them before hurling it into the river which passed around the back of his fields. Unfortunately, Jeb only managed to save one of the fledgling Houndours; all of Bene’s siblings met a rather abrupt watery end (despite much protest from Jebren). Bene is a lot like Jeb in terms of personality; she will not fight unless provoked or ordered and feels indebted to Jeb for saving her life (much the same way he feels towards Ho-Oh). She tends to completely ignore people a lot of the time, and day dreams a lot more than you thought a Pokemon would. For protection, Bene wears a makeshift thick leather coat on her torso and has modified iron shin guards on all four of her legs. Bene isn’t particularly happy about her ‘armor’, but her protests fall on deaf ears; Jeb will not see Bene injured, end of story.

Pokemon #2: Sudowoodo (Male)
Nickname (If Any): Amet
Pokemon's Personality/History: Amet is a somewhat newer addition to Jeb’s team; he has only been with his ‘master’ for around a year. Amet actually tried to attack Jebren the first time they crossed paths, surprising him while Jeb was walking through some woods. Jeb and Bene managed to defeat the large tree-like Pokemon, leaving it some food before exiting the small forest and continuing on to the town they were trying to reach. As they neared the outskirts, they were once again accosted by the large Sudowoodo; but he did not attack them, instead he offered them back the food Jeb had left for it. Amet was clearly touched by Jeb’s kindness, and Jeb admired the Sudowoodo’s strength and its unique camouflage technique. Unlike his relationship with Bene, Jeb does not see himself as Amet’s ‘master’; rather viewing it as a mutual partnership. The word ‘defense’ is not one which would be used to describe Amet in battle. The rock type is all out, throwing himself into conflict head first. This is reflected outside of battle with Amet’s hotheadedness. The Sudowoodo is quick to anger, yet slow to calm; often venting his rage on the landscape around him (punching holes in trees, head butting walls and the like). He wears no armor, as having a large metal chest plate or anything of the sort would ruin his tree-like appearance and therefore render his natural camouflage useless.

Other: I don’t think I have anything to say in this here place

RP Sample (REQUIRED): ‘Scuse me while I go and dig through Rose Isle…

September 6th, 2007, 12:47 PM
Zaiku- I have to admit, I'm undecided on you. I honestly don't know whether to accept you or deny you. So until I get ACC's opinion. So, until then. *Pending*

chomp- Eh. I hate it. The worst. sign-up. ever...

Just kidding. I'm going to accept you no matter what ACC says as long as you get the RP Sample up.

ACC- How dare you say my profile is utter crap. I oughta feed ya to the fishies!

If no one posts before then, I will be editing my other profile into this post. Yes, ACC and I will have two characters. We can do this because we are God the masters of this RP.

Scarlet Weather
September 6th, 2007, 4:01 PM
Keh, keh, keh! How right you are, my associate deity roleplaying master. KEHEHEHEHEHEHEH!

Chomp: You're in, as usual.

Zaiku: Fifteen? Oh, come on, this is war we're talking about. He could use a bit more experience before you send him into battle. While the scythe is fine, I'm going to state that since the Sacred Lands are basically of religious importance to these people, war wouldn't touch there. The thing about the setting is that the Sacred Lands have never been involved in a war before now, so this marching army of impending doom thing is utterly new. You need to update your profile, plz. Verdict? ~PENDING~

Nessstar: I'm sorry, but your profile is still lacking in some respects, though I can see that you've been putting forth effort. I'm going to leave this one to Porygon-Z, since he was kind enough to leave Zaiku for me to decide. :)

Alright, I'm going to claim my character's Pokemon RIGHT NOW in order to avoid anyone snatching them.

Ariados (Well, a duplicate one...)

I think that should cover it. :3

September 6th, 2007, 5:33 PM
Ok, I'll edit it. I'm doing that right now, by the way, is there anything wrong with my actual RPing ability? Or is it just my misunderstanding of the setting that gave me pending?

*Goes to edit Sign-up*

EDIT: I finished my editting to fit your requests.

September 6th, 2007, 6:00 PM
Alright! I've finally finished it! But, I have to say, I'm less then thrilled with how the wording came out. Just let me know if you want anything edited.


Full Given Name: Koujin Yesstik

Nicknames: Kol

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Homeland: Sacred Land

Title (If any): Messenger

Appearance: If you caught a glimpse of Kol out of the corner of your eye, he would appear a ruffian. His hair hangs in unruly curls around his head, and always appears to be unwashed. If you should happen to see Kol during the later hours of the day, his hair might have a wind-blown look, due to his profession as a messenger. The color of Kol’s hair is a deep crimson, but when the sun should shine directly on his head his hair would appear much lighter, with flecks of orange embedded in the crimson curls.

Kol sports an unshaven look, but not to the point of a beard. His eyes are a subdued brownish-gold color, which are often hid behind his mess of curls. A few freckles dot over his nose and cheeks, but are almost unnoticeable with Kol’s sun tanned skin. Kol’s over-all body type is small-framed, and very compact. He stands at 5’8”, and weighs 153 lbs. His body isn’t scrawny, but not quite bodybuilder muscular.

Kol usually adorns a pair of dirty, baggy brown pants which are stained and worn by years and years of use. The pants were a gift from a family member, and were intended to fit him as he grew taller for many years to come. This however didn’t work when Kol stopped growing, but he still loves to wear the pants. One stain in particular stands out from the rest. On his left leg, around knee level, a deep muddy brown color is splashed across the back of the pants.

For a shirt, Kol usually wears a thread-bare black tunic that is a size between long sleeve and short sleeve. The sleeves reach to just past Kol’s elbow, and are frayed on the edges. The tunic is very loose-fitting, again looking like something worn for somebody several sizes larger. During the winter, Kol wears an olive green colored jacket, which is the only piece of clothing that fits him correctly. The jacket is made out of the same material as pants, and has no way of fastening on the middle.

Kol’s boots area a dark brown color and come a little way’s up his shin. The, like most of his clothes, are too large and stained with ages of use. Kol will reluctantly throw on a pair of black gloves in the winter. The gloves fit fairly well, but they look hideous. They are both black, but one is darker then the other. Mud and blood stains also cover each.

A single stud is pierced through Kol’s right ear. The stud itself is simple in design, being a simple piece of metal shoved through a hole in his ear. Kol is never seen without it, and only takes it off when he must.

Personality / History: Kol was born in the Sacred Lands, to an elderly couple. When he was born, he already had eight brothers and sisters, and by the time his parents died, that number had increased to thirteen. So all through Kol’s childhood, he learned to talk as much as he could and hope that somebody might have heard him. This is a trait that he (to most villagers’ dismay) continues even now. Another way that Kol was been affected by growing up in a large family is that he can’t stand to be alone. Throughout most of his life, he’s always had somebody, be it a sister, brother, or parent, with him. Now that his parents are dead, he is even more afraid of being alone.

Kol has always been a boy of rambunctious nature, also due to his large family. He loves to play pranks and watch the reactions of his victims from afar, even though they always know that it was Kol who did it. Most of his pranks are those which wouldn’t hurt, but occasionally Kol takes joy in watching his victims in pain from his pranks. The usual objects of these pranks are one of his six brothers, and occasionally his sisters. However, the habit has died slightly due to the severe punishing he would receive after he’d play one of aforementioned pranks.

Kol’s father, like Kol, was a messenger. Some of Kol’s fondest memories are of running through town with his father while he delivered messages. Naturally, when Kol’s father died Kol was the obvious one to take his place. So Kol began to run alone. Being alone all day, doing something that he used to do with his father, caused Kol to fall into a deep depression. His pranks stopped, he hardly talked at all, and he kept to himself for most of the time he was at home. That is, until a frisky young Aipom happened to wonder into town. Kol first met the Aipom when he was delivering a message to the bakery, and when he got there the bakers were scrambling to catch the pesky Pokemon. Kol caught the Aipom with ease, and they became the best of friends ever since.

Over the years most of Kol’s family has moved away, usually to Fandavale and Lliore. Due to the many hours of work Kol is required to put in, he seldom see’s them. It turns out that most of his family doesn’t want to keep in touch, because that would mean going to their enemies countries to socialize. Because of this, Kol is extremely anti-war, and would do anything to put an end to it. Seeing as how he dislikes both countries equally, Kol would prefer the war to end with a diplomatic solution, for his families’ sake. He is one of the few who keeps in touch, and is often enlisted to carry messages between siblings.

Kol has a keen interest in the myth’s surrounding the legendary birds that land in the village. He was even there to see them when they left the two children. He regards it as a high point in his life, and treasures the memory dearly. One of Kol’s dreams in life is to follow one of the legendary birds after it leaves the town, and see where it lives. This dream is proving to be quite illusory though since the job Kol chooses to do pay’s very little, and Kol finds himself almost always in debt or poverty. However, this doesn’t mean that Kol is unhappy, in reality it’s quite the contrary. Living in poverty has let Kol see the rougher side of the coin, and it’s enabled him to sympathize with other citizens in poverty; which usually leads to Kol giving away a good portion of what little money he has.

Other: None, at the moment

RP Sample (REQUIRED): ( I love how this one turned out, from “Pokemon: Neo Genesis” )

Melissa's felt the heat of the spotlight's bear down on her as she made her way to the piano. She pulled the oak stool out and sat down as delicately as she could in her performance dress. Careful not to look too rushed, she opened her piano book to page 37, The Dance of the Oddish. Why, the name made her heart soar. How cute Oddish were, she made a mental note to capture one someday. Snapping her mind back to the piano, and the crowd, Melissa spoke in her high-pitched, crisp voice.

"This last piece tonight is; The Dance of the Oddish, we hope you enjoyed your evening." The last part seemed forced out. Melissa hated to say the words "hope" and "enjoy" in the same sentence. With a half hearted sigh, she began to play. She needn't look at the book; she knew this one by heart. The letters flowed through her brain, High C, Low F, High D, Low E. As the song progressed, she heard cheers, and even whistling from the crowd. Part of her was flattered by such encouragement, but the other part of her was insulted by such interruptions. After what seemed like heart-beats, the song ended, and the deep crimson curtain enveloped the stage.

Melissa could hear roaring cheering coming from behind the curtain, and even from her fellow piano players coming to congratulate her. Tossing her hair, she raised her hand for an announcement.

"The show is over, and I'd like to give a thank you to Ms. Klisty for teaching you this term, she did a marvelous job. Thank you, Ms Klisty." She heard several cheers for the piano teachers, but even more groans of agitation at Melissa. Melissa discarded them without a thought, and began her way to the changing room.

"She taught you too Melon-face!" Melissa whirled around. The speaker was one of the new piano players this term, a scrawny boy who looked around 14 years old. He wore a lopsided suit that was way to big for him and glasses that almost fell off his face. Melissa began to strut towards him, doing her best to look intimidating, which was more then difficult in the silky black dress she was wearing.

"Look, boy. You'd best learn your place if you wish to continue to play among us. If you can't, I'd be more then happy to kick you out right here and now." Melissa spoke as harshly as she could, but wasn't sure she had affected him. The boy simply stared at her, a far off look on his face. He absently nodded, and scuttled back to the group of players. Melissa stared after him, wondering how on earth he had wormed his way into such a fine school as this. She decided to dismiss the thought, and headed back for the changing rooms.

Later that night, Melissa sat in the atrium of her family's grand mansion, feeling utterly bored. After she had finished receiving gifts for her performance, things had slowed down to the point where a snail would move faster. Melissa tapped her foot and looked around the atrium. The atrium was quite spectacular, a giant room with one wall of pure glass, while the rest was white marble. Of course, the room was filled with a varied array of potted plants, all of which looked greener then a plant should. Melissa walked over to one of them, and started to pull of some dieing leaves.

"Ma'am?" Melissa recognized the voice as her butler's, Kris. Melissa pulled off a few more leaves before she rose to her feet and slowly made her way towards the elderly butler.

"What?" To show how impatient she was, Melissa placed a hand on her hip. She wasn't quite sure why she was acting like this; this was a welcomed distraction from...well... nothing.

"You received an invitation it seems." Kris spoke nervously, as if he was afraid Melissa would slap him. Instead Melissa extended her hand. When nothing was placed in it, she spoke in a quite agitated voice, "Give it to me then!"

Kris scrambled amongst his uniform, and finally extracted a rather boring piece of paper. Melissa snatched it from him, and dismissed him with a wave of her hand. She waited for the butler to leave the atrium, and once she was sure she wouldn't be interrupted, she went over to a couch and began to read the paper, it read:

"Dear Miss Melissa Klarice Queens,

I have recently made a most enticing discovery, one which - I believe - would be of greatest interest to such a talented young individual such as yourself. However, due to certain circumstances beyond my control it would not be prudent for me to come and visit you in person, and truly this discovery is, I believe, something better experienced than described. As such, I have arranged for a modest exhibition seminar, to be held at my residence on Traverse Island.

If you are interested in attending the seminar, kindly board the S/S Wavedancer, moored at pier five of Slateport harbor between 8.30 and 9.30 on the 7th of April. From that point onward, my associate Jade shall look after your well being. Kindly do not bring anyone with you, or more then one piece of luggage or the boat shall not depart. I apologize for these tiresome games, and for not being able to disclose my true identity as of yet, but it is imperative that word of this seminar does not spread to undesired parties.



P.S: Rest assured that you will not need any bodyguards or butlers of any kind, any attempt to bring such could undermine our entire operation."

Melissa stared at the paper. Traverse Island? She had heard something about that in the news. Yes... it had said the island had disappeared. If this offer was genuine, Melissa could be part of something that could make history, not that she wasn't already.

"Slateport? Why on earth did they choose such a dreary place like that? Oh dear... this will be inconvenient," Melissa picked up a bell, which she gave a hearty ring, "Kris! Krissss! KRISSSS!!!!" She set the bell down, and watched with amusement as the butler scrambled into the room, looking as if he might drop dead at any moment.

"Y-y-yes-s-s Ma-m-ma-am-m-m?" He stuttered. Melissa couldn't help but let out a tiny giggle. She loved it when she intimidated her staff.

"Find Gregorio and tell him to prepare the helicopter. We're going to Slateport City first thing in the morning." Melissa commanded, looking at the invitation. "And alert my parents that I won't be attending the formal this year, I'll be away on business." With that, Melissa stood up and began to make her way to her bedroom. She wasn't sure how she could sleep, she felt her entire body shaking with excitement. She was going to Traverse Island!!

Melissa gazed out of the window of the helicopter and down at the harbor of Slateport city.

"I wonder which boat I'm on..." she muttered absently, "The S/S Wavedancer.... it sounds so majestic!" Melissa let out a squeal of delight. She couldn't help but imagine cruising to the island on a luxury liner, such as most of the ships in the dock. Then again there were several boats which looked less then satisfactory. She shuddered at the thought of actual boarding one.

The helicopter landed smoothly, and Melissa took her overflowing back-pack from Kris. Without any goodbye of any sort, Melissa strutted off towards the dock.

Once Melissa arrived at her destination, she began to stroll down the pier, looking at the increasingly shabby looking ships.

"I wonder if I've taken-" she cut off when she saw it. A shabby boat with the letters, "Wavedancer" scrolled on it rocked at the edge of the pier. Just as she was about to let out a wail of displeasure, a scream erupted from the boat. Now, Melissa usually didn't worry herself about others well-being, but she couldn't help but worry. She took off towards the boat, and raced to where she would board. There she saw a half-naked boy, and women. When she heard the question, she felt agitated.

"Are you blind? This IS pier five you idiot." Melissa flipped her hair over her shoulders, raised her head, and placed her hand on her hip. She'd let these folk know what was coming to them right now.

Pokemon: Aipom (Female)

Nickname (If Any): None

Pokemon's Personality: Kol’s Aipom is extremely playful, and loves to have a good time. It rarely listens to anything Kol say’s, but it does have an especially strong bond with Kol. When it does listen to Kol’s commands, Aipom uses attacks with great power and speed. Aipom has an unremitting fear of spiders, and isn’t willing to fight any Pokemon remotely resembling a spider.

History: As mentioned before, Kol caught Aipom on one afternoon when Aipom had wandered into the town bakery. The baker’s weren’t so keen to share there goods with a Pokemon, and attempted to catch him, to no success. It just so happened that Kol would come by at this point, and hearing the baker’s desperate cries for assistance, he caught the Aipom. Aipom felt an immediate attraction to Kol, perhaps because of their similar personalities.

Aipom has also proven to be quite helpful with Kol’s job. While Kol does most of the running, Aipom carries the actual message up to the client’s door, saving Kol from having to veer off the road. Local townspeople often choose to use Kol over other messengers because of the Aipom, but Aipom also keeps a few prospective clients away.

Pokemon: Noctowl (Male)

Nickname (If Any): None

Pokemon's Personality: Like most Noctowl’s, Kol’s Noctowl is very reclusive. In fact, Noctowl is rarely seen by anybody other then Kol and quite a few people are uninformed that he is in possession of one. Noctowl only shows itself when Kol bids it to, usually when Kol is doing an express run and needs a Pokemon that can easily drop messages off.

History: Noctowl was originally caught as a HootHoot with Kol under the impression that it would be a help on his message deliveries. This, however, turned out to be false. When Kol initially trapped the HootHoot, it wouldn’t let Kol even touch it. Actually, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that HootHoot loathed Kol at first. But after years of petting and bonding, HootHoot eventually opened up with Kol. It would still be a while longer before it would let Kol take it into public, and that was only on emergencies. Even now after it has evolved, Noctowl is very cautious around anybody other then Kol.

September 8th, 2007, 4:37 PM
NessStar: This is pretty tough to do, but I've seen your RPing on this site before, and while I believe you have improved, I'm going to have to say you're Declined.

Aegis: I like your RPing style. Your character is unique and I believe will fit perfectly. Accepted.

KingCosmic: Still not up to what I'm looking for. Sorry, but you're Declined.

Zaiku: I'm going to pass on you this time. Sorry.

Now, here's my second profile:

Full Given Name: Julius Irvine Ecruteak

Nicknames: None

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Homeland: Formally Lliore but now resides in the Sacred Lands

Title (If any): Sir, but he hates when people use it

Appearance: An imposing man of noble descent. At one point, he was the most desirable bachelor in all of Lliore for both his looks and his lineage. He stood at a magnificent 6'03" and weighed an incredible two hundred and thirteen pounds. His skin is a rich caramel color. His eyes are a simple hazel that seems to mesh well with his skin color. He's a man of nature and thus he prides himself on staying in the best shape as possible. His abs are well defined, his arms are rippling with muscle, and his legs are thick & defined. The most noticeable aspect of his appearance is the large scar that runs down his neck, down his chest, past his thigh, and ends at his knee cap. It appears to have been there for numerous years as its pink and faded in color. He doesn't care to hide it. In fact, he loves to remove his shirt just to show it off. When one asks where he got it from, he'll tell the whole story with the same excitement as if he were telling it for the first time.

Despite his heritage, Julius dresses simply yet handsomely. For the most part, he wears a white, button-up shirt that more often than not, is finely pressed and wrinkle-free. To match his clean-cut image, he usually wears black slacks that fit him perfectly. Julius also wears a navy blue jacket over his shirt that is always unbuttoned. He tends to not wear shoes as he feels they leave him feeling restricted and unconnected to the earth. If the temperature is exceedingly hot, he has no qualms about removing his shirt and leaving his chest bare for reasons stated above.

Personality/History: In the history of Lliore, there were five noble families that were essential to its founding. Of the five, one family was more prominent at this time then the other's: the Ecruteaks. They had long held great influence over the royalty of Lliore. Thirteen generations of Ecruteaks had been Prime Ministers, tax collectors, regents, etc. When the first child of the thirteen generation was born, a great celebration was held. Little did they know that this boy would want little to do with the life of nobility. Instead, he would leave and hide away in the Sacred Grounds, far from the drama of the royal court.

Julius realized at the age of ten that the life his parents had ready for him was not what he wanted. He hated the manners, the rituals, the obedience. He was a boy built for the outdoors. This would often lead to conflict with his father in particular, who hoped the oldest of his generation would follow in his footsteps and become a close advisor to the King. Instead, Julius would escape his home and run into the wild, where he would play in the rivers with Wooper, climb the trees with Aipom, and run in the fields with the Ponyta. Upon returning home, he would receive a great amount of discipline, but the fun he had during the day made it worth it.

Upon his seventeenth birthday, Julius was expected to go through a rite of passage to affirm his ascent into manhood. This required him to go before the kind, pledge his allegiance to the court, and be affirmed by the King himself. By now he had realized that he wanted little to do with the King and looked for a way to get around it. He thought long and hard on what to do, and he came to the conclusion that the only way he would escape this life was to leave Lliore and make his home in the Sacred Lands, where the kingdom had little influence. So, on the night before his ceremony, he escaped with only the clothes on his back and his Slowpoke at his side, and made his way to the Sacred Lands.

Upon arriving, he quickly formed relationships with the locals. He got to know them all by name and wanted to assure them that despite his background, he wanted them to treat him as equal. Luckily for Julius, all past accolades are forgotten and all focus is placed upon the two towers and the growing of crops. So he went to work, and built a hut for himself with the help of a few other men. He dived into crop growing and helped with the cooking, cleaning, and care of the towers. Julius was fascinated by the two legendaries birds and their importance to those who lived here. Then one day, two young figures were found at the top of the towers, instead the birds. One, the girl who represented Ho-Oh, was found by Julius. The other, the male avatar of Lugia, was found by two of the village elders. Immediately Julius grew close to the girl and formed a friendship of sorts.

Word soon reached the people of the Sacred Grounds that war was on the horizon. Julius knew that his father, the closest adviser to the King, had pushed the lunatic man into the war, and suggested the war be fought in the Sacred Grounds. Julius led the call to the people that they must prepare to defend their lands. Julius may not have been born there, but this was his home and he had to protect both his neighbors and Ho-Oh's avatar...

Other: If he has the chance, he'll return to Lliore and square off with his manipulative father.

RP Sample (REQUIRED): I have diplomatic immunity...

Pokemon: Slowking (Male)
Nickname (If Any): Archibald
Pokemon's Personality: Like most Slowking, Archibald is incredibly intelligent, quick-witted, and personable. He has been Julius' closest ally since the two were young and impressionable. Archibald, whom communicated with Julius telepathically, will often give the man advice on all matters of life, from farming to relationships. He has an incredible crush on the village leader's female Slowbro, and will often sneak off to visit her. In battle he uses an assortment of attacks ranging from Flamethrower to Shadow Ball. Julius has fitted Archibald with a nice chest place to protect the creature from any serious damage on his chest, but other than that, he is sure that Archie can handle himself in battle.
History: While traveling near the green forests of the south, Julius fell into a great cave filled with water and rock formations. Here he found that numerous Slowpoke, Slowbro, and Slowking made their home here, safe from the outside world. At first they were malignant to the boy, but as he came to visit them more, they grew fond of him and treated him as one of his own. Eventually one of the male, baby Slowpokes grew especially attached to Julius and followed him everywhere as the boy explored the caverns. He even helped Julius build the ladder and stone well around the entrance to the cave so the boy could easily descend into the caves. As time progressed, the Slowpoke wished to join Julius back to his cavern, and though he knew that his family wouldn't approve, he allowed the Slowpoke, which he named Archibald, to accompany him. Like he predicted, his family was appalled at the dopey Pokemon. Though when they realized that the Slowpoke and Julius had grown attached to each other, they reluctantly allowed him to keep it. One day, while Julius was tilling the fields, he came upon a strangely shaped rock that resembled a crown. He placed it on the ground and asked Archibald was he thought it was. Archie edged over to it and touched it with his front paw. Archie and the stone began to glow, and in their place, a Slowking stood. From that point on, he grew vastly in intelligence and assisted his master in any way he could.

Pokemon: Haunter (Male)
Nickname (If Any): Esteban
Pokemon's Personality: Esteban is, to say the least, an unusual member of his species. Unlike most Haunters, Esteban prefers to relax, and avoids pranking others. In the few months he has resided with Julius, he has grown fiercely protective of his master and hates when others irritate him. He too is quickly irritated and will lash out at others who make him angry. Most of the time however he is calm to the point of being dull and prefers to stay in the hut rather than venture out with Julius as Archibald does. Because of this, the two Pokemon butt heads with one another, as they have different points of view on what should be done in different situations. In battle, he wears no armor as metallic objects won't stay on figures made of shadows.
History: The one defining aspect of the Sacred Grounds, except for the Brass and Tin Towers, is the prominence of Ghost Pokemon that call the area their home. While performing nightly guard duties, Julius came across a wandering Haunter. Julius prepared himself for a barrage of practical jokes, but was surprised when the ghost just wandered by him as if Julius didn't exist. Julius, intrigued by this anomaly, followed the Haunter, and attempted to prod the Pokemon into playing a trick on him. The Haunter ignored his taunts and continued on its way. Julius followed for three hours and eventually managed to irritate the gaseous Pokemon to the point where it flung a massive Shadow Ball at him. Impressed by the strength of the Shadow Ball, he asked the Haunter if he wished to join Julius and undergo further training and perfection of its battles. Haunter was hesitant at first but succumbed to the request after some thinking. Julius named the Haunter Esteban and from that day on, they grew into quite the battling duo.

I know it's not by best work, but it'll do. Remember, we will start once ACC posts his profiles. This will take place within the next twenty four hours.

Scarlet Weather
September 9th, 2007, 5:24 PM
Break it down! *Shippuden theme begins playing*

Name: Victor Antechronos

Age: 30

Title: Formerly "Lord", now unofficially "General"

Gender (I always get a kick out of this field): Male

Appearance: Victor isn't exactly young anymore, but he isn't too far past his prime. He's fairly tall, standing at an imposing six feet three inches, but his build is rather wiry as opposed to simply muscular. His tousled, mussed-up hair is silver, due to a genetic trait in his family that causes the hair to become gray long before middle age. As a result, he is occasionally referred to as "Young Graybeard" by some of the older members of the community. His face is wreathed with the barest traces of stubble that he either hasn't had time or hasn't bothered to shave off, and his eyes are a peculiar shade of blue-green that seems to remind those who notice it of the effects of a storm at sea. In terms of clothing, he is outfitted in a Fandavalian-made button-up shirt of reddish hue, as well as a black satin vest, now stained with dirt, that at one point denoted his nobility. His black trousers are usually fastened in place with a sword-belt which holds his blade, one of the few possesions besides the clothing on his back and his Pokemon that he managed to escape Fandavale with. Along his right cheek are three paralell, vertical scars which he remains silent about at all times when asked.

