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Downfall Of The Akatsuki

[[[This RP takes place where chapter 267 in the manga stopped]]]

About fourteen years ago, a nine-tailed demon fox attacked the village hidden in the leaves known as Konoha. Powerful enough to raise tsunamis and flatten mountains with a whip of one tail, it brought utter chaos to the village. Many people died but then the leader of the village, the Fourth Hokage sealed the soul of the fox inside a new-born child, also his son who is known as Naruto Uzumaki. His dieing wish was for Naruto to not be treated as an evil vessel but as a hero to the village. Though this was the fourth's hopes, no one listened. Instead, they shunned Naruto for a large half of his life but when he proved himself, he finally began to make friends and was soon trusted by many.

Now practically obliterated, the Uchiha clan was once considered as one of the most powerful clans in all of Konoha also being a clan which use fire-based jutsus'. Members of this clan also possess the Sharingan, a kekkei genkai which gives them the ability to copy their opponent's jutsu, among other advantages. After obtaining the Mangekyo Sharingan by killing his best friend Shisui Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha proceeded to slaughter the rest of the clan. Although, Itachi kept his younger brother alive for unknown reasons. Itachi is now a member of the Akatsuki, planning to obtain the powers of all the tailed beasts. Ever since then, Sasuke has trained himself to be stronger than his brother so that he can avenge his clan.

Long ago, when Yondaime was the fourth Hokage the Akatsuki was still young but still very dangerous. The fourth could not just stand around and wait for something to happen so he took action. He knew who the leader was at that time, when this shinobi was still a young child, Yondaime placed a special note on him as he did with all his students just in case he ever needed to find them. It was at this point where he used his technique to teleport to his student. He talked him into letting him join the Akatsuki but the student was skeptic, thinking that this was obviously a trap but told Yondaime to do something to prove that he was willing to give up on Konoha.

When Yondaime returned to Konoha, he pondered on what to do. He then called in the Anbu, Itachi Uchiha who was one of Konoha's strongest shinobi. As Yondaime talked, Itachi could see where everything was going as the speech slowly began to end. Yondaime gave Itachi information on where to find the leader of Akatsuki and Itachi was off in a flash. This time, the leader was even more unsure. Two strong shinobi from Konoha asking to be in the Akatsuki was a bit strange. Like with the fourth, the leader commanded Itachi to do something that would prove himself.

Once Itachi returned, he informed Yondaime of the task he was given. Yondaime didn't know what to do exactly. He wanted to do this without hurting anyone but couldn't think of any other way. Then Yondaime told Itachi to kill someone from the Uchiha clan. That would surly prove his power since the Uchiha clan is one of the most powerful clan. As bad as he felt, Itachi agreed and was off. He found his friend, Shisui Uchiha first. After killing his best friend, Itachi gained the Mangekyo Sharingan. Suddenly, Uchiha clan members began to appear from all over. They immediately attacked Itachi. He didn't expect things to this far but in order for the mission to go smoothly, Itachi had to kill his clan.

As Itachi finished off his family, he crossed by frightened Sasuke. Itachi began to think. "I see much potential in him, possibly stronger than mine. If he were to become stronger than me then perhaps he will be able to make this plan even better." This made Itachi choose not to kill his younger brother. When he told Yondaime, he was interested with what Itachi was thinking. Later that day, Yondaime had heard that the Nine-Tailed Fox was near the village. The next day, the nine-tailed fox appeared and attacked Konoha. This gave Yondaime the chance he needed to prove his power and to also help defeat Akatsuki. Yondaime used his Shapeshifting Technique to defeat the tailed beast and then sealed it's soul in his son, Naruto.

Then, Yondaime and Itachi fled to the leader of Akatsuki finally being accepted into the group. Back in Konoha was a will left by Yondaime which read. "I leave behind this will. Not much but it is to help the village. When Naruto finally becomes a ninja, I want him and Sasuke to be placed under Kakashi's leadership. I do hope no one sees Naruto as a demon but rather a hero. Please understand my family, Konoha." This will was found by Sarutobi after being placed back into being Hokage. He showed it to Kakashi which made him turn in from being an Anbu and becoming a jounin.

Now, Jiraiya has found out where the Akatsuki leader is hiding, the hidden rain village. Itachi has been acting strangely recently. He has finally confronted Sasuke and plans to inform him of something. Strangely, Sasuke didn't attack at first glance at Itachi. Once Sasuke was ready, he attacked but failed to notice he was in Itachi's genjustsu. Not wanting to start to much chaos, Itachi told Sasuke to meet him at the Uchiha's secret base. Once Sasuke was out of the gen justsu, he left and headed to his clan's home.

Sasuke soon arrived at his clan's secret base but told the members of snake to stay outside. Once he entered, he noticed Itachi. Before Sasuke could even think of anything, Itachi spoke. He told Sasuke of what really happened back when he was an anbu. Sasuke was shocked but failed to accept it but then Itachi spoke of another living Uchiha, the leader of Akatsuki, Madara Uchiha who is also known as Tobi or Obito. Sasuke trembled at what was being said. Itachi then told him that he and Naruto must work together if the plan that Yondaime and Itachi planned was to work.

Sasuke left without another word and not even stopping to wait for the rest of Snake.
Itachi was unsure if he could trust Sasuke to follow through anymore. Naruto has plenty of reasons to defeat Akatsuki but Sasuke barely has any reason. Itachi decided to go to Konoha for help. He knew that a small team of shinobi would be able to handle all of this, they would need very advanced ninja. Itachi would have asked Yondaime but that would be too risky.

When Itachi entered Konoha, he waited for the right moment to talk to Tsunade. He approached her at the memorial of ninjas who died in battle. Once after seeing Itachi, she was readying herself for any ambush he was planning. Itachi began to speak and explain everything that was going on. She almost died when she heard that Yondaime was still alive. Itachi finished by explaining to her that they need more ninja to help with this plan if it were to work. She understood but wasn't sure how to ready everyone for such a battle and with Jiraiya not back, she had many worries along with not fully trusting Itachi.

The next day, Naruto and his team had returned home, Tsunade knew what she had to do so she told Naruto and the rest. They were shocked. Tsunade then told them that Konoha needed to start training all of their ninja. She then ordered each and every ninja chuunin and up (With the exception of Naruto) would have to train all the lower leveled shinobi.

You are one of these lower leveled shinobi, rather genin. You have been placed under the leadership of a higher leveled shinobi along with your two other teammates. You know nothing of what you are being trained for but know it must be important.

Kakashi : |Twilight Prince Link / Kyoto Syuku|
Sakura : |Chigiri / Kakidashi Matsuro| , |Art Critic Cubone / Hanako Manabi| , |Uria Ema / Ryuken Uria|
Lee : |Shadow_Yue / Tsuki Tenshi| , |Glajummy / Yasu Miku|, |HikariHikoru / Yuna Handaiyo|
Shikamaru: |Stardust-Kumo / Katsumi Hoshikaze| , |Chigiri / Ikimono Koumori|

-Sign Up-
Personality: (One Paragraph)
Description: (One Paragraph)
Techniques: (Remember, your a gennin)
Weak spot: (What is your character's weakness['s] )
Sensei: (One of the above)

-Clan Sign Up-
Personality: (One Paragraph)
Description: (One Paragraph)
Techniques: (Remember, your a gennin. Also, don't give out your technique's description, keep it a secret for the rest of us )
Weak Spot: (What is your character's weakness['s] )
Clan Description: (One Paragraph)
Sensei: (One of the above)

-My Sign Up-
Name: Kakidashi Matsuro

Age: 13

gender: Male

Personality: Matsuro is a headstrong teenager who, not only likes to be witty and stubborn but is actually decently quite. He likes to keep his opinions to himself most of the time but if he strongly disagrees with something, he won't be afraid to scream at the top of his lunges and say what he thinks. Matsuro is never afraid of a fight, though he usually starts them any way he picks his fights wisely. While being willful, he knows how to back away from something that doesn't feel right. During a battle, he is usually the first to move and attack the enemy. During the fight is when he thinks of a strategy. Some say that is a dumb thing to do but Matsuro likes to think of it as a way of trying to make himself think faster. His main dream is to become an Anbu black op and protect the Hokage. "Don't let fate hold you down." That is his Nindo.

Description: Matsuro reaches to about 5'11 and has a decently built body. His skin tone is light brown while his eyes are a dark brown that turn completely white while he uses his bloodline technique. His hear is black and spikes all around his head. On the top, three spikes fly up and in the front of his face, a spike falls down almost covering his nose. He wears a dark blue T-shirt that has his clan's symbol on the front which looks similar to a bat's wing. On his arms are wraps that stop at his fingers. His pants are white. The right leg of the pants is short while the other end is long and covers one of his ninja shoes. On his right leg and his right cheek are tool bags.
Bloodline: lvl1: Yuruigan. lvl2: shinkirou Yurigan. lvl3: riakushon Yurigan. Forbiddon lvl 4: shouten kousei Yuruigan

1. Substitution Jutsu
2. Shadow Clone Jutsu
3. Transformation Jutsu
4. Windmill's Flame
5. Fire Ball Jutsu
6. Shuppon Jutsu
Weak Spot: Matsuro does not have quick reflexes and his body is a little frail which means he can't take a powerful attack very well.

Clan Description: Matsuro's clan is the Kakidashi clan who specialize in slightly reading the opponent's mind. Most people in this clan are frail and have slow reflexes just like Matsuro so they created the Yuruigan which helps their weakness' be less of a burden. The Yurigan slows the opponent's mind to make it seem that you are moving at blinding speeds where in reality, the opponent is moving at slow speeds. The second level to this doujutsu is the shinkirou Yurigan. This makes the opponent see anything the user wants them to see. Although this is similar to a regular gen jutsu, it can not be ended by stopping your chakra flow and then blasting out, nor can an ally help stop it by disrupting your chakra flow by placing their chakra into yours. The third level is the riakushon Yurigan which lets the user see the opponent's reaction to something. So if the user were to throw a weapon, he/she would be able to see the enemy's reaction, although this only works for a limited amount of times depending on the user's skill level which is the same with each level of the Yuruigan. The last level of the Yuruigan is the Forbidden shouten kousei Yuruigan. This technique regenerates the user's injured body but at a high price. When this technique is used, the user's body is numb for a week starting an hour after the technique is used.

Sensei: Haruno Sakura

-My second-
Name: Ikimono Koumori
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Personality: Koumori is a bit of a tomboy although she has the body of a model. She attract many boys with her looks, but they usually fall away due to her personality. With her destined animal being the bat, she tends to act out of the ordinary opposed to other students. She is an over achiever and is used to getting good grades year-round. She has a decent attitude but likes to hang with the wrong crowd of people which tends to get her into trouble. Through her gloomy looks scare many away, her talent brings everyone rushing to her. Though she doesn't like to milk it, she does enjoy getting attention for something she's good at doing. Koumori's attitude towards strangers and all around new people is to stay out of her way and they'll get along perfectly. Though she doesn't show it often, Koumori has a soft side to her, a side that truly wants to help people. She doesn't show it due to thinking that everyone would think that she is actually a sissy. She does try to be nice every now and then but all in all, she is a nice person whom is a bit rough around the edges.

Description: Koumori has a body of a model, she has a slim, curvy body and reaches to about 5'6. She has jet-black hair that shines beautifully when in the right amount of light. One streak of dark blue high-lights falls over her face and covers most of her nose. Her hair is completely straight and falls down to her shoulder-blades. The only spike she has is the one with blue high-lights. Her eyes, nearly covered by her hair, are also a dark blue which is why she chose to have blue high-lights. Koumori's face curves near the chin and fans out towards her cheeks. Over her eyes she wears purple mascara. One her forehead lays her Konoha leaf ninja headband that too is also covered by her hair.

Koumori wears a black, long sleeved shirt that covers half of her hand. On the sleeve is a hole where she slips her thumb through. The shirt falls about an inch over her stomach and stops. Her pants are also black except these have dark blue lines rolling down the edges of the pants. On her right leg is a ninja tool case, obviously holding weapons. She wears the usual black ninja shoes and also has purple nail-polish on both her toes and her fingernails.

Bloodline: Ben'i. This bloodline is used by the Ikimono clan to awaken the sacred animal inside the user. When this is activated, the user's body begins to transform into a humanized form of that animal while also giving the user the beast's talent. This bloodline limit is difficult to interpret due to it's unpredictability as to what animal will come from it's activation.

Hidden Truth
Transformation jutsu
Shadow Clone jutsu
Melted Shadow
Eclipsed night

Weak spot: Too much exposure of light to Koumori's eyes can cause a lot of damage, which is the reason for her hair covering her eyes partially.

Clan Description: The Ikimono clan is known for it's ability to use the power of animals in their techniques. When a clan member is born, a technique is usually used to discover the beast inside that member so training with that animal can be taken sooner. For those who learn later on are said to have a more difficult time taming the beast inside them. It seemed strange to the Konoha that a clan with a bloodline that was different for each member, but as soon as members trained themselves, more and more became well known in the village as great ninja. Then when Koumori was born, they had attempted to find the beast inside her and found that is was a bat, but later in her life, she discovered how to use the powers of other animals other than the bat. This amazed the clan completely. Everyone offered to train her with each animal but she refused, wanting to only use the bat's abilities and to use other animal powers when most needed, but she mostly wanted to do things on her own. Since then, she has trained in using the bat's abilities and even created her own techniques. Each day, she amazes the clan with her talent.

Sensei: Nara Shikimaru

1. No god characters
2. No character control
3. No Uchihas (please)
4. If your wondering why you don't need to describe your techniques, it's because I want the technique to be only known to your character and no one else until they use it in battle. Don't you think it's more realistic ;D.
5. All PC rules
6. No one liners
7. Take time into your posts.

