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September 29th, 2007, 12:49 PM
This roleplay is brought to you by the PCSOS Brigade~
[Rated PG-13 for possible profanity and violence]

For three years, North High School was firmly in the iron grasp of Haruhi Suzumiya and her SOS Brigade. Its student body lived in bemusement and abject fear at the Brigade's activities. Then all of a sudden, graduation came, the Brigadiers all went off to college, and their domination simply vanished. The Data Integration Thought Entity, the Agency, and other parties interested in Haruhi immediately took notice and transferred most of their significant activities to the universities, leaving North High to slip back into obscurity, a mere footnote in the history of Japanese secondary education.

That was, until the transfer students started coming in force.

They came from all over; you name the country, there was probably at least one exchange student from there. Haruhi's reputation had definitely preceded her; these gaijin were interested in carrying on the legacy of the SOS Brigade. Stay-behind (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stay-behind)

However, despite their desire to become Haruhi's successors, the wannabe SOS Brigadiers were simply too fractious and chaotic to put up any real organized effort towards that objective. Their efforts to reestablish the SOS Brigade were on the verge of complete collapse. They soon realized that they needed a leader like Haruhi, one who had the sheer force of will and personality to hold them together and forge them into a monolithic force of conquest.

One woman answered that call, and under her leadership, North High found itself home to a reincarnated SOS Brigade. The collective attention of the Data Integration Thought Entity, the Agency, and the time travelers was soon focused on the reestablished organization; in contrast with the situation regarding Haruhi, their representatives within the Brigade immediately told their erstwhile leader of their true natures and intents. Little did they know of the consequences.

The sheer significance of this revelation triggered a mental break in the SOS Brigade leader. She was now convinced that she needed to find Haruhi, in order to tell her the truth. The only problem? The original members of the SOS Brigade were scattered across the Pacific Rim, and the new SOS Brigade don't know where they are now. Between the inherent problems of studying at North High and the issue of locating Haruhi and the other founding members, the mission of the SOS Brigade has taken on new significance; they must indeed save the world by overloading it with fun in their quest to find Haruhi Suzumiya.

• All normal PC rules apply.
• No completely OOC posts. If you're going to be gone, or something like that, tell us in the PCSOS club thread.

Power: (Alien, Time Traveler, Esper, or none)
Other: operators in North High took notice; a few aliens, time travelers, and ESPers were even among the transfer students.

Rena Ryuugu
September 30th, 2007, 6:56 AM
Lawlz. I can't believe it's finally up.

Name: Marie Oautorette (French Exchange Student)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Power: Time Traveler
Personality: Marie is very timid and shy, and she loves cute things. She openly shows her emotions, and cries very easily. She doesn't like being exposed to new things, and she is very gullible. She can be serious and she can speak for herself if the moment calls for it, but she usually doesn't talk very much. She will sometimes slip into French, seeing as she only knows how to speak a limited amount of English.
Appearance: [see uploaded file]
Other: operators in North High took notice; a few aliens, time travelers, and ESPers were even among the transfer students.
^Do I have to write anything here? XD

September 30th, 2007, 10:21 AM
ooc; I added a brief history in the "other" section cause I really didn't know what to put. xD

Name: Citlalli Arasaki

Age: Unknown [Claims to be 12; born February 24]

Gender: Female

Power: (Alien, Time Traveler, Esper, or none) Unknown. [Time Traveler?]

Personality: Because she knows very little Japanese,she usually speaks in choppy sentences,usually in Spanish.She gets angered quite easily,but when in a happy mood is always on the outlook for a good time.She overuses "Ayeee" alot and likes to pull off the innocently mischievious act.Because of her amnesia,she's learned to be dependant on the other Brigaders.On rare occasions,she acts very spoony towards other people.

Appearance:[Random sketches of her appearence (http://i21.tinypic.com/2cgcugl.jpg) Citlalli has shoulder length black hair [worn in the same style as Noriko Nijou from Marimite],which is held by a headband holding two Aztec Dahlias on each side.Her eyes are a deep shade of purple,and her wardrobe is based on the Aztec princess from "Leyenda De Los Volcanoes".She's usually seen barefoot,and has dahlias around her ankles aswell.

Other[History]: Prior to moving to Japan,Citlalli lived through a beautiful era in Neo-Tenochtitlan,across the Pacific in Mexico.Since she was the reincarnation of the beautiful Aztec princess/warrior,she was automatically chosen to reign over the powerful kingdom,but an event caused an abrupt stop in the peace.Citlalli has no clear memory of the event,and suffers a severe case of amnesia,though seems to remember things every now and than.Because of poor conditions,Citlalli's siblings sent her to Japan,for both a better life and perhaps a solution to her problem.Once there,Citlalli was adopted by the strict and rich Arasaki's,a family of detectives that was in affliate to former North High student Tsuruya's family. Though the family was strictly Japanese,they cut Citlalli some slack and took note of her diffrences. This is how they found out about a terrible secret Citlalli shared -- time paradox.On the night of the full moon a very stout and beautiful woman used to appear ontop of the temples as her siblings recalled. She held a spear..and her hair was long and wavy..and the color of the black night. Could this be a result of the event years ago? Was it the reason of her people's fate ? After joining the new SOS-Brigade,Citlalli slowly began recovering some sought out answers..

October 1st, 2007, 4:38 PM
Name: Chieko Satoi
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Appearance: Chieko is always wearing a tan paper boy’s hat, even in school which gets her into trouble every so often. Outside of school, she wears a skin tight, light pink t-shirt with a the Japanese characters for ‘doki doki’(heart beat) scattered around in yellow, outlined with black. Her pants are light blue, and kind of faded. They don’t just look old, they ARE old, but she manages to keep them tidy, meaning no rips or holes.