Personality: Victor isn't a particularly proud individual himself, but the years he spent as a young nobleman have given him a bit of a superior and commanding air when he walks which makes him seem nearly unapproachable. This, however, belies his true nature. Since coming to the Land of Legends, Victor has shown two sides to his personality. First, a darker, more brooding side that shows itself whenever he's conducting business of some sort or concentrating particularly on something. This side of his personality is what causes many of the children of the Sacred Land to avoid him when he's working, as interrupting his labor may result in a heavy shouting. When he's off-duty, however, Victor tends to loosen up and laugh and/or drink a little. This more lax side of his nature is what causes small children to follow him when the day's work is done, and laugh at his amusing stories and magic tricks. It's probably also what possessed him when he bought an interest in the local tavern, making him a co-owner. Victor is fairly congenial when unoccupied by serious affairs, and enjoys mingling with groups, wisecracking at anything or nothing at all, and endless games of cards with the local male population (and one or two of the more confident women).

As a disillusioned former nobleman, Victor hates the nobility of Fandavale and Lliore with a passion. While this same hatred doesn't apply to other residents of the Sacred Land, he would probably rather commit suicide then conduct dealings with them, which is probably why his tavern advertises its "Locally Brewed Ales!" His other prejudices include slackers, layabouts, shirkers, and those in general who don't do some kind of work for a living. His opinion of those who claim to have mystical abilities, aside from the monks who attend the towers of Ho-oh and Lugia and the Avatars of said Pokemon, are exceedingly dim and skeptical, most likely since he knows a thing or two about sleight of hand himself.

Victor is also a bit of an enigma when it comes to his past. While all know that he was once a nobleman of Fandavale for a brief period, that doesn't explain some of his very un-nobility-like skills, such as his talent at sleight-of-hand feats and playing cards, or his uncanny reflexes, which are almost catlike. In addition his Pokemon seem more like those that would be partnered with a solder of the infantry rather then a nobleman. Since Victor tends to keep the past to himself, things like this are rather unknown to him.

History: Much of Victor's history is unknown to those around him, since he adamantly refuses to talk of his early years. What is known about him is that when he was about twenty, he served as a lord in the court of Queen Minerva. Until he was twenty-five, he was one of her many "landlords", responsibly for the upkeep of one of the multiple districts of Fandavale, as well as attending to the Queen and offering her council when needed. During this time period, he trained with the Imperial Guardsmen, an elite group of soldiers who protected the Queen, and learned basic military tactics as well as the use of the classic weapons of Fandavale: the broadsword, longbow, crossbow, and pike. He would have continued serving in her court for many years, if not for a fatal slip.

Queen Minerva has always been a rather proud individual, if nothing else, as well as a capricious one. One day, in a fit of vanity, she passed an edict declaring that no member of the court could insult her partnered Pokemon, a particularly ornery Altaria by the name of Phenias. This might not have been a problem, had she not ordered Victor to take care of the bird for a few months while she left on a journey to the country, a sort of religious pilgrimage. Victor put up with the bird's tortures as best he could, among them the theft of his prized family jewels and the throwing of his family heirloom locket into a river, but when the Altaria had the nerve to attack his partner, the Ariados Arachne, he immediately shut the crazed Pokemon in his basement and did not release it until the Queen returned, at which time he informed her disgustedly that the Pokemon was the worst-behaved creature he had ever seen in his life, and that its conduct was unbecoming for the right-hand Pokemon of a ruler. Minerva snapped. In a fit of vain passion and immature rage, she stripped Victor's lands and title from him, and ordered him to leave Fandavale's capital. After getting over the initial shock of his exile, Victor agreed with the Queen heartily, stating that he would rather become a celibate then live in a city ruled by the whims of such an immature Karlaff. (There is no point in translating this word, as it would have to be censored.)

Victor left for the Sacred Land the next day, and after a short journey he arrived. (Of course it was short, after all, he had only three Pokemon and himself, as well as a small haversack to transport.) Upon his arrival, he was immediately absorbed into the community, where he proved himself to be a natural organizer and leader, giving him a position of great respect in the minds of the people. Aside from the monks, he, Julius, and Ambrose, are the closest things to official leaders in the Sacred Land.

RP Sample: CAPS LOCK IS SO COOL THAT IT COMPLETELY NEGATES MY REQUIREMENT TO POST AN RP SAMPLE!!!! (Well, that and the fact that I wouldn't care...)

Pokemon #1: Ariados (Arachne)

Personality: Where to begin with Arachne? She's probably the biggest enigma in the village in terms of her past besides Victor himself, though she would probably be more willing to spill the details had Victor not sworn her to secrecy. She's been with the guy ever since she was a lowly Spinarak, and as a result they've developed a rather close bond. More of a diplomat then a battler by nature, Arachne tends to want to talk things out rather then charging into a situation, and is a firm believer in the "innocent until proven guilty" concept of government. This does not by any means mean that she will not step up to the plate and battle when the time calls for it, however, and Victor has stated that she's saved his life more then once, which isn't bad for an overgrown bug which is just small enough that it can't fit into the conventional armor sometimes worn by other Pokemon.
History: Arachne's history and Victor's are so intertwined that it's sometimes hard to tell where the one ends and the other begins. When pestered, she'll often claim that they've been partners since birth, though this is a bit of an exaggeration on her part. Nevertheless, Arachne is probably Victor's closest comrade and won't begin to divulge the details of their past until he says it's okay. What is known about her individual past, however, is that at one point she belonged to a famous individual known as "the King of Thieves", a bandit who had become something of a legend in Fandavale over fourty years ago. Exactly how and when she became Victor's "property" is yet to be divulged.

Pokemon #2: Rhydon (Cham)

Personality: Most people who see Cham's rough exterior are convinced that he's some sort of brutal monster with little intelligence. In actuality, they couldn't have gotten farther from the truth. Cham is by far the most intelligent and kindly member of Victor's team, and has a boundless love for nature and architecture. While he's also a bit of a rowdy character and has no objections to either joining Victor in a drink or flattening a few enemy soldiers, he's much more likely to be found sipping at a cup of strong tea from a specially hewn bowl while discussing philosophy or religion with one of the members of the town. His relationship with Victor is less like that of a devoted partner, such as Arachne, but more like that of a drinking buddy who happens to share the same overall goal as his partner. Cham can, and will, take the initiative when he sees a way to help out, and will often stop to argue with Victor when he disagrees on a point.

History: Cham and Victor began their acquaintance with a bang when he was transported as a member of a traveling circus to the courts of Fandavale as a Rhyhorn, where he was presented as part of the act. Cham, however, refused to perform, instead opting to break down the door and make a mad dash for freedom. Unfortunately, his escape plans were brought crashing down when he was met by the Pokemon of the Queen's Imperial Guard, who gave him a rather brutal thrashing. The ringmaster of the circus, meanwhile, was heartbroken when the Queen ordered his nearly broke troupe to pay for the damages to the imperial palace. Victor stepped in at this point and neatly defused the situation's tension by offering to buy the injured Pokemon at a sum that would just manage to cover the damages incurred by his ill-planned rampage. The troupe agreed, and Victor offered Cham his freedom. To his surprise, the Rhyhorn opted to stay with him instead, claiming that his reasons for doing so were to get strong enough that he'd one day be able to earn his freedom. Victor agreed, though he pointed out that usually freedom was something that didn't have to be earned. This sentiment unwittingly sparked the flame that drove Cham not only to train himself physically with the Pokemon of the Imperial Guard until he evolved, but also to learn human writing so as to better understand complex concepts. When Victor was banished from Fandavale proper, Cham packed up and left with him, preparing to seek new horizons, and possibly a larger library.

Pokemon #3: Charizard (Char, pronoucned "Shar", short for "Chartreuse")

Personality: A grump if there ever was one, Char is what most people would call a stereotypic rebellious Pokemon who follows Victor around mostly because he considers it his job and not because of any real attachment to the human. In fact, as things go, Char is distrustful and aggressive towards humans in general, though he is able to interact with them on a day to day basis. He would much rather be at home in Kanto then skulking around Johto, in a soon-to-be war zone no less, but since he was ordered by the human who defeated him in combat to follow and obey Victor, he conisders it his honor-bound duty to do so.

History: Char was defeated in combat in Kanto by the captain of Minerva's Imperial Guard, who was vacationing there while on leave. Char attacked him when the captain unwittingly stumbled into a hot spring in Char's territorial grounds. The captain, however, was not unprepared, and ordered his faithful Dragonite to engage the Charizard in battle. After a fight that lasted nearly a full day, both Pokemon collapsed from exhaustion and the captain layed his blade against the defeated dragon's neck and declared himself the victor. Char, who was raised by a very honor-driven father, considered himself to owe the captain a life-debt, and followed him back to Fandavale, where he became the official courier of the Imperial Guard, flying messages across the kingdom. When Victor unofficially entered the Guard, the captain partnered him with Char as an exercise in discipline. To his surprise, though the two hated each other they made a surprisingly good team. He ordered them to stay together, hoping that one day Char's enmity towards humans would dissipate. It didn't, and to make a long story short Victor was exiled and skipped town before the captain could rescind his orders, so Char is essentially bound by his own pride to serve Victor until either one of them dies.

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"Oh Honey, this water is much too hot. You can't expect me to make proper soup with water this hot!" Ambrose said, her index finger emersed in a pot of boiling water. Normally, a normal human would have removed their finger from the boiling water, Amby, as she was called by the small children of village, was far from a normal human. "Now we have to wait for the water to cool before we can add the other ingredients. Next time, please be more attentive when heating the water okay?" She said, scolding her female Ursaring. The bear hung her head low and grunted. Ambrose reached out and patted the beast on the nose and smiled.

"Don't worry about it Honey. You'll learn from your mistakes. But Kiwi should of been watching you. Where'd that crow go?" Ambrose said, standing from her seat. Her Honchkrow hadn't been seen since last night, when Ambrose woke him up for his sentry duties. "Or at least sleeping in his nest. I hope he didn't go into Victor's tent again. I can only imagine him getting into it with that Charizard again. Imagine the damage..." Ambrose trailed off. Suddenly, a strange feeling awashed over her. It was a malignant energy: the armies were on the move again.

She waved at Honey and bursted out of her hut. The Ursaring was right behind her, its armor clanging as it ran after Ambrose. The girl darted around numerous people, intent on reaching a hut that was only three hundred yards from her's. It was Saturday and everyone was out shopping, and Ambrose happened to live on what they considered Main Street. The girl reached her destination and slammed on the heavy oak door with her fist. The strength behind the hit was incredible for a girl of her size, but as was mentioned before, she was far from a normal girl.

"Cawwwwww!!" Ambrose looked up and saw her Honchkrow descended towards her, a glimmering golden necklace clamped in its beak. It landed on Ambrose's beak and cawed once again.

Ambrose reached up and snatched the necklace from its possession. "Damn it Kiwi. I told you to stop taking Victor's things. When he comes to claim it, I'm not going to stop him from what he--" Suddenly the door opened and a strapping, tan man stood in front of her. He was tall and his muscles were defined.

"Madam Avatar, what's wrong?" he asked, a worried expression on his face.

"Julius, I told you to stop calling me that. I asked to be called by Ambrose and I would prefer if you followed the precedent. But, something is happening. The western and eastern armies are moving," she said in a serious tone. Julius sighed and motioned to her to come in. She nodded and followed with Honey behind her. As she walked in, she noticed Julius's Haunter Esteban levitating near the entrance, his eyes closed and his body hidden from the sunlight. He failed to acknowledge the girl's presence. She continued into the main room where his Slowking Archibald stood in meditation. He nodded at Ambrose and then continued his meditation.

"Madam Avatar, please sit. I'll send for Victor. Esteban, please go and retrieve Victor. We need his council." The Haunter opened its eyes and nodded, and disappeared into the shadows. "We need to inform the elders of the situation."

"I swear Julius. If you continue to call me that, I'll inflict incredible pain on your body," Ambrose said grimmacing at the strapping man.

"Heh... sorry.. Ambrose. But we might as well avoid discussing anything further until Victor gets here," Julius said, taking a seat across from the blond girl.

"Agreed," Ambrose said calmly, patting her Honchkrow's head gently.

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September 10th, 2007, 1:56 AM
OOC: Okay, spell it out for me: exactly what is a character not named Victor supposed to be doing at this point? Barge in on a top-level meeting uninvited? o.O Um...yeah, Silence isn't exactly the type for that, so you'll have to excuse me if this post kind of lacks progress in that regard.


Spring had started out rather chilly that year. Even with the comforting sunshine from a cloudless sky, she was shivering. Then again, one had to concede, maybe that was just her.

Silence fervently rubbed her hands together in a vain attempt to generate some warmth, the walking stick clutched beneath her right armpit and the solitary, clear blue eye scanning the forest surrounding her, still dripping wet from last night's shower of rain. She was soaked, right through the pale brown traveling cloak and the plain, gray dress she wore beneath it and the chill was rapidly seeping into her skin. Her breath came out in ragged tatters, forming small, wispy clouds in the crisp morning air before disappearing from view, and even though she had no means to check it, the healer was pretty sure that her lips were turning blue. Another shivered passed through her, but she persistently shook it off, stamping on the place a few times. It made little difference for her shoes, covered in dirt and soaked with water as they were. She had half a mind to take off the freezing things and continue barefoot, but the terrain got rougher from here and the last thing she needed was to injure a foot.

{One should think...} interjected a casual, well-meaning growl from her right side, {That the times when you are exhausted are the best for taking breaks.}

Silence gave a melancholy little smile at this, swiveling her eye to meet the being who had been traveling in stride with her. Most would have been intimidated by the sight of the Absol with its sinister, pitch-black face and crimson eyes, not to mention the sharp, scythe-like appendage on its head, but to the young woman there could hardly have been a more comforting sight.

"You know we don't have time for that, nana..." she replied softly. It was an old habit, but in many ways Silence still thought of her companion as a godmother of sorts. As usual, the Absol seemed to see no reason to correct her on that point.

{One does as one pleases.} she replied nonchalantly, but that subtle tone of approval was enough of a compliment for the young woman to know that she had made the right choice in the matter.

{Well, what about me then?!} chitterred a high-pitched, irritated little voice from within the confines of the traveling cloak, {I would be pleased to sit on a spot where I don't run the risk of drowning!}

Silence merely shook her head at the Ariados' complaints. Silk always had something to complain about and in all honesty, Silence was glad she couldn't understand all of it.

"We have to get there while it's still early." she replied, shaking her head as she grasped the walking stick once more, picking up the pace.

{But why?!} Silk moaned pitifully, {Why does it matter when we get to that stupid one-Miltank village?!}

Silence stayed true to her namesake, rapping a particularly large tree branch ahead of them with her walking stick to avoid the shower of water from the leaves before striding onwards.

{Hey! Why won't anyone answer me?!} the Ariados demanded haughtily, {I'm a part of this group too, you know! I demand an explanation!}

Eclaire grinned, holding her silence for a moment longer before finally speaking up, {Because one wants to come home without being greeted by stick and stone.} she remarked in a sing-song voice, apparently very pleased with her little rhyme.

Somewhere beneath the cloak, Silk's eyes widened, the Ariados flailing his legs wildly against Silence's back as the poison type scrambled up, its head poking up next to silence's ear, {What?! Are people going to be throwing stones at us?! What are you doing going to a place like that, you crazy woman?! I demand that we turn back this very instant!}

Silence sighed quietly, "Market day." she remarked simply, "We won't stand out as much in a crowd."

{That doesn't explain why!} Silk snapped, feebly waving his forelegs in front of the healer's face.

{One does as one pleases.} Eclaire repeated, smirking lightly at her companion, {That's why.}

Silence said nothing. They both knew equally well why she had to return, despite the fact that most people in the sacred land would have preferred her not to.

{You're both lunatics!} Silk moaned, {Oh, what did I ever do to deserve this?! That's it! I'm never going to speak to either of you ever again!} with that and a last, indignant little harrumphing sound, the spider retreated back into the confines of the cloak for a session of private sulking.

Eclaire observed the scene with mild fascination, finally speaking up, this time in a hushed voice.

{One might say that the choice not to let him in on the secret was a correct one.}

{Secret?!} Silk's voice demanded, {What secret?! What are you two withholding from me?! Why don't I ever get to know these things?! This is so unfair! Tell me n-o-o-o-o-w!}

The Absol chuckled for herself. Silence merely shook her head at her companions' antics, but she just couldn't help the small, mirthless grin spreading across her face. If there was one thing Eclaire knew how to do, it was diverting attention from the bad things in life.


A few hours later, the trio arrived at the outskirts of the town. By sheer good fortune, Silence had run into a grazing Miltank on the way, and with a little gentle coaxing the cow pokémon had been convinced to wander back to its barn at a small cattle farm just on the outskirts of the town Silence had called 'home' for several years of her life. In many ways, it still was.

For a moment, Silence simply stood there, rooted on her spot. There were people in there, lots of people. The idea of melding at a crowd had seemed so good in her head, but now that she was actually preparing to face it, the young woman felt painfully aware of the state she was in; soaked to the bone, cold, weather beaten and carrying a cape and stick which easily identified her as a traveler. Still, removing the cape was obviously not an option...Silence absent-mindedly touched the bandaged part of her face, a trickle of moisture running down from the good eye. Weather this was a tear or just one of the countless raindrops clinging to her was anyone's guess.

{One would say that just standing at the town entrance counts as rather conspicuous.}

Silence gulped hard at Eclaire's statement, tightening her grip of the walking stick as she tried to steel herself for the task at hand. She could do this, she told herself, cold sweat joining the raindrops on her skin, her knuckles whitening even further from the tight grip on her walking stick; she had to do this, for the kind people who had looked after her in her time of need, for the future of her homeland. She couldn't back down now; she wouldn't! Some of the villagers might still be ready to burn her at the stake, but she had heard nothing but good about Ho-oh's avatar. Oh, if only she could get to her she would be safe.

Just then, a cacophony of noises caught her ears, the gleeful shouts of small children, and - Silence's eye widened - the agitated cries of a Psyduck. Throwing all her inhibitions to the winds, the healer charged into town in search of the noise, and it didn't take long for her to find it: from around the corner of a nearby house, a Psyduck hobbled in on unsteady feet, clutching it's head, with two street children in close pursuit.

"I said get out of here, ugly!" cried one of them, a dirty boy with messy black hair who surely could have been no older than ten, hurling a pebble at the distressed creature.

"Yeah, ugly!" jeered his companion, a sandy-haired youth who seemed to be of about the same age, raising another pebble, "Who needs you?! You don't even have powers or nothing!"

"Psy..." the water type whimpered, giving the two a pleading look.

"Scram!" barked the black-haired kid, preparing another pebble as well, "I want a real fighting pokémon!"

"Stop that at once!"

The voice was barely more than a whisper, but the anger behind it was practically tangible as the cloaked woman stepped in between, catching the pebble in mid-flight, a clear blue eye fixing the youths with a fierce stare, "Leave that poor creature alone."

"Or else what?!" the black-haired one taunted, staring mockingly at the frail traveler.

"Yeah!" his partner chimed in, "You ain't even from the village! Why should we care about what you say?!"

Silence was angry, but not in an out-of-control way. On the contrary: she was angry enough to know precisely what she was doing, and what a reckless move it was, the thin, delicate hand reaching for the hood of her cloak and promptly pulling it aside, revealing the weatherbeaten face and length of pitch-black hair beneath. But she wasn't done yet. With the same, calculated rage she grasped the damp locks hanging over her face and pulled them aside, revealing the countless bandages in all their glory.

At the sight, the color ran out of both children.

"You-you're that witch!" the black-haired boy stammered, his eyes wide with fear and his finger pointing dumbly at her, "The one-eyed witch of the vale!"

"L-let's g-get out of here!" sandy-hair stuttered, anxiously tugging his companion's arm, "Quick, b-before she turns us into Poliwags or something!"

"You-you'll be sorry!" the black-haired boy squeaked, "We'll tell everyone you're here and then they'll burn you and then you'll be sorry!"

With that, the boys made their retreat, casting a few anxious glances after them.

Silence merely kneeled down to inspect the Psyduck. Fortunately, most of the pebbles had been poorly aimed, and short of a few bruises the creature was okay...physically speaking, that is. The creature was understandably skittish and confused, its eyes hesitantly scanning the surroundings with a look of utter helplessness in them. 'So much like me...' the healer thought for herself, heaving a quiet sigh as she stood back up and pulled her hood on again. It probably wouldn't make much difference, though, not now that the return of the witch was official. She didn't know what hurt the most, the callous disregard those children had exhibited towards the poor thing or that look of horror she always got when people saw her face. As Eclaire would have put it, one would think that one gets accustomed to such things, but no...Silence would never get fully accustomed to being looked at as a monster.

{One should know, that that was a very dangerous thing to do.} Eclaire remarked casually.

"One is well aware of that." the young woman replied, her voice trembling slightly.

{It is alright then.} the Absol replied.

{Alright?!} Silk fumed from his hiding place, {ALRIGHT?! They're going to burn us on a stake, you lunatics! Quick! We have to get to wherever we need to go quick!}

Silence nodded, resuming her walk in what she hoped was the right direction.


The Psyduck made a hesitant move in her direction, instantly recoiling when the young woman's head turned.

"You can come too." she replied softly, "Maybe the avatar will find you a new home."

'If we ever get to the avatar...' Silence added in her mind as the strange little procession proceeded in the direction of the main street (Why oh why did the avatar have to live there out of all places?). At this point she could only hope...

OOC: Awright, so the boys will probably announce Silence's arrival around town; I'm counting on one of you peoples to ensure that she doesn't get killed by a mob. Fair enough? xD

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OOC: Though I would love to write more, I have to go and needed to wrap this up. DX I will write more and get to the Sacred Lands in my next post.


The sun looked as if it was going to be bursting with heat over the next few hours. The heat would wash over all of Gazzleton and leave sweat in the wake of all that walked unsheltered. The heat even managed to make it’s way indoors. So there stood Nome, inside his home, working with business. He had a long cylinder pole of sorts that he was currently heating in the furnace. It was stupid to not have already cut the pole to make it easier to work with, but he liked the challenge.

At a heating point far worse than the heat currently entering the home, Nome, wearing the heat resistant gloves he always wears, pulled the pole back and placed it on a strong holding steel table. He grabbed the hammer hanging near by on a wall, and still holding pole at hand, hit it several times over and over again. He had to heat it again and do the same routine just to have it at the right length through and through. More work was cutting the unnecessary sides that were not sharp enough to split even a foot high thin wood block.

All of this had to be very accurate, or else the sword would not work properly. And if anything, Nome would not want an unhappy costumer. More for the fact that the word would spread than the fact that the costumer could fight him to the death for a wrongly made sword. Nome had to smile when he remembered this; Henry had told him that last line. He had said this as he taught him how to work the works of blacksmithing. Either way, he never encountered anyone who would fight him for such a reason.

There was a slight argument outside; it was merely a few grunts from Slash. Then there was another voice; male and human.

Even though he was currently working, and leaving his work alone would most likely mess with the design at its current state, Nome wanted to see who this person was. If it was a costumer, then he would happily take any work the costumer had to offer. Of course, if the price was right. He was good at what he did, and those few that he had worked with knew this.

“Afternoon traveler,” stated Nome, as he entered the main entrance to the shop. “What can I do for you?”

The man was wearing a cloak that was still steaming from the heat outside. At first, the man said nothing as he looked around the wall behind Nome, finding all of the works he had done just for the heck of it.

“I am looking for a strong sword,” said the traveler.

“What kind of sword?” asked Nome.

“A strong one.”

It was not a clear request. Nome studied the man over, thinking of what kind of person he could have been. It appeared as if he was one hundred percent traveler. Nome had to question why he would need a strong sword. He had never been given a job to make an actual brutal weapon. Yes, his weapons were real, but they had always been for the higher in class to showcase in their home. Most of his swords (or at least he hoped) had never been used for combat. Only when it came to practicing. Yet, this may be the same reason. The man may just want a sword to practice with in case the time of need came when he needed it. That was Nome’s reason for always practicing.

“I’ll see what I can come up with.”

Those words were the words Nome was going to come to regret in the near future. With this stated, the man left the workshop, and Nome returned to fixing up the last sword he had been working on. It took hours before he locked up his workshop and sat down in his living room, Claw resting in a sleeping position on his lap while Slash wandered elsewhere within the house. All the while, Nome sat there, petting Claw and thinking.

By now, he did not care much about what the man was going to use with a sword. Now he was thinking of what type of metal it could be made out of. Essentially, every weapon was equally as powerful. It just depended on the way it was used. So what would be the right thing to weld? Would it be iron? Maybe; iron was a strong metal, and steel was very hard to acquire. The night was nearing; Claw would have to take her shift soon.

Finally, he settled on simply using iron, mainly for the reason that it was the easiest to acquire at not much expense. He already had iron all around the workshop.


The next morning, Nome readied himself for the day’s job. He planned on finishing the travelers request that day, though he knew it would be taking a lot of time. He had to make sure that it was very brutal in its execution.

He had just finished serving Slash when Claw entered the house having just completed the night shift. Normally, Nome would have gotten her plate ready by now, but it appeared as though she already had her fill; her face had shown some red blotches of blood. Nome was slightly worried that they were her own, but was reassured that it was not by the fact that went to where her own bowl of water was and pulled it back out of the house.

Even though it should have been a sign of worry, Nome was used to this. Just by looking out of the kitchen window, he saw Claw washing herself with the bowl of water and drying off the blood. A few feet away, there was a pidgey wing on the floor. She already had her breakfast; it was the pidgey.

Shortly there after, Nome refilled the bowl from the well at the back. By the time he entered the house again, Claw was already asleep in her basket bed. Nome motioned for Slash to follow him as the two of them were now going to start the day.

Nome opened up the shop and had Slash guard as he usually did while he went to work at the back, now at a sharp iron that would soon become a weapon.

September 10th, 2007, 5:47 AM
OOC: ACC has school all day, so I'll introduce Silence for ya AE. I'm sorry I didn't leave much for the others to do. I wanted you all to introduce yourselves without being confined to a certain crisis... if that made sense.


"The witch-- the witch, she's back!" Ambrose head perked slightly at the sound of the boy's voice. She wondered what he meant. Witch? Ambrose stood from where she was standing and slowly walked to the door. She cracked it open slightly and peered outside to the main street. Two young boys were surrounded by a growing group of people, all listening intently to what they were saying. "We just saw her. We were just harmlessly walking along, trying to find my poor Psyduck, when she came along and told us she needed our Psyduck for one of her potions. We told her no but she used some magic on us and now I don't know where my Psyduck is."

