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September 10th, 2007, 2:02 PM
Rated PG 14 (violence, blood and gore, moderate language)


It was December 31st, 1999. White snow blanketed over all of Sinnoh. Professor Rowan claimed that tommorow, the first day of 2000, he'd get the Sinnoh starters to give out to beginning trainers. Not only that, but he'd get the starters from the other regions too. For the first time ever, Rowan would have all 12 starters.

Trainers from Twinleaf Town would be visiting him too get an exotic Pokemon, of course, but also beginning trainers from different towns, even different regions. Half of the trainers of the 12 were just average 10 year olds, and they'd take a normal journey earning gym badges or ribbons. For some, even both. The other six, however, were a different story.

The other half were ranging in age from 14-16, even though they could have started much earlier. For their own reasons, they decided to wait. Little did they, or anyone for that matter, know what fate was in store for them.

Most kids that age are spoiled little brats. Their used to having all the electronics, such as I-Pods and cell phones, at their fingertips. When on a journey, they would be sleeping at fancy hotels with confortable beds, fluffed pillows, and room service that would cater to their every need. Foodwise, they would be eating at five star resturaunts with one heck of a menu. These kids would have none of that. What they would have wouldn't even come close.

Two michevious little Shinx who lived near Twinleaf Town had just learnt how to use the move discharge. That doesn't seem like a big deal, but it would change the lives of these kids. These Shinx would both use discharge on the kids, who were all together coinsedencly. The kids would then blackout, and wake up on the middle of an island. There was no people there, only Pokemon.

They would have to learn how to go without electronics, fancy hotels, and five star resturuents. There would be no little reasue boat or plane that would save them from the island. They would have to learn how to live on the island. Overall, they'd have to learn how to survive.


1. They moderators have good reasons for posting rules. Read them over. If you can't follow them, don't join.
2. Please try to post at least four lines, but remember, quality > quanity.
3. You can capture a total of 6 Pokemon, including your starter, but no more. Please be reasonable with the Pokemon you catch when it comes to shininess and rareness, and no legandaries are allowed.
4. No sex, please. Romance such as far hugging and kissing goes is fine. In fact, it is encouraged.
5. My rule about character control is this: You can control characters other than your own, just don't go overboard. Also make sure you don't make other people's characters do stuff out of their personalities.
6. If I'm absent, the show must go on. Just bunny my character, and let the RP days pass. Don't stop the RP and wait for me.
7. Six people, including me, are aloud. Sign up quicky.
8. Have fun!

Sign Up Sheet

Name- Self-Explanitory
Gender- Male or female
Age- 14-16
Birthday- When was your character born? This is imporant because RP days will pass, and when it hits your characters birthday, they will become a year older.
Personality- 3-5 complete sentances, please. Try to go into some detail.
Figure- How tall is your character? Don't make it anything too unreasonable, like 15 feet tall. How much does your character weigh? Again, be reasonable. And overall, what is your character's body shape/figure?
Eyes- What color is your character's eyes?
Skin- What is your character's skin tone?
Hair- How long is your character's hair? What color? What style?
Summer Attire- What clothing does your character wear from April 1st-October 31st in RP time?
Winter Attire- What does your charcter wear from November 1st-March 31st in RP time?
Starter Pokemon- Any of the 12 starters are allowed, as long as nobody else has the one you want. I have Chikorita! :5:
Starter's Gender- What is your starter Pokemon's gender?
Starter's Personality- What is your starter Pokemon's personality? You don't have to go into too much detail.
History- Optional.
Other- Anything else you'd like to add.

Have fun!

Taken Pokemon

:5: (taken by Raichuchika)

:10: (taken by ~Dawn~)

:4: (taken by MysticManyula)

:9: (taken by Jamie006)

:3: (taken by Orange)

Chimchar *no smiley avalible* (taken by Drapion Dawg)

September 12th, 2007, 12:24 PM
Name- Dawn Maxwell
Gender- female
Age- 14
Birthday- April 7th
Personality- Dawn is that kind of girl that is usual fun-loving and naive. She is very curious, but her nosiness sometimes gets her into trouble. She is very kind overall, but you shouldn't make her mad. That is NOT a pretty site!
Figure- She's a little more than 5-1, and weighs about 90 something pounds. She doesn't have much of a butt, a chest, or really any fat, period.
Eyes- Dawn is dark brown eyes.
Skin- Dawn is a mix of black and white.
Hair- Dawn has straight, thick hair that is dark brown in color. It falls about a foot below her shoulders.
Summer Attire- During the summer, Dawn wears a black tee that says "Hott" (yes, with 2 T's) In red font, surrounded by a fire design. She wears jean short shorts that are lighter blue in color, and black sandels.
Winter Attire- During the winter, she wears a long sleeved shirt in a pale pink color with the words "Devil at Heart" on it, with a pink winter coat over it. She wears designer jeans with a butterfly patterns on it, tucked into pink fluffy boots.
Starter Pokemon- Charmander (Nickname- Lizzy. I prefer Squirtle, but I don't like it's evolutions that much. I like of Charmander's evolutions.)
Starter's Gender- Female
Starter's Personality- Lizzy is rather outgoing, and will pretty much socialize with anyone. Her nature is sassy, and her characteristic is loves to fight. Though she isn't always all that friendly, she will truley open her heart to those she loves and respects.
History- Dawn's history isn't anything special...
Other- Dawn wears pink lip-gloss and mascara.

Hope it's good enough...

September 12th, 2007, 1:17 PM
Name- Timothy Landon
Gender- Male
Age- 14
Birthday- September 25
Personality- He is quite intelligent, knowing a great deal about science and math. He is also a loner, preferring to do whatever he wants rather than listening to others. Tim is pretty good at theoretical scenarios, but his experience with real-world problems is limited.
Figure- Around 5'3", and not very strong. Rather thin.
Eyes- Blue
Skin- Pale
Hair- Dark brown in color, and he wears it fairly long.
Summer Attire- Blue and white T-shirt with a collar and light brown shorts.
Winter Attire- Light brown and blue sweater, heavy blue jacket, red winter hat, black jeans, and red gloves.
Starter Pokemon- Squirtle
Starter's Gender- Male
Starter's Personality- Squirtle is normally fairly quiet, but when he or Timothy is threatened, he can become quite aggressive.
History- Grew up in Twinleaf. Timothy did not have many friends, prferring instead to stay at home, read books, and surf the Internet. He was a favorite target of bullies during his early years of school, though he later learned ways to avoid them. While Tim was interested somewhat in Pokemon training, he preferred to keep up his studies for a few years before leaving
Other- He has a Thunderstone that his parents gave him when he started his journey. He keeps it around with him during his time on the island to remind him of home. (not sure if this is allowed; if it isn't, I'll remove this. And yes, I am planning on using the stone later.)

September 12th, 2007, 1:45 PM
Name- Chris Mills
Gender- Male
Age- 15
Birthday- March 25
Personality- Chris is one of those kids that is your friend that you really never talk to, but you are nice to him because he has not alot of friends. The reason for that is because he pranks people and makes stupid jokes about them that people dont find too funny. That is why Chris decides to go on this journey. He wants to go places where people wont know him and make fun of him anymore.
Figure- Chris is 5.8 feet tall. Chris also weighs about 179 because of his muscles. He has a pretty good body, 6-Pack, nice pecs, inda like what I really want to look like! XD
Eyes- Blue Eyes
Skin- Chris is a little tan but not like those really old people who look like they got skin cancer from a tan. XD
Hair- Chris has brown hair that drops down to his ears.
Summer Attire- Chris wears a black tee shirt that has aa hood attached to it. He also will wear black jean shorts too. He always wears a Black beanie w.visor that has a Monster Energy Drink Logo on it.
Winter Attire- Chris wears the same Black T-shirt with the hood except witha white longsleeve shirt under it. He wears black jeans now and the sasme Monster Energy Drink Beanie.
Starter Pokemon- chimchar (u just gotta love him)
Starter's Gender- Male
Starter's Personality- Chimchar's nickname is Inferno and he likes to stay out of his pokeball all the time.
History- ???
Other- Nothing

thx and byes

September 12th, 2007, 3:04 PM
Name- Fraky Dizune
Gender- Male
Age- 13 (but almost 14, do you accept it?)
Birthday- December 9th
Personality- Fraky is a strong-willed boy, very smart and serious, but funny at the same time. Likes to be with his friends and with his Pokémon. Hates evil, and when facing it, he is agressive. But when is a small problem, he acts calmly. Is always ready to help a friend when he/she needs. When he was a small child, he was teased for liking Steel-types Pokémon so much.
Figure- Fraky is about 1.50 meters tall (In my country we don't use feet as a size teller, so I don't know what feet are, but is around 4-5 feet or something...), and weights around 43.5 Kilograms (again, I don't know what weight teller do you use, but in my country is this one, but must be 140-150), but isn't too fat or strong. Resuming, is a middle-sized boy.
Eyes- Dark Brown
Skin- White (White? You know what I mean)
Hair- Dark Brown hair by his shoulders
Summer Attire- A very dark blue T-Shirt with a White Lightning attached to it and black shorts.
Winter Attire- A black sweatshirt behind a green cloak and uses very dark green jeans.
Starter Pokemon- (I would like Sneasel, but...) It may be Cyndaquil, nicknamed Volcano.
Starter's Gender- Male
Starter's Personality- Likes to roam around freely outside its Pokéball, on its Trainer's shoulder.
History- When he was a small child, Fraky liked to play with his friends, altough he hadn't too much. Some Bug Catchers teased him for hating Bug-types and loving Steel-types. As he was born from a poor family, he promised he would be a great trainer to earn money to his family, but what really turned him to go on a adventure was his love for Pokémon and his wish to meet the world.
Other- Nothing

Is this good?

September 12th, 2007, 3:17 PM

~Dawn~- Pretty good. Could use a little amping, but it's good enough for me. ~accepted~

Jamie006- The stone is fine, just to let you know. You did pretty good. One problem though... change the starter. I accepted someone else w/ a Cyndaquil. ~pending~

Drapion_Dawg- Um... as long as you use better grammer in the future, you'll be fine. No chatspeak please... ~pending~

MysticManyula- Ok. You can be 13 if you want. But actually, your character wouldn't be almost 14 because the RP time is January 1st, and your character was born in December. But hey. I'll let 13 year old characters in. ~accepted~

September 12th, 2007, 5:05 PM
Name- Harrison Freeman (Harry)
Gender- Male
Age- 14
Birthday- November 3rd
Personality- Harry is a good guy. He's a smart kid who's pretty mature for his age. He is quiet sometimes, maybe coming off as cold, but he is really just shy. Deep down he is a pretty cool guy, he just needs some friends to open up to.
Figure- Harry is 5'6, weighs 127 pounds, and has a slim figure.
Eyes- Blue.
Skin- White, but not pale.
Hair- Harry has short light brown hair, worn a little messy usually.
Summer Attire- A plain light yellow t-shirt, a pair of black shorts (they go past his knees) and a pair of white tennis shoes.
Winter Attire- A green t shirt, with a black long sleeved undershirt, and light blue jeans with the same white tennis shoes. (he'll throw on a light blue jean jacket if it get's real cold.)
Starter Pokemon- Totodile
Starter's Gender- Male.
Starter's Personality- Totodile is usually a relaxed and playful pokemon, but it is a fierce battler.
History- Optional.

September 12th, 2007, 5:55 PM
No offense, but it looks like MysticManyula posted after I did. Unless he PMed you earlier, Cyndaquil wasn't taken when I posted my sign-up.

If Cyndaquil really was taken when I first posted, though, I'll change it to Torchic, but I'd just like to know why.

September 12th, 2007, 6:00 PM
No offense, but it looks like MysticManyula posted after I did. Unless he PMed you earlier, Cyndaquil wasn't taken when I posted my sign-up.

If Cyndaquil really was taken when I first posted, though, I'll change it to Squirtle, but I'd just like to know why.

He was accepted before you were.

September 12th, 2007, 6:07 PM
When was he accepted? The only reason I wasn't accepted was because I had chosen Cyndaquil, which apparently had been taken by MysticManyula. However, Cyndaquil hadn't been taken when I posted, so it should have been the other way around. Once again, I'm not trying to offend anyone, just wondering what was going on there.

PS: I must have edited my post to say I would switch to Torchic while orange was replying. Sorry for the confusion; Torchic is my backup starter, not Squirtle, just to clear up any confusion.

September 13th, 2007, 10:52 AM
Jamie006: To clear any confusion, the reason why I accepted him even though he posted after you is because, no offence, but his sign up was better. However, now that you changed your choosen starter, it's all good. ~accepted~

Orange- Good job. Nothing more to really say. ~accepted~

Oh yeah, the pending member (Drapion Dawg) is now reserved, and unless he changes his minds about joining...


September 13th, 2007, 12:13 PM
sorry for the bad use of grammar

i was in a rush for hockey practice

im sure to be using very good grammar in the future so dont worry about it :D

September 13th, 2007, 12:26 PM
Sorry to reconsider yet again, but I'm going to go with Squirtle instead of Torchic in the interest of making the game more balanced in terms of types. With so many fire types, I think we really do need an extra Water or Grass type.

Once again, I apologize for the confusion and would like to say that Squirtle is my final answer, and that if I ever try to change that again, please clobber me senseless with a baseball bat or something.

With that out of the way, I'm looking forward to the game. The scenario is quite interesting, and I wonder what surprises you have in store for us; for instance, if someone tries to leave the island by surfing on Gyarados or something, what would happen?

September 13th, 2007, 12:46 PM
Drapion Dawg- I suppose I'll trust you... but if you use bad grammer too much, I may kick you out. But whatever. We need to get the RP moving, so you, my friend, are... ~accepted~

My Character

Name- Abby MacElree
Gender- Female
Age- 14
Birthday- Febuary 15th
Personality- Abby normally has terrible mood swings, to say the least. She tries to be helpful and caring to all, but sometimes can go a bit over the top with happiness. On the other end, when people are not around, she normally acts sad and depressed. Sometimes she can get really mad at other people, to say the least, but she is more sad thean angry, and has rather low self-esteem.
Figure- Abby is almost 5' 4", and weighs around 115 lbs. She has a curvy figure, and has very muscualar legs.
Eyes- a beautiful shade of blue...
Skin- Abby is rather pale in the winter, but has a nice tan going come summer.
Hair- Abby's hair is about shoulder length. It has some blonde highlights in the summer, but is usually just brown.
Summer Attire- In the summer, Abby usually wears a black t-shirt that says, "I'm know I'm fabulous, but must you stare?" In glittery, pink writing. Her bottoms is a jean mini-skirt that is darker in color. She also wears sparkly black flip-flops.
Winter Attire- In the wunter, Abby usually wears a thick black hoodie that has some silver sparkles (Abby loves sparkly clothing) with a plain black tee underneath. Her jeans are blue, and are tucked into fluffy black winter boots.
Starter Pokemon- Chikorita (Rita)
Starter's Gender- Female
Starter's Personality- Rita can be a bit defiant, however, she normally just stay calm. (Hardy Nature, strongly defiant)
History- Abby's past wasn't all that pleasant. Her family didn't really treat her that nicely, and was often misunderstood and made fun of.
Other- Abby wears gray eyeshadow, pink lip gloss, and black eyeliner.

