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September 26th, 2007, 9:49 AM
Yay a non anime rp for once. Anyway here is an RP that me and Ullion began working on. Since his last Elder Scrolls rp was a bust I thought I would spice it up a little. Anyway Ullion created most of the info here

Vvardenfell; Frozen Wasteland

PG 16-17

Fire – Red Mountain (Taken – JBCPeace)
Wind – Cavern Of The Incarnate (Taken - Ullion)
Earth – Sheogorad Region (Taken - Chikaria)
Lightning – Mournhold (Taken - Piggy555)
Aqua – Underwater Daedric Ruin (Southwest of Ebonheart) (taken JBCBlank)
Frost – Solsteim (Divyath Fyr)
Light – Unknown (OPEN)
Dark - Holamayan monastery (OPEN)

Many, many years ago, on an Island known as Vvardenfell, there was once a great warrior who had filled prophecies. He had slain a great evil that lived beneath the mountain. On his adventure, he had been infected with a specific Blight disease; commonly known as Corprus Disease. On the way, the hero had met a Telvanni mage, Divyath Fyr, who studied victims of the Corprus Disease as well as the ancient civilization of the Dwemer and he created a potion that cured the negative symptoms of the disease.

Divyath Fyr continued to study the Corprus Disease as well the Dwemer and made two major victories. The first one was he created a whole new form of Corprus Disease which was similar to the original; but now it only affected foreigners of Vvardenfell and also allowed him to control and rule them with much more ease then the previous Corprus Disease. His other discovery was of ancient Dwemer artifacts. After a few years of researching; he discovered that there were 6 artifacts in existence: Frost, Fire, Aqua, Wind, Earth and Lightning. However, he only knew the location of one of the Artifacts. Along with a few other followers, Divyath Fyr traveled to Solsteim and obtained the Frost Artifact. For a few years; he remained in Solsteim in continued to research it. He discovered the mystical powers behind it, and as some may say, it made him go cold and heartless. He raised an army of Corprus monsters made from most of the inhabitants of Solsteim. He quickly used the Frost artifact and made Vvardenfell plunge into a deep eternal-lasting winter.

About 10 years before Uriel Septim VII, the Emperor of the world was murdered. The new emperor changed his name to Uriel Septim VIII, soon learned of Divyath Fyr over the years. Now with the knowledge of the artifacts being spread throughout the world; Uriel Septim VIII had seen potential in 5 prisoners that had been misjudged by society and locked away. He pardoned them and let them live their lives normally; being dropped off in the small fishing outpost of Seyda Neen, which is located on the Southwestern coast of Vvardenfell. However, they were not completely free. He released them in Vvardenfell in hopes that they would find the remaining artifacts; unfortunately, one had died on the ship ride to the island; leaving the group a person short. As fate would have it; the company of the four would join up with another prisoner; however he had escaped rather than been pardoned.


Knight- Uses Heavy armors and axes or long blades. The odd time will use blunt weapons as a substitute for the already mentioned axes and long blades. Also able to repair armor and weapons as well as ability to use shields to block.

Paladin: A knight that mainly uses elemental weapons that can only be used by their character. However he/she only uses supporting magic (IE healing and shielding) He is a person who uses Medium and heavy armor. He is more accustomed to enchanted blades rather then axes or bows

Marksman: Uses light armors and uses bows + arrows and/or throwing knives and shuriken and darts. An additional weapon is the spear. Also skilled with sneaking (ability not to be seen) and security (ability to lock pick and make locks).

Theif: A theif uses light armors and short blades such as daggers. He is quick on his feet and mainly steals from people. Thieves are also good acrobats and can jump or climb very high

Barbarian: A barbarian uses large weapons such as clubs, axes and claymores. They use any kind of armor and are skilled using it. Barbarians rarely use magic and rely on their brute strength rather then intelligence

Magician: Is usually unarmored and uses one of two kinds of magic; pure or corrupt. Pure magic refers to Restoration (Ability to restore/fortify stats or cure diseases/poisons etc), Mysticism (Ability to capture souls in gems, absorb attributes from enemies or teleport to specific locations), Enchant (Ability to enchant weapons with gems with souls trapped in them), Alteration (Ability to change molecular structures of nature, for ex. Ability to levitate/water walk/swim faster/make the world lighter etc) and Blading (Enchanting and using weapons that only work for your character to your advantage)

Corrupt Magic refers to Conjuration (Ability to create otherworldly items or monsters, or turn self into undead), Destruction (Manipulation of elements into offensives techniques), Illusion (Similar to Alteration, but isn’t real however it makes the target have trouble telling if it is or not; and even so, is hard to break free) and Alteration (description is above).

Nightblade: Is a mix between Magician and Knight. They use medium armor and usually long blades. They also rely on one type of magic (Pure/Corrupt). They also can use shields to block enemy physical attacks.

Martial Artist: They are usually unarmored or wear light armor. They use hand-to-hand combat and are extremely flexible and fast. They have the ability to infuse destruction magic into their attacks (Ex. Able to inflict fire damage when hitting target with a punch etc.)
Map of Vvardenfell: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vvardenfell

Different Races: http://www.elderscrolls.com/codex/races_map.htm The races and their info are listed on the page. =3

1. No god modding
2. Mild language allowed; but please don’t go overboard. D:
3. 1 character to an element; first come first serve.
4. Reservations re allowed; however we will only reserve the spot for 2 days.
5. No power playing. D<
6. If you’re a Magician; you’ll be allowed to use 5 different types of magic in total. 4 from1 section (Pure/Corrupt) and 1 from the other. If you’re a nightblade, then you have a total of 3 types of Magic that can be used; 2 from 1 section (Pure/corrupt) and 1 from the other.
7. Any class (besides Magician and Nightblade) can only use 1 type of Magic (unless using Enchant/Mysticism, I will allow you to use both).
8. It would help tremendously if you have played an Elder Scrolls game or at least heard about them. Since the freedom you are allowed will blow your mind
9. Disobey thy rules or I shall eatyth thou!


Name: (Self explanatory
Gender: (Male and female
Race: (Read the above link or this for more info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Races_of_The_Elder_Scrolls)
Class: (What is your class. Listed above)
Personality: (What you act like)
Appearance: (What you look like. You can use pictures as well. Be it a screenshot from an elder scrolls game or some doodle)
Magic used: (What types of magic you use. IE: Restoration, Destruction etc...)
Element: (What element you have chosen. *top of the page*)
Extras: (Anything else)


1. JBCPeace
2. Ullion
3. Piggy555
4. Chikaria
5. JBCBlank
6. ________
7. ________

The roleplay is OPEN. BUT if you still want to join please PM me or Ullion with your sheet and we can sort you out

Also the final and most important rule. If you go inactive for 2 weeks without an excuse then your character will be KILLED OFF. Then someone else will get your spot and element

September 26th, 2007, 4:47 PM
This is what I got so far. I can't seem to find a good Khajiit picture on the net. D:

Name: K-Jhaar (Ke-Jar)

Gender: Male

Race: Khajiit

Class: Martial Artist: They are usually unarmored or wear light armor. They use hand-to-hand combat and are extremely flexible and fast. They have the ability to infuse destruction magic into their attacks (Ex. Able to inflict fire damage when hitting target with a punch etc.)

