View Full Version : UFT: UT TRU Manaphy with Red Scarf

September 29th, 2007, 2:50 PM
Yeah. x) Legit. Obtained by me. ^^

The natures are: Docile and Timid

Looking for these:
Shiny Plusle, preferably level 1
Shiny Chinchou, preferably level 1
Shiny Miltank, preferably level 1
Shiny Spoink, preferably level 1
Shiny Lapras, preferably level 1

If not those, just offer. ^^

I also want the natures I don't have.
The ones I do have are:

diamant player
September 29th, 2007, 2:53 PM
i can give you a shiny miltank on lv 45 and a shiny lapras on lv 100 for it

September 29th, 2007, 2:54 PM
No thanks. I just want those at level 1 or 5 (depending on where they were hatched)

Anything else?

diamant player
September 29th, 2007, 2:56 PM
lapras is to 100% unhatched because it was transfered on lv 5 and by miltank i´m not sure

September 29th, 2007, 2:57 PM
How is the Lapras level 100 and 100% unhatched at the same time? x)

diamant player
September 29th, 2007, 2:59 PM
ohh sorry i mean unhacked i´ve transfered it at lv 5 from my emerald version and then i trained it on lv 100

September 29th, 2007, 3:00 PM
Ahh. Okay. I'm still not very interested though. =/

September 29th, 2007, 3:01 PM
ill trade you a distant land lugia shiny riolu and shiny eevee

September 29th, 2007, 3:02 PM
ur figminted imagination arent u........ or is ur thread a horrible coincidence

diamant player
September 29th, 2007, 3:02 PM
do you want an ageto celebi for it?

September 29th, 2007, 3:04 PM
No thanks, I already have a Distant Land Lugia. ^^

Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. That's for me to know, and for you to find out.

Is it untouched?

September 29th, 2007, 3:07 PM
ur so mean lol
i offer any of these
Shiny Legendaries
Articuno Lv 50 Naïve
Moltres Lv 55 Hardy
Mewtwo Lv. 76 Sassy
Mew MYSTRY Lv 10 Brave
Raikou lv 100 Hardy PKRS Nickname Sammy
Entei Lv 40 Modest
Suicune lv 100 Timid Japanese ID 35360
Lugia Lv 70 Docile
Ho-oh Lv. 70 Quirky
Regirock Lv. 40 Careful
Regice Lv 40 Mild
Registeel Lv 40 Mild
Latias Female Lv. 40 Careful
Latios Male Lv 40 Adamant
Latios Male Lv 40 Adamant
Latios Male Lv. 100 Relaxed Nickname END I
Kyogre Lv 50 Careful
Groudon Lv 70 Careful
Rayquaza Lv 70 Naughty
Rayquaza Lv 100 Adamant
Jirachi WISHMKR Lv 5 Naive
Deoxys Speed Form Lv 100 Sassy Japanese
Deoxys Defense Form Lv 36 Adamant
Deoxys Attack Form Lv 100 Bashful Japanese
Rotom Lv. 1 Naive
Uxie Lv 50 Careful Nickname Leon
Mesprit Lv. 50 Hasty
Mesprit Lv 52 Hasty PKRS Japanese
Azelf Lv. 50 Sassy
Dialga Lv. 47 Gentle (Holding orb)
Palkia Lv 48 Hardy PKRS
Heatran Male Lv 70 Sassy
Giratina Lv 70 Naïve
Cresselia Female Lv 50 Bold
Manaphy Lv 1

Japanese Concert Chatot w/ soothe bell Lv 25 PKRS Timid
Japanese PC Tokyo Charmander w/ Lucky Egg Lv 40 Male Mild CHERISHBALL
Japanese Tanaba Jirachi Lv. 75 Hardy
Japanese Negai Boshi Jirachi Lv 36 Impish
WISHMKR Jirachi Lv 5 Gentle
Japanese Agate Celebi Lv 10 Adamant
10 ANIV Celebi Lv. 70 Docile
Aura Mew Lv 10 Gentle
Mystery Mew Lv 11 Sassy
Mystery Mew Lv 100 Relaxed
XD Lugia Lv 80 Jolly
Coliseum Raikou Lv. 70 Relaxed
Coliseum Entei Lv. 52 Lax
Coliseum Suicune Lv. 52 PKRS Quirky
Coliseum Suicune Lv. 57 PKRS Lax