Here's the first RP post!

January 1st, 2000.

Abby sat on her couch with her new Chikorita, Rita. She was watching her favorite show on TV, and quite enjoying it. She didn't want to leave quite yet, but her mother had different ideas. She picked up the remote, and turned the TV off. With a somewhat naggy voice, she said, "Abby, it's time to go."

Abby got up with a sigh. "Why now? Just because I got my starter Pokemon doesn't mean I have to go now, does it?" Abby's mom hesitated, before she finally said, "Abby, half of the trainers already left. I heard that there was 5 other trainers just about to leave. You should go interduce yourself. Maybe you'll make some new friends, perhaps even friends you can travel with." With another sigh, Abby headed out the door, returning her Chikorita to her Pokeball.

As her mother said, there was, surely enough, 5 other trainers. She noticed that there was only one other girl besides her. "Hi guys, my name is Abby. What's yours?" After some brief introductions, they headed out. They thought that they'd be taking on ordinary journey, but 2 naughty little Shinx changed this scenario up a little. After using discharge, they blacked out.

When they all woke up, they were on an island. They would have to learn how to survive there. Their journeys would certainly be easily described in one word- different.

September 13th, 2007, 12:58 PM

Timothy sat up and looked around. This was definitely not the way out of town. The snow was gone, and it had gotten warmer since he had blacked out.

He got up and looked around, taking off his jacket due to the heat. He was standing in a grassy area with some scattered trees. There was a tall mountain off in the distance with forests near it to one side, and on the other side was a sandy beach. Nobody else was in sight.

Remebering his geography, he knew that wherever this was, it must be pretty far to the south of Sinnoh, as it was winter there and summer here, but beyond that, he couldn't tell.

"Hello?" he called. "Is anybody here?"

September 13th, 2007, 1:01 PM
Harry jumped when he woke up. Why was he on this island? Harry got up and looked around.
"Why...why am I here? I was ready to start my journey..." Harry thought as he played around with his pokeball containing his starter, Totodile. "The last thing I remember were those shinx coming up...what could have happened? Harry looked up and noticed he was alone.The other kids he was with were gone. He sat down and put his head down, thinking deeply to himself. "It wouldn't matter if they were here...it's not like I'd say anything..."

Harry sighed and laid on the ground. "This is it..." He muttered to himself. "This is what happens when I finally get to go on my pokemon journey..."

September 13th, 2007, 1:16 PM
OOC: Jamie006, don't worry. If I can help it, this will be one interesting RP. And Orange, the other characters are with you, just to let ya' know.

IC: Abby woke up, wondering what just happen. "Uh... this doesn't look anything like Sinnoh..." Abby looked around. "Hmm..." Abby started, looking around. "For Sinnoh, this place has some exotic Pokemon... like Eevee. I saw at least 3 of them, and I know for a fact that they are very rare..."

Abby continued to look around. "Maybe this isn't Sinnoh... Well, only one way to find out." Abby's mom gave her a Pokenav shortly before she left, imported from Hoenn." She got it out of her purse, only to find out that this was no known area. "AREA UNKNOWN? CRAP!!!" Abby's words echoed throughout the island. She knew that her journey was not going to be a normal one.

September 13th, 2007, 4:45 PM
Timothy walked around, trying to get his bearings. He found that he was on a large island of some sort, with the mountain at its center. The trees grew close together in a large forest near the mountain, but were farther apart closer to shore. As Timothy walked along the shore, the dunes gave way to high cliffs overlooking the ocean.

Timothy sat down near the edge of one of the cliffs and felt something hard in his pocket. Taking it out, he saw that it was the thunderstone his parents had given him before he'd left. He looked at the crystal, all that was left from his home, reminded of what he had left behind. Looking out at the see, he wondered how far away home was and if he'd ever get back again.

An odd sound distracted him and he went to look. An strange reptilian Pokemon, blue-violet in color with a stony covering on its head was looking out over the sea, determination on its face. In a flash, the little creature leaped from the edge of the cliff, plunging down. Timothy ran to see what had happened, only to find that the Pokemon had landed on the rocky shore far below. Undaunted and uninjured, however, the Pokemon started climbing back up.

Wondering what was going on, Timothy consulted the Pokedex given him by Professor Rowan.

"Bagon. Dragon-type Pokemon. Known as the rock head Pokemon, Bagon's desire to fly is so strong that it will repeatedly throw itself off cliffs to achieve flight. It's hard head prevents injury from falls."

A dragon Pokemon? Timothy had read about them, but never thought he'd encounter one. This island really was strange. He fingered one of the five Poke Balls that Professor Rowan's assistant had given him for his journey. This dragon was going to be his.

As soon as Bagon had climbed back up, Timothy made his move.
"Squirtle, go!"
Timothy sent out his starting pokemon to face the wild Bagon.
"Squirtle, hit it with Water Gun!"
The blast of water didn't do much. Bagon countered by breathing a cloud of greenish gas at Squirtle.
"It's using Dragonbreath! Squirtle, Withdraw!"
Squirtle pulled his head and limbs into his shell as the gas hit him. Squirtle was slightly hurt, but had not been paralyzed.
Timothy thought for a second: What were dragon-types weak against again? He suddenly remembered.
"Squirtle, use Ice Beam!"
Squirtle obeyed, launching a bluish-white beam at Bagon. The dragon was frozen solid.
Timothy threw one of the Poke Balls at it, capturing Bagon inside. There was little the dragon could do to protest.
"Great job, Squirtle! We did it!" Timothy shouted.
"Squirtle squirrr!" his partner concurred.

Timothy continued to explore the island, now with two Pokemon at his side.

September 13th, 2007, 4:55 PM
Abby traveled around, looking around for a good Pokemon to train Rita with. It was already getting dark outside, and the temperature was dropping, so she put her hoodie back on. She saw a Totodile. She knew what a Totodile was because she had a brother who owned one.

"Grass has an advantage an adveantage against water, right?" Abby had a bad feeling, as if this Totodile is VERY well trained. She ignored her self-consious and just battled. "Go! Rita!" Knowing the Totodile would hve to battle, it went ahead an evolved. "Uh oh..." Abby said. Her sub-consious was right. This Totodile, who was now a Croconaw, WAS wll trained. It was midnight, and January 1st was now over.

January 2nd, 2000
Weather- Raining
Temperature- Cold. (Hi- 60, lo- 45)

September 13th, 2007, 5:19 PM
( ooc: sorry! and aww...I have Totodile )
IC: It had been a rough night, and it was raining outside. Sadly, Harry had nowhere else to go but outside. He ran and stood under a tree and sighed. He at least wanted to try and make some friends if he was stuck here. "I guess I should try to talk to someone..." He thought.

Harry walked around a little and looked around. He saw the other trainers around Pokemon and sighed. "They're just going right up to these Pokemon....I wish I had guts like them." Harry contemplated. He put his hands in his pockets and walked around slowly. Harry sat down and stared at the ground. "Why are we here..." He said to nobody in particular. He rested his head in his hands and sighed. "I just wanted to go on a pokemon journey....now I'm stuck on a mysterious island..." Harry released Totodile and began petting him for comfort.

September 13th, 2007, 5:52 PM
Timothy walked into the forest to take shelter from the rain, hearing sounds of someone talking. It was dark out, and while being alone wasn't too big a problem for him with Squirtle and Bagon to keep him company, he didn't like the thought of being the only human being on this island.

Coming closer, he found the person who had been speaking. It was Harry, one of the trainers who had started the journey with him.

"Hi, do you mind if I join you?" asked Timothy.

September 14th, 2007, 11:18 AM
OOC: BTW, Jamie006, if you really want to, you can catch a Torchic. Then you'll have BOTH the starters you wanted... ^_^ (and I won't have to hit you on the head with a baseball bat :laugh:)

IC: "Rita, use tackle!" "Chiko!" Rita cried, using tackle on the Croconaw. It knocked him back a little, but didn't do much damage. "Use razor leaf!" Rita obeyed Abby, as a storm of leaves hit Croconaw. It hit him hard, but not hard enough.

He did something rather unexpected after that. He knocked over Rita, who was now back to the ground, then, he stood on top of her, looking rather indimating. Next, he used ice beam, right then and there. Abby knew that sence the Croconaw was so close, this ice beam did a lot, on top of being super effective. After shooing the Croconaw off, she picked up Rita, who was no longer in good condition.

She was so cold, that her skin (Skin or fur?) was now very pale. She looked like she had frostbite. On top of that, it was raining, and not exactly what most people would call "warm". "I need to do SOMETHING. I'm not going to just my Chikorita suffer with frostbite, which can be fatal when dealing with such a small Pokemon. Unfortunatly, I don't think that there's any Pokemon Center I can just go to in a jiffy... Ah, what to do... what to do..." She said in a panicky voice. After some panicking, Abby had an idea.

She took off her hoodie, exposing her plain black t-shirt to the world. After that, Abby bundled up her Chikorita with her hoodie, and carried her with Abby's hoodie wrapped around her like a bundle. She saw a tree with sitrus berries, and picked a few, handfeeding them to Rita. Rita looked better already.

Abby went to the beach. There was one stip of land hadn't gotten drenched yet, an area that was lined with palm trees. She packed herself under the sand, as if to suggest the sand was her blanket. She cuddled Rita, and shortly afterwards, drifted off to sleep.

September 14th, 2007, 2:51 PM
(Sorry for being too late, but school steals my time)

IC: Fraky woke up finally, but didn't open his eyes. He was with his new Pokémon. Volcano, his Cyndaquil, was sleeping next to him, because it likes to roam around freely, outside its Pokéball.

But something was strange, because he felt something different from a bed. It was grass. He opened his eyes.

He was in some sort of island. A forest was near him, and he looked deep into the island and saw a high mountain. Looked behind, and saw an ocean.

"What's happening here?" - he replied.
"Cynda..." - Volcano finally woke up.
"Volcano, I'm afraid I don't know where we are..." - said Fraky.
"Cyn?" - replied Volcano.
"Volcano, come with me, let's go into the forest and try to find a city or something." - said Fraky.

They walked, walked and walked. Nothing appeared. Just the same forest. But a bush shaked...

"Who's there?" - yelled Fraky.

Silence. Then, with a inimaginable speed, a Sneasel came out and used Scratch on Volcano. Luckily, Volcano avoided it.

"A Sneasel?" - said Fraky. - "Let's catch this one, Volcano! Are you ready?"
"Cy! Cynda!" - Fraky took that as a "yes".
Fraky prepared a Pokéball.
"Volcano, use Smokescreen!" - ordered Fraky.
"Cynda-QUIIIIIIIL!" - yelled Cyndaquil, using Smokescreen.
That fog surrounded Sneasel. But... Sneasel got out of it!
"Snea-Sneasel!" - yelled Sneasel, using Fury Swipes on Volcano. Volcano was KO'd, then Sneasel ran.
"Wait over there!" - yelled Fraky, with no effect. Then, he ran into Volcano. - "Volcano, are you alright?"
"Cy...Cynda..." - said Volcano with a weak voice.
"Don't worry, Volcano. You just need a rest. But we'll catch that Sneasel someday!"
"Cyn!" - said Volcano.
Then, they ate something, then they took a nap. Fraky hopes to find people at that island...
"What do I do if I'm alone with Volcano here?" - he thinked.

September 15th, 2007, 4:51 AM
Harry notcied the kid who walked up. "Oh yeah...he's one of the other trainers...I think his name was Timothy..." Harry thought as he gave Timothy a shrug, meaning yes. Harry sat down and started playing with his Pokeball again. He decided to try and make small talk.

"You're Timothy......right?" Harry asked looking up at him. "I can't believe we are on this island...." Harry said, looking down. He walked around and stopped. "And we are stuck under this tree as well..." Harry sighed and sat down. He figured he was boring this Timothy guy, and decided to just shut up. He continued playing around with his pokeball. He wanted to be friends with these kids since he was stuck on an island with them, but he was scared to approach them. Talking to Timothy just now took alot of courage for Harry.

Harry began walking around again and looked out past the trees. "It's still raining..." Harry thought as he released Totodile from it's pokeball. He kneeled down to Totodile's level. "Hey buddy, you're a water pokemon, so you probally like the rain right?" Harry asked his pokemon happily. Totodile happily jumped and started splashing around in a puddle. "Have fun." Harry said smiling at his pokemon.

September 15th, 2007, 6:19 AM
Timothy had to find a place to rest for the night, plus he had to find some way to heal Bagon from the effects of Squirtle's Ice Beam. He climbed up the side of the mountain toward an overhang he saw.

As he reached the overhang, he noticed that it was the entrance to a cave of some sort. Perfect, he thought. It'll be dry in there. Outside the cave was a pool of water. Testing its temperature, Timothy found it to be a hot spring, even better. Releasing Bagon, he let the little dragon splash around in the water to warm up. He let Squirtle out for a swim as well.

After a while, Timothy took his Pokemon with him into the cave, a tunnel carved out of black rock. Volcaniic, Timothy noticed; this must have been an old lava tube.

Timothy and his Pokemon slept in the dry cave for the night.

September 16th, 2007, 1:11 PM
IC: After a quick nap, Fraky and Volcano went to training and trying to find someone, too. Volcano beat a Aron, a Mawile, a Torchic and a Starly. But when battling a Budew, Fraky remembered:

"Hey! I have to catch Pokémon too, not only beat them! Haha! This Budew is mine!" - he thinked.
Budew just used Sunny Day.
"YEAH! We're in advantage! Volcano, use Flamethrower!" - ordered Fraky.
"Cyn...Da...QUIIIIIIIIIL!" - yelled Volcano.
That Flamethrower hit Budew with a great power and KO'd him.
"Go, Pokeball!" - Fraky throwed a Pokéball.
The Pokéball hit Budew. It opened, Budew got inside and the Pokéball shaked for a bit, then stopped. Fraky caught that Budew.
"I... c-caught... a Budew! Volcano, we have a new friend! Go, Budew!" - Fraky released Budew.
"Bu-Budew!" - Budew came out.
"Cyn?" - said Cyndaquil. Then he started staring Budew and "talked" to it. Then, both jumped happily.
"It looks they like each other." - thinked Fraky. "I think I'll name it Bloom."
Then he said: "Budew, I've decided to name you as Bloom. Do you like it?"
"Bu-Budew-Dew!" - said Bloom, happily. It liked the name.
But then Fraky looked deep into the forest and saw someone.
"Hey, it's that Harry guy that was with me while choosing our first Pokémon..." Then he yelled: "Hey you! Do you remember me?"
He looked at him.

EDIT: Whoops... Sorry for the word "thinked", but I don't know the correct word... My English isn't good, I'm Portuguese, for God's sake!

September 16th, 2007, 1:16 PM
OOC: MysticManyula, "thinked" is not a word.

IC: Dawn looked around, a bit shocked with her surroundings. "W-w-where am I?" She knew that this wasn't the route out of town. She noticed that she was on an island. "Oh man..."

Her favorite Pokemon, Eevee approached her. Noticing the wild Eevee, Dawn said, "Hey! Your just like my pet Eevee at home, named Fluffy!" Dawn knew what she wanted to do. She held out Lizzy's pokeball, releasing her Charmander. "Charr!" Lizzy cried after being released.

