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September 18th, 2007, 6:21 PM
Y.Z. Act II: Registration and Discussion
Since I want this RP to actually succeed, I've decided to reopen registration at the end of every act. At the end of each act, an overview will be given of the events that occurred, so people can just jump on in. This thread can also be used for discussion purposes. ^^; For existing members, just repost your sign-ups, though change your outfit if your character is wearing new clothes, since Act II is going to take place two weeks after the end of Act I. Positions for Apostle characters are open, though if you sign up as one be prepared to be an antagonist. You can have a maximum of four characters, but if you take that number, make sure you can handle it.

General Plot
History is a funny thing. Months, years, as time passes, history changes. Over time, the past becomes farther and farther away, and as the lives of those who have lived during the past finally all burn out, history can be altered. Facts replaced with fiction, truth becoming lies, until the very core of history rots and becomes something new entirely, an empty shell of what it used to be.

Earth - History in Review
Humanity has suffered a great number of trials over the course of the past 200 years. In 2048, the planet itself turned on the life that inhabited it. The weather grew harsh, the ground shook and shifted, the sky plunging into an eternal darkness never once seen before. When the darkness cleared, the Earth was left a wasteland, the sky dyed a light purple, and only a few million humans remained. From this point on, the use of A.D. was discarded to mark the term of years. In it's place, Y.Z. was used, simply to symbolize the end, because Y and Z are at the end of the alphabet. As time passed, even those remaining began to die, and the remaining people began to search for an alternate method of survival. With little technology remaining, this proved to be quite difficult. However, around the year 10Y.Z., humans took to the skies.

The truth behind the events that took place during the year 10Y.Z. was eventually long lost, and the various beliefs behind what truly happened had torn the world's population into different countries that were constantly fighting with each other. Only two solid facts supported all of the beliefs. The first of these facts is that the majority of humanity had been given wings. They varied in shape, size, and colour from person to person, and it was rare for more than one pair to look exactly the same. For example, one person could have white, feathered wings, while another could have black wings similar to those of a bat. The second fact that remained constant was that somehow, someway, flourishing land floated high above the wasteland below. How this actually works, and where the land came from, however, is unknown.

One of the theories followed is the one believed by the citizens of the western skies, known as the Kingdom of Tealia, ruled by Queen Jade and her son, Prince Ryan. They believe that through science, humans were given wings. They also believe that people used their last remaining knowledge of technology to raise the land, thus explaining the random holes and lakes just beneath the raised land. The capital of Tealia is called Meredy, and it lies on the floating island in the dead center of the western skies. The west is composed of many large floating island with lush forests and large cities. Most food is produced in Tealia, and shipped to other nations. As you can imagine, this becomes problematic when Tealia goes to war with other nations, because they place all focus on the war, and no focus on sending food out to the world.

In the Kingdom of Carn, situated in the eastern skies, the land is ruled by King Dian and his daughter, Princess Juliet (who was actually named after the character in her father's favourite story, Romeo and Juliet). The people in Carn have a more religious view on the past, believing that their god, Tylonstus, gave the good people of the world wings and created flourishing, floating land for them to live on. The land in Carn is similar to that of Tealia, but it is famous for it's abundance of churches and cathedrals. Notre-Dame was lifted into Carn from the remains of Paris, France. The people here care so much for their beliefs, that when a child is born, it has the tattoo of a black rose, the king's favorite flower, placed on the back of it's left hand. The tattoo is enchanted by a form of magic known as Dation, and the effect provided insures the beliefs of anyone wearing the tattoo by sending excruciating pain to anyone brave enough to consider other ideals.

Dation is actual the Dark element of a form of magic known as Mahstion. Mahstion consists of six elements: Lionus (Light), Wation (Water), Fionus (Fire), Wionus (Wind), Dation (Dark), and Eation (Earth). Since most forms of technology have disappeared, Mahstion is an efficient way of getting things done, since everyone has the ability to control one type. Carnians refer to it as Tylonstus' gift, while Tealians refer to it as an unexplained phenomenon. Mahstion can typically be used in a variety of ways, including for attacking, healing, and much more practical uses such as helping to create weapons, or care for plants. All in all, it is a very useful, but relatively mysterious power. Some believe the floating islands are held up by Mahstion.

The third faction lives on the barren world. Wingless humans inhabit this world, using machines to travel to the islands above them. This land is referred to simply as the Underneath, and the people there loathe those with wings. It has no ruler, and they have no specific beliefs. It is essentially the slums of the world. There is no peace, no order, just poverty and destruction. The people of the Underneath are organized into gangs, each with their own individual beliefs. The most prominent group calls themselves the Raven Claw, a group of Sky Pirates that fly their ship across the world and steal from the winged citizens to give to the residents of the Underneath. Even the wingless have control over Mahstion, so confusion has arisen as to the origin of the magic.

Aside from these three dominant nations, there is also Alta, Beta, and Gregar. Alta is a neutral nation situation right in between the primary border of Carn and Tealia. It is a small country on an island similar to the Switzerland of our time in size and shape. It is very mountainous, and very green. Alta is ruled by Prince Regul, since his parents were apparently killed by Underneathers. Beta is the nation of machines. It is where all things related to scholars are conducted. Usually, Beta sells its information to other countries. It is located on a floating island in the snowy north. It is a very barren, snow covered island with metallic buildings, and is only inhabited by a few thousand people. Gregar is a small, floating nation that is constantly changing location. Because of this, the climate is constantly different. Gregar is famous for it's historical readings, and often partners with Beta for various projects.

Recently, more and more rumors of further hostilities between Tealia and Carn have been popping up. Apparently, small islands have begun to drop in both countries with little reasoning whatsoever behind it. Both countries believe it to be the work of the other, and this of course has begun to cause problems. Unfortunately, Alta is drawn into the mess as well when the capital, Meera, is attacked by Carn forces so that they could use as a base. Alta's population consists of those from all countries trying to get away from the war, and thus many rebels were killed in the process. It was at around this time that the purple sky flashed yellow. It was bizarre, and left everyone confused. However, for selected individuals, this brought new responsibilities. Few people worldwide found themselves with strange marking on the center of their forehead in the shape of a dot in the colour of whatever Mahstion they controlled. Little did they know at that time, that they would find themselves in a whirlwind adventure exploring the very truth of the world and it's past...

Mahstion - An Explanation
Mahstion is one of the greatest resources available to humankind in the year 200Y.Z. Originally starting out as a total myth, it was officially identified in the year 175Y.Z. by the scientist, Dr. Galenos Frederick. Dr. Frederick was the first human being to ever tap into the power. Of course, Carn was quick to label it as a blessing of Tylonstus, while Tealia had no possible explanation for it's origin or purpose. Eventually, it was found that almost anyone, wings or not, was capable of tapping into the mystical power. Mahstion soon became a popular topic in all of the laboratories across the world, and a few important fact were established.

First of all, mahstion was divided into six different types, all of which were based around a different element. There was Lionus, the light element, Dation, the dark element, Fionus, the fire element, Wation, the water element, Wionus, the wind element, and Eionus, the earth element. It was also found that a person only has the capacity for one type of mahstion, and the mahstion one possesses is not one of choice. Every type of mahstion has an opposite, and the user is in turn, weak against the mahstion opposite to what they use. The three sets of opposites are as follows: Lionus and Dation, Fionus and Wation, Wionus and Eionus.

While humans can channel mahstion, it is also everywhere. In the air, water, the light, and even the darkness, mahstion is there. When a human channels it, however, it takes on a physical form. Some machines are capable of drawing the energy from mahstion in the air to run.

While Fionus, Wation, Wionus, and Eionus have self explanatory capabilities (manipulating fire, water, wind, and earth), Lionus and Dation are not as clear. Lionus and Dation users have the ability to create a type of energy based off of their type, and can also manipulate the light or darkness for various purposes, such as creating illusions.

Today, mahstion is used almost everywhere, although applied in certain areas. The armed forces for most nations are almost always looking for new mahstion users to recruit, for it is now a common combat practice. Wionus is often used among Sky Pirates because of it's ability to help keep ships and other flying machines in the air. Fionus is more commonly used for helping in the creation of tools and machines, while Wation is commonly used among farmers and towns in the midst of a drought, and Eionus is used for shifting and moving land, often in construction and landscaping. Lionus is used as an energy source for lights and machines, while Dation is used primarily by the armies for combat uses. Of course, these are only examples.

Not everyone can freely use mahstion. Some take longer to tap into the ability, while some never acquire it at all. In truth, only about half of the world's population can use mahstion. In the cases of some people, an object may be required as a form of portal to bring out their mahstion, while others can use the power just by thinking about it. It varies from person to person. Some even have specialized items called Mahstion crayms that amplify their power. The problem with this is that it places a huge amount of strain on the human body. Crayms are in the form of a small, blood red pill, and last for up to thirty minutes.

The Seven Apostles
Apostles are not human. They do not look human, and they are not born like humans. In fact, apostles are born from science, a term that defies all that Carn is. You see, an apostle is created when two users of different mahstion are fused together into one being. The new being has no memory of its past two lives, and it's appearance has some physical and personality similarities with the two humans (with ages between 8 and 20) that it's derived from. However, the DNA of the final product is corrupted by the fusion of mahstion energies in their bodies, usually giving them parts to their appearance that seem demonic, or animal-like. If the two mahstion types oppose each other, the apostle is more likely to appear less human. Due to the nature of fusing two mahstion types into one entity, the apostle also receives an immense power boost, allowing them to be stronger, smarter, and insanely faster than your average mahstion user.

Production of apostles began approximately eight months prior to the escape of Princess Rosaline, when a man by the name of Eugene Kylan developed the theory, and presented it to the king. The king initially refused the proposal, due to Carn's disbelief in the use of science, but eventually allowed the use of the new discovery after Eugene proposed the use of apostles as a military unit. With a power such as the power an apostle would have, Carn could be unstoppable. And thus, the first apostle was born, and then the next, and the next, and so on. They were given the titles of Apostle as a way to hide the fact that science was being used. A title such as that made them sound like they were born of the god; nobody would question it. The apostles were then confined to a military base in Alta after Carn took the small country over, and to this very day have been awaiting orders. A list of Apostles:

1. Velin Dahn
2. Azyla Astrange
3. Kira Zeybal
4. Kyra Zeybal
5. Arturo Plasterez
6. Villa Katrik
7. Cress Alberto Tylonstus

Act I in Review
On the night she was to be sacrificed for the "sake" of Carn's god, Tylonstus, Rosaline Dian, the daughter of the King was taken from the country in front of the entire audience by a young teenage boy by the name of Reid Davies. During their return flight, there was a strange flash of light, and the two passed out mid flight, landing on Alta. They were found by the Florinen family, and kept under their care for a day. This is where they met two young girls named Alicel Florinen and Faewyn Ayre. During their stay, Alicel was captured by a priest from Carn, called Aertan Svartel, who took her as a guide so that he could locate Rosaline, who had been right under his nose.