Regular Shinies
Season 1 Kanto
Bulbasaur Male Lv 1 Bold
Ivysaur Male Lv 18 Bold
Venusaur Male Lv 32 Bold
Charmander Female Lv 5 Jolly
Charmeleon Female Lv 18 Jolly
Charizard Male Lv 38 Lax
Squirtle Female Lv 10 Adamant PKRS
Wartortle Female Lv 19 Adamant
Blastoise Male Lv 100 PKRS Adamant
Butterfree Female Lv 56 Mild
Weedle Female Lv 4 Impish Nickname DORADIN
Kakuna Female Lv 15 Impish Nickname DORADIN
Beedrill Female Lv 16 Impish Nickname DORADIN
Pidgey Female Lv 19 Naïve
Pidgey Male Lv 51 Jolly
Pidgeotto Male Lv 51 Jolly
Rattata Female Lv 3 Gentle
Rattata Female Lv 22 Naughty
Raticate Female Lv 52 Docile
Spearow Female Lv 7 Careful
Fearow Male Lv 34 Impish
Arbok Male Lv 44 Quiet Nickname King Kobra
Pikachu Female Lv. 18 Naughty
Raichu Female Lv. 18 Naughty
Sandshrew Female Lv 20 Quirky
Sandslash Male Lv 41 Serious Nickname Shrewd
Nidoqueen Female Lv 100 Modest
Nidoran Male Lv. 24 Timid
Nidorino Male Lv 26 Timid
Nidoking Male Lv 55 Naughty
Clefairy Female Lv 36 Docile
Clefable Female Lv 36 Docile
Vulpix Female Lv 28 Brave
Ninetales Female Lv 28 Brave
Zubat Male Lv. 13 Timid
Golbat Male Lv 44 Quirky
Oddish Male Lv 13 Calm Nickname SHINY ODSH
Gloom Male Lv 23 Calm Nickname SHINY ODSH
Vileplume Male Lv 23 Calm Nickname SHINY ODSH
Diglett Male Lv 25 Brave Japanese
Dugtrio Male Lv 27 Brave Japanese
Psyduck Female Lv 25 Quiet
Golduck Female Lv 34 Quiet
Primeape Female Lv 100 Docile
Growlithe Female Lv 1 Adamant PKRS
Arcanine Female Lv 1 Adamant PKRS
Poliwag Male lv 16 Impish Nickname POLISHINY
Poliwhirl Female lv 43 Calm PKRS
Abra Male Lv 7 Calm
Kadabra Male Lv 18 Calm (Holding Everstone)
Alakazam Male Lv 80 Modest
Machop Male Lv 1 Lonely
Machoke Male Lv 28 Lonely
Machamp Male Lv 51 Calm
Weepinbell Male Lv. 24 Naughty
Victreebel Male Lv. 24 Naughty
Tentacool Female lv 23 Naughty
Tentacruel Male Lv 45 Docile PKRS
Geodude Male Lv 14 Timid Nickname Twinkly
Graveler Male Lv 26 Timid Nickname Twinkly (Holding Everstone)
Golem Male Lv 25 Calm
Ponyta Female Lv 34 Naughty
Rapidash Male Lv 43 Quirky Japanese
Slowpoke Female Lv 1 Timid Nicknamed Klazma
Magnemite lv 29 Bold
Farfetch'd Male Lv 26 Sassy
Doduo Male Lv 2 Lonely
Shellder Female Lv 24 Adamant
Cloyster Female Lv 24 Adamant
Gastly Male Lv 5 Careful
Haunter Male Lv 25 Careful
Gengar Male Lv 25 Careful
Onix Female Lv 32 Careful
Hypno Male Lv 37 Bashful
Kingler Female Lv 52 Naïve
Voltorb Lv 24 Sassy
Electrode Lv 31 Sassy
Exeggcute Female Lv 1 Rash
Exeggutor Female Lv 1 Rash
Cubone Male Lv 4 Serious
Marowak Male Lv 32 Serious
Lickitung Male Lv 36 Jolly
Weezing Female Lv 56 Hasty
Rhydon Male Lv. 55 Serious
Chansey Female Lv. 21 Timid
Horsea Female Lv 18 Hardy
Seadra Female Lv 33 Hardy
Staryu Lv 16 Careful
Starmie Lv 16 Careful
Mr. Mime Male Lv 20 Gentle
Scyther Male Lv 25 Lax
Electabuzz Male Lv 31 Naive
Pinsir Male Lv 52 Bold
Tauros Male lv 55 Calm
Magikarp Female Lv 1 Sassy
Gyarados Female Lv 27 Lax Nickname RED
Lapras Lv 57 Naïve
Ditto Lv 30Bashful
Eevee Male Lv 1 Lonely
Vaporeon Male Lv 1 Lonely
Jolteon Male Lv 1 Lonely
Flareon Male Lv 1 Lonely
Porygon Lv. 24 Bold
Aerodactyl Male Lv. 1 Naughty
Dratini Male Lv. 15 Adamant
Dragonair Male Lv. 30 Adamant
Dragonite Female Lv 75 Careful