"Lizzy, use scratch!" Lizzy scratched the Eevee, who appeared somewhat hurt by the attack. The wild Eevee then used tackle. "Lizzy, dodge it!" Lizzy dodged the attack, causing the Eevee to attack Lizzy's flaming tail, hurting it quite a bit. "Now's my chance!" She threw the Pokeball. It rolled a few times, and then, Eevee's was caught. Dawn picked up the Pokeball. "I'll call you Fluffy... just like Fluffy back at home..."

September 16th, 2007, 3:02 PM
(OOC: I hope it's OK to advance to the next morning. If not, I can delete this.)

Timothy woke up, refreshed. The rain had stopped, and the skies were sunny. From the cave near the hot spring, Timothy could see a long way across the ocean, and e looked for a bit of land. All that could be found, however, were a few smaller islands in the distance, nothing more.

He ventured into the cave, which had enough cracks in the ceiling to let in a bit of light. It was definitely an old lava tube, and it led deeper into the mountain. As he went, he fought several Zubats with Squirtle and Bagon, along with the occasional Geodude, Koffing, and Slugma. Farther along, he noticed a red glow up ahead and felt it get noticeably hotter.

Timothy came out into a large, open room in the very center of the mountain. There was a large pool of magma in the center, and the top was open to the sky. This must be the volcano's crater, he knew.

All of a sudden, the magma started churning violently as three large Pokemon burst out. They were bright red and yellow and bigger than Timothy was. He recognized them as Magmar, a species typically found around volcanoes. They looked at him angrily.

"Squirtle! Attack!" shouted Timothy, sending out the water Pokemon.
A bad decision. Squirtle's Bubblebeam, super-effective though it might be, evaporated on contact with the three Magmar. Squirtle simply wasn't strong enough to handle them.

The Magmar all used Flamethrower on Squirtle, who fainted. Timothy drew Squirtle back into his Poke Ball and started running for his life back up the passage.

September 16th, 2007, 3:33 PM
Janauary 3rd, 2007
Temperature- Warm. (hi- 78, lo, 58)
Weather- Clear and sunny)

Harry was sitting around. Abby sat down next to him. "Hey, what's up?"

There was no response. Abby liked the looks of this guy. She started to blush a little, as she thought to herself, "Hmm... not bad." Harry was staring at her briefly, and then looked away.

Abby thought to herself again. "He's not going to like you. No one ever has."

September 16th, 2007, 3:41 PM
Harry stared at Abby when she sat near him. "Alot of people have been talking to me..." Harry thought. She said something and he looked at her but quickly turned away. "Hi." He said shyly. He sat there quietly for a little bit and felt a little awkward by the silence. He turned to Abby. "So um...have you caught any Pokemon since we all appeared here?" Harry asked her while looking at his feet. "I haven't caught anything..." He said. "All I have is Totodile." He said as he began feeling a little shy when he realized he was having an actual conversation with this girl. "Maybe....maybe I can make a friend..." He thought.

September 16th, 2007, 4:09 PM
Abby then relized Harry was talking to her. "Wow," she thought to herself. "Guys rarely talk to me..." She answered his question.

"No, not yet. All I have is my Chikorita..." Abby wasn't all that outgoing, so starting a conversation and keeping it going was sometimes really hard for her. "Sorry, I'm not that good at keeping a conversation going..." Harry stared at her for a few seconds. "Hey, me too!" He replied, looking as if he might even be smiling. Abby smiled to herself, thinking, "Hmm... maybe I can become friends with this Harry kid..."

September 16th, 2007, 5:32 PM
As Abby and Harry were talking, Timothy suddenly ran down the mountainside and tripped, landing in front of both of them.

"What are you doing?" asked Abby. "What happened?"

"Just... got... out... of...volcano... three Magmar... Squirtle fainted..." Timothy panted, then collapsed.

September 16th, 2007, 5:43 PM
Harry stood up. "Magmars!?" He said as he looked around. Harry looked down. He was finally making a friend and this happens. Harry plays with Totodiles pokeball and starts walking forward. "Thanks for talking to me Abby." He says turning around. "I hope we can talk later." He looks at Timothy and frowns. "...You should take care of Timothy." He grabbed Totodiles pokeball and released him. "Me and Totodile are gonna go check it out! I'll come back when I see what's up." Harry said as he began running off towards where Timothy came running from.

September 17th, 2007, 12:57 AM
IC: Fraky was a bit far from the scene. But he was hidden behind a tree, watching it all. "They're those people that was with me choosing our first Pokémon... But how did we went all to this island?" - he thought.

But he heard that conversation. Looked like some Magmars attacked one of them.
"What do I do? Should I go now or should I go catch a Water-type or another type that beats Magmars? I have Volcano and Bloom, and none of them beats Magmars."

But a Geodude passed near him. "Yeah! A Geodude! It beats Magmar!"
So, Geodude was "walking" and Fraky walking after him. After a few seconds, Fraky called: "Hey Geodude! I want to battle you!"
"Geo?" - Geodude looked behind. "Ge, Ge, Geodude!" - said Geodude, ready to battle.
"Go, Bloom!" - Fraky sent Budew.
"Budew!" - said Budew, coming out.
Fraky ordered: "Bloom, use Bullet Seed!"
"Bu-Budew!" - said Bloom.
That Bullet Seed OHKO'd Geodude with one hit, having a 4x Grass weakness, it had no chance.
"Go, Pokeball!" - yelled Fraky, throwing a Pokeball.
The Pokeball shaked and stopped. Geodude was his now. "I think I'll name it Round" - thought Fraky. Then he released Geodude, saying: "Geodude, I'll name you as Round"
"Geo-Geodude!" - said Round, agreeing.
Fraky withdrew both Bloom and Round. Then, he was going to that place where the Magmar appeared, to help defeat them.

He passed by two of them in the way to the volcano. "Hey, what's going on here?" - he asked.

One of them, that Fraky thought was named Abby, said: "Timothy was attacked by Magmars."
"I saw someone going up there. Who was it?" - he asked.
Abby said: "It was Harry. He went with his Totodile up there to see what's up."
"I think I can help him. I have three Pokémon, but only Round, my Geodude, has a type advantage. But who knows if I beat one of those Magmars with Volcano or Bloom? Wait here. I'll go up there to help Harry. Take care of Timothy. I'll return when I know what is happening... or when I beat those Magmars."
Then, without saying any other word, Fraky went uphill, to see what's going on.

September 17th, 2007, 10:48 AM
Timothy managed to get up after resting for a bit. He saw a couple of the other trainers heading for the volcano, and shouted after them:

"Wait! They're too powerful! My Squirtle couldn't do anything!"

The other trainers were too far away to hear him, so Timothy got up and headed after them. He caught up to them near the hot spring, where he saw the three Magmar waiting.

"These three Magmar knocked my Squirtle out with their attacks, and his Bubblebeam barely even did anything. Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked. "If you must, I've got a Bagon left that I can use, but I hope you've thought this through.

September 17th, 2007, 10:52 AM
Harry ran up to the mountain and saw some Magmars inside of it. They were standing around as if they were waiting for something. Harry ducked behind a bush and continued watching the magmars. They talked to each other and nodded and headed back into the deep depths of the mountain. Harry got up from behind the bushes and walked out.

"I guess they were just protecting there territory from Timothy...I think they're not gonna bother anybody though..." Harry thought as he walked towards where the Magmar went. He looked down and noticed a lone egg. It was laying there by itself, and judging by the size, Harry figured it was a pokemon egg. Harry picked it up.

"You're all by yourself..." Harry said looking at the egg. He smiled and decided he would hatch the abandoned egg and raise the pokemon that hatched. He began walking off from the Mountain when Totodile started tugging on Harry's shirt.

"What is it Totodile?" Harry asked. Totodile pointed at another kid running up. It was Fraky, another one of the kid's who picked a starter with him. Harry held his new egg and returned Totodile as he watched Fraky run up. He also noticed Timothy was there near him. "I thought he passed out..." Harry thought.

September 17th, 2007, 4:43 PM
With the excitement over and the Magmars gone, Timothy left to find something to nurse Squirtle back to health. He would have stayed and talked, but Squirtle needed help fast.

Timothy looked around the forest for anything that might be a medicinal plant, but he couldn't find anything beyond various types of Berries.

Just then, an odd white pokemon with red and green on its head burst out of the trees and hid behind Timothy. He could somehow sense its fear, and looking in front of him he could see why. A fierce looking dog Pokemon, black and dark red-orange with what looked like bones covering its back, stood there, growling menacingly. Timothy identified the two as a Ralts and a Houndour.
"Bagon, go!" Timothy sent out the only healthy Pokemon he had left.
Houndour blew a cloud of flames out of its mouth at Bagon, but Bagon was resistant to fire so it didn't do much.
"Bagon, hit it with your Dragonbreath attack!" said Timothy.
The dragon spewed a cloud of green gas at Houndour, who fell down gasping. The dog tried another Flamethrower attack, but this one reacted with the gas cloud enveloping it and caused a small explosion, knocking Houndour backwards. Timothy then threw a Poke Ball at the stunned Houndour, capturing it inside. The ball rocked back and forth rather violently, then stopped. Houndour had been captured.

Ralts came out from behind Timothy, and Timothy could now feel a sense of relief from it. He wondered what was going on and why it wasn't running away from him, Checking his Pokedex, he found this:

"When a Ralts appears before someone, it senses their emotions. It occasionally will stay with someone it likes, who then becomes its trainer."

This must be what was going on, Timothy thought. At that moment, Ralts seemed to sense Timothy's urgent need to heal Squirtle, and took him to a patch of strange weeds. They turned out to be Revival Herbs, and Squirtle was back on his feet soon afterward.

With four Pokemon on his team now, Timothy went back the way he had come to see if he could find the others again.

September 17th, 2007, 5:06 PM
Harry held his egg and smiled. He got a warm feeling by holding it and knew something was in it. He just didn't know what. He walked closer to Fraky and stopped. He was shy but he knew he had to speak up. "It's...It's ok Fraky. The Magmar left." He said bravely as he continued walking off. He saw Timothy walking up and stopped. "H-hi Timothy." He said walking closer. "Alright....I talked to two people already today. I can do this." Harry contemplated.

"So have you caught any new Pokemon since we appeared on this island...?" Harry asked while rubbing his egg. "I haven't caught any yet, but I did find this abandoned egg." He said shyly.

September 17th, 2007, 5:16 PM
"Yes, I've got Ralts here (he gestured to the Pokemon beside him that didn't really want to go in a Poke Ball), along with a Bagon and a Houndour, and of course Squirtle."

Timothy looked at the egg.

"So you found that by where the Magmars were? I'd say it'll probably hatch into a Magby, the baby form of Magmar, if you keep it around. Magmar's supposed to be a good battler; I hear one of the gym leaders in Kanto is particularly fond of one."

September 17th, 2007, 5:26 PM
Harry grabbed the egg defensively. "Of course I'm going to keep it!" Harry said. He stared at it and looked up. "It could be a Magby, but I'm not sure. It was near those Magmars, but none of them seem interested in it. It might be something else." Harry said happily staring at the egg. For the first time since Harry mysteriously arrived on this island he felt happy. He was talking to kids his age, and he had a Pokemon and an egg to take care of. He felt proud.

"Timothy....you ever wonder how we all ended up on this island?" Harry asked curiously. "I think tomorrow, all of us who ended up here, should get together and discuss what we should do. We can't just stay on this island forever." Harry looked around and sighed. "Until then, I'm gonna go back to where I was sitting earlier." Harry said walking back towards where he was before Timothy showed up and passed out.

September 17th, 2007, 5:31 PM
"I agree," said Timothy. "Catching and raising Pokemon is nice, but I wish we were back home too. I don't want to stay here forever, and I don't want this to be all that's left of my home."
Timothy pulled out the thunderstone he'd been keeping.
"My parents gave me this before we left, thinking it might come in handy someday. Now, this is all that's left to remind me of them."

"How about we gather everybody here and meet on that beach over there?" Timothy suggested.

September 18th, 2007, 11:37 AM
It was almost tommorow. Abby was lookinjg through the patch a patch of grass, observing that the guys were back from their Magmar outing. "I would of gone with em', but those Magmar would have disandigrated (sp?) Rita. I couldn't have gone..."

While walking through the grass, Abby tripped over something. She looked back, only to find that what she tripped over was a pink egg. "Hmm..." She stared at the egg. "I hate to do this, but I'm going to take the egg along with me." With that, she picked up the egg, and wrapped her hoodie around it. It was cold, but she wanted the egg to hatch faster. All of a sudden, she heard a somewhat familair voice.

"Abby!" She turned around. The voice was coming from Timothy. "Me and the others are gathering on the beach. Were going to discuss how to get off this island!" Abby went along with him. At the beach, she saw the others. Chris, Fraky, Harry, Dawn, all of them. Midnight rolled around, and it was now January 4th.

January 4th
Hi- 71, lo- 63
Temperature- Moderate

"So guys, I see we're going to discuss how to get off this island..." Abby started. The others nodded. "Well..." Abby saw a Lapras. Unlike most Lapras though, this one didn't look to friendly. She hopped on, but the others were telling her not to. She slapped Lapras a little to get it to move, but it wouldn't budge. After another light slap, it started to move, only to throw her off about 50 feet later. The waves were rough. She washed up on the shore, out cold.

Abby had been underwater for quite a long time, so she might even die.

Will Abby live?

September 18th, 2007, 11:46 AM
Harry had his egg snuzzled in his backpack and was standing with the others when the Lapras threw Abby. "What the!" He said running over. Is she OK...? Harry thought while bending down to look at her. She was out cold. Harry lifted her up and looked at the others. "We.....we have to do something guys...I think she swallowed the salt water..." Harry said nervously. "If we don't do something...she might even die..." Harry walked slowly while holding Abby up and got closer to the others. He decided to be brave and take charge. "Let's get her somewhere warm."

September 18th, 2007, 12:04 PM
OOC: Wow, this is the second time I've almost died in an RP... but is "almost" the right word in this situation? Read on to find out... ;)

IC: Harry dragged Abby to a hotspring near the coastline, and rested her by it. Out of nowhere, a Chansey appeared. Chansey saw that Abby was out cold, so it gave her an egg. The others looked hopeful, but Abby didn't wake up. It was too late.

The others stared at Abby with sad eyes. Her parents might never even know she was dead. "A-Abby..." Harry said sadly. Dawn looked at Abby's body. "She needs a proper burial..."

A whole was dug, and Abby was then threw in it. The others threw a little bit of dirt over her, causing a thin layer of brown to form over. Just then, Abby woke up, screaming. The other people looked into the hole hopefully. Abby was alive!

The others pulled her out of the hole. "Is this heaven? But for heaven, this place seems strangely familair..." She had really thought she had died. When the others shook their heads, she was shoked, to say the least. "You're still alive, Abby..." One of the kids said.

"WHAAAAT?!?!?! That's a little much. I was underwater for a long time, if I remember correctly. How could I have lived?" Dawn explained the whole story to her. Relizing that it was indeed Harry that first tried in an effort to let her continue living. Abby shot a flirty smile at him, because for the most part, people don't really seem to care about her.

