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September 15th, 2007, 2:31 PM
(Unlimited deck)

Pokemon (14):
1x Lickitung (Jungle)
1x Raichu (Expedition ex)
1x Pikachu (Jungle)
1x Pikachu (Expedition ex)
1x Jolteon (Jungle)
1x Eevee (Jungle)
1x Eevee (Rocket)
1x Manetric (Deoxys ex)
2x Electrike (Deoxys ex)
2x Electabuzz (Base Set)
2x Electabuzz (Expedition ex)

Trainers (25):
3x Gust of Wind
2x Imposter Oak's Revenge
1x Clefairy Doll
1x Super Energy Removal
1x Erika's Perfume
1x Sabrina's ESP
1x Super Scoop Up
1x Sleep!
1x Pokemon March
1x Pokedex
1x Sprout Tower
1x Energy Stadium
1x Trash Exchange
1x Blaine's Gamble
1x Potion
1x Super Rod
1x Defender
1x Lt. Surge
1x Goop Gas Attack
1x Lum Berry
1x Focus Band

20x Lightning Energy

Strategy: To get out at least one of namesake Pokemon (Jolteon, Raichu, Electabuzz, Manetric).

Record vs. My Other Unlimited Decks(all have a creation date of September 7-9, 2007):
Psychic Deck: 0-0
Rain Dance + Backup: 0-0
Salquatric: 0-0
Arcadash: 0-0
Shiftry's Crew: 0-0
Hitmonchamp: 0-0
Nidoking's Court: 0-0