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September 22nd, 2007, 2:37 PM
Here is my grass-type deck:

4x Chikorita (EX Unseen Forces)
3x Bayleef (EX Unseen Forces)
2x Meganium (EX Unseen Forces)
2x Cacnea (EX Emerald)
1x Cacturne ex (EX Emerald)
3x Budew (Diamond & Pearl)
3x Roselia (Diamond & Pearl)
3x Roserade (Diamond & Pearl)
3x Wurmple (Diamond & Pearl)
3x Silcoon (Diamond & Pearl)
1x Beautifly (EX Deoxys)
1x Beautifly (Diamond & Pearl)
2x Spinarak (EX Unseen Forces)
1x Ariados (EX Unseen Forces)

2x Mr. Stone's Project
1x Prof. Birch

12x Grass Energy
1x Holon's Electrode

I need help on what to take out to put more energy in. Please don't suggest Mysterious Treasure cards, because my city still doesn't sell them.

September 28th, 2007, 6:15 AM
Once you've played against a guy who actually can fight back, you'll notice that this deck doesn't have what it takes. 12x Energy and 33 Pokemon of which 15 are either Stage 1s or Stage 2s is not what you want to see in your deck. The deck is lacking balance between Energy and Pokemon.

Try getting the Energies up 18 at least. To compensate that, remove Budew/Roselia/Roserade and add 1-2 searching Trainers/Supporters such as Professor Elm's Training Methods or Balls.
And since the 2 Cacneas and 1 Cacturne just seem to fill the space, also remove them and replace them with more Spinaraks and Ariados', or then you remove them, and replace them with Cacneas and Cacturnes, either way is fine.