In a panic, Reid had Faewyn lead the two off of Alta, meeting Reid's friend Rod along the way. The small group flew down to the city of Azern, which was located almost directly under the country of Alta. Upon arriving, they met Reid's family briefly, before they were attacked by Aertan. Reid was barely able to cripple the man into submission, and he ran away, leaving Rosaline with the truth that her sister, Princess Juliet, would be next to be sacrificed if she wasn't. It was after this that the group learned that Reid was a fallen, someone who had their wings ripped from their back. They also learned that he would be locked away for failing to deliver Rosaline on time, and he shut himself off from the others. Rosaline then resolved to save her sister, asking Aertan for help if need be. Rod took the girls shopping for outfits, and the entire group went to a hot spring that night, in preparation for the next day.

The next day the group departed for Meredy, the capital of Tealia, aboard a flying contraption Reid had built when he was a child. Upon their arrival, they were captured by a member of the Tealian forces by the name of Adela, apparently an acquaintance of Reid's, and they were locked up. The girls awoke in a cell with their foe, Aertan, and Rosaline pitched her proposal for working together. They also met a peculiar girl named Aleksandra Zaitseva. When Reid awoke, he was confronted by Rod, who admitted to be playing Tealia, Carn, and Reid the entire time, to further his own ambitions. He had apparently discovered a strange stone underground that promised him infinite power, and it drove him mad. Reid got Adela to let him out so that he could stop Rod, but upon confronting the traitor, Reid was badly wounded by a gun, a forbidden technology. Drifting into unconsciousness, something took over her body, something inhuman. That green dot upon his head consumed his body, and within five seconds all of the flesh on Rod's body had been torn in a bloody mess, Reid passing out right after. He was barely kept alive by a woman named Shiraume.

It's been two weeks since that day, and Reid has been in a coma ever since. The threat of war from Carn has become even stronger, and with the incident involving the death of Rod still shrouded in mystery, Rosaline, Faewyn, and Alicel were released under the condition that they were to train for combat, and that they would work for the Tealian forces. Why Tealia wanted Rosaline is still unclear, but perhaps all will be answered soon...

Nationality: (Tealia, Carn, Underneath, Alta, Beta, Gregar)
Class: (Citizen, solider, etc)
Mahstion Type:
Weapon Class: (Sword, Lance, Staff, etc. No guns, since that technology was lost)
Appearance: (Don't forget to explain the wings in detail)
RP Sample:(I'll only ask for it if I need it)

September 18th, 2007, 6:56 PM
Name: Aberille des Nastos
Age: 49
Gender: Female
Nationality: Tealia
Class: Merchant
Mahstion Type: Wation
Weapon Class: Two-Handed Lance
Appearance: Aberille is a middle aged woman and she is beginning to show her age. Her once proud, blond hair is now dull and streaked with a blotches of grey. Her blue eyes are milky and bland, appearing to be almost lifeless. Aberille's skin is no longer smooth and flawless, but is now rather wrinkled and saggy. She is however in moderately good shape, standing at 6'1" and 140 pounds. She is built athletically, with toned arms, legs, and stomach. More often than not, she can be found wearing a long, flowing turquoise robe that is draped over her rather broad shoulders. The only amount of skin that is exposed is the top of her chest, revealing a small amount of cleavage. Any accessory she wears is made of sapphire: her dangling earrings, her necklace, and the rings she wears on both index fingers. A long scar runs down her the right side of her neck, which she attempts to conceal by always wearing her hair down. Her nose is thin and long, often characterized as what a witch's nose looks like. Her eyes are small and appear to be closed. She wears black, fingerless gloves with sapphires fixed onto them. Aberille's nails are painted a gentle sky blue color, giving some vibrancy to her rather dull skin.

Unlike the rest of her body, her wings seem to be flowing with vast amounts of energy. At full wingspan, they extend to about fourteen feet, and the feathers hang from them like stalagmites hanging from the ceiling of a cave. At first glance, many would say they are white, but in fact they are a light blue color. Keeping up with her usual theme, she has sapphires tied into her wings, which refract the light when she is in mid flight. If one had to pick a bird whose wings were similar to Aberille's, one could say they resemble that of a swan's.
Personality: A brutal, harsh, and a stickler of a saleswoman. That is what many of the people who meet Aberille have described her as. In her mind however, she feels she's doing whatever is necessary to survive. Aberille hates to spend money, opting to store whatever she makes into a bank. She hates paupers and those who ask for money. She loves the color blue (if you can't tell by her Appearance) and everything she owns is a hue of blue. Aberille is a very polite woman, always saying please and thank you whenever someone helps in her in one way or another. She usually avoids help from others, preferring to do it by herself. Aberille also takes great pride in the mercantile industry she has built from the ground up, finding herself as one of the more wealthy citizens of Tealia. When angry or upset, her dull eyes fill up with color and her face turns bright red. When happy, her smile is somewhat crooked, but she can't help but to giggle like a young girl.
History: At one point, Aberille found herself living in the slums of Meredy. Her mother either passed away or left the family almost right after Aberille's younger sister was born. Her father, Ios, was never clear on the matter nor did he wish to speak about it. Her father was a former soldier of the Tealian army, losing one arm in a battle. This made him almost useless to the majority of employers, so they instead came to rely on the donations of others. Eventually, she came under the tutelage of a lowly merchant who at one point was one of the wealthier men in Tealia, but he insulted one of the more prominent nobles and lost any prestige he had. He however knew the workings of the economy and sought to pass on his skills to Aberille. Over time, Aberille surpassed her mentor in ability and soon had her own list of clients to her name. She even managed to gain a few contracts with the Royal Palace, which earned her a great deal of money. Soon, her mentor grew jealous and attempted to sabotage her business. Angered and hurt, she went out and ruined the man entirely, banishing him to the streets as a lowly beggar. In the meantime, she took up the task of supporting her invalid father and younger sister. Eventually, her sister married and left for Carn, never to heard from again. Aberille's father's condition worsened and he found himself on his death bed. His last words to Aberille were that he was proud of what she had done, but to not get lost in her work. Aberille promised him she would follow his advice and kissed him on the forehead. Then, he passed away, and Aberille arranged for him to be buried in the Veteran's Cemetary. In the following years, Aberille disobeyed her father's advice and grew absorbed with her work. She sought ought to ruin everyone of her competitors and taking all of their clientèle. Aberille eventually grew to be one of the wealthiest citizens of Tealia, only below the Royal Family in terms of wealth. She even managed to purchase a slave from a dealer traveling in through Tealia. She bought the most handsome and rugged of the group who was to serve as her bodyguard. Several days after purchasing the slave, named Felix, he attacked her, slicing open her shoulder. Fighting through the pain, she smashed him over the head with her lance, and then encased most of his body in a casket of ice. While he was unconscious, she fasted a brace around his neck, outfitted with a bomb. She told him if he ever disobeyed her again, she would kill him.
RP Sample: Will you need one from me?

Name: Felix Xomos
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Nationality: Carn
Class: Slave/Body Guard
Mahstion Type: Dation
Weapon Class: Sword & Shield
Appearance: Felix is an imposing man. He stands at six feet and five inches tall. He weighs around two hundred and thirty pounds. His skin is heavily tan from the years of physical labor he did outside, which also accounts for his muscular body. His hair is a short, crewcut, and a sandy dirty blond color. His eyes lack almost any iris, consisting mostly of his pupil. He wears one large, golden loop earring in his left ear. More often than not, he wears no shirt, instead opting to remain bare chested. If he does wear a shirt, it's a plain white button up shirt. Felix also wears a pair of baggy, brown work pants which are held up by brown suspenders. On his feet he wears brown work boots with green laces.
Personality: As a boy, he was painfully shy. He felt like he didn't fit in anywhere, so he kept to himself for most of his life. Because of this, his social skills are poor at best. He usually stands behind Aberille, letting her do the talking. He's a gentle man, preferring to take care of others rather then focusing on himself. He loves to workout, often doing so before Aberille wakes up. At first, he saw his servitude as a burden, but he's grown attached to his master. He feels uttermost regret for attacking her years ago, so now he's incredibly loyal to her.
History: Much like his master, Felix grew up in an impoverished family. His mother and father worked as day laborers, helping to build the temples that littered the country of Carn. Though they worked hard, they had seven children to support, so money was scarce. Like most who resided in Carn, they were a very religious family and whatever extra money they made was donated to church. Felix was the sixth of seventh children, and grew up in a positive atmosphere, despite the situation his family found themselves in. At the age of five, he started to work as a servant boy for a wealthy widower, taking care of her every wish and command. Eventually, he was caught stealing from the woman and as punishment, the government sold him into slavery.
RP Sample:

Alter Ego
September 19th, 2007, 3:23 AM
Stupid question: should the peoples from act 1 repost their profiles here? It just occurred to me that a profile update might be in order too, seeing as how something which I thought would be a mere side-feature for Faewyn's personality has gotten to come out and play a lot more than expected (And, considering that the plot is taking a darker twist, might well continue to do so).

Also, any chance I could do a teensy-weensy little apostle? The concept just gave me a deliciously evil idea. >D EDIT: Aww...strike that, I just noticed the age limit. Pfft...it wouldn't make sense timeline-wise. T_T

I have to say, though: the act change idea is clever. *Swipes so he can call it his own later on* ^-^

September 19th, 2007, 12:26 PM
"For existing members, just repost your sign-ups, though change your outfit if your character is wearing new clothes, since Act II is going to take place two weeks after the end of Act I. Positions for Apostle characters are open, though if you sign up as one be prepared to be an antagonist. You can have a maximum of four characters, but if you take that number, make sure you can handle it."

^It's in the first paragraph. XD

Aww, but I really need apostles, and it's not like they're always going to be in the picture, so they aren't a lot of work to look after. D=

September 19th, 2007, 12:53 PM
Crap... I wished I was more active in the first Act, but real life kept me busy forever and I never got to post more than one RP. If you don't mind I would like the Revamp my old character, Bardrin. I'll post the old sign-up for now, but I'm going to change his weapons, appearance, personality, and history (pretty much everything).

Name: Bardrin Karson (Goes By Bar)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Nationality: Tealia
Class: Tealian Army Warrior
Mahstion Type: Dation

Weapon Class:
Bar's weapon is a very complicated and dangerous weapon to weild. When Bar had joined the army he did not want a sword or a bow to use in combat, but a special one of his own creation. So he began to forge this weapon after intense study, which he later named the Dancing Abyss. The Dancing Abyss consisted of two specialy crafted black blades that, if layed down on a table, was as wide as two mans arms and only had one sharp edge. Holding the blades togeather was a five foot long chain. The chain is where Bar would hold onto the weapon and swing the blades around him and in other angles to attack his enemys. Using this weapon usually leaves Bar tired after about fourty five minutes of battling and sometimes leaves his forearms, back, and chest where the chain would wrap around his body while he was spinning about to shrink the other armies forces.