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Name: Tsuki Tenshi

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Personality: Tsuki was always a quiet person. She never talked much in her classes but she was a very smart person, though she lacks a bit of common sense. She keeps her gaurd up all the time knowing if she didn't she would likely fall to an enemy ninja or become clumsy while training. This makes her very paranoid and can lead to jumping to conclusions. Tsuki is a very loyal person and tries her hardest to do something without making a mistake. No one gets things right on their first try and it takes a toll on her self esteem if she fails at something someone says is simple. During long lectures she is known to space out and day dream which can lead to her falling asleep. Tsuki could be called nocturnal since she is always awake at night but is often very sleepy in the day. She can be a very calm person but insulting her can set off her temper that normally builts up until she let's it out. She normally trains in taijustu and ninjustu.

She's normally a quiet person but this is not to be mistaken for shyness. She is not one to be messed with as she has been secretly developng techniques in her secret spot that she has been training in. Being a paranoid person that she is she believes that people couldn't be trusted with knowing anything personal,even things such as training spots. She doesn't talk much in hopes that she wouldn't offend anyone. Tsuki doesn't like to trust people with anything and comes off as selfish if anyone trys to ask her for something. Though she does know who she can trust and not trust she would send you chilling glares behind your back so you would know if you did something wrong. Still, she does have a shy side that is seen very often.

Description: Tsuki is a short girl who only reaches about 5'1. She is a very petite girl with golden skin and red hair that reaches to her back. One side is brushed behind her ear and the other covers a little side of her face. It is kept in a high 2 ponytails on each side of her head. She doesn't look very well built but her attire hides most of her features. She has a long white sleeveless zip up dress that goes down above her knees. Underneath it is a fishnet shirt and red shorts. She wear a long golden ribbon that is tied around her chest. to keep poison senbon in. She has her ninja headband tied around her neck and wears black fingerless gloves with steel plates on the hand. Tsuki wears standard blue ninja shoes and black leggings that go up to her thighs.

Techniques: Replacement Justu , Exploding Whip justu , Shadow clone justu , Trapped Cage Justu

Weak spot: Electricity, hitting her in the back of her head causes immediate knock out, lack of common sense

Sensei: Lee

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September 16th, 2007, 11:58 PM
Name: Kyoto Syuku

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Personality: Kyoto is a very social person and will befriend anyone needing it but he has a hatred for thieves and murderers
who do it for fun. He stops any fights he can but has a short temper for attempted murder. He can make many friends but he likes the strangest people.
He doesn't spend much money for many reasons and he hates sweets that are high in sugar(also because he doesn't need any money).
He can be tempted to do some weird things but not very often.
He will help someone who asks for it but if they steal to do it he will tell the police. His hobby is to read long fiction books and collect throwing stars from killed off enemies.

Description: Kyoto has jet black hair with blue and orange highlights running through it and wears dark blue jeans and a black jacket. He is quite a slim pre-teen and about 5"3 and weighs roughly 95lbs.
He has dark brown eyes with black pupils. He has a Dark Red T-Shirt reading "Do Not Approach". His shoes are mainly white sneakers and black sneakers with red stripes. He also wears a necklace with a Bloody Kunai Knife on it and he never takes it off as it is his Clans Symbol.

Bloodline: Syuku
Lvl 1: Syuku
Lvl 2: Sruken
Lvl 3: Sryukukena
Lvl 4: Sryukenakashi
Lvl 5: Amaterasu Srukenkakashi

1. Flaming Star Jutsu
2. Wind Manipulation Jutsu
3. Transformation Jutsu
4. Shadow Clone Jutsu
5. Speedy Star Jutsu

Clan Description: Kyotos clan specializes in throwing stars and wind manipulation. The Clans effect is unlike any other and lets him throw anything at Confidentialkm/per hour but it can go faster the more developed you are at it. He can also manipulate the trajectory and flight path of the star using another clan jutsu which controls the wind which was made to only control the wind around the star but now can control any area of wind.
The Blood Line also lets him run at Confidentialkm/per hour(using wind) but to run that fast drains his Chakra considerably, in fact once he had no Chakra left after running for 15 minutes.(also his family left the homeland of the clan Sunagakure)

Sensei: Hatake Kakashi
PS. If you want the confidential parts ask.

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September 17th, 2007, 5:36 PM
Heh, good ol' Chigiri. I meant to sign up for this, but I never could find the time... (BTW, excellent keeping up with the manga, though I'm not quite sure your whole "Obito" theory will ever hold true. XD)

Name: Hanako Manabi

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Personality: Where to begin with Manabi? Well, probably at the whole "Ninjutsu is an art" thing. She's basically the ultimate ninja art-addict, with a passion for the fine arts in any way, shape, or form, particularly bunraki puppetry and kabuki theatre. She doesn't excel in any of these particular forms, but this is because she insists that ninjutsu is an art form in itself. To Manabi, jutsu is the product of weaving together seals and chakra to create an effect, and through precise control one can transform that effect into something beautiful or awe-inspiring. She tends to have a dim opinion of those who practice ninjutsu as simply a martial art, though she doesn't entirely ignore the military aspect.

As a person, Manabi is fairly egotistical. She doesn't care much about any other person in particular, viewing them only as targets for admiration of her or her jutsu, and treats them accordingly. If they aren't going to comment on her "art", share some of their own, or teach her something new, she's going to forget they exist within five minutes. Ironically, she also has a photographic memory, allowing her to instantly memorize anything from a set of numbers to the exact number and type of seals in any particular jutsu, provided that she is able to properly observe them. She really doesn't have a particularly strong bond with her family, which influences how she interacts with others, and her moral code is often notably lax, viewing everything she does as "means to an end" while hypocritically condemning the actions of others.

Manabi isn't all bad, though. When she completes a jutsu and performs it, or shows others artwork she admires, etc., she truly is trying to please them, and not just for her own gratification. In addition, she's a surprisingly lonely individual because of her slightly scattered relationship with her own parents, and longs for deep, personal relationships with her friends. Under pressure, she openly admits that oftentimes her selfish front is just a way of attracting attention to herself, and her desire to impress others with her artful jutsu merely a way to increase her chances of finding a friend.

Appearance: Diminuitive Manabi dresses in surprisingly upbeat colorings for a ninja, including a shockingly violet jacket containing her weaponry, as well as a pair of tight-worn shorts covered by a short plaid skirt, and a green tank top. On her head rests a violet top hat, which can contain anything from a hidden bottle of hyorogan and to a secret supply of smokebombs or shuriken. As part of her training, Manabi wears the hat at all times, even in battle, calculating each move so that her balance will remain perfect at all times, thus keeping the hat in place. She's fairly average height for a fourteen year old, reaching a height of 1 2/3 meters, and her hair is jet black and slicked down to the sides of her head, forming an almost bowl-shaped haircut. Her eyes are purple, and her face is usually broken in a grin that almost seems to say "Come on, let's have some fun already!" Her voice and mannerisms aren't unusual for a teenage girl, and she has a tendency to roll her eyes at any given interval and she often begins to talk quickly when she's excited or interested in something, leaving anyone foolish enough to begin a conversation centered around her interests in the dust, gasping for breath. In addition, Manabi is often seen carrying small bottles of red pills which hang from tassels hidden in her coat. These bottles hold blood replenishing pills, allowing her a much higher supply of blood then the average shinobi and extending the amount of Hema jutsu she is able to use.

Bloodline: Hanako Clan (Relatively new to Konoha, formerly residents of Rain Village)

Bloodline (Technically, this is a secret jutsu, such as the ones practiced by the Akimichi and Nara clans): Blood Manipulation


Hema no Hoshi no Jutsu: By forcing chakra through her blood at precise intervals, Manabi forces it from her veins and congeals it into a thick orb. The basis of all other Hanako clan jutsu.

Blood Chain Jutsu: The blood that Manabi releases is formed into a thick chain, which is wrapped around the enemy's body, immobilizing them.

Blood Corpse Chain (Unperfected): A higher level blood chain, this jutsu forms the users blood into a skeletal shape, which grabs the enemy's arms and legs. The skeleton may self-replicate into multiple skeletons, which can be used to hold entire platoons still.

Hema Shuriken: After Hema no Hoshi is formed, it is scattered into solid spears of blood capable of piercing through the thickest armor.

Hema Butterfly Mist: Manabi's specialty, Hema no Hoshi is scattered into a fine mist that induces a genjutsu state to anyone foolish enough to breathe it in, causing them to become lightheaded and as fragile as a butterfly by confusing their senses.

Hema Recall: Chakra-infused blood is forcibly returned to the body in order to conserve it.

Aside from these main techniques, Manabi posesses knowledge of Konoha's basic Academy jutsu (transformation, substitution, ordinary Bunshin, invisibility cloak).

Clan Info: The Hanako clan are refugees of Amegakure, driven out by the civil war enveloping their country. They traveled to Konoha during the reign of the second Hokage and were permitted to enter, during which time they set down roots and eventually became respected denizens of Konoha. In each generation of Hanako children, only one child is taught the art of blood manipulation, and it is always the one that is left-handed. When Manabi was born, however, her family discovered that it had a bit of a dilemna. Both Manabi and her two-year old brother, Michida, were left-handed. Not only that, but Manabi displayed the ability to equally use her right hand as well. Confused, the clan patriarchs debated on which child should receive the training, and whether or not ambidextrousness counted. Finally, it was decided that for the first time in clan history, two children would be tutored in the secret technique. However, the clan elders also stated that as Manabi was also right-handed, her brother's training should take precedence over hers. And thus it was set. Manabi was largely ignored as a young girl by her parents who had grown quite wealthy for reasons best left unexplored, in favor of her better-liked older brother. Not to be discouraged, she discovered drawing, painting, and dancing on her own, and grew fairly accomplished in several of the arts. In addition, she taught herself taijutsu, developing a fairly new style from the Hanako clan's more balance-centered fighting art and what she witnessed of the Hyuuga clan's Jyuken, forming a unique style of fighting centering on a flexible, yet well balanced core that used the enemy's force against them, similar to Aikido. In addition, she began experimenting with blood control, forming her blood into aesthetically appealing yet practically useless shapes as an exercise in control. Still, she grew lonely and self-centered, as well as a bit jealous of her older brother. When she graduated from Konoha's academy, she jumped at the chance of receiving a new sensei, and she picked quickly: Haruno Sakura, student of Tsunade, and specialist in chakra control.

Bloodline ability/limitations: While Manabi's clan jutsu allows her to control blood using a relatively low amount of chakra, she cannot control blood that did not originate in her body, and she is limited to using an amount of blood that is not necessary for her survival or can be easily replaced with a blood pill or similar ninja tool. In addition, while her taijutsu style makes it hard to topple her or hit her head on, she doesn't posess any really offense-centered moves or jutsu, making her a more likely cantidate for a support or medical ninja, holding the foe while allowing other, more offense-centered team members to strike. Once she matures, Manabi will be able to quickly replenish lost blood, but though her chakra control is great she doesn't quite have the ability to circulate it in just the right way needed for this. In addition, her jutsus all draw on the water aspect of chakra, making them weak against doton or mokudon jutsu. Her inability to work well with others at times is another monkeywrench in the works, especially considering her style requires that another usually deliver the coup de grace.

Notes: Technically, the Hanako bloodline abilities in Manabi should grow as she perfects and hones her chakra control, and include nearly every basic ninjutsu technique. With Manabi's main skills lying in chakra control and impeccable balance, however, she should be able to use many more jutsu within the confines of clan based techniques.

Sensei: Haruno Sakura (w00t)

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September 18th, 2007, 2:32 PM
Alright, lets see. Sorry I couldn't get to this sooner but school is making me forget about reading your sign-ups D: Anyway, ACC, request to be saved a spot denied for having such a longer sign-up den mine Dx jk, your spot has been saved.

@Twilight Prince Link: Accepted

@Shadow Yue: Accepted

I am planning to start the RP sometime either next week or the week after. Actually, it depends how many ppl have signed up by then so I guess I haven't actually placed a starting date yet. Just to inform you all.

September 19th, 2007, 8:12 PM
Name: Katsumi Hoshikaze

Clan: Hoshikaze Clan

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Personality: Katsumi has very little interest in the luxuries of life, and spends most of her time alone in the woods, training. She prefers solitude, as she claims she finds those around her to be an annoying interference in her state of mind; but in reality, Katsumi seeks to confide in the one special person(s) who could see past her anti-social shell and take interest in her. She can be quite bratty and mean spirited, but to those who look twice, she has a caring side. She isn't very intune with her emotions, and becomes stiff and akward when a person around her becomes emotionally unstable, because she doesn't really understand and has no idea on how to correctly comfort them.

Weakness: Katsumi's elemental weakness is fire; Her physical weak spot is her shoulderblade. A hard hit to the shoulderblade (one that peirces the skin, such as a stab) renders her nearly incapable of fighting.

Bio/Discription: Katsumi, being her clan's long-awaited prodigy, is quite skilled at her clan's jutsu and learns fairly quickly. Since she spent most of her childhood training in Hoshigakure, she grew up with very little sense of the world outside of her training regime (as she left Hoshigakure, this changed).

History: Katsumi was born and raised in the Hoshikaze clan, and soon became the clan's prodigy, having learned all of their family jutsu. Since the clan was lower-ranking in Hoshigakure, she was the child that the clan members believed would lead their clan's rise to power. They began putting Katsumi on a very strict training regime, morphing her into the perfect Star ninja. Unfortunately for the Hoshikazes, Katsumi seeked life outside of Hoshigakure. She had overheard, on several occasions, conversation amongst her elders about Konohagakure, often times about it's great history and skillfull ninja. Their words of grandure became implanted in her mind until she could stand it no longer. One frigid winter midnight, she departed from her clan, never to return, and fled for Konohagakure; her current residence.

