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September 27th, 2007, 7:01 PM
Hello and welcome to Pokemon: Electric Blue, I am RocketMemberMichael and this will be my first game, I will create it using Gamemaker 6. Below is the plot and some ideas for the game, I also need help with my game and I would like people to give constructive critism: This thread will contain no screenshots or demoes, Screenshots will come later.


Plot: You are a young boy or girl and you wake up, as you would everyday, little do you know that soon your life is going to change. Professor Oak will introduce the game and the world of Pokemon, then you choose your gender and name, the defualt name for the boy will be (JAKE) and the defualt name for the girl is (LOUISE), these names may or may not change.

Once the game begins you find yourself in a room, your bedroom, in it will be your bed, a computer, a television and a games console, it is more of less Red's room from Pokemon Red with slight differences if you choose a girl. You may then begin to control your character, once you go downstairs your mother and father will be sitting down at the table, your mother will then ask you can you go to the Pokemart and buy her some Antidote, you say yes, Once you leave your house and head to the nearest town two children are talking and blocking the Route, once you talk to one of them he will move, these will both become your rivals, after you enter the Route a girl will challenge you to a Pokemon battle (OR A BOY IF YOU CHOOSE A GIRL AS YOUR MAIN CHARACTER) Once you tell them you have no Pokemon, she/he will give you a lecture telling you it is dangerous to travel without a Pokemon in wild grass, she/he will then ask you where you are going, once you tell them they will say they will come with you.

After the both of you travel out of the Route and to the Pokemart, you must go in and buy an antidote. Once you get it you and your partner leave the shop. She/he will then tell you they will catch you a wild Pokemon, you will enter tall grass and be attacked, this Pokemon will be randomly one of five starters, (CHARMANDER/BULBASAUR/SQUIRTLE/EEVEE/CASTFORM) you will never be able to get these Pokemon in the wild again.

You will then go home and the two people who where blocking the route will challenge you and your partner to a battle. Once the battle is over they will introduce themselves (YOU CHOOSE THE NAME) then your partner will introduce his/herself to them, (YOU CHOOSE THE NAME) you then leave your partner and head home.

More will be added to the plot another time, but here are some features that will be in Electric Blue.

Some New Locations
Jessie & James, Cassidy & Butch
All the legendaries (IN EVENTS)
Some Sinnoh, Heonn & Jhoto Pokemon (VERY RARE)
A Chance To Obtain Chikorita, Totodile, Chimchar, Turtwig, Pinplup, Cyndaquil, Treeko, Torchic & Mudkip.
Team Aqua, Magma & Rocket
New Storyline

I will add more to this, so far I am looking for people who can make some sprites and people who can make maps.


Jessie & James, Cassidy & Butch
Lots Of Different Looking Grunts
Ash Manga Type Sprites

Any questions on the game?

Sorry, here are some other features I forgot to include, only three, but they are good.

Mobile Phone: You will use this for many features in the game.
Party Feature: You can have up to two NPCS following you at a time.
Battle Choices: You will be able to say no to unoffical battles, but not if they are by grunts.

If you think the battle choice is stupid because nobody would fight, it isn't. If you didn't fight any battles your Pokemon would be weak, meaning you would not be able to fight gyms, to get badges, to allow you to use HM'S, to get you through the game.