Chieko’s eyes are bright blue, but they tend to turn green when she gets exited. She has blonde hair that reaches her shoulders in heavy layers. Her bangs separate on her right eye, she spends most of her time playing with her hair if there’s nothing else to do. She’s only about 5 feet tall.

Personality: Chieko tends to be almost as eccentric as Haruhi once was, but actually knows when it’s time to stop. She can get extremely hyper, and it tends to cause a scene in public. She is extremely manipulating and can get almost any information out of a person, if she REALLY wants it.

Chieko rarely takes things seriously, which obviously would have made it hard for the club members to convince her of what

Other: She is the Club's leader, and apperantly was 'created' by Haruhi.

I'll come back and add some more later~

October 2nd, 2007, 7:12 PM
Name: Itsuki "Ikki" Minami
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Power: ESPer
Personality: Ikki is withdrawn most of the time, since he is has ESP. He prefers quiet places, so tends to sneak off somewhere quiet to relax. When he's annoyed he tends to mutter the word "Baka" under his breath. He tends to take things to seriously, and rarely see's somethings as jokes.

He tends to get into fights alot, due to his constant critisizing of other people. For some reason he wins them all.
Appearance: Itsuki is 5'7. He has black spiky hair, and reddish-brown eyes, but turn a bit more red when he's angry. He wears a white strip on his left cheek diagonly under his eye. Around his neck he wears a wolf-head shaped pendant, and he wears black fingerless gloves, in and out of school, in any kind of weather.

Out of school he wears a red shirt, with a silver dragon print on the back, and over it he wears a black hooded jacket. He wears black jeans which are slightly baggy, and black and grey shoes, with red flame designs on the sides and the Japanese symbol for fire on the back. Sometimes he's seen roller bladeing, and doing all sorts of moves and stunts on them.
Other: He lives alone, in a house. Is paranoid people follow him.

October 2nd, 2007, 8:25 PM
Name: Ishida Maiha

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Power: ESPer

Personality: Maiha is considered to be the out going, happy go lucky kind of person. She is very naïve & talkative. But at times she is very intelligent. She is also very gluttonous.

Appearance: Straight, black hair that reaches to her mid-back & chocolate brown eyes. She has a normal height for a thirteen-year-old & has a lightish brown skin tone. Her outfit includes denims, a white tank top & on top of that a navy blue hoodie a long with white & navy blue sneakers. While in school she wears the same school uniform as Haruhi & the gang, her hair is always worn in a high ponytail. She has a very lightish brown skin tone.

Other: Maiha was born into the Ishida clan. She is the youngest of the family & has an older brother who she rarely communicates with. Her family members are all part of buisnesses with high recognition, making them have very wealthy lives.

Okay, I hope this is alright... this is like my first RPG here. =|

October 3rd, 2007, 12:26 PM
All are accepted.

kirarin-tan, I like your sign up, but if you could be a little more descriptive about Ishida, that would be great ^^

October 3rd, 2007, 3:54 PM
I knew there was going to be some sort of flaw in my profile. x] Well, I don`t know what else to add. I mean, I put her height, her outfit, her eye & hair color & I even put how her hairstyle is. =| I`ll try & figure out something. =x

[EDIT] Okay, I figured out something. Profile has been updated. =]

October 4th, 2007, 9:11 AM
I am bored and the RPs in the Pokemon section are lackluster. meh. haha I came here to see if there was a One Piece RP and I found something just as good. haha

Name: Micheal Anderson
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Power: Alien
Personality: Most a lay back kind of person but tends to have a mean streak around people who he thinks are a bit 'underdeveloped'. Perfers the sounds of clicking keyboards over the sounds of nonsense talking that he would some times judge as pointless. Micheal doesn't really have a soft spot for many things unless he sees somebody disrespecting a book or some other object. In order to fit in with the human society Micheal would tell some jokes which are mostly bad.
Appearance: Micheal has long messy brown hair that tends to get in his brown eyes. His face is long and his skin color is slightly tanned. Micheal is tall and skinny with long fingers on both hands. When he isn't wearing his school uniform, Micheal tends to dress in simple blue jeans with a chain connecting to his belt and a black shirt.
Other: Micheal poses as a transfer student from America which explains his english name. He claims that his father is a high class buisness owner who came to Japan as part of an expansion program to improve one of the buisness industries there while his mother died a few years ago. All of this information was developed by the Integrated Data Entity.

Rena Ryuugu
October 4th, 2007, 1:54 PM


I'm so stoked. Teresa, shame on you for not starting the RP already.

October 5th, 2007, 11:50 AM

Everyone's now been accepted. I'll edit this post if I think of a brilliant idea on how to start.. *idea'd*

Chieko impatiently tapped her forehead, which immediately led to the urge or fumble with a section of hair hanging in front of her face. She did so and groaned, leaning back in the plastic chair, designed to assure no one would be comfortable in it. Today was the day they left for America.

A lot of work had been put into getting the information from the school that Haruhi Suzumiya, the former leader of the SOS Brigade, was studying abroad. Haruhi had carelessly left the SOS Brigade to rot after she graduated, so Chieko had taken up the role as leader.

She checked her watch. The plane would be there in about an hour, and none of the other members had shown up yet. She eyes a family walking past and slid down in the ridiculous plastic chair. "Time to think of points for a lecture.." she thought, closing her eyes.

October 5th, 2007, 8:06 PM
Micheal was walking towards the area where they agreed to meet the leader of the new SOS Brigade, Chieko. He just kept on walking and didn't mind hitting anybody that got in his way. A young lady gave Micheal an look at him for bumping into her but Micheal didn't care. She should have moved out of the way.

Micheal was carrying two bags, a small one and a large heavy one. The large bag had a lot of Micheal's clothes, books and other so call 'needed' objects that humans needed. The small bag just carry a book that Micheal never read and his laptop.