Personality: K’Jhaar isn’t your stereotypical drug addict Khajiit. However; like many other of his race, he sneak and steal a bit; but he does have a sense of honor as well as the ability to think on a fairly logical level (which is quite high compared to most Khajiit). K-Jhaar is usually misunderstood and not liked by many people in Sadrith Mora. He had lived as a slave to the Dunmer people in Sadrith Mora until he had one day escaped when working in an Ebony Mine. Despite being treated like crap for his whole life, K-Jhaar has managed to remain fairly nice to other people. However he is very shy and doesn’t talk much to others. He tends to keep secrets as well as ideas to himself. His quietness often makes others think he is cold-hearted but he truly isn’t and he cares about others; he just has problems showing it.

Appearance: Here (http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/1962/screenshot3wh2.png)

Element: Wind

Magic used:: Conjuration

September 26th, 2007, 5:35 PM
Here is mine

Name: Tyreth

Gender: Male

Race: Dark Elf

Class: NightBlade

Personality: Tyreth is somewhat a complex individual. He is smart in his own way. He trusts people easily and usually makes friends fast. He is trained in Long Blades and Destructive magic. He likes to use words rather then violence since he believes that words can do more damage then a sword can. Plus he can also persuade many people to do anything practicly. Tyreth has faced many of his fears in his past so he doesn't scare easily.

Appearance: http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/8767/screenshot4zn7.png

Magic used: Conjuration, Illusion and Destruction

Element: Fire

Extras: Tyreth makes good friends with Beast races like Khajiit and Argonian. But he doesnt like High elves due to a problem with one in his past

September 26th, 2007, 5:52 PM
hehehe finally got it posted? Ullion has been telling me about this for the past week. so i thought i should probably join, dont want to anger the great almighty Ullion.

Name : Cadmius
Gender : Male
Race : Bosmer (Wood Elf)
Element : Lightning
Class : Marksman : Uses light armors and uses bows + arrows and/or throwing knives and shuriken and darts. An additional weapon is the spear. Also skilled with sneaking (ability not to be seen) and security (ability to lock pick and make locks).

Personality: Cadmius, like all wood elfs, has a deep respect for plants and trees, refusing to harm or destroy them. However, unlike most wood elves, he outrightly rejects cannibalism, thinking it is wrong to comsume the remains of a sentient being. This coused him to be shunned by his people, so he left his village to explore Vvardenfell, always ready to help out anyone he meets along the way. He is generally well liked where ever he goes, though he rarely stays in one place for to long, though he enjoys company and sometimes joins with some companions he meets to reach a common destination. He is always on the lookout for a person in need, being very friendly and compassionate; however that will not stop him from fighting if the need arises. This does sometimes get him into trouble, because he will attack town guards or even nobelmen if he sees then abusing innocents. Most times he can escape them and evade arrest, but his transgressions eventually caught up with him, causing him to be incarserated the moment he entered Vivec for the first time.

Appearance: Cadmius is very tall, standing at an imposing 6'4''. He has a very long and slender build, excellent for hiding in between trees, but is still somewhat muscular. He has pale blue eyes, a narrow nose, a long narrow grin, and the elf's trademark pointed ears. He has very messy auburn (a kind of brown) hair that rests on his shoulders. His skin is very tanned from being constantly out in the sun. His clothing consists of basic shoes, brown wool pants and a baggy dark red cotton shirt.

Extras: Can use Restoration Magicka

September 26th, 2007, 6:02 PM
Piggy: Accepted Yes you can use restoration magic. I just edited the signup sheet to include types of magic you use

September 26th, 2007, 6:04 PM
thank you! so, whats with the small number of slots dont want a huge RP? i think thats a good ideas though. i remember Ullion's first attempt at an rp. 16 slots mas just to many

September 26th, 2007, 6:11 PM
thank you! so, whats with the small number of slots dont want a huge RP? i think thats a good ideas though. i remember Ullion's first attempt at an rp. 16 slots mas just to many

I made only a few slots to see wether it would be a hit. If it was then I would create more

EDIT: One thing I am surprised about is no one has chosen a human race like Breton, Imperial or Nord

September 27th, 2007, 12:25 PM
Name: Chieko Satoi

Gender: Female

Race: Nord

Class: Thief

Personality: Chieko has an extremely uppity personality, she doesn't know how to keep still, and can talk for hours on end. She tends to wander off when things get boring, or just hum until it's over. Chieko does know when it's a good time to shut up, and she keeps to that. She doesn't like being mocked because of her race, because she actually is somewhat good in combat.

Appearance: Chieko has a green bandanna that holds back her blond hair. She takes her bandanna out of her hair when she sleeps, letting her hair fall to her shoulders. She wears a white tank-top with a few green leaf embroideries on the collar. Her shorts are khaki, baggy, and reach to about an inch above her knees. They have about 3 pockets scattered about on each leg.

Magic used: Restoration

Element: Earth

Extras: nope.

September 27th, 2007, 1:04 PM
Name: Daren

Gender: Male

Race: Redguard

Class: Martial Artist

Personality: Extremely cocky because of his natural ability to fight. Likes to mess aroud with girls and beats up the chumps that get in his way. However, his cockiness sometimes get's him into serious trouble. One time, he was bragging how he could rob from even the most skilled theives. However, when he actually tried, he ended up with a scar across his right arm.

Appearance: Dark skinned and about 5'9 in height. As a Martial Artist, he is muscular and makes sure EVERYONE knows it. He wears a brown overcoat that completely covers his black shirt and pants. Whenever he's not barefoot, he's wearing a pair of grey sandles. His black hair is tied up in a long braid that reaches his shoulder blades. He carries a wooden Kendo Sword on his back that can withstand atacks from daggers, throwing knives, shuriken and sometimes, arrows.

Magic used: Destructive.

Element: Earth but if you prefer Chikara, Aqua is okay I guess.

Extras: (Anything else)

September 27th, 2007, 3:09 PM
Chikaria: Very good sign up. Accepted. But I doubt Nords get mocked because of their race. But it doesnt matter

Glajummy: an okay sign up. But I have one pet peeve. If you read the rules you would know that only Mage and Nightblade can have 2 different magic types to start. So you will have to chose one type. :: Pending ::

Anyway will start soon

September 27th, 2007, 3:11 PM
Oh, sorry about that. I saw that you said Martial Artist could add destructive power to their blows so I thought it was okay. It's been edited now.