Bar stands at an almost towering height of 6'3'' and his build is quite muscular. His long, black hair hangs down to his shoulders and sometimes over his brown eyes. His tan, scared body is protected in a simple outfit. His torso is contained by three layers; the first layer is a plain white tunic to help protect his skin from tiny scars caused by the second layer of chainmail. Over top of that is is main form of protection, a black sleeveless chestplate with gold rims along the edges. To match the chestplate are two bracers on both of his forearms. The bottom half of his body has a normal pair of dark brown cargo pants and a pair of thick army boots that is mostly hidden by the cargo pants. Bar's custom weapon, the Dancing Abyss, is attached to his waist with one blade on his right and the other on his left. The chain attaching the two custom blades hangs down the back of his legs, almost touching the ground. Bar's favorite part of his apperance is his large eagle-shaped wings. The wings contain two colors: black and a dark, almost blood-like red. They smoothly change colors from black to red from the very tip of the wings to the very bottom.

When you meet Bar for the first time, you get the image that he is one of those thugs who would mug you in a dark alley as soon as he noticed you, but he's actually the total opposite. He has some of the greatest manners and tries his best to make you a friend, not an enemy. Even though Bar is very friendly, he is also very quiet. He doesn't talk much, but when he speaks he tells the person or persons exactally what he has to say without delaying it in any way. Bar is also very intellegient and loves to seek for more, hoping to extend it beyond anyone elses knowledge and write books of almost everything he knows. Bar hasn't used his intellegence to teach others yet, but instead has applied all of it to making his personal weapon and battle stratigies for the Tealian Army. One of his dreams though is to become a great scholoar and live in Beta when he has become to old to fight for Tealia.

Bar can also be very stubborn when he has become a leader and is in control of making the best choices for the people he has become in charge of. It's usually at these times that he doesn't listen to the ideas of others and can get really frustrated when others complain about Bar not listening to them. This can cause problems because Bar's decision skills become terrible when he loses his temper, meaning that he is not doing his job as a leader and instead of making the best descisions he makes the worst decision. Bar tries his best to stay away from positions with power just because of his stubborn attitude that shows up.

Bardrin was born into a family of soldiers in the Tealian Army. None of the family members were well-known soldiers and were still just simple cadets. The Karsons, being an army family, had decided that their newest and second boy would also follow the family tradition and join the Tealian Army and would hopefully become one of the best soldiers anyone had ever seen. So, when Bar was just old enough to weild a small, light sword his father began to put him under intense training. Everyday at sunrise, Bar and his brother Alferd would take a two hour hike to a training field used by his parents. In the training field, Bar would be put in almost every typical situation that a Tealian soldier would have to face and Bar would have to overcome the situation in the best possible way. They would spend days and nights without sleep just training so that Bar knew just what to do to protect himself, and Bar hated every moment of it.

Bar rebeled against his parents methods when he had turned 13. He was getting tired of during the exercises that his parents put him through everyday. This instantly turned into a huge family fued between Bar and his parents. Bar began to run away from home more and more, hiding out at places like the library and pubs. It was during these times that Bar found his love for learning by reading the tons of books the library contained within it's walls. His visits here became more frequent that by the age of 17 he had become smarter than his parents and was able to discuss many different subjects with the scholors in Tealia. But his hunt for knowledge what put on hold as his mother died from a very bad heart attack. He then began spending more time with his family, morning over the loss of the family's mother. It wasn't long after the sudden death that Bar's father had ended up commiting suicide. Now it was just Bar and his older brother and it would be this way for a year since Bar would become of age and could then buy a house of his own.

After the death of his parents, Bar began to look at his life. He was beginning to feel sorry about abandining his parents during his training and to make up for it, Bar decided that he would joing the Tealian Army. He training his last year instead of studying and on the day of his 18th birthday, Bar joined the army.

RP Sample: Just tell me if you want me to post one and I will.

September 19th, 2007, 2:03 PM
Name: Aertan Svartel
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Nationality: Carn
Class: Priest
Mahstion Type: Fionus
Weapon Class: Aertan's sword is, if stretched out, 10 feet in length. It curves like a crescent, and is grasped in the very middle of the arch. In the middle of the black handle is a long red braided leather rope, which can be grasped and spun about in the air, and let go to spin like a boomerang.

Appearance in Act I: Aertan is a strange being to behold. His snow white hair is brushed back, away from his face while he leaves a very large clump to hang between his eyes and slowly bend to the right, the hair covering his face being a maroon red. A pair of cat-like, bright red eyes seem to never blink, and his waxy complexion leaves him a rather frightening person. However, frightening or not, he is usually wearing the same thing, and the outfit consists of a pair of black pants that fit just right, a white long sleeved dress shirt, and a black pinstriped vest. His shoes are a pair of heavy boots, with black rubber soles that are textured horizontally. On his right index finger is two large silver rings, and a skull ring on his left middle finger. He has multiple piercings on both his ears, on his left three halved hoops on his lobe, and two silver hoops on his right cartilidge. But it is his wings which are strangest of all, his large bat-like wings sporting dark blemishes on the black waxy wings. On the highest point of the frame of his wings, sits a knobbly end which has five bumps all lined up with each other. The direction they're lined up is always changing, and the reason for this is because of what the bumps really are. They are in fact, knuckles, that are the only constantly visible part of the arms that hide within the outermost bone of Aertan's wings. The arms are a very very dark red in color, with razor sharp nails, a bony and waxy build like the wings they sprout from, and have very angular joints, at places like the elbow, and fingers. The fingers themselves are twice as long as any normal person's fingers, and each arm has a mind of it's own. They cannot speak but when they show up outside of battle, they tend to cause mischief and trouble. Each of these gruesome hands have the black rose tattoo, and will make strange shrieking sounds when they burn. This is the only time in which the goblin-like arms make noise. Aertan however, also posesses the black rose tattoo, like any normal Carn-born person, and in addition, he now has a red dot in the middle of his forehead, which never ceases to annoy the sanity out of him. Both goblin hands have a black chain necklace which wraps around the palm and has a red orb that sits in the middle of the bony palms.

Appearance in Act II: As his original attire was tattered and torn during his fight against the Tealian Guard, he now wears a simple slim-fitting white shirt, the main torso of the shirt extending a few inches past his bony hip and the long sleeves rolled up more often then not. He wears seemingly the same pair of black pants from earlier, however, this new pair is fully intact and is made of a more durable fabric that's not the formal and pressed kind from before. On his hands are a pair of black gloves that stretch taut against his skin, and the rings that were originally on his fingers are worn over the gloves. Aertan has stopped the practice of brushing his hair back, and now lets the snow white fringe hang in his eyes and partially conceal his earrings. Haeon't and Geote, the hands that live in his wings, no longer have the necklaces around themselves as their eyes and mouths that were sewn shut have been unsealed, and they no longer have the black rose tattoo on the backs of their hands. As of late, Aertan has amputated his left hand.

Personality: A reserved person, Aertan seems like a complicated enigma, his quiet ways and vocabulary consisting of "Ah" and "Hm" giving him the look as if he's constantly thinking about something. In reality, he's probably not thinking about anything, as he has a tendency to wipe his mind of most thought. This is because Aertan's extra set of hands in his wings are extremely rowdy, and very much dislike being stuck in the frame when not in battle. Thus, Aertan has to constantly think about keeping them where they are, so they don't emerge and try to pick a fight. This causes him to be extremely tired, as holding back two goblin-hands that suffer from a bad case of ADHD is a sufferable job. As a result of his constant exhaustion, Aertan usually harbors a blank look on his face, as if he doesn't understand anything that's being said. However, one emotion that he always shows no matter how tired he is, is annoyance. Usually the annoyance is directed towards his wings, but Aertan is very easily annoyed, be it a scratching sound, too much talking, too much light, not enough light, the smallest things get on his nerves. In the rare moments when he's just awoken, he is extremely pleasant, all smiles, and kinder then all. This is a slightly eerie state, as admitted by his closer friends, due to the fact that he becomes very cheerful and eager to help when he's not tired. Thus, Aertan's personality really depends on whether he is tired, or whether he is not.

History: The Svartel Family was known for being a family that was not respectable, a family that had no known respectable origins or merits to their name. This family died from the pain that resulted from their doubt in their religion, fifteen years before Aertan was even born. He was born in the dead of night in a church, his mother malnourished and dead by the time the infant was born. Before her death however, she told the priestess that the child’s name was Svartel. Aertan Svartel. Svartel was the first word Aertan ever heard, and the last word his mother ever uttered. The priests in the church which Aertan now took up residence could find no reason as to why the woman would want to give her son the name of a disrespected family, but, respecting the wishes of the dead, they gave him his name. Growing up, the people around Aertan made sure that he never had any chance to doubt his religion, to mark him as different from the true Svartel family. They told Aertan that his wings, Haeon’t, the left hand, and Geon’t, the right, as the priests had named them, were curses. They told him that in a past life, he had probably committed two sins, that came back to him as two gruesome arms that burrowed in his wings. Throughout his entire life, Aertan has believed every last word told to him, never doubting anything, as nothing has ever been shown to him that may point otherwise. Though Aertan has never doubted his religion, he has never avidly believed in it. It is Aertan’s standing in that he feels that it is not a subject that too much thought will sort out, thus he has never said anything during prayers, keeping his mind the usual blank.

Name: Alicilante [Alicel - Ah-li-cell] Florinen Svartel
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Nationality: Alta
Class: Citizen
Mahstion Type: Wation

Weapon Class: Alicel uses a whip that is a pure white in color, and shares the same iridescent sheen as her wings. The whip is triple her height, so it's not very usually unravelled all the way during use, as it's too long to handle at full length.

Appearance: Alicel (http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h88/EvileBell/Rider.png) has a very plain appearance, her pale blonde hair seemingly white and her delicate frame seemingly too thin for her own good. She keeps her hair down, slightly wavy at the ends but straight otherwise, her bangs framing her face and falling in between her icy cold eyes which are usually half closed to make them seem softer and less sharp. Her lips are graced with a pale, shimmer gloss which are always stretched into a gentle smile that can calm the cries of most any child. Alicel has a crazy assortment of clothes that changes almost everyday, but it’s never too flashy, and usually consists of pastel colors, a skirt, and a plain top. Most often she is wearing a pair of gray heeled boots, and white stockings that reach her upper thigh’s. A bluish lavender skirt is usually around her waist, the wavy folds just long enough to cover part of her white stockings. Alicel’s liking for pastel colors shows in her usual cream colored shirt, with a loose collar and wide sleeves which leave the shirt loose and comfortable. When it’s cold enough, Alicel wears a pale lavender scarf which is exactly three shades lighter then her skirt, and her thin bony wrists sometimes carry the burden of two silver bangles on either wrist. Her delicate hands usually have a clear coat of nailpolish on them, though it’s hardly noticeable.

