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September 29th, 2007, 12:32 PM

If Your language its SPANISH: Por favor Escribe en español!!!!!

Last Update 11/25/2007

Not all of these are for trade and maybe I don't have the clone in stoke, but depends of the trade in one day I have the clone for trade.

Currently Status: OFFLINE (PM me With Ur Offers!!!)

Currently Looking:

Im Looking:;)

Events Pokemons That Im Looking:

Waiting List for trades:


Shinys to offer::cool:

Shinies Starters:(ALL Legits!!!!)

Bulbasaur Lv 5 (Adamant) (direct from Kanto)(OT Zero but diferent ID No. )
Squirtle Lv 1 Bold (with egg moves (Tackle, Protect))
Cyndaquil Lv 1 Careful
Totodile Lv 20 Adamant!!!
Treecko Lv 1 Quirky
Torchic Lv 1 Modest (with egg moves (Scratch, Swagger, Crush Claw, Nigth Slash)):knockedou
Mudkip Lv 1 Naughty
Turtwig Lv 1 Quiet
Chimchar lv 1 Lax (with egg moves (Scratch, Leer, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch)) :knockedou
Piplup Lv 1 Hardy (with egg moves (Pound, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Surf))
Sceptile Lv 48 Docile (Nickname Furigo)
Swampert lv 100 Jolly

Other shinies:(ALL Legits!!!!)

Eevee Lv 5 Jolly (untoched)
Vaporeon Lv 5 Jolly (untoched)
Jolteon Lv 5 Jolly (untoched)
Flareon Lv 5 Jolly (untoched)
Espeon Lv 5 Jolly (untoched)
Umbreon lv6 jolly (Untoched)
Leafeon Lv 6 Jolly (untoched)
Glaceon Lv 6 jolly (untoched)
Magikarp Lv 5 Lonely (untoched)
Gyrados lv 51 Sassy (Nickname RED)
Rhyperior lv 100 Bashful
Rotom Lv 31 Modest
Gastly Lv 18 Brave (untoched)
Haunter Lv 25 Brave
Gengar Lv 100 Naive
Spinda Lv 16 Impish (I can give it a Nickname)
Whismur lv 36 Naive (untoched)
Loudred Lv 37 Naive
Exploud Lv40 Naive
Solrock Lv 50 Serious (ev. train)
Lunatone Lv 35 Brave (nickname Blue)
Duskull Lv 28 Modest (Nickname Red Skull)
Electrike Lv 24 Timid
Zubat Lv 6 Relaxed (Untoched)( I can give it Nickname)
Zubat lv 8 Docile (Untoched) (I can give it Nickname)
Beldum Lv5 Bold
Ponyta Lv 14 Impish (I can give it Nickname)
Ralts Lv 4 Gentle (Female)
Kirlia Lv 20 Calm
Gardevoir Lv 30 Calm
Gallade Lv 50 Bold (japanese)
Flygon Lv 45 Gentle
Larvitar lv 5 Jolly (untoched)
Tyranitar Lv 100 Adamant (Ev Trained ( In Attack HP and Speed) 31 IVS In Attack)(Good look to make I trade it!!):knockedou
Aipom Lv 36 Gentle
Ambipom Lv 37 Gentle
Golem Lv 45 Naughty (untoched)
Riolu Lv 1 Quiet (untoched)
Lucario Lv 30 Hardy
Skitty Lv 40 Serious (untoched)
Smoochum Lv 35 Quiet (untoched)
Bonsly Lv 16 Modest (untoched)
Shinx Lv 11 Impish
Chimecho Lv5 Timid
Ditto Lv 39 Sassy
Porygon-Z Lv 16 Gentle
Victreebel Lv 56 Jolly
Seviper Lv 23 Brave
Meditite Lv 29 Timid
Togepi Lv 1 Jolly
Metagross Lv 58 Adamant!!!!!:knockedou
Drifloon Lv 22 Jolly (Untoched)
Geodude Lv 22 Serious (Untoched)
Golem Lv 41 Quirky
Staryu Lv 1 Bashful (Untoched)
Lickitung Lv 36 Lonely (Untoched)
Aron Lv 28 Lax (untoched)
Dratini Lv 16 Timid (untoched)
Munchlax Lv 1 Jolly (Untoched)
Lapras Lv 57 Naive (untoched)
Magmotar Lv 48 Modest
Torkoal Lv 20 Calm
Psyduck Lv 22 Mild (Untoched)
Starly lv 3 Quiet (Untoched)
Staravia Lv 17 Quiet (untoched)
Skorupi Lv 24 Brave (untoched) (nick Red Fang)
Growlithe lv 1 Adamant (Untoched)(Good look To make I trade it) (eggmoves: Bite, Roar, Flare Blitz, Crunch) :knockedou)
Lotad Lv 3 Impish (Untoched)
Spiritom lv 1 Quirky (Untoched) (eggmoves: Pursuit, Shadow Sneak, Spite, Confuse Ray)
Absol Lv 51 Bashful
Bagon Lv 1 Adamant (Untoched)(Eggmoves: Rage, Twister,Hydro Pump, Dragon Dance)
Magnemite Lv 25 Sassy (Untoched)
Finneon Lv 1 Serious (Untoched)
Poochyena Lv 3 Brave (Untoched)
Horsea Lv 11 Modest (Untoched)
Croagunk Lv 24 Brave (Untoched)
Buizel Lv 29 Gentle
Skorupi Lv 26 Docile (Untoched)
Shellder Lv 24 Adamant (untoched)
Swinub Lv 25 Serious (Untoched)
Houndour Lv 5 Lax (Untoched)
Corphish Lv 40 Bashful (untoched)
Mantike lv 40 Gentle (Untoched)
Octillery Lv 35 Jolly (Untoched)
Cubone Lv 9 Docile
Golbat lv 22 Relaxed
Crobat lv 23 Relaxed
Dusclops lv 37 Modest (Nick Red Skull)
Manetric lv 26 Timid UT
Piloswine lv 33 Serious
Cloyster lv 24 Adamant UT
Caterpie lv 5 Rash UT
Metapod lv 7 Rash
Butterfree lv 10 Rash
Unow lv 23 Rash (U form)
Grimer lv 28 jolly UT
Muk lv 38 jolly
Tentacool lv 16 Relaxed UT
Tentacruel lv 30 Relaxed
Bronzong lv 38 Adamant UT