Micheal was heading for America. Techniqually this was his first visit since he moved to Japan but in reality it would be his first one but it shouldn't be too hard to blend in. It took a long time to plan this trip but because of a good lead Micheal was able to pinpoint the one named Haruhi to America. Micheal knew that as part of the Integrated Data Entity that she should care more about Haruhi but his intrest was more in the 'daugther', Chieko.

Micheal finally arrive to the area where Chieko was. He looked at her with a dull face and saw that she had her eyes closed which means that she was thinking. Micheal liked it when she thinks because that lead to a mystery within itself. Micheal just lazily made his way towards Chieko.

Rena Ryuugu
October 6th, 2007, 9:11 AM
NOTE : **Just so everyone knows, anything in the "< >" is being said or thought in French.**


Awuuu... <This airport is so big...>

Marie looked around the airport. Where was Satoi-sama supposed to meet her again...? The new leader of the SOS Brigade, Chieko Satoi, was a very impatient person. Thinking about what costume she would have to wear if she didn't find Satoi in time... It gave Marie the chills.

Marie broke away from the horrid thought, and wandered over to a map that was taped to the wall.

<What gate were we at again?>

Marie stared blankly at the map for minutes on end, as if waiting for the answer to pop up and hit her in the face.

Gate 27.
Or was it maybe 37...?

Her head spun, and she plopped into the closest plastic chair she could get to. She absentmindedly rubbed her forehead, and looked at the people around her.

Marie turned in her chair... And jumped.

Her chair was back to back with Chieko Satoi's. Marie spun around, standing on her chair. She leaned over Chieko, so her hair hung down, ticking Chieko's face.

"Satoi-sama! I found you!" Marie squealed. People around her turned to look at the two.

October 6th, 2007, 9:49 AM
Chieko lazily opened an eye, then looked with that single eye to her left. Micheal was standing there too. She smiled and shoved her hands into my pockets. "You're both late," she muttered. She then stood up, glanced Michael's huge bag of stuff, then kicked her small duffel bag filled with a change of shirt and feminine supplies under the chair.

She turned to look at Marie, who seemed to be taken back by her sudden 'standing up' maneuver. She smiled. "Oooh Marieeee-chaaaaan~" She sang, grinning widely. "I gotcha a present to make you fit into America a little batter, so look forward to it, kay?" She then took a look around. "We're missing people," she squinted, and checked her watch again. "The plane leaves in 25 minutes. If they're not here soon, we're screwed.."

Rena Ryuugu
October 6th, 2007, 9:59 AM
Marie shuddered, unable to imagine what Chieko had gotten her this time. She hopped off the chair, her pink backpack's zippers clinking together as she did so.

She turned, walking around the chairs to stand next to Micheal, oblivious to the eyes watching her. She stared at Chieko for a moment, who seemed to be staring at her watch. Maybe she was trying to stop time. This thought made Marie chuckle.

"Satoi-sama. I'm sorry I'm late, but I got lost and I forgot what..."

Unable to remember the English word for "gate", she went on in French.

"... <gate number we were meeting at. And then I found a map, but it didn't help me at all.>"

She grinned, hoping her message got across.

October 6th, 2007, 10:12 AM
Chieko let her eyes move in the direction of Marie, without moving her head. She let her hand fall lazily, and muttered something under her breath. She sat back down, almost stepping on her duffel bag full of a shirt, and sighed.

"Any idea where they might be?" Chieko directed this question to Michael because Marie would probably answer in French or something wild and crazy like that.

[Sorry it's so short, I have to go shopping~]

October 6th, 2007, 10:37 AM
Maiha stood in one place, scanning the area in front of her. She was lost.

Oh man! What am I doing standing here!? I should start walking. I just have to find them all, she thought to herself & continued walking.

She had no clue where to go, this was like her first time in an Air Port... by herself. She continued walking, quickly, allowing her legs to take her wherever they could.

She then paused & turned her attention to a group of three people, one of them was glaring at her watch. That must be them & if it`s not, well, I`ll have to keep searching she thought to herself & began walking torwards them.

"Um hey, my name is Maiha," she said with a smile, hoping that she had found the right people.

October 6th, 2007, 2:04 PM
Whilst the Brigade members were meeting in the airport area not too far from where she was,a young girl in short black hair was--yet again--in another argument with the security.Be it for the outfit she was in,or her huge luggage being carried in bth hands,she didn't care.She simply gave them a cold glare.

Miss,we simply want to make sure you aren't a possible threat. . .
one of the officers,keeping his patience with her,tried to hold her back from any possible actions.
The girl simply pushed his arm away and fixed her bangs in place.
I have no time for this! she said. For those of you who couldn't already tell,I have somewhere to be! her voice was loud and attracted attention from around.As curious onlookers began to shift in place,she spotted Chieko in the crowd,and a smirk formed on her face.
By now,the officers couldn't take her rebellious actions any further.They called in help,drawing the conclusion she was danger.Without further ado,she ran through the crowd,pacing herself and trying to blend into the crowd until she reached her destination; the new SOS Brigade.
Estoy sorry.. she said in a nervous laugh,panting every 2 seconds or so.She fixed the almost fallen dahlia in her hair and gave her proper introduction;
Arasaki Citlalli reporting for duty!

October 6th, 2007, 2:26 PM
Micheal just stood there thinking about other things that were in reference to this mission when a girl with a pink backpack, Marie, joined them. SHe had that kind of voice that annoyed MIcheal a little. It was loud and high pitch. Her coming applogizing in that tone of voice just made it worse. Micheal didn't even show anything on his face. He was too buzy staring at Chieko who said he was late. MIcheal shifted his heavy bag and just said, "SOrry."