Appearance in Act II: However, after being blasted away by Aertan's bomb necklace, Alicel changed her torn attire to a simple black mini-dress, the skirt reaching just past mid-thigh and loosely hanging around her legs, instead of being a wide and flowy skirt like before. It has a black square collar, and thick straps. She had worn white tights, but they became torn when she was thrown into the dungeons of Tealia, thus, she doesn't wear them anymore. Her boots are black, the left one ending just below her kneecap, belted in numerous places, while the right one simple ends at mid-shin, with a large metal zipper on the side. She wears a bright azure scarf as a headband, tied into a knot right next to her left temple. Her cornsilk hair is now parted to the side, and her bangs cover her left eye, which was partially blinded by a piece of glass that had lodged itself in her eye when the bomb necklace exploded. Alicel wears two plain silver rings on her right hand, while one thick silver bangle sits on her left wrist. There were originally two bangles, however, she left one with Shiraume, a Tealian healer, so that it would be buried with Rod's mangled corpse.

Alicel's wings are practically invisible, only seen by their iridescent sheen. By what you can see, they look to be made of scales, rather then feathers, and have no frame. They simply seem to jut out of her back, the pair of wings small and hard to notice. However, strangely, her left hand has rather ugly burn marks all over the back of her hand, so she wears a simple white or black fingerless glove to cover it up.

Personality:At first glance, Alicel is easy to understand. She’s a polite and mannerly girl who always says and does the right things.

With a laid-back personality, Alicel may seem like she has a flat string of reactions, which is almost always a quiet smile and gentle response. She always tries her best to please the people around her, whether they’re foe or friend, and even though with her whacked out sense of humor and complete lack of common sense, the joke is usually on her. She’ll laugh at just about anything that’s not funny, and usually stays silent at things that are funny. An odd person, Alicel is seemingly the ideal person, and she’s always the first to try and cheer someone up. She rarely expresses any emotion in excess, other then a calm ditzy aura, giving most people the impression that she’s not a very smart person, when the truth is that she’s frighteningly intelligent. Alicel is unbelieveably gullible, helpless in stressing situations, and mostly only good for a laugh at her expense, or for moral support.

Even so, Alicel is a strange girl, who rarely puts all her trust in anyone. Her personality bounces off all sides of the walls, and perhaps the only insight to her true personality is her icy cold eyes. In reality, Alicel is an excellent actress, changing her personality and appearance so that she is more easily accepted by the people she meets. In reality, Alicel is a monster. She is envious of everyone around her, and is a very calculating person who can find to way to be jealous of just about everyone she even glances at. A good way to understand Alicel’s true personality is to find the opposite of her fake one. She loves to antagonize people, has absolutely no sense of humor, and is far from a dream girl. She doesn’t hesitate to make someone miserable for her own ego, and has a very low self-esteem which is more dangerous for others, then herself, due to her ruthless and selfish goals. Arrogant at heart, Alicel goes about judging people by first impressions, even though she gives everyone the impression that she always gives the benefit of the doubt.

Her short attention span, coupled with her rude bluntness, can make a very frustrating combination when Alicel isn’t pretending, though, this is a rare instance.

History: Alicel grew up surrounded by green. As a child, her questions as to why her left hand was so mangled were answered with the point, "Your parents both had the same hands. Don't worry about it." However, this sparked a curiousity in Alicel. Her parents didn't have left hands like hers. They were unblemished and as perfect as the rest of her skin. But only a child, she left the subject discarded, and never brought it up until she was finally old enough to understand what that meant. At the age of 13, she confronted her 'parents' about their past statement and was told that she was indeed, not truly of the Florinen family, but an ancient family who had fled from Carn and Carn's religious ways. She was told that the family she originated from was the Svartel family, a twisted family that was insane, and even after they fled from the Carn practices and changed their names, they still burned any child's left hand, to remind them of their ancestor's suffering.

Alicel was consumed, and looked up everything and anything about the Svartel family, even taking a short break to Carn to look around in the libraries there. She is very easily the most knowledgable girl in the world about the 'extinct' Svartel family, but was ultimately unsuccessful in finding the only other Svartel in the world she had read about, finding only a destroyed church in the site where he was said to reside. After her failure in finding the other Svartel, Alicel dropped the subject entirely, living her life as a Florinen, and blocking out any thoughts of the Svartel Family, trying to concentrate on the present. However, in reality, Alicel's root of jealousy and envy for everything and anything sprouts from her knowledge that she is ultimately a descendant of a ridiculed family who had to discard their name to live normal lives. Embarassed that this was her origin, she could no longer relate to anyone around her, and resorted to envying them.

Name: Adela Ciaccio
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Nationality: Tealia
Class: Tealian Forces Unit
Mahstion Type: Dation
Weapon Class: Bow and Arrows
Appearance: Adela ( http://journal.suteki.nu/wp-content/uploads/2006/11/childom-02.jpg)'s wings are invisible, or at least, they would be if they weren't covered in a fine layer of white glitter. When she walks, the glitter will fall behind her like a trail, but this can be stopped if she wills it, and the glitter will not fall. As of Act II, Adela has stopped wearing the cyan ribbons on her legs and the wrist warmers on her arms, and replaced her cyan shoes with identical red ones.

Personality: Adela, at first glance, seems like a very hyperactive girl. She’s all smiles, always makes sure that she seems nothing less then girly, and seems to have the shortest attention span on the face of the planet. She seems to take nothing seriously, and is always more then glad to go see someone, relay a message, or do a favor, as long as she can annoy someone in the process. Even when she’s sad, or angry, there’s usually a smile on Adela’s face, something she’s trained herself to do. Though seemingly bubbly and innocent, Adela is usually the culprit behind cruel pranks or jokes, rumors or backstabbings. Mischevious to a fault, Adela loves to cause people misery, and loves to make them suffer. Merciless in battle, she will usually take a measured judgement of her opponents ability, and if they are considerably weaker then herself, she will taunt them with her vocabulary that makes her seem as if she’s twice her real age. Two-faced, Adela is extremely selfish and self-serving, as she prefers to ignore people who might cause a problem in one of her master plans, all of which are extremely intricate and laid out to the last detail with some leeways where certain things don’t have a 100% chance of happening.

But because she puts on her façade of a cheerful and ditzy child, most people don’t even think to blame her when a tragedy happens. In fact, she’s rarely even informed of the results of her pranks, leading her to be forced to seek out answers on her own. Her true face is a sneak, a patient schemer who’s out for personal profit, and someone who resents the people who really are the way she acts: Happy. Naturally, she's somewhat insecure, as most people who's goal in life is to be noticed or accepted by someone else. She's somewhat spineless and has very little courage, and is quick to break into tears.

History: Since birth, Adela grew used to being with people at one moment, and at the next, completely alone with no one else around. Because she wanted people to be happy when they were around her, she masked her resentment for being left behind all the time, showing her malicious face only when people left her alone. It was in this way that she would scheme for hours on end, sketching up elaborate plots that seemed to have no goal, no end, and no reason other then revenge. She made one for every single situation she could think of, knowing that she couldn't demand that her mother, none other then Commander Milo of the Tealian Forces, stay at home with her, she even drew up a plot that would keep her mother from going back at all. She kept all these plots hidden inside a music box she'd received from her father as a gift, a lockable one in which she wore the key about her neck at all times. When she'd finally schemed to the point where she could add nothing further, she burned every last plot, and picked up a bow and arrow, the two things that were once present in every single plan, and trained her hardest to become a skilled marksman. Regardless of how much she resented being left behind, after a few years of stubbornly staying put with no results, Adela changed her plan and decided to chase. Training to join the Tealian Forces, she knew that her time with the people that mattered to her would increase only by a sliver, if even, but this way, she wouldn't be alone, at the very least.

I have decided to make an Apostle as my final character (onoz, four whole characters.) and he's in the works. And I decided that I'd roleplay him as a completely seperate being from Aertan, Alicel, and Adela. (As in, his dialogue and actions will be in a seperate section of my post, all to his little lonesome.)

September 19th, 2007, 8:09 PM
I have a lot of edits to make, especially in regards to Rosaline, but I'm tired so I'll do it tomorrow.

Name: Rosaline Dian (Goes by Rosa or Rose for short)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Nationality: Carn
Class: Second daughter of the King; Tylonstus sacrifice
Mahstion Type: Lionus

Weapon Class:
Rosaline does not possess any form of weaponry, since she has been cut off from the world for most of her life. Since she was just going to be used as a sacrifice anyways, she was never taught how to wield a weapon, but instead learned how to play the flute. She found, after she got good, that she could use the flute to tap into her mahstion. Like many, it was hard for her to tap into mahstion by will alone, and thus she started using the flute alongside her mahstion. The flute itself is pure black with a white pattern overtop of it depicting a rose on each side of the instrument. After being trained by some lionus users in Tealia, she can now use small amounts of the power without her flute, and she's slowly learning how to wield a quarterstaff.

Neglected from birth and locked away, Rosaline has grown up in a very harsh environment. Reflected as such, she used to appear that way. At first glance, you could have easily told what her living conditions were like. Rosaline was not raised on the some diet as everyone else, and is very thin and frail because of that. She stands at a height of 5'8". She has blue eyes, and long, straight hair in a colouring that almost seems like a navy blue, the right side of her bangs hanging over her right eye. She wears a long sleeved, light blue traveling gown that accents her womanly curves, and has a dark blue cloak thrown over her shoulders which was tied around her neck by a gold string. Around her waist is a gold chain that is positioned on an angle so it seemed to be hanging off her hips, and she has a pair of light blue gem earrings. She has blue slippers on her feet and white stockings going up her legs, however they are not visible because the gown covers everything. The most noticable part of her outfit, however, is the thin, silver chains that run across the upper portions of her wings.

Until Reid saved her on the day she was to be killed, Rosaline had little to no personality. However, under the influence of the group she had been traveling with, and the people she had met along the way, she began to develop her own unique personality. She is a very uninformed young girl, with only a limited knowledge of the world, which makes her very inquisitive. Luckily for her, she has friends that care enough to help her. Because she is so uninformed, she is also very naive, often asking questions that get her strange looks, which then leads to her utter embarrassment. She is very aware of the weight she holds in regards to Carn, and understands that if she is not sacrificed, her sister will be. Through this scenario, she had proven to be very resolute. Once she makes up her mind, it's made up and can not be changed. She has also proven to be trusting to a fault, where she requested the aid of her enemy, Aertan. Despite everything, her personality is just as frail as her body, it doesn't take much to get her very upset, or very happy.

From the moment she was born, Rosaline was told she was born to die. You see, a kingdom following the religion of Tylonstus was required to provide one sacrifice for the god once every fifty years. However, they couldn't just be any person. It had to be the King's second born daughter, on her sixteenth birthday at midnight. For the fifteen years prior, to save heartache for people that could get to know the person (which also prevented any attempts of people trying to stop the sacrifice), the sacrifice was to be kept locked up until the day of their death, the only human contact allowed being a nanny until they were the age of ten, and the occasional guard dropping off her food rations for the month, which usually consisted of only bread and water. Rosaline went through this experience exactly, and because of it she knows little of the world, just that her father hates her and that she lives to die. Oftentimes when she grew older, she would lie in her cot and cry for hours at a time, and has the time of her sacrifice drew closer, she contemplated suicide. The truth behind everything is that the sacrifice is a citywide event. Everyone knows who the sacrifice is, and what she looks like, in case she was ever to escape. When she was sacrificed, everyone from all over Carn came to see. It was truly barbaric for such a culture. She was rescued by Reid amidst the event, and traveled all the way to Tealia with a small group that she now calls her friends. They have helped make the nobody girl a somebody girl, and she is grateful to them for that.

