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Main Story:
In the past lands of Kanto, during the times where even guns and basic electric technology didn't exist, a number amout of people were destined to set their paths onto a journey to redeem their horrifying past. Dohuko, a town where a few were exiled due their desicion made of by their own free will. These exiles have but no choice but to go on a quest full of danger and suspense in every step they make. Kumo, an exiled experienced ninja had been exiled by his own home village for having Dratini, a dragon-type pokemon that was forbidden onto the grounds of Dohuko. Kumo wandered freely on the major lands of Kanto, searching for a way to find a way to get accepted back to Dohuko.

After searching freely onto the lands of Kanto, he mysteriously meets a suspicious old man who seem to appeared like the wisest of all men. This man knew exactly of what Kumo's intentions were, which surprisingly amazed Kumo. The man told him to set onto a dangerous journey in order to defeat a man who's intentions was to take full control over the world of pokemon by abusingly using his pokemon at his advantage. With a pure heart in Kumo, he apparently decides to go onto the journey, but was smart enough to realize that he could not fight such an evil-minded human being himself. He searched around the lands of Kanto and Johto to search for anyone who would help his cause: to save the world from a malevolent man.

As these people proceed with the perilous journey they are bonded with it by fate, they learn the true meaning of life and how life truly flows throughout the world. Death, grief, love, family, and protection... these were the most common seen factors throughout the lands of the world. As our heroes learn more about life, their very own lives will change, depending on their current lifestyle. Our heroes will also meet up with new friends, possibly new enemies, and suffer constantly from their very own nuisances, the Chefs of Doom. Despite their name, they are a series of experienced fighting chefs/pokemon trainers.

We know how this story starts, but how will this story end? Will our heroes have a victorious win against evil and finally redeem their past? Or will they fall upon their destined doom before even facing evil?

Joined RPers role:
+ Your character's main role is to join in at some point with Kumo. After all charcters meet as one partying group, the real stuff begins...

+ As usual, joining this roleplay requires a detailed-enough sign up sheet.
+ Your character must had suffered a horrifying/terrible past in order for the whole plot to make sense.

NOTE - Signing up:
When you sign up, I highly recommend you to use the bottom sign up sheet as an example for your sheet.

Name: Kumo Batosai

Nickname: (none)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Hometown/Homeland: Dohuko/Kanto

Heading: Exiled Ninja / Roaming Dragon-type Trainer

Appearance: He was around six feet and has an athletically advance body. He had dark purple spikey hair and hazel blue eyes. Whenever he was to get into a serious matter, his eyes turned darker than normal. He usually appeared with a smile around the public.

He wore a netted vest underneath a dark blue sleeveless t-shirt. There was a pure white crystal wrapped in wired where you were still able to see the most parts of the crystal that was fastened to a soft rope that was tied around his neck, being his momento necklace from his mom. He was given this necklace before he was exiled from his homeland. In his hands, he wore short leather gauntlets with blue wrist wraps that reach up half way between his wrist and his elbow. He wore an old black cotton-materialed pants that were rolled half way to his shin that gave him much flexability of movement. For his footwear, he wore feet wraps that reached up to where his pants were rolled up. He also wore traditional ninja-class footwear close toe slippers that had a unique appearence than normal slippers. Around his waist, he wore a red silk belt that supported his pants. The belt was so long that the remaining belt hung to his side freely. He carried a convenient one-strapped satchel that was slung over his back. The strap of the satchel doubled as a strap for the sheath of his mythril rapier that had been slightly dulled from all the years it was used, being a family heirloom.

He lived upon the ancient famous town of Dokuho as a lively experienced ninja. He had a stubborn personality who usually thought he had the power to go against anything that went against him, until after some fights with the natives where he was sometimes overpowered. Overall, he gave great care to his friends and his pokemon. He was great rivals with Shujo Bakugami, who still seeks a duel with him and his equal powered strength. Whenever he is to be set upon a group, he usually played the role as leader, which stood as one of his strong points.