September 27th, 2007, 3:15 PM
Oh, sorry about that. I saw that you said Martial Artist could add destructive power to their blows so I thought it was okay. It's been edited now.

Ah no. Destructive technqiues.... I meant that as in when you're fighting with physical moves... your attacks will have natural elemental damage to it (if you choose); the Destruction Magic type is meant as a 'School fo Magic' where you learn actual spells that would go under that catagory. Sorry for the confusion.

Also, I don't mean to be picky or whatnot; but as of right now, we have 2 people (besides you) who use Restoration... and with all of you traveling in one group, you'll only need probably one. So just as a heads up, I suggest you study a different school of magic? Not trying to be mean... just helpful! ^^;

September 27th, 2007, 3:27 PM
Okay Accepted. Now we can start. Also PS. If you want to join but the roleplay is full please PM me or Ullion with your sheet and we can sort it out

The Elder Scrolls: Frozen Wasteland

Part one: In the Beginning


Tyreth grumbled when he was sleeping. He slept in his robe as he usually did. The hammock he was sleeping in rocked back and forth. The storm they were sailing in was taking a turn for the worse. From what Tyreth heard of before he was sent to Vvardenfell was that VVardenfell was experiencing drastically colder climates. This meaning its the coldest it has been for 50 years.

Tyreth finally decided to get up. Water dripped from the ceiling as he dropped down from his hammock. He studied his surroundings and decided to walk up on deck and see how bad it was.

Tyreth walked up to the deck. Amazingly the storm was calming down as he walked up. Imperial soldiers were tyding around the deck and fixing the mast. One walked up to him. "Hey Dunmer. We are reaching Seyda Neen soon." He pointed towards a coastline Tyreth could see. "You better hope you dont break any laws. Since you wouldn't like the kind of interrogation I do." Tyreth smirked at him. "I'll be carefull." He walked down bellow and looked around. Some of the other prisoners were beginning to awake.

Okay thats the first post. Everyone wakes up on the ship headed to Vvardefell. This is mainly introduction for everyone. Anyway I will advance the story every so often

September 27th, 2007, 4:10 PM
Cadmius woke up with a jolt. The blasts of thunder and the crashing of the waves outside caused him to awake from his deep sleep. (Rats, always woken early from the best dreams) he thought. He decided to go up to the topdeck to get some fresh air and see if anyone else was up. He got up, and went up to the deck. In the distance, he could already see some of the larger buildings in Seyda Neen, thevillage where they were supposed to be heading to. He could faintly detect some piles of snow there too. (Ergh, not more cold. I was hoping for better weather. I hate the cold.) he thought. On the deck itself there were many Imperial soilders around the deck. Instead of talking with them, he decided to engage in conversation with the Dunmer he also saw on the deck.

"Morning there. My name's Cadmius. Great weather we're having, eh?"

September 27th, 2007, 4:25 PM
Daren lazily opened his eyes from a much needed sleep. As he stared at dull ceiling of his quarters, he contemplated on how much more comfortable his jail bed was than the piece of trash he just slept on. After a few seconds, he pulled off the covers and slipped out of the bed. Due to the unnaturally cold weather he was sleeping in his usual attire, black pants and a black shirt. After grabbing his brown overcoat off a withering hanger, along with his kendo sword, he proceeded onto the deck, barefoot.

Although it was letting up, the storm was still in effect. Daren, however, paid no mind to it. He walked through tundra, up mountains, and across town streets barefoot; a little water couldn't hurt.

"What have I got myself into?" he asked himself silently as he fiddled with his single braid, which was now over his shoulder. It was then that he noticed the land that they were approaching from the southwest. "Well, it's too late to turn back now."

The Martial Artist explored the drenched ship, observing many Imperials running frantically around. There was but one person that seemed to be keeping his cool. After closer inspection, Daren saw that he was a Dunmer. Too tired to actually stop one of the soldiers, he approached the Dark Elf, hoping for a better explanation for what their task was.

September 27th, 2007, 5:04 PM
Tyreth noticed a wood elf walking towards him. Tyreth had seen wood elves many times before. But the strange thing was this one was as tall as him. He began to speak to him. "Morning there. My name's Cadmius. Great weather we're having, eh?" Tyreth looked towards him and answered. "Tyreth. At least the storms letting up". Tyreth looked towards the coast of Vvardenfell. Seyda Neen was closer then before.

Another came towards him as well. This one was a Redguard and he looked as if he wanted to pick a fight. However before he could speak Tyreth decided to break the ice. "Didn't think that a Redguard would be deported to Morrowind. My name is Tyreth. What is yours?"

A voice came from one of the imperials. "Allright. You three get bellow. We are on approach to Seyda Neen." Tyreth motioned to the other two to go down bellow

September 27th, 2007, 6:49 PM
"Hey you in there! Salve 21B! Wake up you dirty freak! You have another long day ahead of you!" Yelled a largely-built Telvanni Guard. He shook K'Jhaar's cage and ripped open the rusted iron door. The sleep was rough and today was another freezing day. Thankfully K-Jhaar has fur; keeping him warm all year-round. The Telvanni guard picked K-Jhaar up and carried him down to the main path in Sadrith Mora. He tied rope around K-Jhaar's wrists and led him to the nearby Ebony mine.

Upon entering, the Telvanni guard undid the rope and told K-Jhaar to get working once again. The cave had two rooms; one was fairly large and open where as the other one was still being made. Since he was one of the first slaves to work in this mine, as well as one of the most productive, K=Jhaar was asked to work in the smaller room. There were few traces of Ebony in the current wall. K-Jhaar decided to try and dig some of it out with his claws and fists. This was his only way of making him stronger; since the salve bracers weakened a slave's Magic power. He continued to scratch, kick and punch the rock walls.

The wall crumbled, tiny pice of rock after another. The chunk of Ebony was about half done when K-Jhaar had a strange sensation in him. Destiny he thought. He knew this was the day he was meant to escape... but how? It hit him. He called out to the guards, askign if another of the Khajiit slaves could help him uncover a piece of Ebony. When Khaskiir came, K-Jhaar told her to be quiet and explained his plan. The two Khajiit moved to one side of the room to avoid being seen by the guards and removed the slave bracer on his right wrist. After that, they worked together and uncovered a large piece of Ebony. Now, K-Jhaar could execute his plan.

