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September 19th, 2007, 10:04 AM
(PG-13) Main Story:
The world of Pokemon is a place full of many surprises. A world where humans and creatures called Pokemon all live together. Some living together in peace, love, and happiness, others live in hate, reject, and suffer. This maintained balance kept the world as lively and rich. Everyone was able to live together in acceptable harmony, until the day of the great ordeal arrived.

The occurrence of the great ordeal is a mystery to all. Many terrible events have simultaneously aroused during the month long period. Chaotic storms had destroyed many areas of the world leaving nothing but the remains of crushed matter, a group of malevolent-minded people attacked the region of Kanto and gave it a reputation of one of the most violent lands of the world, and a colossal meteor rammed the region of Johto, created a vast crater on what used to be a beautiful land. The world seemed to be near its end, but there was only one place that stood unharmed and innocent of these deadly disasters. It was an island named Neocean Island, a private sea-roaming piece of land that floated freely amongst the unknown waters of the ocean.

Neocean Island was a place filled with people; only a very small amount own pokemon as pets. No trainers exist on the grounds of the island because it is strictly forbidden to have pokemon battles. If one is to be caught doing so, such dire consequences will be used. Fortunately, a couple of people were chosen as winners in an once-in-a-lifetime sweepstakes named “Outside World”. The winners were to aboard in the assigned date the S.S. Light, a cruise ship that will guide them to become an official pokemon trainer. Thousands of people attempted to try and win, but only a few have been selected as winners.

These people wanted to experience something new and dynamic than staying in a strict peaceful island. They simply wanted to experience anything that was new to them. As these lucky chosen ones are to travel into the outside world where the regions lied, they are to expect something that will shock them onto the ground….

How will their new experiences be in an almost completely destroyed world?

The world could be near its inevitable end, who will be the lucky group to become the heroes saving the world from destruction? Thus the name, Pokemon Savior was born.

RP Character’s Purpose:
The purpose of the characters is to be the one to try and save the world from being destroyed by an unknown force. You are to let your character and his/her pokemon to try and stop the unknown force from destroying the world. Your character does not have to be originated on Neocean Island, but it is highly recommended. Outside-of-the-island characters will either be seen in the cruise ship or when the characters head to the outside lands.

Those who live on Neocean Island, nobody obtains a pokemon until after some time throughout the story. You are to choose your pokemon, but legendaries are given to you by me. Lastly, an RP character must have some kind of mysterious history in his/her past; such examples are being an angel, demon, a pokemon, etc. If you want this roleplay to be a good one, then I suggest you do not reveal the mysterious past of the character until the story has progressed on enough.


You can control up to two characters on this roleplay. You can control an unlimited amount of NPCs, but please don’t control hundreds in one post. XD
No god-playing obviously, we are trying to have a fair good roleplay here.
All RP main characters play a major role. Whatever you choose your character to do; it greatly affects the story as it progresses.
Make sure you type out at least a fair four sentence paragraph.

One More Note:
This roleplay will be very unique indeed, for I am planning to make this into a flash anime series. Make sure your posts are as what you want them to be, because they will also effect the series of the flash anime.

Sign-ups: ~Sign ups are open~

Make sure the profile of your character/s is as detailed as it can be, especially the appearance description of the character. That way, I can easily determine on what I can draw out on the flash series of this roleplay.

Name: Psy

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: He is around the area of 5 and half feet and has a slim body. His black hair is naturally spiked forward and his eyes reflect a dark golden brown color. He is light skin and also light on weight, around 100 lbs. For his clothing, he wears a light green shirt, short sleeved, and has a very pale light green star on the front. He wears a pair of blue shorts that cover up to his knees and wears black shoelace-less shoes that gave him slightly more freedom of movement than other shoes.

When he is to confront someone that he does not know, he usually gives a polite welcoming smile to greet someone in a polite way. If he were to confront his opponents, he usually gives a smirk, preparing to try and perform an action of anticipation.

History: His past remains unknown to all, even Psy himself. No one knows where he came from, who his parents are, and his true origin. He lived alone in a house on Neocean Island, living a life of solitude. He never had true friends, but that will soon change once he takes his way into the S.S. Light.

He always wanted to become a hero and will fight for the cause of helping others in need. During the time he was in Neocean Island, he trained himself how to fight in a powerful speedy matter. One of his hobbies on the island was to run around nearby areas of the island, practicing his swift jumps and dashes. He also had unleashed his inner powers in him during his training sessions and is now able to control energy (Formally known as PSI). He promised himself to use his powers for good and tries to avoid abusing it.

He decided to join the sweepstakes because he wanted to try and help out the outside world and its possible problems, even though he was clueless about anything outside of Neocean Island. He wanted to use his abilities to help others and though joining the sweepstakes would help him do that.

Personality: He has that all-around personality, being a balance. Usually of the time, he is very calm but energetic. At some times when he gets irritated by something or someone, he can get very enraged and aggressive.

He loves seeking new experiences in his life, such as adventuring. He also is very good at drawing cartoon figures. Once he starts to learn more about pokemon, he will grow to love them very much. He hates people who are purely against his friends and hates murderers. He had once though of joining in as a bounty hunter once he grows old enough, but is still debating due to his dislike toward killing.

Other: For some odd reason, he has never met or seen a pokemon in his life, making him a newcomer to pokemon.

*Natural Weapon: Aura Light Saber
This weapon is created from his glowing green energy in him and is his best choice of weaponry. This saber is very flexible and can be used in many various ways. It is able to cut a tree without much of a problem. If he takes out his light saber and uses it for a long duration of time, the saber will weaken and so will he. The base of the saber is was formed by combining common metals and glasses, only another person who would be able to control his/her energy to the saber can control the weapon.


**Favorite Pokemon: Mudkip / Quilava (Bleh, I can’t decide... X_X)

*Natural weapon is the object that the character will be using in the majority of his/her fights. If your character will only fight with pokemon, then just fill in pokemon into the selection.

**This is meant for “your” favorite pokemon, not your RP character’s favorite.

RP sample:

It was a start of another day at Era, a town where many of our heroes lied about. Psy, our current soon-to-be savior of Era woke up with a freaked out face, “It’s just another nightmare… a pretty vivid one too.” He got up and quickly fixed up his bed.

He aboard the ship of the Epoch and made his way inside the main bridge. He was called up by Lucca, the girl who organized missions and data. She approached Psy with a warm smile, always to welcome her members in the best way, “Hello Psy, ready to see what mission I have in store for you today? “Always Lucca… so what’s the mission this time?” “It’s a big one, yes a big one.” “Umm… you never give big missions to us, are you sure you want to do this?” “We’ve been all working for a month! I think you guys are ready to deal with the big ones, wouldn’t you agree?” Psy gave a smile, finally happy to ever receive a harder task than what he had received before. They both attended in the Mission Room, where all are to be assigned in all missions that were put available.

Lucca officially gave Psy a B rank mission, the third hardest missions you were able to get in the Epoch. Psy's heart started to race, excited about the mission he was about to experience, "I can't wait to try this one out!" Just after Psy spoke out, a girl entered the room with a noticeable appearance.

“So Lucca, I heard you’re giving our members high rank missions?” The girl came closer to the two, gave out a small smile to them. Lucca noticed her appearance, surprised to see her at this particular early hour, “Well look who woke up early today! I’m guessing you want to be assigned right away, Prier?”

“Right away please, I’m going to become stronger with these missions!”
“Don’t get too carried away, you never had took a mission higher than a C… for all we know, these missions could kill you.”
“You know me Lucca… I never back down on these kinds of things.”
“Yeah, since your first mission… that was pretty impressive for a girl like you.”
“I’ll take that as a compliment thank you…” Prier rolled her eyes as, she always appeared most with such an attitude.

Lucca adjusted her classes, straitening its position, “Just to be careful and all, I’m both assigning you the requirement of having a partner with you.” Both Prier and Psy moved a step back, surprised of the new requirement of the mission. Prier gave an annoying look to Lucca, upset that she wouldn’t be able to complete the mission alone, “What?! I don’t need anyone to help me along… I can do the stupid mission myself no problem!” Lucca put her hand out to Prier in a way to tell them not to jump to conclusions just yet, “You’re acting a bit too confident… and there is no reason to act so reckless in a higher rank mission.” Psy took a few steps behind, not wanting to get into the argument of the two. “Jeez… I feel bad for the guy who’s going to be Prier’s partner,” He silently said to himself. Lucca was able to hear Psy and instantly faced him, “Oh yeah, about the whole partner thing with you…” Psy had a feeling he would be in partner with someone rough and stubborn, “And who might that be Lucca?” She put her attention toward Psy than Prier, “Yeah… Prier’s your partner on your mission. In fact, you both are assigned in the same mission, so be happy.” Psy and Prier purposely made themselves fall onto the ground, now unsatisfied with their mission.

September 20th, 2007, 9:36 AM
Name: Maxwell Chamberlaine

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Maxwell stands just above six feet tall and seems even taller, having the kind of immaculate posture you'd only ever see in those too rich for worries. His hair is thick, shoulder-lenght and black as coal, always well-groomed but left hanging in a rather sloppy do. Eyes a dusty brown, he gives off a somewhat dim, uncaring appearance - even though brown is a warm colour, Maxwell's gaze looks cold and barren. Looking every part the rich kid, he has only the slightest tan, seemingly to show off the fact that he has no need to be outside, save for leisure. Naturally, Maxwell is the owner of a huge and varied wardrobe, but his favoured set of clothes is a simple black business suit, made to be light-weight and not too warm. He also wears a pair of black glasses.

Normally, Maxwell travels the world with an expression of relaxed enjoyment, which easily turns into an amused smile when he talks to someone.

History: Officially, Maxwell is the son of a wealthy businessman, descended from a long line of wealthy businessmen from Kanto - a regular rich boy, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. In truth, however, that businessman never had a son; actually, he could not have a son, or any children at all. This was not something he wished to be made publicly known, or even known at all. Naturally, you cannot stay successful for that many generations without cheating in some way; the Chamberlaine's chosen manner of cheating had always been sorcery (if you can be demons and other freaky stuff, why not?). He arranged for to be summoned an earth spirit, or elemental, which he asked to be his heir. The elemental, amused by the sheer size of the businessman's ego, and intrigued by the chance of trying out life in another way, agreed and was given human form. The rest, as they say, is history.

Being who he is, Maxwell is posessed of an inhuman tolerance to physical violence, and has an amazing stamina. Beyond that, however, he can do little else than other humans.

Personality: Just as one might expect from a creature of earth, Maxwell likes to take it easy, and rarely exhibits any strong emotions. He is out to enjoy himself, and cares for little else. Being curious about just about everything, he has taken up a large number of hobbies, for example pokémon training, calligraphy and ping pong, just to name a few. He is always on the lookout for new passtimes, and even once, before he had fully understood human society, seriously considered joining Team Rocket.

Maxwell is never shaken or shocked, and rarely more than mildly surprised. He takes his own steady mentality for granted, and looks at regular humans with a certain amount of disdain for their tendencies towards large egoes, violent aggression and meaningless depression. Despite this, he enjoys making friends with people with interests similar to his own. Chances are that whatever you like to do, he's tried it at least once. If he hasn't, he'll want to.

Other: Maxwell never sleeps.

Natural Weapon: Maxwell rarely fights, but if he is ever forced to, he will mostly be able to win with his bare hands, since he is incredibly hard for a normal human to damage. In human form, his abilities as an elemental are reduced to virtually none. He will naturally call his pokémon to his aid if able to.


Favorite Pokemon: Sandslash

RP sample:
The steady clip-clop of bare hooves against rock signalled the approach of a rider, or in the very least a horse. Round a bend came this horse, a fine steed indeed. A destrier, milky white like brand new parchment, with eyes darker than bottomless pools of the finest ink.
Its tail bore the same dark hue as the eyes, as did its hooves, and the horse looked clean and newly groomed, as if had it left a king's stables mere moments ago. Although the horse had no crinet, the creature's head was protected a beautiful chamfron of silver-like metal, golden symbols lining its edges and the sign of infinity skillfully engraved between the eye slots. It was covered in heavy barding as well, made of the same shining metal as the chamfron, and covered in the same symbols.

Now, the horse was not riderless, and the rider was no less decorated than his steed: clad in shimmering full plate, though helmetless, he sat tall upon his mount, an unearthly brilliance radiating from his very person.

The paladin, for he must have been a paladin, truly resembled the knights of a bard's tale, fair to look at in spite of his scars, armour like sparkling silver and hair like sparkling gold, a sword by his side and a shield by the other. The men would admire him, the women moreso, and the children would follow him through the streets.

Here, however, he was alone, slowly travelling across the rocky ground in shadow cast by the cliffs. The knight was in a good mood, it seemed, for he was smiling, humming a popular tune as he rode. The horse did not seem bothered by it.

It was impossible to tell if he truly had a goal or was just trying to stick to the shadow, or both. But, as he followed the cliffside on his faithful steed, it was inevitable that he would happen upon the beaten body of a young man, dressed in charred robes on uncertain origin.
"Gadzooks!", the knight exclaimed, pulling at his reins. The destrier obediently halted, curiously eyeing the boy. "What ill fate has befallen this young man?" The rider asked himself.

Dismounting, he catiously approached it, leaving the cliff wall behind, his feet now treading grass instead of rock. As the body made no move the knight walked right up to it, in the mean time reaching into his armour, sticking three fingers inside the uppermost opening. From it he brought a small golden rectangle, connected to a thin brass chain that ran around his neck. The holy symbol of Scinta, godess of knowledge, to those who know such things.
With it outside his armour he spoke to the body at his feet.
"Are you alive or dead?"
Though he may have looked like the very empitome of heroism, and could certainly have acted the part if required, he felt he could allow himself a jest.
"If you are dead, I will forgive you for not replying."

September 20th, 2007, 9:59 AM
[email protected] - You profile is very interesting and will really make this story a interesting one indeed. You are ~Accepted~

I can already tell that this RP is going to improve in vast amount of ways than the previous ones. It's also nice to see new people joining in the story too.

September 20th, 2007, 10:09 AM
Name: Michael

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Appearance: He is around 4 foot 8 and is slim. He has very short black hair and very green eyes, some see his eyes ans shudder as when looking at his usually sad looking eyes, you feel upset and depressed. He is underweight and has tanned skin, by tanned I mean not light nor dark, he is mixed race. For his clothing, he wears a white thin hooded t-shirt, with short blue sleeves, he also wears a pair of blue jeans which bear the letters, GC which stands for the once standing Goldenrod city.

When he approches somebody he does not know he puts his head down and tries to avoid eye-contant, if he does show eyecontant he will give a small smirk and then look down or rustle in his pockets pretending he is trying to do something, he carrys a black backpack.

History: Michael's past is quiet unknown, his parents Jacqueline and Alan live with him and his three siblings Karl, Anthony and James in there home, Michael usually travels alone and never talks to many people, he really is lonely and just wants people to accept him, Michael once had greeny-grey eyes which where beautiful and looked happy and warm, but after his near-death experience (He was in a supermarket when a bomb went off) his eyes changed to a scared looking bright green, Michael claims that a boy called Angel saved him, he usually talks to Juliet (Whom I will put up later.)

After many times when Michael has got angry things around him have begun to shake, but Michael will not reveal to anyone this, he hopes that one day, he will find somebody like him, somebody who has been through things like he has, Michael will not like to reveal his history unless he really trust somebody, a lot more is hidden in Michael's heart, things that may become known throughout the story.

Michael now just lives in Neocean Island quietly.

Personality: Michael is a very shy person and generally depressed, this is due to not having anyone to talk to. He hates fighting and loves Pokemon, when anybody gets to know Michael they will find he has a happy and bubbly personality.

For people who know Michael, they like to call themselves his freind.

Other: Michael will only really talk to Pokemon even though they cannot talk back, well some can, but Michael really loves fire Pokemon.

*Natural Weapon: Ok, I was told to edit this for reasons, well Michael uses his Pokemon to fight but when he needs to he will fight side by side with his Pokemon using a long sharp pointed ended stick, Michael uses this to make people back off but if he needed to, Incase of emergancy, Michael would attack with the stick to save his freinds or family. (BTW Michael refers to his Pokemon as his family)

**Favorite Pokemon: Charmander / Cyndaquil and/or Flareon

RP sample: Michael woke up abruptly, he had just had a nightmare, still scared and shaken he lay in bed, not moving, just waiting for his eyes to focus. Once Michael's eyes where focused he looked around, he was in his bedroom, the electric blue coloured walls covered with Pokemon posters, the floor cluttered with books and clothes, Michael streched his arms, yawned, and then rose out of bed, from where he was sitting he could see the light from the outside world shining in, it was day.

Michael got out of bed, slipped a pair of grey joggers on, and pulled a red t-shirt over his short black hair, he walked downstairs slowely and lazily only to find the front door wide open, his parents where sitting outside bathing in the sunshine, his brothers where all at work.

Michael then sat down and looked at the television, the screen was blank and so he picked up the remote and pushed a red button, the blank screen they flashed to life, it showed the news, and pictures of Johto destroyed where popping up, Michael jumped back startled, then switched the channel, it turned to Kanto, there where people rioting and building burning, what was going on in the world he thought to himself, he then turned of the television and sat on a chair deep in thought.

September 20th, 2007, 10:57 AM
Name: Samson

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Samson is a tall guy for his age, standing at 5'11. He wears a plain white t-shirt, with a pair of dark blue shorts (think Dickies), and white sneakers. He has a white skin tone, but not pale, and a tall and slim body type, with a slight muscular tone.

History: Nobody knows where Samson is from. He was found as a baby near the beach on Neocean island. He was crying and naked, as if he had just been born, yet no parents where around. It was as if he was born from thin air. Samson was taken in by an elderly man, who raised him until Samson turned 11. Around this time the man who raised Samson died. Samson buried him in the backyard of the mans house, and kept the house for himself.

Samson actually turned out pretty well adjusted for a kid who raised himself for so many years, but he did pretty good. One night, when Samson was walking around Neocean at night, he was jumped by a gang of street thugs. When they realized Samson had no money, they decided they would just have to kill him. Samson had to defend himself but they were already coming at him, he put his hand out in defence, and the next thing he remembers is a white light. Then he passed out. When he woke up, he saw the gang members passed out on the ground, so he ran off home.

Since that experience, Samson bought a punching bag. He learned how to box, and kickbox, and developed some pretty cool fighting styles. When he trains, he can feel a weird energy flowing through him, the same one he felt the night he saw the white light. After living by himself for so long, Samson decided it was time to go out and see the world, so he signed up for the "Outside World." Hopefully, he will make some friends, and see the world.

Personality: Samson is a calm and relaxed guy. He doesn't get mad easily, and is nice to pretty much everyone. Deep down though, Samson is a little lonely, and just wants to make friends. Samson also has a code of honor, which goes as such: Don't hit girls, help the needy, and don't kill.

Other: Samson has a mysterious untapped energy running through him. Also, his birthday is unknown, and nobody knows where Samson came from, or his real name, not even Samson himself.

Natural Weapon: Harvested energy.
You'll see what it is later in the story.

Favorite Pokemon: Snorlax/POLITOED!

RP sample: (taken from original savior)

"Psy...you have your own worries I can see. Let's start the training for tapping our powers tomorrow. I want you to cheer up, and realize that we're all in this together, and we can protect each other."
Samson said giving Psy a determined nod. He then started walking off towards a rocky area.
"Guys, I'm gonna go train with my Pokemon." Samson said pulling off his hoody and throwing it on the ground, revealing a plain white T-Shirt.
"I'll be back later. Bye." He said walking off.

Later, as Samson approached an ideal training area, he sat down on a rock and began contemplating.
"My real training begins now....I will get stronger, and raise my Pokemon to be great....then maybe one day...I can be a hero....heh, nah." Samson thought as he threw his pokeballs, releasing Bulbasaur, Natu and Kecleon. They all sat happily and looked at Samson.
"Alright guys...today, we start training."

Some time passed and Samsons training continued. Bulbasaur was using its Tackle attack on various rocks, so far he could only crack them lightly upon impact, but Samson saw Bulbasaurs potential. Natu was jumping down from rocks, and climbing back off to jump again, working on it's speed and strength. Kecleon was practicing its Slash attack on various rocks and stumps. And Samson was trying hard to. He was jogging around the area, watching his Pokemon train, and then he began doing push ups. Trying to show his Pokemon he could train with them.

"You're all doing great!" Samson said to his Pokemon. "How about a break?" Samson said. His pokemon all stopped and sat down together, as Samson sat on a rock.
"...when I was training my hair kept getting in the way..." Samson thought as he got up and walked over to a stream. He looked at his reflection in the water and stared at his shaggy brown hair. "I'll have to change alot of things...If I want to be strong."

September 20th, 2007, 11:31 AM
RocketMemberMichael - Your profile meets the standards good enough, but there is just one little problem. You are ~Pending~

You do need to fill out something in the Natural Weapon box. If he is to use his pokemon, then you can just refer so. There will be an amount of fights in the RP, so this box will help out. Afterwards you fill it in, you are glady accepted.

orange - I hope you feel the same way I do, just thinking about how will the appearence of the two will be like. We both have some similarities, this has to be interesting... ^_^ You are ~Accepted~

PS - You additions to the profile made things better. Thanks for using the time to do that, much appretiation.

Cosmic Tyrant
September 20th, 2007, 2:09 PM
Name: Randy Flair

Gender: Male

Age: 16 (Edited for reasons)

Appearance: Randy is rather tall for his age. He stands at 6'2 and weighs at 200 lbs. His skin tone is a little difficult to pinpoint, It is of a molotto complex, but is pale-iss, sort of grey even. His body tone isn't heavily muscular, but he has no visable body fat on him. He keeps his hair in a wild fire-like style, and as an added componet has dyed it red. He is normally seen wearing all black. He wears a black shirt wih a black jacket over it. He wears black pants and black combat boots. The jacket and pants have studs on them, and the boots have steel toes. Other things to note are his eyes, which appear red due to contacts, a burn mark that surroinds most of his right face, black knuckle gloves, and several things in his jacket pocket he decided to keep from his past encounters.

History: Randy has been a Neocean citizen all of his life, but can't really say he is happy of that. His father was a big crime boss by the name of Dave Helmsly. He led a group of people collectively known as The Silverbacks on various crime sprees. When his father eventually met up with his mother, named Cherry Flair, everyone thought he was done with the crime scene. But when Dave learned that Cherry eventually got pregnant, he decided to split and go into crime once again. Cherry was furious, but she decided to give her child a chance. When Randy finally came into the picture, Cherry made a vow. She promised that Randy would never turn out like his father, Dave. She taught him everything he knows about, well, everything. From how to cook to how to fight, Cherry made sure that Randy knew how to handle himself. But that could only go so far. When Randy was eight, Cherry passed away from a rare yet deadly disease. Randy was outraged. Randy never had any real friends, and now the only person that ever gave squat about him was gone. He promised that he’d never forget his mother and her teachings. But now that Randy’s only legal guardian was dead, there was noone to take care of him, and Randy certainly wasn’t going through any legal procedures, so he decided to live as a refugee for a couple of years. He eventually found a job and an apartment to live in. When he heard about the sweepstakes, Randy decided to enter on the offchance of actually winning and getting off of Neocean...

Personality: Randy, for the most part, is a very angry person. He isn’t particularly fond of happiness or joy. Of course for Randy being angry wasn’t bad. To him, anger was happiness. It’s not his fault, he’s been picked on for a majority of his life, and is quite fed up with everything that’s been going on around him. Randy may claim that he’s happy the way things are now, but that’s far from the truth. If he had at least one good friend, he’d be content for the rest of his days. For other parts of Randy’s personality, He’s aggressive, and a bit of a show off.

Other: Randy can sense special auras from other people.

*Natural Weapon: Randy has learned to make good use of anything at hand. He can carve sticks into spears, bow sets, and other various tools for combat. When he doesn’t have anything to work with, he uses his fighting skills, which are components from the styles of Vale Tudo, Jujitsu, and Professional Wrestling, mainly for their power and superior grappling techniques.

**Favorite Pokemon: Houndour

RP sample: (Taken from the origonal)

Randy kept walking forward as he looked left and right for Renee. "I Ca-cant go onn-achoo!" Randy sneezed near a hollow tree. Then a wild Absol leaped out of the hole in the hollow tree. Randy was so shocked that he fell onto his injured arm. Then he heard a loud snap. Randy cringed. "Yep, it's broken!" He said as he cupped his injured arm with his normal one. "And I'm right handed, too! This stinks!" He said as he truged into the now pitch-black night. He went on for a little longer and spotted a cabin. "Oh lood! Said Randy obviously getting sick from the constant rain. "A cadin! Maybe I can fing someone dere...Achoo!" He sneezed again as he walked toward the cabin. He got close, then tripped over a lumpy object, falling on his bad arm. "Yeouch!" Randy exclaimed as he rolled on the ground in pain, his clothes and hair now filled with mud, twigs, and leaves. "I can'd tage dis mudgh abuse too mudgh longer..." He said very angrily. "Whad dig I tribb on, anyway?" He looked and say what looked like a person. "Renee?" Randy asked as he rolled the person over. Then lightning struck and provided Randy with some light. Then he saw it was Psy. "Oh noh, It's Psy!" Randy said panicly. I'd bedder get him to some warmth, quigg!" He said as he carefully dragged Psy by the collar of his shirt to the cabin...

