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October 3rd, 2007, 11:24 AM
Hello everyone i recently saw someone give me an idea for my forums, it is an Anime Style Battling Leauge

here is how it is set up

Beginning of a Battle

When you’ve got your ref and opponent, the ref will make a new thread for the battle. They will see who will send out their pokemon first. You do not attack yet. Your opponent then sends their pokemon out, and gives three attacks for each pokemon. Then it is your turn. You give your attacks, and then the ref will post the results of the round. You keep going until all of you or your opponent’s pokemon have fainted.


Some moves are not allowed in a battle. These are: Return, 1HKO moves, Hidden Power and Secret Power. You are allowed to use signature moves. You are limited to 3 moves per turn. You are allowed to repeat any move as much as you want. For moves like Dive, Dig and Fly, these will take 2 turns, so you will only be allowed 2 moves that round. When each pokemon has given their attacks, please end the post like this:

Quick Attack – Protect – Restore

You can do it any way, just please make sure you do this as it makes it easier to understand and ref. Please use the Serebii Pokédex or another pokedex to find out what moves your pokemon can use.

Multiple Battles

If you have more than one pokemon out for a time, you still must give three attacks to each pokemon. If you are having a 4 vs. 4 battle, and 2 pokemon are allowed out at a time and one of your pokemon faints, you must select another pokemon from your team. Switching pokemon in battle is not allowed.


At the beginning of a battle, the ref will decide who goes first. If your opponent was the last one to have given their attacks before a reffing, then after the reffing it is your turn. You keep taking turns, switching after each reffing.

Losing a Battle

There are three ways to lose a battle:

To forfeit
To just lose the battle when all your pokemon have fainted
Or when the DQ time is up.

DQ means disqualification. If the DQ of a battle is set to 2 weeks, and the trainer next to attack has not replied for 2 weeks, then you automatically win the battle. If you are going away and want to avoid being DQed, you can reply in the Away Topic.


Every battle needs a ref. Refs also need to make the battle exciting. They calculate the health and energy lost from your pokemon in battle. You must use your imagination to keep the battle interesting.

Heres An example:

If you wish to become a ref, post a request saying that you would like a test battle.

An admin will then post a test battle. You must ref the whole round, using the details the admin gave you. Here is an example of what a battle is like:

Dead Or Alive

[Carp] Whiscash (M)
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Water Pulse - Magnitude - Double Team
Condition: Ready to start the battle


[Killer] Parukia (x)
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Giga Attack - Protect – Surf
Condition: Ready to go

Round 1
As the referee blows the whistle indicating the start of the battle, Carp starts off the battle. First, he uses Water Pulse on Killer, but Killer is much too smart for Carp, and it dodges it easily. Killer responds by using Giga Attack on Carp! Carp is instantly knocked backwards, seriously hurt from the painful attack from Killer.

Carp takes a few moments to rest, before using Magnitude on Killer. The power of the Magnitude is 5, which is not so bad. Killer is very annoyed to be attacked by such a weak Pokémon. It’s even angrier since it doesn’t have the power to attack Carp yet, since it used up so much of its power.

Carp finishes off the round by using Double Team. It makes two clones of itself, confusing Killer. After recharging, Killer used a Protect to protect itself against any attack. But, seeing as Carp never attacked, it’s pretty much useless.

Killer finishes off the round by using Surf on the two clones. Now they have nowhere to go. Surf hits both clones, hurting Carp even more.

That brings an end to Round 1.

Round One Wrap-up

Dead Or Alive

[Carp] Whiscash (M)
Health: 32%
Energy: 90%
Water Pulse - Magnitude - Double Team
Condition: Extremely tired and badly bruised


[Killer] Parukia (x)
Health: 75%
Energy: 82%
Giga Attack - Protect – Surf
Condition: Feeling slightly tired and hurt

If your team is approved, you’ll start off as a rookie ref. If you want to get a better rank, you must apply again.

Here are the current refs:

October 4th, 2007, 7:40 AM
Yay my team is accepted, i wanna battle! someone accept my challenge