K-Jhaar closed his eyes then moved his hands forwards and summoned an Ancestrial Ghost. He was not very skilled at conjuration, so he only knew how to summon the weakest of all summonable creatures. He then ran out into the main room and called out to the two Telvanni guards that were currently on shift. He told them that when they uncovered a piece of Ebony, a ghost appeared and attacked the female Khajiit. They both ran over to the other room and K-Jhaar quickly exited the mine.

Right outside was one more Telvanni guard; luckily he was asleep on duty. "How pathetic... he doesn't deserve to live if he can't even manage to stay awake" hissed K-Jhaar. He lunged his drawn claws straight through the guard's Bonemold armor and sunk into his heart. He wasn't even able to make a sound before dieing a semi-bloody death. K-Jhaar looked up at the mountain side where the mine was. He was just West of Sadrith Mora, so he had better continue westward, over the mountains and over the sea. Thankfully, K-Jhaar is a natural adept at jumping, running and swimming. So he began his new journey; on a dusty yet mossy mountain heading towards the Western regions of Vvardenfell.

September 27th, 2007, 7:18 PM
Daren was caught off guard by the sudden greeting from Tyreth. By now, a Wood Elf was talking with him.

"Oh- uh, my name is-."

"Alright. You three get below! We are on approach to Seyda Neen." ordered an Imperial Guard who seemed to come out of no where. Daren cracked his knuckles and was ready to teach the Imperial a lesson for interupting him until Tyreth made an odd jester. He was signaling Daren to follow the orders. Dropping his fist, Daren turned his back to the two Elves and walked back across the deck.

"Asks for my name then tell me to leave; the nerve of that guy!" Daren thought to himself. He stopped in front of his door and observed the knob. Why did he HAVE to go below? He could take most of these Imperials...

"I guess I can explore just a little more." he decided before walking away from his room and hiding behind some crates.

September 27th, 2007, 7:35 PM
I asked, and they said yes, here's my sheet and my first post.

Name: Alana Sunsprink

Gender: Female

Race: Altmer ((High Elf))

Class: Magician of Pure Magic.

Personality: She is incredibly fun loving and chipper for a high elf, she’s also incredibly curious which get’s her into more trouble then is possible for a high elf. She is always flipping threw an old book that her father gave her and is often found quoting it unwillingly. Because she never had a mother, she is incredibly tomboyish and will not think twice about climbing a high tree or jumping naked into a river. Carefree and Kind, that’s Alana.

Appearance: http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/6325/elves34yx6.jpg

Magic used: Alteration mainly, she’s studying the other abilities threw an old book she always carries.

Element: Dark.

Extras: Alana tries very hard to live up to her race’s standards, unfortunately her clumsiness and curiosity have caused her to drop to the lowest possible rank in her home. She’s less then a beggar, she’s a wanna be, (in laymen’s terms that is.). Mostly because she does not know who her mother is, her father said that she was beautiful and then hit her in the head with an old book and told her to read it completely till she learned it all. She loves her father and wants only to make him proud, but she longs to know who her mother was.

Ch. 1

((Alana in Balamora))

“Balamora!” Alana squeals as she sees the very peeks of the houses, smoke curled from several houses. It reminded her so much of her own home, “Father would just die if he knew where I was now.” She giggles.

Taking a seat on a dry stump she opens the old book he had given her, it was a very old book it yellow pages and brown leather binding it looked as though it would fall apart in ones hands, yet in never seemed to. Adjusting the white Song Bird wings on her head she concentrates on the spell she was reading. The stump she sat on began to tremble making her smile, as she sat there the stump reacted to her spell and began to grow, creaking and groaning it rose into the air not very fast yet fast enough to make Alana dizzy, “Wow I can see the city better from here!” she gasps, from the top of the tree she could see for miles. “I hope they’ll be nice to me.” She sighs remembering the way the children back home had treated her and the many times she had run home to her father crying. He was a good father always caring for her, she missed her father.
Placing a hand on her chest she takes in deep breaths, I’ll come back father, once I know who my mother is. she promises him. She knew very well that this could all have been avoided had he told her who her mother was in the first place, but she knew her father and he wasn’t the kind of Elf that just told you things, which is why she had to hull this mold smelling old book all the way to Balamora.

She starts climbing down when she remembers, she had made this tree, she could turn it back to a stump the same way she made it. Getting comfortable she concentrates all her energy and channels it into the tree; an expert would have had the tree back to a stump and been levitating down faster then a yellow swan could catch a fly, unfortunately Alana was no expert the tree began to grow again. “No!” she cries trying to stop it but she had lost control, “Please stop!” she begins to cry.

A crack sounds from the tree’s base, looking down Alana could clearly see the large crack crawling up the tree’s strong trunk. She didn’t have time to react before the tree toppled with her in it, When the tree hit the ground with an ear splitting crash, the only thing Alana could see was green. All I wanted to do is find my mother… she thinks as the weight of the tree seems to increase.

Just when she had started to loose hope in living a voice calls from beyond her leafy prison, “What the- where did this tree come from?!”

Alana turns to where the voice was from, amazingly it was really close, “Help… I’m stuck under here…” she cries.

“Huh?!” comes the voice and she can hear branches being broken, “Keep calling I’ll find you!”

“HERE! I’M UNDER HERE!” she tries to move her hands but they are pinned under her, her golden hair was tangled in the twigs around her, the wigs on her head somehow had stayed however and she was glad, it was the last thing that reminded her of how much her father actually loved her. “Please hurry!”


September 27th, 2007, 7:48 PM
Accepted Chikara when you want to post do it about how your character is waking up

Tyreth walked down bellow. The imperials were running around working around the ship. Tyreth walked back to his hammock and planned on sleeping once more.

However once he sat down onto the hammock. However once he did an imperial walked right up to him from behind. "Hey Dunmer. Get up top. Your about to spend the rest of your life in this country so you might as well look at it." Tyreth jumped down from the hammock and walked over to the stairs. Noticing that some more people were being bossed around by the imperial guards.

Tyreth walked up to the deck. Seyda neen was clearly visable. The small port town had a quaint feeling about it. Like something was drawing him there

September 28th, 2007, 2:43 PM
After a few minutes of climbing and jumping up the steep mountain, K-Jhaar had finally reached the top. He looked out towards the west. Between Sadrith Mora and the coast of Vvardenfell was the sea dotted by many islands of varying sizes. K-Jhaar sighed and ran down the hill towards the water.

K-Jhaar hated to swim because it made fur all damp and wet which usually weighed him down and as a martial artist, weight is a grave enemy. When he reached the first island; he shook all his fur until he was as dry as possible. He ran across the island. In the far distance to the south, on a completely seperate island, he could see a lopsided evil-looking spire. He decided to ignore it and he jumped back into the water and swam his last leg across the small sea area.