September 20th, 2007, 7:52 PM
Name: Renee

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Appearence: Renee has black hair and is about 5"0 and weighs around 100 lbs. She wheres a pink shirt and blue jeans. She also wheres black tennis shoes. Her skin tone is rather pale. She often keeps her hair in a loose ponytail. She also has 2 golden earing which she often wheres.

Personality: Quiet and Shy she keeps to herself and often draws of the nature around her.She loves thinking about nature. So she is sort of a nature freak. She hates being in crowds. She doesn't want friends and everytime she meets someone she acts cold and detached. She has been rather a cry baby every since her father got a new job as the President. Every since then people treated her different so she began to let her frustration and anger through tears.She looks very familiar to a mysterious pokemon.

History: Renee was adopted into her family. She has everything she wants but the only thing she really wants to know is where she came from and what she is. She has always wondered why she looked more pokemon then human.Renee soon found herself being mocked and being called a pokemon. Soon she stopped going to school completly and began being home schooled. She soon had a genious IQ and excelled at things much faster then most children. She was able to figure out complicated math problems at the age of 8.Soon Renee was revered as the smartest child in Neoceon Island from her father.

Other:Renee has amnesia from her past.

Natural Weapon: Renee has learned a secret technique of archery. She has learned to shoot different types of arrows, knowing how to shoto ice arrows,fire aroows,light arrows and a variety of other arrows. (Yes I got this from Legend of Zelda so sue me. XD)She knows every distinct element and can find an arrow to combat it.

**Favorite Pokemon: Piplup and mew (Mew is my favorite pokemon in real life so can I use it as a favorite?? o.O)

RP Sample (Taken from original)
Once Renee was finished training she decided she would have a look at her newly evolved wurmple. "Cascoon huh? Guess I'd better get your data in my pokedex." After Renee was done registering Cascoons data she returned it to its pokeball for a good long rest. "Well lets go zigzagoon wanna have a look around?" Renee asked her little zigzagoon Zigzagoon nodded in agreenment happily. Renee began looking around the area and found a cave she heard voice coming from it it sounded like Samsons voice. "Samson??" Renee said curiously. "Well lets go have a look around maybe we will find something interesting in there maybe a new pokemon!" Renee said happily as she entered the cave not knowing it was pitch black inside.

September 20th, 2007, 8:21 PM
King Cosmic - It's nice to see you join in. You are ~Accepted~

GhostPrincess - Yay, you finally made it! Hope you enjoy this much improved RP. ^_^ You are ~Accepted~

September 21st, 2007, 8:10 AM
Name: Juliet

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Appearance: Juliet is around 4 foot 10 and is slim but not underweight. She has long black hair and sapphire blue eyes, her teeth are a pearl white and she smiles alot, She is an average weight for a girl of her age and has tanned skin just like Michael, people look at her skin and refer to it as sunkissed. For her clothing, she wears a blue t-shirt with the picture of a Growlife on it and she wears blue jeans, she also wears a purple baseball cap and her hair is in a ponytail and comes out the back of her cap, she also wears white training shoes.

She carries a small blue bag.

History: Nobody knows where Juliet was born, her family where killed when she was only six and Juliet was sent to an orphanage, there she was picked on and bullied until finally she ran away and left to Neocean Island, since living in this island Juliet has never tried to make contact with the outside world, she instead stays with two old villagers who let her live with them. Juliet is best freinds with Michael.

Personality: Juliet is a very happy person and generally bright, she is very smart and always is smiling happily, until people ask her about her past, Juliet is very emotional and touchy when it comes to history, she has revealed her true past to Michael, as he has told Juliet his own, but neider of them will ever reveal eachothers history.

Other: Juliet has a strange power, she can influence Pokemon to help her in certain conditions by playing a bright tune on her pink flute.

*Natural Weapon: Juliet fights with her Pokemon

**Favorite Pokemon: Growlife, Vulpix & Ekans.

RP sample: (Do I have to do this, I did it for my other character?)

September 21st, 2007, 9:58 AM
RocketMemberMichael - Thanks for using your time to edit the profile. This will be the first time I will be seeing an RPer playing two characters at once. You are ~Accepted~

Okay, I think we have a good amount of people to start this RP. Remember to try and be active on this roleplay as best as you can. There will be moments where the story will progress quickly than expected.


It is another start of another morning in Neocean Island and the sun gave that morning shine that reflected beautifully with the waters of the beaches.

Psy awakes from his deep slumber and gives out a big yawn. He stands up and proceeds to go on with his daily chores of his house, “Well… today is the big day where I meet up with the other winners at the cruise ship.” He softly puts his folded blanket on the bed and headed his way outside of the house.

“Hey Psy!” A girl shouts at Psy not to far away from his house.
“Hey Maci! I got the house ready for you. I think you will find it satisfactory.” As he made his way where Maci is, he appears with a pleasant smile.
“I agree, living in a larger house is nice enough. I thank you for your kindness once again.”
“No problem, I’m heading out to the unknown parts of this world anyways… well, unknown to my own mind to clarify.”
“I hope you have a great time experiencing something new to you Psy.”
“I will, you don’t have to worry about that for sure.” Psy then directs his way where the cruise ship S.S. Light is to be. They both wave their goodbyes and continued on with their day.

Psy is half-way to the location of the cruise ship, gradually gaining excitement from his own wonders with the new lands he was going to see, “I wonder how the rest of the world play? Are there rules and laws as strict as Neocean Island? All these simple wonders just make me well… wonder.” He now stands walking upon a long bridge that would lead him to the main dock where the ship will be.

September 21st, 2007, 10:32 AM
Samson awoke early. The sun had just risen and Samson was still a little tired. He yawned and got up. He got dressed and ate some bread. He checked his calender. "Hmm....oh cool. Today's the day I leave...." Samson said with a smirk. He grabbed a backpack and threw in a cloak, belonging to the man who raised him. It was dusty, and a brownish sort of color. Samson smiled. "I'll never forget you. Thank you for all you've done." He said looking at a picture of the man and himself, many years ago. Samson put on the backpack and strolled out of the house. His adventure was begining.

Samson was in downtown Neocean, near the docks, and stopped and looked around. He saw a bridge leading to the dock that the ship would be on. He noticed another boy was already there. "I guess he's on this cruise to..." Samson thought as he trudged behind him. Samson put his hands behind his head and stared at sky as he walked.

September 21st, 2007, 11:35 AM
Michael sat on his couch, tapping his foot on the floor nervously, he hadn't slept all night as he was soo excited about going on the "Outside World", Michael waited in his home, watching television and wasting time, just waiting to leave his house, then a knock was heard on the door and Michael jumped up excitedly and opened his front door, a young girl with long black hair was beaming at Michael happily, Michael smirked.

"Ready Juliet!" He shouted smiling brightly, Juliet nodded.
"Yeah, this is going to be amazing! I wonder what it will be like!" She asked jumping up and down.
"Well wonder later, first we have to get to the S.S Light, it has already begun to sail and is stopping at the docks in the nearest town, come on let's go before we're too late!" Juliet giggled then opened the door wider to reveal two shiny bikes, one pink, one blue. The couple got onto the bikes then began to ride towards the docks.

It took a while before they arrived and finally they saw two people standing near the docks. Michael got off the bike, walked over to the first person who was holding his hands behind his head and looking to the sky and smiled.

"Hey..." He said nervously, but then he pictured the adventure and for a moment, a rare moment, his shyness dissapeared, "I am Michael! Nice to meet you!"

September 21st, 2007, 12:02 PM
Psy notices a voice behind him and looks behind. He sees two others, one of them looking older than the other one. He assumed that he heard the voice of the younger looking boy and greets him with a smile, “Hey, I’m Psy and I guess you are one of the winners of the sweepstakes?” Psy hoped since the time he left the house that he would make some new friends around the coming group.

He fully turns his body to face the two and appears rather energetic, “Don’t you guys wonder yourselves about the lands outside this island? I’m pretty excited about this trip myself, how about you two?” He asked the two in a bright upbeat tone.

September 21st, 2007, 12:14 PM
Michael smiled to Psy, he though Psy's hair looked cool, Juliet blushed, she always blushed when a boy talked to her.

"You know what, I have no idea what is going to be outside, But I am excited, I am expecting lots of Pokemon! That will be cool, I would love to have a Pokemon!" Michael then turned to Juliet.

"Well, I am a bit scared, Because it has not said anything about the outside world on the news! What if their is trouble?" Juliet said calmly, Michael then sighed.

"I dunno, Psy what do you think?" He asked politely.

September 21st, 2007, 12:21 PM
“That may be true, but I highly doubt that. I mean seriously, if Neocean is doing fine, I bet they’re doing better out there.” Psy disliked the islands limitations of its rules. This is one of the main reasons why he made his decision to leave the island forever or at least a long time, “I heard from the latest rumors that you have a lot more freedom out there.” He said, looking up at the sky in wonder. Psy wants to gain more of an insight of the rest of the world, but on the other hand also wants to protect those who are in need of help.

September 21st, 2007, 12:28 PM
"Yeah Psy you are right, Juliet if you think about, we are a very small island, with not much technology, and out there, in the Outside World, they have legendary Pokemon, Mystical Caves and stuff, I mean, really, if you stay on this island forever, you don't get to do much, or see much." Juliet nodded to Michael, she agreed, She then looked into Michael's eyes and shuddered, by looking into his eyes you could see lots of pain.

"Well, Michael you know I have nothing to lose, My family are all gone, So really, I have no reason for staying here! So Psy, what should we do now?"

(OOC: Later should I do a Sprite Comic based on this?)

September 21st, 2007, 12:35 PM
(OOC: If you want to, that sounds pretty cool. ^_^)

“Pokemon? What is that, some kind of animal?” Psy has no idea what a pokemon is. As he lived in solitude before, he only knows so well of himself and his best friend Maci, the girl who he had given his house to. Psy then once again faces the two, in a sudden eager again about the possible new experiences he will be facing soon, “I still can’t wait what is in store for us though. I can’t stop myself from thinking about it.” He said and jumps in excitement, unable to hold his energy any longer.

September 21st, 2007, 12:45 PM
OOC: Ok when we get further into the story, by the way I love this roleplay

Juliet smiled sweetly at Psy then looked into the sky, "To be honest, I don't know what a Pokemon is eider." She looked to Michael, "What is a Pokemon?" Michael grinned at Juliet.

"Well, I really am not that sure, But my mother told me, that Pokemon are creatures, that come in all shapes and sizes, all colours and forms, and they are partners with people, and they work together with them in harmony and stuff." Michael then looked to Psy, "I am excited though, to see a Pokemon for the first time!"

"Cool!" Juliet shouted loudly, "Psy that is awesome, don't you think!"

Cosmic Tyrant
September 21st, 2007, 1:24 PM
Randy's alarm clock blazed through his room. "Stupid clock..." He started to mumble. Then his eyes widened. He realized what day it was. "Oh, way to go, genius!" He said to himself as he immediately got up and started to get dressed. "Of all of the things I could possibly forget, it's the one chance I have at getting off of this stupid island!" He sai as he got on his jeans. "Gee, I wonder what the odds were of me actually winning that contest..." He wondered to himself as h got his shirt and jacket on. "Well, whatever the odds were, It doesn't matter! I'm getting off Neocean, and that's fine with me." He said as he got his boots and gloves on. He popped two slices of bread in toaster, than got some cold cereal and poured a bit into a bowl. He added milk, then went to the bathroom. "Now lets see..." He said as he looked for his styling gel. "Ah here it is! My hair has got to have the highest maintenance standard" He said ash began to style his hair. "Good thing I already dyed it last night!" He said as he finished up the details. "There, all nice and firey!" He said with satisfaction. "One more thing" He said as he grabbed his contacts and placed them in his eye. "There, now I'm ready!" He said as he walked into the kitchen. His toast popped from the toaster. "Alright, I'd better make this quick" He said as he began to scarf the food down. There wasn't many dishes, so Randy decided to do them first. Then he got the luggage he packed from yesterday. "Smart thinking" He said to himself. "I would have been out of luck if I hadn't done this earlier." He then made his way to one more area in his room. A shelf. He collcted what was about two months worth of paychecks and put it in his wallet. He then put the wallet in his bag. Once he made sure he had everything he wanted to take, he locked up,m and headed toward the boat. "Still here?" Randy asked himself surprized. "Guess I'm lucky. Well, I'm getting off of this island, and that's what matters!" He said as he promptly got on the boat.

September 21st, 2007, 2:12 PM
ooc: sorry I was at school all day ^^;

IC: Renee sat on her bed drawing. "A mansion on Neoceon...Maybe I can get off this stupid island. Hmm dad can get me a ticket to that new ship thats leaving." Renee said as she started drawing a tree with apples under it. She got off of her bed and began walking outside. She exited her mansion and saw people talking."Hmmph.I should introduce myself.. Or should I..I will.." Renee mumbled as she walked up to them and put on a fake smile. She began thinking of what would happen and what could happen. "Hello I'm Renee." Renee said in a fake happy tone. She was always good at acting. "Oh.. So this is the ship I've heard so much about..Hm.. Well I guess I do want to get off this island.. Oh I'm sorry I'm used to talking to myself.." Renee said in a cold voice

September 21st, 2007, 3:41 PM
Samson looked at Psy and Michael. "Well, I'm Samson. Nice to meet you two." Samson said while looking at the ocean. He heard Psy asking them if they where excited. He smiled and looked up. "Yeah, I'm happy I get to see the world, but I will miss the charm of neocean.

Samson began walking forward and leaned against a rail. He looked at Psy. "He seems like a pretty good guy." Samson thought. He looked at Psy and began to feel an energy within him.

"This again....guh....I have to find out what this is..." Samson thought, while putting his hands in his pockets and looking at the ground.

September 21st, 2007, 3:51 PM
((OOC: I hope you don't mind it if I take a bit of charge over the ship and such - I reckoned it fit into the storyline. If not, just alert me to it and I'll have it all removed in a jiffy)).

The S.S. Light cut a silent line through the glittering waters as came gliding into the docks, the sun reflecting off its well-polished hull. The ship was huge, a remnant from those times when almost anyone could afford to go on a cruise every now and then; it could have easily carried hundreds of people. In a world wracked by troubles, some people could still afford to show off.

Maxwell lay on his back on the sun deck, relaxing on a deck recliner, wearing a pair of purple bathing trunks. Grinning up at the sun through his pitch-black sunglasses, he put his hands behind his neck and stretched, enjoying the fresh sea air and the silence. This enjoyment soon came to an end, however, as someone cried to him from above; "We've arrived!"

Some minutes later he arrived among the soon-to-be trainers, immaculately dressed and groomed, in his regular black suit, wearing a flashing, happy smile, ready to meet the boarding passengers. He greeted each of the islanders in turn, shaking their hands as he welcomed them onboard the ship on the behalf of his father's company, which had sponsored the sweepstakes (hey, saving the world is great PR). Revealing that he'd be coming along with them, Maxwell wished them a happy journey and asked them to bring any questions to him. He finished with the classic, "Any questions?".

September 21st, 2007, 5:42 PM
Michael looked at Samson and smiled brightly, "Hi, I am Michael, and this is my freind Juliet and my freind Psy!" Juliet waved happily and looked around. She then turned to Samson.

"Hi, I like your name!" she said excitedly, she then beamed at Michael, Juliet was very happy to be leaving Neocean, Michael then turned to Psy.

"So Psy, Samson...What do we do now?"


September 21st, 2007, 8:17 PM
(OOC: Okay, just simple little control then.)

Psy paid his attention to the ship, seeing Randy enter inside the ship, "Hey guys, I think we are allowed to enter the ship now, let's get in everyone." He told everyone nearby now in a calm but still somewhat of an energetic tone. He walks his way inside the ship, still filled with great amount of excitement... I'm glad we don't have to pay for this exclusive trip." He finds a table with seven chairs that seemed ready to be sat on. He sits on one of them and puts his backpack onto the table and then gives off a big sigh, "I really have to find a way to get all this excitement off of me, I feel like I'm going to explode or something." Michael and Juliet also take a seat in the same table and sat on the opposite side of Psy so they can easily face him.

September 21st, 2007, 11:57 PM
Umm, is it to late to join this?

Name: Shiro Yukikaze

Gender: Male
Weapon: Epsilon, A simple sword that he bought in an antique shop, looking like a falchion, Shiro has not mastered using this weapon yet, though he will learn to use it later

Appearance:Shiro has a spiky brown hair making him look like is 7 feet tall although he is about 6.5 feet he is also a bit muscular.He usually wears a white t-shirt,a cap bearing an emblem of a dragon and blue jeans for his journey,his eyes are emerald green reflecting a cheerful emotion from it,he has a pale white skin that makes him look like he is dead. Most people says that he is an epitome of cheerfulness as he usually smiles all the time, his smile is said to melt even the coldest heart

Personality:Shiro's always cheerful, nice and kind, he always tries to help others, this is a fatal flaw of his characteristics, as people could easily fool him, other than that he's usually seen as a very outgoing and laidback .However, when enraged, his demeanor changed, he became the exact opposite of his cheerful personality, as if he have a double personality

History:Being an orphan for as long as he remembers, Shiro lives in the Island's orphanage until he was adopted by an old couple who never had a child before at the age of 5. He never asked about his parents to his foster parents until they told him that his real parents were friends with the couple and apparently, they disappeared without a trace, leaving him in an orphanage, they then met him while he was 3 and decided to adopt him 2 years later.Intrigued with this, he spent 5 years researching about his parents disappearance. When he saw the sweepstakes, he thought that this maybe his only chance to find his parents and entered it. When he won the sweepstakes, he started to prepare for his long journey... not knowing what dangers that he will face later

RP Sample:
The morning sun was shining down on the beautiful town of Era, where Shiro , one of the inhabitants of the town is sleeping peacefully on his bed. The alarm clock besides his bed was blaring loudly. Shiro just yawns and snoozed the alarm and finally woke up, noticing the state of disarray in his rooms, he looks around and noticed the family's Pikachu ,Spark shuffling through his ..... Suitcase!!!??? "ARGHHHH!!!!! Spark!! Didn't you ever learn to ask before looking into somebody's belongings ??" This sudden outburst scared the little Pikachu out of his rooms. Sighing, he started repacking all his stuffs into the suitcase "Why did Spark tried to make a mess on this.....day....AHH! Today is the cruise departure day!!!" Realization dawning on him, he started packing all the stuff in his suitcase in panic, took a bath and brushed his teeth. Within 20 minutes, he is ready to go on his cruise trip that he won. After saying goodbye to his foster family, he started running to the harbour...

September 22nd, 2007, 4:37 AM
Samson strolled onto the boat casually. He looked around to get an idea of what he'd be traveling on. "Pretty nice....this is a pretty fancy dig." Samson thought as he looked around. He spotted a chair near a plan of some sort, and sat down. He saw that Psy kid, and Michael and Juliet. He watched them sitting there and smirked and got up and went near them.

"What's up you guys?" He said in a mellow tone as he walked up. "I wonder how long the ship will stay docked here...." Samson said while crossing his arms. He was getting a little excited just standing around, and he began feeling that energy through him again. "Err....whenever I'm excited....angry...really sad....this weird energy...what is it..." Samson thought, and had to sit down, so he just plopped down were Psy and the others had been sitting.

He put his hands to his head trying to settle down the feeling within him. It settled down, and Samson sat there, putting on a smile so the others wouldn't worry.

September 22nd, 2007, 5:52 AM
"Hi Samson" Michael said politely, "So...Juliet and I are just going to explore this ship, Psy how about you and Samson have a look around also, maybe some Pokemon will be here, besides I want to see if their is any paper around so I can draw." Juliet grinned and stood up waving to Psy and Samson.

"I need to read, so seeyou later guys, come on Michael let's go!" She said signalling Michael to follow her, they then headed towards a huge brown door which had a small writen text on it in gold saying "Library"

September 22nd, 2007, 8:48 AM
Renee stepped aboard the ship and looked at the water. "This is so pretty..Oh maybe this will be and interesting ride after all." Renee mumbled. She quickly got out her sketch book and began sketching the water and adding a few details. "There. an ocean for my sketch book." Renee said and smiled."Guess I should go check out my room and get something to eat!" Renee said before she had a strange feeling."Its probably..just..nothing!..Yea yea! Renee said totally in denial of the strange feeling she was getting."SHe walked to her room abd began looking at the various marks on her arm which she had often said "Their just birth marks." SHe knew it was much more then that..but she didn't know what. "Its probably nothing.." Renee said quietly so no one could hear her.She just couldn't shake this feeling. "What is the bad feeling..?"

September 22nd, 2007, 8:55 AM
Michael and Juliet then strolled into the libary holding hands and smiling brightly.

"Argh!" Michael shouted abruptly then began to hold his head in his hands, "NO! NOT AGAIN! LEAVE ME ALONE!" Michael screamed loudly, Juliet nudged Michael and whispered.

"Michael...Calm down...I am here..." She said calmly, Michael's eyes where now red and filled with tears, he fell to his knees and began to cry.

"Juliet...It is starting again!" Michael creid, Juliet hugged Michael, her eyes where now also filled with tears.

"Michael be quiet, everyone on the boat can hear you!" She said rubbing her eyes with her left hand while her right hand was on Michael's back.

September 22nd, 2007, 9:07 AM
Renee ran out of her room hearing a scream. "H-huh?!" Renee said stardled. SHe ran to find the person screaming, she found Micheal on the ground screaming and holding his head. "H-Hey are you okay?" Renee said quickly and nervously. She began looking at Juliet who was obviosly worried greatly. No matter what she was thinking of doing to help him she could not help Micheal because frankly she didn't understand what was going on. "What am I going to do?"She thought to herself. "What is going on with him?" Renee quickly asked Juliet.She knew that soon the other passangers would come to see what was going on which could cause more of an uproar already."What the heck is going on..even with my education I've never seen anything like this.." Renee thought to herself quickly.

September 22nd, 2007, 9:16 AM
Juliet look to the pretty girl, "He is having a flash back, a violent flashback!" She sighed then looked to the other people who where staring, "When Michael was a child he was nearly killed." She then looked down to Michael, "Michael had the power to manipulate people into doing horrible acts of violence, he could manipulate people to kill! Just by looking them in the eyes." She carried on staring at Michael, "When somebody looks into Michael's eyes they feel, and experiance, every horrible thing that has ever happened to his young boy." She then looked up to the passengers, "Michael has strange powers, as so do you." She said pointing to Renee, "As so do all of you!" she sighed, "I can tell by looking at each and everyone of you passengers, that you all are different, you all possess strange powers, and I think that is why we where chosen to take this voyage, because we are all different."

September 22nd, 2007, 10:41 AM
Reikou - Sure, having more characters would make this moment a lot more interesting and your profile stands good. You are ~Accepted~

I guess the ship won't be sailing until Shiro takes his appearance inside the ship. Let's be patient and await for his arrival in the story.


"Is everyone alright?" Psy joins in the scene just instantly after he notices the scream in the library. He takes a look at Michael, he seems to be suffering from a flashback, "What's going on with Michael?" Juliet repeats what she just said not to long ago. Psy takes another look at Michael, feeling sorry for him, "A depressing past I see... but how do you know for sure that's the true reason why we are in this ship? Aren't we here just to learn some new things out there in the world besides Neocean Island itself?" He said with a serious look in his face.

"How the heck would the guys who started this whole trip know we have powers in the first place? It's just not likely at all, I mean... this place looks fancy and nice, but it doesn't seem too suspicious to me." He said in his own thoughts.

September 22nd, 2007, 11:03 AM
Samson rolled his eyes. "How would she know why they chose any of us for this cruise...? This kids making some weird accusations." He said looking at Psy. Samson stood around awkwardly. He didn't know what to do so he hoped somebody had some experience with stuff like this, or Michael would get over it soon. The excitement stirred Samson up a little and he felt that same feeling inside of him, a little more powerful this time. He clutched his arm and started leaving the room.

"Hey...uh, Psy right? I'm getting outta here, but I'll be around. You seem like a cool enough guy, maybe we can talk later." He said as he left the library. He found a chair and sat down. Everyone was in the library so he could be by himself. He put his head in his hands and tried to focus. This feeling within him was getting stronger everyday. He had to do something about it, but what?

Finally, the feeling left again. Samson relaxed and continued sitting down. He didn't know what was wrong with him, and he was sure it wasn't normal.

September 22nd, 2007, 12:28 PM
"Me..Have powers...? Thats impossible." Renee said as she looked at Juliet. "Besides your making some weird accusations..Just cause he has weird powers doesn't mean we have any. You don't know anything about me,you can't accuse me of having strange powers when you don;t even know me." Renee said scolding the girl."Still I hope your friend is okay.." She said worridly about Micheal who seemed to be in pain. "Even with my knowledge and my upbringing I have never seen anything like this..I'm out of answers. If this is truly a flashback then theres nothing I can do.." Renee mumbled.

