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September 15th, 2007, 2:10 PM
(Unlimited deck)

Pokemon (15):
1x Salamence (Delta Species ex)
2x Shelgon (Delta Species ex)
3x Bagon (Delta Species ex)
1x Bagon (Dragon ex)
1x Rayquaza (Deoxys ex)
1x Delcatty (Legend Maker ex)
2x Skitty (Ruby Sapphire ex)
1x Magmar (Neo Genesis)
1x Manetric (Deoxys ex)
2x Electrike (Deoxys ex)

Trainers (18):
3x Potion
2x Holon Researcher
2x Switch
1x Lady Outing
1x Copycat
1x Master Ball
1x Super Scoop Up
1x Imposter Oak's Revenge
1x Counterattack Claws
1x Pokemon March
1x Energy Removal 2
1x Warp Point
1x Energy Search
1x Radio Tower

Energy (33):
16x Fire Energy
8x Electric Energy
3x Metal Energy

Strategy: The goal is to get to Salamence, with every other Pokemon as fall-back options or pre-Salamence options.

Record vs. My Other Unlimited Decks(all have a creation date of September 7-9, 2007):
Psychic Deck: 0-0
Rain Dance + Backup: 0-0
Jolraitatric: 0-0
Arcadash: 0-0
Shiftry's Crew: 0-0
Hitmonchamp: 0-0
Nidoking's Court: 0-0

October 2nd, 2007, 5:50 AM
overall is not bad

input of holon researcher tower to boost salamence's attacks
include more holon researcher
input of more deck searching cards
remove energy removal 2 and energy search