When he arrived on shore he once again shook his body to dry it off. He looked around him and he noticed a few mub crabs walking along the coast. He decided to ignore them and continue on his journey to the west. "Blamora..." he whispered to himself. The female Khajiit had told him if he planned to escape, Balmora would be the best place to start a new life where there were rarely any slaves.

September 28th, 2007, 5:32 PM
If you havent posted this is a good chance to do so. Anyway I uploaded a few more pictures of my character just in case you couldnt see him in the last one. Also your character's should follow mine through the door on the right

The ship docked at Seyda Neen shortly after. Imperials created much noise making the rest of the prisoners get to the top of the deck. Tyreth was at the end of a very short line. There were 9 prisoners. 1 of them died on the way to Vvardenfell. One lone guard began to pace between the line. "Okay. When you enter the census department there will be nine men to take your information down. When you enter please state your profession. Also keep in mind that when you leave the Census department you will not be allowed to leave Vvardenfell for the next ten years due to your crimes against the empire of Tamriel".

Not like we could Tyreth thought to himself. Transportation out of Vvardenfell was nearly impossible now. Strong winds from the cold had been created. Making sailing out of Vvardenfell impossible for the next six months. From what Tyreth heard there were teleportation spells to Mournhold the capital of Morrowind. But they were dreadfully expensive and very risky. Vvardenfell was practically cut off from the rest of Tamriel

Tyreth walked into the census office. It seemed to have done some renovations and had more rooms. The other eight prisoners began walking to 8 men who were sitting at desks. Tyreth sat at one and sighed. The person behind the desk was an Argonian.

"Name" he said in a hiss-like tone. Tyreth spoke his name and responded "I worked for the imperial army outside of Vvardenfell in Narsis. The argonian looked at him. "So you are not an outlander?" Tyreth looked at him. Outlander was a nickname for people who were born outside of Morrowind. If you were an outlander specific people would not speak to you and you couldnt get hired for specific jobs. "No i am not an outlander" he sighed again. The argonian took out a piece of paper. Since he was sitting across from the argonian it was upside down to him. But from what he could recognize it bore his name and 4 others. "Go through that door." The argonian pointed towards a door on the right. Tyreth could see other prisoners leaving but through a door on the left. Talk to Sellus Gravious.

Tyreth got up and walked through the door. Thinking he had the death sentance

October 1st, 2007, 3:24 PM
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Alana hugs the man who had saved her from under the tree, he was tall so she had to stand on tiptoes to do so. "I'm Alana." she whispers into his rounded ear.

He shivers as she does so, "they call me Reno*," he says.

Alana giggles, she runs her fingers threw his red* hair, "That's a nice name."

He pushes her away slightly, "You're a high elf aren't you? I can tell you smell like one." He turns looking to Balmora, "I'm not sure if they'll accept you."

"Yes but...Who? the Balmorians?" Alana asks looking towards the city with him.

"No..." he says turning to her and taking her hand, "My family, they will never accept that I fell in love with a high elf."

Alana was taken aback, "Love? me?"

He nods and pulls her close, "yes, I'd know this feeling anywhere, it is love and no other."

Alana blushes, "But... we're so different."

"That doesn't matter." Reno says, pulling her ever closer, "As long as you love me back none of that matters."

Alana wasn't sure of what to say, "Reno... I don't know, if my father were-" She is stopped in mid sentence by a sudden and very bold kiss. Alana pulls back very quickly, "Reno?!"

He holds her close, "Please... understand."

Alana turns scarlet, "I'm trying Reno, but... I'm scared."

"You don't have to be, I"ll take care of you I'll love you as long as you love me back." he says looking her in the eyes. His green eyes swam with a fire that Alana had only read about, "Just tell me you feel the same way."

Alana turns away, her book clutched to her chest, "I-"

~that night~*

Alana turns over in the warm bed, Reno by her side. He was fast asleep with his arm still around her, Alana felt safe in his arms, maybe this is a good thing. she thinks to herself as she snuggles against his chest, Reno inhales very sharply as he wakes up, "oh... you scared me." he whispers looking down at her, "I was afraid I'd wake up and you weren't real."

Alana smiles and kisses his chest, "I'm glad I decided to stay, I've never been happier."

Reno hugs her, "That's how I always want you to feel." he says looking out the window. "It'll be morning soon, I hope he doesn't come in the morning."

"Who?" Alana asks looking out the window.

"My father..."

((yes I'm ending it like that. when you guys get farther I'll add more! XD.

*'s. yes his name is Reno; and yes he has red hair, just imagine Reno from FF VII with a tunic and old cloths like that. XD. I'll add a pic of him if you need to know so bad.))

October 1st, 2007, 3:36 PM
Okay since GLA quit and Piggy and Chikaria have apparently disappeared I still am continuing

Tyreth walked down through the door on the right. Feelings of dread went through him. His robe moving silently as he continued walking. Finally he made it to a door. His gloved hand moved towards the doorknob but he hesitated. Memories of the imperial army went through his mind. He shrugged them off and opened the door

There was a desk and a book shelf in the room. An very well dressed imperial sat at the desk. "So mr. Tyreth. I am Sellus Gravious" Tyreth sat down on the opposite of the desk. The man took a piece of paper out. "Let me see. One killing of an Altmer in Narsis. This has been very hard to cover up."

Tyreth sighed and began speaking. "What do you want me to do here?" The man looked at him again. "Well if you do a favor for the Blades then we can wipe this clean." Tyreth couldnt believe this. He had to do some small favor and he was free finally. "Who do I meet?" He took another piece of paper out. "Meet Four-Soul. An Argonian in Balmora. He is at the edge of the town. Now beware. You do know of the climate change now do you?" Tyreth nodded. Everyone knew about it. "Good. Because it would take twice as long by foot to make it to Balmora. So take the Silt Strider. He pointed out the window to the large insect outside. It was larger the two houses. "Allright." Sellus threw a number of coins on the desk. "With interest. Now find Four-Soul. He is working for the Blades." He also took a piece of parchment out and began writing on it. "Here are directions to his house. Since you are new to Vvardenfell." He gave the directions to him.

Tyreth walked out the Census office. The cold air hit him like a punch in the face. Morrowind was not normally this cold. He winced and continued to walk up the big hill that lead to the silt strider. Knowing that this would have been twice as hard if he had to walk to Balmora.

He boarded the large insect and waited for it to take off towards Balmora

Many Hours later

Tyreth awoke on the silt strider. It was night when he left Sellus's office. He looked behind him and noticed that there were a few other people on the Silt strider with him. Well now time to find this Argonian he thought to himself as he brushed himself off

October 1st, 2007, 4:38 PM
OOC 1 : Sorry about not posting, i have been very busy lately between my job and homework, plus i just got Halo 3 so i haven't been on the computer much. Since i'm finally posting, i need to know, do i follow you to Balmora, JBCPeace, or should i go somewhere else?