September 22nd, 2007, 5:34 PM
"Wow, a lot just happen just now... I think I'll take a short nap on my room. I'll see you two later." He waves at Michael and Juliet, leading his way to room number three, his room on the cruise ship.

"Bleh... I'm feel all tired all of the sudden, I think a nap will make all better," he softly says, giving out a yawn. He lies himself on the fancy-looking bed and slowly closes his eyes, "What just happen back there? My rush of excitement just dissapeared... maybe it was because of the scream of Michael that made me pretty alerted. I hope he's doing okay back there." After an amount of passing minutes, he finally makes it to sleep.

September 22nd, 2007, 5:36 PM
"ARGHHHH!!!!!!!! I'm Late again!!!!!!!!!" Shiro shouted as he was running at a very high speed to the pier that is housing a ferry. After seeing the ferry, he quickly rushes up the ramp, he tripped over the ramp and then crashed onto the deck! After his painful crash his suitcase crashed on top of him! "OW!! That is one more hurtful experience for me this morning", as he dusted his clothes he heard a screm sounding from one of the rooms, he immediately rushed there and saw two girls and a very exhausted boy "What happened here?" he asked to one of the girl in the room.

September 22nd, 2007, 5:46 PM
Samson began walking around the ship. His weird feelings have been making his body go crazy. He needed to do something about it, but what? As he walked around the ship Samson got bored fast. It was a nice enough ship, just nothing to do. He sighed and continued walking, so he decided to check out his room. When he saw the door that said "Samson" on the front, he saw other doors with names on them to. They read: Psy, Michael, Juliet, Reene and Randy respectively, going across the room from each other.

Samson walked into his room and laid on his bed looking at the ceiling. He sighed and rolled over. "I wish I knew what was going on with me...." Some time passed and Samson grew bored. He got up and exited his room and stood for a second. "....What should I do now..." He said aloud, to no one.

September 22nd, 2007, 10:50 PM
Renee looked at Micheal he looked to be okay, she wanted to just get away from all these people so she made up a random excuse "Well.. If he's okay I need some rest. I was up rather late last night so I'm kinda tired.." Renee walked quickly to her room and sat on her bed. "Why did I get on this cruise..I can't handle being around other people... Its just... I'm never going to make friends..I was just not made to make friends..." Renee sadly mumbled to herself as she began writing in her sketch book. "The story behind a sketch.. It begins with an idea in your head.." Renee mumb;ed as she wrote across the paper. "I guess I could try this writing thing..I did have fun writing that essay.. Oh well.." She said as continued writing. "Why did there hve to be so many people on this cruise?.." She sighed hastily and sat up on her bed. "I wonder what having an actual friend would be like..Oh well.."

September 23rd, 2007, 3:35 AM
Wow this looks like it could get good. Wonder if I can join?

Name: Jeth

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Jeth is about six feet tall and not quite as wide as he should be. Yes, Jeth has been naturally underweight his entire life, and is kinda proud of that accomplishment. Other than that he appears to be a somewhat normal kinda guy. Jeth's skin is dark and has short, slightly spikey black hair. However his taste in clothes is quite a bit weird. Even during the hottest of days he doesn't ever wish to wear shorts, and so is bound to his slightly baggy jeans. His torso suffers the same fate and he never parts with his grey cotton jacket which he never zips up, showing his red T-shirt at all times.

Personality: Jeth is a wise cracker and a trickster. Usually he's a great person to be around and will look after your well being, well normally. As well he tries to lighten everyone's mood and raise the groups moral whenever he can. But he also puts his goals over the welfare of others most of the time and is the kinda guy to smile at you and stab you in the back at the same time.

History: Jeth was born on Neocean and lived there for all of his life. However, as time went on he got bored with the rest of the island and so took up a hobby, he learned the inner workings of the minds of the islands inhabitants. And so every once in a while he would pretend to be reading someone's mind just to get the kick out of it in between practicing with his boomerang and helping out with the family restaurant. Which also made him a good cook.

So once he heard about the contest, Jeth signed up without hesitation. Not becuase he could help others, but becuase it would be a fun experience. There's a difference. Plus venturing into the outside world, into the unknown, gave him the sense of adventure that he had ached for his entire life.

Other: Jeth has a major fear of water.sounds crazy yes i know, but it's true. Heck even when he cooks, he never touches the stuff.

Natural Weapon: This is his Boomerang. No it's not a small little thing no bigger than a kitchen knife, but rather at least three feet tall and a good 8 inches across. While the entire thing was carved out of wood, the outer edge has been coated in steel and sharpened to give it more potency.

In battle, Jeth uses the weapon one of two ways. The first and primary way is when he is up close in combat. the weapon functions then like a two handed sword and the flat side is used to block a lot. And the second method is when he throws the boomerang. Due to his great skill, the weapon spins like a saw blade and usually returns unless it pierces something.

**Favorite Pokemon: Linoone/Jolteon/Infernape/Floatzel

RP sample:

Vyji sat motionless on top of a sparsely covered boulder monitoring the rocky mountian pass. the snow up at these altitudes was a bit cold but never the less he was determined the guard the pass. There wasn't much to look at, just snow covered crags and steep drops. All in all he had nothing to worry about since this way had not been used in a while.

He let out a sigh.

It was warmer down in the lower elevations for the first time in a long while and he wanted to be able to bask in the heat for a bit, but instead he got stuck up here. It made sense since that nice warm spot was the position on every vanguard mind right now and he always got last pick. Always. He just wished something happen already since he had been up there since dawn.

He sighed again.

The sound of barking was picked up by Vyji's elven ears. his eyes searched among the white downs of snow rapidly. It was just a bark but you could never be to sure. There wasn't much for the snow wolves to hunt up here unless you counted the hares and mountain goats. but as he listened in he heard some more barks and a few yelps. Slowly he drew his bow as to not break he perfect disguise and notched an arrow.

There was a yelp as if in intense pain from one of the wolves. Which made sense now, they were fighting a bigger creature. Vyji sprang up from his protective place and ran toward the spot of the sound. His bow was completely drawn and he got to the top of a hard snow bank to only see that it was just a human causing all the ruckus. What a waste of energy.

"Human! Stop what you are doing and surrender now!" Vyji demanded as he fired of warning shots to the wolves. The pack scattered.

September 23rd, 2007, 4:09 AM
Samson saw a girl walk into her room and tried to say hi, but she just went into her room. Samson sighed. "I'll never make any friends..." He said with a sigh. And then quickly shook it off. "Oh well."

Samson strolled up and down the hallways where the rooms were and started feeling restless. "Man....I'm bored..." He said to himself. He stomped around the hallway and laid around on the ground. "What am I doing...I'm acting like a caged animal..." Samson thought as he jumped up. He went to his room and kept the door open, while sitting in the chair in his room. "There...the doors open. If anybody wants to say hi, they can."

September 23rd, 2007, 4:15 AM
"Is that so?" Shiro asked to the girl, Juliet, who told him about the boy's, Michael, predicament. "Well, in any cases, here take this." Shiro said as he gave her a small herb "In case you're wondering... This herb's juice helps to calm your friend down when he have that flashback again" He said while walking away. After taking his suitcase and room keys. He goes to a hallway filled with doors with the passengers name, Shiro then noticed a slightly opened door and peeks inside the room, where he finds a young blonde boy sitting there and Shiro decided to greet him with his smile,"Hi there, what's your name?"

September 23rd, 2007, 4:28 AM
Samson looked up and saw a boy greeting him. He jumped up, so he wouldn't seem rude. He walked up and put a hand out. "I'm Samson." He said with a smile. "So you're on this cruise as well? Heh, It should be fun." Samson stretched and walked out into the hallway. "I am pretty bored already...." Samson said looking at the boy. "Oh. I told you my name, and I forgot to ask. What's your name?"

"I'm glad somebody is talking to me..." Samson thought happily. He felt a slight sensation. "Not this again...." He thought with a wince. "This feeling in me....it's getting out of control..."

September 23rd, 2007, 5:14 AM
"The name's Shiro, glad to see that there's somebody I could interact with," Shiro said after shaking Samson's hand. Noticing something strange about Samson he asked him "Hey, are you okay?"
"Anyways, I gotta go to my room , bye." Shiro said as he goes to his room. As he looks into his room he thought to himself "Nice room, well, I better unpack my stuffs," as he was unpacking he felt a bit strange and brushed off the feelings saying that it's only his imagination. "Man I've been feeling weird and it never happened until I went to the ship. Oh well, I better look around the ship then," Shiro then walked away from his room and starts to travel around the ship

September 23rd, 2007, 8:39 AM
"The name's Shiro, glad to see that there's somebody I could interact with," Shiro said after shaking Samson's hand. Noticing something strange about Samson he asked him "Hey, are you okay?"

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Ret - We can use a character like yours in our roleplay. You are ~Accepted~

I would also like if you can be as active as possible, the story progresses faster than you would expect.

September 23rd, 2007, 9:00 AM
Michael stood up rubbing his forehead, he then went over to Psy's room and pushed the door open, "Ok Psy I know what you are thinking but listen to me! Juliet imformed mne of what she said and that you all said she was wrong but she isn't!" He looked down, "Something is not right, Usually all over the news it always shows the regions, but suddenly all talk of the outside world dissapeared, something is wrong!" Juliet then stood infront of Michael.

"And Psy, you do have strange powers, as you never denied it when I said we have, you said instead 'How would they know' Psy admit it, something is wrong, we are nothing more than teens and we where chosen to go to the outside world, and why so sudden, why make this competition, tell the truth Psy, deep down, you know something is wrong."

September 23rd, 2007, 9:12 AM
Samson, with his door open, overheard the conversation. "They are still talking about....powers..." He thought as he clutched his arm. He walked closer to Psy's room and looked in. Psy, Michael and Juliet were in there. Samson gulped as he walked up clutching his arm.

"Earlier....when you were talking about powers....I don't know about all that...but I....I have felt funny lately....like something inside of me....to the point of pain sometimes....it's like there is something blocked up in me...and I can't release it." Samson said looking at everybody. His pain settled down a bit and he relaxed and unclenched his arm. "It's getting worse everyday..."

September 23rd, 2007, 9:14 AM
Renee sat on her bed quietly." Well..I guess I should get something to eat I am a little hungry.." Renee mumbled as she exited her room and walked to the cafeteria.She ordered a few things and took a seat in a table in the corner. "I knew I should have ate before I left..Oh well." Renee said quietly as her food was served to her. She began eating quietly hoping no one would see her.She soon finished her food and left the cafeteria.She walked up on the deck and took a look at the ocean. "No matter how many times I look at it..Its still pretty." Renee said happily.

September 23rd, 2007, 9:21 AM
Juliet smiled brightly to Samson "SEE!" She said excitedly, "I told you guys!" She then sat down on a brown wooden chair, "Lock the door to make sure nobody comes in!" Michael walked over to the door and slammed it shut loudly, he gulped thinking he may have drawn attention of the passengers.

"You can tell we all have strange powers, I can see when I look into your eyes, all the pain...All the suffering...It shows when I look at you...I mean we all have had bad things happen to us havent we?"

September 23rd, 2007, 9:34 AM
"... What?" He wakes up and opens his eyes, "Whoa! Why are you guys in my room?" He falls off his bed, feeling slightly violated. He gets up, seeing a group of people standing, looking at him, "You guys seem you want to ask me something. I'm wide awake once again so what's your reasons of coming in here?" he asked calmly to the group while cleaning his bed. After getting done cleaning, he gives a energetic smile to the group, "What's with the faces now? We're on a trip to discover the wonders of the outside world. I'd figured you guys would be filled with happiness and excitement throughout this cruise and on."

September 23rd, 2007, 9:37 AM
"Well!" Juliet says loudly, "I came in here to ask you to tell me the truth, lately, have you had strange feelings, strange powers, Samson admitted he had, wait I am not repeating myself again, look Psy, tell me the truth, do you ever feel you have powers of some sort?" Michael starred looking at Psy, they waited for a reply.

"Come on Psy you need to tell us the truth, I am kinda starting to believe Juliet now, I have the power to influence people into doing horrible things, agaisnt my will ofcause..."

"I told them that Michael." Juliet cried.

September 23rd, 2007, 9:39 AM
Samson was rather confused as well. "I just saw the door was open...I didn't know these kids just walked in..." Samson looked down. He heard them talking about Psy having powers and decided he would ask him himself.

"Psy....is it true what they're saying? Do you have....powers?" Samson said while fooling around in his pockets. "Because lately...I've felt strange...like a type of energy is in me....I can't describe it...I just thought maybe...never mind." Samson felt like a fool. He didn't know what was going on, he just wanted anwsers about why he felt like this. He was probally asking the wrong person.

September 23rd, 2007, 9:52 AM
Psy stands there in an instant speechless state. He had never though that they would find about his powers just shortly. He walks through the group, leaves his room, and directs his way out to the food area, "We are here to have a good time and relax ourselves... loosen our worries and hold our wonders of the rest of the world... If the time comes where the truth must be said, then I will speak out those hidden words... until then before the time comes..." he spoke out in a very serious tone. He stops walking, still being able to be seen by the others from behind. He suddenly turns around at a quick speed, again giving out a fullest grin to the group, "You can't go on without an empty stomach, right?" He runs his way to the food court, seeming as if he was really hungry.

September 23rd, 2007, 9:57 AM
Samson sighed. "I'm tired of this." He said as he left Psy's room and walked off. "As soon as I get off this boat....there has got to be someone in the outside world who can help me." Samson said as his stomach began to rumble.

"Psy is right though....a guys gotta eat." Samson thought as he strolled into the dining room. He got a plate of food and sat down with it. He looked around. The girl he tried to say hi to earlier was in there. He smirked and started eating his food. He saw Psy in there as well. Samson sat there eating, and contemplated about what could be wrong with him.

September 23rd, 2007, 10:38 AM
Renee continued to look at the sea. "Makes me wish I had brought my bow along for the trip..Oh well." Renee said.She saw Samson coming out of Psys room. "Hmm... These people really are interesting.." Renee said as she smiled.Renee looked at the sea once more. "I wonder why Juliet thinks we all have powers.. STrange. The others may have powers but I certainly don't." Renee mumbled refusing to believe that she had strange powers. "People already think I'm a freak I don't need anymore reason for that. Hmmph." She said as she looked at the sky and the clouds the flowed along with it.

September 23rd, 2007, 10:39 AM
"Man, this food is great!" Psy is satisfied by the meals he just consumed. He wouldn't mind to order a second meal, "Just look at their various selections in their menu... Pizza... Miso Soup... Fried Rice... Tacos... the list goes on! The best of all is their selection of deserts! Ice cream... cheese cake... birthday cakes... cookies... chocolate covered strawberries... I'm surprise my mouth isn't drooling from all of this." He calls upon a nearby waiter to order another meal. Psy is having a great time eating, he is glad he was selected as a winner.

Cosmic Tyrant
September 23rd, 2007, 10:41 AM
(OOC: Sorry gusy, something unexpected happened yesterday, so I'm gonna try to make up or lost time!)

Up to this point Randy spent his time in his room. the radio was on maximum and was playing heavy metal. the music even echoed in the halls a little, not that Randy cared, mind you. "Yep, this is the way life oughtta be more often..." Randy trailed off as he laid back on his bed. "A nice easy cruise, destroyed by the obnoxious melodies of Hyperdeath! And no people either!" Then Randy's stomach started to rumble. "Uh oh, Looks like someone's getting famished!" Randy said as he got up and turned off the radio. "Good thing that was a CD" He said as he walked out of his room and into the mess hall. "Let's see what grud they got around here" He said as he scooped up mass amounts of random food. He went to find a place to sit. "Okay, there's someone sitting there..." He said looking at Samson "Which means I'm sitting over here!" He said as h sat at the opposite side and starting wolfing down his food...

September 23rd, 2007, 10:42 AM
Ret climbed up the ramp and looked around. Already there was a small bunch of people on the boat and it appeared to be that they had gotten to know each other a bit. Plus there wasn't much organization on the ship either. He took note off that.

So in his boredom he set off to look around the ship for something to do. Or at least to find his room.

September 23rd, 2007, 10:45 AM
Samson finished his meal and got up. He noticed Psy getting more food and laughed, and exited the cafeteria. He sat down outside of the cafertia in a chair, and gathered his thoughts.

"Ok...It's apparent, nobody can help me. I need to just stay relaxed, and try to have a good time. I can do this. I can make friends here, and forget about all this...I just have to try and stay calm..." Samson sighed and kicked back in the chair, putting his hands behind his head and resting. He looked into the cafeteria and saw Psy still eating. "Oh man...where does that guy put it all?" He said with a laugh.

Cosmic Tyrant
September 23rd, 2007, 10:51 AM
Randy was in the middle of polishing a turkey leg when all of the sudden his body got really cold. "Good lord!" He said to himself as he hugged his body and shuddered. "What's this all about now?" He wondered as he looked at the thermostat. "Seventy-four?" He said as he got up "But why am I freezing?" He asked himself as Psy narrowed toward him. "Well, whatever it was, I'm feeling better..." Then Psy walked past him. "Oh god, there it is again!" He said as he shivered again." Mabye..." He asked himself as he stared at Psy. "Maybe it's that kid that's making me cold. But why?" He wondered. "Nah, that's impossible..." He said as he continued eating.

September 23rd, 2007, 10:56 AM
Psy makes it back to the table he ate upon, "Okay, I think I'm done for the day. Maybe if I call Maci to see how she's doing at my house." He digs into his pockets, feeling nothing in my pockets but empty space, "Oh no..." He dashes his way into his room. He opens the door and harshly digs in his bagpack, still not able to find the object he is looking for, "I left my cell phone behind?!"

"Oh... this must be Psy's cell phone" Maci finds it on a table, feeling uneasy about how Psy could react, "Well he is always known to be very absent-minded..."

September 23rd, 2007, 11:02 AM
Jeth walked into the cafeteria and stared at the amount of food they had. He immediately grabbed a plate and went to work piling up the food he was destined to eat. After he scanned the room looking for a place to sit down. The re were plenty of open tables due to the fact that everybody was finishing up right about now, but sitting alone wasn't the kind of thing that Jeth liked to do.

So, summoning up his courage he sat right down next to a kid who appeared to be shivering.

September 23rd, 2007, 11:02 AM
Samson saw Psy run past him. "Oh he must run off the food." He said with a laugh. He stood up and stretched. He still had a minor feeling in him, but he could live with it. It didn't seem to be intensifying. Samson walked back into the cafeteria and grabbed a candy bar. He nodded at the guy who was eating in there, and walked out. "That guy seemed cold..." He said as he strolled around the ship casually, eating his candy bar and looking around. "Alright I'm a peace." He thought as he made way towards the hall with the bedrooms.

He passes Psy's room and notices the door is open. He sees Psy looking around franticly. "Yo Psy.....what's wrong?" He says, while standing at the door.

September 23rd, 2007, 11:03 AM
Renne noticed alot of people going to the cafeteria. "Hmm guess everyones hungry. Good thing I ate earlier." Renee said happily as she looked at a cloud that passed by."I wonder if is possible to make friends with these guys.I mean..Well..Never mind.." Renee mumbled as she lost her train of thought. "Its to hard to make friends. I mean..All they would do is forget about me anyway..Happens to all the friends I make." Renee mumbled quietly. "Well to bad I didn't bring a book. Oh well I got my sketch book!" She said happily as she grabbed her sketch book that she had taken out and started drawing.

Cosmic Tyrant
September 23rd, 2007, 11:09 AM
Soon Randy Finished his meal and was about to put his tray away. "Well after that freak sub-zero incident, I'm about ready for a nap!" He said as he put the tray away. Then Samson walked past him. Randy's eyes widened. "Not again!" He said to himself as he hugged himself and strted shivering. "First, that one kid, now this guy..." He said as he looked at Renee. "I wonder if that chick is able to do that, too..." He said as he walked by as casually as possible. "Well, better be on the safe side..." He thought as he made a bit of distance. As Randy walked by Renee, he saw her face, which resembled a bit like a pokemon to him. Randy diddn't even flinch. "Eh, I've seen worse. Way worse..." He thought to himself remembering his father. Randy was soon out of the cafeteria. "Glad that's over..." He said to himself as he leane against a nearby wall...

September 23rd, 2007, 11:18 AM
Renee looked around and saw Randy looking at her. "Excuse me but can I help you? If your looking for someone most of the people are at the cafeteria." Renee agravatly said cause apparently he was remarking on how she looked a little bit like a pokemon. "And for your information.If your wondering why I look like a pokemon don;t ask.!" Renee said as she snapped at Randy.Renee got up and walked to her room quietly. "Stupid people always wondering why I look like a pokemon. Grr.." Renee shouted as she broke her pencil because she was writing so hard on her paper. "Jeeze because I look liek a pokemon is the reason why I have know friends.Even if I am the Presidents daughter." She said as she started sharpining her pencil.

Cosmic Tyrant
September 23rd, 2007, 11:23 AM
Randy's eyes were widened, not because of what just happened, but because he was cold again. "Good grief.." He said as he rubbed his hands together. "What is that, like four times already! I'm getting tire of this freezie nonsense!" He said as he stormed out onto the dock of the ship. He really wasn't thinking much of Renee's episode. He knew if it got right down to it, he'd take her down no problem at all. So what if she was a she? In Randy's book, it's survival of the fittest, and boy was he fit. "Ah, I hate to say this, but I'm glad the suns out!" He said as he basked in the rays of warmth.

September 23rd, 2007, 5:13 PM
After travelling aroun the boat, Shiro decided to return to his room, while he was going back to his room, he sees a boy basking in sunlight on the deck. However, when he sees the boy, he felt an excrutiating pain on his head. Ugh... not this again..... NO!!! NO!!!! NOT THEM!!!!!!!!!! What is happening to me? IT HURTS!!!!"ARGHHHH!!!!!!!! MY HEAD!!! IT HURTS!!!!!SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!!!" Shiro screamed as he got down to his knees and as he did it, an assault of visions entered his mind, His foster parents killed by a mysterious assassin, Samson and him fighting each other and him riding an ice dragon... as abruptly as the pain appeared, it disappeared and Shiro collapsed on the ground, unconscious

September 23rd, 2007, 7:07 PM
ooc: Reikou try and make your post a little long or mizuki will be warning us about not having good paragraphs =/

IC: Renee heard another scream. "Ugh what now.." Renee mumbled she was still aggravated by Randys remark. SHe got out of her room and saw Reikou holding his head and thought "Not again.." Renee ran to his side and started shaking him, "Hey hey hey are you okay?" Renee asked still shaking him. Her hands began to shaked. They soon began to feel as cold as ice then warm like a fire.She didn't wonder though all she could think about is if SHiro was okay. "Is he having some sort of seizure?"She wondered as she began to think of the possibilities of what this is.Just then vision of a spirit bow in her head. "Oh know not me again! No I must resist!" Renee said as she began holding her head. She began having an agonizing headache."No.I must stay conscious this time..For his sake!" She mumbled as she tryed her best to stay conscious though she was failing miserably. "No..No..No..Gotta stay conscious..I have to!" Renne thought for her sake and Shiro's but failed and collapsed on the deck.Her features began to change and she looked more pokemon then human though now having pokemon marks all over her body.

September 23rd, 2007, 9:05 PM
Jeth came running at the scream and found two teens lying on the floor in the hallway. One looked like he was being frozen in a block of ice, but the next moment was sweating. The other clearly was a Pokemaniac and forgot to take her costume makeup off, but was unconscious none the less.

He dropped two his knees and tried to wake them up, but when he touched the boy his hand froze and the girl wouldn't budged. Crap... this isn't good for the first day. Jeth thought, before realizing what a good first impression this would make. Turing his head, he yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Somebody call a Medic!"

September 24th, 2007, 2:27 AM
"Ugh... Where am I?" Shiro asked to himself as he is standing in a platform of some sort. The platform has many bizzare drawings Welcome young one.... A mysterious voice said to Shiro "Who are you!?" Shiro asked back to the voice I am you... An other side of you, to be precise....Come... young one... Take the weapon of the ice... embrace your other sideThe voice said as Falchion, Shiro's prized sword, appeared ou of thin air. However... It is now glowing bright blue... Shiro has no choice but to take it. After he touched it, there was a flash of light and he found himself back in the ship. He sat up and saw a girl who looks like a pokemon and a boy who was hollering for the medics.Shiro then asked the boy,"What happened?"

September 24th, 2007, 2:38 AM
"What happened?" Jeth replied back. "what happened is that you passed out and nobody could touch you becuase of the fact that you froze on contact." Just down the hall came rushing some nurses who also asked what the problem was andjeth explained the situation to them.
"You think your going to be fine kid? I've never seen anything like that before."