September 18th, 2007, 12:12 PM
"No, you're not dead, Abby. Don't worry" - said Fraky, calmly.
"Oh my gosh, I really thought I would die!" - said Abby.
Then they heard a noise from a bush near there.
"What was that?" - replied Harry.
"I'm afraid I know..." - Fraky answered.

A Sneasel jumped from the bush and landed near Fraky.
"Hey that's the same Sneasel we battled before! Now we're gonna catch it, isn't it, Volcano?"
"Cyn! Cyndaquil!" - said Volcano, agreeing.
"Ok, let's go! Volcano, use Flamethrower!" - ordered Fraky.
"Cyn...Da...QUIIIIIIIIIIIL!" - yelled Cyndaquil, using Flamethrower.
It hit Sneasel. Sneasel wasn't that damaged.
"Snea, Sneasel!" - Sneasel used Faint Attack on Volcano.
"Quil!" - screamed Volcano when was hit. It was severly damaged, now Fraky understood how that Sneasel was strong. Volcano fell down, weak but not KO'd.
"Come on, Volcano, I'm sure you can do it!" - said Fraky.
Volcano got into its remaining strength to stand up.
"Volcano! I have faith in you! Come on!" - said Fraky.
Then... Volcano's back started blazing with a great power, and it stood up!
"Yeah, Volcano! Come on! Use Flamethrower again!" - ordered Fraky.
Volcano was feeling super-strong... Fraky could feel it...
Volcano's back was blazing intensively. Fraky could feel the heat...
Fraky saw the strongest Flamethrower in his life. That attack was going directly at Sneasel's direction with lightning-speed. Sneasel could do nothing to avoid it. It was weak, very weak.
"Go, Pokeball!" - Fraky launched a Pokeball.
The Pokéball shaked, but... Somehow, that Sneasel escaped! How was it possible?
Sneasel was so weak!
"Sneasel! Snea, Sneasel!" - said Sneasel before escaping.
Then, Volcano started shining. Fraky knew it had happened. Volcano grown and evolved into Quilava.
"Qui-Quilava!" - said Volcano.
Fraky couldn't believe it!
"Vol... Volcano... You evolved!" - He said happily.
"Quil! Quilava!" - said Volcano.
They went near the others, who congratulated him.
"Congrats, Fraky! Your Volcano evolved!"
Fraky sat down.
"With that training, I was sure it would evolve soon..." - he said.
"Qui-Quilava!" - said Volcano.
Then they kept talking, about Pokemon and wandering if they would someday get out of that island.

September 18th, 2007, 12:16 PM
Harry turned red. "Ahem....so anyway guys, how are we gonna get off of this island?" Harry said corssing his arms and looking away. "We've been on here for a few days now, and none of us know how we got here." Harry shot the others a platonic look. "Maybe we'll never get off of here..." Harry said looking down. Harry sighed and looked up. "Well....I'm going to bed. Later guys." Harry said walking off to his usual sleep spot. Harry was happy. He felt he could call these kids his friends. When he got to his sleep spot under two palm trees and next to a rock, he put his egg down and laid down next to it and began examining it. "I wonder what you're gonna hatch into..." Harry said looking at his egg. He closed his eyes and began drifting off, ready for tomorrow.

September 18th, 2007, 12:16 PM
Abby was shaking, but the fire that was lit helped. It also helped to put her hoodie on. It was already sunset. "Wow, that day came and went just like that!" She snapped when she said "that". She pulled her mirror out of her purse, and stared into the refective glass. "Hmm... for this many days on an island, I'm looking pretty good!" She smiled at that comment she made. She stared at her egg as she moved closer to the fire.

She yawned. "I'm tired..." She mumbled to herself. She layed down ready to go to sleep, only about 10 or so feet away from where Harry was. She rolled a few feet away, thinking that Harry would definatly think she was a freak if he woke up, only to relize that Abby was sleep 10 feet away. Now that she was about 20 feet away, she fell asleep. It was only about 8:00pm, VERRRRY early for her, but being on this island was just to tiring forher to stay up.

September 18th, 2007, 12:30 PM
Harry awoke a few hours later. After last nights excitement he felt refreshed. He picked up his egg and put it in his backpack. After watching Fraky's Quilava evolve last night, he decided it was time to actually train his Totodile. He stretched and walked towards the mountains. When he reached the summit he released Totodile.

"Alright Totodile, today we are gonna train!" Harry said pointing at Totodile.

"Totodile!" Totodile responded. He jumped up and down and began walking alongside Harry. They eventually saw a pokemon on the side of the mountain. It was an Onix.

"Wow an Onix....but it looks like a young one. I think we can take it." Harry said smiling at Totodile. Totodile shook it's head and got into battle stance. The onix saw this and got into attack mode as well. "Totodile! Use water gun!" Harry said to his pokemon. Totodile jumped up and released a flurry of water at Onix. It looked pretty beat up already.

The onix got up and got closer to Totodile. It may have been young but it was still pretty big. Harry gulped as Onix hit Totodile with a tackle attack. Totodile gritted it's teeth. They were both weak.

"Totodile! Use another water gun!" Harry yelled. Totodile obeyed and hit Onix with another water gun. It roared and fainted. Harry smiled. "Great job Totodile!" Harry yelled and he reached into his pocket and threw a pokeball at the Onix. It wiggled around a bit but stopped. Harry had caught an Onix. Harry smiled happily at Totodile and the two began walking back from the mountains.

September 18th, 2007, 12:49 PM
Abby woke up around 11:30 pm, relizing that she needed to actually "catch" a pokemon. Sure, she had an egg, but that probably wouldn't hatch for awhile. She headed up into the volcano, hoping to find a rare fire type there. She trained a little first, defeated a Graveler, a Psyduck, and a Gligar on the way up. Then, she made it to the top.

She traveled a little, only to eventually bump into a Vulpix. "Aww... it's so cute!" Abby got out her Pokedex, and it said and entry for Vulpix. "Time to catch you, Vulpix! Go, Rita!" Rita cried, "Chiko!" Only to hide behind Abby in relization that it was a Vulpix, and Vulpix being a fire type. "C'mon Rita, you can do it..."

Abby got Rita into battle. "Rita, use tackle!" The Chikorita slammed into the Vulpix. It looked more powerful than a tackle. "Good job Rita, you learned body slam!!! Use it again!" It the middle of trying to slam into Rita, the wild Vulpix used flamethrower on Rita. She got knocked back several feet, and had gotten burnt. "C'mon Rita... hang in there..." Rita got up, and started to glow a little. Abby was suprised. "Rita?"

Rita had evolved into Bayleef! "Use body slam again Rita!" The Bayleef got up. "Bay, leef!" The Vulpix had not only taken serious damage, but had gotten paralyzed. "Here my chance! Go Pokeball!" The ball wiggled around a little, and stopped. "I caught a Vulpix!!!" She picked up the Pokeball. "I think I'll call you Blaze... Go! Blaze!" Blaze looked weak. "Vuuulllp..." Abby gave her a cheri berry, and appeared to be fine. She returned Blaze to her Pokeball. Rita, her newly evolved Bayleef, was a different story. She was burnt, and seriously damaged. She knew what to do.

She got down from the volcano, carrying Rita in her arms. She bumped into Harry. "Harry!" Abby started. "Get your Totodile to use a water attack on Rita! She seriously damaged, and burnt! Water attacks doesn't do much on grass, and it should help her burn!" It was now midnght.

Janaury 5th, 2000
Hi- 30, Lo- 12
Temperature- Freezing (just starting to snow)

September 18th, 2007, 1:56 PM
Harry nodded and released Totodile. "Toto, use water gun on Rita!" Totodile nodded and sprayed Rita with water. Rita wiggled around and got up. It seemed ok. "There we go." Harry said happily. "What happened?" He asked Abby. Harry stretched and grabbed a pokeball. "You can tell me on the way back to the forest." Harry said as he recalled Totodile and released his new Onix. He jumped on Onix and put a hand out to Abby. "Come on. My new Onix will give us a ride."

September 18th, 2007, 2:07 PM
"Wow, you caught an Onix?" Harry nodded. Abby took Harry's hand and got onto Onix. "Ok, here's what happened... you see, I was training Rita. The first few Pokemon were easy to defeat, but then I came across a Vulpix. Vulpix is a fire type, so yeah, it used flamethrower and burned Rita... but Rita DID evolve... speaking of, I caught that Vulpix... Go! Blaze!"

"Vuuuuulp-pixx!" Blaze cried. "Cool..." Harry said. Abby winked at him, but wasn't sure if he noticed.

September 18th, 2007, 2:17 PM
OOC: Hey raichuchika... I don't know if you know you double-posted and posted the same two times in one of them..

Tomorrow I'll edit this post to have the IC.

September 18th, 2007, 2:19 PM
OOC: I know, and I'm sorry. I got rid of one, though.

IC: Waiting for another post...

September 18th, 2007, 2:33 PM
Harry noticed the wink and blushed. "So you have a Bayleef now....and Fraky has a Quilava....I wonder if Totodile will evolve?" Harry said while guiding Onix down the mountain. "OK Onix this is far enough. Thanks!" Harry said as he jumped off Onix and helped Abby off. He then returned Onix and looked around. "I saw some berries around here that heal burns...let's see." Harry checked the branches of a couple of trees and pulled off some berries and handed them to Abby. "Give these to Rita and she'll be good as new." Harry said with a smile.

September 18th, 2007, 2:40 PM
"Thanks!" Abby said, smiling. She fed Rita the rawst berries and Rita looked a lot better. Abby looked at Harry with a smile. "Harry, to begin with, you seemed awful cold and antisocial. But now look at you! You're a lot less shy." Abby continued to talk. "And oh yeah, you're Totodile will evolve eventually. You're a great trainer, so it would suprise me if it didn't happen. And plus, I heard Totodile evolves a bit later than Cyndaqul and Chikorita, so don't get down on yourself!"

Abby had noticed a slight transformation of herself. She was slightly more social than she was to begin with. Maybe this island was just what she needed.

September 18th, 2007, 2:48 PM
Harry smiled. "You're right.....I'm pretty shy...but I figured I'm stuck here with you guys, so I might as well open up. It was hard at first, but I'm pretty comftorable around everyone now." He said looking at Totodile's pokeball. "So Totodile evolves later...then that just means it'll be worth the wait!" Harry said smiling. Harry looked around. "Seems like it's gonna start getting cold soon though...maybe all of us kids should build some kind of hut or something? We don't wanna freeze when it get's really cold."

Harry looked around. "We should probally start today, so how about we go look for everybody....?" Harry crossed his arms and waited for an anwser.

September 18th, 2007, 2:53 PM
"Good idea!" I'll go find Dawn and Fraky, and you can find Chris and Timothy! Meet me at the beach once your done!"

Abby looked around. She found Fraky after not to long, and then later, Dawn. She observed that her egg started shaking. She sat at the beach line, waiting for Harry. Dawn started to tell Abby, in a somewhat teasing voice, "Looks like that Harry kid is paying quite a bit of attention to you. I think he likes you..."

Abby gave a playful nudge on the arm, red on the cheeks, exclaiming, "Shut up!!!" But then she relized something. Dawn was right.

September 18th, 2007, 2:59 PM
"If you want to find shelter, there are some caves by the volcano that are pretty warm," Timothy suggested. "However, I'd just as soon avoid any Magmars that might be lurking around, at least until Squirtle and Totodile have evolved. Speaking of which, I think Squirtle and Totodile evolve at the same level."

"So will we use rocks or wood to build a shelter, and how? Onix is certainly strong enough to move large things, but we have no way to cut down trees, and it would take a lot of work to move rocks around. Maybe Ralts could use telekinesis to help?"

September 18th, 2007, 3:01 PM
Harry found Chris , and then Timothy. He told them about the plan and to meet at the beach. Harry's egg was shaking around. It could hatch any minute now. He ran down to the beach and saw Abby and Dawn and ran up. "I think my egg is going to hatch!" He said as he sat his egg on the sand of the beach and stared at it. "I wonder what it's going to be....?" He looked at Abby. "Don't you have an egg to? How far along is it?" He asked curiously. "It'll be cool, because we'll both have baby pokemon."

September 18th, 2007, 3:05 PM
OOC: Jamie, Squirtle and Totodile DO NOT evolve at the same level!

Abby looked at her egg. It started to glow. "I think mine's gonna hatch any minute too!" She stared at her egg. The pink egg shaked around, and started to crack. Harry's did the same. They both hatched at the exact same time. A Cleffa hatched out of Abby's. "Hmm, what's this Pokemon?" She got out her Pokedex, and it said an entry for Cleffa. "I'll name you Twilight!" She looked over at Harry's, curious of what his was gonna be.

September 18th, 2007, 3:19 PM
Harry's egg glowed and hatched, and out came a Munchlax. Harry looked at it and smiled. "Hi little guy!" He said. "Munchlax!" He responded back. "Looks like we both got normal types." Harry said to Abby. Harry sat down and started playing with Munchlax. Munchlax was giggling and it was obvious it already loved Harry. Harry walked around as Munchlax followed him for every step. Harry stopped and looked at Timothy. "If Onix and Ralts work together, we could get alot of stuff done. Alright guys, you wanna get started?"

Harry released Onix. "Onix! Will you go get some wood for us?" Harry asked him. Onix growled and nodded and went off to get some wood. "Now we should find a spot for building." Harry said while looking around.

September 18th, 2007, 3:21 PM
(OOC: Oops, I thought they both evolved at level 16. Turns out Totodile evolves two levels later. Sorry! With that said...)

As they were talking, Timothy was idly holding the Thunderstone when he got an idea. He looked around, and sure enough, one of the wild Eevees was close by. He hadn't seen any Electric Pokemon yet, but he knew one way to get a good one...
"Hang on," he said. "I'll be right back."
He went up to the Eevee and sent Squirtle out against it. Seeing the threat, Eevee launched itself at Squirtle with its Take Down attack. Squirtle turned the back of his shell to Eevee, who hurt itself against it.
"One Water Gun ought to do it now," Timothy said.
Squirtle launched a jet of water at Eevee, and Timothy threw a Poke Ball at the soaked Pokemon. His attempt succeeded, and Eevee was captured.
What happened next was even better. Squirtle started glowing a bright bluish-white and grew larger. He sprouted fin-like ears and his tail got bigger as well. When the process was complete, Timothy had a newly-evolved Wartortle.
"Good job!" Timothy said. "Congratulations on evolving!" He returned Wartortle to his Poke Ball.

"Wow, your Squirtle evolved too?" Harry observed. "But why were you trying to capture an Eevee?"

"Remember the Thunderstone my parents gave me?" Timothy asked. "I think it's time to put it to good use."

He released Eevee, who was still a little hurt from the fight. Giving it a Sitrus Berry seemed to help, and Eevee started bouncing around hyperactively. Timothy held out the stone, and Eevee, seeing it, walked up and took it from him. There was another flash of light, and Eevee evolved into Jolteon, its electric form.

(OOC: Gotta go now, I'll be back later tonight. EDIT: The stone is still there, it just can't be used to evolve a Pokemon anymore.)