Season 2 Johto
Chikorita Male Lv 1 Impish
Bayleef Female Lv 30 Timid
Meganium Female Lv 33 Timid
Meganium Male lv 100 Brave
155 Cyndaquil Male Lv 5 Hardy PKRS
156 Quilava Male Lv 27 Lonely
Totodile Male Lv 1 Adamant
Croconaw Male Lv 25 Adamant
Feraligatr Male Lv 100
Noctowl Male Lv 47
Ariados Female Lv 52 Quirky
Crobat Male Lv 40 Rash Nickname ZUUY
Pichu Female Lv 34 Rash Nickname Spark
Togepi Male Lv 18 Mild
Togetic Male lv 5 Jolly
Natu Female lv 5 Lax PKRS
Flaaffy Male Lv 16 Calm
Ampharos Female Lv 31 Lonely
Bellossom Male Lv 13 Calm Nickname SHINY ODSH
Marill Female Lv 21 Lax
Azumarill Male Lv 100 Lonely
Sudowoodo Male Lv 29 Impish
Jumpluff Female Lv 100 Naughty
Aipom Female Lv 43 Careful
Sunflora Female Lv. 10 Hasty
Wooper Male Lv 24 Quirky Japanese
Quagsire Female Lv. 53 Serious
Espeon Male Lv 52 Careful
Umbreon Male Lv 100 Careful
Murkrow Male Lv 15 Relaxed
201 Unown J Lv 19 Mild
Unown P Lv 20 Bashful Japanese
Unown S lv 25 Quirky
Dunsparce Female Lv 15 Relaxed
Steelix Female Lv 32 Careful
Qwilfish Female Lv 50 Bashful PKRS
Scizor Female Lv. 100 Lax Nickname PEPSI
Shuckle Female Lv 5 Docile
Heracross Female Lv 100 Adamant
Sneasel Female Lv 35 Lax
Magcargo Male Lv 55 Bashful
Swinub Female lv 25 Serious
Skarmory Male Lv 64 Relaxed Nickname Skarmory
Houndour Female Lv 5 Lax
Houndoom Male Lv 37 Quiet
Kingdra Female Lv 33 Hardy
Phanpy Female Lv 5 Naughty Nickname Phanpy
Donphan Male Lv 32 Hasty
Porygon 2 Lv. 24 Bold
Smeargle Female Lv 44 Bashful Nickname SPARKL
Elekid Male Lv 1 Naive (Holding Electrizer)
Miltank Female Lv 37 Quirky
Blissey Female Lv 54 PKRS Quiet
Larvitar Male Lv 6 Timid
Pupitar Female lv 42 Quirky PKRS
Tyranitar Female Lv 57 Quirky