Character Appearance: Katsumi's hair is tied back into an odd hairstyle that sends the golden ends of her thick, wavy chesnut locks errupting from a bun-like hairdo and peeping out the side of her head, with a few strands from her bangs hanging loosely in the front. Her eyes are a vibrant, deep chocolate brown color, with very percise black detailing; 3 almost invisible black lines above the pupil, three below it. Her skin is pale, as Hoshigakure is not the sunniest of places, and she spent most of her life there. She is 5'5, rather nimble and of average weight. She wears a jet black tight quater length sleeve shirt with a mesh front and mesh sleeves (rather similar to Anko's), a black miniskirt, and a simple black hoodie with white fake fur lining on the hood.

Clan Discription/Bloodline: Her clan's signature jutsu is Kaze Hoshi Shuriken, a jutsu that sends a massive 'swarm' of white-hot (representing the heat of a star) Shuriken powered by wind after the enemy. The Kaze Hoshi Shuriken does not take up much Chakra, and is rather powerful.
Her clan's Kekkai Genkai is Serene Starlight, a jutsu that sends the foe into a sleeping trance if hit by it. It works when the user activates it in their eyes, which turn into a pure faded gold color (no pupil) when the jutsu is in effect. If the foe looks into the user's eyes while the kekkai genkai is activated, the foe will be sent instantly into a sleeping trance. It lasts for a mere three minutes, which is usually enough time for a more skilled user to finish or at least injure their unsuspecting opponent.
The Hoshikaze Clan's symbol is simply a golden star trapped in the middle of a tornado. Katsumi wears this symbol on the back of her hoodie.
The clan's most notable acheivement was the creation of the Star Sphere. The Star Sphere is a small transparent glass sphere with cotton candy like, wispy light pink clouds swirling around gently inside, accompained by tiny, glittering stars. The Star Sphere is used in battle to drag the user and the enemy into territory that only the user is used to; a pitch black arena lit by an orb that produces feeble light for no more than 5 seconds before moving to another spot on the arena and repeating the process. The foe in incapable of navigating his surroundings, and can do absolutely nothing to defend himself, never knowing when the user is going to strike. The realm lasts for a mere five minutes, though the user, if skilled, can normally finish their opponent in time.


1. Kaze Hoshi Shuriken no Jutsu (Wind Star Shuriken); I already explained this one, it's her clans signature jutsu.

2. Blinding Starlight Jutsu; A massive amount of light bursts from the handseal, temporarily blinding the opponent while the jutsu lasts. It lasts for 30 seconds and can leave the opponent slightly dazed afterward, though it does take up quite a bit of chakra.

3. Chikara Wolf Jutsu; The user forms a large pool of her chakra into a wolf made entirely of chakra, rather like a Bijuu, only much less stronger and much less larger. She sends it after her opponent, and if caught by the wolf, the opponent endures a terrible bite.

Sensei: Shikamaru

September 20th, 2007, 3:09 PM
-Sign Up-
Name: Yasu Miku

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Personality: At this point of their life, females tend to go through "changes"; Miku being no acception. The slightest annoyance seems to set her off and once she's going, it's hard to stop her. This short-tempered teen also has a tendency to get extremely nervous when approached by the opposite sex. This, however, doesn't stop her attention-hungry ways. The first time she met her sensei, she actually had a crush on him. This ended, however, the more she got to know his weird ways. When it comes to fighting, Miku can be pretty tough for a girl. She's known in her portion of the village as "they girl who survived a (short) training session with Tsunade". Of course, no one knows the reason for this is because she quit three minutes into the battle.

Description: Standing at about 5'6, Miku is admired by her friends by being "the idle teen". Receiving her bodily developments much sooner than her peers, Miku's body is extremely well-filled out. She doesn't hesitate to show this, seeing as she wears red and blue, plaid shorts almost every day. Her sky blue shirt holds firmly against her skin, making her curves look a little too good. She only hopes for attention from her fellow females, but tends to attract some males (most of which being a nuisance).

Bloodline/Clan Desc: The Yasu clan has avoided most of the wars plaguing the villages they inhabit. This has earned them the title as weakest bloodline yet. What people don't notice, however, is the wars that the Yasu do participate in are the ones against the strongest enemies. This is because of their Bloodline Limit (Kekkei Genkai), Chakra Absorption. Naturally, someone born to the Yasu clan has two chakra reserves. One is of their own chakra, which is usually a small amount. The second reserve, however, is used when the Chakra Absorption Jutsu is in place. During the battle, whenever the opponent uses a jutsu requiring the use of chakra, the used up chakra is absorbed. Seeing as the attack is still executed, the enemy almost never knows that their actually lending their chakra. The amount of chakra absorbed depends on the level of the jutsu. The lowest level, novice, absorbs very little while advanced level absorbs almost all. The stronger the opponent, the more likely the jutsu would get more chakra, hence why they only fought strong opponents.

Techniques: Novice Chakra Absorption, Vibration Detection Jutsu (an Earth based jutsu), Leaf Hurricane, Shadow Clone Jutsu, Basic Genin Jutsus.

Weak Spot: Darn, I forgot the elements weakness! Whatever Earth's weakness is, she's weak to it. As in terms of Jutsu, her Bloodline Limit is pretty much useless when facing an opponent with a low chakra reserve. Ironically, it takes chakra to absorb chakra. If the output is higher than the input, she is forced to rely on her own chakra to work the jutsu. Unfortunately, she doesn't have much chakra to begin with. She also suffered from what is known as a "chakra overload" while sparring with Tsunade. The chakra she was absorbing was just too much for her and she was forced to give up in order to remain in control of her chakra. She tries to get rid of this weakness by focusing on Taijutsu, which usually doesn't require chakra.

Sensei: Rock Lee

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September 21st, 2007, 2:31 PM
@Stardust-Kumo: Well done, Accepted

@Glajummy: Nice job, Accepted

September 21st, 2007, 4:16 PM
Name: Baita "Bai" Ayasato.
Age: 13.
Gender: Female.
Personality: Baita is soft-spoken, and down to earth. Only speaking her opinion if it is absoulutely nessacery, she prefers to stay quiet, and let others do the talking for her. Baita usually depends on other people to keep her going, a form of co-dependancy, and if that person were to ever leave, Baita would break down, and lose her mask. Baita's strong-willed, ice-queen demeanor is all an act to cover up her dependant nature. She appears as cool, calm, collected, and downright stoic to new people, while also as an odd girl who may have a secret to cover up. Baita has no problem adding in quiet death threats into any of her sentences, and a strange laugh, that sounds like "Hee...hee....hee."

Other than this strange demeanor, Baita is well known for her acts of illusion, and the way that she fractures her opponents. She'd rather let someone die a slow and painful death than a quick one. She is also a bit sadistic, and likes to compliment people on their genetics. Baita sometimes acts like a maid as well, she brings people pastries and other things to eat, as well as her specialty, tea. At times Baita is someone who doesn't give a care but when the clocks strikes, her malovent side decreases and is a worthy adversary when the trouble starts. But then again, Baita lives for trouble as she's usually right in the middle of it. A sly fox, you can never trust her and here's a tip, she always gets what she wants, right down to it.
Description: (One Paragraph)
Techniques: (Remember, your a gennin. Also, don't give out your technique's description, keep it a secret for the rest of us )
Weak Spot: (What is your character's weakness['s] )
Clan Description: (One Paragraph)
Sensei: Haruno Sakura.

Will finish, sooner or later xD.

September 22nd, 2007, 7:17 PM
Name: Yuna Handaiyo

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Personality: Yuna is a very outgoing girl who is always rushing into things. This will make her very confused when she doesn't know what's going on. She is very clumsy and tends to get side tracked or fooled very easily by enemies. She has been known as weird since she has claimed so see the ghosts of her mother and ancestors for a long time. She normally uses the power given to her by her dead mother and fuses it with her chakra. Everyone has something to hide and Yuna is no exception. Her actual personality is somewhat creepy and her facial features change into a maniacal smile whenever she gets too into a fight. When she gets lost in a fight she'll completely forget the objective of the mission. She'll focus entirely on destrroying the enemy at all costs. She dislikes any form of animal or insect and would smash it on site. She also feels the need to claim herself as the official leader of a group. If someone mentions or does something that even slightly pertains to being the leader she'll immediateley go off.
Yuna can come off as clingy and extremely loud but very rarely would she ever have a true objective (besides beating the snot out of people) or shout out her intentions unless it was neccesary.

Description: Yuna is a tall 12 year old who is 5'5 and has a very well built body. She has blue hair that is short and only goes down to her neck. Yuna's bangs are brushed to the side of her face. She has gray eyes and a pale light skin tone. She wears golden mini hoop earrings or both of her ears and they are double pierced. She wears her headband on her left arm and wears a purple spaghetti strapped shirt that goes down to her hips. She also wears purple cut off sleeves on her arms that are down to her finger tips.Yuna also has a long white skirt with a slit down each of the sides from her thigh and down and purple shorts. She wears fishnet leggings that reach just below her knees.

Techniques: Soul Flyer Justu, Transformation justu, Shadow Clone (only slightly developed)

Weak Spot: Clumsiness, doesn't know how to hold on to a justu for very long, poor chakra control,

Sensei: Lee

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September 23rd, 2007, 4:01 AM
@HikariHiroku : Well down Accepted.

@Rena : Okay, i'll put you down as pending.

September 26th, 2007, 8:05 PM
Name:Ryuken Uria


Personality: He's a quiet and strange kid who also comes from the clan that has been hidden in the depths of the forest around Konoha, the Ryuken clan. He barely speaks unless it's of great importance and he trains every single day of the week. He is also very stubborn and his short temper holds true. He is known to fight anyone that is bullying a kid nearby, robbing a place, you name it. He has been a great help to the security of Konoha. Though he gets a lot of attention, he doesn't really care that much. He hates to lose and only gets excited over one thing: ramen (yes yes he's kind of like Naruto and Sasuke mixed... I guess). With a little bit of humor, he's actually pretty easy to get along with. He strangely gets stronger if someone REALLY close to him gets hurt. (No he's not a kyuubi copy! I'll explain this in the bloodline section of the sign up)

Description: He wears a black, high-collared vest out lined with golden silk. Under the open vest is a black t-shirt with the Sigma and Omega signs overlapping each other. He also wears black denim jeans and wears his kunai case on his right leg. His tools are in a little bag strapped around his left arm. He has a bright red scar across the top of his nose and purple eyes (red when using his Kekkei Genkai). His hair is in a Sasuke-like do and is a blond color. His bangs cover his right eye and part of his left eye. On his hands he wears black gloves with long, sharp claws hooked on. These claws are drenched in poison and people should make sure never to even scrape against it, though Uria can take these off any time. A long strap protrudes from over his right arm, holding his sword, Kagehouken (Dark Phoenix Blade) which is all black and not visible at night or in the shadows. A small, looped, sapphire ear ring is worn on his left ear. He also has black ninja tabi boots. He also has an athletic build.

Bloodline: Kage no Seal Hayaku Hanase! (Dark Seal Release!) This bloodline trait allows him to release all of his chakra that forms into his secret animal (animal varies upon the chakra capacity of the user.) and go into a slightly feril state. The Chakra takes on a different color depending on the animal. The user faints for over three hours after use. This Kekkei Genkai last from 2-5 hours, again depending on chakra capacity.

Shinryu Kage Jutsu (Flaming Dragon of Darkness Jutsu)
Goukakyu no Justu (Fireball Jutsu)
Master no Edge (Master's Edge)
Shippu no Jutsu (Hurricane Jutsu)
Houou Rendan #1 (Phoenix Combo #1)

Weak Spot: Being attacked from under him/underground, the after effects of his bloodline limit.

Clan Description: The Ryuken was a stable but very skilled clan that hid in the forest until the activities of Akatsuki started to occur more often than usual. They were driven out and now reside in the Leaf Village, next to the Uchiha Mansion. They were one of the main offensive allies in the Great Ninja War. However, after an attack by the Kyuubi, they were driven back to the forests after the war.

Sensei: Haruno Sakura (if not the Hatake Kakashi)

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September 27th, 2007, 3:59 AM
@Uria Ema: Sounds a bit like my second character, but since you said his chakra takes the form of the animal, I think I'll let it slide. I did cross by something else about your character that I am not quite sure a genin would posses (the sword). For now, your accepted, but if I feel that the katana sword is a bit much for a genin, I'll inform you. Also, for now, I'm placing you under Kakashi because the last spot for Sakura is taken but if Rena doesn't finish her's by Saturday, you'll be in Sakura's team.

September 27th, 2007, 6:29 AM
Well, I could change the sword to something else and maybe obtain it later in the RP? Say, like, Twin Daggers? As in two blades that are a bit bigger than a dagger, but are good enough for assassination and one-on-one combat, and go inside a sheath that is hooked onto the back part of Uria's belt in a horizontal direction. Those aren't too extreme for a Chuunin, in my opinion.

September 27th, 2007, 12:15 PM
Well, I could change the sword to something else and maybe obtain it later in the RP? Say, like, Twin Daggers? As in two blades that are a bit bigger than a dagger, but are good enough for assassination and one-on-one combat, and go inside a sheath that is hooked onto the back part of Uria's belt in a horizontal direction. Those aren't too extreme for a Chuunin, in my opinion.

Actually, we should all be Genin. Anyways, I was wondering when you plan to start this thing?

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September 27th, 2007, 1:10 PM
Sorry to say that Rena's sign up has been rejected due to it being late. Sorry :[

Okay everyone, you may start your posts!