Building the shelter was actually easier than Timothy thought. Onix smashed down trees easily, and Ralts managed to help put the logs into position to build a makeshift cabin.

All went well until it turned out one of the trees had been a home for a swarm of Scythers...

(OOC: Capturing one is fine; just wanted to add an extra challenge there.)

September 19th, 2007, 12:53 AM
IC: "Waaah! Scythers!" - said Fraky. Those Scythers didn't look very friendly. "It must be because we destroyed their home. Scyther, please calm down! We didn't have any intention of destroying your home, we just want to do a hut for ourselves!"
But they didn't want to hear. They advanced in a swarm and attacked them.
"That's the time! Go, Volcano! Round, go too!" - said Fraky, releasing Round.
"Quilava!" - Quilava was ready. "Geo, Geodude!" - Round was ready too.
"Volcano, use Flame Wheel! Round, use Rollout!" - ordered Fraky.
Three of at least 20 Scythers were taken down by Round's Rollout, and another one by Volcano's Flame Wheel. However, the Scythers kept using Swords Dance, Slash and Quick Attack, damaging Volcano and Round severly.
"Oh my... They're too many... Hey you! Please help! Volcano and Round can't take care of them all!" - said Fraky to the others.

September 19th, 2007, 3:19 AM
"Alright, these are Bug/Flying types, meaning they're weak against Fire and Electric. Houndour and Jolteon, go!"

Timothy sent Houndour and Jolteon to face the swarm next to Fraky's Pokemon. With Houndour's Flamethrower and Jolteon's Thunderbolt working against them, the Scythers didn't seem to be as much of a threat as before.

September 19th, 2007, 8:57 AM
The leader of the Scyther's stepped out and the other Scyther's stopped fighting. It swung it's blades in challenge and looked at everyone. Harry stepped up. "I think it wants to settle this with a one on one battle..." Harry said looking at it. He gulped. "Let me do this guys." He said as he released Totodile. The Scyther instantly lunged at Totodile with a slash attack, knocking him back. "Come on Totodile! Get up!" Harry said to his pokemon.

Totodile stood up and got into battle stance. "Use bite attack!" Harry yelled. Totodile jumped on the Scyther and unleashed a bite attack. The Scyther jumped and knocked Totodile off. It then hit Totodile with another slash attack. Totodile looked weak. "Er...this is bad..." Harry said as the others watched the battle. "OK! I got it! Totodile! Use water gun!" Totodile obeyed and shot Scyther with a spray of water. The Scyther was startled and when the water cleared Totodile was right in front of it ready for an attack. "Use slash!" Harry said. Totodile raised it's hand and attacked Scyther dead on with it's own slash attack.

The Scyther stopped. It looked at Harry and nodded. It recognized Harry's power and it and the other Scyther's left. Harry smiled at Totodile. "Good job!" Harry said. Totodile stood still and a flash of bright light surrounded it. Totodile grew until the glow stopped. Totodile had evolved into Croconaw. "Yes!" Harry yelled while hugging Croconaw. "Totodile evolved, AND the cabin is almost done!"

September 19th, 2007, 12:19 PM
Jamie006- ~warning~ You failed to abide by the 4-line rule.

Abby's Cleffa, Twilight, appeared not to want to go in her Pokeball. So she simply rid on Abby's shoulder. There was one Scyther left, and it looked like a baby. This was the perfect oppertunity for Blaze to get some training!

"Go! Blaze!" "Vulpix!" Blaze cried. "Blaze, use flamethrower!" The Scyther went down in one shot. "Wow, that was easy..." As the last rock was put into place, the kids relized that the cabin was now done.

Abby walked up to Harry, giving him a pat on the back. "Looks like your Totodile finally evolved... Good job!!!" She gave him a quick smile, before she finally walked on. All of a sudden, a Pidgeot swooped down and grabbed Twilight. Abby was shocked. "Twilight!!! C'mon guys, we need to do something!"

September 19th, 2007, 12:25 PM
Harry bent down to Munchlax. "Alright, you wait here with Croconaw, ok Munchlax?" "Munchlax!" It said worridly. "Don't worry, I'll be back. Take care of him Croconaw!" Croconaw nodded and Harry released Onix and jumped on it's back. "Rock beats flying!" Samson yelled as Onix rode towards the Pidgeot carrying Twilight. "Onix use rock slide, but aim for Pidgeots wings!" Onix obeyed and shot rocks at Pidgeots wings causing it to drop Cleffa. Onix rode under it and Harry caught the baby pokemon. He smiled and told Onix to go back to the cabin.

Onix rode back and Harry saw the others. Abby looked worried as Harry walked towards her. "Well..." He said looking down. "Twilight is..." He stopped and took off his backpack. "Right here!" He said pulling her out and handing her to Abby.

September 19th, 2007, 12:47 PM
IC: "Looks like Twilight is well" - said Fraky, apperaring from nothing. "I always follow who goes alone in case of something goes wrong and you need some help. And just to let you know, I'm not shy as many others. I just talk when it's needed."
But then... a bush shaked.
"Oh no, don't tell me is that Sneasel again!" - yelled Fraky.
"Sneasel!" - said Sneasel, jumping out.
"Argh... Sneasel, just to let you know I'm not that pushover I was!" - said Fraky.
"Snea! Sneasel!" - said Sneasel, then went into its battle position and taunted Fraky and Volcano.
"Ok, third time's the time! Volcano, use Flame Wheel!" - ordered Fraky.
"Lava!" - said Quilava, using Flame Wheel at Sneasel.
Sneasel was hit, but wasn't too damaged. Sneasel used... Ice Punch!
"What?! Sneasel can use Ice Punch?" - yelled Fraky when Volcano was hit.
Volcano stood up. "Volcano, use Flamethrower!" - ordered Fraky.
"Qui...LAVA!!!" - Volcano used Flamethrower at Sneasel. Sneasel was hit and KO.
"Go, Pokeball!" - Fraky said.
Fraky was sure the third time was the time. The Pokeball shaked for a few seconds, then... it stopped.
"Yeahaww! At last I caught it! I'll name it Claw." - then Fraky released Sneasel. "I'll name you as Claw. I'm sure we can be good friends, Claw. Here, have this Sitrus Berry I picked up early." - he said.
"Snea, Sneasel!" - said Claw, eating the Berry happily. Then, Fraky, Volcano, Harry and Abby returned to the place where they were building the hut.

September 19th, 2007, 3:16 PM
Abby was handed the Cleffa by Harry, so she took it from him and put it back on her shoulder. "Thanks, guys!" Abby then relized that it was rather late, and perhaps time to go to bed. "Hmm, looks like it's rather late, maybe we should go to bed..." The others agreed by yawning.

Janauary 6th, 2000
Snowing harder
Hi- 28, lo- 14

Then, all of a sudden, the ground started to shake! "Whoa!" Abby shouted. She wasn't the only one that fell down. "Snore..." A giant beast cried.

It was a Snorlax! "What the hell is that monster doing here?!" Abby exclaimed. It looked at Harry's Munchlax, picking it up. Twilight already ran to hide. "Hmm..." Chris started. "Maybe its that Munchlax's parent or something..."

Abby sighed. "If it was Twilight's parents, it would have been a Clefairy or a Clefable. THAT I could of handled, but seriously! Harry, heheh, that was the wrong egg to grab..." The Snorlax yawned, and then fell alseep, falling to the ground. Unfortunatly for Abby, right on her. The beast then rolled over, revealing Abby, who was now, moaning of pain. (OOC: Hey, I'm just trying to kepp this thread interesting. Second time I almost died though... heheh...)

September 19th, 2007, 3:20 PM
Harry sighed. Munchlax cried and ran back to Harry. The Snorlax saw this and lost interest. It returned to the mountains. "That was a close one!" Harry said as he ran over to Abby. "Are you ok?" Harry asked looking down at her. She looked like she would make it. Harry smiled and began to laugh.
"What's so funny?" Abby said.
Harry laughed some more. "It's just why do you keep putting yourself in these situations?" Harry said, and stopped laughing. He put his hand out. "Here, let me help you up." He helped her up and looked back. "Let's go to the cabin guys. I'm sleepy."

September 19th, 2007, 3:34 PM
Abby sighed. "I don't know why... it's like I attract bad luck..." Abby could barely walk, so making it back to the cabin took quie an effort for her. She made it back, despite pain, and collapsed on the floor. "G'night, peeps..." She then fell asleep.

*the next morning*

"Hey Abby, wake up!" She was shook a little. "C'mon, wake up..." Abby opened her eyes. This was certainly not the first time she was last to wake up. She moaned quite a bit. She was still soar from yesterday's accident, so she struggled to get up, big time. "Ugh... just go on without me guys... I'm in too much pain to get up..."

The others helped her up, and she continued walking. She started to think... "Hmm... maybe today, you should tell that Harry kid how you really feel... Wait, no! What are you thinking?! The last, like, 5 times you admitted your feelings to a guy, it was followed by endless teasing, and, well, rejection... Maybe you'll get lucky and he likes you back, but if he does, wait for him to tell you... even though thay may not happen...

"Hey, Abby!" Dawn's voice woke her up a little. "Still asleep? Let's get going!" With a little bit of effort, Abby made it out the door.

September 19th, 2007, 3:42 PM
Harry had awoken hours ago. He decided to try intence training with his Pokemon. He meditated with Croconaw under a waterfall, for endurance, all morning, and now he was knocking down boulders with Onix. "Wow Onix, you're really strong." Harry said to his pokemon. Onix roared proudly. Harry smiled. Onix continued knocking down rocks. "OK Onix, that's enough. Let's practice your digging. Onix agreed and started digging holes underground. He could make it from one point to another pretty fast. Harry was proud of his team, and returned Onix, and released Munchlax.

"OK Munchy, let's train. I want you to use body slam on that rock." Munchlax nodded and used body slam on a rock. It cracked but didn't break. Harry continued working with Munchlax. He was slowly getting stronger.

September 19th, 2007, 3:51 PM
Abby went out, mainly to train her Cleffa. "Hey, that Starly over there looks weak... let's go! Twilight!" In relization that she would have to battle, Twilight hopped off of Abby's shoulder. "Use metronome!" Twilight used metronome, and it turned into an ember attack, which really didn't do all that much. Starly then used quick attack, and started to peck at Twilight. Shortly afterwards, Abby's Cleffa got KOed. She simply healed Twilight, and tried again.

After a few more losses, Abby really started to think, "This isn't right..." She decided to try her luck one more time. It was a baby Azurill, so she thought there would be no problem. That it wouldn't take long to defeat. Well, she was really wrong.

After that, she relized something. It wasn't Twilight. It was her. "Twilight, go on. Back to the wild, where you belong..." Twlight gave her a shocked look. "You deserve better than to be with such a bad trainer like me..." She started to cry a little, which was rare for her. "Good... bye... Twilight..." She looked down, crying more. Twlight was shaking her head no, but Abby already thought she had gone away. "What's... wrong with me...?" Abby said to herself, tears landing in her lap.

September 19th, 2007, 3:57 PM
It was late afternoon now and Snorlax could break a boulder with one body slam. "Wow....I'm pretty good at training..." Harry said to himself. "Good job Munchlax. That's enough for today." Munchlax smiled as Harry returned it to it's pokeball. Harry left the mountain were he was training and he saw Abby and Cleffa. "What the...is she releasing Cleffa..?" Harry ran over to Abby.

"Abby what are you doing?" He asked. "You can't just let a pokemon go like that....You hatched Cleffa. It loves you." He noticed she was upset and he frowned. He got closer. "What's wrong?"

September 19th, 2007, 4:43 PM
Abby looked up, eyes a bit puffy and red from the crying. "Harry... unlike you, I'm not that good of a trainer." Abby sighed. "Twilight deserves better than me..." Abby briefly started to think to herself. "Maybe I should release the others. They probably hate me too... but Harry's NOT making fun of me for crying...? That's not something everyone seems to do in this cruel, cruel world... Abby continued speaking. "Twilight's probably much, much happier now anyways..."

Abby's low self-esteem showed now more than ever. Abby spoke again. "Unlike most teenagers, Harry, I am NOT a stuck-up brat. Most teenagers what have been all like, "whatever" in my situation, but I'm the exact oppisite. The truth is..." She paused. "I hate myself."

September 19th, 2007, 4:59 PM
Harry felt really bad. He looked down. "How can you hate yourself....when your so likable?" Harry asked. Harry then stopped. "Oh my...what did I just say...oh man how humiliating...now she knows I like her..." Harry didn't care though. He felt a new emotion take over. "You can't hate youself...there is no reason to. I know most kids our age are usually stuck up punks, but not every kid is like that. I'm not. And I can be your friend. When your sad just talk to me." Harry said staring at Abby. He then bent down and picked up Cleffa who was looking at Abby and sniveling. "Now don't you wanna keep on raising Cleffa?"

September 20th, 2007, 11:42 AM
OOC: OMG ORANGE YOU'VE POSTED MORE THAN ME!! (or pretty much equally, I just checked. :shocked:)

Abby thought she heard him say something that she couldn't believe. "Did you just say that I'm likable?" Harry blushed a little. "Whatever... that's besides the point. I will keep raising Twilight. She took Twilight from Harry, resting her on her shoulder. "There's a reason for my low self-esteem. I'm different. I always tried to be normal, but it never happened. People make me nervous. I'm anxious all the time. And I'm dreadfully shy, a quality most girls my age don't have. I used to have a high opinion about myself, but people drove me to think overwise... now I just think I'm some ugly, fat, dumb, horrible person..."

Abby paused again. "But back to the point... did you just say I'm likable...?" Abby started to blush.

September 20th, 2007, 11:50 AM
Harry gulped. "Well....yeah. I mean, I think you're a great person. And you're not ugly, fat or dumb....don't listen to what people say. You need to block them out and listen to yourself. I know you're better than what people say, so you know what? Screw them!" Harry looked down. "I like you Abby." He said sounding scared. "I've never liked anyone before, and it takes alot of courage for me to say that..." Harry put his hands in his pockets and blushed.

"I...Ican't believe I just told her all that....I would have never told any girl that before....How...how embarrasing. I should just..." Harry got nervouse. He never told a girl that he liked her before, and was really embarrased. He didn't know what he would do. "S-sorry...sorry for saying all that...you just shouldn't hate yourself." Harry said before turning around and running off. He wanted to stay and talk to her, but he was beyond embarrased.

September 20th, 2007, 11:55 AM
"Hey, wait up!!!" Abby said, running after him. She relized how much courage it took for Harry to just say what he did. Abby stared into his eyes. "Harry... there's no need to be embarassed... truth is..." Abby started to blush. "I like you too... I've been rejected several times... so that's part of the reason why I always thought I was ugly..."

Abby was smiling to herself. "Well... you got what you wanted. Harry admitted how he felt..." "You're a great person... and I liked you from the start." She gave Harry a hug, and it felt great.

September 20th, 2007, 12:04 PM
Harry was taken aback by this. This girl he told he liked, liked him back. He felt great. He stood there for a second and then returned the hug. "I...I'm so happy we all got sent to this island....I've made alot of improvements here." Harry said. He let go of her and smiled. "I'm finally happy. Real happiness." He said while staring at Abby. He grabbed her hand and smiled. "How about I help you with pokemon training?" He said as he began walking around, still holding Abby's hand. "I can help you out, so you don't get so frusterated and try to release all your pokemon." He said with a smirk and a giggle.