IC : The imperials forced Cadmius and the others down below decks as they approached Seyda Neen. He felt the ship drift into the docks of Seyda Neen and soon after some more imperials told him and his fellow prisoners to exit the ship. (Up, down, up, down, do they ever walk horizontally on this continent?) Cadmius asked himself.

As they walked on shore, a chill shot down Cadmius' spine. (Wow, its WAY too cold here.) he thought. There was only a small group of prisoners, it seemed there may even be some missing. He decided to walk around the middle of the group, trying to slouch down to try to avoid drawing attention to himself. He knew outsiders weren't well accepted in Vvardenfell, so he tried to hide his face, hoping people may think he was a odd looking high elf. The imperial guards led him and the other prisoners to the census department.

He heard the guards mutter something about talking to a census official about his profession and that he wasn't alllowed to leave Vvardenfell. (Great, suck on this frozen waste land for 10 years, that'll be fun.) he thought. He entered the census department after a short walk, and was directed to sit infront of a tough looking Redguard. (Why do i have to talk with a human, why can't they assign me to an elf, at least they might be a little more sympathetic.)

"State your name and profession." the Redguard said in a very gruff voice.

"My name is Cadmius, and i am currently between jobs at the moment." Cadmius responded.

"Place of Birth?" the Redguard enquired.

"Um, its a small Bosmer village, you've probably never heard of it, just outside ****n Fel?" he lied. He hoped the Redguard believed him. Outsiders were shunned in Vvardenfell, if he's lucky, they'll believe him and he can get some help from locals.

"Sounds good. Head through the door on the right and await further instructions from the person in there." the Redguard answered.

Cadmius breathed a sigh of relief. They believed him; now the locals will be a little nicer towards him. He walked through the right door, noticing that most people were going to the left. (I wonder why they're sorting us?) he thought. As he passed through the doorway, he saw one of the other prisoners coming out, Tyreth if Cadmius remembered correctly. He passed through a second door at the end of the hallway. He sat down in front of the desk inside, another imperial was sitting on the other side of the desk.

"Hello Mr. Cadmius. My name is Sellus Gravious."

OOC 2 : I'll finish the post once i know if im following you to Balmora or not, JBCPeace.

October 1st, 2007, 4:49 PM
Obviously you follow me. Also call me Omni. Since everyone does. Since my character's goes on the silt strider you can either follow him or walk by yourself Also advance your character's time a few hours later in your next post. Anyway thank you for giving me an excuse. I have halo 3 as well and know how time consuming it can be

Tyreth got up and walked down from the silt strider. He quickly sighed and noticed that he could see his breath. He took his directions out of his robe. It said something.

Go to the fighter's guild and ask for Merc' Canic. Perfect this guy doesnt even know who he is. he thought to himself. His brown robe was slowly getting more brown the more he stood. "Well might as well check the town out" he said softly. He began walking towards the river in the center of Balmora. The water looked freezing and he could not see a single fish.

Tyreth walked over to one of the bridges over the river. It looked like only a few guards were patrolling around the city. He sat down with his legs hanging over the bridge. Looking down at the water.

October 1st, 2007, 5:18 PM
Cadmius was nervous. This Sellus person may be physically smaller than the Redguard, he seemed to emit an aura of intimidation. He drew out a piece of paper and begun reading it.

"My, my Mr. Cadmius." he said. "It seems you have quite the distinguished criminal record. Assault on multiple Imperial personnel, 3 of which had near fatal injuries; evading arrest for the assault charges; theft from an Imperial building; and paying off fines with forged money. Your very lucky to still be alive."

Cadmius made a fist out of the imperials view. He still thought he had reasonable justification for all of his crimes. Every person he had attacked he only did because the Imperial was attacking someone, of in pure self defense. And he only stole because the Imperial was hording food, and there were many families around that had next to no food at all. (The injustice in this Empire makes me sick sometimes.) Cadmius thought.

"With such a long criminal record you will find it very difficult to lead a normal life from now on. But i have an offer for you. What would you be willing to do to have your record wiped clean?" Sellus asked.

Cadmius was fianlly getting interested. With a clear criminal record, he'd be free to settledown agian and fnally be able to start a family. "Alright im interested. What's this clean record gonna cost me?" Cadmius asked.

"Just a simple errand." Sellus started. "Go to Balmora; there you will talk to an Argonian named Four-Soul who lives near the edge of town. He works for the Blades. He will give you furthur nstructons. And just a piece of advice i suggest you take the Silk Strider." Sellus pointed to a large bug outside. 'It will cut your travel time in half. Now remember, go to Balmora, talk to Four-Soul. Do not forget."

(So many people to talk to. Why doesn't just one person tell me what to do?) Cadmius thought. He left the census department feeling lucky. Even with the hassle of going to Balmora, so far he only had to go find this Four-Soul guy and then he would have a clean slate. He headed towards the big bug Sellus metioned, and saw it was already taking off.

"Hey! Wait up!" Cadmius yelled. WHoever was on board stopped and allowed him to get on. He recognized the man as Tyreth. "Hello Tyreth. I guess we both have the same destnation, eh?" He hopped aboard the giant bug and sped along the way to Balmora.

Many hours later

Cadmius finally arrived in Balmora after a long and uncomfotable flight. he watched the bug fly off till he could see it no longer. (That was a pretty cool bug) he thought. Somehow it seemed colder in Balmora then in Seyda Neen. He guessed that they flew north, he had already forgotten The geography of Vvardenfell since he was here last.

Tyreth was looking at a note he had, then took in some landscape. Cadmius walked over to him and asked, "I guess were both here for the same reason, to find the Argonian Four-Soul. Got any idea where to start?" Despite the cold, Cadmius was looking forward to exploring Balmora again.

October 1st, 2007, 5:56 PM
A few dull hours of walking in the barren lands of the Molag Amur region there was finally something to note when K-Jhaar was along the base of Mount Kand. There was a wild Kagouti charging right at him. K-Jhaar grinned at the challenge of fighting a wild animal; not to mention it was one of Vvardenfell's most naturally viscous animals. As the Kagouti lunged at him with his ivory tusks K-Jhaar slid under the two-legged beast and stabbed him multiple times in his chest thus drawing a large amoutn of blood. When K-Jhaar was behind him he jumped up above the Kagouti and landed ontop of him and punctured the Kagouti's flesh around his neck and eventually crushed it's spinal cord. K-Jhaar licked the blood off his paws and continued his long desolate journey.