September 24th, 2007, 3:24 AM
"I'm fine!! Really, no need to worry, um who are you again?" Shiro asked the mysterious boy. " The nurse however, won't take his answer."Come on young man, I'm taking you to the clinic." However, when the nurse tried to hold his arm. Shiro dodged and said to the nurse playfully, "Now, now don't be such a fuss, I'm very fine, if not, how could I dodge that? However, the girl needs to be carried to the clinic, here, let me help you to carry her"
Picking up the girl, he asked the nurse to point him to the clinic and went away

September 24th, 2007, 9:19 AM
"What is going on this time?" Psy takes a look out his door, forgeting the fact of leaving his cell phone behind. Whenever he hears a scream, his focus is applied to it. He walks closer, seeing a girl on the floor in a different appearence, "Umm... what just happen with her?" He takes small steps closer, examining the creature-like appearence of the girl. He took a couple of minutes thinking what could have cause this and was able to thought out but one conclusion, "Maybe she used the wrong type of make-up?" He knows that the nurses will be able to solve the issue themselves so Psy puts his helping hand out of the situation. He enters back into his room, cleaning the mess he made when he was digging through his backpack in panic.

September 24th, 2007, 9:56 AM
Psy zipped past Samson as he was standing there. Samson heard the scream to, but was more agrivated than worried. "Geez.....two screaming episodes on this ship already...." Samson said to himself as he continued standing in the doorway.

Some time passed and Psy came back and started digging through his backpack. "What happened?" Samson said looking at Psy. "Did you see who that scream came from?" He crossed his arms and leaned against the doorway. "And what exactly have you been looking for all this time, if you don't mind me asking." Samson yawned and scratched his head. "Whatever it is, you seem determined to find it."

September 24th, 2007, 11:19 AM
"I believe I have left my cell phone back at Neocean Island..." he sighs in shame of himself. He got done cleaning off the mess inside the room and puts his backpack on the table near his bed, "It was just a girl who seemed to have fainted for some reason, I'm guessing it has to do something with the make-up or something she had on her. We shouldn't worry too much though, we got nurses in this ship to take care of her situation." He turns around and faces Samson, examining the look on his face, "You seem bored, want to do something like walk around the ship?" he calmly suggests Samson.

September 24th, 2007, 11:59 AM
"Yeah, that sounds pretty cool." Samson says as he stands near the door. "So Psy, what do you plan on doing once we get off this ship? I mean, the only place I've ever been is Neocean Island. I want to see the world, that's why I'm here." Samson says as he puts his hands in his pocket and stands in the hallway, waiting for Psy. He continues to talk to Psy from the hallway.

"The only problem though, is that I don't have any money....so my journey seems like it'll be a pretty bummy one." Samson said with a laugh. "But it's alright. As long as I'm able to do what I want, and not be stuck on Neocean. I'm happy."

Cosmic Tyrant
September 24th, 2007, 1:52 PM
Randy soon made his way back to his room. "This journey is tuning out to be very strange..." He told himself as he made a turn in a hallway. He then noticed someone was walking toward him "Oh great, here we go again..." Randy said as they crossed paths. Sure enough, Randy's body was freezing. He hugged his body and his teeth started to chatter. "If I ever get used to this cold, It'll be too soon!" he said as he entered his room again. Luckily for him, his room was very warm. "Ah" He said as he laid on his bed. "Warmth again..." He stared at the ceiling. "I wnder what's making me so cold all of the time?

September 24th, 2007, 2:12 PM
Renee shot up as if she had had a nightmare."H-h-huh?" She said nervously. "Gah I passed out again.." Renee said embaressed hoping no one saw her,unfortunatly she saw Samson and Psy near by. "Oh no did they see me?"She thought to herslef quickly. She began to feel her face. "My face changed..again.."Renee thought sadly. "What in the world happened to me? How long was I out..?
She kept asking herself quietly. She didn't want to talk to anyone she was so embarrased that a person had saw her collapse. "Why now..Why me...What am I..?" She asked herself over and over quietly. Tears began to well up in her eyes but she hid them quickly.

September 24th, 2007, 2:44 PM
"Nah... kidding! why would I do that to girl! nonetheless, she'll come around later,"Shiro then ponders about what is happening to him "What is the meaning of all of this? I need to ask some one about this later when I have the chance," Shiro yawned and decided to go back to his room to sleep, when he arrived there, he was baffled with the state of disarray the room in,"It's as if a tornado has struck my room, twice! Whatever, I'll clean it up now," While cleaning up, he noticed something, "Hey this isn't there before," Shiro said as he held up an intricately designed sword, It's hilt is ice blue in color, with the blade dark blue, an exact emblem of a dragon's head which looks like the emblem on his hat ,"Hmmm...... Why is it here? Oh well, better sleep now, I'm tired already," Shiro said as sleep started to consume him

September 25th, 2007, 9:30 AM
"I agree... in my opinion Neocean is a pretty strict place to live on and it makes me happy that I'm leaving the island behind... with my cell phone..." he sighs, dissapointed at himself for forgeting his only cell phone. They both make their stroll outside of the ship where the ocean's waves were heard, "There is one thing that I wonder about that I assume I should already know about." As he was walking, he faces Samson in a confused look, "What exactly is a pokemon?"

September 25th, 2007, 10:07 AM
Samson raised an eyebrow. "Pokemon? They're like animals I guess...." Samson said scratching the back of his head. "I never had one....but I saw a few people with them as pets on the island....I don't know." Samson continued walking and looked over at Psy.

"But I do know that there aren't any pokemon that live on Neocean naturally. Well whatever, we don't live there anymore, you can see a Pokemon once the ship makes a stop." Samson said. "Man....this ship is a little boring.....how about we check out the deck?"

Cosmic Tyrant
September 25th, 2007, 10:17 AM
Randy had nodded off for a little bit. When he came to, he had a sudden burst of energy. "What should I do?" He asked himself. "It's getting boring on this ship. I know, I'll go back on the deck!" He said as he exited his room. "That way, If I ever get that sudden burst of cold again, I'll be in an area where I'll get warm fast." He said as he locked his room door. He made his way down several hallways, Then stopped and backtracked a bit. "Later, right now I've gotta take care of business!" He said as he rushed into a bathroom. After about five minutes later, he exited the bathroom and made his way to the deck. "There's something about seeing the endless flow of water that just makes a guy want to see the world..." Randy said to himself as he stared at the sea.

September 25th, 2007, 11:19 AM
"Okay... Well look at that, the decks just nearby." Psy walks closer into the deck, starring at the ocean horizon. He walks closer to the edge of the ship, holding onto the bars on the edge, "I don't see any land nearby yet... I wonder how long is it going to take this ship to get to where its going." His hair flowed with the passing currents of the wind. He takes a look downward to watch the sparkling light the water shows from the sunlight.

"So... are you glad that you are a winner in the sweepstakes too? I was really surprise when I found out I was one of the winners," he said when he faced Samson.

September 25th, 2007, 11:30 AM
Samson walked up and put his hands in his pockets, and stared off at the ocean. "Yeah....I'm happy I won, but who would have thought I actually would?" Samson said, still looking off into the distance.

"Look how far and wide it all is..." He looks at Psy. "Don't you have a sudden urge to just see the whole world? Just think of how big a place the world actually is. I can't wait to see it." Samson says as he looks back towards the horizon.

"Who knows what kind of wonders are out there, just waiting to be found."

September 25th, 2007, 2:00 PM
Jeth climbed aboard the deck to see a couple of people standing there. With nothing better to do he decided to approach two of them but was... a feeling that he got from being near them. It wasn't all that bad, just was odd. Anyway, Jeth shrugged it off, but not before making a mental note of it.

"So you two guys are my lucky companions huh?" He asked.

September 25th, 2007, 2:32 PM
Waking up from his peaceful slumber, Shiro decided to go to the cafeteria to eat, as his stomach started grumbling after he woke up, after going there, Shiro ordered some food and eats alone silently, all the while thinking What's happening here? First, the mysterious visions and dreams, then the blue sword... Hmm... this is getting interesting... But, what connections does this have with my parents? I gotta find out more...

Shiro then decided to ask someone about the strange happenings around here, when he passed by the deck, he sees Samson, Psy and Randy, who saved him chatting together, Shiro then asked the unknown guy "Hey you,what's happening to me? First, I got weird visions in my head, a weird dream , and then a sword from the dream appeared out of thin air in my room." He said to Psy, recounting his expierences to him

OOC: If I do not reply for a bit long time, you can control my character slightly

Cosmic Tyrant
September 25th, 2007, 2:45 PM
Randy continued to stare at the water in admiration. Water always calmed Randy down for some reason, even he diddn't know why. Then he noticed Psy and Samson talking to each other in a different part of the deck. "No problem!" Randy said to himself as he looked back into the water. "As long as I keep my distance, I'm homefree." Then he noticed Jeth walking by him. "Problem!" Randy said as he speed walked near an unoccupied part of the deck. "I'm not getting near another soul on this ship!" He said as Shiro entered the deck. "Ah great, another person!" he said to himself as Shiro walked toward Jeth. "As long as they all stay away from me, I'm fine!"

September 25th, 2007, 3:29 PM
Renee got out of bed.She was still a little wobly but she felt fine. "I might as well spend the rest of the cruise in the cabin..I'm s embarrased.." Renee said as she went to her room.She sat on her bed and began sketching as if i was all she had left in the world."I wish I never had passed out..I feel so...stupid.." Renee said as tears welled up in her eyes and she silently began to cry hoping no one would here her. The tears dripped on her sketch paper as she sketched a bow. "Stupid..stupid..stupid.." She kept whispering to herself quietly

September 26th, 2007, 9:34 AM
"Whoa! Why suddendly come to us to find your answer? I mean, who would know how a sword would appear out of randomness?" he said to Shiro, knowing now that he wasn't the only unique person on the ship. He turns around to fully face Shiro, giving out a serious-looking face, "All I can say that I'm not normal also, but that doesn't mean I can answer all that is not normal." He takes a brief look at his palms, seeming to be thinking about something of the sudden.

September 26th, 2007, 9:46 AM
Samson squinched his eyes and turned to look at the kid also. "How would Psy...know anything about a sword appearing from nowhere?" Samson said while scratching his head. He then remembers that he has been having unexplainable feelings lately.

"Maybe this ship is causing people to experience weird things....no that's impossible. It's just a boat." Samson contemplates as he looks over at Psy. "Not normal huh...I wish I knew what was wrong with me..." Samson thinks, and then snaps back to reality. "Did the sword really just appear out of thin air?"

September 26th, 2007, 11:19 AM
"Yeah, what if someone actually someone put some random sword near you?" He prepares himself for a talking streak, "Now if it really did pop out of no where and the cause of this is actually a paranormal one, we woudn't know who or what did it. It sure wasn't me that's for sure, because I myself don't own a sword. Maybe something or someone... hmm..." he starts to get into a state of deep thinking, trying to find an acceptable answer.

September 26th, 2007, 11:24 AM
Samson felt a little playful and crossed his arms with a grin. "What if it's the works of spirits...?" Samson says while looking at Shiro with wide eyes. "If you ask me, I'd say your room is haunted." Samson grinned and laughed a little. "Seriously though, this is a brain buster. I really can't think of any other reason than what Psy said. Some probally DID put it in your room."

Samson uncrossed his arms and stared off into the sea. "It's pretty odd though.....why would somebody put something in your room?"

Cosmic Tyrant
September 26th, 2007, 11:37 AM
Randy was busy staring at the sky on te edge of the deck. He figured now that everyone else was at the same part, it was safe for him to move closer to the edge, as long as he diddn't do anything to make himself stick out, which would be petty hard to do, considering the circumstances. "Boy I wish I brought my CD player!" Randy said as he looked at the sea again. "Wait a minute, I did. Nevermind..." He said as he looked at the group of people. "Gee, I wish I got aong with most of the people at Neocean like that. But no..." Randy said as he looked back at the water. "They decided to give me nicknames, like Crispyface, or Half-breed. Ooh I hated tha one..." He said as he stared at the sky again.

September 26th, 2007, 1:48 PM
Renee looked outside of her room. "They probably think I'm a pokemaniac with some freakish make-up on... Thats what I look like..." Renee sadly mumbled as she left her room and began looking at the waves of the ocean. "At least..they aren't freaks..like I am.." She whispered sadly.She saw Randy also standing at the edge of the deck. "I''d better apologize for snapping at him earlier..I may be a freak but I'm not a jerk.." mumbled Renee. "H-hey... um I;m sorr for snapping at you.." She said as she apporached Randy and said her apologies. "You see my features..I am a bit touchy about..."

September 26th, 2007, 2:52 PM
"It's not that!! I just a had a weird dream telling me to embrace my other side and to hold a sword. The weird thing is not only that, the sword in my dreams suddenly appeared when I was in my room, cleaning up, not only that, my sword, Falchion disappeared, I don't know how or why, but that maybe, all the things happening here, is connected somehow, you see, when that girl," Shiro points to Renee who had just arrived "And that guy," Shiro points to Randy ,"All experience, that when they touched me back when I fainted,That guy, Randy said that I froze on contact or something, maybe , just maybe.... that all of this happens, because we have unknown powers , from the start of the cruise till now, weird incidents happened because all of us is gifted,"

Shiro said all of this to the both of them. Expecting them to explain about this serious matter, SHiro decided to wait while they think about their answers to him.

Cosmic Tyrant
September 26th, 2007, 7:49 PM
Randy continued to stare at the sky, wondering what was going to happen next. Then Randy started to get cold again. He turned around, and saw Renee. "Crap!" He thought to himself. "Now what? Did I stare at the sky wrong or something?!" He tried to hide his chillyness as best as he could. Then Renee started explaining about the incident earlier. Randy felt a little better after hearing those words coming out of her mouth. "Uh thanks..." Randy started. Was someone actually apologizing for something to him? Noone ever did that. Then he shook his head. "I mean, that's alright. No harm in getting defensive, in fact I personally kind of like that in a person." He said with a smile. Then randy stopped. "You know, this cold isn't so bad after you get used to it" He thought to himself as he began to shake less. "Yeah, I can do this!" e thought again. He began to speak to Renee again. "So, now that we've settled our differences, yo wanna just sit and talk for a little bit?"

September 26th, 2007, 8:36 PM
"I see... then that changes everything." Psy continues to stable himself into his current thinking state and hopes for the best answer to appear that he could think of. He softly closes his eyes, "Weird things have been going on this ship... no doubt about that. First, we see Michael screaming from some horrible flash back... then I've also noticed a mysterious girl who appeared to be unconscious on the hallway floor not too long ago. Maybe these two occurences are related somehow..."

All of the sudden, Psy had a clear vision in his head of a evil looking shadow-like figure who was holding a thin blade of some sort. A burst of fear overcomes Psy's body and his focus returns into the real world once again. He takes steps back and falls over the bars of the ship. He quickly ledges onto the bars, saving him from falling into the ocean waters, "A little help here anyone?" He is gradually losing his grip and his palms are in pain.

September 27th, 2007, 2:02 AM
Shiro and Samson noticed this and immediately tried to pull Psy back up "Man... You're quite heavy I admit,"
Finally pulling him back up, Shiro said to him," What happened?You zoned out for a while, and after a while you returned to normal and looked quite spooked ,which scared me as you stepped back a little to much,"

"Anyway, your reasoning is quite possible, actually, the girl seemed to look like a pokemon for some reason or another, whatever it is, maybe we should enjoy this peacefulness while it last ne?" Shiro said, smiling to Psy, "By the way, I didn't quite catch your name, my name is Shiro by the way,"

September 27th, 2007, 9:07 AM
"My name is Psy... and thanks for the help back there." the fear still lingers in his body, but is able to manage to give out a welcoming smile to Shiro. He attempts to forget about the earlier occurence by closing his eyes and relaxing his body, "I really wanted to relax, but it seems that there is too much things going on at the moment. I think we should find out on what the causes of these weird occurences are." Psy suggested to the two. The fear in Psy spontaneously dissappears which brings Psy in relief, but also brings up even more wonders, "Could that vision be related to the occurences too? If so..." he quietly said to himself in his mind.

September 27th, 2007, 10:07 AM
Samson lets out a sigh of relief. "You almost fell off the ship, man. You gotta pay more attention." Samson says with a laugh, and stops once Psy begins talking of the strange occurrences.

"Yeah....this is a little weird...I mean, how often do people have painful flashbacks, collapse in hallways, or find weird swords under there bed? All in the same day as well. Something weird must be going on." Samson says while giving Psy and Shiro a determined nod.

"But how could we find out what's going on...? This almost seems supernatural..." Samson says while putting his hands in his pockets and looking around. "This is all really bizarre."

September 27th, 2007, 11:18 AM
"First we must do what all usually do, we must inspect all the areas where all of the occurences occured on. To recall all of them... the first occurence happened inside the library, where Michael appeared to be having one heck of a painful flash back, the second being near the hallway where our rooms are located, and the last being in Shiro's room." Now that the fear inside his body had finally left, he exclaims out with bright energy, "Okay guys, let's solve this mystery!"

September 27th, 2007, 11:26 AM
Samson looked into the ship. "So we should inspect the library first right?" He said looking at Psy. Samson put his hands in his pockets and started walking hastily towards the library, and then turned around. "Come on you guys, hurry up!" He called back as he continued walking. Samson then entered the Library and waited for the others. "Nothing seems odd..." He thought as he looked around. "Just a bunch of books..."

Then Samson felt the unusual feeling again and clutched his arm. "Guh....this again....I don't want to worry anybody..." He said aloud as he clutched his arm and began breathing to relax himself. The feeling subsided and Samson calmed down and waited for the others to enter the library.

September 27th, 2007, 11:31 AM
Psy enters the library, noticing Samsom appearing to be relieved of something, "I mean, we do want to solve this mystery by today, but we shouldn't rush too much or else we'll be over-working ourselves down. Let's just try and solve this mystery as fast but relaxing as possible, I mean... we are suppose to be relaxing and having fun during this cruise sail, right?" He walks to the nearest shelf, inspecting the titles and covers of books of many kinds, "Hmm... maybe these books can tell us something about these occurences... but I don't think it's likely."

September 27th, 2007, 11:49 AM
Samson sighed. "Your right...I need to stay relaxed." Samson said as he began strolling around the Library, looking for clues. He checked around and didn't see anything, so he sat down at a table and sighed. "Psy, I couldn't find anything...this place is dry, and it seems like there really isn't anything to find..." Samson sat back in his chair and leaned on the back two legs. "Let's think.....it was in here that the kid had the flashback right? So what about this library would trigger a flashback..." Samson thought and then looked at Psy. "Unless it wasn't the library...and just the whole ship itself...."

September 27th, 2007, 2:33 PM
Shiro just stayed silent at both of them discussing about why Michael would have painful flashback in the library Could it be? That all of the unusual occurences in the ship is coincidence, or not? My parents went missing in the sea... Strange things occur at the ship...
They have no connection but looks like it was connected. Uhh... better stop thinking for a while, my brain hurts... Shiro then started looking around the library to find what causes the flashback... Only to find nothing.

"Well, there looks like there is no clue at all unless..." Shiro said, stopping in midsentence,he looked at the weapon rack above him, smiled, and then shouted "Eureka!!! Maybe this weapon is the cause of his flashback, maybe his father in the flashback hit him with the same kind of this weapon," Pointing to the whip, "Altough I could be wrong also, but it's the most logical thing as it brought out his fear and locked memories,"

September 27th, 2007, 2:56 PM
Renee smiled at Randy. "Ya know, I never had any friends." Renee mumbled as she looked at the ocean. "I mean I was never ridiculed or anything..unless it was about what I looked like."Renee said looking at the reflection of herself in the water. "I was always considered a freak. No matter what I acceled in,it all came back to the same thing.What I looked like.."She said to Randy as she looked at a wave that had come from the wind. "Even though I'm the Presidents daughter..I'm still a freak.. Sure hte publicity and stuff but..Its not the same as being accepted." Renee said to Randy. "I'm sure you don't wanna here my life story though. By the way I'm Renee.When I start rambling I never seem to stop."Renee embarrasedly said.

Cosmic Tyrant
September 27th, 2007, 3:09 PM
Randy began to chuckle a bit. "No worries, everyone needs to get things off their cheste at one point or another." He said, getting more used to the cold. "My name's Randy" He started. "To tell you the truth, I've never really had any friends either. The short verson is that my father is a notoriuos crime boss, and both him and my mother had different ethnic backgrounds. Then there's the whole pale skin thing, and the rest" He said looking at the sky "Is history." He quickly turned his focus on Renee again. "Sorry about that, I have attention issues." He said scratching the back of his head. "Hey" he said looking past Renee. "The others, where did they go?"

September 27th, 2007, 3:40 PM
"Hey guys, check this thing out!" Psy calls out to Shiro and Samson.

Psy appears to be holding a blue book with no title on the cover. Near him lies a secret opening. The bookcase that was covering the open seemed to act like a door, thus conspicuously making it a secret area of the cruise ship, "They all say bookshelfs are good hiding spots, but the idea just seems too cliche' nowadays..." he puts the book onto a small table nearby, thinking if he should explore inside the secret passageway.

"[I]I know something like this would be breaking a rule, but maybe whatever is in here could be causing the occurences we have experienced lately."

September 27th, 2007, 4:08 PM
Samson grinned and marched forward. "There's only one obvious thing to do, fellows!" Samson said with a grin. "We have to explore the opening!" Samson gave Psy a slap on the back. "Let's go." Samson strolled inside and leaned against a wall waiting for the others to enter. "Come on guys...I don't think we could get in trouble for this.

"How did Psy manage to figure this out..." Samson thought deeply, as he stood against a wall. "Some clever detective work..." Samson stared at the others and stood up straight. "I wonder what we'll find?"

September 27th, 2007, 4:41 PM
"I don't know.I haven't seen anyone else since before I collapsed I wonder if evryones alright.." Renee said to Randy. "Maybe we should take a look..I'll go look around." Renee said as she began looking in various room of the ship quietly.She heard noises coming from the library. "Um..Hello?" Renee mumbled as she took a quick look inside the library hoping she would. She saw an open passageway and saw Samson saying "Lets go exploring!"
"So these must be the others.."She thought quietly to herself. She slowly approached them and saw Psy holding a blue book. "Um..whats that?"She asked nervously.

Cosmic Tyrant
September 27th, 2007, 5:27 PM
Randy decided to follow Renee and find out where the others had gone. By this time, Randy had completely gotten over the cold that was running through his body. "This is weird" Randy thought to himself as he and Renee made their way through a hallway. By the intensity of the cold, I thought it would take forever to get used to. But now it's as I've been this cold my while life..." He said as he eventually saw himself in a library. "Well isn't this place facy!" He siad as he noticed Renee going in a passageway. "What's all of this now?" He asked as he approached it. "A hidden passage? Well, only one thing to do now!" He said as he walked down the passage. He eventually caught up with the others. "There you all are!" He said as he looked around. "What is this place?"

September 27th, 2007, 7:23 PM
After all made their way inside the passageway, Psy notices a girl and a boy from behind. The girl asks in a nervous tone about the book Psy is holding, "Oh, hey... this book was the key of getting into this secret passageway. I'm keeping it with us for my guts tell me it still might prove useful later on." Psy also hears Randy speaking out, "We don't know exactly, but we know for sure this is some secret place. The three of us are hoping we can solve the mystery of those mysterious occurences earlier by finding our answer in here. Say, you guys want to join in with us?" he asks the two in a polite matter.

September 27th, 2007, 9:14 PM
"Well um I guess I could help.." Renee said in a nervouse tone once more. "I mean if I can be helpful with something I guess I could come..."She looked down at the floor. "This is a weird cruise..I mean everyones having strange visions and well that one girl accused us of having strange powers..Imean it could be possible but..Oops there I go with my rambling again.." Renee said embarrasedly.She looked at the book curiously once more. "Why doesn't it have a title? Does it have anything to do with whats happening?Does it have anything to do with me..?Or the others?"Renee thought curiously.

September 28th, 2007, 2:05 AM
"Well, what do you know? this cruise gets weirder and weirder as time passes," Shiro said as the five of them continued down the passage. Shiro then begins to see visions again. Of a black hooded man with a thin sword pointing at his throat, The Ice Falchion flashing blue and freezing everything that crosses its path, Psy wielding a green saber and slashed at the cloaked man. Shiro just tumbled forward because of the visions and regained his balance. Another one... I wonder when this will end... Shiro's hand felt something, he took hold of it in his hands and lift it only to find...."GAH!! How does this thing get here!!?" Shiro said as he found that the sword from before is in his hand... This is getting weird..... I don't like this at all....

September 28th, 2007, 6:09 AM
Psy heard Renee's questions, "The title... I have no idea why it's not there and the pages inside are blank." He also heard Shiro exclaiming out something, "What's going... hey nice sword you got there. Might that be the sword you were talking about earlier? I'm guessing that it just popped out of nowhere once again and out of all the places it can be in this world it popped on your hand." Psy said towards Shiro, wondering what kinds of powers the sword would hold.

