View Full Version : Bulbasaur, Treeko, Chikorita

September 29th, 2007, 3:39 PM
Edit: I also want Shuckle, Solrock, Lunatone.

Anyone got em? I can offer Arcanines, Lv1 Spiritombs, Totodiles, Torchics, Houndours, lv50 Feraligatr, Elekid, Yanma, Feebas amongst other things. I can also spread the pokerus virus if need be. I also have evolution stones i can trade over if anyone needs them.

Make an offer !

September 29th, 2007, 3:47 PM
I'll give you Lunatone for a Totodile and Torchic both with PKRS.

September 29th, 2007, 3:56 PM
uhh i got an ivysour if not i can get you a bulbasour ill trade for toadile

September 29th, 2007, 6:59 PM
i can get you solrock, lunatone and shuckle for a yanma with sun stone, eleckid with eletrizer and a spiritomb with a dusk stone

September 29th, 2007, 7:27 PM
any of those 3 starters for a SPIRITOMB?

September 29th, 2007, 8:06 PM
I'll give you a shuckle for a sun stone.