Name: Reid Davies
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Nationality: Underneath; Honorary citizen of Tealia
Class: Tealia Special Forces Agent
Mahstion Type: Wionus

Weapon Class:
Reid specializes in the use of a bow. The particular bow he prefers to use is an ordinary longbow (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/f/f4/Longbow.jpg/800px-Longbow.jpg). By combining his shots with his mahstion, he is capable of manipulating the paths of the arrows he fires, as well as their speed. He can even manipulate them so that he'll never miss their target. The flaw with this choice in weapon is that if he is cut off from the wind, Reid's mahstion is useless, and his archery skills drop dramatically. Since a bow is basically useless in close quarters, Reid also carries a kris dagger (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/9c/Kris_bali.jpg/198px-Kris_bali.jpg).

Reid stands at the height of 5'5", and has tall, spiky, brown hair. His eyes are green, and a pair of goggles rest on the border of his forehead and his hair. The goggles are thick, with white rims and orange lenses, and they are attached to his head through the means of a black, elastic strap. He wears the official silk scarf of the Tealian Special Forces around his neck: a red scarf with white stars lined across it horizontally, and a tulip at the end. The rest of his outfit isn't really special. He wears a pair of navy blue cargo pants, with a beige belt wrapped around them, and what appeared to be a plain black muscle shirt, but a closer inspection proved otherwise, as on the back in the location that would usually have holes for wings, were two blue shapes embedded in the material that resembled wings, and a silver necklace hangs around his neck with a charm in similar shape to the wing pattern on his shirt. Reid also has a pair of black skateboard shoes on, white socks underneath. In a scabbard on the right side of his waist, his kris dagger sleeps. Normally strapped to his back is a long red board at about 5'5" in length, and about as wide as his torso. It has footholds in the center, and the belly of the board is smooth and white. The board itself is made out of a durable material known as taniet. Attached to upper side of the board is the longbow he uses in a location that makes it easy to reach.. He had a brown quiver in between the board and her back for easy arrow access when need be.

Despite his profession, Reid is still a kid, and still acts like it most of the time. Sure, he can act pretty serious during missions if he has to be, but he is a very curious person who doesn't know when to leave well enough alone. Naive and headstrong, Reid tends to let his emotions get the better of him, which makes for poor performance sometimes. He finds joy in the simplest things, and when it comes to technology he drops everything he is doing to check it out. Reid is also the type of person who just can't stand by when someone is in trouble. Despite all of this, he isn't an idiot. He knows when he's outnumbered, and he's very skilled with wionus. He can even act very mature from time to time if he has to... until someone embarrasses him and he loses it.

Ever since he was little, Reid had an interest in mahstion based technology. Flying machines, refrigerators, even lights, he found it all fascinating. He originally attempted to pursue a career in work in this area, but living in poverty in the Underneath made that extremely difficult. Reid's favorite pastime was sky surfing, a sport he invented himself with the use of wionus. He found he could use wionus to lift a board into the air, and control it's height, direction, and speed. One day, the group of sky pirates know as the Raven Claws found him boarding, and they decided to recruit him. Here he got to tinker with mahstion technology all he wanted, and soon took up work as the ship's mechanic. At the age of thirteen, however, he abandoned ship and took up work for Tealia as a special forces agent. He never revealed to anyone why he decided to do this, but that didn't change the fact that he did. Recently, he was assigned a mission involving Carn's Tylonstus sacrifice, and accomplished it. However, he was locked away for taking too long, and found himself in a coma after confronting on of his allies who betrayed the group.

Name: Cress Alberto Tylonstus
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nationality: Carn
Class: 7th Apostle
Mahstion Type: Lionus / Dation
Weapon Class: None

Appearance: The apostle's are very different than normal Carn citizens, for a number of reasons, all of which will be outlined in this form. Cress is a very feminine looking young man, standing at a height of about 5'8. His arms and legs are thin and scrawny, as well as his torso, and his face lacks the roughness the face of a young man should have. His hair is long and straight, reaching down to his waist, and is divided in half by colour. The right half of his hair is black, while the left half is white. Now, this is where things start to get bizarre. His eyes possess a blood red colour, and appear almost as those of a cat, with the slitted pupils instead of the rounded ones meant for human use. His ears are long and pointed, like those of your elf stereotype, and extending themselves from his hair line are two long, pitch black horns that curve and reach to the back of his head, pointed upwards. When he smiles, his inhuman fangs make their appearance, and they have a tendency to stick out from between his lips at times. To complete this unnatural appearance, his hands are almost like sharp claws, with sharp, nearly unbreakable nails shooting from each finger. This is how he defends himself, rather than utilizing a weapon. Cress's has four wings lines vertically down his back, instead of your usual two. One pair is white, and one pair is black. His small feet are covered with a pair of white running shoes, and he wears a pair of baggy, black pants, that are held on by a gold string that wraps around his waist. He wears two pieces of clothing over his torso, neither of which cover his stomach or the center of his chest. The first piece is a long sleeves shirt of sorts, that is black in colour with the ends of the sleeves weaved with gold leaf to make them appear golden. Over top of this is a bizarre sleeveless piece of clothing that resembles a jacket. It is white in colour, and reaches almost all of the way down to the back of his feet, the material parting into two pointed pieces just before his butt. Embedded in the center of the back of this bizarre jacket is the black rose Carn is famed for. Around the neck of this jacket is black, puffy fur that gives off that "bad ass" kind of feeling. To complete his outfit, Cress wears a pair of black, fingerless gloves which leave room for his claws to do the talking.

Personality: Out of the seven apostles, Cress was the most recently created one, and is regarded by the others as the youngest, despite a majority of them being younger physically. He has a strong dislike for the other six, because they love to boss him around and treat him like dirt. Cress strongly dislikes violence, but due to the purpose of the apostles, he has no choice but to fight most of the time. He has very little faith in Tylonstus, his lord and supposed creator, and has more than often expressed as much, usually getting himself maximum punishment because of it. Despite this, he finds joy in doing his job, no matter how dirty it is. Other than this, there isn't much to Cress's personality. Probably because he has yet to live long enough under the right circumstances to exhibit much more.

History: Apostles are not human. They do not look human, and they are not born like humans. In fact, apostles are born from science, a term that defies all that Carn is. You see, an apostle is created when two users of different mahstion are fused together into one being. The new being has no memory of its past two lives, and it's appearance has some physical and personality similarities with the two humans (with ages between 8 and 20) that it's derived from. However, the DNA of the final product is corrupted by the fusion of mahstion energies in their bodies, usually giving them parts to their appearance that seem demonic, or animal-like. If the two mahstion types oppose each other, the apostle is more likely to appear less human. Due to the nature of fusing two mahstion types into one entity, the apostle also receives an immense power boost, allowing them to be stronger, smarter, and insanely faster than your average mahstion user.

Production of apostles began approximately eight months prior to the escape of Princess Rosaline, when a man by the name of Eugene Kylan developed the theory, and presented it to the king. The king initially refused the proposal, due to Carn's disbelief in the use of science, but eventually allowed the use of the new discovery after Eugene proposed the use of apostles as a military unit. With a power such as the power an apostle would have, Carn could be unstoppable. And thus, the first apostle was born, and then the next, and the next, and so on. They were given the titles of Apostle as a way to hide the fact that science was being used. A title such as that made them sound like they were born of the god; nobody would question it. The apostles were then confined to a military base in Alta after Carn took the small country over, and to this very day have been awaiting orders. Cress was born four days after the escape of the Carn sacrifice, Rosaline, and was quickly trained in how to utilize his powers. It was only until recently that he had received his new orders...

Alter Ego
September 20th, 2007, 9:47 AM
"For existing members, just repost your sign-ups, though change your outfit if your character is wearing new clothes, since Act II is going to take place two weeks after the end of Act I. Positions for Apostle characters are open, though if you sign up as one be prepared to be an antagonist. You can have a maximum of four characters, but if you take that number, make sure you can handle it."

^It's in the first paragraph. XD

Lawl, so I see. Go me and attentiveness. xD

Aww, but I really need apostles, and it's not like they're always going to be in the picture, so they aren't a lot of work to look after. D=

It's not that I'm against playing an apostle, but I really REALLY need the fusioned people to be over twenty (Like, late thirties to early forties). If that works, I'm game; if not...well, I'm just really hooked on this one idea now so I'm having trouble with coldly scrapping it for another. T_T Though of course I may come up with one that fits it later. :3

Name: Faewyn Ayre
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Nationality: Beta
Class: Citizen and aspiring scholar
Mahstion Type: Wionus

Weapon Class: Faewyn's weapon, much like its owner, is a rather complicated thing. While seemingly little more than a dark brown, two-meter hardwood staff, both ends conceal small but deadly blades, one curved for slashing, the other a sharp spear tip, both of which can be unfolded to convert the weapon into a naginata or spear as the situation warrants. Furthermore, the staff as a whole can be split into two parts, which - through a bit of interchanging - can be reassembled to serve as a crossbow. The weapon as a whole is a complex mess of detachable and re-attachable parts which only Faewyn seems to be able to make sense of. Unfortunately, converting the weapon correctly takes a bit of time, so she usually only picks one mode and goes with it. For practicality, the weapon also has a detachable leather strap, allowing it to be carried much like a sling bag while it isn't in use.

Appearance: A tall, gangly wisp of a girl, Faewyn's body is slenderly built, with a thinness brushing quite close to anorectic (the more cynical say that this is because her mouth is far too busy with things other than eating) and needless to say, she has very little in the way of feminine curves. Her skin is of a very light pigment and bruises and reddens very easily. Faewyn's face is of an oval shape, bearing quite a striking resemblance to an egg, and is occupied by two wide, beetle black eyes which are further accentuated by her otherwise thin frame. Faewyn's hair is of a peculiar teal color, reaching a bit beneath her shoulders, and is typically combed up in the most peculiar hairstyles (For she experiments with these as well), although when she is preoccupied with other matters she simply ties it up into a long ponytail. As a new oddity to her appearance; Faewyn has obtained a strange, green dot on her forehead, although what it does and how it came there is still anyone's guess. Aside from the dot, the most peculiar part of Faewyn's appearance (unless she has had a creative spurt with the hair) is her dragonfly wings; small and translucent with coloring ranging from teal at the edges to cyan near the point where they connect with her back. Although they are frail and no good for flying through strong gales, they allow for remaining stationary in the air and - when not used - rest closely stuck to her back without occupying much additional space.