Season 3 Hoenn
Treecko Male Lv 5 Rash
Grovyle Male Lv 17 Rash
Sceptile Female Lv 100 Careful Nickname GODZILLA
Torchic Male Lv 1 Sassy
Combusken Female Lv 20 Docile
Mudkip Male Lv. 6 Bashful
Marshtomp Male Lv 16 Bashful
Mightyena Female Lv 50 Brave
Zigzagoon Female Lv 5 Quiet
Linoone Female Lv 22 Quiet
Wurmple Female Lv 5 Quirky
Silcoon Female Lv 14 Quirky
Lotad Female lv 3 Impish
Taillow Female Lv 6 Bold
Swellow Female Lv 22 Bold
Wingull Male Lv 11 Mild
Pelipper Male Lv 25 Mild
Ralts Female Lv. 14 Lax Japanese
Kirlia Female Lv. 24 Lax Japanese
Gardevoir Male lv 35 Rash
Surskit Male Lv 2 Mild
Masquerain Male Lv 24 Mild
Shroomish Male Lv 5 Adamant
Breloom Male Lv 23 Adamant
Nincada Female Lv. 6 Jolly
Ninjask Female Lv. 21 Jolly
Shedinja Female Lv. 20 Jolly
Whismur Female Lv 6 Timid
Loudred Male Lv 37 Quirky PKRS
Makuhita Male Lv 30 Adamant
Hariyama Male Lv 31 Adamant
Skitty Female lv 40 Naughty
Sableye Female Lv 41 Naïve
Mawile Male Lv 33 Docile
Aron Male Lv 28 Lax
Lairon Male Lv 32 Lax
Aggron Male Lv 100 Lax
Meditite Male Lv 15 Quirky
Medicham Male Lv 37 Quirky
Plusle Female Lv 18 Hardy Nickname +
Minun Female Lv 6 Naïve
Roselia Male Lv 7 Mild Nicknamed Ferfume
Gulpin Female lv 12 Adamant
Swalot Male Lv 26 Hardy
Carvanha Male Lv 18 Jolly
Wailmer Female Lv 30 Naughty Japanese
Wailord Male Lv 41 Quiet Japanese
Numel Female Lv 16 Modest
Camerupt Male Lv 55 Sassy
Grumpig Male Lv 39 Docile
Spinda Male Lv 50 Hardy
Trapinch Male Lv 7 Adamant
Vibrava Male Lv 35 Adamant
Flygon Male Lv 65 Modest
Swablu Female Lv 16 Relaxed
Altaria Male Lv 100 Bold
Zangoose Female Lv 28 Gentle
Zangoose Female Lv 16 Mild Japanese
Solrock Lv 16 Naive Nickname SOLAROC
Corphish Male Lv 40 Bashful
Crawdaunt Male Lv 41 Bashful
Claydol Lv 100 Timid
Lileep Male Lv 20 Serious
Feebas Male Lv 5 Brave
Milotic Female Lv 63 Lax
Kecleon Male Lv. 30 Bashful
Shuppet Male Lv 1 Serious
Banette Female Lv 52 Docile
Duskull Female Lv 28 Bashful
Dusclops Female Lv 40 Bashful
Tropius Female Lv 42 Hardy Japanese
Absol Male Lv 51 Bashful
Snorunt Female Lv 5 Lax
Glalie Female Lv 43 Lax
Spheal Male Lv 1 Naïve
Clamperl Male Lv 20 Jolly Nicknamed
Huntail Male Lv 20 Jolly Nicknamed
Gorebyss Male Lv 20 Jolly Nicknamed
Luvdisc Female Lv 50 Rash
Bagon Male Lv 18 Quiet PKRS
Shelgon Male Lv 30 Quiet
Salamence Female Lv 50 Lax
Beldum Lv 5 Adamant PKRS
Metang Lv 28 Hardy Japanese
Metagross Lv 61 Adamant

Season 4 Sinnoh
Turtwig Male Lv 1 Hasty
Grotle Male Lv 21 Hasty
Torterra Male Lv 32 Naughty
Chimchar Male Lv 1 Mild
Monferno Male Lv 15 Mild
Infernape Male Lv 36 Brave PKRS
Piplup Male Lv 1 Quiet PKRS
Prinplup Male Lv 18 Quiet PKRS
Starly Male Lv 3 Hasty Nicknamed Tasker
Staravia Male Lv 16 Hasty Nicknamed Tasker
Staraptor Male Lv 34 Calm PKRS Japanese
Bidoof Male Lv 2 Gentle
Bibarel Male Lv 24 Jolly
Kricketot Female Lv 6 Modest
Kricketune Female Lv 23 Naive
Shinx Male Lv. 4 Careful
Budew Male Lv 4 Naughty
Roserade Male Lv 7 Mild Nicknamed Ferfume
Roserade Male Lv 54 Calm
Rampardos Male Lv 35 Serious Japanese
Rampardos Male Lv 44 Serious Japanese
Shieldon Male Lv 20 Serious Japanese
Bastiodon Male Lv 31 Serious Japanese
Burmy Female Lv 7 Hasty
Wormadam Female Lv 23 Hasty
Pachirisu Male Lv. 7 Quiet
Buizel Female Lv 10 Careful
Floatzel Female Lv 27 Careful
Cherrim Female Lv 26 Careful
Shellos Female Lv 7 Impish
Gastrodon Male Lv 30 Hardy
Ambipom Female Lv 48 Careful
Drifblim Female Lv 28 Quirky
Buneary Female Lv 10 Gentle
Lopunny Female Lv 48 Docile
Honchkrow Male Lv 15 Relaxed
Skuntank Female Lv. 51 Sassy
Bronzor Lv 15 Docile
Mime Jr. Male Lv 16 Gentle
Spiritomb Male Lv 1 Quirky
Gible Male Lv 15 Quirky
Gabite Male Lv 24 Quirky
Riolu Female Lv 1 PKRS
Lucario Male Lv 43 Hasty PKRS
Snover Female Lv 34 Careful
Lickilicky Male Lv 37 Jolly
Rhyperior Male Lv. 55 Serious
Electivire Male lv 31 Naïve
Magmortar Male Lv 48 Modest
Togekiss Male lv 100 Modest
Leafeon Male Lv. 2 Lonely
Glaceon Male Lv 8 Lonely Nickname GIVRALI
Porygon-Z Lv. 24 Bold
Gallade Male Lv. 20 Serious
Dusknoir Male Lv. 38 Modest Nickname Bones
Dusknoir Male Lv 64 Quiet PKRS Nickname RED
Froslass Female Lv 5 Lax