After some talking between CHieko and Marie he was thinking that this was mostly dialouge between the french speaking girl and the child of 'god'. Marie had said something about being late before Micheal decided to just tune out of the conversation. Soon Chieko spoke to MIcheal asking where are the others.

Micheal looked up at Chieko and opened his month. He then said, "They are close." Micheal looked behind them just to find a young black hair girl, "Maiha has just arrive." He then looked in the other direction to a girl wearing a terra (OOC: A dahlia is something like a terra right?) and MIcheal said, "Citlalli too has also arrive." Micheal then looked up and said, "Itsuki should arrive shortly."

Micheal then looked at Marie and in an attempt to say a joke he said, "Do you want that in french?"

October 6th, 2007, 8:15 PM
"Where are they?" Itsuki muttered to himself, looking around for a small group of people. "I probably took a wrong turn at the last corner..."

Itsuki wondered about for awhile, then sat down exhausted, how could he get lost, out of all the days he had to get lost today. A transparent old man walked over to him, Aw, great! I thought this was going to be a hassle free transfer...

"Are you looking for a strange looking group?" the old man asked. Itsuki shot right up.
"How did you know!?" he asked looking around frantically. The old man pointed behind Itsuki, and he turned his head and his jaw dropped. They were behind him all along, so much for being observent.
"Tha-" Itsuki's 'thank you' hung as the old man had dissapeared.
"I hate it how they just leave you without thanks..."He turned back and walked normally towards the group, "Hopefully none of them saw me talking to nothing, they'd think I was mental..."

Rena Ryuugu
October 7th, 2007, 10:44 AM
Micheal then looked at Marie and in an attempt to say a joke he said, "Do you want that in french?"

Marie jumped slightly as she was suddenly addressed, then opened her mouth to answer ---
Just as Arisaki Citalli walked up to them.

Arasaki Citlalli reporting for duty!

Marie jumped slightly at the surprising greeting, nearly fallling over. The zippers on her backpack clinked together again as she clutched Chieko's arm nervously.

"Satoi-sama... Who are they? New recruits?" Marie whispered to Chieko nervously. Nervous tears formed in the corners of her eyes.

October 7th, 2007, 11:02 AM
Chieko was taken back for a second that Marie had suddenly grabbed her arm. But she grinned, and said happily, "of course! Grabbed 'em yesterday after school! They looked bored, so I did them a favor!" She looked around, and began pointing at the two new comers. "The girl is Maiha, and the boy over there is Itsuki." She the turned around, and it seemed as though she had lost her interest. She gasped, and ran for the window.

"Guys! Look! The plane's here!!"

Rena Ryuugu
October 7th, 2007, 11:07 AM
Marie looked over at Chieko, who had run up to the window. She looked forward again, only to find the new recruits standing in front of her.

"Eep!" she squealed, nervous tears spilling down her cheeks.

She turned and chased after Chieko, only to trip and give the recruits the startling sight of her kitty print underwear.

"Owie," she muttered, sitting up.

( :D I wanted to do something mean to her. )

October 7th, 2007, 9:09 PM
Micheal just listen to the tale of how Chieko had gained the two new recuirts the day before. He found this normal since that was the way he joined the group but to tell the truth he joined willing but just like the past Haruhi, Chieko found the idea of having a quiet transfer student to be an intresting addition to her SOS Brigade. Soon after Chieko had ran toward the window annoucing that the plane had arrive.

Micheal just sighed and began to walk over towards the window and didn't even stop to see the kitty print panties that Marie wore under her skirt. He didn't care for such an immature act. Humans can be such careless creatures. Micheal just kept on walking until he reach Chieko. He then said, "Should we board the plane right now or do you want to give the group words of encouargment?"

Rena Ryuugu
October 8th, 2007, 5:28 AM
Marie stood up, brushing the dust off her skirt. She reached back, and ran a few fingers through her long hair. Looking up, she found that Micheal had already gone over to the window. She quickly turned and ran to Chieko as well. She pressed her hands against the large window, fogging up the glass.

"Is that the plane we are to riding?" she asked, in her terrible English, of course.

She pointed at the largest plane in sight.

October 8th, 2007, 11:44 AM
Chieko nodded and yelled "Yep" a little louder than initially intended. She looked at Michael, who was expecing a huge speech out of her. She turned around on one heel to face everyone else. She put her hands on her hips, and looked from side to side.

"Well, I don't think I have to tell you guys this, I believe you're smart enough to figure out that this is the first official departure from Japan thtat the SOS Brigade has taken. Ever." She stopped for a second, and walked over the Marie, who was gawking out the window still. She patted her hand down on poor Marie's head, and left her other hand on her hip.

"So wear big smiles, and show America just WHAT we're all about." She then removed her hand from Marie's head, and crossed her arms, and tilted her head to the right. "'Kay?" She said with a smile.

October 8th, 2007, 1:30 PM
Maiha was already walking torwards the window as happy as can be. She was extremely excited about her trip since she wanted to take a huge break from her current hometown. But yet, she was getting some nervous reactions because she didn`t know what to really expect when she got to America.

I shouldn`t worry that much, it`s totally going to ruin everything for you. Besides, you`re with a group of people," she assured herself, as she arrived at the where Marie, Chieko & Michael where standing.

"Wow. So the plane really is here," she said, with a gulp.

October 8th, 2007, 3:04 PM
Citlalli watched the plane as it seemed to creep closer to her view.It brought up a blurry image in her mind of herself as a child,crying as she was forced into a plane,by herself,being sent to a place she had never even known till than.Suddenly the sound of Chieko's voice brought her crashing back to reality. . .

Oh--the trip... her violet eyes faced the direction of her fellow Brigaders.She gave a determined smile and skipped towards the departure gate.
Handale people! Lets get a move on! her finger pointing forward.