September 20th, 2007, 12:10 PM
Abby smiled. "Ahh... this is one of the few moments in my life that is perfect..." But then Abby relized something not so great. It coulda been a dare. "Wait Harry... are you sure one of the other guys didn't dare you to say that you liked me against your will?" Harry gave her a strange look. "Uh... no." Abby was releived. "Sorry I doubted you there... but it's happened to me before. A guy I really like saying he likes me, then it all being fake...... but um, sure. Some training would be nice..."

September 20th, 2007, 12:19 PM
Harry raised an eyebrow. "I know kids can be mean...but man. She must have dealth with some rough ones." Harry smiled and held her hand as they continued walking, until Harry reached the mountain area. "OK, this is where we will do our training for today. Release Rita and Twilight." He said smiling, as Abby released her pokemon. "Now then....Rita will do good in a mountainous area....there's a Sandshrew right over there. Why don't you have Rita use razor leaf on it?" He said happily.

September 20th, 2007, 1:36 PM
Abby felt great. "Rita, Go!" "Bay, bay!" Rita cried. "Use razor leaf!" A storm of leaves hit Sandshrew, causing it to faint. "Good job!!!" Harry, said smiling at her. Abby started to speak. "You see, the reason why I'm always pushing to be so great, is, well... the rest of my family are good Pokemon trainers too. My dad won the Pokemon leauge, my mom won the Grand Festival, and my brother... he's, well, collecting gym badges. We started while he was in Johto, and he chose Totodile, just like you. And my grandfather... he died before I was born, but I heard he was one of the greatest trainers on the face of earth... I wanted to make him proud, but I always thought I'd never be good like him... but on second thought, I might be ok..."

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September 20th, 2007, 1:58 PM
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IC: Harry smiled. "Your whole family is pokemon trainers? That's great!" Harry said with a smile. "Keep on training, and you'll become a great trainer." Harry looked down. "I don't have a family. My mother died when I was very young...and my father became an alcolholic. I had to get out of there, so I left when I was 11. I traveled around for ahile, and then I reached Sinnoh and decided to become a Pokemon trainer, and well here we are."

Harry took off his back back, bent down and went through it. "Ah, here it is." Harry said pulling out a dusty brown cloak. "I wore this during my travels, and I planned on wearing it during my pokemon journey. But that hasn't started yet, because we are on the island." He smiled and put it back in his backpack. "There's a group of diglett over there...why don't you try battling them?"

September 20th, 2007, 2:14 PM
Abby stared at him. "Wow... guess you know what a tough life is like... I feel bad for you... I've had kind of a rough childhood myself... but you'd just probably think yours is worse... cauz it probably is..." Seeing the group of Diglett, she went into action. She send out all three of her Pokemon: Blaze, Rita, and Twilight.

"Ok, Rita, use Razor leaf on them all!" "Bayy!" Rita said, as a storm as leaves hit the Diglett. "Ok now use Flamethrower, Blaze!" "Pixxxx!" A line of fire hit the Diglett. "Ok, now use metronome, Twilight!" Twilight wiggled her finger. "Cleffa, Cleffa, CLEFFA!" It turned into a super effective blizzard attack. The Diglett were goners. "How's that?!" Abby said with a smile. It was rare for Abby to smile, so when it happened, it was a memorable moment.

September 20th, 2007, 2:21 PM
OOC: I'll be gone Saturday along with parts of Friday and Sunday.

Timothy had been training in the mountain area nearby, battling various wild Pokemon. His team had grown considerably, and he was proud of them. With five Pokemon already, he needed a sixth to complete his team and had been looking for a good one.

Finally, he saw it. A large Rhyhorn was walking through a valley below, munching on scrubby bushes. A powerful Rock-type like that would make an excellent addition to his team. But how to fight something that big? Timothy thought for a minute, then had an answer.

"Wartortle, go! Use Water Pulse!"
Wartortle, his most powerful Pokemon, materialized in front of Rhyhorn, which started charging. Wartortle's Water Pulse hit the Ground/Rock Pokemon right in the face, blinding it and hurting it a lot. Its forward momentum carried it directly at Wartortle, whom Timothy withdrew at the last second, causing Rhyhorn to plow right into the side of a cliff and knock itself unconscious. Timothy used his last Poke Ball on it, completing his team of six.

After feeding Rhyhorn a Revival Herb, Timothy found Abby and Harry training nearby and walked up to them. He waited until they were done with the Diglett they were fighting, and then talked to them.
"Seeing as you're training and all, would one of you care for a battle, maybe two on two?"

September 20th, 2007, 2:52 PM
Harry smirked. "You have five pokemon. I will fight you tomorrow." He looked at Abby. "You should try to fight him, I'm gonna go catch a new pokemon." He said grabbing her hand, then walking off and letting go. Harry went to the forest area. He needed a new pokemon. He saw little odishes and bellsprouts, but he wanted something better. And then he saw it. A giant magestic grass Pokemon. Harry recognized it as Tropius. "I'm gonna catch you!" Harry said, releasing Munchlax.

The Tropius looked at Munchlax and charged at it. "Munchlax! Use your body slam on it!" Harry yelled. Munchlax nodded and hit the Tropius. The Tropius stepped back in shock. Harry had been working on Munchlax's body slam and it was pretty powerful. The Tropius hit Munchlax with a razor leaf attack. Munchlax was hit, but not out. "Munchlax! Use mega punch!" Harry said. Munchlax charged up and hit Tropius, knocking it out.

Harry threw a pokeball at it, and after shaking around a bit, Tropius had been caught. It was female. Harry smiled and released his new Tropius, handing it a handful of oran berries. The Tropius seemed a little nervous at first, but Harry petted her neck and she relaxed and began eating, getting healthy again. "Me and you will be great friends." Harry said petting her. Tropius rubbed Harry's face with it's head. Harry smiled and returned his new Pokemon.

September 20th, 2007, 3:32 PM
Considering what Harry had just said, she decided it was time to go catch a new Pokemon. She decided since her team was lacking a water type, she decided to go by the lake to catch a water type. She saw many Magikarp, and Started to give up. Then, she bumped into a Buizel.

"Buiz!" "OH MY GOD!!! YOU ARE SOOOO CUTE!" Abby cried, getting out her Pokedex. "Ok, so you're a Buizel, which is a water type... which means grass would do well against you... Go! Rita!" "Bayleef!" Rita cried. "Buizel!!!" The wild Buizel cried, using ice beam on Rita. "Oh man... that's on tough Buizel... USE BODY SLAM!!!" "Bay...leef!" The Bayleef slammed itself against Buizel, but it didn't do all that much. With a crunch attack, Rita was taken down. "Bay..." Rita weakly cried, falling to the ground.

"Rita, return... great job..." Abby thought to herself. I can't use Blaze against a Buizel!!! She'd get destroyed! Looks like I"m going to have to press my luck here... "Go! Twilight!" Twilight hopped off of Abby's shoulder, and waited for a command.

"Use pound!" Twilight pounded the Buizel, but it didn't do all that much. He used quick attack, but Twilight avoided it. "Use metronome!" Twilight wiggled her finger a little bit, and it turned into a thunder attack, and a powerful one! Abby threw a Pokeball, it wiggled a little, and clicked. Abby caught a Buizel!

Abby picked up the the Pokeball. "I'm gonna name you Tails" She released Tails from his Pokeball, and gave him an Oran Berry. With some hesitation, he ate it.

Janaury 7th, 2000
Cold (snowstorm)
Hi- 21, lo- 14

September 20th, 2007, 4:15 PM
The next morning Harry awoke with a yawn. The other kids were still sleeping, so he decided to catch his 5th pokemon. He left a note. It read:"Dear Timothy, I'm going out to train. If you still want to battle meet me at the beach this evening. Have a great day guys." Harry left the house and went wandering through a dead looking area where he saw an injured Swablu. "Gasp!" Harry ran over to the Swablu and picked it up. It was a girl. "Don't worry I'll help you!" Harry said as he ran to a bush and picked some oran berries. "Here you go." He said feeding them to her. The Swablu chirped happily and jumped on Harry's shoulder.

"Do you want to be my pokemon?" Harry asked her. Swablue chirped and began singing happily. Harry smiled. "OK. You can come with me. Get in the pokeball!" He said tossing a pokeball at Swablu. The pokeball shot out a beam of light, and Swablu went inside of it. It shook once and stopped. "Heh, now I have five pokemon." Harry said happily, and went off to train Swablu.

September 21st, 2007, 12:14 AM
IC: Fraky woke up, but Volcano was still sleeping. He read the note Harry left. So, going to some training too.

When Volcano woke up, it went with Fraky to do some training. They looked for some Pokemon to train or catch. Nothing. "They must be asleep." - thought Fraky.

Then he heard a noise. Like a waterfall roar. He went nearer and nearer, then found the waterfall.

"How beautiful" - he said - "I never saw a waterfall in my life."
But he heard something behind. It was a Poochyena. That Poochyena looked at them, then called something behind.

"Oh-oh..." - said Fraky.
3 more Poochyenas came, then a Mightyena. "It must be their mother" - thought Fraky.
The Poochyenas charged. "Wha...? Volcano, use Flame Wheel!" - he ordered.

Too late. Before Volcano could even make a flame, the Poochyenas charged, then left Volcano. Volcano was damaged. They were many for them.

"Whoops... Gotta... RUN!" - he yelled.
He took Volcano on his back, then ran. The Poochyenas went after him, but he was cornered. Behind him was the waterfall, and in his front were the Poochyenas and the Mightyena.

He did another step behind... but was unlucky, because he slipped on a stone.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" - he yelled, falling down the waterfall. "I'll die" - he thought.

September 21st, 2007, 10:40 AM
Abby, as usual, woke up later than a majority of the others. She walked off to the waterfall, only to see Fraky falling off. After he hit the bottom, she went to see if he was still alive. Shockingly, he was. "Hey, Fraky, you ok?" She dragged Fraky to dry land. I gotta do something, but what? Abby ran off to call for help, because Fraky needed it, badly.

September 22nd, 2007, 6:41 AM
Harry was training his pokemon well. Swablu had grown fast to, it could could thick tree limbs with it's aerial ace attack. Tropius was pretty strong to, it could knock down a whole tree with a body slam....but Harry didn't want to try that more than once. Tropius was doing simple excersizes. Croconaw and Munchlax were training with each other, sparring if you could call it that, and Onix was digging really fast now. Harry was proud of his team.

Then it hit Harry. He didn't have to colect badges to be on a Pokemon journey. Harry decided that after tonights battle with Timothy, Harry would do a little soul searching. So he did a little more training, healed and returned his Pokemon, and headed for the beach to wait for the battle.

September 22nd, 2007, 7:19 AM
Abby could no longer live with herself. She couldn't live with the fact that a life would be lost because of her. Abby was in a good mood orginally, but that changed, fast. Forgetting about all the good things that happened in her life, Abby thought, "It's not like anyone will care if you're dead... nobody ever gave a crap that you were alive... She headed to a cliff, letting all of her Pokemon out. "Good bye..."

She had wished she was back at home, where she could do something painless, like a sleeping pill. But oh well. She had attempted suicide several times, but never thought she'd do the real deal. "Good bye cruel world..." She said with a jump.

September 22nd, 2007, 11:04 AM
IC: Fraky woke up. "Ouch..." - he said. "How am I still alive? I fell down some 35 meters"

He looked up, still painful. He felt a dreadful pain on his left arm... It looked like it was broken. Then, he saw Abby jumping down.

"Abby!" - He stood up, going to catch her, but his arm stopped him. "No... She's gonna die..."

Then, he saw something coming out from the water and catching Abby, then placing her in dry land. Fraky looked at it... It was a Dratini.

"Dratinis? Here?!" - he said.
"Tini?" - said Dratini.
Fraky looked at it, then looked at Abby, still alive and awoke.
"What happened?" - she said.
"You fell down. Were you trying to suicide?" - he replied.
Abby didn't answer.
"You shouldn't suicide. You have not reason to do so." - Fraky told her. "And looks like your Pokemon agree with me."
Abby's Pokemon appeared from nothing, and surrounded her.
"But now... I'll see if I can catch this Dratini." - said Fraky, looking at Dratini. "Ready to battle?"
"Dra! Tini!" - said Dratini.
With Abby watching the battle, Fraky sent Claw. "Claw, use Ice Punch!"
"Sneasel!" - said Claw, hitting Dratini with Ice Punch. "Now use Fury Swipes!" - ordered Fraky.
Claw was ready to use Fury Swipes when Dratini hit Claw with... Thunder!
"Sneasel..." - said Sneasel when was hit.
"Dratini can learn Thunder naturally?!?" - replied Fraky. "Claw, use Ice Punch again!"
With the second Ice Punch, Dratini was KO. Fraky launched a Pokeball. Shaked and stopped.
"Abby... I think this Dratini should be yours. It saved your life." - Fraky said.
Abby looked at him. "You're giving me... that Dratini? You catched him, it is yours."
"No" - Fraky replied - "This Dratini saved your life and I think it should be yours. Accept it, please."

September 22nd, 2007, 11:57 AM
Abby accepted the Dratini. "Uh... thank you." Abby smiled, accepted Dratini's Pokeball, and returning all the others to the Pokeball. She knew this Dratini would be a good addition to her team, it saved her life, even if it was against her will, she now had a will to live again. "I think I'll name you Blu..." She sais to Dratini's Pokeball.

She went to the beach. "See, Fraky lived. Good thing Blu was there to save you. You would have died for no good reason. With a sigh of relief, Abby layed back, soaking up the sun's rays.

September 22nd, 2007, 1:46 PM
OOC: raichuchika, do you mean "addition" or "edition"? I don't know if you're meaning that Dratini will change your whole team, or if you're meaning that Dratini is added to your team. Anyways, here comes the IC...

IC: Fraky and Abby returned to the hut (Fraky was holding his painful left arm) and Fraky said: "Abby, why on the world are you doing that? Releasing your Pokemon here and there, and trying to suicide... Why? Ouch..." - he said, holding his broken arm.
Abby didn't answer. Fraky said: "Rest here a bit. I'm going outside to see if I can find anything for this arm..."

Fraky went outside and found some palm leaves. "They're good to hold something" - he said. Catching some, he returned to the hut. He wrapped his arm with the leaves and said: "It will take some weeks to heal this."

September 23rd, 2007, 5:46 AM
OOC- Oops... (and I'm in accelerated LA... the shame... :()

IC- Abby was wondering about what Fraky said herself. "What with me and my sudden craziness..? As much as it may not seem possible, people do care about me..." Abby took a nap. After she woke up, she felt better. I really should stop randomly trying to release a Pokemon or attempting suicide...

Abby went out. She only needed one more Pokemon to complete her team, after all. Her team was missing an electric type, so she decided to go catch one. She really wanted the electric type that assisted her father's win in the Pokemon Leauge though... Raichu.