Pokemon(Two at least):

Dragonair (Female)
Nickname (If Any): Kurmui
Stumbled across a baby Dratini when he was barely six. He took a unique interest in this Dratini because her color was abnormal and it matched the color of his hair. He took her home and raised her as he grew up in secret because dragon-type pokemon were forbidden in his early hometown. After he got exiled, she became his only companion for years thus creating a bond in between them. She evolved trying to protect him in a life-threatening situation, involving a group of ravage Slaking.

Protective and caring of him, but also reckless in the same manner. She is always by his side or trying to support him in anyway. She liked Sitrus berries and cold water. She disliked fire and bug-type pokemon. She also held an everstone with her at all times.

Ninetails (Male)
Nickname (If Any): None
Pokemon's Personality/History: Joined him after he saved some of his pack's baby vulpix in a storm. Very loyal to him, but can sometimes be honory if things are not going how he desired. He had a darker fur than other living Ninetails from prolonged exposure of the sun. They have been together for almost two years since he was seventeen.

He is calm, but fierce in almost all situations. He likes to bask in the sun and is a little paranoid at night. He dislikes any pokemon he meets that are larger in size than him.

Other: He was allergic to Chansey eggs and other foods pokemon provided for comsumption. He also was very enrage of the color orange.

RP Sample (REQUIRED): This is from Pokemon Savior ~ Reprise:

"I think I'm going to go off to take a walk in the city nearby here."

Psy started to walk onto a path that will lead him to the city that lied nearby the area. He was feeling greatly depressed when he though more closely on the risks they could go through. As he continued to stroll on his way, a slight wave of wind flew by Psy, causing his hair and clothing to flow in motion with the wind.

"Why did I have to bring all of this up to the guys? I don't even think doing this is even a good idea anymore..." He faced upward, starring upon the vast starry sky. He did not want to put his friends at such a risk and felt in his own opinion that going onto the journey alone would be better, for the sake of his friends, "...maybe I should tell them to go back to Neocean Island, where it's safe from danger."

He entered the city, seemed to be dead due to the disasters. In the floor lied nothing but debris and only a few buildings nearby appeared standing. He was horrified on what such a disaster could do to a city. He obtained a slight rise of fear from the destroyed city, but his bravery always stood upon his side which enabled him to overcome his slight fear from going against him, "This city... but what happen to everyone that used to live here?" He noticed something moving nearby his side. He changed his direction and walked closer to the moving shadow.

"It's a letter... but for what?" He found that the shadow that flew by was a fancy-looking paper with handwritten letters on it. He was curious enough on what the writing could tell him and closely read on what was stored on the paper.

My kind fellow Light, I wish you to live a
better light without me. Please do not
be sadden by my disappearance. To my
precious Light, I wish you to live life as
free as a bird and do not let those silly
bad feelings ruin your life. As your loyal
trainer tells you wise as words to move
out happily and freely, that is what I wish.

~ Jill

Psy had no clue on what the letter meant. He safely added the letter into his pocket as he thought it might just be of use in the future, “I know it sounds dumb, but I must return this letter to this Light person. I just don’t have a clue at all where he could be,” he said to himself, hoped that maybe his powers could help him find Light in any helpful way.

He continued to walk through the city, saw but the same remains of the city. He found the exit to the city, relieved to have found a way to escape such an empty place, “I’m glad the exit’s nearby, this place makes me too sentimental.” He left the city and its remains alone once again. He defied himself to look behind, avoiding himself to look at the city ever again. He found another forest nearby, assumed it was the same forest where Lucia and the group lied. After he made his way deeper inside the forest, he called out names to see if anyone was nearby, “Lucia? Samson? Renee? Randy? Is anyone out here?” He finally realized he was in the wrong forest.

“Oh no… this is bad… I am such an idiot.” He gave himself a disappointed look.

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