October 8th, 2007, 8:35 PM
MIcheal seems somewhat satifly with what Chieko had said. Who was he to question what she was to say. She was the daughter of Haruhi and possible the next step up the chain.

Micheal didn't mind going to America. Supposely that is where he is from and this trip was supposely funded by his father but that is all the cover story. Micheal had no feelings for this place called Japan and much less America. Both were just places where people live.

MIcheal place a stern smile on his face and said, "Then I guess we should board then." He then followed Chieko and ignore the loud speaking Citlalli. He then said, "Smiles."

Rena Ryuugu
October 9th, 2007, 12:09 PM
Marie, who turned to Micheal, flinched a little. She wasn't ready to get on that plane. She might never be ready...

<No! You can do this!>

Marie clenched her fists, and blinked away the tears. She reached up and tightened her ponytail, then pushed it back. The light borwn hair seemed to ripple as she took a step towards the gate, through which passengers outside the brigade were already flowing. She blinked a few times, tears flowing, then turned again, jogging back to Chieko. She hugged her leaders arm tight again, and hid behind her a little.

"Are you have the tickets?" Marie whispered nervously, suddenly realizing that she was without one.

October 9th, 2007, 12:17 PM
Chieko thought for a moment. She dug into her pocket, and pulled out six plane tickets. "Yeah, I figured someone might loose theirs. So I kinda stole them from you guys." She said, holding them in front of her face, and rubbing the back of hear head.

"No problems though, right?" She said, suddenly running toward the plane door, pulling Marie along with her.


When they had all boarded the plane(yeah, skipping ahead a little here), Chieko quickly jumped into a window seat, and happily buckled herself in. The very thought of going on an adventure to find her apparent 'creator' was fun and all, but she cared more about the adventure to tell you the truth.

October 16th, 2007, 8:39 PM
Micheal just shrugged when he found out that Chieko had taken the tickets or stole them. Really he let her take his ticket. He didn't need a paper ticket to get on the plane anyways. The tickets themselves were gained by him really but it didn't matter if she took them or not. Micheal just followed the daugther of Haruhi on the plane.

Micheal soon was on the plane and looked at the seats. He saw that Chieko had already taken a seat that was close to the window. The rows had three seats on each side. Micheal quietly took the seat at the end of the row that Chieko was in. He wasn't sure if Chieko was going to force somebody to sit next to her.

October 16th, 2007, 8:51 PM
Maiha stood there a long with everyone, listening to their conversation, but not saying a word. She then realised that Chieko had their tickets, making her very lucky since for a moment there she thought she lost her tickets & was about to start panicking, well not really, since she always had good excuses.

She then walked into the plane, following right behind Michael & took a seat near the window somewhere else. She wasn`t really nervous about going on the plane ride, but then again, she didn`t know what to expect when she`d arrive at the location.

October 18th, 2007, 12:49 PM
Chieko stared out the window for a moment at the luggage car man, then slowly turned her head to look in the direction of Michael, who seemed to not be paying any attention to anything at all. She sucked in her lips, and squinted at him. When he didn't move, and sat back in her chair, crossing her arms. She looked up, and glanced around. Everyone else was still in the process of boarding and finding their seats.

She began staring out the window again. The luggage man had finished loading the plane, and all that could mean was they were almost ready to go.

October 18th, 2007, 6:12 PM
Micheal was just sitting in his chair really not paying attention to anything. Micheal was too busy thinking about their journey. Micheal was trying to rationize why humans would use such bulky devices to travel much less fly in.

Micheal then felt as if small little daggers were being drill in to him. He did a quick glance at Chieko to see that she had an expression that humans used to say they are upset. He wonder why she was upset but knew that it wasn't a good thing. Micheal didn't know much about Chieko but if she was anything like her 'mother' then being upset isn't a good thing. Micheal guess he must do something to change this incase she happen to inherit Haruhi's past time activity.

Micheal walked over to the seat next to Chieko and looked at her. He made his face to look intresting and even add a smile. He then said, "So are you excited about going to America?" Micheal then relize that he just asked a stupid question and quicky added, "You look like her you know? With her hair straight down."

October 19th, 2007, 3:51 AM
Walked onto the plane and sat down quietly, he didn't want to show anyone he was nervous, but by the look in Micheal's eyes he doubted he could hide it from him. He looked around the plane taking it all in, this was his first trip away from home and the plane seemed slightly small.

'You're just paranoid that's all, everyone gets a little scared of planes sometimes...' He looked at the seat next to him, it was empty. Hopefully one of the other members would sit closer to Chieko, well the noisier ones anyway. He needed to relax and thinking about who he'd rather sit next to didn't really help him, maybe if he dosed off for a bit it might calm his nerves. Or make the others leave him alone for the rest of the trip to America.

October 19th, 2007, 11:52 AM
Chieko quickly darted her eyes to the left, then tugged on her bangs a little. "You think? I've never really seen Miss Suzumiya before, so I really wouldn't know." She then slumped down in her seat. "But seeing how I'm her mental 'daughter' I guess it makes sence." She continued to tug on her bangs until looking up to see who else hadn't seated themselves yet.

She stood up, leaned over the head rest or the seat in front of her, and said "Hey, you guys gonna sit down today?"

(Sorry... not much to go on right now..)

October 22nd, 2007, 10:37 AM
Micheal just stare at Chieko for a moment as she began to tug on her bangs. He had to admit that he has never seen this side of Chieko before much less expected to see it."

Still Micheal wasn't surprise to hear that Chieko hasn't seen Haruhi before. He has only seen one picture of Miss Suzumiya and that was from the datafiles of the Integrated Data Entity. Once Micheal arrive here he did a little research and found that there wasn't any photos in the school of Haruhi and some of the other SOS Bridge members. MIcheal thougth that with the huge impact the Bridge made that there would be photos. Lots of information but photos were rare.

