View Full Version : Psychic Deck (Needs Better Name)

September 15th, 2007, 1:28 PM
(This is an unlimited deck)

Pokemon (13):
2x Mewtwo ex (RubySapphire ex)
1x Mewtwo (Expedition)
1x Mewtwo (#14 Black Star Promo)
1x Deoxys (Deoxys ex)
1x Mr. Mime (Jungle)
1x Espeon (Neo Discovery)
2x Eevee (Rocket)
1x Dark Hypno (Rocket)
3x Drowzee (Rocket)

Trainers (27):
2x Potion
2x Dual Ball
2x Switch
2x Super Rod
1x Mary
1x Lady Outing
1x Energy Removal
1x Gust of Wind
1x Pokemon Center
1x Lt. Surge
1x Berry
1x Professor Oak
1x Erika
1x Brock
1x Bill
1x Energy Retrieval
1x Poke Ball
1x Pokedex
1x Warp Point
1x Master Ball
1x Energy Flow
1x Super Potion
1x Professor Elm

Energy (20):
20x Psychic Energy

This deck is pretty simple. The goal is to get out at least one Mewtwo ex. Mr. Mime is to block attacks when 1 Mewtwo ex has been defeated already, so the other one can charge.

Record vs. My Other Unlimited Decks(all have a creation date of September 7-9, 2007):
Rain Dance + Backup: 0-1
Salquatric: 0-0
Jolraitatric: 0-0
Arcadash: 0-0
Shiftry's Crew: 0-0
Hitmonchamp: 0-0
Nidoking's Court: 0-0