"Aw, turn off the sun, somebody." Matsuro groaned as he lifted himself from his comfy bed being woken from the light from the sun, shining through his window. As Matsuro rubbed his eyes to get the gunk out of them, he headed towards the bathroom to take a shower. Once he took his clothes off and walked into the crystal-like prison, he lifted his hand to turn the knob to start the water. Once the water burst at him, he flew into the air in astonishment. By accident, he had turned the cold water knob. He quickly rushed to turn the water off.

"At least I'm awake now." He said, shivering put of control. He then turned the hot water knob and slightly turned the cold water to make the water just warm enough to be comfortable. As he washed himself, he turned both faucets off and headed out of the bathroom to get dressed. After getting himself dressed, he took his headband and tied it good around his head.

"Alright, I'm ready. They said we have to meet the Hokage right, I guess I'll be on my way then." Matsuro started as he headed out the door and walked towards the Hokage's briefing room.

As the sun shone through Koumori's home, she could feel the sun's warmth reaching her body. She had been sleeping on the ceiling all night. Being careful not to gain any exposure of sunlight to her eyes, she kept her eyes closed.

"Ben'i." She called, using the talent of a bat to use sound waves to see where she is going. She used this to go to the bathroom and when she came out, she was dressed in both her clothes, and her make-up. She walked over to the window blinds and twisted a little stick to shut the blinds completely, which is when she finally opened her eyes. She remembered being told that their was some kind of meeting with the Hokage sama, so she headed out the door.

"Hm, I think I'll make my own special entrance." Koumori stated as she used Ban'i to create bat wings, before lifting off into the sky, heading towards the briefing room.

September 29th, 2007, 8:42 AM

Rubbing her eyes and yawning loudly, 13 year old Tsuki Tenshi cast a look at her alarm clock and if not for the fact that she was still half-way asleep she would've screamed right then and there. Why on Earth does she wake up so early when she only went to sleep 5 hours ago? . She wasn't having nightmares or anything and nothing that she knew of was bothering her, so why so early? Then again 5 hours is supposed to be plenty of sleep. Sitting up she looked at her alarm clock again and narrowed her eyes at it, then sighed and climbed out of her bed. ' Might as well get up.'

Lazily walking out of her bedroom past all the kunai and blank scroll on her floor she didn't bother to turn the light on. She figured she could see in the dark well enough. Stripping off her pajamas she nearly fell over when her older brother knocked on the door.

"Oi, I'll be on a mission today so I'm leaving now." Came his muffled voice through the door.

"Ah. Ok then, see you." said Tsuki as she was about to walk into the shower.

"Oh and also, get off your lazy arse and get the Hokage's." he said beofre he left and Tsuki heard the open and closing of a door.

'Oh yeah, I have to go meet the Hokage today..' Droned Tsuki who was still half-way asleep. Four minutes passed before the sentence had finally set into her brain. "Wait a second, I WAS supposed to meet the Hokage today wasn't I?" A small 'DONK' was heard on the glass of the shower stall repeatedly until Tsuki decided that brain damage would not help her in the situation. After finishing her shower she walked out of the bathroom,tooth brush in hand and decided that she was probably early for whatever meeting she had to go to. Slowly she started putting on her clothes and started to brush her hair. She then glanced at the clock.


'I better get going.' Tsuki tied her hair into her 2 lace black ribbons and tied her ninja headband around her neck. She then hopped out the window, landing on the side walk and casually made her way to the Ichiraku to get some ramen, not wanting to be hungry when she got the Hokage Tower.

September 29th, 2007, 8:58 AM
Miku smiled as she brushed her jet black hair infront of her bathroom mirror. She had on her usual aqua T-shirt with red and white plaid shorts. She sifted through the drawer for her leaf headband and tied it around neck. Still smiling, she marched out the house, not even saying bye to her parents. Today was a special day. A very special day...

A note was crumpled up in her right hand. A note from the Hokage herself... It simply said to meet her at the mission breifing room for a very important meeting. Mixed feeling flushed throughout Miku's system, seeing as she only became a genin a few days ago. She haden't even been assigned a sensei yet! However, she couldn't deny a request from Tsunade. She sparred with the Hokage once but didn't last long. She knew the dangers of angering her.

"I wonder who else got one of these letters." she thought to herself as she walked down the crowded streets of Konaha.

September 29th, 2007, 9:24 AM
"HA HA! YES!" shouted Yuna as she ran throught out the streets jumping and bouncing everywhere. Jumping off one of the buildings she landed on a tree branch and then jumped off to the ground. She had been doing this for at least fifteen minutes now. She had a meeting with the hokage today and she was as energetic and excited as a rabbit. Yuna let herelf fall onto the soft grass and started giggling uncontrollably. "I bet I look a mess by now." She jumped up and shook her head violently letting all the grass in her hair falling out. "But I could care less."

Running back to her house Yuna remembered that she had forgotten to eat anything that morning nor had she told her father that she was leaving. "Hello Father!" she shouted after nearly slamming the door open. Jumping over to the fridge and scanning it for something to eat, Yuna completely ignored the hole in the wall she had just made with the doorknob.

"Hmm?" Her father looked up from his morning cofee to see that his daughter had just ran through the front door and looked like she had gotten strangled by a giant pile of grass. "What on Earth...?"

"Yes?" she muffled turning her head around with bread in her mouth.

"What happened to you? Did you fall?" he asked with concern in his voice.

"No. Just got excited is all. Well I have to get to the Hokage Tower now! Bye!" Yuna said as she closed the door that had been left open by her recent entrance.

"I see." murmured her father who winced at the door being slammed shut.

Running a hand through her hair and brushing off grass to make herself look semi decent she sped towards the Hokage Tower ready for anything. "I'm a Genin now!"

Hero of Time Link³
September 29th, 2007, 11:15 AM
Kyoto strode back home after an after night training session on the wooden targets he had made earlier that year.

He walked in his room and saw it was 7:00 am on his alarm clock. He scanned his room and saw a letter from the Hokage. He carefully opened it with a Kunai Knife as he had no letter openers. He started to read it,"Dear Mr Syuku Please be ready for a meeting in the Hokages' tower today and don't be late."
Hmm Interesting what does the Hokage want with me I only became a Genin about 5 days ago and I don't even have a Sensei yet Kyoto thought to himself.
He checked the alarm clock again and saw it was 7:15 am. He shouted,"MUM I'M GOING TO THE HOKAGE TODAY OK?" His Mom shouted back,"SURE GO AND DON'T BE RUDE TO THE HOKAGE!" Kyoto quickly showered and put on his official ninja gear then put on 2 packs of Kunai Knifes securely on his Hips, he then put on his forehead protector and ran off to the Hokages building.

He Jumped from building to building and used his wind manipulation jutsu to run as fast as he could. He arrived at the street outside of the Hokages building and decided to wait for the other Genin to show up.

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September 29th, 2007, 1:56 PM
As Matsuro ran through the streets of Konoha, he made a complete stop at Ihchiraku, remembering that he had not eaten breakfast at all. There weren't many people besides one other person. Matsuro figured it was because It was morning and not many people eat ramen for breakfast. His stomach rumbled, so Matsuro walked over and ordered some food.

"I guess I have some time, before the meeting, to get something to eat." He thought to himself, taking a seat, two chairs away from a girl who looked a little younger than Matsuro and she also wore a ninja headband, which told Matsuro that she was a shinobi. Once he obtained his ramen from the sheff, Matsuro grabbed a pair of chop-sticks from a holster, about foot away, and began to eat.

"So your a ninja too, eh?" Matsuro asked the girl, as he gulped down a chunk of ramen. He took another clump of ramen and neatly placed it in his mouth. After doing so, he asked her yet another question, not waiting for the answer to the first as it had been obvious, "I'm guessing your a genin,...right?" He then awaited a reply.


As Koumori glided through the sky, she noticed a flock of birds that had notes tied to their feet. Koumori knew that those birds were used to send information around the nations. She also knew that they usually head, not too far from the Hokage's tower, so she fallowed them. After a while, Koumori finally showed up to the tower. She noticed a boy standing, near a street in front of the building.

"Maybe he's here for the briefing too, might as well ask." She talked to herself as she descended to the earth, aiming to land next to the shinobi. To make a good entrance, Koumori wrapped her bat wings around her body, making her descend at an even faster pace. As she hit the ground, she hurt her legs slightly, then flapped out her wings and stood straight up, smiling at the boy, showing her extra sharp canines that were created by her using Ben'i to become a human-like bat.

"Were you called here by the Hokage?" Koumori asked, with a serious tone, like she would kill you if you gave the wrong answer.

September 29th, 2007, 3:51 PM
Tsuki was in the middle of finishing her ramen when a strange boy had suddenly come into the shop.

"So your a ninja too, eh?" She opened her moth to reply but closed it when he looked like he was about to ask another question.

"I'm guessing your a genin,...right?"

"Um...yes, I am..." After a moment of hesitation she spoke quietly. She had never really been talked to and was surprised that random strangers would say hi to her out of nowhere. Tsuki looked down into her ramen and started to finsh what was left of it. After swallowing she turned back to him. " Are you?" She immediately regretted that question as she started to think of how she might be butting into people's personal lives,despite the fact that he had asked her the same question. She then got a very worried expression on her face and would've left if not for the fact that would be being rude too. "I-I'm sorry I shouldn't be asking any personal questions.."

September 29th, 2007, 8:09 PM
A hazy ray of sunlight fell on Katsumi's pale face.. Her eyelids flickered momentairily in the light, and she stirred. The Hokage meeting is today, I should get going soon, she thought. She'd hate to be late, so she sprang from her bed with a sudden burst of energy and, suiting up in her ninja gear and slapping on a layer of makeup, she leaped from the open apartment window.

She landed on the streets of Konoha and bolted down the road. The Ichiraku Ramen Resturant caught her eye, and realized with a rumbling stomach, that she hadn't eaten since yesterday morning. She stepped inside and saw two other ninja conversing, and boldly decided to take a seat next to them. Normally, she was more of an anti-social type, but these genin could be on her team.

Scarlet Weather
September 30th, 2007, 2:59 AM

Manabi, female heir to the prestigious Hanako clan's Hema Jutsu techniques, was in an incredibly foul mood, and for good reason. In front of her stood a sphere of blood about six inches in diameter, behind her stood a large, painted target. With a growl, the kunoichi lifted her hands again, repeating the hand seals that had nearly ingrained themselves into her brain during the course of the day's practice. Focusing her chakra, she released the frustrating technique: Hema Shuriken no Jutsu!

With a whirring noise, Manabi's levitating orb of blood exploded into at least fifteen fragments of equal size, which hurled themselves toward their master. Manabi, however, was prepared, and leaped into the air, neatly backflipping over the weapons without dislodging her particular brand of headgear. She turned with a smile, to be confronted with the weaponry now protruding from the target. The orbs of blood had flattened themselves into makeshift shuriken, and were now dotting the board in the form of an enormous letter... V? Manabi looked closely, her unused blood rushing to her face. "ARGH! It was supposed to be AN 'M'! 'M'! NOT A FRUSTRATING 'V'!" the so-called artist cried, slapping her forehead. "Honestly, what kind of shinobi am I if I can't even form the first initial of my own name! If I keep this up, I'll be a disgrace to the art!" she continued ranting as her hands formed a different set of seals, and she re-released her chakra. Hema Recall!

The blood shuriken disentegrated into a fine, red dust which flowed from the target to Manabi's outstretched hands, where it was absorbed into her system through secret channels beneath her fingernails. She growled, staring at the holes in the target that were the results of her constant attempts to perfect her jutsu control. "I'll be back. Lucky for you, I have an appointment," she muttered, before dashing away.


Manabi's stomach growled as she passed Ichiraku Ramen. Come to think of it, she hadn't eaten much that day. It wouldn't hurt to stop for a quick bowl of chicken ramen. Veering to the left, she strode to the counter, her top hat cocked at an odd angle, and laid her arm across the counter. "One bowl of chicken, please, and step on it." she pronounced imperiously, before throwing a bag of change across the table. Understanding, the owner of the shop picked up the money and moved to grab a bowl for his latest customer. While he was thus engaged, Manabi peered across the room. It seemed a few more genin hopefuls had come out today. Who was that weird guy? And the girl sitting next to him, what on earth was she doing there? The kunoichi shook her head. What was it, had every genin in Konoha decided to skip breakfast?

OOC: Too lazy to write conversation, just have someone notice Manabi the uber-crazily-dressed and I'll pick it up from there. XD

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September 30th, 2007, 3:11 AM
The boy waited, and had finally received an answer to his question.

"Hm, I wonder is this girl was summoned by Tsunade sama as well." Matsuro wondered as he then heard her ask him a question, "Are you?" Before Matsuro could answer, she spoke in an apologetic tone, "I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't be asking any personal questions." Matsuro picked up his left hand which didn't hold the chop sticks, and flashed it up and down as if he were saying good-bye to someone. He did this three times as he spoke.

"No, no, It's quite alright. Actually, now that I remember my manners, I should have told you about myself before confronting you with a personal question, I Apologize." Matsuro said In a joking tone, as if he were shocked that she were the one apologizing to him. After this, Matsuro noticed another girl taking a seat near him and this other girl he had just met. He also noticed that she took a seat next to his. Normally people only take seats next to each other if they are with each other (In a group), or there aren't any other available seats. Matsuro figured that she was a friendly person who just wanted to meet some people. Also seeing that she's a shinobi, she could also be invited to this meeting with the Hokage. Instead of the last question he asked to the other girl, he was straight forward with his next one.

"So, are you going to the meeting with the Hokage?" Matsuro asked the girl who had recently taken a seat. After asking, he noticed yet another girl come in. He then thought to himself, "Three girls this quick, and in the morning, I'm one lucky guy." A slight smirk could be seen on his face.