Micheal took a glance back to see that one of the other members, Itsuki, had taken their seat and was a bit scared. Fear was a simple feeling that wasn't needed but it seems as if humans here haven't developed pass that stage. Micheal then looked at Chieko who was a bit upset that the others haven't taken a seat. Micheal then said, "Well I can see if I can find a photo for you. It should be easier for us to find Haruhi if we know how she looks like."

October 24th, 2007, 3:21 PM
OOC: ...FINE >< We really need to scoot along, so I'm just going to make you guys SIT.

Chieko rested her head on her hand and looked at Michael. "Oh yeah? How's that?"

By this time, everyone else had found a seat, and were very happy about it. That meant they could take off any second now. It had taken them a while to sort all this out, who to sit by, where you might not get a fat smelly man sitting next to you. All these important things that needed tenting to had been tended to. Suddenly there was a voice coming from the loud speaker.

"We are now beginning our trip to America. Please, everyone buckle your seat belts and begin praying." The voice chuckled, as if that was funny, there was static, which Chieko assumed meant the voice was gone.

October 27th, 2007, 12:01 AM
'Begin praying? Who do they think they are, a priest!?'Itsuki thought to himself after the announcement. He had already buckled his seat belt as soon as he sat down. He was almost asleep until the announcement came on, now he'd have trouble going back to sleep. He looked around at the rest of the group members, they were all talking amongst themselves.

'Maybe if I concentrate on one of them I might be able to see what they're thinking...' He tried to concentrate but it was i bit too noisy for him, instead he heard the man infront's thoughts. The man was just thinking to himself if he forgot anything, and whether he should order a meal. Itsuki sighed, the only thoughts he'd be recieving on this plane would be the other passenger's thoughts on what they forgot, or what they should eat, or when will the plane land.

Itsuki smiled to himself, 'Maybe when where half way I'll ask whether we're there yet, that always seems to annoy people... then they might leave me alone for awhile.' He looked out the window and yawned, wondering how long the trip would actually take...

October 27th, 2007, 7:44 PM
Micheal just stare at the device that was producing the sound. He didn't understand what the person on the other end was talking about. Was it suppose to be a joke thougth Micheal. He wasn't sure but still doesn't matter.

Micheal then looked at Chieko and thought about her question. He never really gave much thought when people ask him question. Mostly because his thought process is faster then any human. Still something about Chieko just slows him down. To tell the truth Micheal as seen a picture of Haruhi but only with in the Eniity. He wasn't sure if he could take images from the Enitity and have it in what people here call a photo. Still.

Micheal just looked at Chieko and said, "I can give you a photo of her right now. I just need a writing device and paper."

November 8th, 2007, 7:42 PM
Stretching in her chair like a lazy kung-fu master,Citlalli overheard the conversation of the god-like figure Haruhi she had heard so much about.Though she had never seen or even met Haruhi before,to her,she seemed to have known her personally from an event,though having no memory of it.People tell her because of her amnesia she hadn't been thinking straight at all,but Citlalli begged to differ;

With a enthusiastic grin,she jumped her seat and folded her arms,listening to every detail Micheal had to say.She would nod at facts she wasn't sure about when others talked about her.Except one fact.The one fact that arouse her suspisions.

What happened 3 years ago?

To be honest,she wasn't quite sure herself.The farthest she could remember was ruling over a beautiful empire in Mexico..and to many that seemed extremely far-fetched.Her distinct looks were already enough to lead to bad judgement.Nonetheless Citlalli had yet to verify her hypothesis on "God."

With her violet eyes shining,she turned towards the young man she decided to sit with,Itsuki. Being the child she still was,she decided to try and spark up a meaningless conversation with the quiet aquintance.
"Talk,primo! We're in this mission together!" Her wild hand gestures displaying how excited she was.

November 12th, 2007, 7:16 AM
Chieko looked suspiciously at Michael for a minute, then grabbed a magazine out of the seat in front of her, found an article that was mostly white, stood up in her seat and stole a pen from the pocket of a sleeping fat man in front of her. She plopped down on the seat again, pressed the button that opened the pen more times than needed, and scribbles on the magazine.

"Just making sure it works." She muttered, almost too quietly for Michael to hear. It did. She handed to magazine and pen to Michael, and watched quietly as he prepared to draw a pretty, pretty picture of her apperant 'mother'.

November 13th, 2007, 3:04 PM
Micheal raised an eyebrow at the seeming hyperactive Citlalli. Just a few moments ago she just yet out a sligth yell at the person that she was seating next too. Micheal could only guess that ITsuki would have his head scared off his shoulders from the sudden outburst. Still Micheal just focus his attention back on Chieko who had finally gotten a pen and paper. Micheal let out a slight smile when he saw that Chieko had gotten the pen from the obuse human that sat in front of them. Micheal then let the smile quicky disappear before anybody saw it.

Micheal took the pen and then let a dazed look appear on his face. Micheal was accuiring the knowledge to draw humans and other lifeforms. Micheal then brought up the picture that Micheal was shown by the Enity Micheal then blinked his eyes a few times and began to draw Haruhi. Micheal started out with a simple wireframe of a female human. He drew a round circle for the head and worked on basic muscle tone. Micheal then drew the uniform that North High had back during the original SOS. Finally Micheal worked on the details of Haruhi's face and head. He made the hair look almost like Chieko except Micheal made it look darker since Haruhi had brown hair while Chieko had blonde. He also tried to place some of Chieko's spirit on the face but failed and it reflected that in the sketch. Micheal drew the picture well but knew that it lacked the spirit of a ture artist. Micheal drew all of this as quicky as he could. It was just a basic rough sketch but it had a lot of detail. Micheal drew Haruhi in the postion where she was dragging Kyon but Micheal didn't included Kyon in his drawing.