On the clothing side, Faewyn's current favorite in attire as the outfit she got in Azern: a dark purple tank top coupled with a pair of dark green cargo pants. While most would hardly see anything out of the ordinary with these clothes, they hold great sentimental value for Faewyn and she takes to wearing them as often as possible. On her feet she wears a pair of surprisingly ordinary, warm boots - light brown in color and lined with fake fur. As with most things, however, Faewyn is never shy about completely changing her outfit should the urge awaken. Regardless of what she wears, however, she always makes sure to sew her garments full with pockets of various sizes to accommodate the vast inventory of items either practical or fascinating which she always carries with her. To keep track of her ever growing research notes, Faewyn has also fashioned a makeshift belt of sorts - a piece of durable rope which she has thread through the spines of notebook, keeping them all within reach and in order. She must regularly replace this rope, however, not because of wear and tear but because the length tends to run out. The collection is currently large enough to encircle her thin frame twice; and growing fast. Finally, there's Faewyn's most coveted possession aside from the aforementioned journals; a brown messenger bag which she uses to transport the ever growing collection of peculiar objects she tends to keep on her.

Personality: Talkative, inventive, open, optimistic, and at times painfully naive, Faewyn is generally viewed as an eccentric, even among her own. Her most dominant personality trait is her seemingly inexhaustible curiosity. She greedily assembles knowledge both trivial and useful wherever she finds it and hastily scribbles it down in many of her countless notebooks so as to not forget a single bit. To Faewyn, the world is like a gloriously complicated machine and she wastes no time in trying to pick it apart to see what makes it tick. Her interests range from philosophy and machinery to gardening and she is often found pestering those around her - even complete strangers - with questions ranging from what they had for lunch today to why they think the sky isn't blue and shouldn't it be blue because that's a question that they supposedly used to ask way back then and speaking of way back then did you know that...well, you get the picture. Needless to say, conversations with Faewyn can be exhausting to say the least, but her sunny and optimistic attitude makes it somewhat difficult for most people to openly hate her.

Enthusiastic though she is about her research (which, she proudly proclaims, will eventually encompass everything the world holds), Faewyn is also terribly disorganized. New experiments and research subjects absolve old ones in an endless stream that - most likely - not even Faewyn herself is fully capable of keeping track of, and her surroundings are always littered with half-finished experiments and hastily scribbled notebooks filled with so many cryptic margin notes that they are next to impossible to distinguish from the original text. Despite this, she takes great pride in her writing and is more than willing to shove it under the nose of anyone who makes the mistake of appearing even the least bit interested. (And goodness forbid that you ask her about something) Though Faewyn appears unbothered by the cold reception she usually gets from her peers, often stating that they won't be talking like they're all that once she finishes her book, there seems to be just that tiniest hint of loneliness behind her seemingly endless stream of questions and anecdotes. After all, how much fun is it to study all the mysteries of the whole wide world if there's no-one to share it with?

Though she's generally optimistic, Faewyn does have a darker side to her personality. When she's under great stress or is otherwise pushed over a certain point (Typically by someone threatening or insulting people close to her) Faewyn can act in an uncharacteristically cold, calculating and even ruthless manner. These moments tend to be rare and fleeting, however, and as soon as the immediate source of discomfort is removed Faewyn tends to revert to her usual friendly and world-loving state. She never speaks of these moments, and thus far, those few who have witnessed them have decided not to press the matter.

History: The child of an enthusiastic couple of researchers, since young age Faewyn has been accustomed to taking care of herself as one or both of her parents were often away on an extended field trip for their research, leaving their daughter to amuse herself best she could in the company of a trivially chosen nanny, and - later on - only herself. To relieve her boredom, Faewyn began to write down her musings on anything and everything she saw - the house, the patterns made by snow and frost on the windows, a pretty rock she had happened to pick up...everything she duly cataloged and analyzed in careful mimicry of the way she had witnessed her parents work, proudly displaying the results of her 'research' to her parents on the few occasions that they happened to be at home. Glad to see their own enthusiasm for knowledge reflected in their child, Faewyn's parents always made sure to acknowledge their daughter's findings, often sharing some of their own. Soon, Faewyn realized that it was through research that she could command the attention she had sought, and so she quickly grew more ambitious about her work, ranging farther, outside of the family house and into the frigid streets of her hometown, and as time passed the process itself turned just as enjoyable as the end result...if not even more so. It was then that she decided on her ultimate goal in life: to create a book encompassing anything and everything the world holds, an obsession she still holds on to.

Shortly after Faewyn turned fifteen this idyll was broken, however, when her parents embarked on an expedition to the kingdom of Carn in order to discern more facts about their religion and, specifically, the custom of sacrifice...never to be heard from again. Ever the optimist, Faewyn still lives in the hope that her parents are alive and well and have simply been too caught up in their work to make contact, a hope which she seeks to prove true by re-tracing her parents' steps...right to the heart of the religious kingdom, and although Faewyn has been forced to postpone her quest for the moment, she's still far from having given up on it. Currently, however, her efforts are focused on the mystery surrounding Rod's death and Reid's lapse into a coma - particularly the peculiar wound on Reid's leg.

There you go. Also, I'm dropping Syon since he never made a proper entry in the last act (and thus has no bearing on the plot) and I just realized that fitting him in here would be a major pain in the derrière. I do have another character in mind (two if the apostle thing pans out) so edits to come. :3

September 22nd, 2007, 5:11 AM
All right, I finished Bar's new profile. The weapon is based off Kratos’ weapon in God of War and Nariko's Ranged Stance weapon in Heavenly Sword. I might be changing the history later though since it's not one of my favorites.

September 22nd, 2007, 7:01 AM
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I will start this once Porygon-Z gets his characters done, for all those nagging me. >O

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Ahhh... I'm sorry everyone, I have tremendous writer's block. I'll finish soon, I promise. I don't want to hold up the RP. X.x;;

Jack O'Neill
September 22nd, 2007, 3:13 PM
Name: Aleksandra Ivanovna Zaitseva

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Nationality: Underneath (ex-Carn)

Class: Scholar, part-time sky pirate

Mahstion Type: Lionus

Weapon Class: Aleks is a knife enthusiast and has been known to carry at least three different blades: an authentic United States Marine Corps KA-BAR (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/8f/USMC_Ka-Bar_traditional.jpg) utility knife and Hanyang Arsenal sword bayonet (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/53/HY1935_bayonet.jpg), both dating from the A.D. period, and a reproduction Gerber Mark II (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/58/Gerbermkii.jpg) dagger.

Appearance: Aleks is a woman of average height and weight, 5'7" and weighing in at exactly 120 lbs, with bright sapphire-coloured eyes, a fair complexion, a thinly-built frame, and a 34" bust; her straight platinum-blonde hair drops down slightly past her shoulders. Her cherubic and demure countenance, however, is contrasted by her choice of clothing. Her daily attire is an exacting reproduction of a Soviet Naval Infantry battle dress uniform (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/58/Soviet_naval_infantrymen_DN-SC-91-02252.jpg): camouflage-patterned shirt and pants, blue-and-white striped undershirt, black leather belt with gold buckle, black leather boots, and black felt beret.

Remarkably, Aleks lacks the wings and black rose tattoo that mark those of Carn heritage. She severed her own wings in order to blend in better among the residents of the Underneath, while she had the tattoo disenchanted and removed in a lengthy procedure that nearly killed her in the process; she still bears the scars of those procedures on her back and the back of her left hand.

Personality: For most intents and purposes, Aleks is the personification of cold, analytical thinking taken to its utmost extreme. Completely indifferent to the world around her, all she is concered about is sating her endless curiosity by accumulating as much knowledge as possible, by any and all means necessary. She views the world around her as a laboratory of infinite size, with the people and things in it simply as additional test subjects for her experiments. Her interests, while widespread, tend to lean towards machinery and martial pursuits; she is particularly fascinated by the military history of the A.D. period, especially where arms and armour are concerned (one of her current pursuits is attempting to figure out the operating priciples of firearms).

Due to her utter lack of empathy, Aleks finds it extremely difficult to communicate with other people. When she does speak, she does so in an extremely direct and straightforward (some would say rude) manner, with a distinctly dispassionate air about her; however, she tends to get extremely annoyed at even the slightest sign of ignorance, inattentiveness, and/or anti-intellectualism on the part of other people. She does have a (rather caustic) sense of humour, though her detached demeanor makes it near-impossible to tell whether she's actually joking or not.

History: Aleksandra Zaitseva made the mistake of being an atheist in a totalitarian, fundamentalist theocracy. While the Zaitsev family had always been notorious for its scientific mindset and its desire for religious and governmental reform (and suffered for it accordingly via the dark enchantments on their black rose brands), Aleks was perhaps the first individual in recorded Carn history to openly renounce the existence of the "deity" Tylonstus. Her heresy couldn't have come at a worse time, seeing as she made her proclamation right before the very outset of the Tealia-Carn conflict. Seizing the opportunity to make an example out of her, a Carn Royal Guard unit had her arrested, subjected to a mock trial, and imprisoned for "treason"; while incarcerated, she was subjected to various abuses and tortures, not the least of which was watching her parents getting executed before her very eyes. Despite this, she stoically soldiered on until she managed to escape during a Tealian black-ops raid on the prison camp holding her.

After fleeing from Carn, Aleks first settled in the nation of Beta, where she had her black rose tattoo removed (at great risk to both herself and the personnel performing the procedure) and assumed the guise of a simple scholar named Maria Ivanova. As Maria Ivanova, she took extremely quickly to her studies, eagerly consuming any and all knowledge she could get her hands on; she was particularly intrigued by human history of the A.D. period, specifically warfare and weaponry. When Carn Royal Guard agents eventually caught on to Aleks' presence in Beta, she simply made her way down to the Underneath, cut off her wings, and fell in with a group of sky pirates based out of what used to be Moscow, Russia.

Alter Ego
September 23rd, 2007, 12:50 AM
Yush, awesome! Number one it is, then. ^0^

Name: Velin Dahn
Age: In his current form: about a year, physically he's closer to 35
Gender: Indeterminate, but most go with male
Nationality: Carn, original unknown
Class: 1st Apostle
Mahstion Type: Wionus/Fionus

Weapon Class: Claws and fangs. He doesn't see much point with weapons, though, seeing as how his inhuman strength and mahstion are more than enough to take down most opponents.

Appearance: Standing at a good 2,1 meters' height, Velin is quite the imposing figure. His skin is ivory-colored and, as the few fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to have landed a blow on him can attest, about as hard too, and although there's something distinctly feminine about his slender body, few can fail to notice his well-developed musculature. Velin's hair reaches all the way down to his waist in a mass of wavy locks when free. The color of the strands depends on his mood, usually staying at an ash gray and shifting towards blood red when he's annoyed and, in the rare cases when this happens, teal when he's contented or happy, the deeper the shade and the wider the spread of the color, the stronger the emotion. Further adding to his unnerving appearance are his eyes; deep, dark blue in color, but completely lusterless, like the eyes of a dead man, typically kept so close to being shut that they appear as little more than thin slits of blue on his face. Velin's face, while flawless and - in a sense - beautiful, always bears an equally impassive appearance. The nails on Velin's hands are pitch black, reaching to about 60 centimeters in length, and are slightly curved at the ends and the ones on his toes are similar, save that they also have a larger talon extending from each heel. Similar to a cat's claws, they can be completely retracted except for the curved tips and act as Velin's primary weapon, along with the two lengthened canines on both sides of his mouth. His wings are feathered, with a wingspan nearly twice the length between his shoulders when fully spread out. While usually pitch-black in color, they react to his emotions in a manner similar to his hair by forming rings of blood red (similar to the eye patterns on a peacock's tail) when he's angered.