September 30th, 2007, 4:27 AM
Yuna hadn't even noticed that she was jumping around like a giant rabbit again. Or yelling like a 5 year old child. "WOO HOO!" she shouted as she jumped off another tower and then bounced off the ground next to the Ichiraku Ramen Shop. She noticed a number of people there and decided to say hello. "Yo! What's up my fellow ninjas?" She said as she leaned against the long peice of wood holding Ichiraku together. Yuna probably still looked a mess but she didn't notice. She looked at the girl with a top hat on and then got wide eyed and shouted " Oh my gosh are you a magician ninja?! That's so awesome! Can you pull a bunny out of your hat?" She started to barrage the girl with questions beyond questions and completely ignored the fact that other people were there too.

'I've never heard of a magician ninja!'

September 30th, 2007, 4:41 AM
Tsuki didn't reply. She just held a shocked look on her face for a long time. 'This is what you get for not socializing more.' She looked up and saw that he was talking to another girl. Tsuki took the oppurtunity to finish her ramen and then she hastily pulled money out her her pocket and put it on the table. "I'm sorry but I have to go now!" She managed to get out before she broke out in a run and nearly ran over the girl who had just entered the shop. "I'm sorry,I'm sorry,I'm sorry! I should've been looking where I was going! Sorry!"

'I'm really apologizing a lot today. Stupid me and my clumsiness and non-socializing!'

When she looked up she saw the girl who had a mild look of frustration on her face. But then she looked at her clothes. Tsuki gaped for a minute but then realized how rude that was. She gave one last "I'm sorry!" before breaking off down the road to avoid embarrassing herself anymore. 'I'm so stupid,so stupid! Next time I have breakfast at home!' As she rounded the corner she came to a screeching halt before the Hokage tower and breathed a sigh of relief that she wasn't late. However two other were there too. 'Have they been called here too?'

Deciding she's had enough conversation for the day, Tsuki leaned against the wall next to the entrance of the Hokage tower.

OOC: This is before when Yuna got here.

September 30th, 2007, 8:27 AM
Uria woke up with a glare at the sun. He was irritated enough from a fight the night before. "Damn... The sun is bright today..." After taking a good hot shower, he dressed and went to his favorite place to eat, Ichiraku Ramen. But before he even left he found a message saying to meet at the Hokage's mansion on the table. He finally got to Ichiraku, but noticed some girls and another boy around his age there. He entered and ordered for a bowl of miso. He tried to ignore everyone else, but couldn't help listening. He heard the guy ask, "So, are you going to the meeting with the Hokage?" Uria just sat there and waited. So far, nothing was really happening, but he had the feeling something interesting was gonna pop up. He finally decided to ask the guy a question, but shut up before he could.

Darn, I can't ask or talk with an empty stomach... I guess. He asked for a soda to calm his thirst. It was brought to him immediately and sipped at it every five minutes, waiting for something to happen. Gee, this is gonna be a long day.

September 30th, 2007, 10:20 AM
Miku rounded the corner and finally arrived at the Hokage's tower. She was starving but Ichiraku's was filled with customers and she figured business would be slow. There were others at the entrance at the tower, and Miku could tell that they were genin like her. There was a girl, around her height with the same color hair. Miku frowned at the sight of this, as she didn't want to share the attention she would receive from her beauty with her around. Before approaching the others, she quickly tied her hair in a ponytail.

As she walked up to the door, she eyed a rather short girl who seemed to be trying not to be noticed.

"So many girls here; but from the looks of it, I have no competition." she thought to herself with a smirk, not caring if anyone thought it was weird for her to be smiling for no apparent reason.

Hero of Time Link³
September 30th, 2007, 10:47 AM
Kyoto noticed two female shinobi rush into the street and he assumed they were some of the other ninja who were going to go to the Hokages tower. "This is no competition, two girls man this is going to be easy," he thought to himself.

He jumped off the tall building he was leaning against and landed right in front of the door without even making a sound. He leaned against the wall right next to the wall and asked," So you girls are two of the other ninja summoned by the Hokage?"

Đ a r κ
September 30th, 2007, 11:20 AM
Koumori had been a little ticked off by having the boy she had asked a question ask the exact same question to her and the other girls who had showed up. She decided to let it go and act like she didn't say anything. She looked around as the other two girls walked closer. Then Koumori replied to the boy.

"I am, yea, and I suppose you are too...I'm not really impressed." She said, not realizing how rude she was just then. Koumori then thought to herself, "Why would the Hokage ask for these people? Then again, no one knows the Hokage better then herself...Any of you up for a morning battle to get your bodies puming and maybe show off some of your skills?" She broke out of her thoughts, turning around to ask her question.

"I'd like to learn their moves in case we ever meet again in combat. I'll try to use as little ninjutsu as possible so they can't memorize my moves." Koumori thought to herself, planning to learn about these other genin.

September 30th, 2007, 11:43 AM
Relaxing is something that Tsuki just couldn't have this morning could she? Trying not to look too annoyed Tsuki just nodded her head 'yes' and went back to staring at the blank wall that she had been staring at when she got there. Then the other girl started to asking for a battle. ' How on Earth can you people have so much energy in the morning?' She turned her head and chose to ignore the second question. Battling someone you hardly know in the morning was just too much to handle for her.

Tsuki slumped down the wall some more and pretended to be invisible. 'I'm not here. These ninja should at least conserve their energy.' She looked the other way and stared into the sky where many messenger birds were flying out today. 'When is everyone gonna get here anyway, waiting makes me tired.' She let out a yawn and held her hand over her mouth. tsuki began to zone out and completely forgot that anyone else was around her or that she was near the Hokage Tower.

Scarlet Weather
October 1st, 2007, 3:37 PM
Manabi turned to the male shinobi who had just posed a question to her. Rolling her eyes, she replied "Well, let me put it this way: The Hokage teamed every genin in the village whose marks were above average, which turned out to be a pretty sizable number, and I'm wearing a shuriken pouch in full view on my right leg, and there's a hitae-aite on the hat. Yep, I'd say that I'm a shinobi." She could have gone on farther then that, but another girl immediately jumped in and began leaping up and down like a five-year-old on sugar pills. Manabi's face darkened as the girl pointed at her top hat and giggling, asked if she was a magician. With a sigh like that of a martyr, the teen straightened to her feet and rolled her eyes. "No, I'm not a magician," she stated, her face slowly losing its trademark grin, "If anything... I'd call myself an artist. An artist bound for greatness in this world. The top hat is a clan symbol, a tool I must use to train myself in balance until I prove myself worthy to ascend to a rank above genin." Doffing the hat quickly, Manabi revealed the bottle neatly balanced on her head for but a moment before sweeping her headgear back into place. "It also makes a handy place to store emergency medical supplies." With that, she moved forward and bowed to the younger genin. "Anyway, I may not be able to pull a real rabbit out of my hat, but I can demonstrate something my art can accomplish that no other clan can perform through theirs."

Content with this method of drawing the spotlight to herself, Manabi lifted her hands and formed her jutsu's seals with mind-boggling speed, a feat accomplished through many hours of successive practice with this jutsu. Hema Sphere!

Thin, red rivers of blood burst from beneath Manabi's fingernails and flowed together to create a sphere of blood nearly half a foot in diameter. Manabi smiled, this was where then fun began. Repeating the same five seals with a few slight variations, she released one of her custom techniques of art. Rose of Blood!

The congealed blood literally exploded into the form Manabi required of it, that of a large, red rose with a red stem and three incredibly long thorns. Grasping its liquid form firmly, Manabi executed a stiff bow while still retaining her hat's position on her head, and straightened again before allowing the rose to burst into individual droplets of blood which she pulled back into her system through the hidden nail-channels. Smirking, the kunoichi returned to her seat. It didn't matter if they didn't recognize her art for the deadly practice it was, it only mattered that she entertained them. After all, that was what artists were for: to bring joy to the populace.

Đ a r κ
October 1st, 2007, 4:26 PM
"I'll bet she doesn't have a chill-pill under her hat." Matsuro stated, under his breath, just enough for everyone to still hear him clearly. He smirked as she ignored his joke and then watched, as the girl who seemed to be a bit of an attention hog, showed off her talents by using her clan's jutsu, and adding an artistic touch to it. Matsuro was impressed that she had such good control over her jutsu. He then smirked at the thought of using his Yurigan to play an amusing joke on her to make her so called art, look like scribbles. Matsuro decided to make that idea reality, so he stood from his seat, and announced; "Oh really, you call that art? Looks more like a stick with a round circle around the top. You call that a flower, ha! How about something we can actually call art." Matsuro crossed his arms around each other to intimidate her even more. Matsuro readied his Shinkirou Yurigan to make her think that her art looked like a stick person. To be sure that this girl would make another art from her justu, Matsuro added one last joke at her.

"Well, is the artist suddenly too shy to show off her art?" Matsuro glared at her, evilishly, and awaited her reaction.

October 1st, 2007, 4:45 PM
Yuna's eyes were like stars after she finished and she was about to start clapping like a maniac but stopped herself at the last moment. " How pretty!" ' Was that blood?! Good god!' "How...artistic!" ' I bet I could do loads better.'

Yuna continued to ooh and ah at the somewhat of a performance the girl just until the boy next to her started making comments. She realized the agruement that was about to happen and tried to act quickly not wanting to be a part of it. But she couldn't help but snicker behind their backs. "Whoops! Look at the time! I better leave now! It was nice meeting you and seeing your magician act! You too person that I don't know! Watch out!" Yuna screamed as she was now running towards the Hokage tower and sped off. 'That girl! With her giant blood rose thingy! And her magaician ninja act!' She started running faster. ' I bet she thinks she's better than me!' She was now speeding. ' I have half the mind to go back to her right now!' By now she was rocketing across Konoha and had missed the Hokage tower completely. " Oh wait, turn around!" Yuna said to herself as she did a U turn and was now too tired to run so she was pacing towards the building. She stopped at put her hand on the wall for support and was breathing heavily as if she had just run a marathon.

"Well then! There's my exercise!" She then started to laugh and still didn't notice anyone else around her. When she turned around to look at them she got a chill. They all looked weird. To her at least. This one girl looked spaced out that boy had a weird look on his face and that other girl DEFINATELY took the prize for creepy. She then side stepped around them and over to the railing as if trying not to be seen. But she knew they could and she was only making it more obvious. ' Everyone is so weird today!'

Hero of Time Link³
October 1st, 2007, 5:25 PM
The girl that Kyoto thought looked weird started painting with a sphere and it looked to Kyoto that it wasn't very good but others must've thought that that kind of painting is very spectacular and interesting so Kyoto faked some,"Oohs" and ,"Ahhs." But neverless it was entertaining to watch a person paint using a sphere.

Kyoto noticed a female nin come and miss the Hokages Tower and do a U-Turn to get back. The girl gave Kyoto look that made him think,"Me weird no way!" He concentrated onto the Hokages Tower then leaned on the wall again and sighed.

Scarlet Weather
October 1st, 2007, 5:51 PM
Manabi's smile hardened and her eyes sparked as she turned to face the boy who dared to insult her art with his manner. Glaring at him, she calmly removed her hat, pulled the bottle from beneath it, and placed it upon her head once again. "Funny you should ask about chill pills," she began, "Because that's exactly what these are. They're pills blended from herbs used to lower the fever of those suffering from an infection while bolstering their chakra, for emergency use only. Aren't you glad you asked?" She smiled ever the more sweetly as she continued, "And as for your comments on my art, I'm afraid that shyness has nothing to do with it. Any artist whose art is also a performance knows that she must leave the audience begging for more. And when a fellow artist is the one begging, she knows something's up. Especially..." she glared at him to make her point, "When she deigns to show it out of pure charity. Most artists, especially shinobi, ask for payment for their art. In any case, I'm not giving a pro bono performance."

Walking back to her seat, Manabi accepted the bowl of chicken ramen, and swallowed it rather quickly. Turning her gaze to the infidels, she grinned like a demented hyena. "Anyway, if you want to see more of my art, you could always help me in a group performance. You see, I'm feeling a mite peckish, and I'm fresh out of yen, so here's the deal. I bet you that no matter how you come at me, you can't dislodge my top hat." She tapped the article in question for effect. "You win, I admit that you're a superior genin, which is what you wanted anyway, correct? I win, on the other hand, you buy me breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Only one rule: taijutsu only. Genjutsu or Ninjutsu is a no-no. I'll abide by the same rules, of course. We'll need an impartial judge..." scanning the room, Manabi's eyes lighted on a girl who seemed to have just returned, coincidentally, the same one who had asked if she was a magician. "You! Judge the contest, please!"

Turning back to the boy, she smiled sweetly one last time. "Oh, come on, is the big, tough genin scared of sparring with an innocent little girl?"

October 1st, 2007, 6:11 PM
Miku eyed the speedy female who just flew past the tower, only to make a 'U' turn and come right back. As she rested, the girl observed all the other ninja surrounding the tower and seemed to give Miku a questioning look.

"Why... I never!" she thought to herself as she crossed her arms. "Ugly people are SO rude!"

It then hit Miku that so much genin meant something important might happen. Was it possible that all these people were here for the Hokage? The note still crumpling up in her hand, she approached the female that just arrived.

In a rather loud tone she asked, "Hey, you here for the Hokage thinga-ma-jigg too?"

Đ a r κ
October 1st, 2007, 6:19 PM
Matsuro raised his eye-brow the the girl's challenge and suddenly spoke.

"Oh, I know she did not just call me out, I know she didn't...What are you waiting for then, bring it on girly." He taunted. Like usual, he jumped into the challenge, not even taking a second to devise a plan, but he knew that he had to create a blast of air if he were to have a chance at removing that hat from her head. He remembered packing only three exploding notes with him and five kunai knives, so he only had three easy ways to end this battle quickly, but the only way he could hit her without missing is if she were in the air. Only using taijutsu makes it tougher. Matsuro fiercely leaped towards the girl, stretched his right leg back, and has he closed in on her, he whipped it at her head. Knowing that she'd dodge it (By either scrunching down, or leaping forward or evenbackwards), Matsuro readied a kunai, attached to an exploding tag, and also his left fist, in case he had the chance to get her.