After a couple of hours of treking through the icy lands he finally arrived in a small town known as Suran. He hid in the mountains northwest of the town adn watched over it. The female Khajiit warned him of this town; besides the many slaves along the Azura Coast region, Suran was the worst town for beasts to live in due to slavery. He ran along the base of the mountains so that the mountains were placed inbetween him and the town. He arrived at the south end of town where the Silt-Strider was and he quickly loaded onto it without the rider questioning him. He asked to be taken to Balmora as quickly as possible; his destiny awaited him in that fateful town.

October 2nd, 2007, 11:21 AM
Tyreth heard Cadmius ask "I guess were both here for the same reason, to find the Argonian Four-Soul. Got any idea where to start?"

Tyreth answered quickly. "No I havent been to Vvardenfell before. I just got to find some guy named Merc." Tyreth was in no hurry to comb Balmora looking for him. Right now he wanted to enjoy freedom before he did Sellus's favor.

Balmora was build differently then most towns. You had a residential part of Balmora on the right side of the river and a trading and worship part on the left. On the left you had a town square were you could trade and join a guild. Further north of the square was the slums of Balmora which was where mainly outlanders would go if they had no where to stay. At the far north there was the temple for worship

"I think a map would be handy." He said slowly as he got up and walked to the square. It was very quiet now. Tyreth looked around and spotted a sundile. It looked only a year only and was in the middle of the square. "10:43" he read quickly. "Allright we have plenty of time till night fall." Tyreth continued walking. He could spot some Nord outlanders walking around. Nords have a very high tolerance to cold. Since the country to the north called Skygrim was very very cold. Tyreth quickly walked into the local trading outpost eying the Nords closely.

Inside there was a dunmer there looking very bored. Tyreth walked over to him. "I need a map of Balmora and Vvardenfell." The trader began fumbling around and gave him both. Tyreth gave the trader the interest that Sellus gave him.

Tyreth walked back to Cadmius. "Well now just in case mr. Soul gives us somwhere distant to go to." He placed the folded maps into his inner pocket. He noticed that they had a waterproof charm placed on them.

Tyreth began walking back to the bridge he sat at. The river was particularily high now. It looked almost 9 feet high. Perfect for swimming he thought to himself. But laughed at the idea

October 2nd, 2007, 4:48 PM
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Alana could only run, run from what fallowed her, Reno… I’m sorry Reno, I should have been able to stop him. she thought to herself as the river came into view. The very memory of what happened at that old house would haunt her for the rest of her long, long life.

~That morning~

Alana and Reno had decided that they should tell his mother about what had transpired; Alana had to thank several old spirits for how quickly Reno’s mother accepted the fact that he had fallen in love with a high Elf. Reno explained how he had found Alana trapped under that big tree, and Alana had to explain how she ended up under that three. They all laughed together for almost an hour, but had to stop abruptly when the door swung open and a very tall, very wet and very angry man entered the house. “What’s all this about?!” he boomed slamming the door behind himself.

Alana hid herself behind Reno, “We were celebrating…” Reno growled standing up and hugging Alana.

“Celebrating what? That you found yourself a new Whore?!” The man bellowed advancing on Alana.

Reno actually reached out and slapped his father, “You will not refer to her like that!” he shouts.

The man sways in place for a moment before he growls and charges at Reno, “I’ll teach you who to respect boy!” He yells.

Reno pushes Alana to the floor and dodges his father easily, “you never respected me, Why should I respect you now?!”

The fight lasted for over two hours, Alana and Reno’s mother just huddled next to each other. All Alana wanted was for it to stop she didn’t want to see Reno hurt, she didn’t want any fighting. A light scratching catches her attention; she turns and sees a tiny grey mouse cleaning himself next to a tiny hole. Opening her old book she slams it on the floor with such a force that the mouse turned to look at her, flipping threw the first few pages she found the spell that her father had actually, verbally, taught her. Grabbing the mouse in her hands she concentrates on everything she was ever taught. The mouse in her hand began to grow, first in girth, and then in height and weight, Alana let it go when it got the size of a large dog. It kept growing until it was the size of a small horse, it still however acted like a mouse, it kept right on cleaning itself. Alana placed her hand on the top of the mousse head right between his ears, “Stop him friend.” She pleads giving the mouse his instructions. Although being inexperienced, she didn’t conceal her emotions and the mouse also received her doubts and her fears.

The mouse’s eyes glow yellow and it roars charging at the two who were still fighting. The mouse’s jaws lock on Reno’s father and he is taken down, blood floods the floor as Reno runs over and hugs Alana, “What did you do?” he asks her eyes full of worry.

“I couldn’t think of anything else…” she says looking towards the mouse who had turned around and was twitching his nose, “He’s should be harmless now…”

The mouse’s ears twitch as he slowly walks over, Reno was tense all over, “Are you sure Alana, I don’t trust him... he has that look in his eyes.”

The mouse opens his mouth to admit a high-pitched squeal that made everyone wince. “Stop it…” Alana orders, the mouse stops and growls.

What happened next was so fast and so brutal that Alana didn’t want to remember it, what that mouse did to Reno and his mother, gone now... both of them, forever.


Alana closes her eyes as the memory catches her by surprise, blood and screams, she trips and falls into the river that flowed threw Balmora. With a small scream she reaches up, “Help! Help me!” was the last thing that came from her lips above water.


October 2nd, 2007, 5:15 PM
Chapter 1: One Common Goal

Tyreth watched the water. Memories of the imperial army in Cyrodiil. Of going back to Narsis...

Suddenly it happened quickly. A girl tripped and fell into the water. It happened so fast that Tyreth didnt notice till he heard the splash. He turned around and saw a girl in the water. She said "Help Help" before her head went under.

"Oh No." Tyreth quickly took off his robe and handed it to Cadmius. "Hold this." Tyreth held his breath quickly. Then dived into the water


It was a feeling unlike any other. All the pores in his skin reacted at the same time. He was never this cold. but he had one goal. He swam quickly to the girl in the water. Lets get you out of here. He grabbed the girl and dragged her with him towards the shore.

Eventually he made it to the shore outside of Balmora. He dragged the girl out of the water. She's not breathing. He quickly began breathing air back into her mouth as quickly as he could. Then he heard her breathing. "You should be more carefull." Tyreth was glad he had just saved this girl's life. But it seemed very foolish to dive into the water

"Are you okay?" He said softly into her ear.

October 2nd, 2007, 5:55 PM
Alana moans slightly as she came to, "RENO!" she screams sitting up very suddenly hitting the guy who had saved her in the head with hers, ((another clumbsy moment)). Alana gasps as she looks at the guy she had almost broken he nose of. "I'm so sorry..." she covers her mouth and sees his pointed ears... dark skin.... "YOU'RE A DARK ELF!" she says sitting up and hugging him, "I've always wanted to meet a Dark Elf!"