Velin's clothing is only slightly less conspicuous than the rest of his appearance, usually consisting of a pair dark red hakama (for the non-martial arts geeks in the audience, it's a training garment that looks pretty much like a really long pleated skirt =O) and a greyish white cotton shirt, the back of which has been removed to make space for his wings. On the side of accessories, the only thing Velin wears is a simple black pendant with a design of the Carn rose on the end, a reminder of the will of his 'creator'. Velin prefers to keep his feet bare, but should the occasion really call for it he has been known to wear a pair of wooden sandals.

Personality: An introvert above all else, Velin seems to hold a casual dislike for the presence of everyone but himself. Add that to the fact that he's the oldest of the apostles (and thus, people argue, the strongest of them) and you get a person with very little social contact. Unlike his fellow apostles, Velin regards the assorted killings and other acts he's assigned to with the same cold indifference that he seems to hold for living beings in general and always strives towards efficiency in completing his tasks, should taking the life of someone from either side be the most efficient way to go then so be it. Waste and redundancy are two of the foulest words in his book, and those who revel in either of the two Velin regards with particular contempt. As such, should one of his fellow apostles fail to carry out their orders, Velin is often the one to hand out the punishment. Consequently, he's hardly what one would call well-liked and most tread carefully around him to avoid his wrath.

Despite his generally indifferent attitude and appearance, one should not make the mistake of thinking Velin ignorant, however; analytic and perceptive, he's constantly studying those around him and always weighs and measures his words carefully, typically with the goal of obtaining the information he wants while revealing as little of himself as possible in return. Consequently, Velin often knows a lot more about the circumstances and motives behind the various decisions involving him than his superiors assume, and while he pays lip service to Tylonstus and whatever other causes he's expected to stand for, Velin is always ultimately working for the benefit of himself and himself alone. Covertly proud and aloof, he holds a particular sense of contempt for the priesthood of Carn (Which he perceives as weak) and only plays along with them because they are the most beneficial party to be aligned with. The question of his obscure origin irks him, and although he has kept his goal carefully concealed behind a mask of total devotion to the cause, Velin's true intention is to uncover the things that the priesthood of Carn are most keen on concealing from him. Whenever he's not occupied by something else - which is most of the time - Velin can be found in meditation, his eyes the same thin slits as always, and he's apparently fully capable of functioning without sleep, although he gets increasingly irritable - and consequently dangerous for his environment - if he's not allowed to have his meditation periods in peace.

History: The first successfully created apostle and the oldest both physically and mentally, Velin has always been regarded as the volatile prototype case and is consequently kept under close surveillance. Although he has never shown any qualms about performing his duties and has always been very thorough with his work, his superiors have never been quite able to shake the feeling that their precious first apostle is not nearly as 'in control' as they'd like to think. Even in the early stages of his development, Velin displayed a complete lack of empathy and disregard for the well being of others, which - alarmingly - seemed to be in no way reserved for the enemies of Carn, as was duly demonstrated when he snapped the neck of a low-ranking priest with a simple explanation of "His staring annoyed me". A life, as it turned out, held no particular value in Velin's eyes beyond what it could do to benefit him, and while he duly adapted after punishments and threats, neither seemed to intimidate him in the least. As the weeks passed, it also became increasingly clear that while the researchers were studying Velin, he was studying them; and apparently doing a far better job at it.

Unlike his later 'siblings' Velin proved a quick learner, and has never been known to make the same mistake twice. He quickly adapted to the various modes of behavior associated with each person he had to deal with, and has maintained them ever since. Nonetheless, the priesthood likes to keep Velin on a tight leash and typically only dispatch him on top-priority missions where failure is not an option or to bring lower ranking apostles back into the fold. Usually, he's kept as much in isolation as possible. Although it has never been officially confirmed, rumor has it that it's Velin's capricious nature and unnerving amount of insight which lead the apostle research team into focusing on younger, less experienced subjects for their future creations.


Yes, I know the history sucks but there's really only so much you can say about a person who's barely existed a year. ;_; Third character coming up as soon as I get a fix on his name. :3

September 23rd, 2007, 11:03 AM
Added Appearance for Act II:

Aertan, Alicel, and Adela. :3

They're new, they're spiffeh, and Adela's really isn't all that different. </3

Alter Ego
September 24th, 2007, 1:07 AM
Ye-hey, Journalism class was canceled today for no particular reason so I got the time to finish my third profile. About time too, by the looks of it. xD

Name: Reece Everard
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Nationality: Tealia
Class: Soldier
Mahstion Type: Fionus
Weapon Class: Glaive

Appearance: Standing at a respectable 1,81 meters of height, Reece isn't one for low profiles. He's broad shouldered and straight-backed, and thanks to the many years of intense physical exercise he has gone through his body build chiefly brings a gymnast to mind, the musculature being particularly well developed on his arms and legs. His skin is of a healthy copper color, thanks to a natural pigment and long hours spent under the glare of the sun and usually bears at least a few half-healed cuts or traces of scars. His face features a pair of thin lips and a somewhat pointy nose, above which a pair of vivid amber-colored eyes reside. His hair, in contrast, is a very light blonde (a trait which has earned him the nickname "Ganguro-boy" in some circles) and is usually ruffled. Reece tries to keep it short, but on the occasions when he doesn't have the time or opportunity to get it cut - which are quite numerous - he ties the additional strands into a long, thin, rope-like ponytail at the back. Reece's most striking feature is his wings, however, for they are not the wings of a bird or even an insect. Instead, they bear the closest resemblance to a bat's wings, save that they are completely covered in hard but lightweight scales of the same copper color as his skin. The left one of these wings has a sizable scar running across it and seems slightly stunted in comparison to its twin, but the wings are still strong and capable of carrying their owner for long distances even in strong wind. They do, however, require quite a bit of space for take-off, which is a liability in some situations.

On the clothing front, Reece is not shy about showing off his allegiance, usually sporting a dark red shirt made of some unknown lightweight material, the back of which contains a large hole to accommodate his wings. The sleeves of the shirt are wide and embroidered with a decorative, oriental-style golden pattern along the ends and, embroidered on the chest with the same thread, the Tealian tulip is exhibited in a manner that most would consider flaunting. On his legs, Reece wears a pair of similarly colored pants made of the same material. As with the sleeves, the pant legs widen at the ends, the legs nearly reaching over the black, slipper-like shoes he wears on his feet. The shoes have unusually thin soles, allowing him to get a better feel of the ground with his feet, but they have a good grip pattern for slippery surfaces. Finally, he wears a thin, black belt to keep the trousers firmly in their place.

Overall, Reece looks more like a circus performer than a soldier, but he takes jokes about his appearance in good humor and even though his clothes may seem a bit comical, his skills in battle are not.

Personality: Something of an odd bird by nature, Reece is one of those few people who are capable of not only reciting all those old clichés about protection of comrades and friends, fighting for the cause of good, respecting your opponents, and fighting with honor but also living by every last syllable of them. He's precisely the kind to step in for a damsel in distress or hand back an opponent's weapon in the middle of a fight just to keep it even, stays true to his word, and never leaves an ally in trouble if he can help it. Reece is not so naive as to believe that the rest of the world would play by his rules, but as he likes to put it; he's trying to set an example for others to follow, firmly believing that if you want to live in a world of good you have to act the part. He doesn't just believe in the ideal of the righteous warrior; he lives and breathes it. As such, Reece takes great pride in fighting to protect his homeland and has been known to be very harsh towards those who shirk out on their duties. Unfortunately, Reece holds no illusion of his superiors fighting for the just cause, and has been known to disobey direct orders which he finds unethical.

Consequently, Reece has built up quite the record of charges over the years and is not what anyone would call a commander's pet. In fact, were it not for his fierce patriotism, skill in battle and knack for keeping his comrades alive, Reece would probably have been dismissed long ago. The man himself seems largely unbothered by his superiors antipathy for him, however, usually maintaining a jovial and friendly mood. He loves getting to know people, provided that they seem like the good kind to him, and is the kind of friend you can count on when things get really, really bad. His self-confidence is seemingly unshakable, backed by a firm belief in what is and isn't just, and consequently he has very little in the way of political correctness. To Reece's mind, the worth of a person is determined by their actions and motives not by titles or empty words. Aside from battle, Reece's biggest passion in life is reading old fantasy literature and folklore, a hobby which - many believe - is reflected in his outlook and attire alike.

History: The son of a family from Carn that fled to Tealia to avoid prosecution from the priesthood, Reece had a somewhat rough childhood. His parents were both branded with the black rose tattoo, a mark which stirred quite a bit of mistrust within the secular community. Despite the long stares and cold speeches, Reece's childhood was a fairly happy one. His family wasn't rich, but they made a respectable living in running a bookstore. Living amongst the old writing, it didn't take long for Reece to pick up a book and try, and the experience was - to him - amazing; so many worlds where the law was set by justice and fairness, not by the whims of Thylonstus and his glorified lackeys, nor power-hungry politicians. Casual interest soon gave way to obsession, and Reece soon began remodeling his life around his new ideal of the righteous warrior, cramming in fighting practice with a broom and strength-building exercises wherever possible. As soon as he reached conscription age, he then proceeded to join the Tealian military, hoping to find a brotherhood of like-minded comrades.

Alas, the young Reece was sorely disappointed on this point. The military turned out to be run by precisely the same politics and trickery as the state, and his lofty ideals were usually met with mockery by his peers. Reece was far from giving up on his dream, however, choosing instead to prove the worth of his ways, seeking to reform the institution by example, and while this didn't quite pan out, the young recruit certainly got his fair share of attention - primarily not the good kind, and although he mellowed after a year - and the on-field experience that came with it - and ceased preaching his idealistic philosophy to his comrades, Reece's superiors became increasingly ill at ease with him, especially since some of the younger, more impressionable cadets were starting to look up to him rather than just joining into the ridicule. On the other hand, dismissing experienced soldiers, particularly a soldier with Reece's background, now that the relations with Carn were growing more strained was not seen as prudent. Instead, Reece was given a practical dismissal, sent to a remote but hazardous post for guard duty, hoping that the soldier would at least have the decency to get himself killed by enemy hands. Alas, Reece showed a disappointing tendency to stay alive, and after nearly three years of veritable exile, he has been summoned to the capital as part of the war preparations.

September 24th, 2007, 2:12 PM
OOC: I hope it's not too short. I also hope that a shop keeper counts as a class or if it's a merchant. Please tell me if something is wrong!

Name: Yuki Takashi

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Nationality: Tealia

Class: Shop-Keeper (?)