"I've got this in the bag." He thought to himself.

Koumori, whom had been even more disturbed had just about had it with these people ignoring her, so she decided to go on ahead inside the tower and meet the Hokage. She also figured that that would be impressive to be the first to arrive, that would be a good first impression to the Hokage sama. As Koumori walked in and headed up the stairs, she could hear the roar of the village leader herself. She seemed angered at something. Koumori was a bit hesitant to even continue to walk onward. She decided to keep going and when she entered the briefing room, an enormous blast of a voice nearly broke the windows all over the building.

"Where, in the great villages have you been?!" Tsunade roared at Koumori the second she took a step in the door-way.

"I suppose I'm not getting a trophy for first to show up?" Koumori joked, but her smirk was murdered by Tsunade's anger-filled eyes. Then Tsunade spoke in an annoyed tone, "Where are the others?" Koumori relaxed her tightened muscles and answered the question.

"Some are in front of the building, if there are more, then I have no clue...sorry."

Tsunade stormed over the the window, opened it and roared at the very top of her lungs; "All genin who have been told to come to my office, get over here now!" Koumori's eyes bulged, almost falling out of her head. Koumori thought she had issues, after this, she's as normal as can be.

Hero of Time Link³
October 1st, 2007, 6:29 PM
"Hmm that kid gets aggressive with everybody here why is he picking a fight with that girl," Kyoto thought to himself. He saw him attach a exploding tag to the end of his Kunai Knife and quickly seized him as this was completely dishonourable.
Kyoto shouted out angrily at Matsuro,"Why are you attacking this girl we are all ninja from Konoha and are summoned by the Hokage himself, this is no way to act outside of the Hokage Tower especially when you have been summoned by him!"

October 1st, 2007, 6:41 PM
OOC: Is the ramen shop exactly next to the Hokage tower? Because that's the only way we could make this work. XD I'll just assume it is and continue.

IC: "Well yeah. I'm pretty sure that's what everyone else is here for right?" Yuna answered in the rudest tone she could manage. 'How dare she speak to me like that! Wht I outta..!'

"Well then, I'M going to judge a competition!" She said pointing to herself because she felt as if she was just that important. "Because I'm better." she added under her breath and scooted over to the ramen stand before anyone else might start another fight. 'I was right, everyone IS weird today.'

"Ok then, try and remove the hat.....NOW!" she shouted trying to impersonate an actual judge.

"All genin who have been told to come to my office, get over here now!"

Yuna winced at the sound of an angry Hokage. " Well then I guess we have to continue later." She walked into the building and into the Hokage's office.

Hero of Time Link³
October 1st, 2007, 6:50 PM
Kyoto ignored the girls comments before the Hokage angrily called out for all the Genin he summoned to go into his office Kyoto immediately released Matsuro and swore under his breath so that it was not even audible because he was displeased that the boy had not apologized.

He walked into the Hokages Tower and then into his office. He stood up and leaned on one of the walls and waited for the Hokage to start his talk about why they were summoned specially to his Tower and what they would have to do for him.

October 1st, 2007, 7:15 PM
Tsuki had been trying to relax after all the fights the genin were picking with each other. It seemed like a waste of energy, especially for so early in the morning and it's not like they would get anywhere anyway.

'These guys make my head hurt.' Tsuki said to herself as she groaned and turned over to the other side to try and rest. But alas her attempts at relaxing were futile and were shot down once the Hokage started screaming out her window. "So aggresive.." she muttered as she slowly moved herself up to the Hokage's briefing room were she continued to scream out her window. 'Where does everyone get these gigantic bursts of energy from?'

Tsuki had taken a good look at the genin before and came to the conclusion that they were summoned for a tournament. Even though she was wrong. All she wanted was her sensei and team mates, well no judging by how these other genin act, just her sensei so she can just train. Again Tsuki decided to lean on the wall on the inside of the Hokage's room.

Scarlet Weather
October 2nd, 2007, 2:22 AM
OOC: Short Post~!

As Matsuro aimed his kick for Manabi's head, she smirked. The idiot had no idea what he was up against, and on top of that his taijutsu skills were a bit in disarray. Instead of dodging the kick, as expected, Manabi whipped up her right arm, using it to block the blow, and twisted suddenly, grabbing Matsuro's leg. Her grin only widened as she whipped herself around quickly, throwing her would-be attacker head-first over her shoulder. It was then that the Hokage's call echoed throughout the village.

Cursing, Manabi turned to Matsuro. "Next time, don't act cocky," she admonished, before dashing off in the direction of the Hokage's office.

October 2nd, 2007, 6:55 AM
OOC: I'm going to make it seem like I was with you guys the whole time >_< School's so annoying! Short Post alert!

IC: These guys are annoying... Uria thought. It wasn't even 10 o'clock yet and most of the other people were already busting out energy. Uria sighed. He didn't like this morning. Not one bit, yet. He didn't like all the noise. He just wanted peace and quiet. "Yo, I can't even hear myself think. Can you guys at least turn it down just a little?" Uria leaned against the wall.

Uria brought out a kunai and started to twirl it on his index finger. He didn't care if it was dangerous, it was a habit for him. For the record, it only flew off his finger once and got a spy ninja in the eye. "*sigh* I wonder... Who's gonna be partnered with who?"

October 2nd, 2007, 1:16 PM
Miku gasped at the sudden answer from the girl. Still in a state of shock, Miku watched the girl turn around and join the commotion in the Ramen shop.

"Oh, you're going to pay for that." Miku whispered, making the hand signs of her bloodline limit. She almost finished when Tsunade's voice suddenly filled the air.

"All genin who have been told to come to my office, get over here now!" Miku shuddered at the sound of the angry Hokage. Forgetting about the situation that had just taken place, she rushed into the mission briefing room. There were four others in the building, including that short girl and the speedy one, who just came in after her. There was also a short guy with multi-colored hair (though mostly black) and the girl that kinda looked like her. Save the girl's bad sense of style.

Sticking her hands in the pockets of her blue and white plaid shorts, Miku walked between the speedy girl and the short one. Observing the two, she whispered under her breath, "If I were to end up in a group with these two losers, I don't know what I'd do!"

Đ a r κ
October 2nd, 2007, 2:16 PM

As Matsuro fallowed the other genin up the building, he thought to himself, "Pfft, you honestly thought you would have won? Blocking was the worst thing for you to do." Matsuro then began to picture the outcome in his head.

"You blocked my right leg with your right arm, also very foolish, I'd then aim my left fist at your exposed rib. You'd obviously block that too, but with your left hand, leaving your entire left side open...Your the one who shouldn't get cocky." Matsuro smirked as he finally walked in the briefing room. He then walked foward to the Hokage and stood, awaiting her oh so important announcement.

OOC: I think we should give Stardust some time to catch up, she only posted once.

October 4th, 2007, 3:46 PM
Katsumi finished her ramen, savoring every noodle. Her eyes drifted to the east wall, and she scanned the clock. She took one look at the clock and darted out the shop. She was already late for the meeting; what a fool she was.

As she dashed down the streets, she cursed under breath and continously insulted herself for being late. By the time she reached the end of the road, she was gasping for breath. Quickly she regained her composure so as not to look like a un-physically fit shinobi in front of the Hokage. Holding her head high and carrying a lofty air about her, she entered the building to find several other genin there.

Đ a r κ
October 4th, 2007, 5:31 PM
OOC: Will be editing this with Matsuro and Koumori's posts tomorrow.

"Well, I'm glad you all have finally arrived." Tsunade, the Hokage began to announce. Still a tad frustrated that it took longer for the genin to show up than it should have took. She then went on with her speech.

"I am here to introduce you to your sensei who will teach you how to become a better shinobi than you are at the moment. Some of you may think your already a talented shinobi, but don't get cocky. From here on out, your lives shall become a risk every moment you step out of you home." Tsunade finished, as she gave Shizune, her apprentice, the signal to open the door that everyone had first entered through. For a brief second, no one was at the door. Then, in a flash, four shinobi appeared. All seemed to be chuunin and up. Once the four took a stand around the Hokage, they introduced themselves.

"Good morning, I am Kakashi Hatake." One, white haird and middle age-looking jounin stated, then moving to let a fellow shinobi, a girl take the stage.

"Hello, I am Haruno Sakura and I can't wait to meet you all." She winked to make a final impression and then moved to the side. The next person was a bit of a slouch with a tired look of not wanting to be here.

"I'm Shikimaru Nara..., what ever." He sighed, moving to let the final person state their name.

"I am Rock Lee and don't think you'll be sleeping in my team!" He announced, making sure it sunk into all the student's heads. Tsunade then stood in front of them all and began to state the teams.

"Alright, team one: Rock Lee, Tsuki Tenshi, Yasu Miku, and Yuna Handaiyo. Team two: Sakura Haruno, Kakidashi Matsuro, Hanako Manabi, and Ryuken Uria. Team three: Kakashi Hatake, Kyoto Syuku. Sorry to say; your team mates were not found at all in the village. Another genin in this next group is missing as well; team four: Shikamaru Nara, Katsumi Hoshikaze and Ikimono Koumori." Tsuande finally ended her announcement and looked over to Shizune who gave Tsunade a worried face. Tsunade stared at the floor for a second and looked up at the crowded room.

"Okay, that is all. You all may go train now...Good luck to everyone of you, and remember, your not little kids anymore." Tsunade finally ended the announcement and signaled them to leave by waving her hand up in the air.

Matsuro was glad to have been given Sakura as his sensei as she was a superior medical ninja.

"I hope she can teach me so if I ever become injured, I can heal myself." His good moment was soon killed after Tsunade stated that Hanabi was also on his team, the one who he had just rumbled with in front of the ramen shop. Matsuro gave a faint "Tsk" and then thought to himself, "Why does she have to be on the same team as me? Oh well, she may be a decent fighter, but my ninjutsu takes the win."

"Shikimaru huh?...Seems like a pushover if you ask me." Koumori stated as she scanned her new sensei. She then thought again, "If I remember correctly, Shikimaru is a shadow possession user. I wonder if he could help me with my justsu techniques...even though their already good enough, they could be better I suppose." She barely even paid any attention to who her teammates were, she figured they'd get their chance to introduce themselves when they all gather.

Scarlet Weather
October 4th, 2007, 5:46 PM
OOC: Chigiri, I realize I'm being nitpicky and all, but first of all your taijutsu strategy is way off, since Manabi's move wasn't a simple block, it was a leg-throw. Second of all, for a character who supposedly suffers from poor reflexes and relies on a kekkei genkai to get an edge in Taijutsu, Matsuro seems to have a very good idea of martial arts. (At least, he thinks he does.) Manabi, while she considers her Hema Jutsu to be her primary focus right now, has spent no little amount of time perfecting balance and defense taijutsu, hence her ability to counter those techniques. Not picking on you or anything, just saying.

IC: Manabi snorted as her oppressor picked himself up from the ground and walked away, smirking. Honestly, who the hell did he think he was, the next Hokage? Really, if she didn't know better she'd assume that he actually thought he could win with the strategy he had just described. Because his kick had aimed for her side, if he had punched she could have simply grabbed his arm and thrown him over her shoulder that way. Besides, he hadn't come in close enough for a punch to be particularly effective, considering his legs were longer then his arms. Really, not a very bright genin in terms of close combat. She could only pray that his grasp of ninjutsu or genjutsu was somewhat more developed. With an expression like that of a stoic martyr, the genin joined the majority of the group, who were flocking to the Hokage's office like small birds after crumbs, praying to God on high that she would not be teamed with such an idiotic genin with such bad taste in art.

Leaping the stairs two at a time, Manabi easily located the office of Tsunade, Go Daime Hokage of Konohagakure. Slowly, she slipped the door open and blended with the other pupils before moving closer to one of the other students, another girl. It was then that Tsunade introduced the four sensei. First off, Kakashi, a veritable legend in Konoha and a shoo-in for the next Hokage. On the other hand, his art wasn't all that original except for his Raiken jutsu. Manabi dismissed him without another thought. Shikamaru, she had heard, was brilliant, but his art seemed a bit too limiting to Manabi, and he wasn't exactly the energetic sensei someone of her attention span needed. Haruno Sakura, on the other hand... a medic-nin rumored to have the potential to surpass her mentor, the Hokage? Manabi's hands inadvertently clasped together as she raised another prayer: pleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease be Sakura!

At last, the Hokage announced the standings. The moment her name was called after Sakura's, Manabi leapt up, pumping her fist involuntarily. It was only when she realized that apparently Matsuro was the failing genin she had met earlier that her face dropped. Did she have to learn to work with him now? Still, small price to pay for such an amazing teacher. On the other hand, one small thing still bothered her...

Raising her hand, Manabi adressed the Hokage. "Excuse me, Tsunade-sama, but if one team has one member and the other team two, why not have both senseis lead all three genin until other team mates can be found? It makes more sense that way."

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October 4th, 2007, 6:07 PM
When Tsunade announced the teams,"Team One: Rock Lee, Tsuki Tenshi, Yasu Miku, and Yuna Handaiyo. Team two: Sakura Haruno, Kakidashi Matsuro, Hanako Manabi, and Ryuken Uria." Kyoto thought,"Please be Kakashi Sensei as he is the great Sensei of Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha!" Kyoto listened carefully to the next team," Team Three: Kakashi Hatake, Kyoto Syuku." Kyoto thought,"YES! Wait a minute I have no team mates here."