September 28th, 2007, 6:22 AM
Shiro just replied to Psy,"Yeah this is the sword alright... Some weird voice in my dream told me to take this sword and suddenly it appeared out of nowhere in my room," Shiro lift it up higher for everyone to see it. It's hilt is glowing softly with a bluish hue which gives a chill to everyone who sees it. The Ice Falchion... The cold sword which freezes anything that it cuts... Shiro heard the strange voice speaking in his head again.

He decided to ignore him and apologized to the girl, who he knows now by Renee,"Listen, I'm sorry for causing you trouble back there, when I was screaming,"

September 28th, 2007, 9:45 AM
Samson continued walking with the others. He was strolling slowly with his hands behind his head as he walked. "So that's the sword huh..." Samson said when Shiro held it up for everyone to see. "At least you have it with you. It might come in handy while trying to solve this mystery." Samson said as they all continued walking. Then Samson stopped and turned to Reene and Randy. "In case you guys were wondering my name is Samson." He said with a wink and a thumbs up before turning around and continuing to walk.

"So....what exactly are we looking for down here? It's cool that we found a secret passage....but I don't actually see anything out of the ordinary down here...."

September 28th, 2007, 11:18 AM
"I think we will eventually find something unordinary if we keep going on. This ship is pretty big itself, so finding the end of this path might take awhile." Psy continues to walk his way forward, hoping their time traveling inside a hidden passageway will light out the answer to their mystery. Gradually as they keep going forward, it starts to get colder and more eerie, the darkness of the path made it almost hard to see, and the room suddendly has an atmosphere as if a murder just occured, "We're getting closer to our answer, but this place gives me the shivers by its sudden creepiness and coldness."

Cosmic Tyrant
September 28th, 2007, 11:22 AM
Randy nodded at Psy's question earlier. "Sure, I'll help" He said as he continued to look around the ship. "This place looks pretty crazy..." Randy said as he noticed the cobwebs and dust scattered all over the passageway. Randy notices a shining object on a shelf. "Eh,what's all this now?" he said as he picked it up. The object took shape of what appears to be a pendant. "oooooh" Randy exclaimed as he held it up high. "Decorative!" he said taking a close look at the symbol. "Wait a tick" He said looking at the symbol closely. "I've seen this before..." He said surveying the room. "That's it!" He said looking at Shiko's sword. "The symbol on this pendant matches the symbol on that sword. He said as he walked up to shiko. "Hey, you with the sword!" Randy said as he approached him. "This look familiar?"

September 28th, 2007, 2:47 PM
Renee wondered why Psy heard what she thought. She sighed and followed the others hurridly. She was unusually tired today. 'Must have been the darn collapse'She thought trying so hard making sure Psy didn't even hear her. "This ship is kinda crazy..."Renee said quietly.She to noticed the sword but paid no attention to the one shiko had.She looked at a bow the hung on the wall. "Wish I had my bow..then I could be of more use.." She mumbled as she looked at the bow.

September 28th, 2007, 3:07 PM
Samson rolled up next to Reene almost out of nowhere. "Mumbling is a bad habit." He said. "And if you want that bow....why not just take it? This passage seems very old, and I doubt anybody would care if you took it." Samson nodded and jogged up next to Psy.
"So, anything look weird to you yet? This place gets colder the further we go in, I wonder what's ahead?" Samson said while scratching his head. "I'm sure it'll be something interesting...." He said with an unsure tone.

September 28th, 2007, 6:22 PM
"EEP!" Renee said as Samson snuck up behind her. "Jeeze you startled me."She said to Samson aggravated the Samson had startled her."I guess it wouldn't hurt to take the bow..If no ones gonna use it.." Renee said quietly. She took the bow off the wall. It had very distinct marks on it.She looked at it.It seemed to be very old.."Strange..I've seen it before.."She whispered so no one could hear her.She put it in her bag which oddly it seemed to fit in there.She walked over to Samson thinking he wanted to explore somemore.

September 28th, 2007, 7:27 PM
"What!? Let me take a look," Shiro said while taking the pendant. The pendant's dragon emblem looked the same as the dragon emblem of his sword. I feel that I've seen this pendant before... could it be? Tears trickled from his face as he remembered that it was the same pendant his mother wore in the picture shown to him before leaving the island.
"No!! She couldn't be dead! I know she is still alive! I don't believe it! I don't believe it!," Shiro kneels down, looking at the pendant with anguish and sorrow," After all this time, the research and works I have done to find both them have been for naught? No! I wouldn't believe it!" Shiro broke down and cried....

September 29th, 2007, 12:15 AM
I think I'm late huh? But I guess I'll try to post my sign up.

Name: Misha Lavender

Gender: Lavender

Age: 16

Appearance: She's around 5'4 and is slim. She has shoulder-length green hair and she's also quiet beautiful. She often wears a light blue T-shirt covered by a dark blue jacket and paired with a white mini skirt. She wears glasses when she was reading and if she's not, she puts her glasses on her head.

History: She's raised in a quiet rich family in Neocean Island. When she was still a child, she's raised like other ordinary children, but, when she's 12, her parents discovered that she's a very smart girl with very high IQ. Since that, her father forced her to study all the time and didn't let her go out from her house.

She started to feel that she's not really belonged to the family because she's threatened like a tool for her family's company in the future. After few years, she got tired of everything and decided to escape from the house. Then, she signed up for the 'Outside World' to add some new colours in her life.

Personality: Misha's a friendly and calm girl with weird personality. She's weird because she knows nothing about the world outside her house. She oftenly smiles and that sometimes cheers people around her....... even sometimes considered as a weirdo.

Other: Sometimes, things passed through her mind and that things happened.

*Natural Weapon: The Peacock Slashers (a pair, one for the left hand and one for the right hand)
Misha's weapon of choice, small jewels in wires that resemble the dot in a peacock's tail feathers. Misha loops one end of the wire around one of her pink fingers then swings the peacock jewel to create a slicing, spinning disk for her to attack with. She keeps a number of slashers woven into the clothing so she can quickly draw them in order to fight

**Favorite Pokemon: Togepi

RP sample:
Misha opened her eyes after a long nap from behind a few barrels and boxes. She lifted up his head and looked around.

"Oh yeah..." she said, remembering where she was. It was a ship she had boarded and hid in so she could become an offical Pokemon trainer.

She stood up and took a long stretch yawning and making sure she still had all of her items with her.

She heard a few yells from up top, and her curiousity proved to be too much to hold down. she walked up to the deck and looked around, seeing lots of people near the front of the ship looking out towards a foreign island not too far off.

"I wonder what's up here," she said in a half yawn.
(I hope it's enough)

September 29th, 2007, 4:19 AM
Samson stopped when Shiro started breaking down. He sighed and walked over and put a comforting hand on Shiro's back. "Shiro man....You gotta calm down." Samson said. "So this pendant looks like your mothers? That doesn't mean she's...dead. It could just mean she's been here." Samson stood up and looked around, hoping the others wouldn't hear the cheesy story he was about to tell.

"You see Shiro, I never had any parents. It's like I was just born from nothing....probally abandoned, but you obviously have parents. And if you care about finding them enough, you won't give up." Samson smiled and patted Shiro on the back and walked over to lean against a wall. "Now seriously guys......I'm getting cold in here!"

September 29th, 2007, 6:06 AM
"No, it's not exactly like that... I know that you knew how it feels to be alone and left out, but, have you known the feelings of betrayal when you knew the truth. I have, and it's not exactly comfortable. When I was adopted by my foster parents, I didn't knew about why my real parents dropped me in the orphanage, until 2 years when they told me about the reason they left me behind and disappeared.... It appears that they were mercenaries who were sent to investigate about the strange things that have been going on, they left me in the orphanage in fear that I would be taken away because of the mission. That's what made me want to find them, to ask them why." Shiro recounted his sorrowful past to the others.

"Anyways, you're right Samson, I won't give up just yet, I will find them, even if I have to risk my life," Shiro said to Samson as he wiped his tears and stood up again, determination shown in his eyes, "It's not you either, I've felt this chill ever since we passed the second corridor," Shiro said to Samson

September 29th, 2007, 9:52 AM
She heard Shiro crying as he looked at the pendent in his hand. "Ypu know he's right..It doesn't mean she's dead.." Renee said to Shiro as she approached him. "And as for my parents...I never knew them either..In fact I don't remember anything about where I came from or who I was.." Renee said as she looked at Samson and Shiro. "I guess its better then being abanandoned though...." Renee was about to say something else but she stopped at that fact because indeed that too was painful fact for Renee,even though she was raised by the President and his wife.

September 29th, 2007, 5:39 PM

Name: Mario Queso

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Mario is a Short guy for his age, standing at 4'11. He wears a t-sirt that is green, with a pair of dark gray pants ), and white sneakers. He has a cucasion skin tone, and a short and slim body type.

History: Mario is from the other dimision of infanite cheese. He Visits every now and then at home. He acidentely came here when his father a profeser made a intersteller warper.He has made many friends among each dimension but nobody knows these people. who raised him are they?.

Mario actually got used to traveling back and forth.But he still needs to settle a few problems in both diminsions. He has never shown anybody else how to dimision warp. Yet everybody knows he can do it ,but he dosn' do it around strangers.

Other: His birthday is in a date only known by people in his diminsion

Natural Weapon:power to make almost any thing out of cheese./pokemon

Favorite Pokemon: pichu/porygon-z/charzard

personality:calm,quick thinking and always the one inventing or sloving problems.



nickname virus
moves physic,confusion,conversion2,and hyper beeam
nature rowdy

nickname zappity
moves zap cannon,thunder wave,thunder,volt takle
nature calm

nickname char-char
moves blast-burn,fireblast,dragon rage,fly
nature tough

RP sample:"Why are you warping right now?"asked all the people of hidden cheese village."Beacuase I have to go train in the other diminsion i will
be back in 2 weeks to restock on cheese."Replied Mario.

"I hope all my friends are ok..."Thought Mario while he was setting up the warpper in his house in the hidden cheese village.When he was finished he turned it on.He still got a little dizzy from it but for the most part it was fine.

When he got to his house in the savior diminsion things were eerily quiet."Hello!"He said.Most of the time there were noises of many people and pokemon at 2:00.

He went to his friend Phy's house and found a note.It read,

We went on urgent notice sorry but here is a map to find us with char-char . We won a cruise trip.

September 30th, 2007, 2:48 PM
(I'll accept both of you, but just try to stay active as best as possible.)

"A family..." Psy thought to himself while he walked. He had no knowledge of his parents or the place he was born in. He did not bring this fact to ruin his own freedom though and tried to keep things positive in his head.

After some amount of time as passed, Psy was able to see a black door nearby. It was the only door that stood in the end of the path, "I see a door from here. I think our answer possibly lies in there!" He ran his way toward the door and noticed the floor was slightly slippery. He took a look downward to the floor and sees red liquid that seemed to be coming out the door, "We have to be careful about this guys... I'm getting a bad feeling about what could be in there..." he said, slightly trembled in fear. He put his hand onto his pocket, prepared for the worst. He slowly moved his hand to the doorknob, "Are you ready everyone?"

September 30th, 2007, 2:50 PM
Shiro, determined to continue on, runs down the passageway quickly "Come on guys! and girl, rather than freezing here, let's move on!" Shiro continues the passage down, only to smack into a door, and Psy!! "Ow! that hurt a bit, hey, what's this? " Shiro sees the black door bearing the sign of a dragon.

When he heard Psy asked the question, he replied,"Well,I'm ready and raring to go!! Let's do this!!," Shiro said.

September 30th, 2007, 2:55 PM
Samson walks up behind Psy. "We came all this way, you gotta open that door." Samson said as he crossed his arms. He then stopped when he noticed the red liquid. "Oh man.....what could we be getting into....This could be something dangerous..." Samson contemplated. He was a little nervous, but he stopped and took a deep breath. "I gotta be brave...I'm gonna travel,so I can't let something like this scare me." Samson adjusted his shirt and uncrossed his arms and walked up next to Psy. "What do you think this red stuff is...?"

September 30th, 2007, 3:05 PM
(Thanks continued from rp sample..)
Mario walked outside as he thought,"I don't know this place i'm not going to be able to fly there. I'll fly to the next closest spot I know."He flys there as a old lady spots his map and says ,"I know a secret entrence to the place on your map come on."So Mario followed her into the secret entrence and ended up on the other side of door.

Sorry um i do not know im on the other side of the door..

September 30th, 2007, 3:59 PM
On a second though, not to be mean or anything, but I'll keep you DarthSenorQueso at ~Pending~ for now. You're profile seems to closely get into what a god-player would have. I mean traveling into dimensions sounds cool, but it's too much. Same thing with the flying if he can do it at his own free will, it's a bit too much. We also redone this thread for one reason is for to avoid major confusion. I'm sorry, but I don't want this RP to fall once again.

All of us haven't gotten inside the door yet, we will get inside once most of the RPers get a chance to respond. I think we shouldn't make everything we spot mystical too, I think the pendent is good enough for Shiro. XD

October 1st, 2007, 2:39 AM
OOC: Special note for Misha, she'll oftenly says such words like "let's go!", "it looks like fun", "Let's do it", etc. but she'll say them with such a soft-feminine voice.

Misha finally arrived at the dock and she directly entered the Ship. She was very relieved because she thought that she has been left behind. "Oh my.... what a relief... maybe I should get some foods from the cafetaria now?"

After she had her stomach filled up, she got up and started to walk around the S.S Light, looking for some fun places. "Hm.... I've done eating..... I think I should go and search for something fun now." Then, after some few hours, she spotted a Silent Library and decided to enter it. "Oh... maybe I can find some fun things like funny books here?"

Then, she checked out the book shelves there. She almost checked all of the bookshelves but it seems that she didn't find any book that she wants and ended up found a bookshelve with a secret passage in the middle of it. "Oh my? A secret passage? It looks kinda fun."

She entered the dark secret passage but it seems that the passage was very long and she got tired. Fortunately, she spotted some people were talking behind a mysterious door. "Oh my, what a fun long trip.... I also found some peoples here... This must be one of the ship's games, how interesting."

Then, she approached the peoples behind the mysterious door. "Oh my.... it's also fun to meet another people here.... I'm Misha, nice to meet you. And... what's that door over there? Is it a funny door? If it was, I want to open and enter it!"

October 1st, 2007, 6:22 AM
ooc: o.o; oopsy guess I forgot to long on for a lil bit ^-^;

Renee continued down the hall with the others quietly.She knew she wouldn'
t be heard because of the fact that she mumbles to much.She sighed as the walked up to a black door. "Is this the end?" Renee asked the others. She didn't wanna tell anyone that she was scared half to death because of how odd it was to find a passage down here and all the weapons. "Well..I wonder whats beyond the door..."

October 1st, 2007, 10:07 AM
"What the... is she also one of the winners that I haven't noticed until now? Is she for real?!" Psy thought to himself, still in fear of the idea of what could be beyone the door they were about to open, "Oh umm... hey Misha... we would really love to introduce ourselves to you, but we are to about to open this door that has blood coming out fromt the bottom of it... yeah... let's just prepare for the worst everyone," he said in an uneasy tone.

He was about to turn the knob around, but the whole place started to tremble briefly, making Psy fall to the floor, "What the heck is going on now!"

"The ship will now be sailing... all passengers are not to leave the ship... repeat... the ship will now be sailing... all passangers are not to leave the ship... thank you for listening..." a public announcement has been sounded to the group.

"Grr... I'm not going to let that ruin our fun, I'm going to open this door no matter what!" he shouted in brave anger. He quickly regained his posture and forcefully grabbed the door knob and turned it. He vigorously kicked the door open, felt prepared to handle the worst case scenario, "Hey! Is anyone in here?!" He found a light switch nearby and switches it. The lights turn on, revealing a room with blood on the floor and some on the walls, "Dang... we have to be really careful guys..."

October 1st, 2007, 10:25 AM
Samson's eyed widened when he entered the room. Blood was everywhere, and it looked like something bad happened. "What...what happened?" Samson said in a shocked tone. He stopped and looked at all the blood. It was all over. Samson had never seen this much blood, and he was a little uneasy. His heart started pounding, and that uneasy feeling returned. He started breathing heavily and looked back up at Psy. "What could have happened Psy? This passage is so old.....but this blood looks fresh...."

Samson clenched his teeth as the uneasy feeling continued. He grabbed his arm and took deep breaths. It subsided and he stood back up. "Whatever happened here....couldn't have been good."

Cosmic Tyrant
October 1st, 2007, 11:06 AM
Randy continued to walk down the hallway with the others, keeping a low profile. "I probably shouldnt have shown Shiko that pendant..." He said to himself as they got to a door. "I feel bad now, but 'm sure it'll pass." He caught up with the others as Psy opened a door. Randy decided he wanted to see what was behind the door, so he walked in. When he saw the room, he was in shock. "Good lord!" Randy said as he examined the blood. "This looks like something in a horror film! This is creepy, but for some reason..." Randy started to smile "I feel happy..." Randy started to walk forward. "We'd better take caution in this place" Randy said as he caught up with Samson and Psy. "This could get ugly..."

October 1st, 2007, 1:48 PM
"What the!? This room looked like it saw a mass murder, or a torture chamber!!" Shiro exclaimed seeing the bloody room in the ship Is this ship more weird than it is? I wonder... However, as he enters the room, he feels that he has entered a freezer, and started shivering Why do I feel so cold? It's never been like this when I saw a bloody room in my dreams...

Hearing a strange sound, Shiro stopped shivering to listen closely, "Did you all hear that?" Shiro asked to all of them about the strange noise

October 1st, 2007, 3:12 PM
"Oh my.."Renee said in a scared tone.."What h-happened h-here..?"Renee shivered at the sight of blood."Whats a torture chamber doing on a cruise..?" Renee said as she shivered at the fresh blood that covered the walls.Renee looked at all the various items in there."The blood is fresh..." Renee just wanted to run and hide.This was now freaking her out.She had a fear of blood ever since she could remember.It seemed to be all to familiar to her."I'm s-sorry if I-I'm s-shaking..I have..a fear of blood.." Renee apologized quickly malong sure they knew why she was so afraid and wouldn't ask her."Its so similiar..Blood..Ever since I was adopted for an unusal reason I would freeze up at the sight of it..What if my fear of blood had soemthing to do with my parents.."She thought hoping that Psy wouldn't hear her.

October 1st, 2007, 3:42 PM
Misha entered the mysterious door and noticed that blood is everywhere in that room. "Oh my.... how interesting. I wonder if it's real blood or not... but at least this is fun". But even she said like that, she curioused about the blood and suddenly, a picture of something flashed through her mind. "Oh my... I think something will happened here...."

Misha also noticed that Renee's very scared and here body shaking. Then Misha approached her and talked to her with such a smiling face. "Little girl.... you shouldn't feel so scared, we're together here^^. Mmmm... allright, let me hug you............... there, are you feel better now?"

October 1st, 2007, 3:46 PM
Samson scratched his head as he watched this Misha girl. "She....seems like kind of an oddball..." Samson contemplated as he watched her. He coughed and turned his attention towards Psy. "Man, look at all this...there has to be something going on in this ship....old secret passageway that seems like it hasn't been used for years...leads to a room full of fresh blood? What could this mean?" Samson crossed his arms and stuck his head down in thought. "....Kind of odd. Who could we tell about this?"

October 1st, 2007, 8:19 PM
"Another door? Great... and I thought we were done for the day." He walked closer and opened the door slowly. Psy obtained a bad feeling and fear started to overcome his body once again, "I won't let my fear control me!" He slammed the door open, broke away from his fear. He looked closely in the small room and the light switch was already.

"I can't believe this... this is insane..." Psy spotted out a dead young teenage girl with a trembling Squirtle nearby. This was a work of a murderer indeed, "Who in the world would do this?!" he said with a noticable tone of fear.

In a sudden instant, a shadowy figure rushed passed Psy very swiftly. It grabbed Psy in the chest and put a blade on top of his face, "Wha... the...heck?" Psy was now shaking in fear, unable to try and fight it off.

The figure spoke out in a dark and 'evil-sounding' voice, "Hmm... I wonder if your blood will look as wonderful as that pafetic girl..." he revealed himself to the others. He had white hair, an armor that was covered with blood, wore metal boots with spikes in the edges, "My name is Gale... and I have an obsession towards the beautiful appearences of blood. I will determine all your inner greatness by your own blood... starting with this boy..." he started to laugh maniacally. Psy was unable to take defensive action due to the fear in him.

October 1st, 2007, 10:12 PM
"GRAAHHH!!!!! Get away from him!!," Shiro shouted as he rushed towards Gale and knocked his blade away ,at the same time, the Falchion glowed blue and a name of a move appeared in Shiro's mind ," Freeze Wind!," Shiro said bringing down Falchion and causing a blue energy wave to appear from the ground, Gale is as surprised as Shiro and his arms were hit because of it, instead of being separated, it freezed in contact, Shiro was pretty tired after using the move Uhh... what was that? Gale was impressed by Shiro's bravery,"Hmph , you're not that bad, maybe I'll start with your blood first!!" Gale said to Shiro as he disappeared and reappeared behind Shiro, pointing his reclaimed blade at his back, Shiro had no way to counter back It's over....

Cosmic Tyrant
October 1st, 2007, 11:49 PM
Randy was in shock of the strange person called Gale, but he wasn't afraid. Randy had been biding his time, fishing for a pocket knife that once belonged to his mother. "I'm sorry, mom" He said as he kissed the handle. "I promised that the blade of this knife wouldn't be tainted by anything. But it looks like now I have to break that promise." He said as he whipped out the blade and held it so the blade was near the thumb. "Hey, Big guy!" Randy yelled as Gale was about to stab Shiko. Gale turned his head. "Chew on this!" Randy shouted as he lunged at Gale. But Gale was faster than Randy gave him credit for. He easily dodged Randy's attack. Perhaps too easily. Randy let out what seemed to be a smirk as he stopped lowered his head. He was sure Gale was behind him. Randy then fell on his hands, drawing his left leg back. He kicked Gale in his knee, thereby causing him to stumble. Randy then did a power push to get back on his feet quickly, then faced Gale, who at this point recovered from the attack. "You dare strike me!" Gale shouted at Randy. "Then It's decided! Your blood shall spill first!" He said as he lunged toward Randy, barely missing his hair with his sword. "Whew, that was too close for comfort!" he said putting his hand on his head. Randy slowly got up. "You wanna kill me? Fine! I have nothing to live for anyways! You'd only be doing me a favor if you took my life now!" Randy said as he took a slow step toward Gale. "Come on!" Randy said in an angry tone. "Just tell me how to start this off! Let's do this!" He said as he cracked his knuckles. Gale smirked. "You want to die so badly? Then allow me to grant your wish!" He said as he jumped toward Randy as he swung his blade at him. "Say goodnight!" Gale said with a maniacal laugh.

October 2nd, 2007, 2:08 AM
It's over... Shiro thought as he was going to be stabbed by Gale until Randy fought him back. When he saw Gale launches himself to Randy, Shiro wanted to fight back, but find himself to tired to move I'm sorry Randy.... For not being able to repay you... Shiro then heard the strange voice speaking in his head again Alone... You may not be able to defeat him... But if we merge permanently... You can beat him...

Shiro then thought back Nah... Pass. I'll merge with you when I really need the power Shiro turned to Psy and threw the Falchion at him ,"Psy!!! Catch!!!"

October 2nd, 2007, 6:10 AM
"It's no use... for some reason I can't unleash out my aura saber..." he then saw Shiro's Falchion fly toward him as if someone tossed it. He jumped and grabbed the blade at great precision and landed near Randy and midair Gale, "I will not let you kill anymore!" Psy blocked Gale's blade from slashing and both entered in a clash blade struggle. Gale looked closely at Psy's enraged eyes and noticed something familiar from them, "Those... those eyes... It can't be!" he effortlessly pushed Psy away and caused the Falchion to fumble off his hands. Psy with slight force hitted the wall and fell off, but he was still able to stood in his standing position.

Gale for some reason wanted to avoid having a fight with Psy and aimed for the two girls instead, "I'll just have to kill both of you instead... now die and show your blood!" he rushed to the two, prepared to swing his blade at full force. Psy grabbed the Falchion and started to run and beat Gale's speed, but failed and tripped, "It's useless, I don't have enough energy in me to save the two..." He let go of the Falchion from his hand and watched Gale rush to the two, "Samson... you're there only hope for them to living," he said with a very exhausted voice.

October 2nd, 2007, 9:52 AM
Samson's eyes widened. "What can I do......?" Samson saw Gale rushing towards the girls and he started to panic. "I'm the only one....?" Samson then swallowed his fear and ran towards Gale at full force, trying to punch him in the face. Samson's training made him strong, but Gale was on another level. As Samson went to Punch, Gale swiped him away with the back of his sword. He looked down at Samson and smirked and raised his sword to unleash a finishing blow on Samson. As the blade came closer and closer, Samson knew he was going to die.

Samson put his arm up in defence and closed his eyes. He felt the uneasy feeling rushing through his body, but instead of hurting, Samson felt at peace. He felt the blade hit his arm, but it stopped. Samson opened his eyes to reveal that his arm was covered in a white aura that was blocking the blade. Gale's eyes widened and he stepped back.