Liar... Ambrose opened the door and walked outside. She maneuvered her way through the crowd, who failed to notice it was the Avatar cutting her way through them. Ambrose made it to the center, where the two boys stood. When they noticed who was making their way towards them, their expressions grew worried.

Speaking in a calm, gentle tone, Ambrose said, "So you're telling me a witch is here in the Sacred Grounds. What did she look like?"

"Uhhh... one eye, black hair, long traveling stick, cloaked. Scary as heck. I felt my soul leaving my body just standing next to her," the sandy-haired boy said triumphantly.

"I see... you two are liars. I've seen the way you treat that Psyduck you're speaking of. Telling it it's weak, useless, and a waste of space..." Ambrose trailed off. She was looking past the boy, past the crowds, when she noticed a cloaked figure moving behind them. A gentle looking Absol and a bruised Psyduck were trotting alongside the person. They seemed to not want to be noticed, moving silently, and ignoring the large crowd congregated in the center of the street. Ambrose sensed a gentle energy emanating from the figure. Ambrose walked past the boys and made her way through the crowd, who this time made a path for her. She walked to the figure, and placed her hand on the girl's shoulder. She did in fact have one eye, but the purity she saw in this bright blue eye eased any worry Ambrose had.

Ambrose leaned over and whispered into the girl's ear, "Don't worry. I know you're no witch. I'll protect you." She then turned to the crowd and spoke in a clear, firm tone, "I demand that no one harasses this girl. She is a close friend of mine and I wish none to be done to her."

She looked to the two boys, who were shaking in their boots, "Do you want your Psyduck back?"

They shook their heads and said, "He's useless. The witch can keep 'im. But Madam Avatar, she's a witch. She'll suck your powers outta your body and use them to kill us all...!" the black hair boy said.

Ambrose was disgusted with the ignorance of the boy. Her tone grew more angry, "I cannot believe such ignorance exists in the Sacred Grounds. All of us are either exiles of our countries or descendants of those removed from their country. How can we be so closed-minded to anyone who may be different from us. I DEMAND that none be done to this young lady here. If I hear of anything, there'll be hell to pay. Y'hear me boys." The mark on her neck began to glow, flushed with her disgust and anger. She reached and covered it with her hand.

She then turned to the girl and asked, "If you'd like, you may join me in my friend Julius' home." With that, she waved her hands to dissipate the crowd and walked slowly back to Julius' home, watching the girl to make sure she followed her inside.

September 10th, 2007, 8:30 AM
OOC: Oh my, would you look at the time. Its FIRST POST O'CLOCK!



“I’ve never seen a Pokemon like that before.”

“What’s it called mister?” There were three or four children crowded around the unfortunate Sudowoodo and its companion. The large Ground type looked as menacing as he could, but it was no use; they were fascinated. The man accompanying the tree-like Pokemon turned to face the child that had addressed him,

“his name is Amet and he is a Sudowoodo. I wouldn’t crowd round him so much though; he can be a bit unfriendly.” The small boy looked at Jebren, staring at the man studiously before asking (rather bluntly),

“Mister, what’s wrong with your eye?” The children were gathered round him now, staring at his blind left eye with just as much amazement. Before he could answer, a barrage of new questions was assuaged upon him.

“Can you see out of it?”

“Does it hurt?”

“Can I touch it?” Jeb chuckled at the youths as they spewed forth their childish curiosity. Amet, however, was not as happy as him.

{These children annoy me. If they do not stop talking soon, I shall have to-}

“Now now Amet, be reasonable. They are only children, and they are allowed to do this kind of thing.” One of them, a girl, turned her head to the Sudowoodo and stuck her tongue out. The rest giggled mockingly until the Amet could bear it no more. He lashed out, attempting to grab the girl with his spherical fingers.

“Ahh! Its going to eat us!” She screamed, and with that they all took off down the street, whooping and yelling as loudly as they could. When they were out of sight, Jebren turned to a nearby alley,

“its okay Bene, they’re gone.” He said, as a Houndour slunk nervously from the shadows.

{I hate children.} She growled, pawing at the dust, {they’re all the same; poking, scratching, pulling at any bit of me they can get. And if I do anything I am to blame. Me.} She shook her head and made an offended noise. As they continued talking; Jebren noticed two boys at the top of the street, older than the children who had been crowding him. They looked unhappy, and were talking in hushed tones about something as they walked in tandem down the narrow road.

“Excuse me gentlemen, could I possibly ask you for some directions?” Jebren stepped out to confront them, one of his hands raised, index and middle finger pointed to the sky. One of the two, a black haired individual, looked Jebren up and down before replying.

“Who are you?” He and his friend stared quizzically at the man and his two Pokemon. Jebren looked back at them, still hoping for directions.

“You’re not from around here are you?” The other boy asked, still studying him

“No, no I’m not. That is why I need directions.” Jebren really didn’t need this. Their judgment of him was wasting precious time he could be using to meet the Avatar of Ho-Oh. Which he wanted to do. Quite a lot.

“G’head and ask then.” The black haired one scoffed, trying to stare Jebren down. His friend joined him in their now joint attempt to psyche Jebren out. He simply smiled and asked his question.

“Could you possibly tell me how one would get to the Avatar’s house from here?”

“Don’t go there! That’s where the witch is staying!” One of the boys blurted out, seemingly worried for him. Jebren looked puzzled; no one had mentioned any witches up until now.

“Witch?” He tried. These two would obviously be able to shed further light on it. At his feet, he heard Bene growl a little,

{I do not like either of you. I dislike you even more than I dislike most children; which is quite a lot anyway.} Jebren hurriedly hushed the Houndour; he wanted to hear about this so called ‘witch’.

“The one eyed witch of the vale. She stole my Psyduck for a potion and then tried to turn us into Poliwags.” The black haired one began to explain

“Then why is she with the Avatar of Ho-Oh?” Jebren interjected. The Avatar was supposedly good, and would have no good reason to be associating with witches and their like.

“She wants to suck away all of the Avatar’s powers and use them for evil.” The second boy told him. This was quite enough explanation for Jeb, who drew out his crossbow, loading and readying it as he asked once again for directions. They hastily told him, in the hope that he would go there and kill this evil witch.

{I’m not sure how I would fare against a witch.} Amet fretted as he tried to keep up with Jebren, who was now running at full pelt towards the residence of the Avatar.

Alter Ego
September 10th, 2007, 11:24 AM
OOC: Ahh, I see. Heh, I was just experiencing a bit of start-of-the-RP confusion there. xD

Anyways, it's all good now. ^-^


As was always the case when someone blindsided her, Silence spun around with a frightened yelp when Ambrose approached, and the moment their eyes met (Well, more like the avatar's eyes met her solitary one), the black-haired girl froze in fear. Those eyes, the sensation was hard to explain, but to Silence it felt like she wasn't just being looked at, but looked through, those two spheres of orange burning right through her eye, through the weather-beaten face and worn bandages, right down to the very depths of her soul, just like...the girl trembled, despite Ambrose's gentle manner. Yes, it was just like that time. That fire would shine through her, that fire would judge her, and like before: that fire would condemn her. Tainted, impure, worthless...the words resounded within her head over and over again, the girl not daring to look away even as the sensation bordered on unbearable.

And then it was over.

"Don't worry. I know you're no witch. I'll protect you."

Silence didn't know how to react to this. She had been sure that this strange girl with the piercing eyes would have condemned her, but instead she was...protecting her? The healer's lips moved a few times, vainly attempting to formulate a thank you, until she eventually gave it up. Even though the look had barely lasted for a second, it had been like staring into the sun and she was still recovering, simply watching in awe as this beautiful stranger with the golden hair proceeded to scold the townspeople for their ignorance, declaring that Silence was under her protection.

The black-haired girl tried desperately to mouth a response when Ambrose proceeded to invite her inside, to the house of a friend, but all of her words were still covering within the recesses of her mind, terrified by the light, and refused to step up. Instead, she settled for a timid nod, barely managing to hobble after the avatar for the mixture of gratitude for all the girl had done for her and fear that all of this would be taken back, that those eyes would stare into her again and deem her unworthy. Much to Silence's surprise, the crowd behaved differently from usual. No-one shoved her, no-one mocked her or tried to throw rocks at her departing back, no-one dared as much as whisper nastily. Instead, people made way as she trailed after Ambrose.

{Are we dead?} Silk inquired from within the confines of Silence's cloak, {I need to know! Are we dead yet?!}

{This is rather unusual.} Eclaire remarked calmly, casting a fascinated glance at the awe-struck crowd as she trod past them.

"Is that all you can say?" Silence whispered, slightly irritated by how lightly the Absol was taking the situation, "We were just saved by the avatar of Ho-oh."

The dark type tilted her head quizzically at the statement, {Well, isn't that rather unusual?}

Silence would have laughed were she not so nervous. As it was, her face briefly contorted into a grimace of a half-grin before returning to serious again. After all, she was going to be in the presence of both the avatar and a friend of hers; she had to be on her best behavior. It was at this point, stepping into the house, that the girl became painfully aware of just how out of place she was, how hideous her half-frozen face, the damp bandages and the mop of soaked, black hair had to look, how worn the dress and cloak were, and just how much water she was bringing in with her.

Silence froze as soon as she had gotten in through the doorway, keeping her eyes firmly nailed to the floor, too timid to speak up. Healers were given shelter occasionally, but it was usually a sheet in a barn and possibly a piece of bread for breakfast. This...this was a good house, a beautiful house, well-built and warm. Sacred, even, and there Silence was...feeling like the water steadily dripping onto the floor from her clothes was already marring the sanctity of the place. She wanted to speak up, to explain that she didn't mean to intrude, maybe to ask about the Psyduck who was currently holding onto the hem of her skirt, looking just as helpless as the girl herself, but she didn't dare. The avatar had already done so much for her, and Silence felt like asking for more would be impudence beyond measure.

This awkward state of things lasted for a few minutes, until Eclaire suddenly tensed up. The healer immediately turned more alert at this, turning to her companion.


The whisper was barely audible, but it received a nod in response from the Absol.

Swallowing hard, Silence plucked up what little courage she had left and raised her eyes from the floor, although she still couldn't bear to look either of the room's occupants in the eye.

"Trouble is heading this way." she remarked softly, "Na-" she cursed her own stupidity, "Eclaire...my Absol noticed something." the girl swallowed again, "Something bad." she finished lamely.

September 10th, 2007, 12:33 PM
OOC: I apologize for being late, I had school to finish

IC: The spring sun shone brightly down on the lush, green fields surrounding the small shack where Kol called home. The shack was originally meant for storage, but for a reason not know to him. It was a small shack, only two rooms and a shabby kitchen. Kol loved it. Despite being small, the shack served every need he had. But, like all things in life, the shack wasn't free.

"I guess it's time we head to town, eh Aipom?" Kol drowsily asked his purple monkey. Aipom, usually a bundle of tame less energy, sleepily looked up from its perch on Kol's shoulder and gave a faint nod. It was quite apparent that the Pokemon was exhausted.

"I know you're tired, but we've got a long day ahead of us," Kol murmured, gazing at the town off in the distance. It didn't take very long to reach the town, and the scenery on the way there was gorgeous. Just another reason why Kol loved living out in here. The hardest part about getting to town, however, was getting started. There were so many ways for one to get distracted before a long sprint, and Kol often fell victim to such distractions.

Today however, he managed to take off without much delay. For some reason, energy seemed to flow into his body like the rays of the sun soaking the earth. He started off slow, but quickly picked up his pace. Before to long, he was in an all out sprint, the way he usually delivered messages.

"What a nice day..." Kol pointed out to Aipom, deciding that she had rested long enough. But in fact, it was a nice day. The sun was shining, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Everything seemed to be going perfect. Kol couldn't imagine anything to ruin such a splendorous day.

After a while, Kol arrived at buildings on the far edge of town. They weren't anything impressive, mostly farming houses. Nevertheless, this was where Kol received the most business in the early hours. So as usual, he slowed to a jog and pattered between the houses waiting for a customer to flag him down. It didn't take long for a guard to wave him over.

"Ah, Kol! Just the man I was looking for. Please take this to Madam Avatar, she needs to be informed that the Western and Eastern Armies are moving." The guard barked in his rough voice. Kol was usual to such treatment, so as usual, he nodded and turned to head into town.

{That idiot, doesn't he know that Ambrose knows about the armies?} Aipom seemed to have snapped itself out of its daze.

"Well," Kol panted, "She does... but I guess it never hurts to be on the safe side." Kol had trouble speaking while he ran, as he did every morning. It was something about the morning air that made his throat simply not want to work to his control.

{But you don't get paid for messages from guards} Aipom whined, though it knew the outcome of this battle.

"That may be, but it's a public service. I should feel honored to deliver a message for the guard. And it doesn't hurt that it's to that attractive young Avatar, eh?" Kol couldn't help but grin at the thought of seeing her. Her blond hair and orange eyes were stunning, but it wasn't as if he'd seen them up close. He'd never actually met her, only seeing her from afar.

{Oi....} Aipom was obviously annoyed at this. Of course, Kol was used to such responses. Aipom was, of course, a female. He didn't expect her to drool over pretty girls like he did.

Kol made his way into the town, and began to look around for the blond girl. He noticed it was strangely empty here, and only when he stopped did here some commotion from a few buildings down. He sprinted down to the racket, where he saw a crowd huddled around to boys. And, Kol noticed happily, Madam Avatar was there! Or rather, she was walking away with another girl who looked as if she'd be blown over any moment.

"Madam Avatar!" Kol called as he took off towards her. The Avatar seemed not to have noticed, and led the other girl inside a house. Kol didn't like to intrude on people's homes, but a job was a job...

"Madam Avatar!" Kol called again as he came up to the house. He slowed down and made his way up to the door. Ambrose was standing not ten feet from him! She looked much prettier up close. Kol couldn't help but put his hand on her shoulder when he walked up, extending his fingers suggestively down her chest.

"Excuse me m'lady," Kol bowed, "But I have a message from the east post guard. He asked me to inform you that the western and eastern armies are moving." Kol spoke a little rushed, still out of breath from his run. The sun didn't feel so refreshing now, and sweat was beginning to form on his forehead. In an attempt to remove the sweat, and to get the wild curls out of his face, Kol gave his head a couple of shakes, feeling satisfied as his hair was out of his eyes.

OOC: On the short side, but I thought it was a good way to introduce Kol.

September 10th, 2007, 12:36 PM
Can people still sign up? If so, here's my intro/profile:

Full Given Name: Arthur Roland
Nicknames: Art, on occasion, but he doesn't care for it
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Homeland: Sacred Lands
Title (If any): Defender of the City, not that that really means anything these days. (see below)
Appearance: Dresses primarily in black, with mail, breastplate, and light helmet in battle if needed. Tall and strong, but not incredibly heavy-muscled. Has bright green eyes and completely black hair. As for weapons, he has a shield passed down through the family and a long sword that every Defender of the City is given when they accept their title.
Personality: Rather cynical and unsettled for the most part. His title is apparently a great honor, yet there's nothing to DO with it. He used to be more idealistic and enthusiastic about things.
History: Growing up, he had hopes of becoming a great hero, and was thrilled when the previous Defender of the City declared him his successor before retiring after seeing Arthur's performance in battle. "Defender of the City" is officially the title of the leader of the city's defense forces, and there is one in every city. The more modern equivalent of this title would be that of Gym Leader; however, league battling had not been developed yet and the Sacred Lands were in no need of a standing army, thus making Arthur's job a waste of time at this point. However, with warriors on the march toward the Sacred Lands, forming an army is starting to look like a good idea, at least to Arthur. At present, the only army the Sacred Lands actually have under Arthur consists of himself, Arcanine, and Nidoking.

Arthur woke up to the sunlight streaming through the windows of the fortified building in the southwest corner of the chief city of the Sacred Lands. The only fortified structure in the area at all, it merely served as a reminder of what he could not have.

Curse this stupid place! he thought. If it weren't for this joke of a defender job, I could have been a real warrior!

Leaving his room upstairs, he went to the lower floor where the city guard was supposed to be assembled, or would have been anywhere else. Only his two partners were there.

(Still no possibility of an official army?) asked Arcanine, whom only Arthur could understand, as was typical.

"I don't know," he said. "If we could raise enough interest, I'm sure somebody would join. After all, with invading armies on the way, people are going to take an interest in defending their land."

"Nidoking!" Arthur shouted at the other of his partners over on the other side of the room. "I have something you could do."
Nidoking wandered over.
(What's that?) he asked.
"I'd like you to put up a few of these around town, get people interested." Arthur set a stack of recruiting posters on the table in the center of the hall.
(How is this going to work any better than your last plan for building a militia? Everybody's a pacifist here, you know.)
"We're going to be attacked soon, and we're out of options. Please do this; it's not like we've got anything to lose."
(Very well,) Nidoking growled as he walked outside.
"As for me," said Arthur, "I'm going to talk to Ambrose about this. If she backs the idea of having an organized force protecting the area, it ought to help things out a lot."

Pokemon: Arcanine (Female)
Pokemon's Personality: Friendly and willing to help out, Arcanine is quite intelligent as well as strong, and tends to be more of the optimist and idealist that Arthur used to be.
History: Arthur travels occasionally, but is always going to be tied to the Sacred Lands due to his "duties" there. As a result, both of his partners came from fairly close by. Arcanine actually goes back to Arthur's childhood, where the two met in the fields just south of the Sacred Lands. She was only a young Growlithe then.
Arcanine has some plate armor that she can wear in battle, similar to what some medieval knights used on their horses.

Pokemon: Nidoking (Male)
Pokemon's Personality: More in line with the current Arthur, Nidoking is even more of a pessimist than Arthur is. Can be destructive when angry (which happens frequently), though Arthur's managed to get him to only break things like rocks, trees, and other inanimate objects in the field. Nidoking and Arcanine have a rivalry going on between them.
History: Arthur found Nidoking in the woods of northern Liliore as a Nidoran. This Nidoran's parents had both been killed by bored Lilioran soldiers engaging in a hunting contest, so Arthur took him in. The reason Nidoking is so much of a pessimist and gets angry a lot probably has to do with what happened to his parents.
Nidoking wears no armor, and doesn't need any since his tough hide provides him with plenty of natural armor.

(posted this earlier, but somehow it wan't showing on the main page, just on the thread.)

Scarlet Weather
September 10th, 2007, 5:16 PM
OOC: Mr. Jamie, you're a bit too late. Not only that, but this sign-up is sub-par. In all fairness, I think Zaiku was one better then you were, and he just missed making it in. Sorry. Better luck next time!



The voice filled the morning air, causing flocks of smaller bird Pokemon to take flight, wary of the intense amount of aggression carried in the man's scream. Beside the small green war-tent, which was ripped through in several places, stood an intensely angry grey-haired man with a large, spiderlike creature perched upon his shoulder. Flanking him stood a large, rock-skinned creature that resembled some sort of bipedal rhino that had crossed its DNA with a long-extinct creature of some sort. In front of him stood an enormous, dragonlike creature, its head hidden under a headpiece that formed a protective covering for its skull. Along its shins, a pair of red-orange greaves that matched the coloration of its body were strapped, and a flickering flame spouted from the end of its tail. Smirking, the beast turned its back on the still-shouting human and took off rapidly, causing a backdraft that would have sent the man tumbling backwards into the mud had the rhinolike creature at his side not shot out his arm to steady the fall. With a groan, Victor Antechronos pulled himself away and straightened himself up. "I'm going to kill you for this, you overgrown lizard! And you know it too!" he shouted uselessly as the draconic beast flicked his tail and sped away towards his shelter, a cave at the upper end of the settlement. Victor spat on the ground. "Disgusting. That swinebag should have just stayed in Fandavale, he's more trouble then he's worth."

His spiderlike companion crawled up his back and began chirping and whistling next to his ear. Just ignore the jerk, he only does things like this to get a rise out of you. If you didn't get so angry all the time...

"I know, I know. He's a major pain in the arse, though. If I ever get my hands on him..." Victor's hands inadvertently clenched together in the motion of strangling some helpless victim.

His Rhydon, Cham, stood to attention. You'll do what, get eviscerated? If Char weren't bound by his own pride, he'd have slit your throat by now.

"I know that too, but I can dream, now can't I?" Victor replied, a familiar twinkle returning to his eyes.

Cham couldn't help the deep, rumbling chuckle that escaped his throat. Only you could have made a remark like that vaguely amusing, Victor. Anyway, it's getting late. We've wasted enough time that we probably won't make the meeting now, and I don't like the idea of keeping her... he searched for an appropriate title to apply to Ambrose, Gentleness waiting.

"Good point. You see to the tent, I'll see to the meeting. Rendezvous when the sun hits its zenith." Victor stated, as the affair suddenly became all business. His Pokemon nodded, before ducking into the mangled tent. With a sigh, Victor set off for the agreed-upon meeting place.

As he approached the meeting point, Victor was surprised by the number of people who had already shown up. Quietly, he cursed himself for his late uprising. Still, better late then never. Strolling into the midst of the group, he placed himself directly beside Ho-oh's Avatar. "So, Ambie," he stated, his voice lilting slightly, "Do we have a plan, or what? I'm all for the defense of our humble abode, but we're going to need a bit more then 'rally the people and charge'. A lot more."

September 11th, 2007, 11:38 AM
OOC: Ahhh.. so much attention. Oh dear. Oh my. What's a boy to do...


Ambrose looked to the messenger who had just arrived. He was sweaty and disheveled, but she was not one to judge people on their appearance. The aura he emanated was pink; a sign of innocence, kindness, purity. What he said she had already known, but it would of been awkward if she didn't pay any mind to the boy. Plus, his little Aipom was so dang cute, and it gave off the same pink aura as its master. Ambrose then reached into her pocket and began looking for some golden coins. She finally fingered three of them and pulled them out. She extended an open palm forward towards the boy.

"Those guards are always so grumpy. I'm sure they didn't even pay you. So take these as my gratitude for bringing me that message. If you'd like, you may rest here in the living room. You look so tired. You don't mind, do you Julius?" Ambrose asked, looking at the owner of the house. He nodded in agreement and pointed to a nearby chair for the messenger to sit. Then, Ambrose heard the voice she had been waiting for.

"So Ambie," the voice stated slightly, "Do we have a plan, or what? I'm all for the defense of our humble abode, but we're going to need a bit more then 'rally the people and charge'. A lot more." Ambrose turned Victor and smiled. She reached her arms out and hugged him with all the strength she could muster.

She let go of him and turned to face the rest of the crowd, "Well, this group is larger than I expected, but it matters not. What we discuss here concerns all who make their home here in the Sacred Lands. First, before we start, I'd like to attend to my young friend here... hmm... it appears I never got your name young lady. Well anyway, you can introduce yourself in a second. First, let me fetch you a new cloak. You look absolutely soaked. You must of been far if it was raining. If you don't mind, I'll gather you some new bandages as well. Wet bandages equal a terrible smell. If you all will excuse me," Ambrose said, disappearing from the room.

Meanwhile, Julius made his way to Victor, who was standing near where the Avatar was standing before. He smirked and wrapped his arm around Victor's shoulders and gave him a sheepish grin. "So, you got to hug the Avatar..."

{I think it was less a hug and more a greeting Julius. If you didn't notice, Victor didn't even hug back} Archibald said.

"Well, its rare that I see her hug anything except Honey. Isn't that right you big ol' bear you?" Julius said with the same stupid grin on his face.

{If the Avatar didn't care so much about you human, I'd rip your fac--} Honey said, he claws clenched together.

{Forgive him Honey. He always acts strangely when the Avatar is in our home. He lacks any control of his actions.}

"Hey, I take offense to that Archibald. I'm always this jovial and smiley," Julius said in protest.

{Ehh.. well I don't like coming here. This guys got no shiny things to collect.} Kiwi said, perched on the back of a nearby chair.

Ambrose's voice rang out from the other room, "Speaking of shiny things Victor, it appears Kiwi hear raided your collection and took one of your golden necklaces. I left it on desk near the entrance. You should probably grab it before my thief of a Honchkrow takes its again."

{Blah.. she never lets me keep anything...} Kiwi whined, throwing its wing in front of its face in disgust.

Ambrose then emerged from the room, a red cloak draped over one arm and a thing of bandages in her other hand. She walked to Silence and handed them to her. "I'm sure you'll want to redress yourself in privacy. Use the room I just came from to change. Once you return, you may introduce yourself to us all." Ambrose then leaned over and whispered to the girl again. "Don't be shy around us. None of us are bad people..." With that Ambrose stood up and walked to the seat next to Kol and sat. She smiled at the messenger and then waited patiently for Silence to go and change.

Alter Ego
September 12th, 2007, 4:38 AM
Silence's discomfort increased further as more and more people assailed the house, the young woman shuffling anxiously on her spot, trying to catch a glimpse of all the people around her without staring or attracting attention to herself. First there was this messenger who had apparently brought word of the very same disaster Eclaire had predicted. Even though he seemed to be the one closest to her age-wise - or perhaps because of this - Silence quickly turned her eye away, partly because he looked just a little bit frightening with his rough-hewn appearance and wild, crimson hair, but more essentially because that move he had just made struck her as highly inappropriate.

This was the avatar of Ho-oh, a sacred being to be respected, and he...Silence struggled to remove the mental image. If someone had touched her like...like that, she would probably have died of embarrassment. Ambrose didn't seem the least bit bothered, though, and gave the young man a few coins for his trouble before inviting him to come in and rest. Silence obviously didn't object to this, but she took a hesitant step away from the door at this point so as to ensure that the messenger wouldn't try to greet her in a similar fashion. Oh, it was probably needless bother (as if anyone would even look at a ragged vagabond like her when Ambrose's beauty was in the same room) but she still felt like doing it, just in case, pressing herself against the wall to take up as little space as possible.

That space, as it turned out, went to good use soon after as yet another stranger strode in. Distinguished...yes, that was probably the best way to describe him. Unlike Kol, this stranger didn't frighten Silence as much. Perhaps it was his grayed hair, further enhancing his status as Silence's senior, or perhaps the weatherbeaten and scarred face, but something about him made Silence feel a little bit less conscious about the oddities of her own appearance. The older man spoke up, inquiring about defense plans, and received a hug in greeting from Ambrose, a gesture which elicited a snide little remark from the one person in the room whom Silence hadn't plucked up the courage to look at yet. He was...Silence barely managed a glance at the handsome, well-dressed man before her eye darted as far from him as possible, the origins of a blush spreading across her face.

