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September 16th, 2007, 6:27 AM
(First, I'll apologize for my English, i may make mistakes...)

Pokemon VPS

(version 1.0) (16/09/07)

Maker: Krosk
Made with: RMXP and Pokemon Script Project (a French Starter Kit)
Full game
In French, but will be soon translated in English. Currently, Pokemon names and skill are all translated.

--- Introduction ---

Pokemon VPS is a fan-game with Pokemon features:
- Battle System with wild Pokémon
- Automatic Pokémon management (level, stats, ability, evolution)
- Party management and Storage system
- Bag system
- Catch system
- Database (386 Pokémons)
- Random encounters
- Pokemon-like GUI

In short, it is a Pokemon Battle Simulator. You explore, you catch, you train, and you battle.

Pokemon VPS has also special features especially developed for this game:
- A special VPS GUI
- A challenging game in STRATEGIST Mode: beat the high-level Gardians with level limited Team.
- Set the kind of Pokemon you will encounter in real-time
- Various environment

Length: 3+ hours.

--- Background ---

The Virtual Pokemon Training Center has recently developed a new virtual training program. It is the VPS-assisted Training: VPS stands for Virtual Pokemon System, a small device which allow the user to communicate and modify a virtual environment.

Seeing a lot of potential (and money) in the VPS, the VPTC opens several "VPS Center", a place where people enjoy training Virtual Pokemon.

One of these VPS Center just opened last week near your home. You never have trained a Pokemon, and all your friends are talking about how fun the VPS Center is. You are quite curious, so you go to see what is it...

--- System ---

Pokémon VPS allows you to explore 4 zones. Each zone has its own difficulty and panel of Pokémons you may encounter. Only one zone is opened in the beginning. To unlock the others zones, you have to beat "Gardians", High-level Pokémons, and capture a definite number of Pokémons.

(If you know what Phantasy Star Online is, VPS Center is the same thing: 4 zones connected to a base.)

You start the game with a small device called VPS. This device is a Party Manager, a Pokedex, a Bag Screen, a Saver, and has got special features i will try to explain:
- The ZONE Option is a important option, which allow you to set the Type and the Level of Wild Pokemon.
- When you have already seen a Pokemon, you can start a battle with this Pokemon whenever you want, with the command GENE.
(Look at the screen)

You can play in 2 modes:
- The TRAINER Mode: A simple mode. You just choose a Pokémon and progress through the zones by raising your Pokémons. Bonus exp is x2, and there is no level limit.
- The STRATEGIST Mode: A more difficult mode. Levels are limited, so it is more difficult to beat the Gardians who have 5 to 20 more level than you. Bonus exp is x5.

--- Screen and Download ---

Look at my sign please and follow the link ;)... (Well, i can't see my sign, i wonder if the link is here...).

Thank you!

Aqua Mudkip
September 20th, 2007, 3:42 AM
I saw the demo. It's pretty cool. But like you said, it's french not english. The system and style is great! And lots of people may want to try it when translated. But you want to show your demo and screenshots in your thread? Or just keep it hidden? And what is used because RTP is for RPGXP.

P.S. I found the link :P but I won't show in your thread if you don't like to.

September 20th, 2007, 6:34 AM
Wow this sounds like an awesome game!!!
Keep it up

September 20th, 2007, 10:20 AM
Thank you!

I want to post pictures and links, but i still don't have enough posts to do that, that's why there is no link and pictures for the moment in the post (so look at my sign).

Why do you need RTP? Because battle animations are not done, they use RTP. Some sounds from RTP are used too.

I'll translate it soon enough, and i would be glad if you people test it ;).

September 20th, 2007, 10:43 AM
hm... i have the xp rtp 1.02, but it doesnt work.. >_>
when i start the game, the message
RGSS RTP standart ???????

September 23rd, 2007, 2:53 AM
pokehero >> There might be some compatibility issue. I might be wrong, but the fact that I use rtpxp 1.00 and the game was developed with a non-english version might be the cause. I will do a translation soon (and i will make sure it do not need RTP), so bear with it and don't download it yet.