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September 30th, 2007, 1:04 AM
all Tm's ill give 7 of any for a shiny leg
5 for an event maybe more depends
4 for a shiny or
3 for a leg
2 for an ev'd
1 for almost anthing else
my pokes:
Shiny golbat
Shiny Charizard more for this i like him alot
Shiny manaphy
Jap dragonite
Shiny bibarrel
Shiny cresselia
Shiny larvitar
Shiny blastoise
Jap Mew ev'd lvl 100
Shiny staravia
Shiny groudon evd lvl 100
ev'd lugia lvl 100
Movie darkrai naive nat
non shiny charizard w/ pokerus lvl 100 to spread virus cheap
wshmkr jirachi ut
ev'd lvl 100 mewtwo
Shiny chansey
Pbr Pikachu
mstry mew
Jap dragonite lvl 100 w/ pokerus
mew ev'd lvl 100
upon request i can more than likely find almost and shiny for you but cost is a lil higher
Shiny legs
Shinies i dont have
(big one)-10th ann. celebi
almost any offer will be considered