To compound the healer's embarrassment, it was at this point that Ambrose chose to address the issue of her wet clothes, effectively drawing in the attention that Silence had hoped to avoid. Even more embarrassed than before, Silence kept her gaze firmly nailed to the floor as the avatar left the room, not raising it again until Ambrose addressed her once more, offering a new cloak and a fresh set of bandages as well as a set of instructions.

Silence nodded timidly, accepting the offered objects and quickly disappearing into the appointed room with her pokémon in close pursuit, shutting the door behind her.

As soon as no-one was around to see, the young woman pretty much collapsed onto the floor, her pulse racing and her whole body trembling in a feeble manner as she pressed herself against Eclaire's fur.

"Nana..." Silence mumbled softly, her voice quivering, "I can't do this...I can't. All those people, I'm supposed to introduce myself to all those people and-" she searched for the words. No way, there was no way she could go through with this...Julius or the avatar alone would have been enough for her to all but lose her voice, but all of those people at the same time? But it was an order from the avatar; she couldn't disobey.

{Sometimes one must do these things regardless.} the Absol remarked calmly, nuzzling her charge, {Besides, it's not like one has never seen crowds before...}

"But this is different, nana." Silence protested feebly, "Usually-usually I just have to find out what's wrong with the pokémon and heal it. I just have to focus on the pokémon, I don't have to, I don't have to-"

{Say one's own name?}

Silence nodded, "I-I...can't lie to the avatar, can I?" she sighed, "I'll have to tell her...my real name..."

Eclaire shook her head, {One can never quite seem to grasp this human fascination with names.} she conceded, {One can not own such things; every name is as true as the other.}

"But-but that would be dishonest, nana." the young woman whimpered, "I can't be dishonest with the avatar."

{One should think that an avatar knows these things already.} Eclaire remarked, {And is 'Silence' not the name one is called by? It's as true a name as any.} the Absol nudged her trainer gently, {One should stop pondering these things and put on that colorful new skin one was so graciously given.} she nodded towards the cloak, {Who knows...} a roguish little grin spread across her face, {A certain male might find it attractive.}

Silence's face reddened considerably, "Nana, please!" she hissed.

{One supposes that the male might find it pleasing too.} Eclaire teased.

"That-that's not funny." the young woman persisted, still considerably red in the face as she rose to her feet, walking over to a nearby mirror, double-checking that the door remained firmly shut before carefully removing the damp bandages from her face and staring miserably into the mirror, "No-one..." she said quietly, her voice barely audible as she glared at her reflection, "No-one in their right mind could ever love someone like that."

{One finds that rather surprising.} the Absol replied, {It is not like missing an eye would make one's pups any worse.}

"Nana!" Silence replied in frustration, "It's not about the-the 'pups' as you say, it's-" she searched in vain for the words, "It's a human thing." she finished.

{Ah, that explains it.} Eclaire replied, {Though one must say, humans are very strange.}

Silence didn't reply, merely drying out her hair as best she could with the old cloak.

"Silk...could you..?" she added once she was finished.

{Do I have to?!} the Ariados moaned, already agitated by the sudden disappearance of the cloak's cover, {It's so demeaning.}

"Please?" the young woman pleaded, "You will get to sit under a dry cloak."

{Oh...oh, fine!} Silk snapped, wandering up the young woman's back and onto her head, grasping the offered locks with his front legs, holding them out of her face as she started put on the new set of bandages, {But I will have you know that I'm being horribly mistreated.}

Silence didn't reply, covering the left half of her face with trained speed before procuring a simple, wooden hairbrush from the depths of her dress and mindfully combing the pitch-black locks over her face until the bandages were completely covered while Silk grumblingly retreated out of view again. Nodding at the sight in front of her, the young woman then reached for the new cloak she had been given. It was red, one of the sunbird's colors...suppressing the thought that she theoretically had no right to wear such a thing, the young woman slung the cloak over her shoulders and attached it. It felt soft and light, far more comfortable than the rough cloth of her original cloak, and she had to admit that it was an improvement visually too. But of course...it would have taken a lot more than a new cloak to make her look even vaguely presentable. She chose to leave the hood down; after all, obscuring her face would have been disrespectful when making introductions.

Silence heaved one last sigh, shutting her eyes and taking a few deep breaths before she pushed the door open again.

The moment she stepped into the room the others were in, the young woman felt the familiar anxiety creeping up on her, wanting nothing more than to go and hide in the corner again, but she willed herself to stand on the spot and forced her gaze to meet the crowd, although she still didn't dare to look at anyone directly. Something soft brushed against Silence's right leg, and she didn't need to look to know that Eclaire was standing right beside her. That thought alone was enough comfort for her to find her voice again.

"I..." Silence was painfully aware of just how weak and frightened her voice was, but she pressed on all the same, "Silence." no, that might have been taken as an order or something, "My-my name is Silence." she clarified, her face already reddening, "It's...nice to meet you all." her expression was sad as always, of course, but she really wanted to mean it, "I-I'm sorry..." she finished, her blush deepening, "I'm not...very good with people, excuse me. Oh, and-" she briefly forced her gaze to meet Ambrose's, "Thank you-thank you for your kindness, madame avatar." with that and a hasty little curtsy she bailed for the nearest corner, her face a deep crimson and her heartbeat pounding in her head. She had looked like an idiot, a complete idiot, and she had probably offended everyone too. They would all hate her, just like everyone always did. She would only cause trouble for the avatar. She should never have come, EVER.

Eclaire didn't seem nearly as bothered as her trainer, glancing at the crowd - and the pokémon in particular - with fascination, {One must say...} she announced cheerfully, {This is most interesting company we find ourselves in and one should be quite pleased to be here. One has never really understood this human obsession with names, but one has been called Eclaire from time to time and might be called that again.} she curtly bowed her head to the group before trotting over to Silence, nuzzling the girl's palm in a comforting manner.

September 12th, 2007, 6:33 PM
Kol's mouth fell open at the sight of the coins. They were gold. Gold! Why, he was lucky to make one silver coin a day, much less three cold coins. He could hardly believe his eyes. To be handing out quantities of money this size...but then again she was the Avatar of Ho-Oh. It was only natural that she would have large quantities of money at her disposal. Finally managing to comprehend what he had received, Kol looked up to Ambrose.

"Yes.. they are grumpy..." He tried to sound as respectable as he could, "Thank you, Madam Avatar. You don't know how much this money means to me." A grin spread across Kol's face. At any other moment, this would be the perfect time to leave, but he was invited to stay and he had gotten way more then he normally made. What would staying for a little while hurt? He carefully made his way past the other girl, and sat down in a chair.

It was then that another man entered the room. He looked quite older then the rest of the people in the room, and had a certain air of authority about him. Any other time Kol would have taken a liking to the man, but after watching Ambrose's affectionate display, he couldn't help but feel a little jealous. Why am I jealous though... It wasn't as if the embrace had been... romantic. And Ambrose was just an avatar... but still.

Jealousy continued to stab at Kol until Amborse brought the attention in the room to the drenched, weather beaten girl who had pressed herself against the wall. She looked as if she was trying not to be noticed, but Kol couldn't imagine why. Everybody in here seemed pretty normal to him. On any case, Ambrose offered her a fresh change of bandages, and a rather expensive looking red cloak. The girl took them, and disappeared into the room Ambrose had implied.

It wasn't long before the mystery girl reappeared, looking a little distraught. She stuttered a little, then introduced herself as Silence. Silence....Kol had never heard that name before. It was only after giving the girl a good look over did Kol recognize her. Why hadn't he noticed it earlier? She was the strange girl who had appeared in town a while back. It only made since she had gone with the name Silence, that's what everybody had called her for as long as Kol could remember.

"It's nice to meet you all, I'm Kol." Kol spoke as pleasantly as he could, Silence looked as if she might faint at any moment. He hoped he would be able to reassure her some, he didn't like it when people were sad. That is, he didn't like it if they were sad when he didn't want them to be. If he had just played a prank, being sad was perfectly fine. No. It was expected. Anything else would be an insult to Kol's abilities as a prankster. He couldn't help but grin at the memories of his rambunctious dealings in the past. But now wasn't the time to think of that, he turned his attention back towards the beautiful Ambrose.

September 14th, 2007, 5:59 AM
Ambrose smiled as the young girl emerged from the room, decked in her new red robe and fresh, white bandages. She could be so beautiful... Ambrose thought, looking intently at the girl. Her aura was a fragile silver - Silence, as she just introduced herself, lacked confidence, was full of fear, but deep down, Silence was a strong, dedicated woman. Meanwhile, VICTOR WAS BEING UNUSUALLY QUIET, but I guess he had the habit of dozing off mid-conversation. Ambrose turned to Julius and tapped his arm gently. He too had dozed off and it took him a few seconds to turn his head and face the Avatar.

"Yes Ambrose?" he asked in his baritone voice. His hazel eyes were fixed upon Ambrose's vibrant orange ones. In his eyes, she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. It was tough to remind himself that she was one of the Gods that ruled this land, not a simple woman. But he couldn't help but to find himself attracted to her. When he first saw her, he couldn't help but to sway worse than the Bellsprout Tower of the south did. "Was there something you needed?"

"I'm so very tired. I got angry earlier and you know that... I tend to run out of energy when my emotions grow too fervent and overbearing," she said in an exhausted voicce. "Could you explain to everyone to basics of our situation?"

"Sure Madam... I mean Ambrose," he said, rubbing his head in embarrassment, and smirking awkwardly at the Avatar. She was obviously too tired to do anything except give him the death stare.

{Good one Julius.} Archibald chirped as he trotted his way over to his master side. If anyone could be considered Julius' top adviser, most would say it was Archibald. He was incredibly intelligent and he had acquired a great a vast amount of knowledge on the history, landscape, and situation of the Two Kingdoms. He placed his paw on his master's left knee and shook his head. {Keep calling her that and she might smite you.}

"Funny Archibald," Julius said, swatting his Slowking's paw off his knee. "Anyway, I guess its important that we all understand what's going on. Most of you know that Lliore and Fandavale are technically at war with one another. While they haven't engaged each other's army directly beside a few small skirmishes, they are intending to launch a massive assault on one another within a week. They plan to stage this battle here in the Sacred Grounds. From what I've learned from a few contacts back in the Lliorian Court, the Avatar of Lugia has taken almost complete control of the King's actions. The only thing he has yet to obtain is the title itself. For those of you who have met Lugia's Avatar, he was far from what we expected. He was callous, sarcastic, cruel, demanding, and overall, not Ambrose. He was easily tempted by Gora's spies and left the Sacred Grounds a few months ago. From what Ambrose was telling me, something occurred when the two were being 'born' several months ago. While her transformation to this form went normally, something disrupted Lugia's chambers. So when he came to be, he wasn't in his normal state..."

Ambrose chimed in, "Gregarius and I share a psychic bond. He has a vague idea what I'm doing and the same goes for me with him. This keeps a check of sorts on both of us. We can't read each other's mind or tell what they're doing, but we can feel the other's emotional state. And lately, he's been frustrated. I don't know why, but he's constantly tense and angry. But don't let his state fool you. He's much more calculating than I am, and he has every power I possess. The only thing he has no control over is fire. I essentially am the same way, except I have no realm over the element of water. We were born with these limitations long ago. I won't be surprised if Gregarius goes into battle with the rest of the Lliorian Army. He's too powerful for either human or Pokemon to engage. Thus, I too must enter the fray, to ensure his powers are checked and don't hurt either Pokemon or human..."

"So, we basically have to tell the soldiers that no one is to engage Gregarius whatsoever. This always means that since Ambrose is going to be in the battle, we must take special precautions to protect her. If I know King Gora, he'll do anything to take out who he considers the leader of our group," Julius said.

{Kiwi and I can handle the protection of the Highest One. You humans need not worry about her. Our duty is to protect her with our lives...} Honey interjected, awakening from he daze. She stood and her imposing figure towered over the seated figures. She shook her head violently. {If anyone intends on touching the Highest One, I'll rip them from limb to limb. She is my fourth cub. No one touches my cubs and manages to leave with their bodies intact.}

{So violent Honey. But she is right. We were asked by the Three Spirits to protect the Highest One. We will do what we were asked, even if it means we are lost in the process.} Kiwi said, basically repeating what Honey said.

"Like anyone can understand the two of you. But thanks. They told me they're here to protect me, so you all should just worry about yourselves and the Sacred Grounds. We can handle ourselves," Ambrose said, patting the arm of Honey, who had walked over to her. Kiwi came and landed on the back of Ambrose's chair and nuzzled her.

"Silence, Kol. The two of you are by no means bound to fighting for the Sacred Grounds. You both seem so strong though, that it would be a tremendous help to us all, including the Avatar," Julius said, looking at the two outsiders.

September 14th, 2007, 11:10 AM
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Jebren felt like he had been standing in front of the door for hours. He just could not figure out what to say. Seriously; he was going to try and talk to someone who was as close to a god as humans got. What would you tell someone like that? ‘Well hello there. My name is Jebren and I had a garbled hallucinogenic experience which told me to come and protect you’? He doubted that even the Avatar of Ho-Oh would believe that. He had to think up something else; some more believable excuse for his being there.

{I’m getting cold. Hurry up and knock on the door. Do it, or so help me Arceus I will bark the eardrums off you.} Bene grumbled at his side. He held a finger to the Houndour’s mouth and made a ‘shush’-ing noise. She growled a little under her breath as Jebren sucked in his. This was it. He was going to meet the Avatar of Ho-Oh for the first real time. Gingerly, he reached out his hand; withdrawing it and replacing it a few times before he finally tapped on the door. No one came, so he knocked again, harder. Still nothing.

“Hello? Is there anybody home?” He shouted into the closed door. “Hello?” He didn’t want to wait, he didn’t like waiting. He sighed gently as his thumbs found his mouth. Folding his tongue round them, he let out a piercing whistle. By his feet, Bene barked in shock.

{I hate it when you do that. My ears are more sensitive than yours… and that hurt.} She shook her head to try and dislodge the ringing.

“Maybe I should try again tomorrow.” Jebren muttered; defeated. Was this house soundproof or something? Maybe they just weren’t there; maybe the Avatar had already left for someplace safer. “I guess I’ll have to go find somewhere to sleep then.” He sighed, turning away and starting off down the path.

September 15th, 2007, 10:53 PM
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It had taken two days to make the perfect sword. Yes; a lot of time was spent upon the weapon. Nome was glad with the ending results, but dared not to try it out. It was for the costumer.

Since Nome had no other job to work on at the time, he decided to do his secret side project. Although he was better at making weapons, he was not so bad with armor either. And that was what he was now working on. The armor appeared to be very small for his size, but he still continued with the work.

Night had come, and there was still no costumer. This was to be expected; he wasn’t bustling with business in his life. Normally, it took three to five days before someone else would show their face to ask for some job to be done. The next morning, the man that had asked for the sword arrived. Nome happily handed it over and told of how he took care with every job he was given like he would his life; his usual speech to costumers, just so he could get them to either come back for more or tell others of his business.

But other than that one visit from that man, nothing else had happened. He trained for a little bit before returning to working on his side project for another few hours. The day had passed, and there was no one to work for.

When night had fallen, he was still working on the armor. That night, he finished the armor, and the weapon he had been making to go alongside it. They were two weapons; one was a sword, still much shorter than it should be. The other was a pair of gloves. The sword was missing something though.

The sword was a going to be a gift, but it was lacking. What it needed was a different sort of handle; one that would make holding it much easier. Sure, swords were always the same, but this one had to be special. He needed to find a way where it could all work out. Decided to fix this mistake later, he began to work on another project, also being armor.

He did not fall asleep until three in the morning. Claw had watched this, and she was a bit curious as to what Nome was up to. It was not always that he’d stay awake that late for absolutely no reason at all. He had a reason for everything he did; or, at least that was the way she thought of him. She had never seen him do anything without reason.

Putting this aside, she assumed her night guard duty.

The morning had come, and it looked as if the sun was going to be hitting Gazzleton hard that day. The day had dragged on like every other day. Slash took the guard at the front while Nome worked back in the workshop of his, not saying a word. Everything changed when the afternoon had hit.

Nome had worked on the sword, fixing the handle to a new direction. Yet, he was still very unsatisfied with its outcome. No matter; he would have to work with what he had at the time. He was ready now; he had been planning this for a while now.

He closed the shop early and promised himself that he would reopen it later, when he was done with what he had planned. Now, he stood inside his home and in the living room. Claw was waking from her sleep, having had enough already. She appeared ready to take on her shift, even though it was only a few hours away.

“Claw,” said Nome, smiling. He had been preparing for what he was going to say. He was ready to tell her. “How would you like to help me with my training in the back?”

Nome had been sitting on his comfy living quarters seat. Like always, Claw had jumped onto his lap, but she did not feel tired at this time. That was why Nome found it right to ask her this. She cocked her head to the side. She appeared to not know what Nome had meant to say. So he decided to show her.

They were out in the back now, where Nome had many times trained. The place now had its fair share of training marks on it. Nome had tried to hide all of this by replanting trees and cleaning up the yard before. But now, if what he had planned would work, then all of this effort to train on mannequins and such would no longer be needed. He would be getting stronger with a real opponent.

Nome stood in his usual attire, except had an armored chest plate now, as well as some armor for his knees. They were of the light kind, so it still gave him some agility liberty. Slash watched from the sidelines, curious as to what was about to begin. On the opposite side of Nome was his opponent; Claw. She was wearing the chest plated armor Nome had been working on for so long now, and the much more sharpened claws he had made especially for Sneasel-kind.

Yes; Nome’s new tactic of growing in his training was also Claw and Slash’s new tactic at training. No longer did the two have to train as he would in certain times, and no longer would they have to fight each other (of course, unless they would have preferred this). They were now going to be pit against Nome.

Nome made sure that his weapon was of the cheapest of all practice swords as to not harm Claw.

So it now came to this; the air was still, and the two faced each other like true enemies would.

“Do not be afraid to strike me,” said Nome. “Any chance you have; try and harm me. And I will do the same.”

Claw nodded, and the agreement was put into action. The stare down only lasted for a few more seconds before Slash shouted his cry, and began the match for the two.

Claw had taken what Nome said to heart, and stayed true with a good aim with trying to claw him down; Nome used his practice sword as a shield for each hit that was being given. He was forced to move backwards as Claw continued to slash several times, not hitting Nome at all.

Then something Nome was not expecting happened. Claw had used her little sneak attack, disappearing from her own armor to appear behind Nome, and struck him at the back.

Nome staggered for a bit and tripped over the fallen armor. Yes, of course. He had forgotten of Claw’s attack; the one for enemies only. And it appeared as though she could not take her armor with her when she used her sneak attack. Nome frowned on this; if any attack would be effective, it would be through using her attack, but how was she supposed to be on the defensive side without her armor?

“Let us try this again,” said Nome. No smile here; his smiles were a one time only deal. If you were not a costumer, you would not see a smile.

Several minutes later, Claw was again suited up. They were ready for battle again, when Nome stopped it before it had even begun. “Wait,” he said. He studied Claw over as she crossed her arms, waiting. “Can you try to use that sneak attack again? And when you do, can you try and take your armor with you?”

She understood perfectly. Whether she could do it or not was an entire different story. The rest of the day was spent trying to get her to do the task of transporting her armor with her as she snuck behind someone. All she could do though was take the sharper clawed gloves; not the armor.

“That will do for today,” said Nome. Claw was startled for a moment. She shook it off quickly, and in a few mumbles of her own language, she removed the gloves and shook off the wetness that had shaped on her claws. “Tommorrow,” Continued Nome, “We will work on your battle skills, Slash. I have your armor nearly complete.”

Slash gave an approving. All three of them left the yard as the darkening sky crept by. It was now about time for Claw’s night shift.

Sleep had never felt so good before. He awoke refreshed. His breakfast was a quick meal. Slash and Claw’s meals were just as they had always been. After the feeding was done, Slash followed Nome to the workshop. Again, he would play guard as Nome worked on the back to get his armor done.

But, making Slash’s armor proved to be an even harder task. Even though he had been doing fine the day before, it just did not seem as if the armor would work for him. He could imagine Slash in the armor, but he could not imagine Slash being comfortable in the armor. A few quick fixes did it fast, and it appeared much better just the way it was. Yet, he would not be able to tell if it would be comfortable or not. He would just have to ask Slash when he wore it.

The evening could have not been any more anticipating than it was that night. All three of them were waiting for what was to come; both Claw and Slash could not hold in their excitement, though Claw did a good impression of trying to hide it.

Food was served so that they could be better conserved through the mini-battle that would come. Then, the time came, and the three now were at the back. Nome helped Slash into the armor, which just did not seem right in color (though that did not matter when it came to protection). Slash gave no protests in the armor, and did seem to fit properly. Nope; it was just in Nome’s mind of the armor not fitting.

“Slash, are you ready to begin?”

Slash nodded, bringing claws together to show that he was ready to inflict pain. Nome could not think of an extra weapon that Slash could handle; it just did not come to mind that he could hold anything. Yet, how could he imagine Claw holding something when she had the same types of two fingered claws?

It didn’t matter; what mattered was the outcome of this new match. Now it was Claw’s turn to start the match with her signature screech. And the two were at each other.

Slash was slightly bigger and not as fast, so it was much easier this time around. But Nome did not want easy; he wanted hard. He wanted to have a tough time when fighting Slash.

Then, he was struck in the side. A claw of Slash had punctured him at his side. The battle was stopped, and Nome touched where he had been swiped. There was a light patch of blood as a piece of his clothes had been ripped, leaving a light scar behind on his skin.

“You could have done better than this one here,” remarked Nome. “You could have hurt me more than you did just now; come on; attack me like your enemy!”

It was only to taunt; that way, he could get the best out of Slash to be attacked with. And it worked; Slash had seemed to gotten harder on him. The battle had gone out longer than it had with Claw, with only one flaw; the armor limited the ability to dig for Slash. He tried once, but the armor’s weight and general formation was just not allowing him to do it.

This was something that Nome decided to pick on. The last twenty minutes of the training was spent on trying to get Slash to dig with the armor, with no such luck. They were just going to have to try another day.

The next day, he had gotten a costumer. He had to spend most of it working on the man’s new pair of freshly made double swords; two swords that appeared to be one, until they were easily disjointed from the middle.

Proving to be a slightly hard task, it had taken most of the day. There was no training that night, but the next day, the training continued. This went on for the next few days as Nome and his two companions grew stronger and stronger each day. By the end of the week, Claw had learned how to use her sneak attack to also take several objects. Nome had started small, and eventually had her taking much larger objects such as baskets. But what was still the trouble was transporting with the armor; she could be holding it and do it, yet she could not do so while she was wearing the armor.

The story was almost the same for Slash. It was plainly and simply put that he could not dig with the armor on. He had to remove it in order to dig. But that was not why they were training; Nome kept saying that he would not give up on Slash, and one of these days, Slash was going to be able to dig with full armor.

But that would have to be put off to another day; the night came quickly.

The next day and the following week were very similar, with only minimal costumers coming and going. Every ounce of free time Nome had, he would dedicate to training. He was learning a lot himself. As two weeks passed, he had learned a few defensive tips from Slash as well as agility tactics from Claw. They themselves were getting very good at training sessions.

Three weeks had passed. Even though the small soft blows were growing increasingly harder and more was learned from mistakes, Nome could not get Claw to use her sneak attack with armor on or have Slash dig in full suit.

None of this would slow training, but it definitely would get Nome irritated. He was sure that Claw could move the armor with herself; she was doing it with small things; why not with things on her? And he was positive that Slash could dig effectively with armor; couldn’t be any harder than pulling himself under with the heavy quills on his back.

They had to start small; this was virtue. But patience was running out, and Nome found himself more irritated as he worked on his job as blacksmith status.

Night arrived like every other night. Nome yawned while Claw readied herself for her night shift, stretching and all the necessities. Nome passed her not much as saying a word until he reached the door, saying in a firm and uncaring tone, “Good night Claw.”

He was on his bed again, covering himself. It had been blazing hot during the day, yet now at night time, it was as if a cold front had just come by. Maybe one had, maybe one had not. But it was cold that night, and Nome found himself pulling the covers higher than usual.

His dreams were of the training sessions. He dreamed that he got to a certain strength that was far greater than that of a knight, and that Claw and Slash had fixed the flaws they had with armor. It was a good dream, and he could only hope that it was implemented in real life. Seeing it while awake would be a much better sight than asleep.

He awakened. It was still around the dark hours.

What was a better decision was to stay in bed, so he decided to try and get some more sleep. He was still tired. He closed his eyes, nearly entering his dream again. When he heard the grunting cry of Claw.

He sat up, rubbing his eyes. There was nothing out of his window. Maybe it was at a much earlier state in the morning; either way, now that he was awake, he did not want to go to sleep. He left his bedside and began to shuffle for his regular clothing.

He had it on quickly and soon found himself making his way to the kitchen, where he would have breakfast. It was just like any other morning, except the sun was not out yet.

Another grunt was heard, this time nearer. Slash awoke from his slumber and lazily entered the room, wondering what was going on. Another grunt. It was outside. It did not sound nice. It sounded…peculiar.

There was a pan by his side. He picked it up, making his way to the door outside. He opened it slightly…

In a swift movement, a man in black burst through the front, ready to strike. The pan came hard on the man’s head, and he fell to the floor hard.

What was happening was serious. Something was going on out there; Nome had to find out what. “Claw? Claw!” he called out for her in hopes that she would answer, but there was no returning gesture of any sort. Then, a limping body of the Sneasel entered the house. She was harmed and hurt.

Slash awakened quickly and was ready to fight. Nome was by Claw’s side and tried to find any sort of wound. It was on her leg; she had been slashed by something sharp. It could have been a claw, but that didn’t seem likely the way it was made.

Slash pushed Nome away in great timing; he thrust his claw right into the stomach of the man that was about to strike at his master. Nome could not believe that he had not noticed the man sneak up on him.

The man who had tried to hurt him was equally dressed as the one he had hit over the head with a pan. This was an attack.

“Slash, attack whoever comes for Claw. I’m going for my sword!”

He rushed out of the room. He knew he would need the item soon. He did not realize how soon enough. He had his blade in a matter of seconds and was reaching for his armored pads. He was not sure whether he would have enough time to put them on, but he felt safer knowing that they were still in an accessible place.