He heard Hanako Manabi interject,"Excuse me, Tsunade-sama, but if one team has one member and the other team two, why not have both senseis lead all three genin until other team mates can be found? It makes more sense that way." He thought," So I might be working with the so called #1 Coward Shikamaru Nara, Katsumi Hoshikaze and Ikimono Koumori they seem like a interesting bunch but I'd prefer solo training with Kakashi-Sensei.

October 4th, 2007, 6:18 PM
Tsuki honestly didn't care which teacher she got. She never believed rumores and stories told by kids in the academy. It was all just gossip to her. All the stories about the great Kakashi and the Beauty Sakura could've been exaggerated to the point where only the first sentence was true.

However,after Tsunade's announcements of teams Tsuki was left, mouth agape and wide-eyed. By the nods of acknowledgement she could tell who her team mates were and she didn't like it. Not one bit.

'This is so not funny.' For whatever reason she had been placed on the team of those two girls who looked as if they would start a fight. She had heard all the comments andthe ones under their breath including the insult towards her but didn't let it bother her. Plus a bushy-browed teacher who made it so that he was yelling each and everyone of his words. She had visibly cringed when he spoke and not being used to so much energy in the morning made it so she was grumpy right now.

Tsuki tried not to let it bother her and kept an emotionless face during the rest of the speeches. She knew this would turn out bad, it was written all over the place. What on earth could've been going on through their heads when they assigned these teams? If the other ninja didn't get to them first their team mates surely would. If looks could kill everyone would've been long dead by now. Tsuki had never been one to judge a person by their looks but her team mates and sensei all looked like they were ready to unleash a ton of punches and kicks out on someone. Like they drank one too many cups of coffee. Being the normally quiet person she is her presonality was sure to clash with everyone elses.

'I'm putting too much thought into this.' she thought as she brought her hand up to her forehead and massaged it to help get rid of the headache that was forming on her head. Tsuki turned her head once again to look at her team mates, then tried not to be bothered by the looks of their face.

'You can deal with it, you can.' But she knew she couldn't. She could feel bad vibes coming from everywhere.

,"Excuse me, Tsunade-sama, but if one team has one member and the other team two, why not have both senseis lead all three genin until other team mates can be found? It makes more sense that way."

'You wouldn't be saying that if you had these guys as team mates.' Tsuki let out a sigh and leaned back against the wall of the Hokage room. She took another glance at her sensei and saw the expression on his face. If not for the fact that she was extremely grumpy this morning she would have laughed. He looked hilarious with that serious face on. At least she could get some amusement from her team.

October 5th, 2007, 12:19 PM
Miku nearly jumped for joy when she was placed on Rock Lee's team, the taijutsu specialist. That is, however, until she saw two others acknowledge Rock Lee's name. She glowered at the hyper girl and the really short girl. They were her team mates...

"You've got to be kidding me!" she thought to herself, silently stomping her foot onto the ground. She raised her hand half way to object to Tsunade's team decisions but decided against it. Who was foolish enough to question the Hokage? Apparently, a girl by the name of Hanako.

"Excuse me, Tsunade-sama, but if one team has one member and the other team two, why not have both sensei’s lead all three genin until other team mates can be found? It makes more sense that way." she said, her hand raised high in the air.

"Why don't you mind your business and worry about your team." Miku whispered a little too loudly. She tried to dismiss the statement by quickly scanning the room. As she looked, she noticed the small girl, whose name was Tsuki, examining her with what seemed to be a forced emotionless facial expression. Miku took it as the girl simply admiring her beauty.

She observed Rock Lee with great interest. Aside from the eyebrows and weird hairstyle, he was kind of attractive. Of course, him screaming every word he spoke wasn't exactly a turn on. Miku let out a deep sigh and came to the conclusion that her life was pretty much over.

October 5th, 2007, 5:16 PM
'Oh WHAT?!' Yuna barely even tried to contain her astonishment as she gaped at the girl beside her. This must be some kind of mistake! THAT rude girl? On HER team? There is surely going to be some problems. The short girl she didn't really have a problem with and her teacher seemed nice but...HER?! How on Earth is she supposed to lead a team with that girl giving her the evil eye? Well she can do that too!

Even if she wasn't giving her the evil eye she was going to beat the other girl to the punch. Yuna whipped her head around and gave a ferocious glare to the girl who seemed to be named Miku. ' No one is gonna get the best of Yuna Handaiyo! Nobody!' She would keep this up all day if she had to. Oh she would,she would. From that point on Yuna had declared (in her mind) that Miku was now her official rival. That other girl couldn't possibly competition judging from her looks but Yuna wouldn't underestimate her either. "Ha! I'm so ready for training!" She blurted out and gave a punch to the air.

October 5th, 2007, 7:07 PM
Katsumi gave a little nervous laugh as the Hokage called her out for being late. Her eyes scanned the other genin. She knew none of them. It made her feel a bit isolated, but then again, that was how she always felt.

What a pain...Socializing with others has always been my weak point. My teammate is going to think I'm a freak, Katsumi thought dismally. Katsumi had never had any friends. Her only company had been her stone-faced clan elders constantly training and attempting to perfect her when she was young; when she was her clan's prodigy.. She wasn't to complain, though; she was glad to start her training as a genin. With a heavy sigh she prepared to introduce herself to her new teammate, Ikimono Koumori.

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October 6th, 2007, 4:10 AM
OOC: ACC-M, that was to show how he is a novice at taijutsu.

"Excuse me, Tsunade-sama, but if one team has one member and the other team two, why not have both senseis lead all three genin until other team mates can be found? It makes more sense that way" Hanabi, Matsuro's teammate had asked. Tsunade lifted herself from her seat and starred straight into Hanabi's eyes.

"Are you questioning my reasons for doing things?" She began, and not waiting for Manabi to reply, she went on, "I don't like being asked why I do something, because it's always for a reason. I especially do not like to be told how to run things. Please leave things as they are...thank you." Tsunade ended, taking her seat yet again.

"To be honest, I wouldn't trust Shikimaru with four people any way, and also, with Kakashi only teaching one student, the genin should be ranking up like a jumping bean." She thought. Just as she sat, even more chaos began. This caused Tsunade to slam both her hands on the table in front of her.

"That is enough. Stop you fussing. Wether you like your team or not does not matter, deal with it. This entire thing has more importance than you could even imagine, so stop fighting and leave with your team." Tsunade sounded as angry as a boar, or even worse. Shizune looked worried, but she kept quiet.

Matsuro was shocked at the loudness the Hokage of Konoha had. He immediately walked over to his sensei. Matsuro was anxious to find out what Sakura had for the team. After a while, he figured that the best thing to do was to ignore that girl, Hanabi, as she would distract him from his training. Once he approached the great and beautiful Sakura, he bowed to her and stood next to her, waiting for the other members of the team.

Koumori was impressed by the Hokage's strong and alpha-dog-like voice. She didn't take a minute to disobey this woman, so Koumori walked over to her sensei, Shikimaru who didn't look to excited for all this, or excited at anything. He just seemed like a slouch. Koumori paid no more attention to this and stood next to him, awaiting her other teammates.

October 6th, 2007, 10:01 AM
Katsumi watched as everyone began drifting twoards their new sensei's, and she figured she might as well, too. She locked all of her nervous emotions in the deepest chamber of her mind and glided over to where Shikamaru Nara stood. He stood hunched over, a cigarette in his mouth.

He seems lazy, Katsumi thought, But first impressions only scratch the surface of a person.

She avoided eye contact with her teammate. She turned on her heel as she approached Shikamaru and landed standing up straight as a board, right next to him. Somehow, though, she had ended up landing on the side where Ikimono stood.

Great, she thought, Introduction time came twice as early than I had expected.

October 6th, 2007, 10:12 AM
"Come my youthful students! Follow me to begin your training!" yelled Rock Lee and he started to parade out of the Hokage tower and into training grounds in the clearing of the forest. He whipped around and stared at his students as if examining them and then gave a grin. "As you all know I am Rock Lee, the leaf village's handsome devil," in which after saying that Yuna stiffled a giggle " I promise to train you harder than you could ever be trained before! There will be no slacking in this group! But before we begin I would like to know more about you. Please state your name,specialties and dreams for the future." After this he gave a thumbs up and pointed to Yuna. " You please start first!"

Yuna straightened up and put on a proud face. " My name is Yuna Handaiyo! I am one of the best ninjas in this village, my specialties are.. my soul flyer justu and I can throw kunai really good! My dreams for the future is to be the best ninja ever and I'll be better then everyone in this village!" she gave a smirk in Miku's direction.

"And with determination and hard work you'll be able to!" Rock Lee exclaimed in his good guy pose. Yuna seemed pleased with his answer. "Now you!" He said pointing towards Miku.

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October 6th, 2007, 11:58 AM
“Thank god I'm not with Shikamaru, he would be a disadvantage to the teachings of Kakashi-Sensei," thought Kyoto. Kakashi exclaimed,"Kyoto come here!" Kyoto did as he was told and walked up to Kakashi. He leaded Kyoto to the area where Sasuke and him had trained for the Chuunin exams. Kakashi told Kyoto,"This is where we'll train after a basic test tommorow at 8:00am in the forest."

Kyoto showed up at the forest before 8:00am and a 9:00am Kakashi showed up. "Late as always," Kyoto thought. Kakashi told Kyoto,"This test is to test your tracking ability, you'll have to track me in this forest but don't worry I'll stay in the forest." Then Kakashi disappeared into the forest and Kyoto started looking for traces of him to follow.

October 6th, 2007, 2:09 PM
Miku listened intently to Yuna's answer and could've sworn some of it was directed at her. She was sure of it when Yuna gave her a weird smirk. Miku simply rolled her eyes and turned to her sensei.

"I'm Miku Yasu, of the Yasu clan. My specialty is taijutsu and I've been training in the art of the Leaf Hurricane. I hope you can help me perfect it. My Chakra Absorption Jutsu makes me perfect for ambushes as I can hide in the shadows while slowly feeding off of my enemy's chakra. My dream is to be so good in taijutsu that I can block any incoming weapon, including perfectly aimed kunai." she answered, directed that last part to Yuna.

"Fine answer!" Rock Lee yelled. "I'm the perfect guy to help you with taijutsu! Is that all? Oh wait, I didn't notice you." Lee was speaking of Tsuki.

"Not a big surprise that you missed the quiet little pip-squeak!" Miku thought, smirking to herself.

October 6th, 2007, 2:37 PM
Tsuki was watching both of her team mates and sensei as they introduced themselves. All of them were loud and the snide comments directed towards each other were noticable.

"Oh wait, I didn't notice you."

'Figures..' she grumbled in her head and tried not to look too weak. She tilted her head up and tried to look tall to make up for her short state. "My name is.." she was about to continue until her sensei interrupted.

"Louder! We must be able to hear your expression of youth!"

This comment only made Tsuki feel smaller but nonetheless she tried to sound a bit louder. " My name is Tsuki Tenshi my specialty is with a specific kind of weapon." she said as she pulled a whip from out of her golden ribbon that was a good 8 feet and then put it back. I'm also good with ninjustu and some taijustu but not much.." She said and thenlooked down again blsuhing as if she was about to shrink to the size of a pebble that instant. " M-my dreams for the future are.., Tsuki then looked up and gave a half smile " To be a really strong ninja so I can protect the village!" Tsuki then proceeded to go back to her task of trying to be invisible to the world.

"Well we still have a lot of time left in the day so let's get cracking! I want to see what you can do! Perform some of your best attacks on those training dummies over there!" Rock Lee yelled at he pointed to the 3 wooden training dummies over by the trees. "Give it your all!"

'No way....I thought we were going to go home and do this tomorrow!' Tsuki sulked inside her mind as she pulled her whip back out.

October 6th, 2007, 4:12 PM
Yuna was too busy fuming at the response by Miku to even listen to the other girl’s introduction. As if she really didn't instagate it. ‘How dare she! That Miku!’
After Lee gave out directions to attack wooden dummies Yuna decided to show everyone what she was truly made of.

After stumbling a bit Yuna then got out all of her kunai and launched them at the training dummy, but a few of them missed so she launched even more at the dummy and proceeded to send furious kicks and punches at it. Angry that she barely made a scratch on it Yuna gathered up the majority of her chakra and formed them into wings on her back. Then she gathered even more chakra into her hand and flew up a few feet. She came crashing down on it with her fist full of chakra and knocked the dummy out of the ground. Seeming pleased with her attack Yuna called out to Miku “See that? If that was you then you would’ve gotten the wind knocked out of you!” Yuna chuckled evilly as if what she said was really funny.

Yuna realized how much chakra she had used and then only started to kick and punch at her dummy. ‘I AM the best, no matter what anyone says!’

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October 6th, 2007, 4:56 PM
Kyoto noticed Kakashi-Senseis first mistake when he left the clearing, it was that he had not anticipated that there would only be one route in the forest for him not to leave less than one trace. So Kyoto feeling quite confident that he would get him used the Shadow Clone Jutsu and dispersed in every direction, three of them noticed a series of broken branches and followed them just to capture a few Water Clones of him which burst and turned back into water. The real Kyoto meanwhile was following the main path where no branch could be broken and he saw footprints that had been left in some parts of the grassy ground and followed them.

He found Kakashi but then to his disappointment Kakashi used Shadow Clone Jutsu as well and dispersed into three directions. Kyoto made the other Shadow Clones who were with him to follow two of the Kakashis and he followed on to the one going forward with lots of determination. The two clones of Kyoto destroyed the other two clones Kakashi in close combat with Kunai Knifes and then Kyoto found Kakashi once more and finally caught him. Kakashi exclaimed happily,"Congratulations you've caught me! Now tell me a bit about you."

