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September 21st, 2007, 9:34 PM
I read the rules about needing a story and a screenshot to post here, but since my project is a little more abstract than that, I can't provide either unfortunately. Fortunately, that only means that you get to make them.

I am making an engine that will allow anyone to create their own Pokémon game without having to know a bit of programming. It will also have network battling, trading, and chatting.

A simple GUI (currently under development) will be used to create the games you want (unless you really love INI hacking). Once I get the other parts that will actually allow people to play your game, it will be as easy as pie to distribute your own games and have others play them. Since it will be cross-platform (Linux, Mac, Windows, and BSD if there is enough request), there will also be no worry that it won't run on your operating system.

I have gotten most of the backend library that deals with saving and loading of the PokéMod files complete, but I fear that I still don't have the ability built-in so far to support all of the things that RSE/FR/LG and DP have thrown into the games. I have what I've found from various sites, but having not played them still leaves me with a void of what they need to make games using all of the features added in them.

Since I am still in a preliminary planning stage, many things can be added. If you have any ideas as to what should be added (general things only, you can make your own Pokémon, moves, items , etc. later) such as something an item does, or a move side effect, or anything like that, let me know. I am very open to new ideas to add.

I am not affiliated with the PokéGeneration project that I stumbled across just recently. The name is just "PokéGen" which comes from "Pokémon Generalization".