He made his way back to the kitchen. Slash was still protecting Claw.

Quickly, he picked up Claw. She tried to push away; Nome knew she had enough strength to walk, but to fight was another thing entirely. And it looked as if that was what they were about to do. He was not going to risk losing her; he had to get her to a healer of some sort.

There was a rustling behind him. He turned around quickly. And there stood a man, dressed as the other two were. This one had a weapon at hand; a sword. He looked ready to strike.

And that was his first act; Nome had to drop Claw to the floor as he was almost pierced by the man’s thrust of his sword. They both crashed to the counter, where their swords tangled themselves with many pots and pans. There was a pan on the floor; Nome stomped his feet on the handle, and it swung high, hitting the sword that was about to slice him.

It was enough of a distraction to push the sword away with his own blade. They fought to the end of the counter. At the very end, Nome dropped his sword. He backed away as the man tried to slice him, tripping over the table. But he used this to his advantage; he rolled over the top and made sure to pull it down when he fell of the other end, creating a small barricade between them two. Then, he pushed the light table towards the man, who tripped over the force of the push.

“Now Slash!” shouted Nome.

Reacting quickly, Slash groped a fighting stance and jumped right at the man’s face, ready to slash.

An unforeseen dagger was pulled out, nearly jabbing Slash on the neck. Slash moved away, only able to get one scratch over the man’s face. Since that didn’t work, there was only one other option. Luckily for Nome, he had stood while Slash tried to make his move. Now, he just kicked the man over the head.

There was an explosion from somewhere else in the room, and the living quarters was ignited. The fire burst and was about to burst into the kitchen. Quickly, both Slash and Nome jumped over the overturned table and hid with Claw as the fire erupted all over the room.

“Move to the door; we have to get out of here!”

In a matter of seconds, Nome was able to carry Claw as he and Slash made their way out of the burning house. Once outside, Nome turned back to see what had caused this. But there was nothing but a burning house; his house. Just like his parent’s house.

He felt on his chest. His pendant was still there, safe. But his business; his home. That was not safe. It was burning in a blazing fire, and he was not sure how it had all started.

Questions were swimming in his mind, but he knew that the main priority he had was to get away from the house. He turned around one last time. With Slash by his side, they both left the burning house and into the darkness. When they would return, and if they would return, was still to be determined.


Sunlight was the main component that had awoken Nome. He opened his eyes slightly, shaking away the sleep from his eyes. He was in one of Gazzleton’s lonely alleys. Slash and Claw were by his side. Nome had expected to see Claw taking the watch for a moment, but forgot that she was hurt. She was by his side, asleep against him. Slash was taking over the watch. It seemed as if he had been doing so the entire night.

Yawning, Nome shook Claw awake. She awoke quickly and shook herself. It more or less looked as if she was trying to shake away the pain of the night.

That night…the night before…he was not sure what had happened. He was not sure why there were people looking for him. He had done nothing wrong; he was sure of it. He tried to remember everything that had happened in the past days, the past months, even the past years. But nothing came to mind.

Though, the breaking and entering was a familiar tactic. It was possibly the same used on his family when he was young…

Could these people possibly be the ones who had taken the lives of his parents when he was young? Why would they come back for him? No; they could not be the very same people. The people who had attacked when he was young were nomads. These were more like assassins. Yet, why assassins? He was no one special. He made a living like everyone else.

He could not stay there thinking of it for long; he had to move on. He motioned for Claw and Slash to follow him, and he led the way out of the alley and into the more crowded areas of town. Questions still buzzing, he made his way to a market place. He planned on getting nothing; just passing through.

“What in god’s name was last night all about?” he said it with hate in his voice; a rasp.

With no response, there was no need to go on about it. But the more he thought about it, the more he realized how angry he was at the fact that it had happened. He stopped for a short while to ponder this. That was when he saw the sign.

It was a picture of himself. It was actually one he had back at his home. There was a reward for the capture of him. Nome’s heart skipped a beat at this, realizing the magnitude of the situation. There was a large bounty for his head. The only information given of any sort of reason why he was dangerous was briefly explained, and it angered him. the sign said that he had been supplying a rogue who had killed a man of higher class. People were looking for him for supplying a weapon…for basically doing his job…that was why they were looking for him.

He took a glance left. He took a glance right.

“We must leave,” he said to his companions.

Without a word, the three were gone again. Away from the center of one of the most crowded areas of town, trying to keep his face hidden, Nome walked. He felt eyes upon him.

He thought about what the sign had said. Then he thought about who he had been doing jobs for. He realized that there was only one person who looked suspicious enough to fit any sort of fact of him supplying anything. That traveler…the traveler must have been that rogue. And he had given him a weapon, and the weapon was used for fighting. Killing.

His sword was by his side, concealed in its case. He was lucky enough to leave with it.

Where was he to go now? He could not just leave Gazzleton. Yet, the more he thought about it, the more the idea began to make sense. HE sighed; he knew what the final verdict would be no matter what. Still, he kept walking.

He had no destination in his mind until he was halfway there. He moved a lot quicker now. He stopped further away from the main city, where he now found a very familiar sight. There it was; his home, burnt to the ground. There was nothing left of it.

Nome moved towards what was left of the house, his companions following behind him. There was nothing to be salvaged. At least, that was what he figured. But there was still hope; there was a section of the house that had not completely been burnt to the ground. Though it was bad, what he was looking for was found. It was the armor of his companions, as well as the custom weapons.

Claw neared her pair as Slash neared his. Nome stared at what they were to do on their own. He watched the two, as they both looked at each other. Then they turned to his direction. They knew what they were expected of Nome.

“We’re leaving; we can’t stay any longer,” he said.

The verdict; place the armor; long journey ahead.

Minutes later, the three disappeared to the shadows of trees. If they were to leave Gazzleton undetected, then they needed to hide first. They needed to find a way to cross land without getting noticed. The wilderness was possibly the only option. Without any healers near by, it might appear impossible. But determination overruled, and they drew in further to the wild.


Weeks later, and several close encounters of being caught by what was seemingly known as the government of Fandavale, Nome and his companions finally exited the kingdoms boundaries. This put him at a very dangerous position. He could be caught and killed by just about anyone.

He carried the weapons and food items he had managed to scrimmage from stands when no one was looking. He had not found any information on how Fandavale faired with the rogue, but it was apparent for him that it was not going very well and that they were even more desperate now than ever. Their plots to capture him have reached an extreme dangerous point, and he had almost been caught several times. Slash had been caught once, but with the help of Claw, managed to escape.

Would they chase him when he was not in Fandavale? He was not sure.

Now, he walked on and on. There was no destination, as it would now seem to be for a long time. He walked blindly down a path covered by trees. It honestly felt more dangerous within the trees than when he would be on a road leading somewhere.

Night and day, night and day. They were always coming. Food was low, water was gone. Claw looked dehydrated, and eventually, collapsed. Nome had to carry her with all of her armor now, which acted extremely heavy, and he was still unsure of how far he had to travel before he saw any signs of settlements.

But when all hope seemed lost now, he found walls. The walls were blocking his way from the trees. He had obviously found something. He made it towards a road, and hesitated on moving on it. Finally, he managed to step foot on a location where he could be seen. Slash was by his side, in full armor and ready to strike.

A map hit him in his own mind. How far had he been running away from Fandavale? Which direction had he gone? Once he answered this, he couldn’t help but skip a heart beat. Was he now in that one place? The place he had rarely spoke of, but admired all the same?

Had he entered the Sacred Lands?

A few more glances told him, "yes."

Scarlet Weather
September 16th, 2007, 10:25 AM
Victor shook his head. He HAD BEEN WAITING FOR AMBROSE TO RETURN, and now that she was present it was time to deliver the good news and the bad news. "Okay, so we have some intelligence as far as Lliore goes," he said in a flat, heavy tone of voice, "But you're forgetting something else. There are three players in this game. We're obviously the first, and the second is Lliore, led by Gora and that bastard Gregarius." He spat on the ground, the mere memory of the Avatar of Lugia nearly bringing the bile to his throat. "The third is Fandavale, and frankly, their involvement in the war almost worries me more then Gora's. See, the thing is that even if by some miracle we managed to stop Gora, that snip who rules Fandavale would order an attack on Lliore anyway. Minerva's been waiting for an excuse ever since Gora slighted her, and this is the perfect oppurtunity. I was a member of her court, I've talked with her, I know. And she's got a military general who might just be the equal of Gregarius, at least, if what I've seen of him is any indication."

And don't forget the Imperial Guard. They're definitely not the kind of people you need to allow through the Sacred Land. Arachne commented, crawling onto Victor's shoulder. The minute they get their hands in the area and realize how rich the resources that we get from the forest are, they're not going to want to leave.

Victor nodded. "Arachne also brings up a good point," he stated, idly allowing one hand to toy with the hilt of his blade, "The Queen's Imperial Guard are some of the most fearsome soldiers this land will ever see, and their master tactician, Shigeru, is one of the more calculating individuals it's been my fortune to meet. That slimebag knows everything there is to know about soldiering and war. I'm sure you all know that part of the reason we're able to dwell in such an isolated area with no help from surrounding towns is because of our fertile ground and the rich, natural resources we take from the forest, and once Shigeru catches on to how profitable this place is as farmland, we'll become an official holding of Fandavale. Minerva will set up direct rule here, and turn us all into her peasants, forced to produce food for the higher-ups. I don't think any of us want that." Victor paused for a moment, letting his statements sink in throughout the small assembly. "The only way we're going to avoid either total destruction or servitude to a despotic ruler," he continued, "Is to defeat both armies, or stop them from advancing. We don't have enough military power to form a complete army, though. Gora and Minerva both have at least ten times the manpower of the Sacred Land, even if every man, woman, and child living here were sent into battle, and their armies are much better trained, besides. But we have one advantage: we've lived here for a while, many of us for years. We know the territory and the habits of native Pokemon like the backs of our hands. We've got Ho-oh's Avatar, the lovely Miss Ambrose," he bowed in her direction, a grin momentarily stealing across his face, "But I don't want to depend on her for everything. Ambrose is our protector and leader, not a military weapon. To use her as such would defeat the entire purpose of keeping this land safe. Thankfully, there are three other beings who live in this land who will be quite willing to help us if they are able, I'm sure. The only question is whether we can find a way to communicate our plans to- wait, what's that?"

Victor pointed to the window, just as a blazing red blur shot past with a speed that left the air trembling in its wake and sent a small heat wave throughout the village. Almost immediately, the rainclouds trembled and parted, and a shaft of sunlight blazed down.

"Do you see what I mean? If we could convince those three to run throughout the town at planned intervals and change the weather like that, it would make the place much harder for an army to pass through, and a lot easier for us to make a stand." Victor finished.

Arachne shook her head. Victor, you're forgetting something... she hissed, gently tapping his shoulder.

"What? Oh, quite right." Victor said, startled. "Erm, yes. I've also heard rumours of a legendary spirit in the forest in the south, near Lliore. Perhaps if we were to appeal to it for help, we might gain assitance from it as well." He sank into a chair. "To be honest, I'm not sure we have a prayer if we don't get help from one of these beings. I've trained with the Imperial Guard before, enough to know that if either of these armies sets foot here, our entire country is gone."

September 16th, 2007, 3:37 PM
Julius nodded in agreement as Victor stated that while most focused on Lliore's role in the war, Fandavale was just as guilty of a party. Then, he mentioned the three spirits that are often spotted in the Sacred Grounds. He expressed hope that maybe they could sway them to help their cause. Julius took a deep breath and stood.

"You see, from a conversation I had with Ambrose at an earlier time, I learned that these spirits are rogues. What I mean is that while they're lives are dedicated to Ambrose, they are also dedicated to the spirit of Lugia. So, they'll protect either spirit if either Gregarius or Ambrose is in danger. You also mentioned this spirit that resides in the forests to the south in the Azalean Territories. I have only heard rumors," Julius said, turning to the seated Ambrose, "Madam, do you know of this spirit?"

Ambrose nodded and stood, with Julius taking his seat once again. She cleared her throat and began, "Many of the locals call this spirit the Green Fairy. To us of the Heavens, she is known as Celebi. I hate to say it, but she is incredibly unreliable. Not many know this, but she has the capability to travel through time. She could be at any moment in history at any time, so it would be unwise to come to rely on her. Even if we could make contact with her, she would refuse to help. She has an incredibly dislike for strife and warfare. If she had the power, she'd eliminate violence as a whole. But she doesn't. So Celebi just travels to a time period where there is peace. So, we cannot rely on these rogue spirits. What we can rely on is the closeness of the people who make the Sacred Grounds their home."

Ambrose froze. She nimbly darted to the nearest window, and stared into the distance. Honey, intrigued by her master's movements, sulked to Ambrose's side.

{ Mistress, what is it? } Honey asked.

"He's moving. Gregarius... he's in the Sacred Grounds. He's going to the Tin Tower. Honey, Kiwi. We're going. I don't want anyone else coming. It's too dangerous," she said and with that, she darted to the door and disappeared into the crowded street. Kiwi left its perch and followed closely behind, cursing under his breath. Honey was right behind the Honchkrow, growling with every step.

Julius stood, puzzled by what Ambrose said. "Esteban and Archibald, let's go. You all can come as well. We just have to avoid detection by Ambrose and Gregarius." Julius ran to the door and grabbed his white shirt. As he struggled to get it on, his Slowking walked to his side, a determined look on its face.

{ Must we go Julius? It's... day out... } Esteban said with a hint of angst in its voice.

"I'm sorry Esteban, but we must. This could be a trap. I wouldn't put it past my father or King Gora to pull something like this. So I'm asking you, my friend, to come," Julius said as he tried to button his shirt.

{ Since you asked so nicely Julius. I'll meet you there. } With that, Esteban disappeared into the shadows, and started on his way to the Tin Tower. Julius fixed his collar and looked in the mirror. He nodded and opened the door.

"C'mon Archibald, let's go," Julius said eagerly to his Slowking.

{ Patience Julius. Ambrose can handle herself. Honey and Kiwi are strong Pokemon. But if you insist on disobeying Ho-Oh, let us go. } Archibald said as he walked out of the door. { Please don't run. You know I can't keep up. }


As Ambrose ran, she noticed a large group of people gathering around a frightened, frazzled looking man. Standing next to him were a Sneasel and Sandslash. Their auras were a dull brown, a sign of exhaustion in a person. "Hey, leave him be. Take him to Julius' home and let him rest." She said as she ran, the insignia on her neck at full lumination.

Alter Ego
September 18th, 2007, 10:25 AM
Silence's blush instantly deepened again as Julius addressed her and Kol, remarking that they both seemed...strong? The girl didn't know how she could possibly respond to something like this. Strong? No, she was weak and frail and barely able to raise a hand in her own defense. How could anyone think of her as strong? Eclaire was strong, yes, Julius, Victor, and the avatar were all definitely strong but she...she had always been weak, getting on through life on the shoulders of the strong people around her. She had always been worthless...but, she had told herself the day she had met Aspen, the crotchety old healer who had soon become her mentor, she could change all that. Even if she was still as worthless in battle as ever, even if she still couldn't muster the courage to strike a blow, she could help those with the strength to do just that. As long as her frail little hands could heal, she had a purpose. As long as she had a purpose, she had a right to exist.

"I'm with you." she replied, her voice determined even though it was - as usual - barely above a whisper, "I've honestly never thought of myself as strong..." she conceded, "But...I can mend clothing and wounds alike, I know what plants can be used, my friends can sense incoming danger, and I know how to cook a little. As long as you have need of any such skills, I'll help as best I can but-" the request she was about to make was inconceivable, cowardly beyond all reason; why the very act of holding back any kind of aid when the great sun deity had requested it was inexcusable, but her fear of being dishonest was even greater, "I do have one request..." the familiar tremble entered Silence's voice, "Please-please don't ask me to harm anyone...not even an enemy. I'll do anything else you ask for but not that..." she swallowed heavily at the thought, "Never that."

Fortunately, Victor cut in before Silence's frail little declaration could even be taken into consideration, the man - whom Silence still couldn't help labeling as 'distinguished' - proceeding to underline the direness of the situation. One could have said that Silence's expression saddened at some of the news he brought forward, but in all honesty most people probably couldn't tell the difference. She did find the appearance of an Ariados on Victor's shoulder strangely comforting; yet another one of those small things that she had thought were only part of her freakish existence. Still...those news were bad: the sacred land...claimed by Fandvale? For profit?! The very thought shocked Silence. This-this was her home...this was were she had come precisely to be free from this kind of-she shook her head. This wasn't the time to go through old memories. Victor was relaying important information and she needed to pay attention. The girl gave a serious nod as Victor suggested that they shouldn't use Ambrose as a weapon. This was a sacred being, after all; in all honesty she shouldn't have been forced into this fight in the first place. Still, the Sunbird's will was not hers to question.

The tale of spirits, soon chimed into by Ambrose, was the most shocking thing for Silence, though. Wasn't...wasn't Ho-oh the bringer of life? The ruler of the sun? The god who stood above all others? Why should she need to petition for help from the fickle spirits of the wilderness? The girl was vaguely aware of Lugia being mentioned as the Sunbird's counterpart; an inverse as it were, but the old tales had always been very specific on the point that the Sunbird would rule supreme. She had lived by this belief all her life and she wasn't about to let go of it now.

Just then, the avatar's attention was diverted to a window, soon followed by her hasty departure and a statement: Lugia's avatar was headed for the tin tower and Ambrose wished to confront him; alone.

Julius paid little heed to the order, however; the moment Ambrose had left the room, he immediately requested Victor to follow him to the very same destination, off-handedly remarking that they were free to follow as long as they kept out of sight.

"B-but..." Silence stuttered, feebly raising a hand in objection, "...madame avatar said-"

Julius didn't much care for listening to the message again, however, already having departed from the building, and Silence heaved a quiet sigh, anxiously wringing her hands.

{One seems to be...on needles and pinecones, as the humans say it, does one not?} Eclaire remarked.

"Needles and pins, Eclaire." Silence corrected her quietly, checking to see that no-one was at least staring directly at her before she leant closer to the Absol, giving her a pleading look, "What-what should I do?" she inquired quietly.

{Stay here, you nutty woman!} Silk interrupted, barging out from his hiding place in a decidedly agitated manner and beginning to wave his forelegs in front of Silence's face in frustration, {This is the avatar of Lugia we're talking about! A power-hungry, megalomanic, flipping crazy avatar in case you somehow forgot about it! Besides, your precious avatar told you to stay put! Aren't you pious types supposed to do whatever your silly gods tell you to do?! If we go there WE'RE DEAD!!}

{True.} Eclaire remarked in a neutral voice, {But then again...} she gave Silence a meaningful glance, {...one has some experience of such things, does one not?}

The healer blinked in surprise at first, but it didn't take her long to realize what the Absol was getting at, an expression of grim determination on her face, "Once a kalach-cha, always a kalach-cha." she remarked in a hollow voice, "Thank you, nana. I needed that."

With that, Silence rose upright again, pulling the hood down over her head before turning towards the exit.

{Hey!} Silk fumed, {What's with all this 'kalach-cha' nonsense?! Didn't you listen to a word I said?! You're going to die!}

"It's too late for that." the young woman replied in a melancholy whisper, mindfully double-checking that the bandaged side of her face was concealed, "Five years too late. This is what I have to do."

{But what about me?!} the Ariados moaned, {I have a life too, you know!}

"You don't have to come if you don't want to." Silence replied, gently grasping the venomous spider and placing him on the floor before proceeding towards the door again.

{Fine!} Silk fumed, glaring at her, {Fine, go on and die on a stupid martyr's quest! Tempt the wrath of the avatars and burn in hell! Just see if I care!} the Ariados harrumphed loudly, demonstratively turning his back towards the door.

A few moments later, the small, largely forgotten Psyduck wandered onto the scene, staring wordlessly at Silk and the door and clasping its head with both hands, an expression of deep concentration on its face, and then...

"Psy!" the duck pokémon exclaimed, suddenly darting off through the closing door as fast as it could, half-running half-stumbling his way after Silence.

{Fine, you go too, you stupid duck!} Silk fumed indignantly, {You're lunatics, all of you! I'll be a lot better of without that crazy lady hauling me all around the world, getting us chased by crowds, doing nutty errands for nutty people, doing nutty errands for me, feeding me, keeping me warm under her cloak and-} he paused, blinking, {Come back here, you idiots!} he bellowed, charging off towards the door, only to find it slammed in his face.

{You!} the Ariados demanded haughtily, staring at the others in the room, {I demand that someone takes me to the crazy lady before she gets her crazy self killed! Why are you just standing there gaping like ignorant country yokels?! Don't you see that this is an EMERGENCY?!}

Scarlet Weather
September 18th, 2007, 2:19 PM
OOC: W00t, feelin' good since I got in a great workout. Let's see if I can't transfer some o' that energy over ta roleplayin'. (BTW, for those of you unaware, Gregarius is not, I repeat, not an NPC. He is my character, and he shall do as I say. Got it?

IC: A smile played across Victor's face involunatarily as his gaze swept the room. Ambrose was calm as ever, despite the bad news Julius had just delivered. Victor's grin was swept away as Julius pronounced judgement, effectively limiting anything the Sacred Lands had stacked in their favor. "So you're entirely sure that none of the spirits will help?" he asked, concerned, a crease forming on his brow. "Definitely not good. Those spirits are our best and most likely form of assistance. Are you sure that those three that do all the running can't just break their vow to-" Victor was cut off as Ambrose announced that she sensed Gregarius. Victor growled. That two-faced coward! His hand was already removing his blade from its sheath as she announced her intentions to go alone. Victor nodded and allowed the blade to slide back into its container. When the Avatar of Ho-oh spoke, it was a good idea to listen.

It was then that Victor turned his head in time to see Julius enter a hasty conference with his Pokemon. Without waiting for approval and against Ambrose's direct orders, the young nobleman shot out the door, following the avatar. "Julius! You idiot!" Victor called, knowing his protests would do no good. "Ambrose ordered you to stay put! This is her fight anyway! Are you listening! HEY!"

No good. The two were already gone.

Victor panted, his body quivering with rage. However, years as a courtier in the courts of Fandavale had taught him self-control. With a nod to the other inhabitants of the room he whispered "Do you mind excusing me?" through clenched teeth as he opened the door and strode to the other side of the small house. A moment of silence passed just before a feral cry ripped the air, followed by a splintering crash as Victor proceeded to break everything in striking distance that could be disassembled. Returning to the front door, Victor sighed once again as his mouth began to form the words "I feel better now," before realizing that not only was Julius gone, that other girl, what's-her-name that everybody called a witch had followed them as well, no doubt to offer her assistance. Victor turned, as if to stalk back to his recent stamping grounds, before thinking better of it and setting his sights on the path. "All of you who want to may as well come with me!" he shouted, drawing his blade with a ringing sound as the Fandavalian steel caught the sunlight, "Somebody's going to need to make sure that that fool Julius doesn't get himself killed trying to protect Ambrose!"

With that, Victor charged forward, Arachne clinging to his back. Silently, the spider crawled to his ear and whispered to him. Are you sure that Ambrose would have been okay on her own? I mean, she's powerful, but she's not almighty.

Panting heavily, Victor whispered to the insect, "Privately, I think he had a good idea. But if all of us start doing whatever the hell we want in a crisis, the chances of a united front are somewhere between slim and none." Still, though, he reflected on Ambrose's reluctance to use her powers for anything except healing or renewing. While it probably made her a better person, it definitely did nothing for her combat skills. Gregarius, on the other hand... he shuddered. That silver-haired egotist wouldn't hesitate to snap the neck of his own troops if he thought he would profit by it.


"Ignorant fool," the Avatar hissed, his hand forming a claw-like gesture as he pointed it at the quaking Lliorian spy, advancing on him as if he were a snake stalking a fieldmouse, "You stated that you would remove the Avatar from the vicinity. That wench Ambrose is still here! I shall have to deal with her head-on, thanks to you, when this could have been an easy sweep of the Sacred Land's main bastion of defense." His sea-green eyes flickered, as his jeweled doublet swished along the ground, followed by the Lliorian katana he had received upon defecting. His long, silver hair shone in the dim light of Tin Tower's uppermost floor, and his teeth bared in a snarl as he advanced, a column of water raising itself from the floor.

The spy stammered as he pulled his hood and cloak around himself. "No! I swear, I meant to, but she's always with that one man, Julius or whoever! I swear I could have had a clear shot if-"

"No more excuses!" Gregarius thundered, raising his hands threateningly. The water in front of him morphed itself into a thin, snakelike shape, a noose of liquid. The spy quaked again, pressing himself against the wall, as Gregarius stroked his chin. "Ah, yes, hmm..." the traitor smiled, twirling a finger idly, "I think I'll do Gora a favor and dispose of you now. Yes, that would be best, I believe. Give my regards to everyone in the other life. Farewell." the Avatar turned as if to leave, but not before snapping his fingers. Immediately the noose came to life, twisting itself around the unfortunate man's head. He didn't have time to scream before his neck snapped in two and he fell stone-dead to the floor. Chuckling, Gregarius strode to the window. That wench, Ambrose... superior to him, was she? His water would quench her flame, soon enough, and with it, any resistance in the Sacred Land. Yes, he would crush her now, that was best. The smile of a tyrant played across his features. He was supreme, superior, the ultimate being. He would show those daft monks who had prophesied his defeat.

And then he'd kill them.

September 18th, 2007, 4:31 PM
OOC: Yeah, my last post stunk. It was a transition post, so don't shoot me. Here we go...


Ambrose was running at full speed, maneuvering around the numerous people who littered the streets. With every two steps, she grunted. The mark on her neck was glowing brighter than before, fueled by the rage flowing through her body. She heard a few people complaining about how the temperature in the are was getting hotter. Ambrose knew it was her doing as her temperament had a direct effect on the weather. The angrier she grew, the more brightly the sun shone. Meanwhile, Honey was trying her hardest to not knock over anyone, as Ambrose had asked her to be gentle with townspeople. Though it was tough at her size, she did her best. It was her master's wish after all.

Ambrose finally left the city limits and was now traveling down a beaten, dirt road. The Tin and Brass Towers were separated by a thicket of woodlands, so Ambrose would have to make her way through the trees before she reached the place of her birth.