Kyotos answered happily ,"I am Genin from the Syuku clan,born in Sunagakure and was accepted as a Genin in this village. I don't go into depth about my clan as my family doesn't trust me telling any of the clans secrets, I will tell you this though, my clan specializes in throwing stars and wind manipulation, I wish to master my clans abilities and become one of the elite Amaterasu Srukenkakashi which get to use the clans specialized weapons which were originated in this clan and are only used by it."
Kakashi shouted,"Great so you'll be a good ninja to train. You seem like I'll be able to get you doing C-Rank missions because of your excellency in tracking me even though I left you a few clones to trick you. I still need to see your combat skills so meet me tomorrow at the training ground I showed you yesterday.

October 6th, 2007, 8:23 PM
Tsuki's outburst on being strong enough to protect the village caught Miku off guard and she re-examined the small girl. Maybe she wasn't SO bad...

"Well we still have a lot of time left in the day so let's get cracking! I want to see what you can do! Perform some of your best attacks on those training dummies over there!" Rock Lee ordered, knocking Miku out of her deep thought. Yuna was quick to go first and tried a variety of taijutsu techniques to damage the dummies. To Miku's surprise, her attacks seemed to have no effect on the dummies. That is, of course, until Yuna made some weird hand sign. Miku watched in awe as chakra began basically pouring out of the girl. Then, she was struck with an idea.

"Chakra Absorption Jutsu!" Miku said in a low tone, although Tsuki, who was still standing next to her, might have heard. In no time, Miku could feel Yuna's enormous amount of chakra begin to fill her own reserves.

"Oh yeah, this is more than enough." Miku concluded, releasing the jutsu. By now, Yuna was back to using normal kicks and punches on the dummy.

"Okay, Miku, show me what you got!" shouted Lee, pointing at the two dummies left standing.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" she yelled, forming five solid copies of her. Her usual amount was two, but she didn't want to waste the extra chakra she just absorbed. Three of the shadow clones closed in on the dummy to the left at an incredible speed. What Miku lacked in genjutsu, she made up greatly in taijutsu.

The three clones bent down low and kicked the dummy in the air, their chakra focused on the base of their feet. The dummy flew up at least fifteen feet before plummeting back to the ground. This time, the other two clones rushed at it and pulverized the wood with a flurry of chakra charged kicks and punches. The real Miku, however, stuck to her position. Even after the clones dissipated, she didn't move.

She noticed the weird look Lee was giving her and replied, "What? Did you expect ME to fight!? Do you have any idea how long I worked on my hair this morning?"

October 7th, 2007, 12:04 AM
Tsuki was about to attack her dummy when the other 2 girls started attacking theirs with shadow clones and chakra. ‘Oh man.. These genin ARE strong.’ Being the observant person she was she saw Miku’s attack and made sure to take a few steps away from her before releasing her justu. Even if she did try that move out on her she wouldn’t be able to absorb it without getting hurt from her whip. Tsuki jumped up, pulled out a second whip and poured only just enough chakra to use her attack. She started to spin in all different directions with her whips and formed a human shaped ball of energy as loose ends of the whip and more whips started to appear out of nowhere and crashing against the dummy. By now she had 11 different whips shooting out of the ball and they were thrashing about. From inside the ball Tsuki made 7 different hand signs and shouted “ Exploding Whip Justu!” She then came down on the dummy and the human ball of energy exploded on contact. However she lost a bit of control and ended up being knocked away by the blast and onto her knees. “I know it may not be the best of justu, but I tried.” She said in between breaths looking to her sensei to see his opinion.

“Well you have to learn how to control the movements of your attack and be able to use the justu without hurting yourself but you did good! All of you did good! NOW!.” He said to make sure everyone was paying attention “ Before you can go I want 100 laps around Konoha!” Tsuki’s face fell and she suppressed the urge to go “WHAT?!” at his request. She stood up and recovered fast from not using too much chakra but stayed down until her team mates were ready to run. She noticed the girl named Yuna was laughing. Why was that?

October 7th, 2007, 6:35 AM
Yuna had fallen onto her back and was laughing now. It was such a nice feeling to have finally seen your attack in action. Well, not real action but at least it works. She looked over to Tsuki just in time to see the training dummy explode into a million pieces. She frowned. 'Why aren't I able to do that?' But she then got happier recalling what had just happened. Her official unofficial rival had just sucked out some of her chakra! At this Yuna started to laugh again. 'That girl! That was my special chakra! ( refer to Yuna's personality) She'll be feeling light headed any moment now.'

Yuna stood up after a few tries and started to run like her sensei told her to. She had used up most of her running strength from this morning but told herself she could handle it. As she caught up to Tsuki she shouted " I'll spar against you tomorrow!" in which her only response was silence and the Tsuki girl passed her. She scoffed and continued running.

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October 7th, 2007, 3:12 PM
"Alright, lets get going. We'll start off in the forest outside of Konoha, lets go." Shikimaru commanded to the two genin standing in front of him. He didn't sound very much like a leader, but Koumori knew that he must have some talents that would be worth having him as a sensei. Koumori fallowed Shikimaru along the streets of Konoha and soon asked a question.

"Are you always this slouchy or are you just tired?" Shikimaru turned his head slightly to get Koumori in his sight and he replied, "Well, I guess you could say that...I like to take things slow and easy." Koumori began to think and asked another question.

"But your a ninja, how can you be a shinobi and yet, you don't want to work...are you that talented?" She asked, with great wonder. Shikimaru looked to his other side to make sure the other girl was still fallowing with them. He then turned back to Koumori and answered her question.

"I guess you could say that, it depends on the mission I'm given also. See, I would be the shinobi who would most likely be asked to guard someone or to slow the enemy down. That's what the shadow possession technique is manly for...What about you, what are your talents?" Shikimaru answered with a fallow-up question. Koumori wondered where to start with herself but soon started.

"Well, my clan use the talents of animals they are destined with to their advantage, but for some reason, I was able to use the talents of more than one animal, although my destined animal is the bat. I prefer to use that animal over the others because I was destined for that animal and if I was given the ability to use other animals, they should be used for special purposes." Shikimaru seemed tired by what Koumori was saying, he wondered why she got into so much detail, and then thought; "Women really do talk too much don't they...Hey, what about you...Katsumi right, what can you do?" Shikimaru asked the other girl, hopping she wouldn't answer with such a long description.

Scarlet Weather
October 7th, 2007, 3:46 PM
OOC: Oh. In that case, great job because you had me completely fooled there. 0_o Gomen Nasai. [/OOC]

Manabi stared at the Hokage's blatant display of anger and apparent lack of self control. Slowly, the blood rushed to the face of the normally even-tempered genin. Her suggestion had been valid, she knew, it must have been that the Hokage was angry that she had been upstaged by a genin. But just as it was an artist's responsibility to listen to any valid critique without becoming angered, so it was the responsibility of a leader to listen to any valid critique of their actions and give an explanation when needed. Manabi was full aware of this fact. Furthermore the attitude of the Hokage... simply disgraceful! She was an angry boar, with a swelled head and a temper resembling that of an eviscerated warthog. Clearly, she was undeserving of the responsibility entailed of one who would oversee an entire village. However, responding in turn would simply cause Manabi to sink to the level of her aggressor. Instead, she would take the road less traveled. Cocking her top hat, she strode to the Hokage's desk and smiled sweetly, before pointing at the older woman. "I will surpass you," she vowed, softly enough that it couldn't be picked up by her team mates but loud enough that the hokage would understand, "I will surpass you one day, and then I'll become the Hokage instead." Her piece finished, she strode to her sensei. "I believe it's time for us to make our exit, Haruno-san."

The pink-haired kunoichi shook her head. "Call me Sakura-sensei. I'd like things to be a bit familiar between me and my students." She then added as an afterthought, "By the way, this is my first time taking on genin, so make things easy for both of us and do what I say, okay?"

Manabi knew she shouldn't ask, but the mischevious streak in her told her to do so anyway. "Or what?"

Sakura frowned, cracking her knuckles. "It will involve a log, some rope, and a very embarassing situation a friend of mine went through."

Manabi felt it would be a wise decision to shut up at this point.

October 9th, 2007, 9:38 AM
"I come from the Hoshikaze clan, which resides in Hoshigakure, so most of my jutsu deals with stars. My strengths vary, but one of my jutsus is very useful for tracking down enemies. My strategy in battle is to daze my opponent, then attack while they're incapable of fighting back," Katsumi, deciding Shikamaru probally didn't want to hear her life's story, assumed the short description would satisfy her sensei for now.

She formed a quick handseal and, from it, errupted a dazzling pink wolf. The beast was made entirely of hot pink chakra, and was life-size in comparison to a real wolf. Its eyes were merely luminously glowing yellow slits. It glided effortlessly up to Katsumi and landed at her side.

"Ugh...What is that?" Shikamaru questioned, as if he was curious, but didn't really mind wether she answered or not. Katsumi kneeled down to pat the canine on the head, but quickly sprang to her full heighth as soon as the inquiry left her sensei's lips.

"She's the product of my Chikara Wolf Jutsu. She's a wolf made entirely of chakra, and I use her for battling, and I can summon her at any time. Her name is Xena. When I was in Hoshigakure, my clan would often leave me alone in the woods to train vigorously, and Xena was my only company. So now, I just let her walk alongside me and follow me in everyday life, and on missions and during training. I also use her for tracking, she has a very sensetive nose. Don't worry, she won't get in the way." Katsumi kneeled down again and gave the large pink creature a pat on the head. A grin spread across Xena's face and her eyes softened.

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October 20th, 2007, 8:59 AM

Matsuro was curious as to the threat that his sensei had just made to the first person to make her teaching a pain. He decided to leave it at that. Matsuro looked to the side and noticed another person who he figured was the Uria character who was also on the team.

"Not very talkative is he?" Matsuro whispered to himself. He chose not to bother him and asked his sensei a question, " So, your a medical ninja correct, are we going to be learning medical techniques?" Sakura showed a puzzled look for a moment as if she hadn't planned anything.

"Well, I don't want to force any of you to learn something you don't want, but if you do find interest in learning healing techniques then I can find some time to teach it to you. I was planning to mostly practice battling but now that I think of it, teaching...at least one of you should be good. It's always nice to have a medical ninja on your team in case the other members are in need of attention." Matsuro glanced over to Manabi for a moment and then back to Sakura.

"So...only one of us will learn medical moves?"

"Well, it'd be a lot easier for me but...I suppose I could teach more than one." She sighed. Sakura then gave a high and mighty smile, attempting to show that we, the genin were lucky to be n her presence.

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October 20th, 2007, 12:33 PM
Manabi rolled her eyes at Sakura and Matsuro before walking to the door. "Look, you can learn medical jutsu if you want," she began, addressing her male teammates, "But if only one of us can do it I want it to be me. Medical Ninjutsu is one of the most difficult yet beautiful forms of the art, so naturally an artist like me should be the one to attempt its use. No offense to you personally, Mr. 'blocking was the worst thing you could do', but if your grasp of other forms of jutsu is as lackluster as your grasp of taijutsu, I don't particularly want to rely on you if I'm in critical condition."

Sakura turned to face Manabi, her eyes sparking. "Listen carefully. Right now, I am your Senpai. If I choose to teach medical ninjutsu to all three of you, then all three will learn. If I choose only one, I'll be the one deciding, not you three. Granted, I won't teach anyone who doesn't want to learn, but that still gives you no excuse to claim the right for exclusive training already. Besides, how am I to decide when I haven't even seen your senjutsu in a real battle situation? It takes time to assess things like your grasp of chakra control and your aptitude for learning jutsu, even for experienced shinobi."

Manabi flicked a lock of hair nonchalantly. "Oh, whatever. If you want to asess our skills, maybe we should just go ahead and tell you about ourselves first." Without waiting for her sensei to approve this course of action, the young kunoichi launched into a self-character sketch. "I am Hanako Manabi, a member of the illustrious Hanako clan and heir to our secret Hema jutsu. My skills with controlling chakra are obviously well developed, and I've mastered defensive taijutsu as well. In addition, I'm easily able to convert ninjutsu normally used simply as a glorified style of fighting into aesthetically pleasing art. Any questions?"

Sakura rolled her eyes before facing the other two genin. "While I wasn't planning on asking that question for a bit longer, you may as well go ahead and tell me your skills now, so I can better decide how to train you. You go first," she said, pointing at Matsuro.

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October 20th, 2007, 1:03 PM

"someone needs to give that girl a slap in the face...I'd wanna see that." Matsuro thought to himself, showing a smirk. He began to giggle slightly as Manabi told of how great she was. Matsuro couldn't care less. Like his sensei, he rolled his eyes once she finished.

"While I wasn't planning on asking that question for a bit longer, you may as well go ahead and tell me your skills now, so I can better decide how to train you. You go first," she said, pointing at Matsuro. Matsuro was ready for this, he took in a deep breath before beginning.

"I am Matsuro, of the Kakidashi clan who practice the art of slightly reading our opponent's mind. Now because of our frail bodies, we created th Yuruigan. This doujutsu has four levels: Level one makes the opponent think we are moving at blinding speeds. Level two allows us to make the enemy see anything we want without any way for them so escape...that is, until we run out of energy. Level three lets us see the opponent's reaction to something, and the forbidden fourth grants us the power of healing the body...but after, we are paralyzed for an entire week. That is one reason why learning medical techniques would lead me away from needing to use the fourth level. The Yuruigan mostly plays tricks on the enemy to give us a chance to attack, run away or any other things that would help according to the situation...I guess that sums it up." Sakura's eyes had turned baggy as Matsuro finished, but once she noticed he finished, her eye opened fully again.

"Oh, very...interesting...Okay, how about you,...Uria correct, what can you do?" Sakura asked, pointing to the member who had yet to speak to any of the others.