Micheal then looked at Chieko and said, "I believe that is something close to what your mother looks like." He then handed magazine to Chieko.

November 23rd, 2007, 3:34 PM
Chieko took the magazine from him, and looked it over. The hair was almost exactly the same as hers, but he shaded it in. She guessed that meant brunette. She seemed to be dragging something that wasn't there. Thinking of asking what that was all about, she opened her mouth to talk, but quickly shut it when she realized that Haruhi looked almost exactly the same as her.

So she wanted someone kinda like her to continue the SOS Brigade? That's kinda weird. Chieko thought, closing the magazine without saying anything to Michael. She rested her chin on her hand, and stared out the window.

If that's the case then why didn't she just force all the members to go to College with her? I'm sure they might have listened judging by all I've heard about her forcefulness. But no, I guess she wanted the SOS Brigade to continue at the school. Maybe to make a name for herself? Oh well... Chieko slumped in her seat, then realized something important that she had forgotten.

"Thanks for the picture Mike, it helped a lot."

Rena Ryuugu
November 23rd, 2007, 3:42 PM
(Awwwuuu!! I missed so much! I suppose Marie is sitting between two strangers then. :D)

Marie glanced back and forth, listening for Chieko's voice, and pretending that their leader was sitting next to her. Instead of two strangers. Marie hated sitting next to people she didn't know, especially in confined areas. Like this row of seats for example. She did everything in her power to stop herself from hyperventalating.

Marie strained her neck, looking over the seats. She saw Chieko's head, and was for some reason relieved.

She wondered if the leader had put her far away from the other members on purpose. Like some sort of test. This thought brought tears to Maries eyes, and she whimpered.

(Oh, I haven't RPed in so long! I'm a little rusty. :O)

November 23rd, 2007, 4:33 PM
MIcheal raised his eyebrow. He had no idea what caused Chieko to call him 'Mike'. Last Micheal checked his name which was given to him by the Enity was Micheal. Micheal was very unsure and never heard of this unformal way to say his name. Still he looked at Chieko and a thoguht came to his head. What was she thinking. He never thoguht of that before but still he let it pass.

Micheal compose himself and didn't even bother correcting Chieko on the imformal use of his name. He just said, "Well we can always keep that picture so we can have a good idea how Haruhi looks like." Micheal didn't even look at Marie and said, "It seems as if we need to have a talk about our plans to the rest of the members."

Rena Ryuugu
November 28th, 2007, 1:28 PM

Marie cautiously stood up.

"<Excuse me>," she said to the man, then quickly covered her mouth in embarrassment. The man looked up at her confusedly. "Excuse me," she repeated, this time in English.

The man moved his legs and Marie walked shakily into the aisle. She walked up the few rows of seats and stood next to Chieko.


Just as she began to speak, the plane shook violently. A baby began to cry, and several people shouted in surprise. It shook again, and again.

"Chieko!!" Marie squeaked, tears already pouring down her cheeks. "Aliens!"

November 28th, 2007, 2:05 PM
Chieko still had her head resting in her palm, and was looking at Marie with just her eyes. Some turbulence had just shook the plane, and made a couple of people freak out, including Marie.

Chieko shook her head and laughed. "Yeah, what about them Marie?" She asked, leaning over her seat, and halfway in front of Mike, Michael's newly christened nickname.

(Short, I know. I didn't know what you meant by that XD)

November 29th, 2007, 12:15 PM
Micheal just raised his eyebrows at the mention of aliens. He didn't know if this was an attempt to be funny by Marie or was she serious. The universe is wide and there are other beings besidees humans and what makes up the Enity but still most of them tend to stay away from this planet because of the lack of technology and almost inhabital conditions.

Still the idea of aliens would maybe excite Chieko a little just to have the chance of seeing more of the likes of himself. Micheal just stood still to listen in on more of the conversation between Marie and Chieko who decided to lean in front of Micheal

Rena Ryuugu
November 29th, 2007, 2:31 PM
"They're attacking our plane!" she squeaked, kneeling in the middle of the aisle. The commotion was dying down now. Even the baby had stopped crying. Everyone was okay.

Except for Marie.

She turned to Micheal.

"Do you think it was aliens?" she asked, grabbing the arm of his seat.

December 6th, 2007, 7:15 AM
Micheal looked at Marie and thought about it for a minute. During this minute data was running though his head to come up with a simple answer that where this human could understand while still making a possible guess. Micheal knew the chance of aliens to board a plane during midflight was very slim but there was still a chance. Still the type of alien was the question.

Micheal then said, "There is no data to support the claim that there were or are aliens aboard. Still the chance of other lifeforms besides humans and myself to board this plane is very slim. Most likey what your just experience was just turbance which is something that you may not be use to from riding on an outdated flying contraption." Micheal then tilted his head back up to how it was before.

December 6th, 2007, 1:06 PM
Chieko gave him a look and re-capped the pen. She shoved it back into the fat man's pocket and shoved Michael's head out of that awkward tilted state. "I have an idea!" She stood up, but right after standing up a little turbulence made her loose her balance and sit right back down again. She was in shock, but acted as if nothing had happened.

"Marie, Mike, how about we go explore the plane?" She stuck a finger in front of Marie's face, pointing directly at her nose and practically yelled, "She looks so bored am I right? I'm right aren't I?" at Michael.

Just then an announcement was hear over the loud speaker. Not only was the announcement all staticy, but it was in English too. Chieko strained her knowledge of the English language and got most of what was being said. "We are now going to be ------ in -------. All restroom ------ are to be made now".

She ignored all the words she didn't know, and turned back to Michael and Marie. "Well?"