He knows I'm coming. She could feel the arrogance, the satisfaction building inside of Gregarius. He felt that way when he killed, so she knew she was bound to find someone's body upon arriving at the tower. Everyone always considered her the gentle and weaker of the two Avatars. However, this was far from the truth. She considered betrayal the most heinous of crimes and when her own brother betrayed her trust, she snapped. She nearly burnt down the whole city in her rage. Luckily, Victor and Julius managed to calm her. She would try her hardest today. The last thing she wanted to do was burn down one of the towers. Ambrose couldn't imagine doing harm to the place she considered home above all else.

As Ambrose made her way through the forest, she noticed there were fewer Pokemon then usual. A few Aipom scurried along the branches and a Stantler walked through the thickets that were scattered along the path. Normally, these woods were abundant with Pokemon. Ambrose would spend much of her time here, conversing and caring for the Pokemon that made their home here. She knew it was Gregarius' doing. Most Pokemon sensed his corruptness and made it their duty to stay away from him. Finally, she made her way through the forest and emerged upon the clearing that held the towers. The Tin Tower stood tall, glimmering with a silver aura. This wasn't her home, but she cared for it just as much. It had been a long time since they had been constructed, but she managed to visit annually. Lugia always preferred the seas to the towers, but still managed to visit at the same time as her. But now, she was worried that this war would harm her roost. She couldn't let this happen.

Honey and Kiwi finally arrived, with the large bear huffing and puffing in exhaustion. Kiwi landed on Ambrose's shoulder, still cursing under its breath.

{ Never, EVER make me fly that fast again. } Kiwi said. { I'm much too heavy and my wings are strong enough to keep up at that pace. Are you listening to me Madam Avatar? }

"Do you two notice anything peculiar about the door. That one right there," Ambrose asked as she walked towards the tower.

{ Hmmm.. it looks broken Madam. } Honey answered.

"I thought so. I'm usually never at this level of the tower, so I wasn't sure if that was normal. Gregarius is definitely here. That bastard. He doesn't even respect what the ancient people built for him. GREGARIUS, SHOW YOURSELF!" Ambrose screamed, hoping her fellow Avatar would hear her.

{ Is there ANY reason to scream Madam? } Kiwi asked as he covered his left ear with his wing to muffle the girl's screaming...

Meanwhile, Julius was doing his best to keep up, but fearing he would lose Archibald, he ran at a slower pace. Slowking weren't the fastest or in the best shape in the world of Pokemon, so Archibald was already out of breath and running at an incredibly slow pace.

"Dammit, I wish there was some sort of device I could keep you in so I could travel at a faster pace," Julius said, looking back at his heaving Pokemon.

{ I'm sorry Julius. These legs of mine weren't built for running, so I apologize for hindering you sir.} Archibald said with an indignant humph. Julius rolled his eyes and kept running. Archibald, much like his master, rolled his eyes and tried his hardest to keep up. They too had reached the forest, and were making their way down the path.

"Do you hear that Archibald?" Julius asked.

{ It's the Avatar. She's calling for the Avatar of Lugia. } Esteban said, emerging from the shadows. Julius stumbled backward, tripping over Archibald. He tumbled awkwardly and fell into a thick, thorny bush. He cursed loudly and looked at his Haunter.

"Dammit Esteban. You startled me. Ouch!" Julius said, pulling himself from the branches, of which one had snagged onto his sleeve. Archibald walked to him and helped to pull him to his feet. "Thanks Archibald. We better hurry though. We have to make sure she's okay."

{ It's best we stay here in the woods Julius. Don't let your feelings get in the way. We will only hinder her if we get directly involved. We should only interfere if her life is in imminent danger. Then again, going against her only rival is means enough to classify the situation as dangerous. But.. she didn't ask for our help. So it's best we stay here for now.} Archibald said, looking at his master with a worried expression.

"But..." Julius paused. "You're right. But if that bastard is about to kill her, we jump in."

{ Foolish humans. One cannot kill a God. Even another God... } Esteban said in a low tone.

"What was that Esteban?" Julius asked, looking at the Ghost/Poison-Type.

{ Nothing Julius... } Esteban said, sinking into the shadows.

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September 21st, 2007, 4:36 PM
The hairs on the back of Gregarius's neck prickled. She was here! This was it! His face split into a demented grin, not for the first time. So, the Avatar of the Sunbird was ready to challenge him, was she? He'd see about that. The supply of water he had brought with him reformed itself, transforming into a shape reminiscent of a serpent, which wound itself around his shoulders as he stepped to a window at the Tin Tower's entrance and peered down at his female counterpart. Truly, yes, this girl was the Yinto his proverbial Yang, and as such they were fated to be polar opposites in everything. He grinned again. That included, of course, their status as living beings. There would be no foreplay, a lightning-quick strike would prove his superiority over that witch. He leaped from the window, the jeweled cape he wore spreading out behind him as his greaves rubbed together and his sword left its sheath. Landing directly in front of Ambrose, he confronted her, as well as her two companions, the Ursaring and the Honchcrow. Staring at them, he couldn't help sniffing in distaste. "Well," he sneered, "Is this the best assistance the Guardian Three can think to give you? Well, no wonder I shall be triumphant with such scraps of trash as those. Oh Salamandre and Ares? Show yourselves!"

The Pokemon burst from the roof of the tower, screaming. The first resembled nothing short of a gigantic, blue tortoise, water streaming from a pair of gleaming silver cannons on its shoulders as it propelled itself into place. The other was an uncommonly large Pokemon, with silver-armored skin that contrasted sharply with its rocky underbelly. "The Three saw fit to send me a pair of creatures well acquainted with battle," the corrupted Avatar glowered, "While providing you a pair of dung-heaps with no excuse to live. Hmph. Even they seem to wish me to win, secretly!" The snake of water leaped from his shoulders, transforming into an orb which he held between his hands. "Now Die!" he shouted, as the water transformed itself into a missile of ice which launched itself at Ambrose...

Victor pulled up behind Julius just as Gregarius made his leap. "Idiot! What were you doing, running into danger like that? Ambrose specifically ordered you to stay put!" he hissed, just before his eyes made contact with the battle scene, and Gregarius fired. "Oh... Krakveldt" he whispered, the forgotten tongue rolling off his lips, then "Ambie, look out!"

September 21st, 2007, 9:19 PM
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Honey's ears perked up. She looked to Ambrose and growled. { He's at the top of the tower Ambrose. I smell... metal and... the ocean... Why would I smell the ocean here...? } Then Gregarius burst from the window, his cape glittering in the midday sun. His sword escaped his sheath and a snake that appeared to be made of water was wrapped around his neck. Ambrose sneered at the villain. How could someone born from the same omniscient source be so corrupted. Weren't they incorruptible? How could something like this happen to the Ruler of the Seas.

He then proceeded to insult Honey and Kiwi, who tensed up with rage. "You two are to do NOTHING," Ambrose said, grabbing the bear's arm. From the top of the tower, a Blastoise and an Aggron(?) smashed through the roof of the tower and descended to the ground. They were fierce and appeared to be blood thirsty. Gregarius said that the Three Spirits must have preferred him, giving him the stronger Pokemon. Ambrose was about to respond when Gregarius made his move. The serpent leapt from Gregarius' shoulders to a position between his two hand and shaped itself into a sphere. It took a crystalline, projectile form. With the words 'Now Die!' it shot towards Ambrose, who quickly took defensive maneuvers. She clenched her hand, which began to emanate a red, glowing aura. It then proceeded to engulf the Avatar in a fiery shield. The ice smashed into the fire, falling to the ground in a million pieces. She still held her hand forward while displaying a facade of concentration on her face. Deep down she was nervous. While she had the same power as the Moonbird, he was by far more adept at using it. Ambrose detested battles and the like. As the spirit of reincarnation, she met the many warriors who had died in battle, while sending them back to the earth to just die once again. If she managed to defeat Gregarius now, maybe she could prevent many more from dying.

"Gregarius, for several months now, we have been apart. Never for so long in our lives have we not spoken to each other. Instead, we have felt each other's emotions. I'm sure when you left, you felt the uncontrollable rage that consumed my body. I'm sure you took satisfaction in the fact that I had grown angry, disgusted, and in turn, almost killed everyone around me. But now, I know better. I knew why you left. There's a reason -- This was a test set before me by our creator. It wished to see if I could triumph over a grand test. And it chose my Yang to be the one to test me. I'll prove to Arceus that in the end, I will prevail. I am the Sunbird, Ho-Oh, the God of Rejuvenation. I may not be as fierce as you Gregarius, but I am just as strong. You may think your water gives you some sort of advantage over me, but you forget we control more then just fire and ice!" Suddenly, thousands of crackling thunderbolts surged from the sky, seeming to strike the Sunbird. In fact, they were directing to her opened palm, where they concentrated into a small orb. Ambrose clenched her hand into a fist, causing some electricity to escape her control. She brought her hand back, much like an archer pulling the string of his bow backward, and then released the electricity into a large stream, directed at the Moonbird's Avatar.

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September 22nd, 2007, 1:34 PM
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Gregarius grinned leeringly as he felt Ambrose's emotions begin to run wild. Yes, this way was better. It wouldn't have been any fun to simply impale her in the first few moments of the battle, after all. Better that she have a sporting chance before destroying him. He listened, feigning interest, as Ambrose proceeded to lay out why she hated him, how much of a dirty snake he was, how he was going to die, blah-blah-blah. It didn't matter, he could feel the fear in her, masked by her anger thought it was, and that enough was practically assurance of victory. It was then the the Avatar of Ho-oh performed a trick he hadn't expected, calling the lightning from the air. Yes, of course, he remembered, they did have the ability to call on that element too, but for some reason Gregarius had never truly been interested in lightning control. It was too unpredictable for his tastes. Water, on the other hand, was easily bent to his whims and put to use for specific purposes. Water was obviously superior to flames, which at best could rage out of control of the master, and at worst amounted to nothing when power was concerned. Even a tiny trickle of water, on the other hand... he snapped his fingers, pulling the shattered ice crystal together once again and restoring it to its liquied state before returning it to his hands. "Well, if we want to call other elements into play..." he cackled. Just as Ambrose launched the lightning sphere, Gregarius launched his hand forward and shouted "STOP!"

It was as if his voice had been amplified a thousand times. The lightning curved back, rebounding from an invisible shield and impacting harmlessly into the ground. Gregarius smiled grimly. "The two spirits have dual natures, after all Ambrose. Yours is more suited to life, renewal, growth, emotion, love," he wrinkled his nose, "And spontanaeity. Mine is the mind, intelligence, control, power, and above all, death." A malicious grin split his face. "Did you hear that last one? Death is true power. Life is meaningless, you gain it whether you deserve it or not. The power to end life, on the other hand, to snuff it out instantly, is truly miraculous. While I, unfortunately, can't stop one's heart from beating simply by pointing at them and telling them to, I can control those elements most adept at it. And so, Ambrose, I give you death as our parting present. Please, accept it graciously." The cruel glint returned to his eyes as he held out his fist and clenched. The water that had returned to him earlier had been allowed to slowly leak into a circular shape around Ambrose, and at its master's command, it shot into the air, forming a ring that would compress itself against the neck of Ambrose, choking her.

Gregarius smiled. The water was checkmate. Still, it wouldn't do to have the Pokemon the Three Spirits had sent get in the way. Pointing his unused hand at Ambrose, he barked his commands. "Salamandre! Rock Tomb on the Crow! Ares! Blast that other excuse for a Pokemon from existence! Hydro Pump!"

The two creatures flanking Gregarius obeyed him with relish. First, the silver-grey reptile roared and brought its claws to the ground, causing four pointing rocks to jut into the air around Ambrose's Honchcrow, which lingered for a moment before breaking into large fragments which would almost certainly crush the bird if they impacted. Mere moments afterward, the blue tortoise obeyed as well, aiming its silver cannons at Honey to fire a blast of high-pressure water capable of toppling small trees.

Victor watched, his concern growing. If he stepped in now, he would be violating Ambrose's orders against his own ideals, and if he did not, Ambrose might be injured. The tactician silently cursed Gregarius with every ancient form of abuse his brain could muster, exalting the Sea Guardian's Avatar to a place of revilement that Char had only just managed to fill.

September 22nd, 2007, 1:58 PM
Ambrose gasped. Damn this human body of mine! She gripped at the water, struggling at first. It was like an noose had formed around her neck. Ambrose's vision grew blurry, her oxygen supply cut off completely. She couldn't see, but she heard both Honey and Kiwi cry out in pain, probably assaulted by Gregarius' powerful Pokemon. She felt herself losing control, everything was falling apart already. Then, she felt an odd presence. Then, three roars sounded and the brisk sound of running footsteps followed. The Three Spirits...? She felt Suicune's calming aura, Raikou's unstable mind, and Entei's sturdy stance. Gasping with the little breath she had, she asked, "Don't... interfere..."

Yes m'lady. As you demand. Suicune responded.

What is going on my masters? Why are you fighting? Those Pokemon weren't meant to fight one another, but rather protect you both. Entei asked. Is this some sort of game?

"No, it's NOT!" Ambrose screamed, pulling on the water noose. Electricity surged from her hands, pulsating through the aquatic ring of death. "AHHHH!" The noose shattered, falling into a million particles. Ambrose panted, and saw Entei wipe a few droplets from his face. "I need... the three... of you... to take Honey and Kiwi back... to the village... and have Silence... take care of them..." She looked away from the dogs, who quickly scurried towards the fallen Pokemon, who laid unconscious nearby. Then, she put her focus back on Gregarius. Ambrose noticed the water slithering back to its master, keeping its serpentine nature. "You may control death Brother. You may not listen to what I say. You may feel arrogant because I'm afraid of you. Your Pokemon may be stronger. But I can assure you this. In the end, one of us will die. Then we will return to our original forms, returning to the heavens. You are a coward. You left for wealth and power. You let these humans.. you let them taint you. Remove your Pokemon. I wish no harm done to them by our battle..."

Julius watched as the Three Dogs gathered the bodies of the Honchkrow and the Ursaring. This was the first time he had gotten a good look at them, but it was at the most inopportune time. Ambrose was at a great disadvantage. She was too kind for battle. Her power was great, but compared to Gregarius, she was weak. He sighed. He wished to enter the fray, but the Moonbird would strike him down in one attack. He looked at Archibald, who watched the battle with great concern. "What's wrong Archibald?"

{ They shouldn't be fighting. This will upset the balance of the continent. Who knows what could happen... } Archibald said with a frown on his face.

{ Though they appear human to us Julius, they are in fact Gods. Their actions effect our world. You know how hot it gets when Ambrose gets angry. Imagine their conflicting emotions. We may have a catastrophe on our hands. } Esteban said, making sure to avoid the rays of sunlight that managed to pierce the canopies of the tree above.

"Victor, what are we to do?" Julius asked, looking to his companion.

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September 22nd, 2007, 3:08 PM
Victor stared at Julius, shaking his head. "I really don't know," he replied, his hand nervously gripping the hilt of his blade, "I really don't have any idea what the heck we're gonna do. I've never seen Ambrose struggle like this before, but if we go in there now, with Gregarius uninjured like he is, we're going to just be two more statistics. All we can do for now is trust Ambie, and back her up if we can." Suddenly, Victor blinked. Was that a hint of rock-like skin he had glimpsed nearby? He smiled, shaking his head one last time. "Actually," he said, "If that was what I thought it was just now, we might have a chance to help out after all. Listen, if I charge in there, I'm going to duck out quickly. While I draw that punk's attention, you and your buddies get ready to hit him with everything you've got, but wait 'til I'm clear. If what I think is about to happen happens, Greg is down. Got it?" Victor drew his blade half-out from its scabbard and gingerly pressed the tip of one finger against the edge. It was a bit dull, but usable. Good. Now all he had to do was wait for the signal...

Gregarius snarled in disbelief. Not only had the girl's Pokemon somehow survived the attack, the wench herself had destroyed the ring of water he had placed around her neck. "This is getting annoying..." he muttered, concentrating on pulling a spray of water into his hand. Slowly, but with increasing speed, he had pulled together his weapon, a solid orb of concentrated water which he pointed at the incapacitated Ambrose. "Now, now," he hissed, grimacing, "If you had accepted my present, your death might have been relatively painless. Now you're going to have to suffer." Satisfied that the water he had been compressing now had sufficient volume and pressure to punch a hole in Ambrose's flesh, he aimed it. "Say good-"

Just as Gregarius prepared to launch his blast, he was interrupted by a feral roar. A Rhydon, propelled by a wave of water that seemed to have sprung from nowhere, launched himself directly over the head of Ambrose, whirling quickly. Before Gregarius could react, the Pokemon's rocklike tail had made contact with his face, and a sickly snapping was heard as the Avatar of the great spirit Lugia was sent hurtling head over heels into the undergrowth, his head made contact with the wall of Tin Tower. The other two Pokemon, Ares and Salamandre, stared in disbelief. This inferior, ordinary, everyday Pokemon had just done what Gregarius had sworn no being would ever do: strike him in the face. Salamandre, in particular, couldn't help from gaping. For the first time since the guardians of the Avatar had made acquaintance with them, the two spoke, in sync. What in...

Cham grinned, his eyes twinkling, as he dusted off his rocky armor, panting heavily. How's that for Dea Ex Machina? he grinned, cheekily thumbing his horn at the two guardians of the Moonbird Avatar, Bet you didn't see that coming.


Cham's gaze narrowed as he turned to face Gregarius, who had pulled himself to his full height, blood dripping from his nose and debris from where his body had cracked the wall of the tower clinging to his cape, but otherwise unscathed. "How did you do that?" he hissed, drawing his blade, "You're a common Rhydon, since I don't sense the aura of another Spirit, but you used a water attack! How-"

"Interesting question," Victor boomed as he stepped from the undergrowth, sword in hand, "And one that I'll be only too glad to answer. Cham was taken from his homeland years ago by a traveling circus because he is one of the rare Rhydon able to use the ability known as 'Surf', a move that can normally only be taught to water Pokemon and a few select others through special training. Once in every generation is born the Rhydon who knows it from birth. It's not very effective when used by him and quite tiring, I'll grant you, but it is quite surprising, no?" His face cracked in a grin, though his legs shook like jelly. I'm an idiot, I'm playing chicken with a demigod, he thought, and gripped his sword so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

Gregarius, thankfully, was too steamed to notice. "And who are you? I don't remember meeting you," he sneered, turning up his nose.

"Glad you asked. We haven't met, because ever since the day you came to our village I've avoided you, because of the impudent pig you are. And to think, I was a devotee of Lugia all this time. I certainly hope there really was some sort of mistake when you were incarnated, because if not, I need to seriously rethink my worldview." Victor spat, allowing his frustration and anger at the Moonbird's Avatar to mask the fear within his own heart. "My name is Victor Antechronos, guardian of Ambrose and protector of this land, and don't you forget about it!"

The thunderbolts leapt to Gregarius's hand. "And I'll engrave it on your marker as well, idiot," He replied, before launching a bolt. Just as the lightning was about to strike Victor, however, it curved away. Gregarius stared at the impudent Rhydon who had foiled his plans not once but twice, as the lightning was channeled from its horn to the ground.

Hey, I can't help it, Cham grinned, I was just lucky enough to be born that way.

Victor quickly removed a small object from his sleeve and tossed it at Gregarius before he could lose his resolve. "Chew on this!" he called.

Gregarius sliced the small object with his sword, which didn't matter in the least as it still exploded, launching a cloud of grey dust into his face. "What the- achoo! Hell-Achoo!' The Avatar coughed, anger growing within him.

"Pepper bomb. Cham came up with them last night. Not exactly too practical, but still useful occasionally. Right, Cham?" Victor remarked jocularly, as he began to relax. Heh, guess these guys do have at least one weakness, he thought to himself, They're just as vulnerable to cold steel and smoke as any human being, godlike powers notwithstanding. Still, can't lower my guard, or-

"I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!" Gregarius roared. Victor was forced to shield his eyes as the equivalent of a mini-tornado gathered around the traitor, and a blast of light shot into the air. Moments later, the dust settled, though the air was now filled with a pressure and energy that seemed almost tangible. Gregarius's back was now clothed with two enormous, silver-blue wings, resembling those of the Spirit he represented. He leered at Victor. "Now, let's try this again, shall we?"

Victor brought up his blade to guard just as Gregarius launched himself forward with a speed that was inhuman. The Lliorian and Fandavalian blades made contact, and with a painful wrench, Victor felt his blade spin out of his hand to land point-down in the dirt as the force of the Avatar's blow hurled him backwards. The Avatar of Lugia smiled as he pointed his katana at Victor. "Game over," he smiled, and a blast of compressed wind launched itself from his wings toward Victor, creating a blast that sent up a dust cloud, obscuring the unfortunate guardian's fate. However, when the dust cleared, Gregarius was left staring at an empty crater.

Victor lay still in the bushes as Arachne, who had secreted herself on his back the whole time, reeled him in, using the silk threads she had attached to him as fishing lines. Victor smiled fondly at the Ariados. "That's another one I owe you," he whispered quickly, before yelling "Ambrose, Julius! NOW!"

Arachne smiled at her master. Don't worry about that one. It was on the house.

September 23rd, 2007, 3:38 AM
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{Explain to me again why we’re here?} The Houndour at Jebren’s feet growled as he skulked through the quiet forest. He had gone to the Avatar’s house; nobody home. He had gone to the Brass Tower; they said she was at her house. The next place on the list of logical places for the Avatar to be was indeed the Tin Tower.

“If she isn’t there, I’m going home. The Avatar can go it without me, I’m sure.” He grumbled; kicking a rock into a nearby tree. She was the Avatar, she could handle herself. He would just look around Lugia’s place, and then go home. The nations could duke it out all over the Sacred Ground if they so pleased, he would just move away. Maybe up to Snowpoint; he had heard that it was a nice place to live, if a bit cold.

{This forest is a bit empty. I don’t think I’ve seen another Pokemon the whole time we’ve been in here.} Amet shuddered. There was something not-quite-right about such a thriving place being so devoid of life. Not that Jebren seemed to notice; he was angry and blinkered. He really didn’t want this whole trip to be a waste of his precious time. He had been searching for the Avatar for one month, four days and about 15 hours. His mind boggled with alternative things he could have done, should have done instead of going on this wild goose chase.

{Could you maybe slow down a bit there, please, Jeb.} Bene was lagging behind in her leather protective coat. Jebren didn’t think his pace was that fast; if a tree made of rock could keep up with him, it was perfectly reasonable.

“I’m sorry Bene. It doesn’t really matter though; we’re almost there.” A tiny hint of excitement flickered in his voice; the same one which had been present first at the Avatar’s house, and then at the other of these two towers. The woodland was thinning, and Jebren could almost see the tower through the trees.

“GREGARIUS, SHOW YOURSELF!” A feminine voice ricocheted through the trees. Jebren ducked into a crouching position reflexively. He paused for a moment before leaping back to his feet.

“That was the Avatar!” He whooped, turning to face Amet and Bene, who did not share his enthusiasm.

{Isn’t Gregarius the Avatar of Lugia?} Bene inquired, cocking her head to the right. As soon as she mentioned it, Jebren was back to being annoyed. He kicked out at a shrub near him, a satisfying mound of dirt flying through the air as he did so. {Why are you angry? You didn’t just find one Avatar; you found them both. How is that a bad thing?} The Houndour was innocent to the tales of Lugia’s spirit betraying the peace. Jebren decided to give her the compact version of events,

“He’s evil.” She nodded, and he sulked. In the ensuing silence footsteps could clearly be heard coming down from another path. With uncharacteristic speed; Jebren and his Pokemon all dived into the undergrowth in a flimsy attempt to hide from whoever was causing them. As far as he knew; nobody else knew the Avatar of Ho-Oh was here, not least the Avatar of Lugia. This meant that whoever it was that was coming knew one or both Avatar’s, or, like Jebren, simply guessed well. He couldn’t muse on this further, as at that point there was a shattering of glass and the Avatar of Lugia landed on the ground not 100 yards from where Jebren was hiding. The two immediately started off into battle, with the Avatar of Ho-Oh only pausing to deliver a stirring speech about how she was the better of two, and that he was just a git.

{Should we not help the Avatar of Ho-Oh?} Amet fretted, he hated sitting useless while a fight raged near him.

“It’s not our place Amet.” Jebren hissed to the Sudowoodo, “if the Avatar of Ho-Oh wanted help, I’m sure she could…” he tapered off as she was slowly strangled by a noose of water. He was on the verge of helping, but the second he reached for his crossbow, the three roaming beasts appeared. Just as quickly as they were there, they were gone again; leaving the two Avatars on a more level pegging. Jebren barely noticed the two men standing near the edge of the fight. They seemed as torn as Jebren was, unsure of when to step in, and indeed if they should interfere with the Avatars’ battle.

Just then, out of nowhere, a Rhydon appeared. It was the last thing either him or Gregarius expected, and the Moonbird Avatar was sent hurtling into the base of his tower. Jebren was half gawping, half trying to contain his laughter. From what he had heard from this Gregarius character he was a little arrogant; so to see him humbled like that, by a Rhydon, was hilarious. Unfortunately; Lugia’s Avatar didn’t seem to think so. In a blinding fury, he sprouted wings and attacked the owner of the Rhydon. The poor man seemed helpless against the wrath of the demigod, but once again, his Pokemon seemed to save the day. This time it was his Ariados, which reeled him into the trees mere feet away from Jebren.

“Ambrose, Julius, NOW!” The man shouted to his companions. Jebren too seemed to take this as an order, drawing out his weapon in a flash. He wasn’t going to try and kill the Moonbird incarnate, but he would be damned if he wasn’t going to cause it’s human body some pain. He aimed for Gregarius’ stomach, arms, legs, and most of all his majestic silvery blue wings. Bolts flew from the trees as Jebren fired volley after volley into Lugia’s Avatar. He doubted very much that he would do much damage; but he would at least act as an added distraction, allowing the Avatar of Ho-Oh to swoop in and beat down Gregarius.

September 23rd, 2007, 9:01 AM
"Victor, my goodness. Watch out!" Ambrose screamed, running towards her fallen comrade. She jumped forward, and suddenly the air in the area increased in temperature ten fold. Ambrose's body was engulfed by sphere of fire, obscuring the other's vision of her. As quickly as the fire appeared, it dissipated, revealing two large, luminous wings emerging from Ambrose's back. When the sun's rays struck her wings, one could spot a rainbow aura surrounding them. They were easily twelve feet, doubling Ambrose's size. The smoke cleared, and Victor was gone. She noticed Arachne nearby, and knew he was alright. Victor ordered that Julius and Ambrose were now to attack. Wait, Julius was here. She told him to stay back. Oh, there would be hell to pay when they got back. If they got back.