She squeezes him without a care in the world, right before she sees his red eyes and is reminded of the blood that had flowed, "Oh Reno..." she starts crying and the sound of large claws catches her attention, "oh no..." A giant mouse appears, it had fallowed her, it still wanted to protect her... from everyone. It jumps at the guy who had saved her, "NOT AGAIN!" she screams.


October 2nd, 2007, 6:06 PM
"This morning is getting stranger" Then suddenly a giant rat jumped on him. He had a large rat ontop of him.

The rat bared its teeth at him. "Bring it on." Tyreth yelled at him. Then suddenly the rat was blasted into the air. Tyreth had his hand outstretched. Then he stood up. "Lets go." The rat got up and charged at him. Tyreth dived out of the way and launched another fireball at the rat. It was launched into the water. Then he launched a freezing magic straight at the rat. Suddenly the water around the rat froze instantly along with it.

Tyreth walked over to the girl. "Tyreth. You be more carefull." He began walking back to the gate of Balmora without looking back

October 2nd, 2007, 6:15 PM
Alana ran after him, "hey wait! she grabs his arm, "you can't leave me!" Fallowing him she closes her eyes as they pass Reno's house, blood leaked from the open door, "Oh Reno..." she whispers clutching her book to her chest.

She gets in front of Tyreth, "Tyreth, I'm Alana... and I've done something horrible..." she says pushing her hair so that her ears were very visible.

((I'm sick.. I can't write no more...))


October 3rd, 2007, 11:23 AM
Tyreth looked at the girl Alana's ears. Memories of the Altmer flooded back...

"Get away from me." He said getting out of her grasp. Noticing the blood finally coming out of the house. "Your little mouse friend did this didnt he?" Suddenly Tyreth saw someone. It was a dunmer guard dressed in heavy bonemould armor. "Hey whats going on here" Tyreth quickly thought of a story. "I saw some Redguard running from this place. He was headed for Seyda Neen"

The guard bowed his head and began running in that direction. "Lets get this straight. I only protected you because since you are an Altmer. Since these guys were imperials the dunmer here would skin you alive to keep it quiet." Tyreth sighed. He still wondered why he helped Alana. "Allright come with me." He walked back to the bridge where he left Cadmius.

Tyreth found Cadmius. He took his robe back into his hands. "Thanks for holding on to this." He quickly put it on himself and looked at the sky. "Cadmius I think we ought to go to a local inn and get rested. Since it might take a while to find Four-soul" The local inn was close by. He walked up to Alana. "Okay okay fine come with me. The guards might find out I lied about the redguard." Tyreth walked to the inn as quickly as possible

The doorman quickly asked "Room?" Tyreth responded with a rushed response. "Yes please." He quickly went over a few things. "Three rooms up the stairs." Tyreth gave him the last of the money Sellus gave him. He walked up the stairs. There were three rooms side by side. "Cadmius on the far right. Im on the far left. Alana go in the middle." Tyreth walked into his room quickly. Looking forward to some much needed rest

October 3rd, 2007, 5:28 PM
Alana reached for his arm again but stopped herself, he had been so rude before, "Well... good night.. and thank you for helping me." Entering the middle room she remembers the way that Reno had looked when he hit the floor. Why didn't I stop that mouse... now four lives have ended because of me. she heads for the window. "Father... I needed your guidance... forgive me."

The clouds in the sky showed no sign that her father was listening to her, Alana's eyes drop, every other time she had called to him he had answered her and told her what to do, that's the kind of father he was. The only reason he wouldn't answer is because he was very angry or he was sick. "Please don't be sick dad... if anything I deserve to have you mad at me..."

Sitting on the bed she opens the book, "I have to check on you dad..." she reads threw the more advanced spells, One mispronunciations and anything could happen.

Closing her eyes she considerates on the spell, she did not get the desired affect. A loud pop from the next room and then... a loud squawk. "Oh no..." she runs to the room where the Dark elf had gone. Inside the room he stood, no longer an elf but a very large and very yellow... "I made you a Sunbird...." she squeals falling to her knees and rummaging threw the book to find the counter spell, "I'm so sorry!" she says over and over again as she runs her finger over the pages.

the Sunbird that stood before her had the normal characteristics of any Sunbird, nine feet tall, broad puffy chest with the slightest hint of white. Legs hidden underneath thick plumage only his long silver claws could be seen. ON his head stood the beautiful sun shaped orange crest that was coveted by any who saw the Sunbird. His deep blue eyes stared at her, yet threw her as was the stare of the Sunbird.


October 3rd, 2007, 5:48 PM
This is a dream sequence. Most characters should have one

1 year before

The ocean was calm this time of year. Cyrodiil had normally good oceans. But now all Tyreth was focusing on the matter at hand. Going to the imperial city...

Back to the present

Tyreth was busy sleeping as he usually did. Nightmares would normally haunt him. Nightmares of Liches and Werewolves. But now he had a very calm sleep. One of the first he ever did. Suddenly something happened. Tyreth awoke quickly. The mirror on the opposite wall relfected him. "A sunbird?" he said to himself. He got up and noticed his features had degraded to that of a sunbird.

He remembered being back at the arcane university. Where it had taken him a few years in order to join. But he remembered something. "In order to change your body shape you must first read a book wiith conjuration spells. " He remembered something about changing into animals there. Suddenly Alana ran into the room. "I made you a Sunbird...." Tyreth was very angry now. "You did this didnt you." The he remembered something. "...To change back from a form you need a soulgem with an imprint of yourself on it. Thankfully I have one here." He flew straight to his robe. He rummaged through the pockets and found it. A dark red soulgem. A bright light came out of the soulgem immediatly. Then it exploded.

Tyreth stood there once the light stopped. He quickly put his robe on before the light went out. "Alana. Whats up?" Looking at the Altmer in the face. "im not mad dont worry."

October 3rd, 2007, 6:24 PM
Alana looks up at him then blushes, "um... close you're robe better next time..." she says standing up quickly and placing the book just high enough so that she couldn't see, 'him'.

Looking him in the eyes she giggles, "it's a good thing you knew the quick return magic." she runs her fingers over the book, "I only know what I've learned from this book. Most of it is long and complicated being in the old language." she closes her eyes, "Father would have been most displeased with me." She places a finger in her mouth, "I'm afraid however.. the way I said the spell...." she smiles, "well the good thing is that you can change into a Sunbird when ever you want." She leans against the wall. "I need to get my pronunciation right."

she gets close to him, placing the book on the desk that was in the room, "I didn't... properly thank you for saving my life..." she says placing her arms around his neck and kissing him lightly on the lips, "Thank you... good sir." she whispers the last part in his ear. She felt him shiver as she pressed herself against him, suddenly something began..... to.... happen. She gulps, "um..... oops.."