September 23rd, 2007, 6:04 AM
Harry got tired of waiting for the battle and left. "Sorry guys, no battle." He said to his pokeballs. "But now we can start our journey." Harry ran back to the hut and saw Abby. "Hey." He said to her as he walked up. "I'm leaving. This is a big island, and if I'm stuck on it, I'm going to journey through it. I'll be back though, so I want you to get strong, OK Abby?" Harry said as he walked inside. He walked out smiling. "My Tropius isn't much of a battler. It's a friend. Would you watch it while I'm gone? Don't battle with it, just take care of it."

Harry released his Tropius. It nuzzled against him and Harry petted it. "She's really tame, and nice." Harry looked over towards the mountains. "I'm gonna start there, and go beyond the mountains."

September 23rd, 2007, 6:23 AM
Abby stared at Harry for a long time. "Ok... by the way, I already have 5 Pokemon. I'm almost done..." Abby petted Tropius. "But sure, I'll watch your Tropius for you... I was planning to go on a journey myself..." Then she relized something. "Hmm... ok. Most likely, you're not going to see Harry again for a long, long time... well, it's now or never." Abby leaned in for a kiss. "I'm never going to live this day down if he doesn't accept. Please accept it, Harry, please..."

September 23rd, 2007, 7:04 AM
Harry was shocked by this but then returned it and kissed her back. He smiled. "...That was my first kiss..." He said nervously. He rubbed the back of his head and blushed. "Well...I'm gonna go. Maybe we will run into each other." Harry said as he gave Abby a hug. Harry began walking off and turned around. "Oh yeah....Tropius can fly, but not for a very long time. I hope that will help you out." Harry said with a smile as he walked off towards the mountains, ready to explore the island.

September 23rd, 2007, 7:35 AM
"My first kiss... glad that happened before I was old and gray." Abby decided to go Raichu hunting. "Ok Tropius, mind flying me around the island?" Tropius nodded, and she hopped on her back. As she saw the aerial view of the island, it was breathtaking. "Wow, this is a nice view..." "Cleffa!" Twilgiht cried. Tropius landed near at the edge of the forest, near the beach. She didn't see a Raichu, but she did see a Pikachu. "Pikachu... I never really liked that Pokemon, but it does evolve into Raichu using the thunderstone..." Tropia, let's look for a thunderstone. Hmm... looks like a just called her "Tropia." She's not mine, but I guess I can call her that until Harry returns.

Tropia flew to an area with several odd colored stones. There was many orange ones, (fire stone) brownish-orange ones, (sun stone) green ones, (leaf stones) a few blue ones, (waterstones) and even a few purple ones, (moon stones) all laying in a pile. Abby picked up a moon stone and looked at it. Hmm...this is a pretty stone... She also picked up a fire stone. "I also like this one...." And put them in her purse. She searched the pile for some thunderstones. After some digging, she found a few stones that looked just like the one that Timothy brought along with him. "This is the one."

To test of these stones were really evolution stones, she used a blue water stone on a wild Eevee. It evolved into Vapeoreon. "I guess they still work..." She hopped on Tropia, and flew back to where she originally saw the wild Pikachu.

"Go! Blu!" "Tini!" Blu cried. Noticing that it would need to battle, the wild Pikachu got into a battle stance. It used thunder, which didn't do much because Blu was a dragon type. "Blu, use dragon breath!" Neon colored breath came out of Blu's mouth and hit Pikachu, and Pikachu got paralyzed. "Now use slam!" "Dra... tini!" Bku's tail slammed the Pikachu, causing more damage. "Ok... this is a good time!" Abby threw the Pokeball. It rolled a few times, before finally clicking.

Abby picked up the Pokeball. "I think I'll name you... Cheeky. Cheeky the Pikachu. But not for long..." Abby let Cheeky out of her Pokeball, and fed her a sitrus berry. She then digged the yellow stone out of her purse. "Ok Cheeky, time to become a Raichu..." She held the thunderstone up to Cheeky's cheek, and then she started to glow. She stopped glowing and was now a Raichu! "Thank you Cheeky. Now return!" The Raichu returned to its Pokeball, and Abby flew back to the gave to take a nap.


January 8th, 2000
getting warmer, but still cold and snowing.
hi- 28, lo- 19

September 23rd, 2007, 7:47 AM
Harry had been traveling for a day now. He was walking with Croconaw by his side, and Harry had begun wearing his cloak, since he had begun his journey, plus it was cold. He was further in the mountain area than he had ever been. Croconaw stopped and gave Harry a "I'm hungry" look. Harry smiled.

"I guess I'm hungry to buddy." He said as he released the rest of his pokemon. Onix happily ate rocks of course, while Munchlax, Croconaw and Swablu ate berries. Harry happily ate some jerky he had packed in his backpack, and once finished continued sitting around. His pokemon were all filled up and ready to go. Harry returned them all, except Munchlax, who as a baby needed some fresh air. They walked through the mountain some more, and the further they walked the heavier the snow got. Harry got worried about Munchlax.

"You gonna be ok buddy?" Harry said to Munchlax. "Lax!" He said determindly. Harry smiled and continued walking. They reached a point in the mountain that Harry couldn't cross. He returned Munchlax and thought. "I can't cross it...but I know who can." Harry grabbed a pokeball. "Go Onix!" He yelled as he released Onix and jumped on his back. "Onix! Get over this mountain." Harry asked Onix. Onix roared happily and climbed over the mountain speedily.

About 40 minutes later, they were over the mountain. Harry petted Onix and returned him. He was past the mountains. He looked around. "Huh....what a weird island....beyond the mountains, I finally made it....but this island is pretty big. My journey continued." Harry said as he started walking deeper into a forest that he spotted, with his cloak blowing in the cold wind.

September 23rd, 2007, 3:41 PM
IC: Fraky woke up and felt the freeeeezing weather. "How cold" - he said. "And my arm isn't better... But I can do some training. Let's go, Volcano!"
"Lava!" - said Volcano. They went outside, with Volcano warming the air near Fraky, then they went into the forest. They heard a noise, it was like... something was cracking. Like an egg. A Zigzagoon went out from a bush, jumping happily.
Then came out... a Chansey.
"Chanseys?" - he said - "Ouch..." - his arm pained again.
"Chan, Chansey" - Chansey said, watching Fraky's arm. Then cracked an egg, releasing a mystical power. "It is using Softboiled" - Fraky thought. Then it stopped. Fraky said: "Hey, my arm isn't paining anymore! I'm healed! Thanks, Chansey!"
"Chansey!" - said Chansey, happily.
Then, Fraky went off to train Bloom and Round. But he found... a Skarmory.
"Let's catch him! Go, Volcano! Use Flame Wheel!" - ordered Fraky.
"Lava!" - said Volcano, hitting Skarmory.
Skarmory was hard, but Volcano was better. Three words: One Hit KO.
"Go, Pokeball!" - said Fraky.
The Pokeball hit Skarmory, shaked and stopped.
"I'll name you Armor" - Fraky said. Then, he and Volcano returned to the hut because of the freezing weather.

September 23rd, 2007, 4:02 PM
Harry was deep in the forest by now. It was pretty cold, but he pressed on. Harry walked until he spotted something. It was a lake in the middle of the forest. "How tranquil....and weird." Harry said aloud. He got closer and bent down to sip some water. He stood up and felt a slight sensation. "Huh...?" Just then three angry Gyarados came out of the lake all looking directly at Harry. The center one, who was probally the leader fired a hyper beam at Harry. He jumped and dodged it, but barely. He quickly released Swablu, Croconaw, Onix and Munchlax.

"Onix! Wrap around the center one!" Harry yelled, as Onix went flying towards it, and wrapped it. Harry grinned. "OK! Croconaw hit Gyarados with Ice Beam!" Croconaw opened it's mouth, and shot a Ice Beam at Gyarados, knocking it out. Harry sighed relief, but then remembered the other two. They threw Onix back, and the one on the right, picked Harry up and they started throwing him around.

"Ahhh! I'm gonna die!" Harry yelled. Munchlax looked on in terror as Croconaw shot Ice Beams, but they kept missing. Swablu flew up near him, but she was to little to do anything. "Get out of here Swablu!" Harry yelled as the Gyarados kept tossing him. Swablu flew up high. Then, one of the Gyarados threw Harry far into the air. Croconaw, Munchlax and Onix all looked on terrified. Harry was high in the air, and began falling, heading right towards the Gyarados who threw him. And it's mouth was open...it was going to eat Harry! Harry fell closer, and then suddenly he was saved by a...Altaria?

Swablu had evolved to save Harry. "Altaria! You evolved!" Harry said while hugging Altaria tightly. It singed happily and flew down to the ground, letting Harry off. Altaria then directed it's attention to the two Gyarados. "Altaria....use dragonbreath!" Harry yelled as Altaria shot out a powerful stream of energy at the gyarados, knocking them out.

Harry sat on the ground and breathed heavily. His pokemon all ran up and hugged him, except Onix, who just nuzzled against him. Harry happily looked at his pokemon. They had a great bond. "Don't worry guys....if we stay together, nothing can stop us." They all looked at him happily, and Harry returned them all except Altaria.

"Thank you Altaria. You saved my life." Hary said while petting Altaria. She nuzzled against him and Harry gave her a big hug, and returned her to her Pokeball. He shook off the Gyarados experience, and continued walking, as the cold breeze made his cloak wave around.

September 23rd, 2007, 7:03 PM
Timothy had been in the hut when Fraky returned.

"Hi, I see you're back," Timothy said. "I've mostly been staying in here. Nasty weather, isn't it?"

"No kidding," said Fraky. "By the way, what Pokemon have you managed to catch?

"I've actually got six already," Timothy replied. "There's Wartortle, Bagon, Houndour, Ralts, Jolteon, and Rhyhorn. I've been hoping to hold a battle against somebody here soon. What have you captured, by the way?"

September 24th, 2007, 12:24 AM
IC: "I've got Volcano (Volcano said "Qui! Lava!" when Fraky said his name), my Budew named Bloom, my Geodude named Round, my Sneasel named Claw and my Skarmory named Armor, which I caught just before returning" - he said. "One more to have six Pokemon. I'm looking for a Water-type." - he said. "Want a battle? I'll have a quick nap, then I'll battle you if you want. Is that right?"

"Alright" - said Timothy.
"I'm going outside a little bit, just to look for something to eat quickly, then I'll return." - said Fraky.

Fraky caught some berries. Then, while returning, Volcano felt something in the ground, because it felt a pain.
"What's up, Volcano?" - asked Fraky.
"Qui... Lava" - said Volcano, pointing at the thing.
A pointy thing was buried in the ground. Fraky dug and removed it.
"Hey! I know this thing! It's a Razor Claw! But how did it came here?" - he replied. "But this'll come handy to Claw. Come on, let's return, Volcano!"

In the hut, Fraky, Timothy and their Pokemon ate some berries he brought there, then Fraky was going to take a nap when he remembered.
"Hey Timothy, look at this thing I found" - he said.

Timothy looked at it. "It's a Razor Claw! Handy for Sneasels!"
"Yup. That's why I'm giving this to Claw" - he said - "Hey Claw, take this."
"Sneasel?" - said Claw. "Snea, Sneasel!" - said Sneasel, happily, accepting the claw.
Fraky and his Pokemon took a quick nap, before a friendly battle against Timothy.

September 24th, 2007, 3:08 AM
Timothy and Fraky faced off against each other on the beach.

"Let's get this started!" said Timothy. Sizing up his opponent's team, he chose a Pokemon that would probably work well.

"Go, Houndour!"

September 24th, 2007, 4:00 AM
IC: "Houndour?" - thought Fraky - "Let's go, Round!" - Fraky said, releasing Round.
"Geodude!" - said Round.
"Round, use Rollout!" - ordered Fraky.
"Dodge it, Houndour!" - said Timothy.
Houndour dodged the first Rollout, but not the second; The second Rollout came strongest than the first one. Houndour was damaged.

September 24th, 2007, 10:14 AM
As the second Rollout was about to hit, Timothy told Houndour to use Sunny Day. Houndour barely dodged the Geodude's second attack, which hit him pretty hard. By this time, however, a hole had opened in the clouds due to Houndour's Sunny Day and the sunlight was shining brightly.

"Houndour, use Solarbeam!"

The bright sunlight meant that Houndour did not have to waste time charging up his attack. Houndour opened his mouth and launched a brilliant ray of light directly at Round. The Geodude was badly damaged, but so was Houndour, and the momentum of a third Rollout knocked both of them out.

The sun was still shining brightly.

September 24th, 2007, 2:40 PM
Jamie006- this post: Timothy and Fraky faced off against each other on the beach.

"Let's get this started!" said Timothy. Sizing up his opponent's team, he chose a Pokemon that would probably work well.

"Go, Houndour!"

lacks quality. Try to post better from now on. This is your second warning.


And oh yeah- no offence guys but you need grammar help.

IC: After a quick nap, Abby decided to go off and train her Pokemon. However, she wasn't exactly sure of which one to train. When she said that today was a training day, Twilight cried "Clef, Cleffa!" Willingly, as if to suggest she wanted to train. She had determination in her eyes. "Ok, I'll train you first..." Abby said. "Well... lets just hope that this works out better than last time..."

She went off into the forest by flying on Harry's Tropius. A wild Oddish appeared. "Ok... that Oddish looks like a baby... this should be pretty easy... hopefully, but then again, I did say that last time when I lost with Twilight 5 times in a row... litterly. But I have confidence in Twilight now. "Go! Twilight!"

"Cleff fa!" The Oddish looked ready to battle too. "Twilight, use pound!" "Clef!" The Cleffa pounded the Oddish, which took some damage. "Odd... ish!" The wild Oddish used stun spore, but Twilight managed to avoid it. "Use sweet kiss!" The Cleffa walked up to Oddish, and gave it a quick kiss on the cheek. The Oddish became dreadfully confused, and started attacking itself!" "Ok then, finish it off with a pound!" "Cleffa!!!" Twilight pounded the Oddish again, and it fainted. But then, a Viloplume walked up.

"Vilopluuuume..." It had a rather angry look on it's face, and Abby knew it wanted to battle. "Guess that's the Oddish's mother. Ok... sorry Twilight, but I can't let you battle this one." But Twilight was shaking her head, and appeared to want to battle. "But Twilight..." Abby started to think. "Abby, you're bring pessimistic..... again. You should let Twilight battle this Viloplume. Sure, it's unlikely she'll win... but she wants the battle. Let her do it. " "Ok Twilight, I guess you can battle..."

"Vilopuuume!" The Viloplume started out with stun spore. "Fa!" Twilight dodged it just like she did last time. "Ok, use metronome!" After some wiggling of the finger, Twilight started to splash around. With a sigh, Abby said, "Well, I guess it's just as likely to be that than a nice, powerful attack..." The Viloplume used petel dance.

It hit Twilight pretty hard, but Cleffa miroculously (sp?) stayed standing. Then, noticing that the Cleffa still hasn't quite gone down yet, Viloplume charged up for a solar beam. "Twilight, use pound!" "Cleffa!" Twilight pounded the Viloplume, and it let loose with a solar beam. It hit Twilight hard, and she fell down. "Twlight!" Abby ran up to her injured Cleffa, who was trying to get up. Twilight looked like she was not about to give up. She started to glow.