Suddenly, a storm of bolts were shot from the woods, going in numerous directions, but appearing to be aimed at Gregarius. At that same moment, Julius emerged from the woods, making a beeline for Ambrose. One bolt managed to nick his ear, causing tiny droplets of blood to trickle down his neck. Julius wasn't phased by the strike. He was intent on reaching Ambrose to make sure she was okay. When he finally reached her, he asked, "Are you alright Madam?"

"I'm fine Julius. I told you to stay behind. Why are you here?" Ambrose said, keeping an eye on Gregarius with her peripheral vision. "I told you this isn't a normal battlefield. I can't risk any harm to you or anyone else."

"I know. I'm sorry Madam. Archibald told me the same thing. If I had realized I would be so useless here, I wouldn't of come..." Julius said, his shoulders drooping slightly.

"Don't worry Julius. Now leave, it's time to finish this battle," Ambrose said, pushing Julius back slightly. "Go! Take everyone and go back to the village! NOW!"

Ambrose turned from Julius and raised her arms. She then began to gather a sphere of fire, much like Gregarius' orb of water. Once it was large enough, she raised it above her head and began to move her arms around in a circular motion. This caused the fire to move into the shape of ring, forming what looked like a large halo of fire above Ambrose's head. Then, Ambrose did something she had never done before: she screamed, but instead of her normal voice, it sounded much like an eagle would screech as it dived. The ring of fire expanded, forming a blazing tornado that consumed her body. The ground nearby was now seared and the temperature in the area was unbearable.

Julius began to sweat immediately, making his way through the trees. He only looked back to make sure Archibald was behind him, who was suffering greatly in this heat. He hoped the others in the area had heard Ambrose and were leaving as well. Now he could see her strength and knew that she could handle herself.

{ Julius, it's so hot... } Archibald said, his voice wavering. His eyes drooped and then he fell to the ground unconscious. Julius stopped and ran back to his Pokemon, calling its name. They needed to leave. Julius wasn't a hundred percent sure Ambrose was capable of handling an attack of that magnitude. He only hoped she wouldn't burn down the tower as well.

"Esteban, where are you!?" Julius yelled, looking for his Haunter.

{ Right here Master. } Esteban said, doing its normal appearance from the shadows.

"Use your psychic abilities and carry Archibald back to the village for me. I'm much too tired to carry something of his weight," Julius ordered.

{ You humans are so frail... As you wish Master. } Esteban said, raising his disconnected hands into the air. A pink energy surrounded his hands, which also engulfed the unconscious Archibald. The Pokemon was lifted into the air and began to move towards Esteban. { Let's go master. It appears that person they call the Witch will be very busy. }

"I guess so Esteban," Julius said, beginning to run once again.

Back at the tower, Ambrose was staring at her Brother. She was using all of her might to control the fire, but in her weakened state, this was an incredibly difficult task. She had to attack soon, or the fire could go awry, and strike the tower or the nearby woods. Then, she spoke to her adversary, "Gregarius, I'd like to see you try to stop THIS with your powers!" The fire shot upwards, engulfing the entire sky in a blazing inferno. The sun was obscured, causing the entire area to be covered in a red light. Then, it moved into one, large sphere, directly above Gregarius. It moved quickly, once again taking the shape of a tornado and looking to engulf the Moonbird in fire.

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September 27th, 2007, 7:01 PM
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Nome would have guessed that Claw would appreciate a bed, food and water at most. At least, that was something he would appreciate. But, what was happening to Claw was something that could not easily be fixed by any sort of meal. She was as he had thought, dehydrated.

She was put in a tub of water slowly, just to wake her up. It was much like her having finally taken a shower. She was wet over and over again lightly with a cup. The hardest part of the watering down was getting her dried. Her claws could and would easily pierce the towels this Julius person owned.

He had to thank that one woman; though, who was she?

He had that question in his mind, but it was easily overshadowed by his need to also be hydrated. Slash could have lasted a little longer, and did not look as tired as Nome did.

Beside him sat a cup of water and the armor of Claw and Slash. They had by now had their armor removed.

Half an hour at most could have passed; he wasn’t sure. It was beginning to get warm in the room; Nome had half the mind to take a quick bathe himself, but alas, it was not his home. He could not take advantage so easily. Once he was done tending to Claw and Slash, more so to Claw, then he could leave and search for a better part of the Sacred Lands. Not so much as a better part to say, but a place where he could live for a short while before he could decide what he was initially going to end up doing.

The now dried up Claw was set to sleep, and she did so with ease. Neither Nome nor Slash left her. The two decided to return the favor. Like those many times Claw had stood before the house back at Gazzleton, to take care of the grounds while they were sleeping, Nome and Slash kept guard and made sure that nothing so much as a high corruptness level would come.

Though, there was no sign that anything of that sort would happen. This house seemed to belong to someone a bit important, and from the looks of entering and what was left of it, it would have appeared that a meeting of some sort would suffice as a general current event. Or maybe a party.

He counted the seconds away, waiting for nothing in particular. At the same time, he was waiting for something to happen. It was not worth staying there any longer than needed if he were going to do nothing.

There were people here. He knew this because they had led him there. They were a few, and all seemed likely to come up with interesting information on where he was and if him being there would put him in a safe place, but he did not even think of asking any of them.

Minutes passed. Claw’s magenta colored ear twitched, and she shook herself awake to seem to listen to something. Nome tried to listen too, but could not hear what she heard. But she was disturbed of something. She stood, and began to walk.

“Are you all better now?” wondered Nome.

She did not answer back, but kept walking. Nome nodded to Slash, who did the same. He left the armor as they left the house; he would be back, and he was sure he would be allowed back. For now, he needed to know of what was bothering Claw so now. Slash picked up on it, and following closely behind her.

They stopped now, not going any further than the limits of the house. Both looked beyond. Nome looked too, in hopes of catching what they were seeing. He saw nothing. But even though he saw nothing, he strangely felt something. Something a bit farther on was happening that was…wrong.

He wasn’t sure where this feeling was coming from; it seared him like nothing before, and he could not understand why.

“Both of you stay here with me,” said Nome. He could tell they felt that they needed to be in that beyond where he could not see. But he would not allow this; they should stay just a little longer before moving on again. Taking advantage of what they were given was a good way to spent free time.

Scarlet Weather
September 28th, 2007, 4:39 PM
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Gregarius stared at the spot where Victor had lain only moments before, his rage mounting. That human had defied him to his face and expected to live? His already potent rage at the inhabitants of the Sacred Land exploded as he gathered together water in his hands. He would show them! The water encased itself around his hand, forming a drill-like spike of ice which he leveled at Cham, who assumed a defensive stance. The Rhydon would be the first to go, followed by his annoying master, and then the useless bug would be trodden underfoot. His sadistic side cackled in glee as what was left of the original, beneficial Gregarius faded even further. He gathered the energy to fire the shot, and would no doubt have impaled Cham, had not a hail of crossbow bolts launched themselves from the undergrowth. Granted, most of the shots were intercepted by the quick thinking of Salamandre, who pulled himself into position in time to intercept the bolts with his thick armor, but the two that leaked through, piercing Gregarius's right hand and wing, were enough to break the concentration of the Avatar and bring silent tears to his eyes. These petty mortals had done the unthinkable! How could anything short of a god dare to hurt him? He was invincible, indestructible! Thunder rumbled within his heart as he reached for his water, allowing it to wrap its tendrils around him and remove the bolts as he grimaced and winced in pain. "This.. this isn't over..." he coughed, staring at the blood leaking slowly from the wounds.

It was then that Ambrose unleashed her column of fire.

Gregarius was ready in an instant. With a roar, he grabbed the nearest available water source-the water in Ares's cannons- and bent it to his will, transforming it into a domed shield that enveloped him and his Pokemon, evaporating into steam on contact with the flames of Ambrose before he dissipated it into the surrounding air. Coughing and spluttering from the strain of his recent injury, compounded by his anger, Gregarius hissed at Ambrose. "Mark my words Sunbird... you may have the advantage now, with your friends beside you," He spat out the word "friends" as if it were a curse, "But one day you will be alone, with no one around to protect you. On that day, you and I will meet in combat for the last time, and I will walk away from your fetid, rotten corpse with a smile. You should have accepted death when I offered it. Now I will personally hunt you down, and kill your friends, starting with those ignorant scraps of trash you call your protectors, and moving down the list in order of importance until all of you are slaughtered, before slowly and mercilessly terminating you. Farewell until then, Ambie," a maniacal grin played along Gregaris's face, "Farewell until then." The Avatar straightened up and then stopped, as though he had just thought of something. "Oh, and Ares, Salamandre? Since you were unable to kill the targets I assigned, consider yourself dumped. It's been real."

What? Master, no! Both Pokemon cried, as a whirlwind of colored light surrounded Gregarius and he lifted himself into the air, before vanishing in an explosion of light.

"Teleportation..." Victor muttered, staring, "Dammit. That swine cashed in on psychic abilities way more heavily then Ambie did. On the other hand, he didn't exactly use it that often, so he must not like it or be able to be use it much." The veteran shook his head. "Please, Moonbird, tell your humble servant that you didn't assign the duties of your earthly Avatar to that krackveldt on purpose..." he prayed, fervently.

September 28th, 2007, 5:51 PM
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Alter Ego
September 29th, 2007, 10:31 AM
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Even though the battle by the tin tower was a spectacle of epic proportions, the town wasn't doing much worse on that front...at least not if the crowd gathering in the streets was anything to go by.

"Please..." Silence requested in as loud as voice as she could muster, which was just barely above the level of what most thought of as casual conversation, her frail voice hopelessly drowning beneath the din, "Please go away, I really need to examine these two in peace." she sighed in forfeit, noting that her request had fallen on deaf ears as usual. The mysterious way in which her two patients had been brought to her had been enough to scare the townspeople into keeping their distance for a while, but now that the initial shock was gone, curiosity had set in at full force, and with curiosity came rumors...the healer tried her best to push the crowd out of her thoughts, even as murmurs about potions and witchcraft spread through the crowd once again. No-one had tried to stop her yet, though; apparently the sunbird's warning was still being taken seriously.

That didn't help with the task at hand, however, Silence conceded...casting a glance at Honey and Kiwi. Fortunately, neither had tried to rend her to pieces thus far, but the conditions were hardly ideal for treatment. They were, after all, still in the middle of a crowded street, and there was no way that someone as frail as Silence could ever budge a foll-grown Ursaring in full armor, and in all honesty she wouldn't have dared to try out of fear that she might accidentally offend the majestic beast. As such, Silence had begun with the Honchkrow, and much to her relief she had found the wounds to be far less severe than they had seemed at first. Granted, there were some nasty bruise marks here and there, and some of the bones felt a bit too frail to her liking, but by Silence's tell nothing had been broken at least, but she wasn't about to take any risks.

"This...might sting a little..." she remarked in her usual soft voice, procuring a handful of finely ground, yellow powder from a pouch at her hip and sprinkling it over the Honchkrow's injured left wing before carefully bandaging the spot, "But it will help your wound to heal, so please don't scratch it no matter how much you want to, okay?" she really, really hoped that the pokémon wasn't taking offense at this; this kind of speech used to work on normal pokémon who were frightened about the whole procedure, but...well, these were the avatar's pokémon, right? They were practically sacred beings themselves. What if she was unintentionally committing sacrilege? The young woman swallowed heavily at the thought, wiping a few beads of sweat from her brow as she turned to Honey. Someone had been thoughtful enough to set up a makeshift shelter from the sun, but the heat was still scorching, even though the Psyduck seemed to be trying to counteract the weather with some peculiar power of its own, rushing back and forth and clutching its head with both hands, a faint aura of psychic energy trailing in his wake. And after such a chilly morning too...something big was going on, Silence knew it, and she wished dearly that she could be there to help Jul-no, the avatar. Yes, she should be helping the avatar, but...she turned her glance back to the task at hand, these were the avatars orders...weren't they? To look after these two? She nodded for herself, willing away the origins of a blush at her own thoughts as she turned her full attention to the Ursaring again, cautiously inspecting her wounds seriously wishing that her senses would stop telling her that she was dealing with a creature that could rip her to shreds with the swipe of a paw and probably didn't take kindly to being poked and prodded. Well, the wounds here didn't look that bad either. It was obvious that the Ursaring had taken a nasty hit head on, but fortunately the armor had soaked up the brunt of the impact. There were some bruises here and there, of course, but all it would take would be some herbs and-Silence paused, her hand grasping nothing. The bandages...she was out of bandages! The healer bit her lip anxiously; this wasn't good, without bandages it would be a practical impossibility to keep the wounds unscratched and protected so they could heal. Now what?

{Hey!} exclaimed a highly annoyed voice from the crowd, {Out of the way! Yes, you!} Silence briefly looked up from her dilemma as the people at the back began moving and someone let out a shriek, {Yes, that's right!} the voice continued, {Poisonous spider coming through! Big, scary, poisonous spider that bites people! Out of the way, shoo!}

The ends of Silence's lips curved up ever so slightly as she noticed the familiar figure of the Ariados - make that a very grumpy Ariados - scuttling in from between the hastily parting people.

"You came after me." the young woman remarked softly, dropping down to a crouch to greet the spider.

{What?} Silk inquired, freezing on the spot with a look of defiance on his face, {I did no such thing!} he huffed, folding his front legs defensively, {Absolutely not! That house was stuffy so I came for a walk, that's all!}

"But I thought you hated crowds." Silence remarked calmly, "Why did you come here?"

{I was just curious about what everyone was staring at, that's all!} the Ariados retorted, {And I guess these are your new pokémon then?!} he glared haughtily at Kiwi and Honey.

"No..." the young woman began feebly, "These-these are the avatar's-"

{Oh, so you and the avatar are such good chums that she's letting you borrow her servants too, eh?} Silk interrupted, {Not a thought in the world for poor old Silk, eh?! FINE! I see how it is! Go ahead and play with the avatar all you want; mess with the deities and die like a good little martyr! Just see if I care!} he turned his back demonstratively, but just as he was about to walk off, he suddenly found that his feet had lost contact with the ground, the spindly legs flailing feebly in the air.

{Hey!} Silk protested furiously as her trainer picked him up in a gentle but surprisingly firm manner, {What do you think you're doing, you crazy woman?! Put me down right this instant!}

Silence didn't reply, merely giving the spider the closest thing to a hug that was possible, further enhancing the suspicious muttering among the crowd members, "Whatever the case, I'm glad you came." she whispered.

{Stop that!} Silk fumed, embarrassment now evident in his voice, {I said stop that! That's SO undignified! Alright, so I came after you! Is that what you want to hear?! Well now you've heard it, so put me do-o-o-o-wn!}

Contrary to her usual disposition, Silence let out a small, wispy giggle, placing the Ariados down on the ground again and allowing him to regain some of his lost composure, "So Silk..." she remarked, her voice at its usual nearly inaudible level but still bearing that rare undertone of amusement, "Do you think I could borrow some thread?"

{Thread?!} the poison type retorted indignantly, still clearly flustered about the whole ordeal, {First you humiliate me and then you want my help?!}

"Please?" Silence asked, before adding in an even more hushed voice, "Don't make me hug you again..."

'You wouldn't dare' Silk mouthed back, but out loud his voice was that of a stoic martyr, {Alright then.} he remarked haughtily, {But only because it's amusing to see you beg.}

Silence merely maintained her uncharacteristic little smile for a while longer, wrapping part of a thick-leaved, dark green herb around one of Honey's arms, which was soon wrapped tightly onto its place by a String Shot from the Ariados.

October 1st, 2007, 12:24 PM
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Kol listened to Ambrose. She called him strong. Strong... not the first word he would have chosen, but also not the last. He could think of many more men in the village who were stronger then him, which had been proven many a times. So it came as a bit of a shock when he was called strong, especially by the avatar of Ho-Oh.

Kol continued to listen as Ambrose went over all the aspects of this war. He was getting a little impatient, he knew most of this. Just as Kol was about to state that he needed to get back to work, Ambrose mentioned something that he didn't know. Ambrose and the Avatar of Lugia were connected. Well, emotionally connected that is. This transfixed Kol, it sounded like something out of the stories his father would tell him when he was younger. Even if it was hard to believe, Kol did have to admit that it was a good tactical advantage. But then again, the Avatar of Lugia had the same power, so it couldn't be considered an advantage. Maybe... a factor. Yes, factor was a good way to describe this new information. Nothing more then a factor thrown into the war.

It was now that Ambrose mentioned Celebi. Celebi... where had he heard that. Kol raked his mind to remember. Celebi seemed like something important, something he should have remembered, but he couldn't seem to make the memory surface. On any hand, it sounded as if Celebi wouldn't be any help to them. Kol had to admit he was a little disappointed, a time-traveling pokemon sounded like it would be a major advantage. It was a shame that they were so hard to rely on.

Kol was snapped out of his thoughts by Ambrose's sudden exodus from the building, soon followed by everyone else. He found himself the last one there. Slowly, he got up and started after them.

{Wait!! If you're going to fight, you need to fetch Noctowl too!!} Aipom screeched in Kol's ear. Kol looked at the purple monkey. Oh how she surprised him at times, he would have never figured her to be the tactical type. But, she did have a point, if he was going to be any help he would need to go back and get his Noctowl. With that being said, Kol turned and ran as fast as his legs could carry him back towards his little shack.

The run back seemed to take much longer then it usually did. He wasn't sure if he was imagining it or not, but it seemed to take hours. Why, at this rate the battle would be over by the time he made it back. But he did need Noctowl, so he raced on through the countryside. Finally, after what could be mistaken for days, his house came into view. A black speck on the horizon.

Now that he had a visible goal, the run seemed to go by much faster. In fact, he had never run this fast before. Everything around him was melded into a steady blur, and he couldn't feel his legs anymore. In no time at all Kol had streaked up the dirt path and arrived on the door step to his house. It was a shame that he couldn't have run that way for longer, it was a very unique sensation.

{What are you waiting for!? WE HAVE TO GET BACK AND HELP!} Aipom sounded upset with him, which was odd.

"Yah, sorry bout that." Kol stroked the purple monkey on her head, in the way she liked to be stroked. "Noctowl! Hey, Noctowl, come here! I need your help!"

The sound of Kol's own voice rebounding off the walls was all that answered. Kol waited for several precious seconds. He understood that Noctowl slept during the day, but now was far from the time to be stubborn and ignore Kol.

"NOCTOWL!! GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!" Kol bellowed into the black shack. This time, it was only a quick amount of time before a large, brown bird sleepily strolled up to Kol.

{Would you stop your yelling? I'm trying to sleep} Noctowl sounded very annoyed at Kol. Any other time Kol would be worried about upsetting his friends feelings, but now wasn't the time for that.

"Sorry, but we have to go! The avatar of Ho-Oh needs our help, and the rest of them are fighting while I'm here wasting time trying to collect you!" Kol had a hard time controlling his anger. He knew he shouldn't be so mad at the pokemon, but he wanted to go help Ambrose and the others.

{Why didn't you say that at first?} Noctowl still sounded annoyed, but it had at least seemed to grasp the magnitude of the situation, and fluttered up to Kol's arm. {If we're in such a hurry lets get on with it then. Sooner we leave, sooner I can come back to sleep}.

Kol hastily left his home, not even bothering to secure the door as he left. He had hoped that he would be able to run as fast as he had the first time, but it wasn't meant to be. Instead, his right leg cramped up on him, and his left knee felt as if it might fall from it's socket at any moment. Regardless, Kol ran on as fast as he could make his body move.

{Why on earth are you running at such a slow pace!? I could fly faster then this} Noctowl was obviously displeased with the current rate at which the shabby group was progressing.

"If you could fly faster, then why don't you? It'd lighten my load some." Kol gasped between breaths. He would have liked to snap some more at his pokemon, but he couldn't find the breath to do so. It already took all his energy to keep running, much less argue with a stubborn bird.

{No thank you, I'm fine right here} Noctowl yawned, and made a point to dig it's claws into Kol's shoulder ans he continued towards the village.

{Would you stop that!? Kol's running as fast as he can!} Aipom decided it was her turn to argue.

{Well that's apparently not fast enough now is it? Otherwise, we'd have been there and won the battle by now.}

{You seem sure of yourself.}

{Why shouldn't I be?}

At this point, Kol didn't think he could take anymore of it. The pain in his legs, the pressure of helping the avatar of Ho-oh, his own pokemon bickering on his back. None of it. In fact, he would have like to heave them both off of him and sleep right there at the guard post. The guard post! That was it, Kol was there! In all his displeasure he hadn't even noticed the village rush up to them.

"Stop it, we're here now." Kol huffed as he slowed down to a piddly walk. Kol took his time to walk through the streets, knowing he had another run to the Tin Tower ahead of him.

{Hey, isn't that one of the people from the building?} Aipom gestured towards a forming crowd. In the middle of the crowd was situated a young woman.

"Yes! That Silence! I wonder what she's doing here..." Kol made his way over to the crowd. It had looked smaller from the other side of the street, and it took some effort to shove his way to the center. But as he went, he couldn't help but hear people talk. Talking about how odd Silence was, and the pokemon she was tending too. Kol would have liked to straighten them out right there, but he needed to talk to Silence.

By the time he made it to the middle of the crowd, Silence was already... well, already hugging her Ariados. What the... Kol felt a little confused. This hardly seemed the time to be showing affection to a pokemon. It was only after he waited a second or two that he noticed she was using the thread from the spider pokemon to heal Ambrose's pokemon.

"Silence.." Kol was surprised at how exhausted his voice sounded, "What... what are you doing here?" Kol immediately wished he hadn't asked such a dumb question. It was obvious she was tending to the pokemon.

"I mean, I know what your doing. But will Ambrose be alright without her... companions?" Kol hoped he hadn't made as much of a fool of himself as he thought he had. But now was hardly the time to be thinking about that, what he should really be worrying about is Ambrose, and her fight at the Tin Tower.

October 1st, 2007, 1:02 PM
"Gregarius... no... don't leave... I just wanted to tell yo..." Ambrose muttered, the energy sapped from her frail body. Her limbs went limp, her eyes glazed over, and then she tumbled to the ground, unconscious. Her wings burst into flames and burned away in a cloud of black smoke. The battle was done. Neither had managed to win, but it was obvious that the battle had taken a greater toll on Ambrose than it had on Gregarius.

Meanwhile, Julius had stopped to tend to Archibald, who had also fallen unconscious. He listened for any sound from the Tin Tower. Strangely, he heard nothing. He looked at Esteban, who was using his psychic abilities to levitate the Slowking. The Haunter looked at its master and nodded. Without speaking, they knew that it would be wise to go back and see what had happened. They would either find Ambrose standing triumphant over her brother or to Julius' dismay, a defeated Ambrose. He trudged his way through the brush, pushing aside the branches of any tree that hindered his path.

{ Julius... is the Avatar... is she okay? } Archibald muttered having awakened from his slumber.

"Thank Arceus you're alright Archibald," Julius said, turning to face his Pokemon. "To tell you the truth, I'm not sure. We're heading back now to see. We can only hope that Ambie is okay..."

Archibald attempted to answer, but he was still tired. Julius smiled and reached out to pat his Pokemon on the head. He turned and started back towards the Tin Tower. After walking another ten to fifteen meters, he saw the tower once again. He couldn't see anyone. A knot formed in his stomach.

Where's Ambrose...? He kept walking forward, and still failed to find anyone, even Victor was missing in action. Gregarius was no where in sight, meaning he had either been defeated or he had run away. Growing increasingly worried, Julius picked up the pace of his walking, wanting to see the results of the battle.

He escaped the grasp of the forest and emerged on the battlefield. Ambrose's fiery tower had created quite a bit of destruction to the land. The grass in the imminent area was scorched and massive amounts of smoke billowed into the sky. Julius then noticed Ambrose laying on the ground, not moving or even appearing to breath. The knot in his stomach grew tighter as he approached her body. Julius leaned forward and placed his hand on her back. There were two large holes in the back of her shirt, apparently in the spots where her two, magnificent wings had emerged. He ran his finger along her bare skin, amazed that there were no signs of what had only been there a few minutes ago. Then to his relief, he saw her back move slightly a result of her slow, steady breathing.

Julius turned to Esteban, preparing to ask his Haunter if he would be able to carry both Ambrose and Archibald back to the village. Then, he heard an unusual giggle. Julius looked in all directions, attempting to spot the origin of the quiet laugh. Again, it sounded, but this time from a different direction.

"What in the world..." Julius said. It didn't sound like anyone he recognized. It was far from Gregarius' insidious laugh and it wasn't Victor's typically hardy chuckle. "Who's there!?"

"Tehehehe..." A green blur darted past Julius' face, and disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Then, a low but soothing sound began to waft through the imminent area. At first, Julius was startled, but as he listened to what sounded like a bell, all tension began to leave his body. The pounding migraine that had plagued him for the last hour was gone and the pain from the numerous bruises and scratches that littered his body dissipated. Archibald suddenly sat up, seeming to be filled with renewed energy.

Then, as if by a miracle, Ambrose's body shifted, and let out a slight moan. She shook her head slightly and attempted to sit up. Her eyes were still fastened shut and her arms shook from supporting her weight. "Are you all... alright?"

Julius let out a slight yelp of glee. She was alright. But where was that sound coming from.

"Celebi... is that you?" Ambrose asked, finally opening her orange eyes. "The sound of your Heal Bell is hard to forget to those who have heard it before. Where are you?"

Celebi emerged for a brief second, letting out a slight giggle. Then, with her innate speed, she darted towards the forest, her green body meshing with the plant life.

"She has something to tell us. She wouldn't appear for no reason Julius. Hurry, we must go back to the village and then head south. She won't leave the Sacred Grounds, but she'll be far from the village. We have to hurry. Celebi is an impatient creature..." Ambrose said, attempting to stand. Julius grabbed her hands and pulled Ambrose to her feet. "Thank you Julius."

"You're welcome Madam," Julius said, a large grin on his face. "Victor, are you still here? If you are, please come out. We have to go the village and see how the Avatar's Pokemon are doing. Then, we have to find Celebi and if Ambrose is correct, hear what she has to tell us."