"You...." Gale said in a shocked tone.

Samson stared at his arm in disbelief. "What could this be...?" He contemplated. "This could be what those feelings were...the white flash.....this is my...power?" Samson stared at his arm, and then jumped up and looked at Gale. "The aura around my arm is fading when I lose concentration...I need to stay focused..." Samson thought. He was losing energy fast.

October 2nd, 2007, 10:10 AM
"So he also knows how to use the same power too?" Psy stared in shock at the surprise scene. He stood up, tried to regain his balance but ended up falling to the floor. His current condition was too bad that it even declined Psy from standing up, "It's no use still... even though the great amount of fear left my body, the after effects still linger in me, I'm too weak to do anything." He faced the two girls and shouted a command to the two, "You guys have to do something to protect yourselves! Renee, you can try and use the bow you took back there! It's your only hope of surviving so try anything!" Psy knew fleeing away was a bad option for the two, for the speed Gale ran was way too fast for even Psy to out-run.

"We're all a bunch of little freaks, are we?" Gale started to dash his way to Renee and Misha and prepared to swing his blade with vast force.

October 2nd, 2007, 10:16 AM
Samson wanted to rush at Gale, but the aura around his arm vanished, and he was completely drained of energy. Samson fell down and laid there motionless. "What was that power....?" He thought as he laid there. The uneasy feeling he kept getting stayed with him permantly, but it didn't bother him anymore. Once he unleashed the power, the uneasy feeling became a peaceful one. His senses seemed sharpened, but now all he could do was lay there.

Samson looked up to see the action going on, but he was helpless, and still shocked about what exactly came out of him. "How....how do I have these powers...?" He asked himself as he laid there, unable to move. "My body feels numb." He said softly. Samson closed his eyes and waited. He may have attained some kind of power, but now he was unable to move, and just another target for Gale.

Cosmic Tyrant
October 2nd, 2007, 10:32 AM
Randy just stood in a corner, watching everything that happened rom a distance. He was still in a bit of shock after Psy save him. "Darn..." Randy said as he scratched the back of his head. "After all of that, I'm kind of disappointed..." He said, then stopped. "Wait a minute..." He said as he began to move his body." ... I'm not tired..." He said as he grabbed Shiko's fallen sword. "I can fight!" He said as he stood in the path of Gale and the two girls. Randy held up the sword, thereby blocking the blade of Gale. "But how..." Gale asked, puzzled, but Randy only smirked. "It all makes sense to me now..." Randy started as he looked all around the room. "When I first got on this ship, I started to get cold everytime someone got near me." He said as he rotated his right arm. "That cause was most likely the aura's dsplayed by Psy and Samson. In fact, I'm positive that the other's have aura's, too. Or at least some kind of special ability." He said as he walked a bit to the left. "However" He continued. "When they were involved with you, they began to get weak. As far as I know, I have no such powers, other than to sense it. So if my theory is correct." Randy said as he smiled and pointed the sword at Gale. "You somehow feed off of the energy that they produce. and since I have no energy, I can't be stopped unless you disable me!" Randy put the sword down. "Alright, Gale, you ready. Randy put up the sword. "Let's do this!"

(OOC: the theory I had Randy explain isn't necessarily true, I just wanted him to have a "Smart" moment, and since he is the only person in this RP witout special powers, I thought It'd be a good idea for him to point that out. But in the end, it's Nessstar's RP, so he can pretty muh do whtever frm here, as long as he doen't do something like killing Randy...)

October 2nd, 2007, 11:24 AM
(OOC: I thought it was a nice addition, since he is the only one not possessed his powers for offensive support. That moment was perfect though, we got to have smart moments at some point, right? ^_^)

"You filthy little brat! If you really want to fight me then let off of your own blood!" he screams in emerged rage. He rushed toward Randy and swings his blade with much force, "Let's see who handles the metal blood makers better!"

"Who is this guy? What is his name?" Psy still stood onto the floor, unable to move a muscle. The only thing he could do is watch the others fight off Gale. The moment made Psy feel like a complete failure because he did not have the energy save the others from Gale, "I wish my body would regain its energy now, but there is no way that can happen, especially in a moment like this... I don't even have enough energy in me to release my aura light saber..."

Cosmic Tyrant
October 2nd, 2007, 11:51 AM
Randy let out a monster of a scowl as Gale made his way toward Randy. To be honest, Randy neve saw a sword in his life, let alone held one, so he diddn't know what to do. "Alright, let's see..." Randy said as gale swung his sword with great force. "There!" Randy shouted as he blcked the blow with excellent percision. "Not bad, punk!" Gale scoffed "But how about this?" He said as he swung a second time. Randy was able to bloc, but not as good this time. The blade almost took his left arm off. "Holy..." Randy started to shake. For the first time in his life, he actually thought he was going to die. "I'm boned, aren't I?" He asked as Gale let loose yet another swing at him. Randy decided to dodge it. Big mistake. The blade missed, but Gale let out a secondary swipe that almost hit Randy's face. Randy fell flat on the floor. "Hahahaha!" Gale laughed as Randy got up. "If that's the best you can do, than this one is clinched!"

October 2nd, 2007, 3:17 PM
Damn it.... I'm to tired to move, let alone speak... I feel useless Shiro thought to himself as Randy was fighting back Gale If only... If only... I could help... Huh? My pocket is heavier than usual... Heh... Maybe this is the surprise mother told me... He rummaged through his pocket, finding something unusual in it, Hey... Isn't this Spark's Pokeball? Whatever... I guess I could help... "GO!!! Spark!!!" He threw his pokeball, from which burst out a Pikachu! "Spark, I know this will break your code but please! The man is trying to kill us all, Use Thunder on him!," Spark nodded and shouted "CHU!!!" While releasing a Thunder to Gale. Gale was shocked and fell down to his knees burn wounds on his body. "NOW!!! Randy! Get him while he is wounded!," Shiro said to Randy.

October 2nd, 2007, 3:43 PM
Renee stopped out of her thoughts as she followed the other quietly. "I shouldn't loose myself in my thoughts so often.." She then saw soemone rushing torwards Psy with a blade."EEK!" She quickly grabbed the bow and shot a fire arrow. It rushed passed gale and landed onto another wall.She saw a small burn on the persons body. "It actually hit?" She shiviered not knowing what had taken over her.The arrow still burning from the previous attack lay stuck to the wall. "H-huh?.." Renee stuttered in disbelief."How did I do that..?"

October 2nd, 2007, 7:22 PM
"Gah! I don't know how she just did that but we don't plan this ship to burn down!" The Squirtle that belonged to the girl shot a water gun towards the bow and washed off the flames. Psy suddenly felt that he regained some his energy back. He gave himself a chance to get up and was finally able to do so without a problem, "All right you... you're murderous ways end here for I won't let you kill anyone!" he shouted off bravely toward Gale. Gale turned back and faced Psy with a sorrowful look, "You and him are very alike... hmhmhm... I guess you kids had enough fun for today, yes? I'll kill you all with your blood after I kill every filthy dirty human beings that are in this world. Then this world will then be filled with bloid everywhere... such a beautiful place it would be..." he started to laugh maniacally and instantly fled out of the room.

"Hey! I'm not done with you yet!" Psy ran near black door and saw Gale running at great speed, "It's useless... he's way too powerful for all of us to handle." Psy gave out a deep sigh, relieved but uneasy about Gale's dissapearence, "What was he talking about though? I'm just like him?" he also gave notice to the pikachu nearby, "I'm guessing that is a pokemon? Interesting..." He tried to leave behind the whole scene by trying to change the topic.

October 3rd, 2007, 1:38 AM
"Good one Spark!" Shiro said while petting the Pikachu with a smile. "Huh? You don't know what a pokemon is? I guess the rarity of Pokemon in the Island makes most people oblivious to Pokemon, this here, is called a Pikachu, it's an electric mouse pokemon which stores electricity in the red sac on his cheek, careful though, he's not exactly nice to strangers," Shiro explained this to Psy,who is curious about Spark, Shiro then gave him an empty pokeball "This, is a pokeball,used to capture wild pokemon, that Squirtle over there is pretty sad about losing its trainer, why don't you make it up to him by offering him a chance to travel with you," Shiro said to Psy.

I guess that's that.... For a while I thought I'm dead... Shiro walked to Randy and took his sword back from him "Thanks, I don't know how to repay you when you saved me,"

October 3rd, 2007, 9:05 AM
Samson opened one eye to see Gale fleeing. "Well at least he's gone now..." Samson thought. He looked up at the others and gave a half grin and began getting up....only to instantly fall back down. "Sorry guys...I really don't know what happened back there.....but I'm completely drained now...." Samson said with a laugh. "What was that power...What's wrong with me? How did I do that?" A lot of questions were flowing through Samsons head, but he decided to ignore them for now. He sat up again and leaned himself against the wall. "I'm exhausted...maybe we should head back to the main part of the ship? Tell somebody what happened..."

October 3rd, 2007, 5:09 PM
She shivered quickly.Renee was glad Gale was gone and let out a sign of relief. "What w-was that all about..?" Renee stuttered feeling a little bit drained for some reason, but didn't wish to worry anyone else with her problems. Is everyone okay?" She said to everyone worried about if anyone got injured.She heard Samson's idea and also thought it was a good idea.She was also drained of her energy and needed to lay on her bed for a bit because she was soon getting a splitting headache.

October 3rd, 2007, 9:06 PM
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Misha felt very sorry to everyone there, she didn't do anything while everyone's trying their best. "I'm sorry for being useless....... I just didn't know what to do.....". Even she said like that, she became cheerful again so suddenly and asked Shiro a Question about Pikachu, "Well... by the way, uhhh..... I didn't know your name so..... uhh whatever. I just wanted to know, where I can find and get such fun-looking creatures like that? Oh yeah...and everyone, I also want to know your names, it's not fun if we don't know each other."

Cosmic Tyrant
October 3rd, 2007, 10:55 PM
Randy was sure he was done in for sure, but little did he know that fortune wa on his side. Gale was struck by a lightningbolt from an unknown source. "Where in the name of Lucifer did that come from?" Randy asked. Then Gale was struck by a flaming arrow. "Wha?" Randy asked looking around to see Renee holding her bow. "Good one!" Randy said as he lifted Shiko's sword. "Now then, this will end it!" Randy yelled as he swung the blade down. But gale was too quick for him. He fled into the unknown. "Dang it!" Randy said as he pounded the floor with his fists. "I let him get away!" He said as he got up. "So where did that lightning come fom anyways?" Randy asked as he looked around. He saw the Pikachu. "Is that...maybe...A Pokemon?" He asked himself as Shiko reclaime his sword. "Oh, yeah, sorry about that." he said as he handed the sword over. "I'm just glad I acted when I did. I don't want to imagine what would've happened another second later!" He said with a smile.

October 4th, 2007, 11:26 AM
"So... this is a pokeball that everyone has been talking about back on Neocean Island..." He closely examined the pokeball sharply by taking a look at it's unique appearence, "Okay Squirtle, you'll work with sides of me now for..." The squirtle ran away and swam to the ocean far, far, far, very far away, "Bleh... what can you expect from a 'poke-noob' like me?" he said in dissapointment toward himself.

"Attenion all passangers! We are about to enter a deadly storm nearby. Please remain indoors! I repeat! Remain indoors!" A urgent announcement had been said and surprised Psy, "What?! I guess we better head back to then. I don't think this is an ideal place to stay in such a coming condition." He put the pokeball into his pocket and started to run his way back to the library, "Let's get going or we're dead meat!"

October 4th, 2007, 11:32 AM
Samson got up and jogged up after Psy. "What's going on!? A storm?" He said as he ran up. He was exhausted, but he wasn't going to let himself get caught up in whatever was happening. He was actually starting to feel a little more energized. The weird feeling he used to get was there, but it seemed to be getting stronger, and the stronger the feeling, the better Samson felt. And the feeling had gone from an unpleasent one, to a normal feeling. He was used to it now.

October 4th, 2007, 1:45 PM
Renee took a look at the Pikachu and happily smiled at it. "Is that maybe..a pokemon? Its cute..You take very good care of it."Renee said looking at the Pikachu.She was to afraid to pet it knowing that if she got thundershocked she would be in real trouble.She then heard the report an said.."A storm?Thats kinda..odd..but Psy is right..were done for if we stay down here much longer.."She said as she began running behind Psy quickly.This reminded her of how she lived her life before she was adopted.It was all about yourself.Run and flee for your life,thats how her life was before she was adopted.

October 4th, 2007, 2:08 PM
"A storm!? Oh great, just great... How long have we been here anyway?" Shiro said while jogging through the passage back,Spark hanging onto his head, Shiro almost reached his destination, until he went out of the passage and crashed into a bookcase, to his head's dismay,"Owie.... That hurts..." Shiro said while rubbing his head. "Spark! Return!" Shiro said while pointing his pokeball to Spark, it sent a red light and absorbed Spark back into the pokeball, "Well, see you guys later,I'm going to crash down for today, it's been tiring but fun nonetheless why don't we hang out tomorrow, it'll be fun," Shiro said to all other as he walked back to his own room, when he entered it, it's still the same state as he left it Good, it's still in one piece... Shiro then lay on the bet and started to sleep peacefully...

October 5th, 2007, 10:23 AM
"Let's get to shelter as fast as possible guys!" He ran his way out of the secret passageway and made his way inside the library once again. He turned back to the others behind him, "I'll see you guys later! I'm going to get inside my room, I think you guys should do the same!" He turned and continued running his direction.

He made it inside his room unharmed from the weather, but slightly wet of water. He picked up a towel near his bed and washed out the water he collected, "Dang, the weather is terrible! I've never seen this kind of harsh rain before. This will obviously lead to some horrible lightning storm..." he said, surprised about the harsh strength of the weather. He lightly jumped into his bed, trying to relax with the rain than getting uneasy about it, "... I hope the others are okay. I should have at least guided their way into their rooms... I have to stop worrying so much. I need to be more care-free about these kind of situations." He softly closed his eyes as the rain started to relax his mind.

October 5th, 2007, 10:38 AM
Samson walked out and trudged his way to his room. It was raining really hard. Samson made it to the hallways with the rooms and went into his room. He shut the door and sat down in the chair in his room. He began contemplating.
"Well....it's storming...so I have nothing to do but think." He thought as he stared at his arm. "I wish I knew how I did that..." Samson closed his eyes and began concentrating. He opened to see a few aura sparks around his hand, but they went away soon. "...I need to learn how to focus this power of mine...and find out what it is..."
Samson paced around his room and then laid down in his bed. "Before I can do anything about these powers...We need to make it through this storm." Samson crossed his arms and tried to relax, but he was full of curiosity about his newfound power.

October 5th, 2007, 1:57 PM
Renne quickly got to her room at sat down on her bed. "Wow a storm..They didn;t say on the weather forescast..or at least thats what I heard.."Renee thought to herself anxiously as she layed down on her bed and took out the bow she had earlier used."How did I shoot that arrow...?Weird.." Renee quickly mumbled softly.She stared at the wall and saw the flashes of lightning outside of her window."Severe storm...Its scary..I have never seen anything so..Well frightning..."

Cosmic Tyrant
October 5th, 2007, 4:14 PM
Randy heard the man on the intercom forewarn of a storm. "Ah, great!" He said as he exited the room with the others. "What else could go wrong?!" He said angrily. "Not only did we almost get killed by a maniac, but now we've got to go through a storm, too! And judgeing by our luck, this torm is gonna be bigh!" He said as he began to sigh heavily. "Luckilly for me, I'm an expert at survival." He said as he looked around. "No matter what we may run into, I'll be ready!" He said as he pounded his fists against each other. "Just you wait, if someone else trys to mess with us, he'll be eating throuh a straw when I'm through with him!" He said trying to make up for the embarassing swordplay he displayed back in the bloody room.

October 5th, 2007, 7:54 PM
Shiro woke up only to find that he is on the weird platform again What the.... This dream again? When he looked at the ground again, he found that the mural has changed. In the mural, Shiro is holding Falchion, surrounded by pictures of the people he met. Welcome chosen one... I see you're back here again... The mysterious voice said to Shiro, Shiro just smiled his trademark smile and said softly," Why don't you show yourself to me?" No, as I said before, I'm you... I'm your conscience.... I pick choices... Whether right or not... "Very well then... Looks like I'm waking up... Adieu... Till next time we meet..." Shiro said as he started disappearing.

"That dream again... When are these dreams going to stop!?" Shiro sighed and decided to take a shower, after showering and wearing new clothes, Shiro looked outside to see it's still stormy Damn... This doesn't look good... Meh... Whatever I'll read a book then... Shiro smiled again, opened his doors slightly, took out his book and started reading on his chair across the door. There... if someone wants to speak to me... they can do so without knocking the door...

October 6th, 2007, 8:03 AM
Misha ran into her room, seemed to be frightened by the storm. Once she got there, she directly jumped to the bed and covered herself with a blanket."Oh my, if it's only storm, maybe it's still OK, but the lightning..... this isn't fun...". Then, she remembered about the pokemon things that she saw earlier and started wondering. "It must be fun if I can get some pokemon for my own huh?.... I wonder if I can.."

October 8th, 2007, 6:37 AM
Psy attempted to try and get himself to sleep, but he had too much energy in him to even do so, "I guess sleeping is out of the question of what to do at a time like this... I wonder when the storm will stop. It seems really dangerous for a ship like this one to be inside a storm like this." Since he could not get himself to sleep, he jumped off his bed and opened the door to the room hallway, "I'm going to take a look outside just to make sure everyone is safe." He walked through the hallway to the exit and took a look outside. The rain was so harsh that when it collided with the floor, it sounded like if someone was aiming a high-powered hosed at the floor, "On a second though, taking a dense cold shower doesn't sound like a good idea either..."

October 8th, 2007, 10:12 AM
Samson had finally dozen off, but a few hours later he was awoken by the sound of the rain hitting the boat. "Man...that sounds harsh..." He said aloud when he woke up. He got up and stretched and looked around his room. "This room is a good place to sleep...but it's pretty boring when I'm awake..." Samson scratched his head and opened his room door and looked around. "I guess everybody else is asleep." He thought as he walked out and shut his door. He walked around a few hallways in boredom and then found himself back in the bedroom hallway. "Guh...back where I started...is this storm ever gonna stop?" He said aloud as he sat on the floor outside of his room.

October 8th, 2007, 6:11 PM
Renee looked out the window of her room quietly.To her it seemed that it was eerily quiet. "Guess everyones asleep.... Thats why its so quiet.." Renee said looking at the bow she had used hearlier."I wonder how I used that type of arrow...Weird..." She mumbled as she took out her sketch book and began drawing the rain."Its harding drawing the rain..Maybe if I add a few details here and there..."Renee mumbled as began drawing the rain and the clouds with a dash of lightning here and there in the picture.The rain tapped against her window.It sounded like rocks againts her window except the glass wasn't breaking."The storm is scary.."

Cosmic Tyrant
October 8th, 2007, 6:28 PM
Randy ws in his room, trying to shake off the incident and sleep. But the rain was interfering with his slumer. "Well, I guess I can scratch sleeping for a while..." He sad as he walked out of his room. "What am I so afraid of anyways?" Randy asked himself as he walked out toward the deck. "Last time I checked, I love rain!" He said as he stepped into the uncovered area of the boat. The rain was harder than Randy had anticipated. "Ow!" He exclaimed as he walked back into the covered part. "I guess enjoying the rain is out of the question as well." He said as he walked back to his room. "I wonder what the others are up to?" He wondered as he wandered the halls.

October 8th, 2007, 7:52 PM
"This trip is too relaxing that I'm starting to get all bored and sleepy..." Psy eventually grew tired starring at the harsh rainfall. He decided to get back into his room, but before he could even see his own door, a vast lightning bolt thrashed close but slightly spaced away from the side of the cruise ship. It was near the area that Psy dully watched that the lightning stroke landed with great power, "Whoa! It sounded like something crashed or broke or something... I think I should take a safe peak to see what really happened..." He walked his way back to the same area, hoped that the destruction was not fatal to the ship.

October 16th, 2007, 12:07 PM
Samson heard a big clash of thunder and jumped up. "Woah! That was loud..." He said as he got up. He then saw a huge flash outside. "Lightning..." He thought as he began running towards the area where he saw the flash. He ran until he saw Psy. "Psy! What happened? That thunder I heard was LOUD!" He said as he walked up. "Did you see the lightning up close?" Samson crossed his arms and smirked. "I can only see this storm getting worse before getting better...." Samson uncrossed his arms and scratched his head. "I wonder if the lightning hit anything...?"

October 17th, 2007, 12:28 PM
"Look! The ship is slowly sinking!" He pointed out out part of the ship that was destroyed. The ship slightly slanted it's straight coordination, rolling out the barrels to the deep ocean, "Man, this is no longer a ship to relax... we have to tell the others for their safetly!" Just before he was about to run back in the hallway to tell the others, the public announcement unit conveniently turned on...

"Attention everyone! The ship had been fatally struck by lightning! The ship is now slowly sinking, please all visitors must go into the area in the ship where life boats will be provided. The area is right near the captian's watch. Please hurry and be alert, this is an emergency for the sake of our lives!" The public announcement unit turned off. Psy knew the others would know where to go to escape the sinking ship, "Well then let's get going them Samson!" Psy ran catiously his way to the Captian's watch to find the area where the life boats will be provided. He wanted to avoid tripping and falling onto the ocean.

October 18th, 2007, 9:53 AM
Samson nodded and ran after Psy. "This is intence Psy! Why is all of this happening?" Samson was soaked by the rain, but continued running. "This is the second near death experience we've been on since we've been on this ship!" He said alertly as he looked over at Psy. Samson then looked up and saw the Captain's watch.

"There it is Psy!" He said as he ran up. He put his hands on his knees and caught his breath. "Alright people....tell me where the lifeboats are......" Samson contemplated as he waited for the news. "This is just great..."

October 19th, 2007, 5:52 AM
Shiro was calmly reading his book when he saw lightning strikes the ship. What the... first the psycho assassin and now this!? What has the world come to? Shiro thought while looking at where the lightning struck... Damn.. that's a bloody mess the lightning made... Upon hearing the announcement, Shiro decided to pick up his briefcase and ran to the watch.

Shiro was running to the captain's watch hurriedly when the ship shook some more, throwing him off balance making him fall to the ground and started sliding towards Psy and Sampson who are talking to each other "WATCH OUT!!!!" Shiro yelled to them.

Cosmic Tyrant
October 22nd, 2007, 7:57 PM
Randy was wandering the halls, thinking to himself. "What am I doing here?" He thought as he heard a loud crash. "Whoa!" Randy said as he jumped a little. "What was that?" He asked as he looked around rapidly. heard the announcement being displayed on the intercom. " A lightning storm, eh? I need to get out of here!" Randy said s he dashed his wy from the hallways. "Wait a minute..." Randy said as he stopped. "I'm fogetting about the others. I hope they're okay...Psy, and Samson, and Renee, and SHiko, and....that other one...Ah forget it! They most likely head the crash and the announcement!" He said as he continued to run his way through the halls untill finally reachin the lifeboats. "Hey look!" Randy said as he spotted Psy, Samson, and Shiko. "There's som of the guys now!" He said as he rushed toward. "Am I glad I found you!" He said with a huff.

October 23rd, 2007, 9:44 AM
Samson nodded at Randy and Shiro. "I'm glad you guys made it.....looks like this ship will be under any minute now...." Samson crossed his arms and looked around. "I wonder where Reene is?" Samson said when he noticed she wasn't anywhere to be seen. He shook his head and looked at the others. "Guys, we NEED to get out of here like NOW!" Samson said in a worried tone. He looked up and frowned. "This cruise seems like it was destined for disaster....but we survived that crazy Gale guy, so we can survive a storm!"

October 23rd, 2007, 11:35 AM
Psy grabbed a lifeboat and throwed it out on the floor of the edge of the rageful ocean. The wind started to push with greater force, conspicuously gave the group an even more difficult time to deal with the storm, "Dang, this storm isn't going to get any softer on us. We better hurry with this or else matters will get even worst and we won't be able to escape on time!" He again grabbed the lifeboat, awaited for the preperation of the others.

October 29th, 2007, 2:58 PM
Samson looked around. He had everything he needed, and the ship was gonna sink. He jumped into the lifeboat that Psy grabbed. "I'm ready to go whenever you guys are." He said looking up at the others. "There is a big chance this boat will completely sink any second now....the sooner we get out of here, the better of a chance we have to safely get to nearby land on this lifeboat." Samson sat in the lifeboat and waited for the others to get in. "This is bad.....I don't even know if we'll be able to make it through the storm on these lifeboats....but we at least have to try. I won't just give up."

October 30th, 2007, 12:33 PM
Psy passed a lifeboat toward Shiro and Randy and waited for them to make a move before jumping into the lifeboat with Samson, "I wish we could stay and relax longer in this cruise but our trip just got ruined. You guys have to make a choice to leave this ship or not before it's too late!" He said to the two, started to feel really uneasy of the current situation. He deeply thought to himself, "I know storms are a natural thing of the world, but this is just out of hand! Why is this storm being so rough on us? Is this how it is outside of Neocean Island?"