After some growing, she evolved into Clefairy! "You evolved into Clefairy!" "Clef-fairy!" Twilight cried. "No time to waste though... Twilight, use metronome!" After some wiggling of the finger, the metronome turned into a fire blast! It hit the Viloplume hard, and it fainted too. "Great job Twilight!" Twilight did the peace sign, winked, (OOC: As Pokemon like Pikachu and Clefairy sometimes do in the anime after an impressive win) and cried, "Clefairy!!!"

Tropius flew Abby back to the hut. Twilight, despite evolving, still fit confortably on Abby shoulder. After gather a feast of berry's, Abby and her Pokemon ate berries to satify their hunger.

September 24th, 2007, 3:00 PM
OOC: I wasn't sure exactly what else I should have put there, as it would be unfair for me to choose Fraky's Pokemon as well. but I'm sorry. I'll do better next time, maybe post some pre-battle thoughts.

(I would normally continue the storyline in this post to avoid an OOC-only post, but since I'm waiting for MysticManula to post the next round, I couldn't really come up with anything good until then.)

September 24th, 2007, 3:06 PM
Harry had finally emerged from the forest. After the Gyarados experience, he was exhausted. He was hungry now as well, and it was getting dark. Harry looked around for something to eat, and then noticed something strange. The area he had just entered, past the forest, was covered in snow, yet had bright healthy palm trees. Harry knew this was odd, but took it as a good sign. He found a bush covered in berries and picked some to eat with some jerky.

Harry ate, and then fed his Pokemon. After feeding them, Harry returned them to the safety of there pokeballs. He then sat down under a tree and wrapped himself up in his cloak, trying to fall asleep. It was gonna be a long cold night.

September 24th, 2007, 11:44 PM
OOC: raichuchika, I think Vileplume can't learn Razor Leaf. Make it use Petal Dance, for example.

IC: Both Pokemon were knocked out. Fraky was ready to choose another Pokemon.
"Hm... Claw should be a good choice." - he thought - "Go, Claw!" - he said, releasing Claw.
"Sneasel!" - said Claw.

OOC: Jamie006, I'll wait for you to choose your next Pokemon.

September 25th, 2007, 9:06 AM
Hmmm, Timothy thought. A Dark/Ice type with large claws. Ralts definitely wasn't going to be a good choice, and Bagon and Rhyhorn were both weak against ice attacks. That left Jolteon and Wartortle. Seeing as Wartortle was resistant to ice and his shell could protect him against the Sneasel's claws, Timothy pulled out his Poke Ball.

"Wartortle, give it all you've got!"
Wartortle appeared, ready to battle against Claw.
"Hit it with Water Gun, Wartortle!"
Wartortle shot a stream of water at Claw, but the quick Sneasel dodged the blast and swung at Wartortle with his sharp claws. Wartortle tried to withdraw into his shell, but Claw's attack managed to scratch him slightly. Neither Pokemon had been damaged too much.

Timothy got an idea. "Use Bubblebeam and spray the bubbles all around him!"
Wartortle did just that, and Claw didn't manage to dodge that attack.

September 25th, 2007, 2:10 PM
OOC: MysticManyula- Thanks for the help! ^_^

However, it can't all be be sugar-coated.

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IC: Waiting for brain to function... pff... like that'll ever happen.....

October 22nd, 2007, 2:35 AM
OOC: Ahah, did you EVER think I would let this RP die? No I won't. Raichuchika, don't worry anymore about those posts. I have already PMed Jamie006 to discuss the battle. But I'll only post a bit of the battle... the remaining will be posted later.

IC: Claw didn't dodge the attack. The Bubblebeam slowed him down a bit.
"Claw, use Faint Attack!" - said Fraky.
"Sneasel" - said Sneasel.
There was no way to dodge that attack, but Wartortle's hard shell prevented a hard attack.
"Wartortle, use Rapid Spin!" - said Timothy.
That Rapid Spin hit Claw hard. Claw didn't fell, but was hurt.
"Now use Water Gun!" - said Timothy.
"Claw, use Ice Punch to freeze the water!" - said Fraky.
The Water Gun was a lot faster, but Claw used Ice Punch in time. The water froze, then Claw broke it with Fury Swipes.
"Use Quick Attack, Claw!" - said Fraky.
The Quick Attack hit Wartortle hard. "Use Bubblebeam!" - said Timothy.
The Bubblebeam hit Claw, slowing it down more.
"Claw's slowed down. So, I can't use Speed to win... but I can use Attack" - thought Fraky.
"Now, Claw, use Faint Attack again!" - he said.
"Sneasel!" - said Claw.
This Faint Attack was stronger but slower than the other one. Wartortle almost fell down.
"Wartortle, use Rapid Spin again!" - said Timothy.
"War! Tortle!" said Wartortle. The Rapid Spin almost took Claw down.

Now both were almost taken down. Now it was obvious: the faster one to attack was the winner.
"Wartortle, use Bubblebeam!" - said Timothy.
"Claw, dodge and use Quick Attack!" - said Fraky.
Wartortle used Bubblebeam. Claw dodged then hit Wartortle. Wartortle was down, and Claw was tired.
"War... tortle..." - said Wartortle, taken down.
"Snea... sel..." - said Claw, tired but happy.
"Yeah, Claw! You were really good!" - said Fraky.
"Snea! Sel!" - said Sneasel.
Timothy picked up Wartortle. "Are you alright? You were great. Take a nap." - he said, putting back Wartortle into its Pokeball.

October 22nd, 2007, 11:09 AM
OOC: That, was unexpecected... I mean, I knew this RP was gonna die, but I was WRONG. But the others might not relize and never post again... :(

IC: Abby's Vulpix was following closely behind her, as if Abby had something she wanted. "What?" Abby said, looking at her. Blaze looked at Abby's purse. "Seriously, WHAT?!" The red stone Abby collected earlier fell out. This is obvoiusly what Blaze wanted. She sniffed the stone a little, then picked it up. She started to glow.

"BLAZE?!" Abby was shocked at the fact that Blaze was evolving, and she relized that the red stone was a fire stone. "Nine..." "Blaze, you EVOLVED?" Abby got out her Pokedex, as it said an entry for her newly evolved Ninetales.

October 22nd, 2007, 11:55 AM
OOC: Wowwww.....I thought this was long dead XD

IC: Harry awoke later that night. He yawned and got up. "Well, there's no use sticking around here much longer." He said aloud. He reached for a pokeball and released Croconaw and Munchlax. "Come on guys, let's continue our journey." Harry said to them as they began walking further into the island. "I wonder how everybody is doing...? I've gotten a lot stronger, but I'm not ready to go back to the others." Munchlax looked up at Harry.

"Munch!" He said to Harry. Harry laughed and patted Munchlax on the head as he snagged a piece of fruit hanging from a tree. "Here you go Munchlax." Harry said as he handed the fruit to Munchlax. Munchlax smiled and ate it happily. Croconae laughed and Harry smiled as they continued walking. Just then Croconaw stopped as he spotted something on the ground.

"Croc! Croconaw!" Croconaw said as he ran to it. "What is it?" Harry asked as he came up. Croconaw was pointing to a shiny coat of metal. "What's thing...?" Harry said as he picked it up. It was a thin sheet of metal. Harry shrugged and decided to keep it. Munchlax yawned and Harry smiled. "OK you go ahead and rest Munchlax." Harry said as he returned Munchlax to it's ball. "You wanna rest to Croconaw?" Croconaw shook it's head and Harry grinned. "OK you can be my traveling buddy for now."

Harry and Croconaw continued walking until they reached a new point of the island. It was a tropical looking area, like where Harry and the others started on the island, but the trees here where more festive. "Let's check it out!" Harry said looking at Croconaw. Croconaw nodded and the two ran off.

October 22nd, 2007, 4:43 PM
OCC- Me too...

IC- After Blaze evolving Abby was shocked. She stayed in the cave, all of her Pokemon outside their Pokeballs. Blaze was just getting used to her new Ninetales body. Blu was happily swimming in a pond inside the cave, because she can't really walk. Tails joined her in her swim, and the two seemed to be getting closer by the second. And Twilight, Rita, and Cheeky, who were all the best of buds, where playing tag. Cheeky was dominating because of her amazing speed and Twilight and Rita's amazing lack of speed.

Abby smiled at her Pokemon's happiness. She was rather depressed at that moment. She was wondering if any of her Pokemon wanted to train, after all, it would be something to do. "Hey, any of you want to train with me?!" Blaze had joined the other Pokemon's game of tag, and Tails was still swimming. Blu however let out with hercry of approval. "Tini dratini!"

January 8th
Hi- 36
Lo- 20
Weather- Warming up, snowing less.

October 26th, 2007, 5:26 PM
OOC: Yes, MysticManyula and I planned this out in advance. (EDIT: Guess he renamed himself Fraky...)

IC: Claw stood on the field, having defeated Wartortle. The Sneasel was looking tired, though.

Timothy knew what to do next. "Jolteon, I choose you!" he called, sending out his Electric Pokemon.

"Jolt!" Jolteon appeared, ready to battle.

"Jolteon, hit it with a Thunderbolt!"

Claw tried to hit Jolteon with a Slash attack, but Jolteon was faster than the now-weakened Sneasel and knocked it out.

"Let's see," said Fraky to himself. "What to choose... oh, I know! Go, Bloom!"

Fraky sent out a Budew to face Jolteon. Timothy realized that Jolteon's Thunderbolt would not do much against a partially resistant Grass-type.

"Bloom, use Grasswhistle!" Fraky ordered. "Put that Jolteon to sleep!"

The Budew started playing a strange melody. Jolteon's eyes were closing...

"Jolteon, try to stay awake! Snap out of it and put up a Light Screen!"

Jolteon managed to stay awake and used her electricity to form a shield around herself. Meanwhile, Bloom suddenly started glowing brightly. The Budew grew taller until the glow had stopped. Timothy found himself facing a Roselia.

"Jolteon, hit it with Shadow Ball!"

October 27th, 2007, 7:23 AM
As Harry and Croconaw explored the new part of the island, the sun rose. "I guess it's morning....these guys are probably awake." Harry said as he grabbed his pokeballs, releasing Onix, Munchlax, and Altaria. The were all happy to be out of their pokeballs. "Hey guys!" Harry said to his pokemon. They all growled happily. Then Onix's head perked up and he looked around and then sniffed Harry. "What is it Onix?" Harry asked. Onix stuck it's nose in Harry's bag and pulled out the piece of metal Harry found, and put it around his back.

"You like that metal? You can keep it." Harry said happily to Onix. Harry then fed all of his Pokemon. After all his pokemon ate, Harry returned them to their pokeballs. Harry smiled and explored the new area some more. As he walked along a beach, he noticed a pokemon. He pulled out his pokedex and found out it was a Mareep. "A Mareep..." Harry grinned and released Munchlax. "Munch!" Munchlax said happily.

"Alright Munchlax! Hit that Mareep with mega punch!" Harry said to Munchlax. Munchlax nodded and ran up and hit Mareep with a powerful blow. Mareep growled and hit Munchlax with a Thundershock. Harry frowned and looked at Munchlax. "Munchlax! Hit that Mareep with your new move! Blizzard!" Munchlax nodded and jumped up and shot Mareep with a powerful blizzard attack. The Mareep rolled it's eyes and passed out. Harry grinned and threw a pokeball at it. It shook a couple of times and it was caught. Harry hugged Munchlax and returned it to his pokeball.

Harry released his newly captured Mareep. It looked at him with a confused stare. Harry smiled and bent down, handing it an oran berry. "Don't worry Mareep, I'm your friend. Mareep looked at Harry, and then he came up and ate the oran berry. Harry smiled and patted Mareep on the head. "You're a cute little guy...you'll be a lady killer." Harry said with a laugh as he patted Mareep. Mareep was healthy again and rubbed against Harry in affection. Harry smiled and returned Mareep to it's pokeball, and continued exploring the island.

November 8th, 2007, 5:10 PM
"But Blu, you look so tired..." Blu was already sleeping. So much for training her. Abby had a plan- a plan to escape. Escape from this island for good. "But what about the others...? I don't know Dawn, Timothy, or Chris that well, but still... and plus, I know Fraky pretty well. And Harry's my boyfriend, and I never thought boyfriends got that good... And plus, this is technically his Tropius... and I miss Harry so much..."

Abby walked outside. It was thunderstorming out. Sure, it got warmer, and the snow was melting, but it would be dangerous to fly out. Then Abby realized Cheeky could help her out by absorbing thunder if it hit. She when Cheeky knew what Abby wanted, she agreed. All of the other Pokemon got in their Pokeballs willingly, because very few of them could handle lightning. Even though Twilight stayed outside, she wasn't on Abby's shoulder. She was in her lap on Tropia's back, while Cheeky stood on Abby's head.

They flew out. Lightning would have struck them if it weren't for Cheeky being an electric type that could store it. However, she had an overload, and when another bolt stuck her, she had to release her electricity. Her little life relied on it. So she did, and boy did she have a lot to release.

Abby didn't yell. She already knew why Cheeky was doing it. Despite pain, Abby managed to call Cheeky back into her Pokeball. She was paralyzed. Twilight was paralyzed. But worst of all, Tropia was paralyzed. They were falling, and the three blacked out. Surprisingly, they were shockingly close to were Harry was. Just more bad luck Abby managed to attract, but at least this one had a decent ending, if Harry cared, which hopefully, he would.

November 9th, 2007, 3:44 AM
Harry walked alongside Croconaw. "Pretty decent out today." Croconaw looked at him and agreed. Suddenly, Harry could make out a figure falling from the sky. It was Abby and Tropius! Harry had to act fast to save Abby. He grabbed a pokeball. "Alright Onix, let's catch them!" Harry said as he released Onix....but Onix didn't come out....a Steelix did. "Ohhh.....Steelix, you must have evolved from that metal coat!" Harry smiled and jumped on Steelix's back.

Steelix moved fast and Tropius landed safetly on Steelix, with Abby on Tropius. Harry ran over to Abby and looked at her. "Oh man...this looks bad..." Harry picked Abby up and sat her safetly on the ground. He then looked at Tropius. "Tropius....it'll be ok." They were both knocked out. Harry ran to the woods nearby and found some Cheri Berries. He gathered them up and quickly ran back. He pretty much force fed Abby and Tropius the Cheri Berries. They seemed be alot better from their shock. Harry smiled and reached into his backpack, pulling out some Oran berries, and some bananas he found earlier.

"This is for you guys...you'll wake up in an hour probally" Harry left the food near them and looked at Abby. "I know you probally want me to stay...and I want to stay......but I have to keep training. I hope you understand..." Harry looked at Croconaw and then at Steelix and nodded. "Let's go guys." He said as he looked back at Abby, not leaving them anything to know that he saved them.

November 12th, 2007, 3:06 PM
Abby woke up about an hour later. She was confused. It had already gotten much darker out. "What the... what happened?" Abby was fine now, and Tropia and Twilight looked like they had been awake for a lot longer. "What happened...? I don't remember anything... where am I?" She looked around. It looked like Abby was out in the middle of the woods.

Now what? She couldn't remember anything. She didn't know where home was. So she set out in some random direction. She didn't know if she was near anyone else. At this point, she could only hope.