diamant player
September 29th, 2007, 3:09 PM
yes it´s untouched on lv 10 and if you want i can give you an untouched WISHMKR jirachi

September 29th, 2007, 3:10 PM
Yeah. x) Legit. Obtained by me. ^^

Looking for these:
Shiny Plusle, preferably level 1
Shiny Chinchou, preferably level 1
Shiny Miltank, preferably level 1
Shiny Spoink, preferably level 1
Shiny Lapras, preferably level 1

If not those, just offer. ^^

I can give a shiny lapras if you tell me its nature.

September 29th, 2007, 3:12 PM
I'm interested in:

shiny Articuno
shiny regirock
shiny registeel
shiny Ditto
shiny Chikorita (OT?)
shiny Totodile

Though not ALL of them. That'd be SO unfair. xD

EDIT: Just Ageto will do. ^^ (do you accept clones?)

and pixlepix, I have docile, timid, and one that I still haven't gotten from the green guy yet

September 29th, 2007, 3:13 PM
I'm interested in:

shiny Articuno
shiny regirock
shiny registeel
shiny Ditto
shiny Chikorita (OT?)
shiny Totodile

Though not ALL of them. That'd be SO unfair. xD
achully I think this event is worth more then that.

September 29th, 2007, 3:32 PM
And I think that it's worth just a little less.

bumppy.. :]

September 29th, 2007, 3:37 PM
Could I get the natures on the Manaphy?

September 29th, 2007, 3:37 PM
Docile, Timid, and to be announced.

September 30th, 2007, 5:18 AM
I honestly thought that wasting a perfectly good thread was not a good idea, so bump. :D

September 30th, 2007, 5:19 AM
what nature is it and is it legit and ut

September 30th, 2007, 5:23 AM
I have two at current: Docile and Timid.

They're legit and untouched. I know this because I was the one who got them from TRU in the first place. ;D

September 30th, 2007, 5:24 AM
i can give you a jolly a modest a serious pick 2 of mine and i will trade it for your docile and timid is that okay

September 30th, 2007, 5:26 AM
Perfectly fine. ^^

Could I have Jolly and Modest? x)

But I have to do several trades before this so, if you could wait.. ^^''

September 30th, 2007, 5:28 AM
okay deal what is your friend code

September 30th, 2007, 5:29 AM
Fluffy;; 3437 0833 0523.


Sorry to make you wait though. I have a few trades to do before our trade.

September 30th, 2007, 5:31 AM
okay see you on wifi im going on

September 30th, 2007, 5:34 AM
Hold on, I have two trades to complete before ours. x.x

September 30th, 2007, 5:36 AM
okay i am on wifi so just try to hurry please

September 30th, 2007, 5:50 AM
All right, ready. ^^ Sorry for the wait.

September 30th, 2007, 5:52 AM
kopala im on wifi waiting for you see you there

September 30th, 2007, 6:19 AM
All righty. ^^ Be there in a sec.

EDIT: All righty. Thanks for the trade. :D