December 6th, 2007, 3:16 PM
Micheal looked at Marie and mentally he was disagreeing with Chieko. The look on Marie's face anything but boredom. It looked like Marie was scared out of her mind from riding on this plane. Still he couldn't disagree with Chieko. It just wasn't right.

Micheal waited until the annoucment was made. He understood what the person was saying, even it was in english but with the whimpers he was hearing from small childern it was hard to hear.

Micheal then nodded and said, "I guess we should investigate the plane." He looked at Marie's face who had Chieko's finger so close that it looked like Chieko could poke Marie's eyes out if there was strong turbence because of the short distance between the two. Micheal then stood up and said in an attempt to make a joke, "I guess we are off then to cure the boredom of Marie."

Rena Ryuugu
December 9th, 2007, 9:12 AM
Marie got up, and almost fell right back over again.

"Okay, Chieko. Let's go..."

She walked a few steps down the aisle, then waited for her two accomplices to follow.

Another announcement came over the speaker, but it was widely ignored by all of the passengers. It was mostly static, anyway, Marie noted. Then she got an idea.

"Maybe the plane is broken!" she said, her blonde curls bouncing as she nodded. "And we have to fix it~!"

December 9th, 2007, 9:48 AM
Chieko smiled widely. "There we go, now we're talkin'!" She jumped into the aisle, turned, and smiled. "No one else is coming so it's just us." She stated the obvious too often than she needed to.

She looked from left to right then up. "So uhh... which way should we go?" She had no idea where you would go to 'fix the plane' so asking her trio of uberfied members was all she could think of.

December 9th, 2007, 9:36 PM
Micheal just listen to Marie's comment and thought that it was very unintelligent.To Micheal, the plane seems to be in working condition for the model and age. What could be the reason why this plane is like this is because the plane is very out of date for Micheal's strandards and really he thinks this is pointless but since Micheal was in a human interface, this plane is needed.

Micheal then said in a unitone voice, "If one was to 'fix' the plane then that depends on what needs to be 'fix'. If you want the engines to be fix then somebody is going have to go outside." Micheal then pointed his finger to a window which was open to show the large engines of the plane. "To fix the intercom, one may need to rework the wiring to see if there is any cuts. Still if the wiring was the problem then the best plan of action would be in the captain's cockpit or the attendent's reciever." Micheal then looked at Chieko, "The turbance could most likey be caused by outer forces but the data that makes up this plane can be altered."

December 14th, 2007, 5:09 PM
Chieko looked at Michael kind of dumbfounded, but got over it, slammed her fist into her palm, and the pointed up at the intercom. I guess we'll have to start with that one then. She turned around and eyed the cockpit. It was being guarded by a snack lady with a snack cart, blocking the entire aisle.

She turned back to her Brigaders. "Well! Our first adversary!" she said with a grin.

December 17th, 2007, 5:27 PM
Micheal inside his head would be frowning if he had any feelings within his mind. MIcheal looked at Chieko and then at the attendent who was with the snack cart who was blocking the door to the cockpit. Micheal thought that this was going to be a bit pointless but he wasn't going to go against Chieko's decision.

Micheal then looked at Marie and said, "We need to use Marie for this operation then. She has an 67 percent rate of success. In my knowledge she with her timid nature will garantee a high chance of the personal to be remove from her spot and thus leaving the door open. If you or myself try to then the chance of the removing the the personal from her spot then our chance of success is going to be less then 50 percent." Micheal then looked at Chieko and said, "Do you agree with this plan to send Marie?"

December 18th, 2007, 11:26 AM
She crossed her arms and nodded. "Absolutely, I couldn't have said it better myself." But the real question is if Marie will do it." She turned around and faced Marie. "So, you wanna give it a try?" She said with a sort of... evil looking smile.

The attendant was now moving slowly down the aisle, getting closer to them with that big, hulking snack cart of hers. She had an obvious fake smile super glued to her face, and had her hair in a bun that looked like her hair would rip out at any moment. She was hideous...

Rena Ryuugu
December 28th, 2007, 11:26 AM
Marie's eyes widened.

"S-so what do I do?" she whispered to the two standing across from her. She looked over at the attendant, and flinched as their eyes met. She was hideous. Horribly hideous.

Marie attemped to smile back, failing miserably.

December 28th, 2007, 4:18 PM
Micheal looked at Marie and then at Chieko. He took a moment to think about if Chieko had even understood a word he had said. Then he looked at the nervous Marie and knew that there was a hundred percent chance that she had no idea what he had just said. As for Chieko his prediction told him that she had a 95 percent chance of understanding what he had said earlier.

Micheal then looked at Marie and knew that she needed help in doing this. Micheal then took a look at the candy lady and saw that she wasn't what most humans would consider beautiful. He had no opinion about this woman but could tell that Marie was fearful because of this female human's apperience. Still Micheal looked at the open window where a lady was sleeping with a book on her face. By his calucations, there wasn't much time until they arrive in America.

Micheal then looked at Chieko and said, "A well place push forward will make Marie face the female human you wish to take down." Micheal then pointed at Marie's back side.

January 22nd, 2008, 10:09 PM
OOC: OMG! I AM SO SORRY I HAVEN"T BEEN ON! I missed heaps didn't I? Darn.
IC: Through all the termoil Ikki just sat there with his eyes shut tight, not wanting to open them to find them falling somewhere unknown. He felt alone as the seats next to him were empty, ha, no one to comfort me again, he thought to himself as he heard people screaming and babies crying. When all this is over, I'm taking a SHIP back home, he thought as the shaking slowly ceased.

He kept his eyes shut tight, just incase it happened again. He knew he had powers to keep the plane steady, but fear kicked in and ceased control. I'll keep my eyes shut till we land safely. When things calmed down he was able to hear the leaders voice, as well as the other members, I wonder what they're thinking...?