Mahstion Type: Dation

Weapon Class: Yuki carries a special whip that was made by her grandfather that is said to have special powers. She normally doesn't believe in things like that but has used the weapon ever since she got and has trained herself to master the art. After she discovered her mahstion she fused it with her whip and now has the ability to crush,confuse, and squeeze her enemy to death by using her whip. Yuki also uses her mahstion to transform her whip into a sycthe that was used back when the Earth was whole.

Appearance: Yuki has long silver-blue hair that curls up at the tips. She wears her hair in a ponytail on the left side of her head. Because of her sensitive eyesight she brushes her bangs over her eyes and leaving a small part over her right eye so she can see. Her eyes are a dark shade of blue and they are very small,but she normally has bags under her eyes from lack of sleep. Her skin is a light golden shade and her face and skin are soft and smooth. Yuki is a short 5"5 19 year old,, whose body is only slightly filled out. She often forgets to eat and is skinny from all of her training. Because of her short body she dresses more like a younger child rather than a 19 year old. She wearsgray leggings with black lining just below the small ruffles at the top. Yuki wears black dress shoes and a dark gray dress with no sleeves and very thick straps that cross over the torso in a 'y' shape. The lining of the dress is black and has big ruffles at the bottom. It has a leather black belt around the waist. Her ears have golden triangular shaped earrings in them. Her wings are dark blue and have light blue tips at the end. Her wings show that long feathers have been ripped off and are very messy which is why she keeps them pulled back. They are thin and medium sized. She never was a person that wore a lot of color. All in all she looks more suspicious looking than she hopes for.

Personality: Yuki is a very quiet and secretive person. She's one of those people who you know is hding something. She tries way too hard to act normal in front of other people that she ends up acting abnormal. Yuki normally speaks in monotone though very rarely would she ever say more than 3 words at a time. She prefers not to talk to that many people knowing that she can only trust very few in the world they've created. Even more so because of the tension between the lands. Yuki is very sneaky and normally sees everything going on, being a person to carefully observe her surroundings. She can always tell when something is amiss. Being a very observative person makes her paranoid and she is described as stiff around a lot of other people.

She trains herself with all of weapons she's gotten from her birthdays ( her grandfather owned a weapon shop ) her whip being her favorite. Yuki trains at night time because her eyes are very sensitive to the light. She can always be seen with the same bored and sleepy look on her face because she never gets enough sleep. She would like to relax but she has been on edge because of all the trouble going on. Being a person of the night, Yuki never really goes outside during daytime unless she knows that something is wrong or has to buy food for her shop. She loves drawing things and is seen on the swing near her house when it's daytime and she's not training. She is a very sheltered person so this makes her sort of shy around other people she doesn't know. Yuki , though she doesn't trust a lot of people is a very trustworthy person herself. She hates when it's too loud outside or when it's very busy so she prefers to walk instead of fly like most people around her.

History: Yuki comes from a family that has a history of shops around the east Tealia area. Her parents and grandfather have passed away leaving her and her 2 brother in care of the shops left behind. Though she wanted to be more of a fighter her family would not allow it saying that she would not be fit for the battle field and that they needed to take care of the shops. Her grandfather however who owned a weapons shop gave her secret lessons on how to use and make weapons propery. Though her 2nd older brother took care of the weapons shop. She runs the Takashi Bakery that was left behind. Yuki and her brothers all live in one medium sized house along the side of the city.

Knowledge was always a priority for her so she wanted to know more about everything. She hated that she didn't know something and would akways make sure that she was a step above evryone else. Even though she isn't a scholar she still keeps a library of books in her room and logs of theories she has in her journal. Her brother are almost never home because they like to open up their shops early and close them at really late times. She was very used to working until the the attacks began to start in which she had closed down the shops on many days to begin training to protect herself and family from the fight she knew was about to come. A

RP Sample: Do I need one?

October 7th, 2007, 1:10 PM
Name: Bob "Bobby Roze" Rose

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Nationality: Carn

Class: Fighter/Footpad

Mahstion Type: Eation

Weapon Class: Bobby's light sword has a fairly thin blade, perfect for a one-handed use. He uses it in sync with his Mashtion to warp the blade slightly depending on the circumstances. Such as curving it, or adding a coating to it, making it appear like a short hiking stick. Attached to the pommel is a short wrist strap, which allows him to occasionally strike or move in ways that are hard for traditionalist fighters to anticipate as well as being easier to work with having only one hand.

Appearance: Bobby looks normal at a first glance, but under severe scrutiny, is quite an unsettling individual. His dark brown hair is mostly unkempt, if clean, hanging at a few inches long however gravity or wind leaves it. His hazelish eyes, brown near the edges, going to dark green, then bright yellowish green near the center are always bloodshot, and he seems to have a blank gaze more often than not. His skin is tanned on his arms legs and face, but a nearly pasty white underneath his clothes, with a great deal of sores on his arms and back. He always wears similar outfits of short sleeved shirts and denim slacks that hang somewhat loosely, kept in place with a black cloth belt with a brass buckle, with a very simple square design. Over which, he occasionally wears long coats that have a slightly longer left sleeve than right in dark, but bold colors, particularly earthy tones. And almost always, the same durable work boots that go halfway up his calf. Another prominent feature is his left hand, or lack thereof. A long-healed scar, his left arm ends abruptly in a stump where his wrist should be, the violent scarring left at the stump hinting at a very violent removal, as opposed to a clean cut. If someone were to examine his wrist bones with Mashtion, they'd find the marks of a brutal attempt to saw the hand off left on the bone. This is why his left sleeves are long to hide the lack of a hand, and the stump itself is wrapped in studded leather. His wings, not quite as large as the royal family's stretch to just under seven feet, with large soft brown feathers the same shade as his hair, almost like an owl's wings. Their only really defining feature are a few tinges of russet in with the brown, fading in very well, and only really visible in bright light.

Personality: Bobby's admittedly bitter when it comes to the world. He's admittedly spiteful, and will go to nearly any length to "settle matters and grievances" as he sees it. Among his few passions in life, vengeance is foremost in them, as is spite. His hand is signal enough of that. He rarely gets sleep, and can snap at people at little provocation, or just as likely mumble things that make no sense. He occasionally hallucinates, but they rarely get in his way. He's disdainful of his fellow countrymen for their self-restriction, but shows no true love or trust for anyone else, either. Mostly, his distance is just a shell to hide his anger, and sadness. Not to mention being utterly alone.

History: Bob grew up as a successful heir apparent to a semi-wealthy family in Carn, and seemed perfectly groomed for a a high ranking scout position. However, as he grew into adolescence, he, as most teenagers do, began to question what had been previously unquestionable beliefs. This meant many long nights of excruciating pain from his tattoo. However, ever pain was a prickling needle to both his anger, and his sense of spite. This in itself drove him half mad, both with pain and anger until at last, it came to the point where he had to do something. At the time, his mindset was to show everyone, that they didn't DARE try to control his mind. In a mere hour alone with a hack-saw, he had removed the tattoo of the black rose on his left hand. By removing the entire hand.

Finally free from being forcibly controlled, he was ready to resume life as normal. However, his parents resented him for what he had done, his military tutors refused to teach him, and after a lot of social pressure from their peers, his parents finally disowned him. Feeling betrayed by everyone, dumped alone into the world with no friends, he quickly set to murdering in the night, stalking in dark corners for the money for his meals, eventually earning enough for a trip to Gregar, where he spent nearly all his time unsuccessfully searching through religious writings for hopes of a key to improving his life. Spending most of his ammassed funds, he journeyed to Meredy, hoping to find a place for a cripple, even a skilled cripple like himself.

October 7th, 2007, 7:54 PM
It's obviously not complete, but just for all you (david) who need to read her sign-up.

Name: Villa Katrik
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Nationality: Tealia
Class: Apostle #6
Mahstion Type: Lionus & Eation
Weapon Class: Villa rarely uses weapons, and instead uses her mahstion. Though it’s primary use is not a weapon, she wears a crystal shard pendant on special string that is sharp enough to cut through flesh around her neck. It doesn’t seem to cut her flesh whenever it’s pulled on, however. The pendant’s real purpose is to dowse for people, but it can only find the location of that person if the blood of that person has touched the crystal before. If it has touched the string only, then the pendant cannot find that person.

Appearance: Villa has long white hair that has a tint of grey to it. Her bangs are often hanging between and around her eyes just barely grazing her chin, and the main body of her hair reaches just past her slender waist. She is quite shapely, thin with an hourglass figure, the biggest and most important imperfection being her flat and nearly non-existent chest. She wears black dress with a shiny texture to it. The dress itself is designed into a turtleneck, the sleeves long enough to just barely graze the floor when she relaxes her arms and shoulders. With a skirt that ends right in the middle of her kneecaps, the dress seems to dwarf her tall frame, due to the long sleeves and short skirt. Her ears are sharp, pointed toward the back of her head and have attached earlobes, along with small hoop earrings on her elongated cartilages. On Villa’s feet are a pair of white and black heels that criss-cross up her legs in black and white ribbon, and are tied in knots underneath her kneecaps and slightly off to the side. She has tribal-looking tattoos on the left side of her face, down her arms, and on her torso. Villa’s hands are strangely elongated, and though they aren’t knobbly and skeleton-like, they certainly aren’t the most beautiful of all, thus why she wears long sleeves to cover them up. Her fingers She seems to always have a sad expression on her face, as though something is worrying her. However, one of the most defining and unmistakable features that Villa possesses is that she is entirely blind. This is hard to tell, because she suffers from the rare case of aniridia…

Personality: Villa is a rather boring apostle, quiet and reserved. She is oddly obedient, and rather submissive. Her quiet and timid voice is often ignored by other people and apostles, and she suffers the most abuse, being the test for all experiments. Villa doesn’t seem to have much of her own agenda, and is always the one who gets hurt the worst during battle. However, due to Villa’s incredible healing powers with Lionus, and her strange uncanny ability to live through anything, she doesn’t seem to mind. She’s freakishly accustomed to death and blood, and can walk right past it without even noticing it, seeming as if she’s completely oblivious. Villa isn’t all push-over though, as when she feels truly threatened, she is quite agile and her style of swinging about is rather hard to keep up with. She’s lost her memory countless times due to experiments, but Villa is always a blank canvas, her emotions painted on only when put under the influence of an incomplete product. However, she has vague recollections of people she became well acquainted with during these test periods, and whenever their faces float to her mind, the markings upon Villa will glow a bright red and burn the memory away, thus causing her to become even more accustomed to abuse. She’s seemingly fearless due to her sheer indifference, and is often helping people put her down, a habit she finds normal and rather enlightening.


November 27th, 2007, 7:15 PM
Hey, sorry for my absence. But, I'm basically in a controlled federal program at the moment, and my computer time was limited. I should be getting more, and more regular time. I have to get off soon, but I'm wondering. Is there still a place for me to roleplay in this one?

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I don't know about this act, you'll have to take it up with David, but reviving dead threads... is a no-no. ;<