Scarlet Weather
October 3rd, 2007, 3:26 PM
Victor ran to Ambrose's side just as the Avatar went down. "Are you-" he began, just as the green flash of light shot by and the heal bell chimed. Immediately, Victor's shoulder, which had been wrenched fairly severely in his little fishing line trick, had its pain relieved. He stared at the injured arm, then at the retreating sprite, in disbelief. His hands involuntarily moved, forming a gesture that symbolized reverence in the Sacred Land. "We've been blessed..." he murmured momentarily, before his brain was jarred back to reality by Ambrose's admonition that they needed to follow the spirit. Victor's eyes snapped, and his old nobleman's air returned to him momentarily. "Absolutely not!" he replied, staring at Ambrose's near-prostrate form. "You were just drained entirely of your strength. You need at least a few hours rest before we go chasing after anything like that. Besides, if this spirit really is a time traveler, whatever it has can wait. After all, it has all the time in the world." He bent closer, eyeing Ambrose's body as he scanned it quickly for bruises or other wounds. Satisfied that any visible injuries were purely superficial, he straightened up and turned to Julius. "Get her to the town, I want you to make sure that she sees our healer immediately. Celebi can wait. In the meantime, I'll check out the damage to Lugia's tower. I am his devotee after all, it falls to me to make sure that prig of an Avatar he chose doesn't wreck everything built to his honor." With that, Victor strode forward, Arachne following in his wake. His intentions, however, were interrupted as he was forced to spring away from an incoming Aggron charging at full speed.

You hurt Master! Master abandoned us! Your Fault! Salamandre cried tearfully, readying himself for another charge.

From the other side, Ares was charging as well, his cannons having been temporarily emptied by Gregarius's shield stunt. Master wouldn't leave us if it weren't for you!

Victor rolled his eyes. "Cham, I think we've got two more problems to deal with!"

The Rhydon leaped into action immediately, and before Salamandre could come anywhere near Victor he was met by a single, rocky hand swung in a downward arc, hammering it into the armored beast's skull like a hammer into an anvil. How do you like my Hammer Arm, eh? Here's another! The Rhydon admonished before swinging again. His blow once again connected, despite taking markedly longer to prepare, and his victim collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Ares, meanwhile, found himself cocooned in a web of threads so thick that they restrained him from taking more then a step. What? was all the tortoise could ask.

Arachne glared at the entrapped Blastoise with all the malice she could muster. Those who try to hurt Victor feel my sting, she entoned, her eyes gleaming, Now taste it!

At the spider's command, the blue tortoise cringed in horror as she released a steady wave of darkness into his mind, drawing on her experiences. Given Arachne's age, the Night Shade attack was consequently incredibly powerful. It was then that Victor joined in, slamming the hilt of his blade against the head of Ares twice, knocking the Pokemon unconscious. Stepping away from his fallen foe, he bowed to Ambrose. "No reason for alarm, they're out cold, not dead. Might be a good idea to have the healer take a look at them as well, we might need to pump 'em for information later."

October 4th, 2007, 5:58 PM
"Well, that was impressive Mr. Know-It-All. Incapacitating the two beasts that took out mine in one strike. Nice. And for your information, I'm fine. Celebi knows what she's doing. These bruises," Ambrose pulled up her sleeve, revealing the once purple bruises that littered her arms were now gone, "are all but healed. Victor, you worry too much. Celebi is far from a patient Pokemon, and you said it yourself: her help would be vital to our cause. She might refrain from battle, but she may be able to help us."

Ambrose ran her fingers through her hair and sighed heavily. "What I do know is that we have to get back to town. I want to check on Kiwi & Honey and see how Silence is doing on her own. I hope the villagers are leaving her alone," Ambrose said.

"Since you told them to leave her alone, the villagers won't even touch the girl. Lest you forget Madam, they revere you above all else. Anything you say, they listen," Julius said as he tended to Archibald. The pink Pokemon was back on its feet and allowing its master to prod at its body.

{ Ahh... the sound of Celebi's bell... I never thought I would be lucky enough to have it grace my ears. } Archibald sighed. { Now that she's taken the time to come our effort, I have to agree with the Avatar. She may help us afterall. }

{ You all forget that Celebi is but one Pokemon. Though powerful, she is far from capable with competing with Gregarius. Her help would be advice at best, if we even manage to find her in this game of hide and seek. It would help... } Esteban trailed off, pausing for a few seconds. { Hmm... did that one man who appeared to be a blacksmith of sorts... did he have a Sneasel with him? }

"Yes Esteban. Why do you ask?" Julius said, looking up from Archibald.

{ Well, they are undoubtedly some of the best tracking Pokemon on this continent. If only we had some sort of relic of Celebi's that could possibly contain a remnant of its scent, we could have an easier time tracking her down.} He looked at the Avatar. { Would you know of anything nearby that may be of help. }

"Back when the two towers were constructed, Celebi was more active in helping the humans. She delivered several bells that would ring whenever the Legendary Dogs were present," Ambrose paused. "Did you all not find it strange that when the spirits were here, the bells didn't ring. You don't think Gregarious would...?"

"I'll check immediately Madam. Archibald, stay here and rest a while longer. Esteban, come with me," Julius said, darting to the tower.

{ Julius, you are too eager to rush into any situation. Rela... humans... } The Haunter followed his master, who was already in the door. Julius darted up the numerous flights of stairs, running past the several stray Rattata that made the tower their home. He had been in the tower enough times to know the exact location of the bells. Julius reached the floor he was looking for, and made his way to a large, metal door with engravings of several Pokemon etched into it. He pushed it open, only to find Esteban waiting for him.

"Damn it Esteban! I HATE that," Julius said, clenching his chest.

{ Sorry. } Esteban said, turning his back from Julius, { If you look, the bells are scattered across the floor. It appears Gregarius or some Rattata had some fun in this room. I must say, I'm appalled with the way those monks have been taking care of the towers lately... }

"Right now, the towers could burn down and they wouldn't care. Ever since the two Avatars were born and it was obvious Gregarius was far from what they expected, many of them have secluded themselves at the peak of Mount Silverius. Only a few remain and even they sit in their quarters, praying for the return of the Moonbird's Avatar," Julius said as he tidied up the bells.

{ Nevertheless, they still have duties to fill. } Esteban said, making a spitting sound. { So fragile and so weak. No matter they fight over the pettiest of issues... }

"I would prefer if you avoided insulting my race Esteban. Not all humans are weak..." Julius placed all the bells back in their appropriate slots and inspected them closely. "Say Esteban. Which one of them looks like it would the easiest to carry." Each bell varied in size and the material they were made from. There were crystal bells, golden bells, and silver bells. When they rang, the entire countryside filled with their song. At least now they knew why they weren't ringing before...

{ Take the smallest golden one. It's the smallest one here. } Esteban said. { I'll see you outside master... } Esteban slunk into the shadows, disappearing from sight.

"What a creepy Pokemon I have," Julius said as he shook his head. He departed from the room and hurried down the stairs as quickly as possible, and ran back to Ambrose, Victor, and the various Pokemon that they were partners with.

"If you two don't object, I think we should hurry. We've wasted enough time. We must go back to the village, grab Silence, Kol, and the man with the Sneasel, and set on our way to find Celebi," Julius said with a growing impatience in his voice.

"I agree Julius. Are you ready Victor?" Ambrose said, turning to her friend.

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Alter Ego
October 5th, 2007, 4:15 AM
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"Ah!" Silence flinched visibly as Kol addressed her, nearly dropping the needle in her hand out of sheer surprise as she turned around to face him. The question had sounded all too much like an admonition, and self-conscious as she was, Silence was prone to dropping anything and everything she was doing the moment someone remarked that it might be wrong, "K-Kol..." she mumbled, heaving a small sigh in relief as she realized that it wasn't her old mentor there to scold her for a faulty seam again, her face flushed red with embarrassment. Exhausted as he was, the messenger didn't look quite as intimidating as before, but Silence still felt awkward, especially when the question that had been eating away at her own thoughts was voiced, "I-I don't know..." she mumbled, her brief blissful smile replaced with the usual melancholy expression, "I was just told to treat these two, but-if something was wrong, we'd have felt it, right?" she paused, realizing that it probably made absolutely no sense to Kol, "I-I mean...I don't know how to explain this, but...if the sunbird had-had perished, I would know. Ever since I was a little girl, I was taught to..." she trailed off into awkward silence, realizing that too much had already been said and fervently wishing for another subject.

"Um-never mind that." she added hastily, "Are-are you alright? You...seem...a bit tired?" she anxiously bit her lip again, wishing she had not even spoken in the first place. Kol was a messenger, wasn't he? He ran for a living. No doubt he'd take this kind of insinuation as an insult of some sort, still...she had already started it, "There-there are these herbs that help to ease muscle pain. If-if you want to I could-" her blush deepened, the last bit of the sentence addressed to Kol's shoes, "I could help you with that..."

October 6th, 2007, 10:48 PM
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IC: Out there, somewhere in the distance, he could make out the form of a crowd. Some curiosity hit him, but he was unwilling to travel onwards to figure who or what the crowd would be around. It was most likely that they were around someone or something that was not of importance at the moment.

Nome was still thinking of his own thoughts though; he had told himself that he should stay and wait, but what would he be waiting for? These people were nice to him, and he granted the fact that he knew so much about them and did in fact admire them. Yes, by now, he had figured that for sure, these people were of the Sacred Lands. For some reason, Nome had always pictured the place to be a little bigger and theatrical than what was shown before him.

He paced at the front of the yard, thoughts clinging. He thought of stopping his pace, as it was clear that his two companions were only following him and getting very annoyed to find that he wasn’t moving anywhere. Claw stopped followed and muttered something to herself curtly while folding her arms and turning away. It hit Nome now that this was probably the time to become more in-tune with his companions.

There were many people that he had met that were so in tune with their companions that they clearly were able to have one-on-one basis conversations. It always made Nome chuckle a little to know that so much time would be spent to learn the language of their companions, but it was not something completely stupid to do. In fact, it should be an admired act and should be practiced at all times.

“One of these days, Slash,” said Nome. He never quite finished that sentence off; only muttered once more to the puzzled Sandslash, “one of these days…”

October 9th, 2007, 10:35 AM
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“W… what was that?” Jebren span round on the spot; pointing his crossbow at anything moving. “Bene, Amet, did either of you hear that?” His weapon still tracked hopelessly through the trees. There! A movement in the corner of his eye. Without even thinking he fired off three bolts at whatever it was. They whistled off uselessly, impacting into trees with dull thuds.

{It sounded like a little bell…} Bene mused, sniffing at the air for a hint of the noise’s cause. Nothing: all she could smell was smoke. There it was again, further off towards the other of the metal towers. Now that she thought about it, it wasn’t really a bell, it sounded like a young child laughing, but so faint that only the highest parts could be heard. In the undergrowth ahead a Ratatta scurried by; and the noise it created destroyed both Bene and Jebren’s concentration. Amet looked to be asleep, but it was in fact a kind of deep trance he had perfected to help him appear more like a tree. It slowed his breathing and heart rate down so that it was harder to find him physically, and cleared his mind so seeking him out psychically was also hindered. Its only real drawback was the time it took him to phase in and out of it. It was like a kind of deep meditation; the ascension to the highest tree-impersonating plane.

“I’m getting sick of hiding, and that Gregarius character seems to have run away, so I think now may be a good time to introduce ourselves, eh Bene?” Jebren smiled down at the Houndour. He had, in effect, been eavesdropping on them ever since Gregarius disappeared into thin air to avoid fighting. One of them; the big man who was clearly (even from where Jebren was crouching in a muddy shrub) trying to mask some deeper feelings for the Avatar, ran off into the tower, followed by his Haunter. Jebren had never really been a fan of ghost Pokemon (they just seemed unnatural. Had they been born like that, ghosts? Or were they once different living Pokemon that had died? Maybe he could ask the Haunter…)

{Did I miss the fight?} Amet yawned, slowly waking out of his comatose state. He glanced around, realized that whatever he missed was clearly quite big, and looked a little disappointed.

“Brilliant. The gang’s all here.” Jebren muttered as he pushed his way through a branch to get into the clearing. Realizing he was leaving, Bene and Amet followed behind him. As he stumbled up to the tower, the three people seemed to be on the verge of leaving. Not wanting to slow them down, he decided to get straight to the point. “Hello. I’m Jebren.” He waved as he announced this, “you do not need to introduce yourselves; I have quite a good idea who you are. Madam Avatar, I must say, it is a great honor to finally meet you. You look like you are about to set off somewhere, so I wont hold you up with a big lengthy introduction: lets just say that something told me to come and find the avatar, and me (being the gullible fool that I am) decided to do just that. If there is any way I could be of assistance, it would make me feel like I haven’t wasted my time in seeking you out.” That should about cover everything. He thought, still smiling at the Avatar and her companions.

“Oh, and sorry about scratching your ear back there. I do tend to get a bit jumpy with the crossbow.” He smirked at the one-who-was-clearly-not-in-love-with-the-Avatar; noticing the nick on his earlobe and the track of dried blood down the side of his neck.

October 26th, 2007, 9:38 PM
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Yes; this was all fine and dandy. It was great to know that Nome had a place to stay, and for awhile, he was gladly taking this place as his own so as to smooch off of whoever was giving him free shelter. But it was time for him to go; he couldn’t stay much longer than this. He was of no importance here; he needed to leave. But there was a question; were his companions ready for moving again? He should give a proper resting time before moving on, that was for sure. So, the outskirts is all he, Claw, and Slash reached. Beyond where they stood was the forested area of where he had come from. He knew for a fact that there was no way he was going to turn back and go to the place where he was being hunted. But he couldn’t stay either.

Once they were far enough, they would rest. Nome would give his companions the right amount of rest needed before they would go on with their journey to nowhere. That was the plan, but plans never do seem to work out the way they were supposed to. It started when Nome felt a heat on his chest, and he couldn’t tell why.

Maybe he was finally cracking under the heat; maybe it was a sign that he needed to lie down. So only a short distance away from the Sacred Lands, he rested with his companions. Something wasn’t right though; Claw couldn’t stop looking at him. She looked at him with determined eyes, as if expecting something else from him. She was ready for something; it was evident in her eyes and stride.

The answer couldn’t have been any more obvious than when she broke from her trance and ran, leaving her armor behind.

“wha—Claw! Come back here!”

But she did not.

“Slash; go after her underground; I’ll chase on foot!”

They both made a run for it. The armor, Nome could care less. At the time, he wanted more his companion. He never thought of her to be one to run away from him, and there was no explanation for it. He chased through the forests, the sun being blocked out by the trees. The chase continued, and Nome was getting tired.

But then he realized something with this chase; as it went on, she slowed down. As he caught up, she sped up. It wasn’t until she started looking back, as if to make sure he was still there, that something finally clicked in his mind. She wanted him to follow her, for a reason still unknown.

He couldn’t just jump to this conclusion, but it seemed to be the only answer. He held onto this while the chase lasted. And then it all stopped; she stopped running, and Nome was left to stand before her as Slash popped out of his underground highway. Before them, was a large tower. And with the atmosphere, it was possible that something had just happened.

Scarlet Weather
October 27th, 2007, 4:29 AM
Victor groaned. Why did the Avatar have to be so tomfool stubborn? It was like she had no idea what he was talking about. Rolling his eyes, he nodded in agreement. "Alright, but don't come crying to me if it turns out you've got a cracked rib or something that didn't heal right," he groused, "And don't compliment me on taking those two out. I'm with the royal guard, remember? Those punks in Lliore never really took time to train their Pokemon with the rest of the guard." He smirked slightly, allowing a bit of his former love of Fandavale leak through, before he remembered where he was and why he was there. His face darkened. "Ambie, be careful. I know that Celebi can help us, but it could just as easily choose to assist Lliore if they find some way to tempt it or trick it. You put too much faith in your own powers and 'divinity'. Ambie, you and Greg are Avatars, mighty but not all-powerful. Don't count on your power to bring you through safely each-" Victor caught himself, chuckling. "I sound like my Mom now."

Just as Victor finished his statement, he was knocked to the ground by the arrival of a large, red, armored dragon whose tail was capped with a small flame. Alright, where's that son of a feather-duster who I work for? The beast growled, I have a message for him.

"Char! Get the Krakveldt off my back and I'll tell you, you overgrown gecko!" Victor roared from his position below the Charizard's left foot.

The dragon stepped back, leering evilly. So sorry, stinking human. I apologize for inflicting any sort of pain on you, oh exalted-

"Can the sarcasm Char, just cut to the chase," Victor interrupted angrily. "What are you reporting?"

Not much, just that a green spirit was just seen floating towards the exit to the area. The Charizard replied, his face still cracked in a leering grin. And now if you'll excuse me, I have to find a suitable place to wash off the human stink on me. With that elegant parting remark, the beast took off.

November 3rd, 2007, 4:01 AM
Nome pushed back the doors before him, revealing the darkness within the tower. There was something in the air that smelt of a bad odor, much like one that was of either a burning rotting corpse meat or a bad turd. Disregarding the smell, Nome continued onwards with both his companions leading the way. Strange how he didn’t find anything to appear wowing to him; the art of something old and worn out was barely amusing, if anything.

Claw made her way to the stairs, looking up and waiting for Nome at the same time. Slash made it there first before his master. The second Nome had entered the stairwell, Claw made her run on fours towards the top at a fast pace. Nome couldn’t believe it, and cursed to himself that he would have to follow her. Why he could not just yell at her to come back to him was a mystery even to him; he would definitely do it given the chance, and he had perfect chances all around him. Yet he made no move but the one to follow.

Claw had not made him reach the top; she entered one of the floors before that. Nome stopped along with Slash to inspect the room before he entered. The doors were metallic and definitely made for a strong fortification, and the designs upon it were slightly intriguing. In fact, the designs were the only thing that stopped him from going any further. He felt now that he may have been forgetting something. Something vital, and not physical, but he was not sure what it was.

He made his way into the room, inspecting his surroundings. He found Claw way ahead of him, beside some wall with more designs and artistry with embeddings, sunk deeper in other places. They most likely meant something more, but didn’t quite know what nor did he care to know. To him, it was just a wall.

The room felt a lot more humid now. It was time to leave. Nome didn’t want to stay longer than needed; he didn’t even need to be in there in the first place. There was a heat in his chest again, and felt quite annoying. He reached for his heart and felt where the heat belonged. It was a metal.

And then he remembered.

He pulled it out from under his shirt, looking it over. It was his pendant. And in this dark room where he stood, Claw and Slash surrounding him, it glowed with orange. It was something else now; Nome didn’t view it as a family pendant anymore. He did not let go; he was too entranced into the glow.

An orange phantom-like arm reached out slowly from the center, seeming to feel about the room. Still, Nome did not drop the pendant. He watched. And it pointed in a random direction, away from Claw, away from Slash, and away from Nome. It was pointing somewhere important; Nome could feel it.

He let go of the small, average pendant with the small and thin arm pointing. He was surprised to find it floating. What he meant, he was unsure. He made his way towards the wall it pointed upon, and he only wondered where it could be pointing. He made his way to a window to see behind the wall. And he found the rest of the Sacred Lands. It was pointing to the place he had just left. Something there was of importance.

And now, an urge to go back was imminent. He pulled the floating pendant and placed it back where it belonged; along his chest and tucked under his clothing.

“We’ve got to go back,” he said.

November 3rd, 2007, 4:15 PM
Full Given Name:Shiko Yuji Hinamoro
Title (If any):
Appearance:Shiko is about 5'6",with medium length dirty blonde hair and silver glasses.He wears a navy blue T-Shirt and fading jeans under his armor,which is dark blue gilded with gold.
Personality:Fierce,but calm at some times.He has a very short temper and a love for adventure.
History:Ever since his parents died,he has been wandering the land with his Sneasel.
RP Sample (REQUIRED):"Weavile,lend me your ice powers!Darkrai won't be here for long!"Shiko slashed at Darkrai with icy punches and kicks.Imitating him,Elise's Machoke gave her its power,and she started beating at Darkrai with all she had."Deoxys,help us!You to,Shaymin!Let's beat Darkrai!"Soon Darkrai began weakening."LET'S GO!!"

Nickname (If Any):
Pokemon's Personality:Just like his trainer;fierce.
History:Shiko found him in the wild badly hurt,and they've been friends ever since.

November 4th, 2007, 9:29 AM

Pandaboy- No.


Ambrose focus left Victor and his Charizard when she noticed a Sneasel running to the Tin Tower. The Pokemon was soon followed by a Sandslash and a man who seemed familiar to Ambrose. She watched as the three of them disappeared into the tower. Ambrose placed her hand on her chin and sighed. In the background she could hear Victor's Charizard flying away while leaving its master with one final comment. However, a strange energy was emanating from the man. Something familiar...

"Anyway, from what Char said, Celebi is on the move and going at an incredible pace. We must hurry if we want to catch her. Julius, you hurry to town and gather Silence & Kol and prepare their departure. Also, make sure Honey and Ambrose are alright," Ambrose said with the last few words of her sentence trailing off into a quiet whisper. "I just--just hope they're okay. If they're hurt, I don't know if I could ever forgive myself..."

"Don't worry Ambrose. I'll do my best. Esteban, Archibald, let's go! The Avatar has given us a command and we must..." Julius said in an unusually haughty tone.

[ Enough Julius. No need to impress the Avatar with your sudden devotion. She knows you would jump off a cliff for her. Let's get going... ] Archibald said with a sneer. [ With the amount of walking you've put me through today, I deserve a medal of some sort... ] Archibald snorted once more and began walking towards the woods.

[Julius, I'll meet you at the entrance nearest the town. See you soon. ] Esteban said, disappearing into the shadows once again.

Ambrose looked at Victor, who appeared to be still disheveled from the appearance of his "lovely" Charizard companion.

Then, her breath cut out and she almost lost all consciousness. A searing feeling of rage overtook her. Evidently, the Avatar of Lugia was far from happy. Undoubtedly, several Lliorians had just perished at his hands.

"Victor, we must hurry. I wish I had time to go back into the tower," Ambrose said as she looked back at the tower, "But we don't." Ambrose began to walk back towards the woods. Julius had already disappeared into the brush, and was out of sight.

Julius, in eagerness, had lifted his pink partner onto his back and was bounding through the woods at an astounding speed. Hearing the Time Traveler's Bell had given him a new source of energy. Several Pokemon had appeared once again in the woods, giving it too a new source of energy with Gregarius absent. Archibald heaved with every step, jarred by the pace of his master. "Almost there Archibald."

[I see that Julius. Must you take such heavy steps though. You're giving me quiet the headache.]

"What are you? A Psyduck!" Julius said with a laugh, looking back at the Slowking, who's face should no signs of joy.

[You're humor is lost on me Julius. In fact, some might say you lack a funny bone in your body.]

"Wow, someone's grumpy. I thought hearing Celebi was supposed to bring joy and vigor to one's body. Slowking's must be immune," Julius said with a quiet snicker. Archibald only sighed.

[Finally, you're here.] Esteban said, emerging from the shadows. [It appears Silence has managed to take care of the Avatar's Pokemon with much ease. Alas, it appears quite the crowd has formed around here. Poor girl...

"Oh good, good... Esteban, you take care of the crowd. I'll get Kol and Silence prepared to depart. Archibald," Julius said as he placed the Slowking on the ground. "You go back to the house and gather some food, water, and other rations. Put them in my knapsack and wait for me by the door. I'll be there as soon as possible."

[As you wish Julius.] The two Pokemon said in unison as they departed for their duties. Esteban merged into the crowd and managed to do his best cackle, which managed to frighten most of the crowd. Some whispered of a witchcraft, saying that the demons who protected her wished for the crowd to disappear so she could perform darker spells without watching eyes. Archibald disappeared into the crowd, making his way to Julius' home.

"Silence! Kol! I have something to ask of you. It seems that the great Time Traveler, Celebi, has spoken to Ambrose," Julius said, slightly embellishing the truth. In fact, Celebi had not spoken to Ambrose, but rather it was a hunch of the Avatar that the two of them were to be present. But, if he retold the story in that manner, they may not agree to accompany them. "And Celebi expressed her wish that a healer and a messenger accompany her. So, I'm guessing that meant the two of you."

Julius inspected the Avatar's Pokemon, who were resting nearby. "You did a fine job Silence. I hope you agree to accompany us. Who knows what the Time Traveler holds in store for you." Julius said with a huge, goofy smile...

Alter Ego
November 5th, 2007, 5:07 AM
"I-" the moment Julius complimented her work, Silence's face turned a particularly deep shade of crimson. He...he was talking to her? Not just to a group including her, but her, specifically; and he was saying that she had done a good job, and that he hoped that she would come along. What little communication skills Silence possessed abandoned her, rendering the young woman incapable of uttering a single syllable. She felt like screaming at herself. Julius was finally talking to her and now all the intelligent and interesting things she had planned on saying in the unlikely scenario that something like this would ever happen were gone with the wind. All the words that came to mind seemed so clumsy and plain, so...so unworthy. Even her legs were being mutinous, refusing to budge from the spot they were rooted on, and Silence was amazed that the thunderous drumming of heartbeat didn't seem to bother anyone else. She quickly turned her eyes to the ground to avoid the smile that was rapidly draining what little sense she had left in her head.

"It-it really isn't anything that great..." she mumbled to her feet, inwardly cursing herself for talking like an idiot, "I-I just..."

{'not anything that great', my arse!} Silk interrupted indignantly, sharing neither his trainer's modesty nor her high opinion of Julius, {You're free to call yourself a fumbling buffoon as healers go, but there's nothing not great about my silk or my aim!} the spider folded his front-legs defensively, {And in case it slipped your mind; you didn't do a good job. We did a good job and you had better not forget that!}

Silence couldn't help a tiny wisp of a chuckle at the Ariados' complaints. The spider might not have intended it as such, but this had been precisely the kind of thing she needed to pull her mind down from cloud nine for a moment, and the young woman finally began finding her wayward words again, "I-I'll come, of course." she replied to Julius, still not daring to make eye contact as she gave a hasty little curtsy, "I promised to give my assistance to the avatar so that is what I'll do."

{One could think that there are other reasons behind that decision as well.}

Silence blinked as Eclaire addressed her, the Absol rising up from a shaded spot by the side of a building where she had been lying for the duration of Silence's little operation and sauntering over to the two with a knowing little smile on her face.

"Eclaire, that's not what I-!" the healer protested, her face tending towards crimson once more.

{After all...} Eclaire continued casually, {...it is not every day that one gets to meet a legendary being in its true form.} she gave Silence a sly wink.

"I guess not." the young woman shot back, still slightly upset about the dark type's latest ploy, "I-" she turned back to Julius, "I'm ready to go."