Shiny Fossils:

Omanyte lv 20 Jolly (Untoched)
Omastar lv 40 Jolly
Kabuto Lv 20 Jolly (untoched)
Kabutops Lv 40 Jolly
Aerodactil Lv 1 Naughty (Untoched) (eggmoves: Supersonic, Bite, Scary Face, Roar)
Lileep lv 20 Serious (Untoched)
Cradily Lv 40 Jolly
Anorith Lv20 Hardy (untoched)
Armaldo Lv40 Hardy
Cranidos Lv 20 Serious (Untoched)
Rampardos Lv 33 Brave
Shieldon Lv 20 Jolly (untoched)
Bastiodon lv 30 Jolly

Shiny Legendaries:(ALL Legits!!!!)

Articuno Lv 57 Adamant
Moltres Lv 50 Hardy (A Little Toched)
Mewtwo Lv 100 Mild
Lugia Lv 100 Rash
Ho oh Lv 70 Quirky
Regirock Lv 40 Serious (Untoched)
Regice Lv 40 Gentle (Untoched)
Registeel Lv 40 Serious
Latias Lv 100 Rash
Latios Lv 100 Rash
Kyogre Lv 72 Careful
Groudon Lv 71 Bashful
Rayquaza Lv 70 Relaxed
Deoxys lv 100 Docile
Deoxys Lv 100 Naughty (name in Japanese)
Uxie Lv 50 Jolly
Mesprit Lv 50 Sassy
Azelf Lv 50 Quiet
Dialga Lv 47 Timid!!!! :knockedou
Palkia Lv 47 Lonely (Untoched)
Heatran lv 70 (Untoched)
Regigigas Lv 70 (adamant!!!! :knockedou)(untoched)
Giratina Lv 70 Bold
Cresselia Lv 50 Bold!!!
Phione lv 1 Bashful
Manaphy Lv 1 Relaxed

Normal Legendaries

Ho oh Lv 100 Careful
Deoxys x 3
Lugia (Distant Land) lv 51 Adamant
Zapdos Lv 59 Naughty
Articuno lv 100 Calm
Latios Lv 47 Lonely
Cresselia Lv 50 Relaxed
Dialga Lv100 Adamant!!:knockedou
Celebi Lv100 timid

Event Pokemons

Movie Darkrai Event (Docile)
Celebi (10 aniv)Lv 100
Deoxys (Space C)Lv 100
Mew (Mystry)
Jirachi(WISHMRK)Lv 5

Also All The Starters


All HAVE NAME IN ENGLISH (the few Japanese and Nicknamed, That I have I said in the list) and ALL ARE LEGITS (Good part of the list are from my friends), if U need more information about a pokemon only PM and I PM U back (BE PATIENT ;))

September 29th, 2007, 12:41 PM
me gutan etos...
-Charmander Lv 5 Modest !!!! (with egg moves (Hidden Power, Blast Burn, Dragon Claw, Scratch))
-Chimchar lv 1 Lax (with egg moves (Scratch, Leer, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch))

tengo toos los ke necesitas... ^^

September 29th, 2007, 1:43 PM
what do you want for shiny ponyta, shiny beldum, shiny gastly, shiny riolu, and shiny aron?

September 29th, 2007, 1:44 PM
wat wuld u like for articuno..........

September 29th, 2007, 1:49 PM
what do you want for shiny ponyta, shiny beldum, shiny gastly, shiny riolu, and shiny aron?

Shinies, U have?

wat wuld u like for articuno..........

mmm, A dont know if U have a shiny Skorupi, but first lets finish our trade. ;)

September 29th, 2007, 1:55 PM
im getting one........................

September 29th, 2007, 1:58 PM
what would you want for your movie darkrai? chose some stuff from my trade thread: http://www.pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=107853

September 29th, 2007, 2:02 PM
im getting one........................

Yes, I know, I have One but have nickname and I like that they dont have.

September 29th, 2007, 2:10 PM
im getting one from someone else

September 29th, 2007, 5:35 PM
ajem... >_>
antes no eran SHINIES... >_>

September 29th, 2007, 10:16 PM
Shinies, U have?
i have a shiny lopunny and shiny ledian UT. i have others too but those are the only 2 i'm offering. if you want them and if you are doing a one for one trade, i'll take ponyta and beldum.

December 22nd, 2007, 3:43 PM
i will trade shiny zangoose and shiny baltoy for Tyranitar Lv 100 Adamant (Ev Trained ( In Attack HP and Speed) 31 IVS In Attack)(Good look to make I trade it!!)

December 22nd, 2007, 4:20 PM
Asking for a Shiny Space C Deoxys is against the rules. Here are some more things removed:

Bulbasaur Lv 5: Might be hacked, what's the id number?
Charmander Lv 5 Modest: Is hacked with Blast Burn
Chikorita Lv 5 Hasty: Is hacked with Leer or Quick Attack

And refrain from posting in any other language besides English. I fail at Spanish and SU isn't here for me. :<

Post Edited~

Wait, this thing is old.. Failure for bumpage. Closed. ><