Cosmic Tyrant
November 14th, 2007, 12:14 PM
(Major revivification)

Randy saw the lofeboat and grabbed his suitcase. "I'm not about to stay on this cruise ship any longer than I have to!" He said as he dived in. Randy then looked up at Shiko. "Well, what're you waiting for?" He said as a lightning bold hit the water at a considerable ditance. "Are you gonna just sit around, or are you gonna jump?" Randy then began to think to himself. "Boy, I sure hope that th other two are okay. I was beginning to like that one girl who snapped on me, and that other one looked cool, too. I hope nothing bad happened to them..." He said as he got a grip on his surroundings. "Gah!" he exclaimed as another lightning bolt hit the water. "Let's get out of here!"

November 14th, 2007, 12:22 PM
Psy took a brief look from behind, thinking if he should see if the other two girls were in safe hands, "I hope those two make it out safely... but there's nothing I can do right now it seems. The storm is just getting worst and this ship will probably sink at any second." He jumped on the same lifeboat that Samson was on, feeling uneasy about the two girls. He avoided himself to start thinking about the worst possibilities of their fate. He shouted to the rest, "Don't think we've escape this heck storm just yet, now our only problem is to actually make it in safe land!"

November 14th, 2007, 12:25 PM
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IC: Once Psy got in the boat, Samson gave Randy a determined nod and started rowing the boat. He didn't get to far before he started talking to Psy. "Psy, where exactly are we going? The storm is still crazy, so we really need a destination.....guh, frickin Neocean...as far as I knew Neocean WAS the whole world.....but look how far and wide the ocean is..." He said. He looked back up at the boat. It was getting closer and closer to fully sinking. "Alright we need a place to go....now!"

November 14th, 2007, 12:37 PM
Psy had no clue where they would head themselves to. He had no choice but to trust his gut feelings to find safe ground, "Something tells me that if we this way, we will find something, hopefully land," he said in an uneasy tone, pointed at the direction he hoped that were toward lands.

He had hope he would have a relaxing trip and to meet new friends, but the first did not come true. The unknown fate of the two girls still brought him to uneasy curiosity. He tried to let anything in his mind, that would greatly distract him in their attempt of survival, out of his thoughts, "Let's get moving guys, our chances of survival are still slim. I really hate to say this, but we either live or die in this situation." All the energy he had just previously used made him extremely exhausted, but he decided to deny that fact and continued to proceed forward to give an attempt and survive.

Cosmic Tyrant
November 14th, 2007, 12:43 PM
Randy returned Samson's nod and began to row the boat. Randy sighed as the boat sunk even deeper. "Well, there goes Shiko, Renee, and....." Randy began to think of the other name before blurting out "That one girl.." Randy looked around at the water.Randy had never seen so much of it in one place in his entire life. "Whoa..." He said to himself. He then overheard Samso and Psy talk. "I hear you." he responded. But there's only one thing we can do now..." Then Psy spoke. You're right. "Randy said confidently as he began to row faster. We need to find safe ground, and fast!"

November 14th, 2007, 12:44 PM
Samson nodded and began steering the boat in the way Psy had pointed. As he rowed, many thoughts filled his mind. "Man...a lot has happened during this trip....I made some new friends....that crazy Gale guy tried to kill us....and that aura that came out of me...I wonder if I would have found out what's wrong with me if that trip were longer....oh well at least I'm not in pain anymore." As Samson rowed he looked at Psy and saw the worried expression on his face.

"Hey Psy....don't worry man, those girls will probally be fine...who knows we may see them again....but you're right. We have to focus on saving ourselves." He continued rowing until he spotted something in the distance. He couldn't tell if it was land or not, so he said loud enough for Randy to hear as well, "Guys look in the horizon! What is that? Land?" He scratched his head and continued rowing.

November 14th, 2007, 1:10 PM
"I think it's land, let's row our way there!" Psy was suddenly filled with excitement, which finally caused the negative thoughts in him to be replaced. His heart started to pound louder, his thoughts wondered of what the land could look appear like, and he started to row the lifeboat more rapidly. He though to himself, "I can just sense it, whenever this feeling is true or not, but I think that's land all right. Wow, I can't stop wondering what could be there... I've never been so excited or happy to see something I don't even know about before. This is weird, but I can't really argue, can't I?"

November 14th, 2007, 1:26 PM
They began rowing faster and Samson's thoughts were right. It was land. "Wow guys! Land! This will be the first place we've been besides neocean.....you don't think it's like Neocean do you? I hope this place is exciting. Like, maybe it'll have flashy lights everywhere. Or maybe those things called "skyscrapers." Samson stopped when he realized he was rambling. "Heh....sorry...what do you guys hope the island will be like?" He asked curiously as he continued to row.

Cosmic Tyrant
November 14th, 2007, 1:30 PM
"Land, where?" Randy asked as he looked around. He saw the hunk of what appeared to be land. "Alright!" He exclaimed as he started to row faster in an attempt to catch up with Psy and Samson. "If that is land, we'll be that much safer!" Randy then began to recall his encounter with gale. He began to shudder with fear. "Why am I remembering that?" He said as he continued to paddle. Randy began to think to himself again. "We've had quite an eventful day" He began to drift off. "We made some new friends, we almost got killed, and now that ship has sunk..." Randy then snapped out of it and began to row again. "Aw jeeze! I did it again!" he said as he got closer to Psy and Samson.

November 14th, 2007, 1:36 PM
"Are you okay back there Randy? You seem a bit out of zone... well anyways, let's get to land as fast as possible. We'll get really sick if we stay out here in the harsh rain if we stay any longer," Psy said in a now calm tone.

After a few minutes, the lifeboat finally made it to the land that they noticed from afar. Psy jumped onto the dirt, hyped up with great energy but still quite exhaused, "Well here we are, standing on dirt, with a random vast forest right in front of us."

November 14th, 2007, 1:51 PM
Samson's eyes went dull when he stepped out of the boat. "So...we have to go through a forest..." He sighed and looked at the ground. "This is just great....we finally made it out of that storm, and to land, but now we have to cross a forest....well....it's just a forest. What could be so bad?" He reassured himself and walked up next to Psy and crossed his arms in triumph. "Some forest isn't gonna stop us! Ha! This is nothing compared to that storm!" He said in a mock brave tone. He laughed and walked up to the forest. "Alright....are we gonna get this over with now?"

Cosmic Tyrant
November 14th, 2007, 2:06 PM
Randy's lifeboat reached the shoreline. "LAND!" He said as he jumped out of the boat and hugged the ground. "I missed you!" he said as he got up from the ground. He then looked at the forest which wasin front of him, Samson, and Psy. "Well well well..." Randy said as he walked toward it. "Looks like we have quite the adventure ahead of us." He looked at Psy and Samson. "Well guys, what do you say?" He said as he looked at the forest."Should we just stew around here and do nothing, or should we go explore this forest?" He asked, walking towards the forest.

November 15th, 2007, 12:20 PM
The rain finally calmed itself into soft drops; the strong winds instantly faded away from the air. The storm had finally lost its strength to be considered life-threatening, but the dim clouds still remained in the sky, almost completely covered up the sunlight from getting to the grounds of Earth.

"Exploring a forest that is unknown to us actually sounds pretty fun," Psy took a few number of steps toward the forest and examined the forest from the inside, "We're bound to learn some new things in here, let's take a walk inside." Psy entered the forest with some caution as the paranoia still lingered him from the earlier events. He thought to himself, "Hopefully we don't pass by anymore danger for now, at least for awhile."

November 15th, 2007, 3:51 PM
Samson walked into the forest after Psy and stopped. "I've never been in a forest before...." He proclaimed as he looked around. "Nothing special....just a bunch of trees." He put his hands in his pockets and walked up and leaned against a tree. He knew they were going to explore, but they had to wait for Randy to enter the forest. He looked around and notcied that he couldn't make out the clouds. "Hey Psy, look up. You can't even see the sky because of the trees." He smirked and got back up and walked over to Psy. "The sooner we make it out of here, the soon we can see what else is on this island." He nodded and looked off towards the end of the forest.

Cosmic Tyrant
November 15th, 2007, 5:29 PM
Randy finally made his way into the forest. "Wow..." He said as he looked around. There were all kinds of trees, shrubs, and rocks scattered throughout the forest. "I've never been in a forest before, either. Though the streets that I was forced to live in for about seven years could be called an urban jungle, this is a new experience..." He said as he made his way to Psy and Samson. Randy was getting excited by the new scenery that his eyes were beginning to widen more than usual. "So" Randy said as he stepped near Samson and Psy, "Are you guys up for a little exploration?" He asked as looked around a bit before returning his focus on Psy and Samson. "Because I'm itching to find out what's in tis forest!" He said with a smile.

November 15th, 2007, 8:48 PM
"I'm pretty excited myself, maybe we can even find the natives that possibly live in here," he calmly said, faced at Randy. He turned his body behind and took a look at the deeper part of the forest, "Though, I don't think we should let our guard down just yet," He turned around to face the two, giving off a slightly serious-looking face, "For all we could know, there could exist dangerous creatures in this forest, our worst case though would be umm... that one psycho guy watching us, planning out the perfect time to maim us to death with his blade. Then again, I could be over-exaggerating the matter, which I shouldn't be doing I guess... I talk too much, let's just get this adventure started." He began to walk his direction that lied deeper into the forest, his gut feeling suddenly gave him a dark feeling.

November 16th, 2007, 12:02 PM
Samson began walking through the forest with the others. He put his hands in his pockets and walked slowly. He was being over cautious since Psy mentioned Gale. "That Gale guy...what a nut job!" He thought as he walked. He looked back up and sighed. "Such a dark forest." He proclaimed to the others. "Man, I hope there aren't any beast in this forest either.....or Gale." He said as he looked down. He was trudging along in the back, a little paranoid. "I never thought I would end up in a situation like that....a sword wielding freak trying to kill all of us......it's like something out of a book..." Samson decided not to think about it and continued walking through the forest.

Cosmic Tyrant
November 16th, 2007, 12:49 PM
Randy followed Psy and Samson, now beginning to remember the homocidal maniac that they met back on the cruise ship, known as gale. "God, I hope not..." H said as he looked t hos surroundings. "I'm already paranoid enough as it is. I don't want to try and think of that Gale person now..." He said as he began to get lost in deep thought. "I wonder where we are.." He began to think to himself. "He quickly snapped out of it wehn he heard what sounded like a thud, but it turned out t be his luggage hitting an exposed root from a nearby tree. "Well, that's a relief" H said as he kept walking.

November 17th, 2007, 12:58 AM
"So far, so good... nothing bad yet" he gave out a sigh, feeling relieved so far.

A couple of minutes had pass; the forest grew more dim as he went deeper, "This forest doesn't seem like a safe place anymore, this area would be a perfect spot for something or someone to prepare for an ambush... let's keep our senses sharp here, I'm getting bad feelings about this-"

"Freeze! Put your hands up!" A man that hid himself behind a large wilted log. He jumped into the area where Psy was. He was wearing a blue uniform, a dark blue helment with green goggles. He appeared to be some kind of police officer, seemed to be looking for something. He quickly equipped and pointed out a gun at Psy's face, "Don't move..." the man said with a tone of great anger. Psy followed the command without reason and though to himself, "Perfect, we finally get ourselves in trouble, this day just gets worst every hour or so." He focused and starred at the man, hoped that the situation would not lead them to the edge of danger once again.

November 17th, 2007, 7:21 AM
Samson instantly screamed when the man jumped out. He hopped and turned around. There was a man pointing a gun towards Psy's face. Samson gulped and looked at the man. "W-what did we do? We just got here.....how can we already be in trouble?" Samson decided to shut up before he got them into any trouble. He looked down and stood still as the man commanded. Many thoughts were rushing through Samson's head. "Gulp....are we about to be arrested? This isn't cool! We just got here and the first person we see is pointing a gun towards us? Gah!!!" Samson turned around and gave Randy a worried look. He mouthed the words "What's happening?" to him.

Cosmic Tyrant
November 17th, 2007, 9:38 AM
Randy had to jump about ten feet in the air when the scouter told them to freeze. Worse yet, his reflexes made him draw his fists and grit his teeth. When he realized he was dealing with an officer, however, he instantly shot his arms in the air. "Great" he thought to himself. "Just great. Apparently we've been the victim of a sting operation." He looked over at the other two. Psy was scared stiff, and Samson was mouthing to him what he at first made out to be "gut's happy fling" Randy made a puzzled look untill he realized Samson was actually mouthing "what's happening" He immediately mouthed back "I wish I could tell you" before turning his attention back to the officer. "I have a feeling that I'm gonna get the blunt end of this experience..." Randy thought to himself. "Psy and Samson have all sorts of hues, and blues, and pretty colors on their clothes, and what do I decide to wear? My totally over-studded and chained gothic suit. Wha's worse is that I think there's some dried up blood on the back of my jacket back when Gale tried to kill us" Randy's eyes widened "God, I am SO busted..." he thought to himself.

November 17th, 2007, 6:45 PM
The man put the gun in his belt pocket and continued to gave out an irritated look, "You three boys aren't going anywhere. Do you know where you boys are right now?" he asked while making sure he kept his eyes sharp to the group. Psy did not want to make their matter worst than it currently is and only moved his mouth to respond, "No, we're just wandering lost survivors from a now sunken cruise ship. We mean no harm, we just wanted to find somewhere to rest in safety." The man noticed the wound marks on Psy and was able to tell that Psy was not lying, "I see... then follow me if you wish to survive." He turned back and began to walk through a dark pathway. Psy stood, relieved that they were this time able to avoid themselves from getting into trouble, "What a relief, I though we were dead for sure that time. Well, since he trusts us, we should follow him to wherever he's going, he did say he can help us with our survival." Psy saw the man and ran to follow his steps.

The forest continued to grew in darkness as they proceeded deeper. The man took out a flashlight to lighten up their path, "Keep your guard up boys, there lies vicious wild pokemon in this part of the forest and trust me, you don't want to mess them up." Psy grew more uneasy after he heard his advice as the paranoia still lingered in him.

November 17th, 2007, 7:56 PM
Samson gulped and walked after Psy. "Wild pokemon?" Samson said aloud. He gave Psy a look and then smiled happily. "I've never seen a pokemon...that would be something." He stepped up the pace to get closer to Psy and the man. "Excuse me sir, what exactly is going on?" He asked the man they were now following. "The way you jumped at us....are you looking for somebody or certain people?" Samson was full of questions, but he decided to be quiet and not annoy the man. He stayed quiet and walked after them. "Maybe every place outside neocean is like this...."

Cosmic Tyrant
November 19th, 2007, 6:52 AM
Randy nodded his head and walked after the officer, Psy, and Samson. He figured the more he kept quiet, the quicker things will go. "Wild Pokemon, eh?" He thought to himself as they got deeper into the forest. "Somehow I'm not too into the idea of running into a pokemon in a dense setting like this. The ones here are most likely to be savage." Randy thought again as Samson asked what the hold up was about. "That's a good quesion." he said as he looked to the side. "It's not often you see a stake out in a forest like this. I wonder what's going on around here..."

November 19th, 2007, 9:58 PM
(OOC: Holy, my post are strangely getting longer. Hope you guys don't mind the change.)

"Well first of all, where did you boys come from, before you stood on that boat?" the man asked, finally spoke out calmly. Psy answered without a pause, "Well... we used to live on a small island called Neocean, which we all wanted to leave from, since it isn't exactly an island full of freedom." Just after, he man recalled the name 'Neocean' in his mind and spoke out, "Hold on to your horses kid, but did I hear you say the name Neocean?" Psy nodded in agreement to the man. The man afterward realized that it would be disrespectful of himself to take their conversation any further without formally introducing himself; he decided to do so and said in a respectful tone, "Pardon my rude ways boys, but before we go any further, I would like to introduce myself to you all. The name is Jack, I'm a father and a working police officer from a town far away from here, called Basilwoods." Psy scratched his head and asked Jack, "Wait, so you're not from around this area then?" Jack knew that a question would be asked after making his brief introduction unclear, "Let me tell you my story about how I got here in this heck hole forest island. Since the day the great catastrophe had been brought to this world into destruction, I had to escape the flames that attacked my hometown an was able to ride in a helicopter with my best friend Nolel. We crashed on this very island, but only one man survived the crash... my friend died unfortunately. I've been living here for awhile now, so I'm kind of used to the natural environment. Then just recently, I find you three boys out of nowhere." After Psy heard the words 'great catastrophe' from Jack, he put his mind in uneasy curiosity on what he meant on those words, "A great catastrophe? What exactly happen-"

A loud piercing screech could be heard from far above. The power of the sound was so strong that Psy had to cover his ears to avoid possible severe ear damage. Jack afterward responded as a reaction, "Nevermind that, we got what sounds like a wild hungry aerodactyl after us. It must of saw us from behind, we have run away quickly, follow me!" He ran deeper into the forest in order to flee. Psy followed and ran his way to Jack and exclaimed out in confusion, "Aerodactyl? Sounds like a huge monster to me... no wonder why we're running!"

November 20th, 2007, 6:22 AM
Samson felt sad when Jack told his story. "Wow....his best friend died....and he probally hasn't seen his wife or son in a while..." Then Jack introduced himself. Samson was ready to introduce himself, but then they heard a screeching noise and Jack told them to run. Samson ran after them. "An Aerodactyl...?" He said as he ran after them. He couldn't believe how many situations they've been in lately. [I]"First that nutjob Gale....and now some kind of monster is chasing us! It's seriously like we are in some kind of crazy story...." He decided to quit thinking about it. "If I could focus those powers from earlier, that monster would be nothing to run from...." Samson said, while running next to Psy.

Cosmic Tyrant
November 20th, 2007, 7:08 AM
Randy listened to the story that Jack had told him and the others. Quite frankly, his face was unchanged, buthis eyes told a different story. "That must've sucked..." He thought to himself. Momets later, a large screech was heard. When Jack said it was an Areodactyl, Randy's eyes widened. "An Areowhatyle?" He asked, but by that time, everone was running. So, Randy decied to run as well. "This is insanity!" Randy shouted out as he ran with Psy, Samson, and Jack. "When will the torture end?!" He asked as he saw a decent sized stick coming up on his right. "Give me that!" He sad as he scooped up the stick and fished for the knife in his pocket. In minutes he had tipped the end to make a spear. "in my seven years of surviving the jungle in Neocean, carving had to be my most resourceful skill." He said as he positioned himself to throw while still running. "I'm gonna hit it in it's pretty little wing!" he said as he cocked his arm back. "Hi-yah!" He yelled as he threw the spear. The spearws sharp, but it broke into little pieces as it hit the Areodactyl. The Areodactyl let ou a frown, obviously not thinking much of that attack "Aw jeeze!" Randy said as he picked up the speed a little bit.

November 20th, 2007, 7:41 AM
Psy noticed Randy's failed attempt of throwing a spear and reacted in surprised of the end result, "What the... how can it withstand such a sharp blade?!" Psy shouted out in question, still running along with Jack's steps. Jack spoke about to the three, "The monster is basically has skin as strong as stone, no blade can really do any damage to its kind, same with guns. I would use the grenade I have, but I left it back at my home base. If we can run to my home base safely, we may have a chance in surviving from that monster, just keep running!" Psy was losing more energy in him and started to turn extremely exhausted, despite this he kept on running for survival, "I'm getting really... tired of... this! We're always running... from danger!" Psy said in a struggle. Jack was worried that Psy was going to collapse to the floor and kept some of his attention toward him, he thought to himself, "You're one special kid all right, don't fall just yet..."

November 20th, 2007, 7:51 AM
Samson saw the very sharp spear shatter when it hit the Aerodactyl. His eye's opened wide and Samson looked at Psy, then Randy, and then Jack and let out a yelp and started running faster. "This is nothing like before, guys! This thing WILL kill us if it gets to us!" Samson was running out of steam by now though. He closed his eyes for a second and then opened them. I'm getting tired....we had to row all the way here, and we've been walking for a while....this running is hard.....

Samson closed his eyes and focused. The feeling that used to bother him came back, but it was more of a relaxing tingling energy now. He felt a revitalizing energy go through him, and the tingling energy went away. He could run fast again, but he felt a bit uneasy. "How...how did I do that....what's wrong with me..." He closed his eyes and then focsued again, running up near Psy. "Are you OK, man?" He looked back at Randy, figuring the strong looking guy wouldn't have a problem running.

Cosmic Tyrant
November 20th, 2007, 7:58 AM
Randy was indeed regretting the attempt to ground the Areodactyl. "Why did I do that?" He thought to himself. "I have to be more careful from here on out" He thought again as he leaped over a log. "This is madness..." He said a he caught up to the rest. "In all my years, I've never seen anything like this. Heck, i've never DREAMED anyhing like this, and that's scary..." He said as he loked back at the Areodactyl, who at this point was closing the distance bit by bit. "This running could realy wear on a guy's nerves..." Randy said. "I'm just really glad that I'm in decent physical condition right about now... So, Jack?" Rany said turning hi head at him. "Are we almost to your shack? I don't think we can outrun the Areodactyl too much longer..."

November 20th, 2007, 1:31 PM
Jack clearly heard the question Randy asked and answered, “We just got a few more steps, just hang on boys! Whatever you do, do not stop running!” Light had finally brightened the dark forest, which enabled Jack to see his base nearby, “There’s my base… we made it just in time boys!” He turned around to check up on the group. At perfect timing, he saw Psy fell to the dirty ground from tripping over a large rock that appeared. Psy tried to get up, but his muscles started to cramp, causing extreme sharp pain, “You guys go without me, I’ll find a way to deal with this myself,” Psy said to the others, not wanting them to be attacked by the Aerodactyl. Jack went back and picked up Psy’s body and then continued to ran, “Don’t loose hope kid, we’re right here where my home base is, so don’t worry.”

November 20th, 2007, 1:49 PM
Samson let out a sigh of relief when Jack grabbed Psy. They ran up closer to Jack's base and Samson waited for Jack to do something. "The Aerodactyl is getting closer!" Samson yelled as he saw the beast coming for them. It looked as if it was possesed. "Why is it so angry...?" He said aloud to himself. He looked at it straight in the eyes, and it must have caught his glance because it's eyes went blank and it started flapping it's wings faster.

Samson let out a small gulp and warned the others. "Uh guys, we should get in that base now.....I think the Aerodactyl is extra angry...." Samson scratched his head and stared at the others. He hoped nobody would get hurt.

November 22nd, 2007, 7:08 PM
Jack put Psy's injured body onto a soft bed that lied inside of the house of Jack's, "You'll be just fine, just stay here and rest right now. We'll take care of the monster," Jack calmly said to Psy. Psy felt grateful for meeting such a helpful person, even though they just met not too long ago, "Thanks Jack, please though that my friends are also protected and cared for, I shouldn't be the only one getting attention around here," Psy responded to Jack, also giving a thumbs up that meant 'good luck'.

Jack quickly ran out the house, grabbed a grenade from his inventory bag nearby, and then prepared himself to throw the grenade, "You two boys take cover, I'm going to throw out a grenade out there!" He warned out to Samson and Randy, waiting for the Aerodactyl to appear from the area.

November 22nd, 2007, 7:28 PM
Samson nodded and ran over next to Psy. He looked down at him. "Are you alright, man?" He asked him. He looked up towards Jack and crouched down a little. "Psy...you might wanna cover your ears...I think Jack's gonna throw the grenade..."

A familiar screeching noise pierced Samson's ears. He could see through Jack's window that Aerodactyl was getting closer. It edged near the house and flew around a bit. They weren't going to be able to leave the house until that Aerodactyl was gone. Samson covered his ears and waited for the explosion.

November 22nd, 2007, 8:06 PM
"Hey you flying rock head! You hungry aren't you? Well then, eat some of this!" Jack screamed at the Aerodactyl. He threw the grenade with all his might, hoped that the Aerodactyl would find it as food. Lucky enough, the Aerodactyl ate the grenade, conspicuously after swallowing it up whole, was still hungry. It flew on top of Jack, prepared to take a dive to try and get him. Jack did not want to run away, as he wanted to assured the safety of the others, "My dear wife... my only son... if I were to die right here for the protection of the three, I would be happy enough..." Jack said to himself in a soft but brave tone. He spread out his arms in attempt to provoke the Aerodactyl to attack. He closed his eyes, felt ready to receive the worst, he exclaimed out to the Aerodactyl, "Come and get me!"

The Aerodactyl dived toward Jack at vast speed and power. Before it was able to grab Jack with its mouth...


A humongous explosion blasted out in the area where Jack the Aerodactyl were. The falling debris attacked the house, but the house was strong enough to take in such damage. Psy wanted to get up and see what just happen, but the agony he was in unabled him to do so, "Jack... please be okay..." Psy thought to himself, once again gained uneasy feelings.

November 23rd, 2007, 8:07 AM
Samson stood in shocked silence. He didn't know what just happened so he stood there. He never dealt with something like this. He looked down in sadness and then looked at Psy. "I....I'll go see if Jack is OK....." He said as he slowly walked outside. He was afraid to go out there. There was no way to tell what he would find out there.

Samson turned the doorknob and opened the door. He was right. He didn't want to see what happened. He looked around and could tell the charred gray matter everywhere used to be an Aerodactyl. He felt a bit queezy but focused a bit to focus on finding Jack. He was 16, and had to learn to be a man. "Jack!" Samson called as he looked around. He eventually saw Jack laying there. H couldn't tell if he was dead or not, so he slowly approached him. "Jack....?"

Jack didn't respond and Samson felt a bit uneasy. He got closer, and he noticed that Jack was still breathing. "I'm so glad he's not dead...." He said in a relieved tone. He started calling for Randy to come help him move Jack into his base.

Cosmic Tyrant
November 26th, 2007, 11:15 PM
Randy slowly peeked outside of the shack. "I don't wanna leave..." He started as he stepped outside. "But I'm gonna ate myself if I just stay in here!" He said as he ran toward Samson and Jack. Randy grabbed one of Jack's arms and motioned Samson to do the same. "That was some thing you did, man." Randy said with a small smile on his face. "I can't believe you did that to that Areodactyl! That was amazing!" He said as he began to think.

"Did that just happen?" Randy asked himself. "Did Jack just decimate that flying nightmare into oblivion? I still can't believe it!" He said as he began to focus again. "Ah well. it was trying to eat us anyways. Anything for survival. Anything...for survival..."

November 27th, 2007, 10:50 AM
Samson nodded at Randy and the two began carrying Jack inside. Once inside, they laid Jack on a bed near Psy's. Samson sat down afterwards and looked at Psy and Randy. "Look what he did...to protect us." Samson began feeling bit uneasy. "Maybe that's what parents are like...." He said quietly. He then sat back and relaxed into the chair. As Samson sat there he began to have flashbacks of when he was younger. He was always alone, and one day, a man told him what had happened. Samson was found as a baby after a bright flash, with so sign of parents, and he looked like a newborn.

Samson snapped out of it and put his head into his hands. "Jack....you gotta wake up." He then looked up at the others. "I guess we can finally relax....if only for a while."

November 29th, 2007, 12:23 PM
Two days had passed and the dim night sky made the field feel dark. The presence of large numbers of stars could be seen from above, the moon had shown itself in full, and the winds blew with slight rage.

Jack was cooking up dinner inside the house. He picked up a spatula and flipped up an egg on the frying pan, "Hey boys, the dinner will be ready pretty soon!" he shouted to assure the others of their dinner, "My homemade Crispy Chicken & Eggs dish will sure get your tounges twisting!" he happily said to himself.

Psy was looking out through the window, at the starry sky. He was once again thinking about the two girls that were on the cruise ship, "I keep saying this to myself, but I really hope the two made it out there," he softly said out loud to himself. He continued to look throught the window, wandering about matters that lingered inside his thoughts.

November 29th, 2007, 12:57 PM
As Jack called everybody to come eat, Samson was outside doing push-ups. He stood up and wiped sweat from his forehead, and then grabbed his shirt off of a branch and put it back on. He stretched and then started walking inside. As he walked, he poked his head inside. Jack was finishing cooking, and Psy was looking out the window.

Samson walked over near Psy and sat down near him. "What's up Psy? You seem to be lost in thought." He said as he looked out the window to see what Psy was looking at. He then kicked back a bit and put his head down. "I'm kind of hungry myself...and it smells pretty good." He said with a laugh.

Cosmic Tyrant
November 30th, 2007, 12:25 PM
Randy was outside on a treestump, with lots of sticks that he'd gathered by him. he grabbed one, then grabbed his knife, then started to widdle on it in all areas. When he was done, he held a nice, sturdy bow. Randy smiled at his creaton for a second, then began to frown. The image of the girl from the cruise ship was all he could see when he looked at the bow. "Ahh, phooey!" he said as he threw the bow as hard as he could. "I sure do miss that Renee chick..." Randy said admittably as he got up from the stump. "Her, Shiko, and that other one... I never did find out her name..." He said as Jack called for dinner. "Whoop, gotta go!" He said as he picked up his knife, folded it and returned it to hi pocket before heading back.

When Randy returned to the cabin, he saw Psy and Samson already there, staring out the window. "Well, you two certainly seem to have something on the brain." He said as he sat near Psy and Samson. Randy beganto take in the aroma of Jack's cooking. "My, my. that sure smells good!" Randy said as he turned to the stove.

December 2nd, 2007, 4:47 AM
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IC: As he watched the others row their life boats, Shiro just sighed and was preparing his own life boat, when the boat rocks harder than ever, causing Shiro to lose his balance, and fell into his life boat, Shiro just sighed, "Man, that hurts a little, now, where are they? I can't believe they left without me!" ,Shiro just sighed and proceeded to row the boat, after a while of rowing Shiro noticed a big wave coming to him....

Crap... First the storm... Now this!? Shiro thought as the wave hit him, the force knocking him out.......

When Shiro woke up... he found himself stranded on a beach, his briefcase a meter from him Man... that was a lucky shot... Shiro thought as he took his briefcase, Shiro noticed a forest looming over him, "Now, let's see what fate has in store for me..." Shiro said as he walked into the forest....

Unknowingly to Shiro, a figure was watching him from a distance Soon.... Ice wielder, soon you will bow to me! the mysterious figure thought to himself as he went away

December 2nd, 2007, 9:54 AM
(OOC: Welcome back, just prepare for upcoming darker and emotional scenes)

Jack was almost done cooking up dinner, he said happily, "I know you boys will love this dinner, it's like nothing you ate before!" He flipped his last egg, sending it midair, then softly catched it with a plate. He set down the plate onto the dinner table, nearby are more plates of eggs and a basket full of hot fresh crispy chicken, "Let me turn things around the table before we enjoy our supper, so don't come in here drooling just yet," he said to the others.

Psy smelled the strong scent of the food and finally got out of his own loud thoughs, "Now that really smells good!" Psy softly shouted about. He took a look at Samson and Randy, both also seemed to be enjoying the smell of the food, "I could understand if you agreed with me on the food," he said to the two and laughed just briefly.

December 2nd, 2007, 2:45 PM
Shiro was walking in the forest, trying to find the exit, when his stomach rumbled Crap.... I haven't eaten anything after that incident, Shiro then looked around and found a tree bearing an apple and decided to climb it, While climbing, a flock of Spearow attacked him, but Shiro just calmly continued climbing.

A while later, Shiro is walking, munching on his apple, with a few bruises here and there, when he smelled something, "Man, that smells delicious, could it be that there is someone living in the forest?" Shiro then just followed the smell, until he heard familiar voices, when, he found the source of the smell, he also found Psy, Randy, Samson and some other people eating together. Shiro just walked to them calmly, wanting to surprise them, but before he could do so... He fainted and fell to the ground because of exhaustion

December 4th, 2007, 3:37 PM
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Renee slowly awoke on the beach unknowing of what happened. "What happened..I don't remeber..Anything.." She quickly got up and began wandering around trying to figure out where she was. "Where am I..? WHere are the others...?" Renee mumbled. SHe knew at once that she was alone again. She sighed and continued walking around still looking around.She leaned against a tree and sat down. "What are the others up to? What happened to them..Are they ok?.. I wonder...I just hoep their okay..." Renee mumbled still feeling weak and drowsy. She soon drifted off to sleep.

December 5th, 2007, 1:28 AM
Shiro woke up to find out that he was on the platform again.... Again? Shiro thought to himself as he saw a cloaked person appeared out of thin air Again..... "So, we meet again.... Shiro......" The stranger said to him. "Who are you!? And how do you know my name!?" Shiro asked the stranger "Tut,tut,tut.... Be patient Shiro, just call me Shurei, as for how do I know your name... That's a secret, anyway..... I come here to test your skill, care for a fight?" Shurei said as he brought his weapon, a dual bladed weapon called a swallow.

"Whatever... Let's do it....." Shiro said as he drawed his Ice Falchion.......

December 5th, 2007, 12:32 PM
Jack shouted out loud, "Okay boys, dinner is finally ready to be eaten!" Jack took a seat on the table and sniffed the scent of the food, "This will really be one dinner none of us will ever forget!" he said out loud to the others. He took a large napkin nearby that was on the table and covered his shirt with it; he was prepared to feast upon the food.

Psy ran into the kitchen and sat down onto the table instantly. He was really hungry since the last time he ate on the cruise ship. The smell of the food was so strong that it almost caused him to drool, "Wow, not only they smell good but they look delicious," he said to Jack with a smile. He took a chicken piece and bit it strongly. He enjoyed the taste of the chicken so much that it turned him speechless and continued to eat the chicken.

December 5th, 2007, 1:20 PM
Samson walked to the table slowly. He looked down at his plate and smiled. He was very hungry, and the food looked great. He sat dow and began eating hastily, and then looked up and said between bites, "Man....this is really good food. I didn't think you would...be...such a good cook!" Before Samson knew it his food was gone. He sat there and stared at his empty plate.

"....I'm still hungry...." He thought as he reached for another piece of chicken from the basket. He normally didn't eat this much, but he was starving. As Samson continued eating, he figured now was as good as ever to bring something up. "Hey Jack....I have a question." He said as he sat down his chicken. "Why is the world in this state? It was so peaceful where we all came from....but the real world seems like chaos...what's happened?"

December 5th, 2007, 3:43 PM
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Renee quickly woke up remebering that she didn't know where she was.Still wondering where the others were she began looking around again.She looked around only seeing empty houses.She wished she had some food to eat, but Renee couldn't find anything in her bag.She sighed and continued walking.She looked around once more and sighed,and continued walking."Smells liek someones cooking..Oh well...Just keep walking and you'll find something to eat or drink sooner or later.." She mumbled scared to be on her own.

Cosmic Tyrant
December 5th, 2007, 9:30 PM
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(IC: ) Randy sprung straight up when Jack called them for dinner. He walked to the table, sat down, and filled his plate. "This looks great, Jack!" Randy said as he took a bite out a biscuit. "It's really nice of you to take care of us like this. This food is fantastic." He said as he finished the biscuit and began to munch on a chicken drumstick. Randy usually was a big eater in general, but since the last meal he had was on the cruise ship, he was especially hungry. Randy finished up his meal in near record time. "Man, that was good" Randy said as he pushed his chair a bit outward.

December 21st, 2007, 3:44 PM
(I had to post, since we never got one until now.)

After consuming his meal, Psy decided to take a walk outside, "That was some meal Jack, I really enjoyed it... if you guys need me for something, I'll be talking a short walk outside to get some fresh air," he said to the others. Right when Psy touched the door knob of the front door, Jack replied to Psy, "Just keep your eye out for those dangerous pokemon, just hope you never see them and you'll be fine." Psy gives a smile back, hopeful of his own safety. He exited the house and took a stroll around the house.

An hour had passed and Psy finally decided to sit on a large rock that lied near a huge-than-normal sized pond, "I think I should rest my feet a bit from all that walking... at least I'm getting some physical workout," he thought to himself and continued, "Though I shouldn't be walking in the first place, I should be giving time for my body to recover up to the fullest."

December 21st, 2007, 8:34 PM
Samson nodded at the others and walked outside a little bit after Psy. "Heh.....he's already out of sight." He put his hands in his pockets and walked off towards a nearby lake. It was a beautiful night and Samson just stared at the moon from the lake. "It's so fragile looking..." He said as he stared at the moon in admiration.

Samson then stood up and looked in the river. He stared at his reflection in silence for a few minutes and looked down. He closed his eyes and then got a head rush. He fell down and passed out. He didn't wake up until hours later....and began thinking deeply.

"I've heard the stories."

"They found me as a baby....on the beach....after a mysterious flash.....nobody wanted to tell me.....but I heard.....where did I come from.....why am I here?"

Samson opened his eyes and sat up. It must have been about 45 minutes later. Samson got up slowly and took a deep breath. He didn't know what happened, but he decided to head back for Jack's cabin to get some sleep.

Cosmic Tyrant
December 21st, 2007, 11:34 PM
Randy looked as Samson left to go outside, then got up from the table. "No offense, Jack, but I think I'm gonna head out, too." He said as he pushed his chair in. "Thanks for the meal!" He said as he left the cabin. Randy looked for signs of either Psy or Samson, but with no luck. "Dang it" Randy said as he walked down a random path. "Those two are pretty fast." He said to himself as he continued to walk down the path.

Before he knew it, he was at a beach. "Oh, great" He said as he looked around. "Don't tell me this is the exact area Psy, Samson, and I landed on after the ship sunk..." he said as he looked around. Randy stared at the ocean that loomed before him. "Ah, the ocean..." He said. "So peaceful, so quiet..." He said as he started to frown. "It makes me sick!" He said as he sat down in the sand. "Still, I can't seem to shake the thought of those three others who diddn't make it..." He said with a sigh. "I mean, all this time I've taught myself to never trust anyone or anything. At least, Not after my mother's death..." He said as he folded his arms and laid himself onto the sand.

December 24th, 2007, 4:25 PM
Psy gazed at the clear starry sky, while his thoughs stuffed his mind, "So far, I'm confused on how these lands differ with Neocean, or am I just confusing myself? I though I would be prepared for anything that could be against me, but I guess I was wrong," Psy spoked out to himself, letting out a soft sigh. He looked down at the pond and was able to notice the reflection of the moon and stars, "I bet things get even crazier out there at space..." he though to himself. He continued to stare at the pond and its reflection.

Jack was cleaning up the kitchen, wondering about matters dealing with the three and Neocean Island, "I though Neocean Island was a fraud, but they said they came from the place..." he said to himself, putting away the dishes and food leftovers, he continued on, "They though seem like the honest types to me, I guess I'll talk to them about it tomorrow I suppose."

January 3rd, 2008, 1:00 AM
Renee was cold and shivering,er clothes still soaking wet.Renee knew if this kept on she was going to die.So she kept walking along quietly hoping to find someone,but she was aimlessly lost.Renee sighed quietly and sat down on a beach, her body felt like ice. "I guess I'm going to die,I wonder where the others are..I bet they;ve forgotten about me anyways" She said putting on a fake smile even though she could feel tears welling up in her eyes.

"Why am I crying?...I;ve got nothing to cry about..I knew what it was to have friends,but I must have not been help to anyone..Oh well!" She said still having a fake smile on.Renee knew she was decieving herself, she didn't want to die with sadness in her heart.Before Renee knew it tears were streaming down her face."Stop it stop it!" She mumbled trying to hold back the tears. Renee soon against her will started crying.She wished she was home or that she had her friends with her.Renee felt herself getting weaker and weaker. "I-I'm cold.." Renee mumbled with a slight sob through her tears. "But who am I kidding no ones gonna find me..I'm all alone..again...." She said once
through her tears and sobs.Just then she smelt something that she had long for since she had woken up on the beach..food. "I wonder..if whoever is cooking can give me something to eat.." Renee mumbled following the smell of the food.She soon came acroos a house that had food. She quickly opened the door not caring if she was being rude or not.
"Please whoever you are..help me.." Renee mumbled before her weak body gave out and she passed out.

January 7th, 2008, 12:32 PM
After hearing the door open, Jack decided to take a look on who it was. He assumed it was either the three who left the house, "What in... since when did you get here miss?" Jack said in shock. He quickly took some large thick towels from the closet nearby and covered Renee with them, "Just what, when, and how did you get here? A little miss like you shouldn't be walking around this area, it's dangerous," he said, glad enough to see that Renee was still breathing in this world, "Well you can tell me later, you seem pretty tired out miss, it would be wise for you to rest... follow me and I'll escort you to the guest room and give you a nice and comfortable bed."

January 9th, 2008, 10:33 PM
OOC: Hi everyone! I just talked to NessStar....hope you don't mind an addition...?

Name: Zalitz Tiburon (sometimes just called Zee)
Gender: Male
Age: 18

Appearance: Zalitz is a young, thin boy of around the height of 5 foot 7 with typically peachy Caucasian skin tone. He is very thinly built but has solid visible muscles. His hair is a dirty white/gray color that spikes downward from the center root in his head. The hair droops almost over his narrow, Jade Green eyes. His eyes, although thin, have a soft and gentle look to them. Zalitz wears a long, open, gray, sleeveless trench coat that drapes down to his feet and is tattered at bottom. Underneath the trench coat he wears a tight fitting black tank top which drapes over the belt loops of snug fitting black cargo pants. His feet are covered by a pair of solid looking combat boots. Around Zalitz's neck, he wears a pair of goggles which he pulls over his eyes when working with the many machines he enjoys spending his time on. Behind him underneath his trench coat, he keeps his weapon of choice as concealed as possible, it tends to attract attention.

History: Zalitz has been out on his own since the age of 12 when he was separated from his family during the times of the attacks against Kanto. The group of people attacked his home town of Vermillion. Many people were harmed during these attacks but Zalitz survived by escaping and hiding in Diglett cave. Of course the Diglett left at the slightest hint of danger, leaving him alone. For months he stayed in seclusion, only coming out to find food and water then rushing back to avoid danger. In the free time of his life, he would sneak out and grab scrap metal from the boat yard and around town and bring it back to the cave to work on. It was in this way that he became very well versed in the ways of mechanics and welding. His intelligence began to grow exponentially as a result of his constant studies of machines.

As he grew through his teenage years he began to use his mechanical expertise to devise a weapon to protect himself. He decided that the day he finished this weapon, he would travel out of Diglett cave and make an attempt to right the wrongs where ever he could around the world, and hopefully bring down the people who destroyed his once happy childhood.

Personality: Zalitz's looks sometimes cause confusion when he first meets people. His life of solitude has given him a very rugged and dangerous appearance but he is quite the opposite. His whole life all he wanted was someone to share his time with. Zalitz is quite shy when meeting anyone, and as a result of being alone, takes him a while to warm up to people. He learned to speak from the mechanic manuals he reads to further his own knowledge, so when he speaks, he has a very proper and technical tone to his voice. He tends to not understand most average slang, but tries his best to understand native dialogs. His shy personality is quickly vacated and replaced by rage at the mere mention of the incidents of the attacks on Kanto by the group. He speaks about those days with passion as he can vividly remember the pain and sorrow he suffered. Aside from that, Zalitz is a very friendly person. He is always offering to fix broken or malfunctioning electronics and always returns them working better than they did before they broke. The only thing he does not like is when people touch his pride and joy... his weapon of choice. That being said, his battle skills are only average, he mostly relies on the strength of his weapon, not knowing proper swordsmanship.

Other: Zalitz's mechanical abilities are second to none, he can dissect the complex insides of any machine just by looking at it. Re-wiring automated systems and security cameras come almost as a 6th sense to him. He can do anything with machines from building small useful tools from scratch to listening to a machine and being able to know whats wrong with it. When he begins repairing, his hands work like lightning and while he is working he is COMPLETELY focused.

*Natural Weapon: Tech Blade
Zalitz worked on this weapon for 5 years. The Tech Blade is a smooth, thick, reflective silver, metal blade of about 3 feet long. The panels along its broad side each serve a special purpose. The secret to the Tech Blade is the fact that it can simulate different elements of nature. Upon command, the plates separate from the blade and begin to orbit around the sword. Depending on the frequency of orbit, the sword generates artificial elements such as wind, fire, lightning, water, and ice. Although it has this great range of elements, they are all relatively weak in comparison to the actual things. The only one who can understand the complexities of how the weapon operates are Zalitz himself.

Favorite Pokemon: CAMERUPT!!!

hope you all would want me to join.... for RP samples, I've started many RPs. If you want me to post a sample i can, but the link in my signature goes straight to an RP I created myself.

January 10th, 2008, 6:34 AM
Excellence, the blade's features are even original, awesome. Everything about your character is pretty neat too, you are ~Accepted~

January 10th, 2008, 9:36 AM
OOC: Thank you very much :)

"It sure got dark quick...and I've been wandering around this forest for days..."Zalitz thought to himself as he trudged on aimlessly. The forest's thick trees had caused the appearance of an early night as it drowned out the sunlight. There was an eerie silence surrounding him and there seemed to be no sign of life for miles still. It had been a while since Zalitz had even eaten anything. His stomach growled audibly as he pushed through the bushes and thin trees of the forest floor.

Zalitz began to hear a soft pitter patter on the leaves above him. It started slow and grew faster and faster at a stead pace until it sounded like a solid wave. It didn't take long to realize what the sound was, as it broke through the forest's canopy.

"Great... rain" He said out loud.

The rain fell hard, soaking him to the bone. He moved for what seemed hours until he saw a house in the distance in the woods. The lights gave off a welcoming glow through the windows and movement could be seen inside. He didn't know who lived there but this would be the only chance he had of building his strength back. He pushed on through the trees and thick mud to the door step. He was completely soaked by now, and his clothes were heavy and cold. He finally made it to the door and gave two huge large knocks on the door that echoed through the forest's silence.

The knocks consumed the last of his energy... he couldn't go on any farther and collapsed at front door, with his arms spread wide and his sword in the mud next to him. Face down in fatigue.

January 10th, 2008, 4:28 PM
"It's raining again..." Psy wasn't able to see the reflection clearly due to the ripples disortion. He agreed to himself that now was the time to get back to the house, "I think that's enough fresh air for one day, I better get back to the house or I'll end up sick from the rain," he said softly to himself, walking his way back to return to Jack's house. Little did Psy know that a creature from behind the bushes was stalking Psy's presence. As Psy walked his way, the creature followed from behind without noise.

"Now those must be one of them boys, just wait until I tell..." Jack was interrupted after opening the fron door. He saw a boy on the ground and appeared to him as if he were dead, "You aren't one of them, you're alive right?" he asked the boy, even though he was not expecting an answer.

January 11th, 2008, 2:51 PM
Renee slowly got up out of the bed,she knew someone had helped her and she was grateful,she walked out of the room looking for the person who had saved her. Renee wanted to thank the person who had saved her. "Um..Hello?" Renee said looking around the house. Renee quickly saw Jack and the boy who had collapsed. "W-what happened..? Is he alright..?" Renee mumbled looking at the what seemed to be lifeless body of the young man.Renee fell silent as she looked at Jack and quickly asked "Do you know him..Do you know what happened to him..?" She said to Jack quietly.

Cosmic Tyrant
January 12th, 2008, 10:40 AM
Randy was staring at the sky when he felt little drops of water coming down on him. "Well, might as well head back to the cabin." Randy said as he got up and began to walk to Jack's cabin. "Psy, Samson and I sure were lucky that Jack was able to help us out" Randy thought to himself as he was walking down a dirt path. "Otherwise, who knows what would've happened to the three of us..." He thought again.

Randy continued to walk down the path until Jack's cabin was in sight. "Well, there's the cabin." Randy said as he protected his hairdo from the rain sonone of the gel or coloring would wash out. Randy entered the cabin without any hesitation, seeing as how Jack already knew who he was. "Jack? You here?" Randy asked as soon as he entered the cabin. Then Randy looked downward in disbelief. He saw Jack was there, but also saw not only a boy who he's never seen before, but also the girl who was on the cruise ship. "That can't be..." he thought to himself. Randy quickly snapped out of it. "Are they gonna be okay?" Randy asked Jack as he walked toward the three.

January 12th, 2008, 10:59 AM
Through closed eyes, Zalitz rolled over onto his back. He could feel the mud caked onto him and strained to open his eyes. His vision was fuzzy at first, an obvious side effect of his fatigue. His vision slowly began to focus. As he began to regain consciousness, a flurry of voices could be heard floating over his body. His eyes finally shifted into focus revealing 3 people standing over him. Instantly and defensively, he snapped forward, sitting straight up and trying to take in his surroundings. His body suddenly gave out and he collapsed backwards onto the floor again. It was no use, he didn't have enough strength to sit up yet.

"How did i get here... lets think here... I was in the forest... then I found the cabin.. it was raining... i knocked.. and.. thats it! These people must own this cabin." Zalitz thought to himself. "I better try and explain myself"

He sat up again, slowly this time, and propped himself up against the wall, looking weakly at the people. A girl and two men, they didn't seem threatening at all.

"My apologies...my name is Zalitz... I have been traveling alone for some time now, but it has been days without food or water... I'm sorry to inconvenience you like this, but might I trouble you all for a spot of charity? Some food and water and maybe a warm place to rest for the time being?" Zalitz asked the group, knowing it was impolite to ask for so much. But it was such a desperate time of need that he couldn't help himself...

January 12th, 2008, 3:30 PM
Renee heard a person come through the door and flinched. "That face is familiar..Randy..?" Renee thought to herself but then turned her attention to the man who adressed himself as Zalitz. "My name is Renee I recently washed up on the beach..This young man here saved me.." Renee quietly mumbled as she pointed to Jack. Renee glanced at Randy.. "You were one of the peopel on the ship weren't you..Randy was your name right?.. I'm also assuming the others are here right..? Psy, Samson and Shiro.." She said to Randy beginning to wodner why they were here and if it was just an accident if she washed up on the shore of this island.